This program's purpose is designed to produce quick size by working non-specifically shaping course. the arms. (four different aspects of each muscle) - in other words, it is not a Now, the muscle to receive the most work is the muscle you start with. I always start with So, this is how I will set up the course. BeBefore we start, I would like to point out that muscle tissue does not grow unless taxed 85 per cent! ware, however, never work to 100 per cent because maximum energy output will stop all muscular growth!


Work hard in the contracted position to finish the movement. passing. Start with both dumbbells hanging straight down at sides with palms up. Curl from this position to a fully contracted position. Dumbbells are held at sides of thighs. not your entire upper arm. 4. Lay the bar bell on the floor and bend over with bent knees. Do not raise the elbows forward. Your next exercise which you have already set up is the Preacher Stand. Take a shoulder width grip so when you curl the bar your forearm lays back over the upper arm and the fists touch the deltoids. You must use slow movements (no cheating) : 1. knees together and back flat against a post or a stand-up vertical incline bench. Bar Bell Curl. Then forcibly contract the bicep at the contracted position. front part of the deltoid. your hips are high and the bar almost touches your ankles.A SIX-WEEK BULK COURSE Prepare 'four pieces of exercise equipment so you may work your way through without any hesitation (no rest between sets). Adjust the Preacher Bench so when you step up to it it is law enough to support your elbows.each other at belt level. Curl the weight deliberately and do not rear back when the bar reaches horizontal position. As you curl the bumbbell is turned palm up. this movement is front deltoid and we are trying to work bicep. As the first dumbbell starts down the other dumbbell starts up. Curl both dumbbells together close to legs on the way up. and grasp the bar about eleven inches wide.n other words. 4. Touch the bells to the low. 2. when you are able toperiorm 12 reps raise your weights. The next exercise is the 900 Bar Bell Bend-Over Curl. In short. The last exercise is the Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl. 3. Your reps will be 4 to 12. knuckles inward. . touching the bar to the deltoids. I. placing your elbows between your knees for support. pull your elbows back. Your first Bicep exercise wm be sitting on a stool.

From this position lower Bar Bell back towards the top of. and Two Dumbbell Supine Bench Curls 1. These four exercises are for four different parts of the tricep muscle .) The next exercise to set up is the Pulley Push-Down. This exercise is performed kneeling down with elbows resting 12" apart on an exercise bench with the hands resting on the back with a knotted rope in each hand. 5. Start with two dumbbells held at arms length over chest.. . on the 450 rope to a pulley attached to the wall 10' to the rear of you. the head . . The third exercise to prepare is the famous 45 Degree Rope Pull (described photographically in first workout bulletin).. (By the way.. held over the face with an 11" wide grip (knuckles back towards top of head) lowered and finaHy touching both shoulders close to head.. then back up over face in a curling motion. elbows placed close to the head) to an extended position. The Supine Bar Bell Curl begins with the bar at arms length. . 2. push straight down and close to the body until the tricep is totally flexed and arms straight (don't cheat). which passes through a loop. curl dumbbells up to extend over chest position to complete. Simply pun the ropes from your back over your head (resting on bench. Your fourth and final exercise is the two-dumbbell Supine Curl and it is performed by lying supine on a flat bench with the head over the end of the bench about 1%". Next. 4. The bar travels down behind and about one to two inches lower than the head (keep elbows pointed up). 3. This exercise starts with the bar held 11" wide and touching the chest 3" above the nipples. the Diametric Bar would be better than a straight Bar Bell for this exercise. From this position. arms straight overhead and flexed.TRIC~PS The second set of four exercises to set up are the . knuckles facing each other and curled back and down to rear. or ring. Supine Bar Bell Curl Overhead Pulley Push-Down 45 Degree Pulley Extension. dumbbel. and close to.

seis that the elbows must point out to the side (never back). Wide grip (hands direcdy over elbows). Third Exercise: )ncUne Dumbbell 4. up to arms length. Fourth and last exercise to set up is Decline Laterals: (Place end of flat bench on 10" box. The second exercise to set up is the Bar Berl NeckPlress.. 2.A SIX·WEEK BULK COURSE The third series of four exercises are for the Pees: 1. back rounded and toes pointed down and directly under your face" The most important aspect of this exerci..ent wlith aill four bells touching as in inclined D. The reason for the hand placement on the last two exercises is that ilfvou hold dumbbells with knuckles facint towards the foot end of the bench it becomes 900 front deltoid and is not a pectora. and lower legs 1'0 crossed for balance. 3. Lower the bar the base of your neck and press in a straight line. .Chin on chest. etc. in order to isolate the low strands of the Pee . Press (knuckles facing' each other and all four bells toucbing at completion over chest) .B .) Start movem.lexercise.. Press and lower with slightly bent elbows and sweep backward to bottom of motion. The fint one is the 32" wide Parallel Dip . 6.

seated on floor. Break elbows to the side. taking a full. From this position. . Kneel down directly under the pulley and take a 12" wide overhand grip on the bar. This fourth exercise is called the Short Pulley Pull. Next. legs slightly bent. chest up. Second movement . Grasp handle and lean forward and head down. Continue until lat handle touches chest just below the pec line (chest high and shoulders down and back tightly contracted). Any other type form is worthless! 1. Stretch forward and keep head down between your shouldersand stretch! With knees slightly bent. Never brush the sides of body. pull with arm and elbows breaking to the sides (not close to the body). tight grip.long 450 Pulley . 4. Your third exercise is the Overhead Pulley Pull Down. and touch the sternum just below the low pec attachment (head well back). Start with head between arms and leaning forward to stretch lats. The function of the latissimus is to draw the shoulder giJdie down and back! If you can't perform complete movements do singles (jump up off floor). Next. 7. 2.LftTS A SIX-WEEK BULK COURSE Place a towel or piece of sponge rubber over one end of a chinning bar and reach up and clasp your entwined fingers over the pad. 3. Pulley should be 16" high with a foot brace 12" behind Pulley. Pull handle back to low pee line with chest high and lower and drop head down between shoulders to finish movement. arch back and draw shoulders together to a contracted position. As you begin your down pull throw head back. pull up and arch your back.

B. From this position raise dumbbells straight out to the sides and try to raise the front bell higher than the back bell! This exercise calls for great effort and is hard work.D~LTS A SIX-WEEK BULK COURSE The next four exercises to set up are for Delts: . . keep your back rounded forward and elbows forward in the movementl 2. alternating Press Machine Press. Keep your head up and looking into a mirror. knees bent. but is a fine result getter! The Bar Bell Upright Row. Also. Seated on the end of an exercise bench.. then press up again overhead and lower back and down to the lowest position possible .hands with all four bells touching under thighs. The 0 B Lateral Raise. then the back bell higher than the front bell (like pouring water out of the bell). holding a dumbbell in each hand. The secret of this exercise is to lower the bar down and just beneath the scapula with a wide grip and upper arms touching the sides. 4. As you push up do not elevate bar higher than the top of your head. From this position pull bar up and out away from body. if possible . Hold hands shoulder width and rest bar on thighs. lie forward with stomach and chest resting on your thighs. pull as high as you can (chin height) and lower to a bouncing rebound off bent thighs. Keep knees slightly bent and shoulders rou nded forward slightly . This keeps the stress on the side strand of the delt. but move bar overhead and lower down in front of your body to a position about nippleheight. keep the dumbbells slightly in front of the body. At all times. Seated behind and front.. 3. The D B Lateral Raise is started with all four bells touching in front of the upper thighs and elbows slightly bent as you raise the dumbbells slowly.

When D 'B appraochss body center the palm is facing down.This group of four exercises is for the Forearm: 1. Now curl Ba'r Bell as close to the body as possible and keep elbows weH back until you can no lonqer hold the weight.. Qui. Hold elbows tilghtly to sides of body throughout entire exercise. The Zottrnan Curl: Take two dumbbefls and hold at sides now cud the right D B up and of thighs. palms forward. and it Is performed II by grasping a Bar Bell 111 wide and resting your wrists and on the knees and thighs. The hip's are elevated higher than the knees by 10" to 11". The Bar BeUlReverse Curl: Palms down and thumbs on top of the bar. describing two oblong circles . 3.So . 9. A. lower the D B until the weight. 4.. start on the left D 8. under grlip roll the Bar Bell up into the hand and curl wrist back Cud.sthe D B reaches the height of your Pec curl the dumbbell across the chest and turn the palm down. .straight nero After you have mastered down. The Alternate Thumb Up Curl (Palms facing body). At this' D B is traveling up and the other is starting down. but do not start to curl left D B until right D Bis at the top of the stroke .ength. the' hand hangs over the knee and the Bar Bellis allowed 10 ron down to the fingertips. The Underhand forearms Bar 'Bell Wri. and repeat. slightly out away from the body. With thumb 2.ckly tum palm up and continue to curl 'Out and up lin a circular manthis one arm movement. is at arms never interferes with the' other.

th the shoulders and heels. position and lower until heels begin to leave platform. or Press Machine. raise to a 3/4 unlocked. The body must be directly under the bar. as are the foot positionings. toes 10" wide. 3. 2. When you squat. Place a dumbbell between your feet so that the top plate rests on the sales of the feet. perform a leg curl. Exercise No. 4. and dumbbell up until the weight touches the buttocks. Heels touching. on toes with heels touching. the body must be kept erect. hips in line wi. knees back and toes pointing as far to the sides as you can stretch. 10. face down with lower leg extended over the end of the bench. 1.2 is: Hack Slide. Exercise No. Now. bringing the feet.THIGHS A SIX~WEEK BULK COURSE One of the exercises which I consider to be important is called "The Frog Squat". This exercise is performed by standing under a Squat. Lying on a flat bench. .3 is: Feet placed outside of Hack Slide Platform with feet wide.

This exercise is called: "The Howorth Toe Raise". you must use at least your body weight in this movement. 3. toes placed 4" apart. Stand on block with bar across the shoulders (body at forward angle). perform minimum 20 reps and maximum 30 reps. Place a calf block 12" behind center of bar (Press Machine). drawing the heel together and weight a'll on the inside of the ball of the foot. 11. 2'. Now. Hands holding handles of Hack Slide. Steve Reeves' favorite: The Calf Leg Press. as in any calf raise rise up on toes and draw the heels together as you come up with weight at the contracted (top) position. Remember. 4. Prone Hack Slide: Chest and stomach flat against Hack Slide Back Rest. hips directly under bar (never forward) and press up. Now. Lie flat on back under Press Machine. All on the big toe and inside of the ball of the foot. The Toe Raise under the Press Machine with toe raise block directly under the bar which is held on shoulders behind neck. heels 4" apart.tftLUES A SIX-WEEKS BULK COURSE 1. .

Tablet 3 Tri-Gerrn Supplements 1 Organic Iron Tablet on Capsules Patty and Cottage Cheese LUNCH: Hamburger Supplements: Same as Breakfast except for Iron & R. BREAKFAST: 12 oz.gned to step up muscle tissue growth .am 12. . I.. Amino Acids DINNER: Supplements: BEFOR. muscle size is desirable .or is it size that you are after?" Invariably..N. unless absolutely imperative. milk.LL PROTEIN MUSCLE BUilt ING D~T When lam . % & Y2or cream only (Every three hours) 6 Liver Tablets .E RETIRING: Steak or Hamburger (up to 'l lb.N..ACK: Naturall (not processed) Cheese & 1 oz. "SIZE"! So..A. the answer is.H.) & Cottage Cheese Same as other two meals except iron. Hallf &: Half 21Eggs 1 Tablespoon Millk& Egg!Protein 1 oz.approached in my gym by anyone who asks about gaining wei. 'Remember. let's not confuse body weight with muscle growth . gain weight.t is my observation that 90% of the people who smoke ate unable to.Amino Acids (Mixed in Blender I to be used with this drink: 3 ..not body weight which will only smooth out your definition and lncrease the size of your hips and waist and cause a loss of symmetry. 3:00 O:CLOCK SN.4 Hydrochloric A..4 Enzyme Tablets 1 R. BETWEEN MEALS: to lit Do not miss a workout is based on regular habits.ght I usually ask this question: NDo you want increased body weight .. Protein powder. One thing to remember is to'allow your meals to digest thorough'ly by I'yil"! or sitting with your feet propped up on a high footstool after each meal.A. {How much do you think an extra inch on your arm will aHect the scale?} This diet is desi.cid Tablets 3 . I feel that I cannot guarantee substantial weight gains to cigare'tte smokers. as your wh'ole body-building progr. .not put on body weight. .

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