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MEDIA KIT (Updated February 1 2012 by Jayvee Fernandez) A Bugged Life ( is the personal blog of Jayvee Fernandez.

This is a media kit to give potential sponsors and advertisers an idea of the blogs readership and reach. A Short History This blog was a product of an "escape" from my MA thesis back in 2003. I wrote about anything, but found a bias for technology topics since I was already contributing to local IT magazines. I bought my own domain in 2005 and upon advise of many friends, turned "A Bugged Life" into its own brand. In 2006 I decided to focus on topics pertaining to technology and "new media" until late 2008. In 2009, I unconsciously shifted my tone of writing into a more personal one, covering topics outside technology as well. Today, the blog has become a direct mirror of my true passions. I still write primarily about technology but have widened my focus into my other hobbies which includes SCUBA diving, underwater photography, coral triangle projects, and on occasion, the art and science of espresso. This 2012 I celebrate my 11th year in media. About the Author I made my debut in the local technology scene as an active member of three technology user groups, namely, PhilMUG and Pinoy Windows Mobile back in 2001. Simultaneously, I was a contributing editor for a new tech magazine called Mobile Philippines (known as MPH to most). In 2006 I left full time publishing to work for a blog network startup based in Canada. From that time till 2009, I have been involved with international blog efforts from other startups. Since that time, I have worked with several other blog networks as a contributor and channel editor. In 2007, I started BlogBank Inc, a blog advertising network to cater to local advertisers and blogs. I am one of the founders of the Philippine Blog Awards (2007 - Present). | | |

I am an adjunct faculty member of the Asian Institute of Management. I co-teach a marketing elective to graduate students and customize online marketing programs offered to corporations. I am a graduate of the University of Asia and the Pacic ( 2003 - MA in Development Education). A Bugged Life Statistics A Bugged Life is a personal blog about things I like. The demographic of readers consist of the following: (1) personal friends from the local tech community including user groups and readers of my columns in print for the past 10 years (2) friends from the diving community including underwater photographers and organizations that help promote coral triangle efforts and biodiversity (3) contest participants that have converted and subscribed to the site (4) friends, colleagues, and talents from the media (both print and online) (5) friends from the blogging community (6) a percentage of people who attend my speaking engagements
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Browser Demographics The browser of choice can determine how tech savvy the readership is. For my blog, the top browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox with the previous version of Internet Explorer following next. As this data was released a few days after Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 were launched, it is enlightening to see that my readers have updated browsers, most of whom are using Chrome and Firefox, considered to be "browsers of choice" for the technology literate community. Google Chrome 33% Firefox 3 29.41% Internet Explorer 8 13.29% Safari 5 5.82% Internet Explorer 7 4.37% Firefox 4 3.89% Safari Mobile (iPhone / iPad) 2.77% | | |

Date a girl who blogs was an article I wrote that went viral on the Internet, most especially on Tumblr with over 800 likes and 400 reblogs.

Platform Demographics Unsurprisingly, a huge number of readers are using Windows, but on extreme ends! A possible explanation could be that Windows XP is used from corporate-issued computers as most still run on Windows XP. On the other end of the spectrum, a good number have upgraded to the latest Windows 7 and I surmise these to be personal units. I have a decent number of readers running on Macs. There is also a small percentage of readers who browse my site from a mobile device with iPhone / iPad running iOS 4 as device of choice. Windows XP 39.54% Windows 7 29.67% Macintosh 12% iPad / iPhone 3.05% Android 2.2 0.22% Nokia Mobile 0.15% Screen Resolution Though it may not look obvious, screen resolution is an indication of what type of monitor a person is using to browse. It seems that most of my readers are browsing on a wide resolution (everything apart from 1024x768) and thus perhaps from a laptop or LCD monitor. Again, a small percent of readers browse from a mobile device with 320 x 480 as number one. 1280x800 20.67% 1024x768 17.62% 1366x768 13.95% 1440x900 8.74% 1280x1024 7.5% 320 x 480 1.82% | | |

I host tech show live via the Internet on the Flippish Live channel (every Wednesday from 2-4PM at

Countries and Location This is a breakdown of location demographics per country and per location in the Philippines. Top Countries Philippines 61.66% USA 12.13% Canada 2.11% UK 1.34% Australia 1.01% Singapore 0.99% Top Cities Quezon City 11.91% Manila 10.37% Makati 10.18% Cebu 3.76% Pasig 2.69% Paranaque 2.83% Ugong Norte 1.58% Cavite 1.39% Caloocan 1.41% Singapore 1.00% | | |

I was able to cover Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona this year together with Andi Manzano of Magic 89.9. MWC 11 is one of the biggest technology events in the world.

Internet Service Providers This is a general breakdown of ISP's used to browse my site. I am not including corporate ISP's (for privacy reasons) and those from other countries. I also am unable to determine if users were on a xed line, Wi-Fi or portable dongle. PLDT 20.69% Globe Telecoms 11.92% SMART Broadband 10.95% Digital Telecommunications Philippines 4.65% Bayan Telecommunications 2.83% Sky Broadband 1.86% Eastern Telecom 0.63% Liberty Telecommunications / Wi-Tribe 3.52% Browsing Time This is how long readers stay on my site. 50% stay for less than a minute. The other 50% stay above one minute depending on how long my posts are. 0-1 minute 50% 1-5 minutes 38.21% 5-10 minutes 9.53% 10 - 30 minutes 2.85% Trafc Sources Close to 50% of my trafc is optimized in search. These searches are usually about news, product reviews, and pricing of gadgets. About 30% of trafc come from the sites brand recall (direct visitors). 20% of my trafc comes from other blogs writing about my posts (referrals / back links). Its a healthy combination. Search Engine 41.65% Direct Trafc 29.77% Back Links 20.77% A number of posts are recommended from my Facebook and Twitter pages. Twitter recommends 22.22% to my posts and the rest is from various Facebook links. | | |

In 2010 I documented the Sardine Run phenomenon in Pescador Island, Moalboal. The video ( with free music track Walls by Kogo) reached the band based in Stockholm and they loved it! They gave me more songs to use in future videos.

Social Media Facebook 3,000++ friends Twitter 2,164++ followers YouTube Channel 536,000++ Total Channel Views with over 100 videos Blog Feed Subscribers 1,098

Site Trafc Average of 2,000 pageviews a day with over 60,000 pageviews a month as of February 2012. I notice that trafc on my site spikes whenever I do the following: (a) announce breaking tech news and give an honest opinion about what was launched (b) write a review / rst impressions of a highly coveted gadget (c) write something really cheesy (i.e. Date a girl who blogs) | | |

Accolades I have served as a Nokia Ambassador for their local Ovi Campaign (cinemas, TV, print) until September 2010.

A rare pygmy seahorse rests on a fan coral located in a dive site called Koala in Anilao, Batangas. Pygmy seahorses are extremely hard to nd, since they are the size of half a grain of rice. (Photo taken March 2011)

I am an ofcer of an underwater photography club called NUDI or the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers ( / I am a Coca-Cola Live Positively +) Ambassador I am an Ambassador for Jewelmer as I am involved in the promotion and enhancement of their coral triangle / CSR efforts I was a juror for the PRSP Anvil Awards (Electronic and Interactive Media) for two straight years (2008 and 2009). Beyond Blogs I am an underwater photographer. I have participated in gallery exhibits and have sold some of my photos to dive resorts. My underwater videos are donated to the WWF for use in their coral triangle projects. I am an active WWF volunteer. You can discover Manilas underwater photography group at and I am one of the ofcers. I would love to go diving with you someday! My personal advocacy involves helping in the coral triangle / marine biodiversity efforts in the Philippines. I have helped in giant clam seeding and crown of thorns extraction projects around the coral reefs. | | |

Case Study: Blog Anniversary Contest

In December 2010 I held a blog anniversary giveaway. This was to celebrate 5 years of owning the A Bugged Life domain. I sent an email to several local IT companies that I have worked with in the past and the list of sponsors grew to the point that I had to extend the promo till February of 2011.

Every week, a sponsor would "own" the blog which meant taking over certain portions of the layout with material they want to push. On my end, I asked for a rafe prize(s) to give away to readers. This was really a labor of love on my end as I did not charge for anything. It was a way of giving back to my readers and to my sponsors who have supported me for 5 years in blogging and 10 years today in the media. Results: 7 Contest Sponsors Intel Philippines SMART Communications ACER Philippines Samsung Philippines Nokia Philippines RIM / BlackBerry Philippines Globe Telecommunications (a) Contest series ran from November 2010 till February 2011 (b) Total Views: 41,473 of contest posts (c) Total Comments: 5,506 comments with an estimate of 75% being actual entries (d) Comment to Views Ratio : 0.13 or 87% Nature of entries: I wanted to make sure that the type of contests I held were not simple "like" campaigns on Facebook. Hence the contests I designed were very fun and engaging. Examples: | | |

(a) Rewrite a Justin Bieber Song. Some went the next level and made YouTube videos! (b) Write a haiku (c) Design a fun ad campaign for a tech product (d) Write a series of ash ction literature

Learnings: The more freedom you give a blogger to designing his contest, the better the results. Working together with the blogger to design the contest can prove to be more successful and rewarding. There is a lot of talent in the local Internet. We need to stop limiting contests to "like" campaigns on Facebook. Although these are easy to do, having contests that really utilize talent (designing, writing, acting, drawing, singing, etc) will prove to be more rewarding. The level of difculty of a contest should be directly proportional to the prize. In my giveaways, my sponsors were sending me mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to give away. The contests I had were not easy.
References: For sponsorships and ad spots, you can contact me directly. I have a disclosure policy with companies I have ties with. You can discover my current afliations in my blogs about page. | | |