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Philip Neri Parish

The Northwest Paulist Center
for Evangelization & Reconciliation

2408 SE 16th Ave., Portland, OR 97214-5334

P A RI SH MI SSI ON STA TE ME N T Committed to the mission of Jesus and dedicated to be welcoming to all, we the community of St. Philip Neri strive to reach out, to reconcile and to promote unity for all of Gods creation through worship, education, and service toward the common good.

5th Sunday of Ordinary Time February 5, 2012

PARISH OFFICE & STAFF: Phone 503-2314955
Pastor Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x117 Associate Pastor Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, Associate Pastor Fr. Jim McCauley, CSP, Director of Adult Faith Formation Barbara Harrison, Business Manager Jeanne McPherson, Parish Office, Parish Secretary Mercy Rossi, x101 Bulletin Editor (Bulletin deadline is Tuesday Noon before target weekend) Mercy Rossi, Building & Grounds, Maintenance Edward Children & Youth Faith Formation Director of the NW Paulist Center for Evangelization & Reconciliation Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x117

Website: Fax 503-7361383

SCHEDULE OF MASSES 4:00pm SUNDAY: 8:30am and 10:30am






This Weeks Calendar & Mass Intentions

Next Sundays Scripture Readings: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 12) Leviticus 13:12, 4446 1 Corinthians 10:3111:1 Mark 1:4045 MASS INTENTIONS____________ Monday February 6 8:00 AM Mass ( Finley Andreas) Chapel Tuesday February 7 8:00 AM Mass ( Raymond Capri) Chapel 1:00PM to 3:00PM Altar Soc. Mtg. Carvlin Hall Wednesday February 8 8:00 AM Mass ( Charles Artner) Chapel 7:00 PM Pastoral Council Mtg. Paulist Center Thursday February 9 8:00 AM Mass ( for the deceased) Chapel Friday February 10 12:10 PM Mass ( Robert Sal Navarra) Chapel Saturday February 11 8:00 AM Mass (The Jim Michels family) Chapel 4:00 PM Mass ( Isabelita C. Montejo) Church Sunday February 12 8:30 AM Mass (People of the Parish) Church 10:30 AM Mass ( Frances Navarra) Church 10:30 AM Mass Deaf Community Chapel Church cleaning, February 612: Florence Katrena & Rose Ferraris This Weeks Announcements

50th Rigatoni Luncheon:

Come and join the ladies of the Altar Society to celebrate our 50th year of holding the Stuffed Rigatoni Luncheon. On Tuesday, February 14th, we need all available hands to help stuff the rigatoni. Onthe-job training provided. Many hands will help us to finish early. Come at 9:30am and stay as long as you can. Bring your own lunch. Coffee and desserts will be provided. We also need help the day of the lunch, February 16th, to serve the people and help with the clean-up. Last year, we served 506 people in three hours. We hope to have more this year. Sign-up sheets are in back the church.


Schools Week: Today, Sunday, February 5th, 9:30am in Carvlin Hall, to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, the Religious Education Family Gathering group will host a breakfast for our families who have children in Catholic schools. The 10:30 Liturgy will celebrate the students in Catholic schools with them participating in some of the Liturgical Ministry roles. We are proud of all of our families (Catholic Schools/Public Schools/Private Schools/Home

Schooled) who so diligently work to incorporate our Catholic faith into their daily lives and actions. We also thank the parishioners for all your monetary contributions and encouragements for our young people. NOTICE: FOR




Announcements continued

Archbishops Catholic Appeal 2012 Teach, Bless, Serve

Next weekend, February 11-12th, is Commitment Weekend for the 2012 Archbishops Catholic Appeal. During Mass we will watch a video from Archbishop Vlazny about the Appeal. If you received a personalized commitment card in the mail please bring it to Mass with you as we join together to support our Catholic Church in western Oregon. If you did not receive a commitment card in the mail pledge envelopes will be available during Mass. This next week, please read the Archbishops Catholic Appeal materials you received in the Parish Bulletin today and prayerfully reflect on the level of commitment you will make next weekend. The Archbishops Catholic Appeal provides substantial financial support to essential ministries that support parishes in our Archdiocese. These programs provide education and faith formation at all levels and provide a Catholic presence for tens of thousands of people. When we stop to count our abundant blessings, we are aware of how truly blessed we are. The Archbishops Catholic Appeal is an invitation to share your blessings and support for the Gospel mission here in Western Oregon. A significant pledge to this appeal is a sign that you are a part of the holy people who follow in the footsteps of the faithful throughout this history of scripture Your pledge is also a sign of your gratitude for Gods generous abundance. While we can never out-do God in generosity, we are called to join in the mission of the Gospel as we pour forth the gifts of life, goodness, and grace through the sharing of our own blessings from God.
LET US PRAY FOR: for Joan Andreas (whose husband, Finley, passed away on Jan. 16); Jane (Brunick) Kolongowski, Fr. Charlies sister.

Save the date:

Lenten Retreat March 23rd-25th at Shalom Prayer Center in Mt. Angel. This is a shared retreat with St. Henrys and will be co-facilitated by Fr. Michael and Connie Ostlund. Cost is $127 and includes accommodations Friday & Saturday nights and meals breakfast Saturday through breakfast Sunday. Questions? Contact Matthew Pearl at or 503-9703937. Registration details to come Shalom!




family) to deliver our collected Food Pantry items to St. Ritas Parish (102nd/NE Prescott) once a month. Please contact Barbara Harrison for further information. This is a great ministry of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

Announcements continued

Lent is now 3 weeks away.

participate in the

Please plan now to

Paulist Lenten Small Faith Groups starting February 26th. Using scripture,
Liturgy, and Prayer, the theme will be Living the Eucharist. Designed to be 90 minutes, the small faith group (about 8 people) will meet once a week either in someones home or at the parish center. We will try to offer evenings and afternoons and either a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. We will also offer a pamphlet for Family Activities, and a Lenten devotional book (From Exodus to Easter: My Daily Journey Through Lent) for all parishioners to take home. Sign-

up Sundays will be February 5th and February 12th. Please pray about this opportunity.

February Calendar Mark your Calendars!

Date Event RE Family Gathering hosts breakfast for Catholic School families Celebration of Catholic Schools week Confirmation Class Sign-up for Lenten Small Faith Groups Altar Soc. Mtg. First Reconciliation class Sign-up for Lenten Small Faith Groups Valentines Day remembering all those who are very special to us Rigatoni STUFFING Volunteers needed! Adoration in the Chapel Rigatoni Luncheon (50th year!) Location 9:30am Carvlin Hall

5th Sunday

10:30am Liturgy 11:45am Carvlin Hall Church foyer after all Liturgies 1:00pm Carvlin Hall 9:40am Church Church foyer after all Liturgies

7th Tuesda y 12th Sunday

14th Tuesda y

16th Thursd ay

Carvlin Hall Sign-ups in back of Church 9:00am5:00pm Paulist Center Chapel Carvlin Hall 11:00am 2:00pm (volunteers also needed ~ sign-ups in back of

Church) 19th Sunday 20th Monday 21st Tuesda y 22nd Wed. First Reconciliation class National Holiday/Presidents Day Last day to email/call the office to sign-up for the Lenten Small Faith Groups Ash Wednesday 9:40am Church

503-231-4955 or BarbaraH@stphilipneripd 8am Liturgy in Church 7pm Liturgy in Church

Pastoral Corner

February 5, 2012

Can We Minister To God?

n the new translation of Eucharistic Prayer II of the Mass, soon after the consecration, we pray, we offer you, Lord, the Bread of life and the Chalice of salvation, giving thanks that you have held us worthy to be in your presence and minister to you. We probably dont usually think of ministering to the Lord. How can this be? Thinking about this gives us an opportunity to reflect more fully on just what we are doing when we celebrate the Mass. When we join in celebrating the Mass, and especially when we pray the Eucharistic Prayer at the heart of the Mass, we are joining with the whole Church; the Body of Christ. The Eucharistic (Thanksgiving) Prayer is offered to God the Father, with Christ and in the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus did on Calvary, so too in the Mass, Jesus offers himself to God the Father. Jesus joins himself to our thanksgiving offering by becoming one with our gifts of bread and wine, and makes them his Body and Blood, a perfect sacrifice of praise. Through our Baptism into Jesus we offer ourselves with him in the Mass, and thus minister to God with him. In our Communion we are in turn ministered TO by Jesus, the Son of God. In the celebration of the Mass a great mystery is enacted; a mystery of mutual giving and receiving. As we offer our sacrifice of praise and thanks, God accepts his Sons perfect sacrifice and gives us his eternal Son to be our spiritual food leading us to eternal life.

o one would be able to offer a true ministry of thanks to God, except through His own Son, Jesus Christ. With, and in him, God is pleased to accept our gift of thanks, and we are empowered and sent on mission to continue the work of building the Kingdom of God with the help of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Jim McCauley, CSP