1. I see 2. I quit! 3. Let go! 4. Me too 5. My god! 6. No way! 7. Come on 8. Hold on 9. I agree 10. Not bad 11. Not yet 12.

See you 13. Shut up! 14. So long 15. Why not? 16. Allow me 17. Be quiet! 18. Cheer up! 19. Good job! 20. Have fun! 21. How much? 22. I'm full 23. I'm home 24. I'm lost 25. My treat 26. So do I 27. This way 28. After you 29. Bless you! 30. Follow me 31. Forget it! 32. Good luck! 33. I decline! 34. I promise 35. Of course! 36. Slow down! 37. Take care! 38. They hurt ( ! ! ! !






! ! ! ! ?

! !( ! ! !)

! ! ! )

39. Try again 40. Watch out! 41. What's up? 42. Be careful! 43. Bottoms up! 44. Don't move! 45. Guess what? 46. I doubt it 47. I think so 48. I'm single 49. Keep it up! 50. Let me see 51. Never mind 52. No problem! 53. That's all! 54. Time is up 55. What's new? 56. Count me on 57. Don't worry 58. Feel better? 59. I love you! 60. I'm his fan 61. Is it yours? 62. That's neat 63. Are you sure? 64. Do l have to 65. He is my age 66. Here you are 67. No one knows . 68. Take it easy 69. What a pity! 70. Any thing else? 71. To be careful! 72. Do me a favor? ! ? ! ? ? ? ? ! ? ? ! ! ! ! ( ! ? )! ?

100. It sounds great! 102. Excuse me Sir ! ? 83. He lacks courage ™ ! ? ! ! ! ! ? ! ? ! .73. Keep in Touch 76. You can make it! 106. I just made it! 87. 99. I don't mean it. He came by train 108. I'm on a diet 75. What about you? 93. Any day will do 96. He is ill in bed 109. It's up to you 91. Congratulations! 98. It's a fine day 103. I'll see to it 88. You did right 79. You're welcome 95. How's it going? 85. It's her field 90. You owe me one 94. Just wonderful! 92. Give me a hand! 84. Time is money 77. Are you kidding? 97. Enjoy yourself! 82. I'll fix you Up 101. So far So good ? ! ! 104. Help yourself 74. You set me up! 80. I have no idea 86. What time is it? 105. Who's calling? 78. T can't help it. Control yourself! 107. Can I help you? 81. I'm in a hurry! 89.

I like ice-cream 113. That's all I need 138. How's everything? 111. Don't fall for it! 127. I beg your pardon 130. Well no gain ! ? it depends 119. The wall has ears 140. Don't count on me 126. I'll check it out 133. What should I do? 122. I love this game 114. No pain 118. There comes a bus 141. We're all for it 120. Just wait and see! 136. Easy come easy go 129. It's Sunday today 135. Make up your mind 137. You asked for it! 123. What do you think? 143. What a good deal! 121. Who told you that? 144. You have my word 124. Who's kicking off? ? ? ? ! ! ( ) ! ! } ! ! . I'm On your side 116. I have no choice 112. Long time no see! 117. Believe it or not! 125. It's a long story 134. The view is great 139.110. I'll be back soon 132. Don't let me down 128. What day is today? 142. I'll try my best 115. I beg your pardon? 131.

Clothes make the man ? 1 ! ? ! ? ? ! . Time is running out 176. Knowledge is power 174. I felt sort of ill. It's going too far 158. It is growing cool 156.145. IS it true or false? 172. As soon as possible! 164. You did fairly well! 179. I am a football fan 168. What does she like? 163. If only I could fly 169. She had a bad cold 160. Don't be so modest 149. I can't follow you 153. It seems all right 157. You can't miss it 147. I'll see you at six 171. Don't give me that! 150. Move out of my way! 175. Just read it for me 173. May I use your pen? 159. Yes I suppose So ? 146. He always talks big 166. I have a good idea! 155. He won an election 167. What's your trouble? 178. He can hardly speak 165. I'll be right there 170. 154. He is just a child 152. Any messages for me? 148. The answer is zero 162. We are good friends 177. That's a good idea 161. He is a smart boy 151.

I know all about it 187. 196. How much does it cost? 208. This boy has no job 193. Make yourself at home 214. Don't lose your head 182. Your hand feels cold 198. 202. Don't trust to chance! 200. This house is my own 194. You need to workout 197. He owes my uncle $100 184. I'll have to try that 211. Don't be so childish. 206. You are just in time. He repaired his house 205. None of your business! ! ( ) ? · ? . I'm very proud of you 212. My car needs washing 215. He suggested a picnic. How are you recently? 186. He has a large income. It really takes time 188. Here's a gift for you 207. 209. He paused for a reply 204. I caught the last bus. He can't take a joke 183. Did you miss the bus? 181. My mouth is watering 191. 213. Love me love my dog please ( ) ? ? 100Ô ? 190. He looks very healthy 203. How are things going? 185. Speak louder 192. What happened to you? 195. I could hardly speak 210. Fasten your seat belt 201.180. It's against the law 189. 199. It doesn't make sense.

He was born in New York 226. A lovely day isn't it? ? ! ? 224. What a nice day it is! 221. I felt no regret for it 251. You are a chicken 223. Those are watermelons 220. He is looking for a job 248. Just around the comer 232. He has a sense of humor 246. Supper is ready at six 239. 237. I will never forget it 229. Not a sound was heard. I develop films myself 250. She has been to school. It is Just what I need 230. Oh you are kidding me 236. He is acting an old man 247. 217. I will be more careful 228. It rather surprised me 231. What horrible weather! 241. I get up at six o'clock 252. 219. Mother doesn't make up 235. Great minds think alike 245. He is collecting money 225. Skating is interesting 238. He doesn't care about me 249. Which would you prefer? 242. The road divides here. Let bygones be bygones 234. What's wrong with you? 222.216. First come first served 244. I meet the boss himself ! ! ? ? . That's a terrific idea! 240. He was not a bit tired 227. Does she like ice-cream? 243. Just for entertainment 233. That's always the case 218.

I have the right to know. It's no use complaining. Is the cut still painful? 279. I'll just play it by ear 276. The rumor had no basis 260. East. I can't afford a new car 270. May I ask some questions? 283. 269. I owe you for my dinner. Let's not waste our time 282. Jean is a blue-eyed girl 281. I'm not used to drinking 278. Neither of the men spoke 285. 272.253. 262. 257. Winter is a cold season. Stop making such a noise 286. I walked across the park 275. I heard some one laughing. I really enjoyed myself 255. I'm fed up with my work! 256. The child sobbed sadly 259.west one for all home is best ¿ 15 3 5 · · ! 266. 254. You can call me any time 263. I'm not sure I can do it 277. 267. They praised him highly 261. I suppose you dance much 274. She's under the weather 258. 273. I do want to see him now 271. He is physically mature 268. He grasped both my hands. It's too good to be true! 280. That makes no difference ? ? ( ) . Money is not everything 284. All for one 265. 15 divided by3 equals 5 264. I am so sorry about this.

I will arrange everything 316. I wish I knew my neighbor 317. Don't let chances pass by 305. 291. He owned himself defeated 306. You mustn't aim too high 298. I can do nothing but that. We just caught the plane 292. 290. You've got a point there 300. Did you enter the contest? 302. You're really killing me! 299. What shall we do tonight? 293.287. No spitting on the street ? }! ? ? ! ! ? ? ? ? . I like all kinds of fruit 314. It has be come much cooler 319. Being criticized is awful! 301. 311. What's your goal in life 294. It's time you went to bed 320. 309. He strolls about the town 308. Would you like some help? 297. I saw it with my own eyes 315. They're in red and white. When was the house built? 295. Don't cry over spilt milk 304. The price is reasonable 288. I have a surprise for you 313. I get hold of you at last 312. They crowned him king 289. He seems at little nervous 307. I would like to check out 318. Her tooth ached all night. Why did you stay at home? 296. We all desire happiness. Do you accept credit cards? 303. How about a drink tonight? 310.

The train arrived on time 326. Show your tickets please 323.321. 355. Don't keep me waiting long 342. Cancer is a deadly disease 339. He has completed the task 344. Where do you want to meet? 332. He is capable of any crime 346. I'm very glad to hear that 354. Things are getting better 329. Thank you for your advice 324. They are paid by the hour 328. I wish I lived in NEWYORK 353. I think I've caught a cold 351. I was taking care of Sally. He walks with a quick pace 347. Be careful not to fall ill 336. He has a remarkable memory 343. He has quite a few friends 345. You can get what you want 333. A barking dog doesn't bite! 334. That's the latest fashion 325. I'm your lucky fellow then. 352. Brevity is the soul of wit 338. How about going to a movie? 350. There go the house lights 327. Are you free this Saturday? 335. It's none of your business! ! ! Ý ? ? ? ? . Don't dream away your time 341. Wake me up at five thirty 330. We are all busy with work 331. She was totally exhausted 322. His looks are always funny 349. Being a mother is not easy 337. He was not a little tired 348. Did you fight with others? 340.

She dressed herself hastily 386. I don't think you are right 373. What's your favorite steps? 368. I haven't seen you for ages 375. You'd better let her alone 369. Tomorrow will be a holiday 365. It's a friendly competition 378. My brother is see king a job 382. Mr. 358. 372. Don't let this get you down 371. She mended the broken doll 359. Opportunity knocks but once 385. I went there three days ago 377. Spring is a pretty season 361. She is a good-looking girl. These shoes don't fit right 390. Neither you nor he is wrong 384. This is only the first half . 389. The whole world knows that 364. Nancy will retire next year 383. She hired a car by the hour 387. I have never seen the movie 374.356. No littering on the campus 357. What you need is just rest 367. So I just take what I want 360.Wang is fixing his bike 381. He shot the lion with a gun. Someone is ringing the bell 388. I was alone but not lonely ? [ 376. A lost chance never returns 370. It's very thoughtful of you 379. May I speak to Lora please? ? 380. We walk on the garden path 366. The Smiths are my neighbors. The stars are too far away 363. The figure seems all Right 362.

He broke his words once again. I've got too much work to do 411. This pen doesn't write well 392. All that glitters is not gold 421. You can either stay or leave 419. He was efficient in his work 405. Aren't you concerned about it? 423. I smelled a smell of cooking 409. Don't forget to keep in touch 424. Everything has its beginning 398. Please let me check the bill 413. Are you going to have a party? 422. He is taller than I by ahead ? ? ? . This is because we feel pain 416. What do you desire me to do? 417. Plenty of sleep is healthful 414. Don't keep the truth from me 397.391. He is the happiest man alive. He fell behind with his work 400. 418. Another cat came to my house 395. Check your answers with mine 396. Your life is your own affair 420. Let's go for a walk shall we? ? ? 412. He will do anything but work 406. 404. What you said was quite true. 425. Would you like a cup of tea? 393. The sun comes up in the east 415. He reminds me of his brother. 401. He is in his everyday clothes 426. He came to the point at once 399. He neither smokes nor drinks 402. His father runs a restaurant 407. I have something to tell you 408. I want to see the film again 410. He ran his horse up the hill 403. You really look sharp today 394.

We look forward to your visit 446. I fear that he drinks too much 458. I have just finished the book 433. I have my hair cut every month 459. He does everything without aim 453. This work itself is very easy 444. I have been putting on weight 432. My watch is faster than yours 439. Thanks for your flattering me 1949 441. This car is in good condition 443. He is respectful to his elders 454. His talk covered many subjects 457. He was trained to be a lawyer 429. He knows English better than I 455. A wet road is usually slippery 450. He resolved to give up smoking 456. I am afraid that l have to go 430. A red tie will match that suit 449. What do you think of this one? 447. Truth is the daughter of time 445. He led them down the mountain 428. They charged the fault on him 442. I've got to start working out 436. I'm sorry to have bothered you ¾ ? . New China was founded in l949 440. Go right back to the beginning 452. I don't have any cash with me 431. I was late for work yesterday 434. Japan is to the east of China 437. I want to have a part-time job 460. It appears to be a true story 435. What's the weather like to day? 448.427. John asked Grace to marry him 438. Example is better than precept 451.

Keep your temper under control 463. He had a good many friends here 484. Walt invented the steam engine 475. Who ever comes will be welcomed 478. Take me to the airport please ! 468. The sweater is of good quality. Let's watch TV with a candle on [ . 472. I lost the door key about here. The price just covers the cost 471. 485. 492. We are divided in our opinions 476. My efforts resulted in nothing 465. The eggs are sold by the dozen 470. I gave much time to the old car 491. I'm not guessing I really know 493. Her family are all music lovers 486. It is not so easy as you think 462. I found him seated on the bench 490. Talking with you is a pleasure. My false teeth are stuck to it 466. She is a composer for the harp 467. Think carefully before you act 474. He is only about five feet high. You should look at it yourself 480. He found my lecture interesting 483. 469. I feel like eating an ice-cream 489.461. He covered himself with a quilt 482. I don't think much of the movie 488. The teacher got a little angry 473. I am busy How is your business? ? 487. You look as if you didn't care 479. Draw your chair up to the table 481. What ever I said he'd disagree 477. Lying and stealing are immoral 464. It's time to tell her the truth 494.

Is there any sugar in the bottle? 511. 515. The boy was too nervous to speak 519. I have a large collection of CDs. We get to London this afternoon 500. You'd better look before you leap 502. 512. The book you ask for is sold out 518.495. Most games cost about that much 496. There are many stars in the sky 499. She has been collecting stamps 498. The play may begin at any moment 520. You know what I'm talking about. 503. 507. We reached London this afternoon „ ? ? . I'll call a taxi in case of need 510. They rode their respective bikes 525. What about having a pizza first? 501. The sea sparkled in the sunlight 522. We are all in favor of this plan 528. They will arrive in half an hour 526. Time is more valuable than money. 527. 509. He has been sick for three weeks 504. That is my idea about friendship 517. The teacher tested us in English 523. He inspected the car for defects 505. Patience is a mark of confidence. I count you as one of my friends 506. My parents want me to go abroad 497. It's a secret between you and me. Susan is going to finish college 516. There is a bridge over the river. The salve will heal slight burns 521. Let's divide the cake into three 514. I go to school by bike every day. It's very kind of you to help me 513. 508. I won't be able to see him today. 524.

There is a chair below the window 559. 535. But who will do all the house work? 537. We often call him by his nickname 562. They employed him as a consultant 560. He invited me to dinner yesterday 542. He drives more carefully than you 541. I would rather stay at home alone 551. I really need to lose some weight 549. Beyond all questions you are right.boys! 540. Come to see me whenever you like 539. But I plan to weed the yard today. I think you have the Wrong number 550. 545. The girl in red is his girlfriend 558. She is poor but quite respectable 556. Close the door after you please ¿ ? ? ! ? 538. I expect to be there this evening 548. Here we are Row M. You're suffering from an allergy? 534. what a lovely little girl she is! 531. Once you begin you must continue M l 3 ! 555. You may choose whatever you like 533. She spent a lot of money on books 557. Will you pick me up at my place? 532. 536. Don't pull the chairs about. He struck his attacker on the ear 543. We two finished a bottle of wine 530. I'd like to look at some sweaters 552. His boss might get angry with him 547. Money is no more than our servant 554. To be honest with you I'm twenty 20 561.529. Its origin is still a mystery now 553. seats l and 3 546. Will you be free tomorrow evening? ? . He suddenly appeared in the party 544. Her handbag goes with her clothes.

I can give you a number of excuses 575. Linda speaks as if she were a boss 583. Are your grandparents still living? 567. Bob has always had a crush on Lucy 581. You will soon get used to the work 593. He made his way through the forest 571. God helps those who he1p themselves 595. Do you have any suggestions for me? 569. He will blame you for carelessness 574. He was married to a friend of mine 573. Columbus discovered America in l492 594. What he likes best is making jokes 590. 580. He suggests you leave here at once 572. You can never turn the clock back 565. The ice is hard enough to skate on 587. 588. I'd like to-repair our differences 578. 570. The book is protected by copyright 586. Let's take a short break for lunch 582. He has a nice sum of money put away 1492 ? ? Ÿ . This is a little something for you 589. She became more and more beautiful 584.what shall we do? 585. Suppose it rains. Would you like to leave a message? 564. The price includes postage charges. You may as well tell me the truth 566. You should have a mind of your own 592.563. It's rude to stare at other people. I hope you enjoy your stay with us 577. Who but Jack would do such a thing? 591. Can you recognize that woman Mary? ? ? ? ? 568. He is tough but I am even tougher. I don't doubt that he will help me 576. It's nothing to be surprised about 579.

Our school covers 100 square meters 613. In a word I am tired of everything will you? ? ? 609. I doubted whether the story is true 604. We should make good use of our time 623. You may have heard of Birth Control. 628. This joke has gone a little too far 620. May I know the quantity you require? 611. 627. We arrived in London this afternoon 621. I bought it the day it was released. 624. As you know. I will seek from my doctor's advice 606. I am sick of always waiting for you! 601. After a pause he continued his story. Ice cream is popular among children 607. He's a terrible man when he's angry 599. 625. There is a mark of ink on his shirt 618. People enjoyed the stamps very much 614.596. I am on my way to the grocery store 600. We should save unnecessary expenses. There isn't any water in the bottle 619. I can express myself in good English. The sudden barking frightened Clara 616. Nobody has ever solved this problem 612. We can't go out because of the rain 622. I am a very kind person. I learnt that I had passed the test 605. 629. He used to learn everything by rote 598. The editor over looked a print error 615. I'd like to get this film developed 608. I'll furnish my house with furniture. I appreciate John's helping in time 602. 603. Let us do it by ourselves 610. 626. He is heavily insured against death 597. He dare not tell us his evil conduct. The teams are coming onto the field 617. - .

640. I do not care whether it rains or not. 662. He has many strange ideas in his mind. 654. Even a child can answer this question. 656. He set up a fine example to all of us. I have a lot in common with my sister. Smith is in charge of this class. Mr. The question will be settled tonight. I'm looking forward to a prompt reply. Mr. It seemed as if there was no way out. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. She really wishes her clock had rung. I haven't even touched your tooth yet. His cake is four times as big as mine. 644. 631. There'll be some sport reviews on TV. 636. 643. Smith taught English at a school. 635. 647. Lee's kitchen! 641. 646. 638. 652. She teaches foreign students Chinese. 660. 645. It is an excellent novel in every way. 637. 655. 657. There are mice in Mrs. Words can't express what I felt then. 658. Our school is in the east of Beijing. 639. 661. 663. 634. Don't be uneasy about the consequence. Does the computer ever make a mistake. What we read influences our thinking. 659. 642. This is a good example of his poetry. 648.? 651. The weight is too much for my height. 649. You really have an ear for pop music.630. This company is our regular customer. 632. It's the hottest day I've had so far. Can you adapt yourself to the new job? 650. He sat with his arms across the chest. It is clear that the cat has eaten it! ! ? ? ! ! . There is no one but hopes to be rich. 633. 653. He is commonly supposed to be foolish. None of us is afraid of difficulties.

697. 669. 689. True and False have opposite meanings. 674. 681. 694. You can kill two birds with one stone.664. The machines will not operate properly. 665. You should learn these words by heart. 667. 691. 673. I have just heard from my sister. 675. 682. 686. Why don't I pick you up at your house? 678. Could I have those two tickets. breezy autumn afternoon. 666. 670. I don't like disco. The doctor is taking my blood pressure. Where can we make the insurance claim? 677. . ? ? ? ? ? â . He has to take care of his sick mother. Their interest is listening to others. If you would only try. 685. I don't know if I'll have the patience. The secret was spread among the crowd. I fell in love with her at first sight. 687. This one cannot compare with that one. To tell the truth. 695. Please fetch a chair from another room. Nothing but death can part the couple. What's the point of going to college? 676. It was a lazy. The two brothers look very much alike. 668. Jack is the strongest boy in the class. There was a notice in the supermarket. I don't like what you are saying. She was injured badly in the accident. 672. you could do it. Mary. Now she looks pale as if she were ill. He hired a workman to repair the fence. 671. The doctor began to operate on the boy. To know everything is to know nothing. I can't make this machine run properly. You can't go in no matter who you are. 688. 693. 692. Why don't you attend an aerobic class? 679. please? 683. It is no use learning without thinking. 696. 690. 684. 680.

I haven't heard from her for a long time. 705. Take a seat please. Let me see your driver's license. The damage was caused by external forces. I have to catch a plane. I cannot put up with my noisy roommates. She goes to work every day except Sunday. There was a murder in London yesterday. His cake is three times bigger than mine. make yourself at home. 709. 720. He never misses a chance to see a movie. 731. 725. 704. 715. 717. I don't know how to express my gratitude. 700. 716. I'm good at freestyle and breast stroke. Please push the ladder against the wall. They covered 120 miles in a single night. 714. The doctor asked me to watch what I eat. shall we? 728. 699. I would like to wash the clothes for you. Let's go out to have a dinner. The flowers make the room more beautiful. 721. 708. The test finished. 726. The doctor advised me to give up smoking. 702. 730. 727. 707. There is a good restaurant on the street. 723. The students declared against cheating. 722. please. 719. He talks as if he were the head of the office.698. 729. She is standing in the front of the bus. The grass is moist early in the morning. What's your plan for the summer vacation? 718. I could say nothing but that I was sorry. 724. We began our holiday. Try to look on the bright side of things. You may pick whichever one you like best. I will be back by the end of next month. It was your turn to wash them yesterday. 703. There is hope so long as he is with us. I am looking forward to your early reply. Could you hurry? 706. They stared at the huge tiger with awe. 710. 713. ? ? 120 ? " " . 732. You're welcome to stay with us next time. 712. 701. 711.

All characters in the book are imaginary. How do I control myself? I can't calm down. 736. I'd like to pick sea shells this afternoon. He usually stays at home with his pet dog. He does exercises every day in the morning. 756. Would you like to go to a party with me? 737. Listening with your heart is good for you. ? ? ? ! Ô ! ? „ . 758. It is the best film that I have ever seen. I am told that you dance wonderfully well. 747. 765. I'd like to cash a traveler's check please. Have you cleared your luggage with customs ? 761. 763. He bothered me with a great many questions. What is worth doing is worth doing well. 739. 762. 743. Could you direct me to the station. Do you feel like going to that new disco? 740. She runs everyday in order to lose weight. 755. It's only a party in honor of my birthday. They don't often have a bad day this year. We'll take our holiday sometime in August. 750. 735. 734. 753. 746. Ducks know how to swim when they are born. 749. She sang perfectly in the hall last night. I dig songs and I like pop music very much. 751. He spent most of his life gathering money.733. I have had several conversations with him. 766. This question is too complicated for me. 757. Learning English is like building a house. 738. please? 760. 745. All at once. Tony speaks English and he plays tennis. a rabbit came out of a hole. My grandpa died of hunger in the old days. 742. She guided the tourists around the castle. We regard the matter as nothing important. She feared staying alone in the farmhouse. 748. 764. 752. How peaceful and beautiful the country is! 744. Somebody is always complaining to others. 741. 754. 759.

We're planning a tour to Italy this summer. Why isn't Mrs. The examination put a lot of stress on him. 794. Were there any letters for me this morning? 785. He decided to bring a suit against his boss. Well done! You are always doing a good job! 783. 795. 791. 799. It took him a little time to fix that watch. Your English is improving little by little. 780. 792. 781. Unlike her friends. He had to choose between death and dishonor. 770. Some people have compared books to friends. 779. I don't think it will lead to a good result. I'm not sure whether I have locked the door. 776. 769. It's odd that they didn't reply our letter. 778. 790. They insisted on staying rather than going. 777. 798.! . the game is really worth playing. He devoted his life to the study of science. 797. she never gave up hope. John seldom gets together with his friends. Many people have been out of work recently. Could you tell me where I can wash my hands? 788. I determined that nothing should be changed. I have 4 books and 2 magazines to check out. 787. 774. His previous attempts had been unsuccessful. ! 4 2 ? ? ? ? ! . There is some difference between the twins. Do you have any plans for the long weekend? 789. The bat together with the balls was stolen. 784. 796. She is too thin. 773. 793. The dress doesn't fit her. . Please give my best regards to your family. The days get longer and the nights get shorter. 782. The color of her dress suits her very well. The mother sat the child at a little table. I think I've filled in everything correctly. 771. My father is at home looking for the ticket. Lee's cat catching the mice? 786.767. 775. Trust me. 772. 768.

We need action! V x 810. I had to sit up all night writing the report. 806. They stopped talking when their boss came in. 802. 824. Let me tell you some details about clearance. We need to cooperate perfectly to win the game. There is an interesting film on Channel one. 811. She intends to make teaching her profession. 815. They were glad of the examination being over. 818. you won't be satisfied. Betty and Susan are talking on the telephone. 812. The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. I saw him playing football on the playground. He has tasted the sweets and bitters of life. They plan to immigrate to Finland next year. There are lots of huge buildings in Beijing. We need more than listening. 819. 814. The sight of the dead body scared him stiff. I wouldn't go home early if I were you. I hope we can see each other again some time. 821.? 817. 822. 805. 828. I am looking forward to your visit next week. 804. 831. It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting. Yes.800. 816. 820. The letter "x" stands for an unknown number. How do you like our English literature Prof. He said he was educated in the United States. 803. I feel satisfied. 801. 825. 826. 807. 830. ? ( ) „ ? } . The doctor's words made him feel comfortable. 829. 827. 809. I feel I am the happiest person in the world. Whichever you choose. We enjoyed driving along the new expressway. 808. Your answer is satisfying. Great efforts ensure the success of our work. Will you connect this wire to the television ? 832. His words are strongly impressed on my memory. 813. The truth is quite other than what you think. This is by far the largest cake in the world. 823. Not until last week did I get a work permit.

There are a lot of people in the swimming pool. His vanity was hurt by their talking so frankly. 852. I would not be bothered by English. He glared at Bill. 865. and she has a stomachache. you will fail to pass the exam. If you don't work. It is more important to be healthy than bony slim. by air or by train? 856. I can't afford to go to a restaurant every day. 860.833. people believed that the world was flat. If I were you. 845. I'll be with you in an instant. 841. How would you go to Beijing. 859. 839. Ô - ? ? ? „ . 850. but I did not accept it. 848. 862. 849. 857. 863. Is this the right bus for the Capital Library? 834. If Tom cannot keep his promise. They have to work hard to support their family. Old tunes are sweetest and old friends are surest. he'll lose face. I have a headache. No wonder you can't sleep when you eat so much. 861. They are arguing over who should pay the bill. I'm thinking of hanging the lamp from the ceiling. I left at 6:00 so that I could catch the train. Wait a moment. 854. 842. 847. I assure you that you will feel no pain at all. I cannot express how glad I am to hear from him. I'll still love her even if she doesn't love me. he can kill two birds with one stone. Would you please go to a dancing party with me? 853. Please ask her to call me back when she's back. A clear conscience laughs at false accusation. 855. I'm afraid I have some rather bad news for you. 858. ready to teach him a lesson. He usually drops in at my place on his way home. 851. 846. Learn to say the right thing at the right time. 838. One third of this area is covered with forest. 864. 844. I received an invitation. Long ago. 843. This way. 836. 835. We are all taking medicine against the disease. 840. 837. You'll save time not waiting for the elevator.

The harder I study. 872. Susan has not really made up her mind yet. How can I climb up that wall! I wish I were a bird! ! 876. 874. ? . I really think a little exercise would do you good. 894. In spite of the heavy rain. 871. Computers are becoming a part of our everyday life. we got a bad headache. As a matter of fact. I will speak against anything I know to be wrong. but none at all times. 868. The population of the city is close to a million. . 893. 878. 887. 870. 882. Somebody's knocking at the door. The doctor examined the soldier's wound carefully. They played a shameful part in the whole affair. The sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear. 885. 888. The constitution guards the liberty of the people. We are prohibited from smoking on school grounds. She makes it clear that she doesn't like swimming. 867. I'll answer it. 881. They celebrated his birthday with a dance party. 880. 869. 895. 891. The old lady enjoys a quiet life with her family. I will never forget the days that I spent with you. Most of the earth's surface is covered by water. the better my English will be. Growth. 873. 889. Every man is fool sometimes. No matter what happened. he was pretending to be ill. and my nose is running. 879. 875.13 884. He dreamed of traveling to remote South Sea Islands. They misplaced this book under other categories. 890.866. This cellar room is very damp in the rainy season. she went to the shop. However. The number 13 bus will take you to the hospital. 886. 877. he would not say a word. No one knows the location of the hidden treasure. Many young girls dream of being a fashion model. brings new problems and concerns. 892. 883. however.

And now medical care helps to keep people alive longer. Will you come and join us for dinner on Sunday? 906. Number 13 buses run much more frequently. 903. she said. but we think him nobody. happy life? ? 917. It's against the rules to handle the ball in soccer." 916. He appears to be your friend but I doubt if he is. 922. ? ? !" . 910. I am in charge of the company when the manager is out. I have two cats. What I do on my own time is nobody else's business. You forget to write down the date of your departure. One is white. What I want to do is different from those of others. It is said he has secret love affairs with two women! 919. 897. "I wish I'd known about that rule earlier". 909. don't they?13 920. 923. Could you tell me your secret for a long.896. The best-known movie awards are the Academy Awards. 913. 901. Manners are quite different from country to country. Jalu has forgotten falling off his bicycle. Do you think people are a company's greatest wealth? 907. these 2 books are 3 days overdue. The nurse assisted the doctor in the operating room. 902. 912. but I was her best friend. 921. 899. 914. We are going to have the final examination next week. ? ? ! 3 908. 918. They are only too delighted to accept the invitation. 898. Not only did I know her. He thinks himself somebody. I believe I haven't reached the summit of my career. We've got to do something about the neighbor's dog! 905. Do you think you'll be able to go to sleep right away? 924. It is no matter whether you get there early or late. 904. I am so full that I would burst with another bite. 900. I'm sorry. 911. 915. the other is black. He holds a position of great responsibility upon him.

they really do exist. 936. you will be all right in a couple of days. I borrowed a notebook from Tom and I lent it to Marry. Were there any exciting incidents during your journey? ? 928. There being no one to help me. Could you tell me what the maximum weight allowance is? ? 930. She's been quite different since coming back from America. ll bus. ? 941. 934. It's supposed to start at 6:30 sharp. 937. I'm doing some washing and John is cooking dinner. 927. He came out of the library. 944. 931. Ô 946. 933. a large book under his arm. How much cloth does it take to make a skirt for the girl? 940. The Beatles represented part of the spirit of their age. As far as policy is concerned. 942.925. Although we can't see these atoms. I forgot to prepare the speech I'm supposed to give today. 932. Only by working hard can we succeed in doing everything. Most people eat. but where is the bus stop? ? 11 . Today it is common that women and girls make up in public. I would like to welcome you here. 926. 939. 938. and work with their right hands. write. I have to transfer to No. 929. Take it easy. I had to do it all alone. he didn't know what to do. I have to say something. 935. The brothers differ from each other in their interests. but I doubt it will. 943. 945. With all these mouths to feed. I am familiar with the casual atmosphere in the company. On behalf of my company.

There's nothing better for you than plenty of water and sleep. The enormous increase of population will create many problems. Since I'm here. The rabbit ran to the woods and did not come back any more. No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world. l am vacuuming the floor now and have several shirts to iron. I supposed him to be very clever but he was in fact a fool. . 960. I can't help eating sweets whenever they are in my presence. ' 959. 951. 953. I would like to express to all of you here our sincere welcome. I will love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. 955. 950. 958. You should always depend on yourself rather than someone else. 948. 952. 957. 949. I'd like to try a typical dish of this country. Tom and Mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter. 956. 954.947. Many people prefer living in the country to living in the town. There is a broken small old gray stone bridge over the river .

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