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9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms A la carte, Separate, Apart, Divided, Individual, Unattached, Disconnected, Detached, Distinct,

Disunited Abate, Decrease, Diminish, Lessen, Moderate, Lower, Soften, Reduce, Relieve, Slow Abhor, Hate, Disgust, Abominate, Nauseate, Bear malice, Bear spleen, Despise, Detest, Execrate Abolition, Elimination, Abrogation, Dissolution, Annihilation, Annulment, Cancellation, Destruction, Eradication, Extinction Abominable, Hateful, Cursed, Abhorrent, Nefarious, Contemptible, Offensive, Despicable, Detestable, Disgusting Abound, Overflow, Flow, Pour, Swell, Prevail, Shower, Stream, Swarm, Teem Absentee, Fugitive, Escapee, Delinquent, Deserter, Truant, Runaway, Lawbreaker, Defector, Escaped convict, Abstract, Theoretical, Hypothetical, Unapplied, Unpractical, Conceptual, Ideal, Transcendent Abyss, Chasm, Gorge, Bottomless pit, Perdition, Hell-hole, Hole Accomplice, Accessory, Conspirator, Associate, Confederate, Partner Accord, Agreement, Conformity, Consent, Harmony, Peace, Unanimity Accusation, Allegation, Imputation, Indictment, Complaint, Censure, Insinuation, Slur, Smear, Denunciation Adaptable, Flexible, Pliable, Tractable, Versatile, Docile, Pliant, Adaptable Adaptation, Conversion, Acclimatization, Acculturation, Reworking, Becoming suited Adhere, Stick, Hang, Cling to, Cohere, Hold, Fasten, Attach, Cleave Administer, Manage, Conduct, Control, Carry out, Direct, Execute, Govern, Oversee, Rule Adversary, Opponent, Foe, Contestant, Litigant, Opposition, Antagonist, Enemy

Adverse, Hostile, Antagonistic, Repugnant, Unfriendly, Antipathetic, Dim, Conflicting, Opposing, Alien Affliction, Hardship, Trouble, Adversity, Distress, Reverse, Grief, Misfortune, Mishap, Trial Aggressive, Combative, Warlike, Bellicose, Hostile, Militant, Belligerent, Hawkish, Offensive, Contentious, Assertive, Domineering, Determined, Dynamic, Pushy, Energetic, Enterprising, Forward, Macho Agitate, Shake, Move briskly, Shake briskly, Shake up, Jolt, Jar, Stir up, Churn, Toss, Perturb, Disturb, Disquiet, Fluster, Trouble, Alarm, Confuse, Upset, Startle Alcove, Bower, Arbor, Trellis, Gazebo, Retreat, Grotto, Lattice, Hideaway, Pergola Allotment, Share, Portion, Distribution, Part, Lot, Plot of land, Quota, Measure, Division Amass, Accumulate, Garner, Acquire, Gather, Hoard, Assemble, Store up Amplify, Augment, Raise, Boost, Increase, Develop, Broaden, Enlarge, Expand, Magnify, Exaggerate, Elaborate, Blow up, Embellish, Overstate Amputate, Dissect, Disjoint, Dismember, Cut up, Mutilate, Divide, Maim Analysis, Breakdown, Breakup, Dissection, Reduction to elements, Ratiocination, Separation, Subdivision, Resolution, Generalization, Examination, Inquiry, Investigation, Study, Summary, Explication, Critique, Report, Criticism, Freudian therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Anecdote, Illustrative story, Tale, Short story, Episode, Fable, Yarn, Shaggy dog story, Amusing story

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Antagonize, Conflict, Oppose, Clash, Be head to head, Collide, Disagree Appraise, Evaluate, Assess, Estimate, Assay, Value, Calculate, Figure, Price, Review Apprehend, Comprehend, Perceive, Understand, Recognize, Appreciate, Grasp, See, Follow, Take in, Catch, Capture, Detain, Arrest, Seize, Be afraid, Mistrust, Have apprehensions, Distrust, Dread, Fear Aptitude, Faculty, Propensity, Talent, Bent, Capacity, Capability, Proficiency, Inclination, Potential, Ability, Intelligence, Gift, Intellect, Genius, Endowment, Aptness, Readiness, Competence, Fitness, Suitability, Applicability, Qualification Aquatic, Nautical, Seafaring, Naval, Marine, Seagoing, Navigational, Maritime, Hydrographic, Neptunian Arbitrary, Discretionary, Optional, Elective, Subject to judgment, Discretional, Capricious, Frivolous, Changeable, Fanciful, Erratic, Wayward, Freakish, Uncertain, Vagarious, Dictatorial, Compulsory, Autocratic, Imperious, Despotic, Domineering, Injudicious, Undemocratic, Overbearing Arid, Dry, Parched, Desiccated, Droughty, Drought ridden, Desert, Dried, Dusty, Dull, Flat, Prosaic, Boring, Tedious, Vapid, Empty, Jejune, Desolate, Barren, Sterile, Waste, Infertile Armory, Arms depot, Arms plant, Military storehouse, Arsenal, Military storehouse, Arsenal, Ammunition dump, Munitions factory, Ammunition depot, Magazine of weapons Aroma, Fragrance, Incense, Scent, Smell, Perfume, Redolence, Odor, Bouquet, Characteristic, Flavor, Subtle quality, Essence, Hint, Spirit, Suggestion, Air

Arrogant, Egotistical, Overbearing, Conceited, Contemptuous, Insolent, Disdainful, Presumptuous, Overconfident, Assuming Articulate, Well-spoken, Eloquent, Expressive, Fluent, Smooth, Lucid, Clear, Loquacious, Plain, Manifest, Crystal-clear, Intelligible, Talkative, Garrulous, Effusive, Gabby, Utter, Enunciate, Speak, Verbalize, Say, Pronounce, Clarify, Explain, Expound, Combine, Connect, Join, Link Assent, Agreement, Accord, Authorization, Accession, Acquiescence, Consent, Yes, Approbation, Approval, Accede, Agree, Concur, Acquiesce, Admit, Consent, Subscribe, Allow, Yield Asset, Advantage, Beauty, Attraction, Worth, Refinement, Excellence, Value, Benefit Attribute, Characteristic, Virtue, Trait, Quality, Peculiarity, Property, Quirk, Gift, Talent, Ascribe, Credit, Connect, Refer, Impute, Lay Audible, Perceptible by the ear, Capable of being heard, Loud enough to be heard, Discernible, Perceptible, Hearable, Within earshot, Within hearing distance, Distinguishable Audition, Tryout, Test, Trial, Hearing, Audience Autobiography, Personal history, History, Self-portrayal, Biography, Life story, Memoirs, Self-account, Confession, Journal, Avail, Help, Assistance, Benefit, Furtherance, Aid, Relief, Service, Succor, Support Avert, Turn away, Turn aside, Sidetrack, Shove aside, Look another way, Turn one's eyes away, Look away, Cast one's eyes down, Avoid, Ward off, Prevent, Thwart, Forestall, Hinder preclude

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Banister, Railing, Baluster, Rail, Balustrade, Grip, Hand rest Barracks, Quarters, Billet, Lodging, Camp Baste, Sew lightly, Sew, Stitch, Tack, Catch, Hem, Moisten while baking, Drip, Season, Grease, Douse, Lard, Cook with drippings, Beat, Thrash, Trounce, Club, Pummel, Lambaste, Batter Bayonet, Stab, Cut, Pierce, Impale, Slash, Attack with a knife, Stick, Knife, Lance Beige, Color, Light brown, Tan, Yellowbrown, Ocher, Tawny, Buff, Brown Belligerent, Warlike, Hostile, Pugnacious, Aggressive, Bellicose, Overbearing Benediction, Blessing, Sanctification, Laying on of hands, Benison Bestow, Offer, Bequeath, Give, Present, Endow Bewitch, Fascinate, Enthrall, Captivate, Enrapture, Charm, Enamor, Enchant, Hex, Beguile Billiards, Pool, Snooker, Game on a pool table Bleach, Whitener, Chlorine, Whiten, Fade, Blanch, Pale, Wash out, Etiolate Booty, Spoils, Prize, Takings, Loot, Goods, Boodle, Haul, Pickings, Plunder Bosom, Intimate, Close, Confidential, Affection, Heart, Breast, Bust, Chest Brazen, Brass, Brassy, Bronzy, Impudent, Impertinent, Nervy, Bold, Audacious, Cheeky, Defiant, Brash, Forward Buffer, Area of defense, Shield, Guard, Bumper, Fender, No-man's land, Neutral zone Caliber, Measurement, Bore, Diameter, Striking power, Weight, Length, Width, Character, Quality, Essence, Nature, Characteristic, Constitution

Canvass, Seek votes, Campaign, Poll, Go house-to-house Canvas, Picture, Depiction, Art work Caper, Prank, Antic, Practical joke, Fiasco, Frolic, Gambol, Cavort, Romp, Prance, play Capitalize, Finance, Back, Bankroll, Grubstake, Stake, Gain, Exploit, Benefit, Realize, Profit Caption, Title, Legend, Inscription, Heading, Subtitle, Underline, Banner Captivate, Fascinate, Bewitch, Delight, Dazzle, Charm, Enamor, Enchant, Enthrall, Entrance Captivity, Bondage, Servitude, Slavery, Thralldom, Enslavement, Subjection, Confinement, Imprisonment, Incarceration, Custody, Interment, Detention Catastrophe, Calamity, Deluge, Devastation, Misadventure, Cataclysm, Misery, Conclusion, Desolation, Denouement Category, Classification, Division, Kind, Class, Genera, Phylum, Type, Section, Level Cauldron, Receptacle, Pot, Holder, Container, Repository, Vessel Celebrity, Notable, Star, Luminary, Renown, Fame, Glory, Notoriety Chafe, Scrape, Rub, Wear, Abrade, File, Rasp, Irritate, Gall, Vex, Bother, Fret, Aggravate, Warm, Rub, Heat up Champagne, Champagne, Champagne, Champagne, Champagne, Chide, Admonish, Reproach, Scold, Lecture, Censure, Reprimand, Rebuke, Reprehend, Criticize Cinema, Movies, Film, Cinematography, Movie theater, Movie hall Circumstance, Situation, Condition, Contingency, Status Cleave, Sever, Split, Divide, Hew, Separate, Rend asunder, Cling, Stick, Adhere, Attach

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Clerical, Clerk's, Secretarial, Ecclesiastic, Clergy, Ministerial Clique, Clan, Faction, Private club, Coterie, Circle, Exclusive organization Coincide, Correspond, Harmonize, Match, Agree, Accord, Synchronize, Happen simultaneously Combustion, Oxidation, Burning, Fire, Kindling, Explosion, Violent disturbance, Tumult, Riot, Turmoil Commend, Laud, Extol, Praise, Compliment, Hail, Entrust, Consign, Assign, Sanction, Endorse, Accredit Commodity, Goods, Merchandise, Wares, Assets Commute, Interchange, Trade, Switch, Transpose, Supplant, Reduce, Alleviate, Mitigate, Diminish, Decrease, Shorten, Go back and forth, Travel, Drive, Take the bus, Take the train, Shuttle Comparable, Equivalent, Equal, Alike, Corresponding, As good as, Akin, Similar, Proportional, Analogous Compensation, Payment, Wage, Salary, Reward, Reparation, Indemnity, Restitution, Atonement, Redress, Retribution, Amends Complex, Elaborate, Manifold, Complicated, Difficult, Intricate, Perplexing, Enigmatic, Obsession, Mania, Fixation, Delusion Comply, Follow, Conform, Submit, Agree to, Assent, Acquiesce in, Accede Compress, Bandage, Pad, Compress, Squeeze, Constrict, Condense, Reduce Compulsory, Forced, Mandatory, Required, Compelled, Unavoidable Compute, Sum, Count, Calculate, Tally Concede, Admit, Yield, Allow, Confess Concession, Giving in, Surrender, Admission, Granting, Authorization

Concise, Succinct, Brief, Short, Terse Confiscate, Appropriate, Impound, Seize, Take away, Usurp, Commandeer Congestion, Density, Solidity, Concentration, Intensification, Thickness, Condensation Congregation, Group, Gathering, Fold, Crowd, Multitude, Meeting, Assembly Conscientious, Devoted, Moral, Ethical, Dedicated, Thorough, Meticulous Consecutive, In order, Successive, Sequential, Ordinal, Serial, Regular Conservative, Cautious, Unchanging, Stable, Right-wing, Obstructionist Constellation, Configuration, Pattern, Shape, Order, Arrangement, Formation Contemplate, Study, Ponder, Think, Weigh, Plan, Design Contemporary, Coexistent, Present, Modern, Up-to-date, Peer, Equal Contestant, Competitor, Player, Rival, Antagonist, Adversary, Opponent Continuity, Being continuous, Permanence, Flow, Unity, Cohesion Contour, Outline, Shape, Form, Curves, Mold, Carve Contraction, Lessening, Dwindling, Decrease, Squeezing, Abbreviation Conventional, Normal, Usual, Ordinary, Humdrum, Established Converge, Meet, Come together, Center, Gather, Rally, Assemble Conversion, Transformation, Turn, Shift, Rebirth, Metamorphosis, Change of heart Convertible, Changeable, Modifiable, Open car, Ragtop, Automobile Coordination, Formulation, Plan, Method, Alignment Coronation, Installation, Ceremony Corrugated, Corrugated, Corrugated, Corrugated, Corrugated, Corrugated, Cosmetics, Make-up, Rouge, Mascara Countenance, Appearance, Face, Approval, Composure Counteract, Remedy, Annul, Defeat

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Cower, Cringe, Grovel, Flinch, Wince Cram, Pack, Ram, Compress Crave, Want, Desire, Need Creation, Origin, Birth, Source Crescent, Increasing, Swelling, Shape Crochet, Knit, Weave, Sew Cult, Religion, Sect, Denomination Custodian, Caretaker, Superintendent, Janitor, Keeper, Porter Damnable, Outrageous, Offensive, Wicked, Depraved, Detestable Data, Known facts, Figures, Statistics Dauntless, Daring, Brave, Gallant Dean, Authority, Churchman, Administrator Debatable, Controversial, Questionable, Unsettled, Disputable Deceased, Dead, Departed, Extinct, Defunct, Late Decisive, Definitive, Crisp, Conclusive Deem, Judge, Reckon, Believe, Rule Deface, Mar, Scratch, Deform, Maim Defensive, Preventive, Shielding, Protecting, Safeguarding, Guarding Dejected, Sad, Depressed, Gloomy, Despondent, Discouraged, Cast down Delete, Remove, Obliterate, Destroy Deliberate, Intentional, Premeditated, Cautious, Careful, Consider, Ponder, Discuss, Argue Delinquent, Failing in duty, Derelict, Unpaid and overdue, Criminal, Malefactor, Lawbreaker Denomination, Classification, Class, Name, Title, Religion Denounce, Censure, Threaten, Blame, Accuse, Indict, Arraign Density, Solidity, Heaviness, Bulk, Electrical charge, Current Deplore, Regret, Weep, Lament, Mourn Desertion, Abandonment, Escape, Flight, Evasion, Defection Destitute, Poor, Miserable, Needy Detach, Part, Separate, Disjoin Detention, Arrest, Custody, Delay

Detract, Take away a part, Lessen Diction, Enunciation, Pronunciation Diplomacy, Tact, Discretion, Finesse Dire, Terrible, Desperate, Horrible Disapprove, Object, Blame, Boo Disastrous, Ruinous, Terribly harmful Disband, Separate, Break up, Dismiss Disbelief, Doubt, Mistrust, Wonder Disciple, Follower, Pupil, Witness Disclose, Make known, Divulge, Expose Discomfort, Annoyance, Nuisance Disconnect, Detach, Divide, Cut off Discontent, Dissatisfied, Inquietude Discontinue, Cease, Quit, Pause, break Discord, Antagonism, Strife, Conflict Disembark, Land, Debark, Arrive Disengage, Release, Detach, Free Disfigure, Deface, Blemish, Mutilate Dismantle, Disassemble, Take apart Disorganized, Displaced, Out of place Dispossess, Drive out, Expel Disqualify, Disable, Bar, Invalidate Disrupt, Disturb, Upset, Fracture Distasteful, Displeasing, Offensive, Repugnant, Loathsome, Disgusting Diverge, Branch off, Fork, Differ Diversion, Detour, Distraction, Play Divert, Deflect, Turn, Distract, Beguile Divulge, Disclose, Announce, Show Domain, Field, Area, Realm Dowry, Bridal gift, Marriage portion Drudgery, Toil, Work, Task Dutiful, Obedient, Devoted, Responsible, Conscientious Dwindle, Decrease, Fade, Decline Earthy, Direct, Natural, Dirty, Dusty Ebb, Reflux, Shrinkage, Retreat, Sink Ecstasy, Rapture, Bliss, Joy, Delight Embalm, Mummify, Preserve, Dry up Embezzle, Steal, Thieve, Pillage, Pilfer, Misappropriate, Peculate Encore, Once more, Again, Over Endear, Prize, Delight, Charm, Cherish Entice, Lure, Attract, Coax, Allure

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Entrust, Confide, Charge, Leave with Envoy, Ambassador, Emissary, Representative, Delegate Equivalent, Equal, Commensurate, Comparable, Of equal value, Similar Err, Be mistaken, Misjudge, Fail, Blunder, Be wrong, Miscalculate Escapade, Prank, Caper, Adventure Espionage, Spying, Watching Evolution, Development, Growth and change, Natural adaptation Evolve, Develop, Grow and change Exalt, Elevate, Glorify, Please, Elate Expanse, Width, Distance, Area Expansion, Increase, Augmentation Expend, Exhaust, Use up, Disburse, Pay Expenditure, Expense, Payment Expire, End, Conclude, Die, Perish Exterminate, Annihilate, Abolish, Eliminate, Destroy, Obliterate Extravagant, Excessive, Exorbitant, Lavish, Unreasonable, Absurd Extremity, End, Border, Appendage, Hand, Foot Faint, Dim, Subtle, Feeble, Languid, Inaudible, Cowardly, Swoon, Stupor, Pass out, Black out, Collapse, Weak Famished, Hungry, Ravenous, Voracious, Starving, Starved Farce, Absurd situation, Exaggerated comedy, Nonsense, Travesty Fatality, Deadliness, Lethality, Death, Feint, Trick, Deception, Ruse, Bait Felony, Serious crime, Villainy, Offense Ferment, Effervesce, Commotion, Stir Festive, Merry, Gay, Joyful, Happy,Gala Filament, Fiber, Extrusive threads Fillet, Strip, Ribbon, Banding Filtration, Cleansing, Purification Flair, Talent, Aptitude, Ability, Gift Flank, Side, Haunch, Lateral edge Flaw, Blemish, Defect, Gust, Flurry Flicker, Waver, Twinkle, Sparkle Foreboding, Apprehension of misfortune, Premonition, Presentiment Foresight, Forecast, Foreknowledge,

Forgo, Refrain, Desist, Forbear, Waive Formidable, Dreadful, Overwhelming Foundry, Factory, Mill, Assembly plant Fraternity, Brotherhood, Greek letter society, Organization, Fellowship Fray, Brawl, Altercation, Brawl, Rub thin, Tatter, Wear, Unravel, Shred Fumigate, Kill insects, Disinfect, Purify Gaiety, Fun, Mirth, Brilliance Galaxy, Universe, Cosmos, Heavens Garrison, Army, Fort, Post Gild, Gold plate, Coat with gold leaf, Gloss over, Sugarcoat, Embellish Gist, Fundamental fact, Essence, Main idea, Basis, Significance, Crux Glamour, Beauty, Appeal, Charm Glorify, Exalt, Praise, Laud, Honor Grievance, Complaint, Gripe, Injury Grimace, Sneer, Smirk, Expression Gruesome, Frightening, Grisly, Grim Guidance, Direction, Tutelage, Leadership, Instruction, Administration Harmonize, Agree, Cooperate, Blend, Unify, Integrate, Arrange Heathen, Atheist, Infidel, Irreligious Homage, Respect, Devotion, Adoration Hoodwink, Cheat, Dupe, Deceive Idolize, Adore, Worship, Admire Illegible, Unreadable, Undecipherable Illiterate, Ignorant, Uneducated Illusion, Falseness, Mirage, Delusion, Hallucination, Deception, Fantasy Impersonate, Act out, Mimic, Pretend to be, Imitate, Double for, Portray Imply, Intimate, Hint, Mean, Denote Imposter, Fraud, Pretender, Cheat Improbable, Unlikely, Implausible Impudent, Insolent, Flippant, Shameless, Brazen, Arrant Impulsive, Sudden, Quick Inborn, Inherited, Innate, Congenital

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Incurable, Remediless, Hopeless Indebted, Under obligation, Obliged, Thankful, Honor-bound, Grateful Indelible, Permanent, Ineradicable, Unforgettable, Memorable Indispensable, Needed, Essential, Necessary, Vital, Basic Inertia, Sluggishness, Laziness, Indolence, Idleness, Passivity Infantry, Army, Military, Troops Infirmary, Small hospital, Sick bay, Clinic, Sickroom, Dispensary Inflation, Price hike spiral, Financial crisis, Ever-higher price levels Ingenious, Bright, Shrewd, Adroit, Clever, Resourceful, Inventive Insight, Understanding, Perceptiveness, Wisdom, Acumen, Prudence Insignia, Emblem, Symbol, Badge Insignificant, Unimportant, Minor, Irrelevant, Trivial, Negligible Insomnia, Sleeplessness, Wakefulness Instantaneous, Immediate, Quick Intact, Unaltered, Complete, Whole, Uncut, Entire, Undiminished, Unbroken Intangible, Imperceptible, Impalpable Integrity, Honesty, Honor, Soundness Irresistible, Tempting, Overwhelming Irritable, Cranky, Petulant, Contentious Itemize, Enumerate, List, Number, Rank Judicial, Discriminating, Critical Lament, Moan, Wail, Dirge, Mourn, Grieve, Weep, Bewail, Sorrow over Landmark, Notable relic, Turning point, Marker, Guide, Lavish, Extravagant, Generous, Bestow, Endow Legislature, Lawmakers, Congress Legitimate, Lawful, Regular, Authorize Limousine, Cab, Car and driver for hire Livery, Uniform, Attire, Clothing Loiter, Linger, Tarry, Dally, Dawdle Lore, Knowledge, Learning, Lesson, Teaching, Wisdom

Luminous, Bright, Illuminated, Smart, Understandable Lust, Craving, Lechery, Desire, Want Magistrate, Judge, Justice, Officer Malicious, Malevolent, Hateful, Spiteful Mechanism, Device, Tool Medieval, Gothic, Old, Antique Meditate, Speculate, Ponder, Think Memorable, Unforgettable, Unusual Misconduct, Misbehavior, Wrongdoing Misguided, Mistaken, Misled Mistrust, Suspicion, Doubt, Suspect Momentary, Fleeting, Passing Monogram, Appellation, Designation Mortify, Shame, Humiliate Mute, Speechless, Silent, Wordless Mutual, Reciprocal, Shared, Balanced Nationality, National loyalty, Allegiance, Love of country Nautical, Marine, Naval, Sailing Navigable, Passable, Travelable Noteworthy, Exceptional, Notable Obscure, Unclear, Unknown, Remote, Indistinct, Dark, Conceal Obsolete, Outmoded, Ancient, Old Obstinate, Stubborn, Uncontrollable, Callous, Prejudiced Optimistic, Cheerful, Upbeat, Hopeful Ordain, Appoint, Decree, Predetermine, Install Originate, Begin, Initiate, Start Ornate, Decorated, Ornamented, Embellished, Gaudy, Overpower, Defeat, Beat, Conquer Overwhelm, Defeat, Inundate, Puzzle Parasite, Dependent, Freeloader, Bacteria Pending, Imminent, Coming, Nearing Pennant, Flag, Banner, Standard Perceive, See, Discern, Understand Personal, Individual, Exclusive Pewter, Metal, Alloy

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Physique, Structure of the body, Shape Pilfer, Steal, Rob, Filch, Purloin, Heist Platoon, Squadron, Outfit, Team Porous, Permeable, Penetrable, Honeycombed, Penetrable, Riddled Precaution, Forethought, Wariness Preface, Prelude, Prologue, Precede Prefix, Add-on, Addition, Affix Prehistoric, Ancient, Primeval Priority, Preference, Rank, Primacy Probation, Trial period, Test, Tryout Projection, Prominence, Bulge, Protuberance, Prediction, Guess Propel, Move, Drive, Catapult, Hurl Random, Chance, Haphazard, Casual Rapture, Joy, Bliss, Elation, Ecstasy Ravage, Ruin, Desolation, Destroy Rebound, Recoil, Bounce back Redeem,Recover,Retrieve,Liberate,Save Refrain, Chorus, Verse, Abstain, Cease Regal, Royal, Noble, Sovereign, Kingly Regime, Government, Reign, Rule Remedial, Corrective, Curative, Healing Renown, Fame, Distinction, Prestige Replica, Duplicate, Replica, Replica, Reprimand, Castigate, Admonish,Chide Reproach, Blame, Dishonor, Criticize Reprove, Blame, Admonish, Chide Repulsive, Horrid, Odious, Repugnant Retard, Delay, Slow, Impede, Hinder Retract, Abjure, Recall, Recant Retrieve, Regain, Recover, Reclaim Righteous, Virtuous, Moral, Devout Robust, Vigorous, Healthy, Coarse Rove, Wander, Meander, Roam, Range Sanity, Good mental health, Common sense, Sound mind, Reason Sarcasm, Ridicule, Derision, Scoffing Secrete, Hide, Cover, Discharge, Issue Serene, Calm, Placid, Clear, Fair Sever, Split, Cut, Rend, Divide Sham, Untrue, Fake, Deceive, Feign Shank, Handle, Haft, Grip, Knob Siesta, Nap, Rest, Snooze, Respite

Sluggish, Lazy, Languid, Lethargic Slur, Insult, Stain, Offend, Smear, Blur Smite, Abuse, Beat up, Smack, Lash Snub, Upturned, Insult, Scorn, Reproach Specialist, Expert, Master, Adept Spendthrift, Spender, Wastrel Spouse, Partner, Husband, Wife, Mate Spurn, Reject, Shun, Slight, Refuse Squeamish, Queasy, Prudish Staunch, Constant, Firm, Loyal, Sound Stealthy, Secret, Furtive, Clandestine Strategy, Tactics, Scheme, System Stress, Importance, Anxiety, Emphasize, Pressure, Tension Stricken, Unlucky, Cursed, Ill-fated Studious, Assiduous, Academic, Scholarly, Diligent Sublime, Elevated, Excellent, Grand Subordinate, Inferior, Underling Suffice, Enough, Adequate, Sufficient Suffix, Add-on, Affix, Addition Superficial, Shallow, Flimsy Superfluous, Excessive, Extra, Profuse Supernatural, Preternatural, Ghostly Supplement, Addendum, Augment Suppress, Put down, Subdue, Conceal Surly, Unfriendly, Rude, Sullen Surpass, Exceed, Excel, Better Swarthy, Dark, Brown, Tawny Tangible, Touchable, Perceptible Tantrum, Histrionics, Put-on Technique, Method, Ability Tempo, Beat, Rhythm, Speed Tenant, Renter, Lodger, Tenant, Tenet, Belief, Creed, Principle Tension, Anxiety, Stress, Tautness Terminate, Finish, Limit, Abolish Texture, Feel, Grain, Fineness Thwart, Frustrate, Foil, Prevent, Titanic, Huge, Gigantic, Immense Tolerate, Permit, Endure, Accept Transaction, Business deal, Contract Trivial, Unimportant, Insignificant, Frivolous, Inconsequential Turmoil, Disturbance, Chaos, Uproar

Students are cautioned to term are synonyms not d meanings therefore there to synonymous terms. M pronunciation based on w example, the word comp meaning than when used for rocket fuel is comple meaning complicated.) T students has a inferiority a mental illness.)

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

9th Grade Vocabulary List Including Synonyms Twinge, Twitch, Stab, Spasm, Throb Undertone, Whisper, Murmur, Mumble Upheaval, Eruption, Change, Blowup Urchin, Waif, Rogue, Brat, Child Vacate, Leave, Abandon, Depart, Quit Valise, Gear, Luggage, Suitcase, Bag Vanquish, Conquer, Defeat, Quell Vendor, Seller, Solicitor, Merchant Verify, Confirm, Prove, Validate, Clinch Vestibule, Foyer, Entry, Lobby,Hallway Wane, Decline, Fade, Abate, Dwindle Wan, Pale, Ashen, Pasty, Blanched Wayward, Unruly, Disobedient Wean, Remove from nursing, Gently break a habit, Phase out Wistful, Sad, Melancholy, Plaintive Withhold, Repress, Hold back, Retain

Prepared by. J.P. Noble, Principal

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