Difference between Auditing and accounting. 1.

The role of accountancy is to record the transaction in the book of accounts, extraction of trial balance, preparation of Trading and profit and loss account and balance sheet etc. On the other hand auditing is the examination of books of account and checking the financial statement for the purpose of finding out the true and fair position and results of operation of a concern. Audit is concerned with detailed examination of the complete accounting records but it does not involve the preparation of accounts. 2. If the auditor is asked to write the books of accounts, extract an agreed trial balance and profit and loss account and Balance sheet, he would be doing the work of an accountant and not the work of an auditor. Preparation of account is not the part of auditing. An auditor, using his appointing authority, needs to check throughly, whether the Profit and Loss account and the Balance Sheet have been properly drawn up and revel the 'true and fair view' of the state of affairs and results of operation of the concern and report it to the parties interested. 3. Auditing without the prior existence of accounts is not possible. When the accountant finishes his work, the auditor starts his work.

4. Objectives of Audit
5. For a better understanding we could classify the objective of audit as: 1. Primary Objectives 2. Secondary Objectives. Primary Objectives: To determine and judge the reliability of the financial statement and the supporting accounting records of a particular financial period is the main purpose of the audit. As per the Indian Companies Act, 1956 it is mandatory for the organizations to appoint a auditor who, after the examination and verification of the books of account, disclose his opinion that whether the audited books of accounts, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet are showing the true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company's business. To get a true and fair view of the companies affairs and express his opinion, he has to throughly check all the transactions and relevant documents of the company made during the audited period. Which will help the auditor to report the financial condition and working result of the organization. While carrying out the process of audit, the auditor may come across certain errors and frauds. But detection of fraud or errors are not the primary objective of the audit. They are come under the secondary objectives of audit. Audit also disclose whether the Accounting system adopted in the organization is adequate and appropriate in recording the various transactions as well as the setbacks of the system.

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