Chapter One


Can the terms wellness and health be used interchangeably? Why or why not? Please also identify and describe each dimension of wellness.

A: The terms health and wellness are not really interchangeable due to the fact that, Health refers to one s physical state of the body i.e. lack of disease and injury. Wellness refers to one s optimal health and vitality.

Also keep in mind that health is largely determined by factors out of our control (i.e genetics, family history, age, gender, etc); wellness is largely determined by factors in our control (diet, physical activity, amount of sleep, how handle stress, smoking, etc)
Wellness is broken up into sections: Physical wellness (the ability to care for yourself), Emotional wellness (the handling of emotions and your reactions to feelings), Intellectual wellness (levels in which you intellectually challenge yourself), interpersonal wellness (the condition of your social life and relationship with others) spiritual wellness (beliefs, principles, and values), and environmental wellness (the condition of where you live and how it affects you)


What is Healthy People 2010? Name five goals of Healthy People 2010. Were the goals and objectives of this health initiative achieved? If so, why do you think they were met? If not, why do you think they were not met?

A: Healthy People 2010 or the Healthy People Initiative reports are reports released every decade with tips and set goals to improve the health of Americans. You did not answer the entire questions 3. Do Lab 1.2 (pg 25-26). Based up this lab, choose an unhealthy behavior you want to change. Explain the risks associated with engaging in this unhealthy behavior and then explain the benefits to changing this unhealthy behavior. What are the initial steps you are going to take to change this behavior so you can become healthier? A: The unhealthy behavior that I want to change the most is my diet. Weight gain, heart disease, etc etc etc, etc does not suffice as an answer. The question is asking you to explain etc, etc . will worsen or develop if not corrected. What are the benefits to a healthy diet???? You need to be more specific with regards to the risks of unhealthy eating and the benefits of healthy eating. I could find workouts having even better results than what I currently get. More fruits and veggies, also cutting down on the fast food and paying more attention to what I m eating. Where is question #4? Please be sure to answer each question in its entirety. There are discussion questions so should be more informative and specific.

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