We will be having a crisis situation as a topic for tomorrow’s auditions.

All previous MUNners will be familiar with this. For those who aren’t, it is a fabricated situation into which you are thrown, which puts it entirely on your shoulders, as a representative of your government, to find a solution with the collaboration of the world community. The crisis is as follows: It is the year 2012.Tel Aviv and several other cities in Israel have been subject to a series of bombings. The official death toll counts approximately 2000 people with numerous others being reported by unofficial sources. The Haqqani network has taken responsibility for these attacks with Hussein Haqqani stating that more are planned to follow. Israel has declared its nuclear capability and has demanded that Pakistan allow the USA to enter its borders by foot and attack the Haqqani network. USA stands in support of the Israeli stance and has given Pakistan a deadline of 24 hours after which it will commission the attack. The Pakistan government, on the other hand, has been ousted by General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani who has declared martial law and has threatened Israel and USA of retaliation if its national sovereignty is breached. Now President, General Kiyani stated that we will take action against the Haqqani network ourselves without any intervention from foreign bodies. China has reiterated its support for Pakistan and has promised financial and military aid in the case that the USA attacks. Iran on the other hand, has openly voiced its concern over the Israeli nuclear arsenal and has stated that it will do whatever is in its capability to prevent the aggression from against any Muslim country and President Ahmedinejad stated that it will take severe military action in the case that Pakistan is attacked. Russia, India, UK and other EU countries have demanded quick action from Pakistan and the international community to solve this crisis and have suggested joint military action by USA and Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other OIC countries stand in support of the Pakistani stance and urge the international community to respect Pakistan’s national sovereignty. All this happens amidst rumors that a clean-shaven Osama bin Laden was spotted sunbathing on a beach in Miami, with rumors suggesting that he was an American agent and that the entire Abbotabad episode was a hoax. However, The United States of America has denied any such claims and a spokesperson for the American government has declared it to be a propaganda against the war against terrorism. Pakistan, not believing the spokesperson, has demanded that a complete video of the assassination and burial of Osama be handed over to them; something which USA has failed to provide as yet. We, the UNSC have limited time to solve this crisis and prevent an imminent world nuclear war. The future of the world, delegates, is in your hands. Best of luck!

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