本文主要涉及客户的预付款管理,内容主要涵盖以下几个方面:  会计准则对预付款管理要求  公司管理对预付款管理要求  Oracle 实现方式

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Prepayment Method • • • • • 3.later. All rights reserved. Automatic clearing house bank account transfer Cash Check(tendered to order taker) Credit card/purchase card Direct debit Prepayment Flow Seed system (cash) Prepayment Receipt API Application Without user intervention API Order INVOICE Marked as prepaid 4.doc Rev 1 . core tech: • • Receipt API Prepayment API Copyright © Oracle. PREPAYMENT(UG-define):a prepayment is payment in advance of the delivery of goods or invoices. Receivables creates prepayments as receipts before the related invoices are created. 2012. you feeder system initiated the creation of prepayments in receivables.R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Oracle Prepayment Summary 1. instead. and an autoinvoice postprocess matched the prepaid receipts to their related invoices.. 2. R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 2 of 7 83270200. The creation of prepayment receipts and the subsequent application to matching prepaid invoices is a process that occurs without user intervention Note: u cann’t manually create prepayments in receivables. a business event from your feeder system triggers the invoicing process in receivables.

Define receipt methods Set the sequential numbering profile option to always used or partially used.doc Rev 1 . Use the other receipt applications report to view the receipts that were applied to the prepayment application type Use the receipts summary window to view a history of your receipt applications Prepayment Account Setup steps 6. Managing your customer’s prepayments Prerequired: a strict accounting and audit trail for orders that you process Copyright © Oracle.• Autoinvoice API U can review your prepayment receipts history: • • 5. and assign it to the document category that receivables automatically created for the receipt methods you defined in the previous step. 2012. R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 3 of 7 83270200.. or use an existing sequence. Define a prepayment receivables activity 7. Next . All rights reserved. (optional) define a prepayment payment term Tip: optionally set the number of days to zero if you are define a prepayment payment term 9. 10. 8.define an sutomatic document sequence.

Note: use a receipt class with a remittance method of standard on the original credit card prepayments. When u later import the order into receivables using autoinvoice.. If the prepayment receipt has not been remitted. Refers to 11. receivables places the refund amount on account • Decrease the order amount For credit card prepayments where the prepayment receipt has already been remitted. if you are using oracle payments. then receivables does nothing • Cancel an order For credit card prepayments where the prepayment receipt has already been remitted.• Change an order without changing the order amount If an order change does not result in a price change. All rights reserved. you can refund the original credit card for a full or partial refund. or for prepayments made with other payment methods. • • Increase the order amount Reallocate prepaid funds towards an overdue invoice U can unapply a prepayment receipt and manually reapply the amount to another invoice.doc Rev 1 . credit card refunds—对于 prepayment 手工调整过程 Copyright © Oracle. receivables considers the prepaid invoice that was associated with the receipt to be unpaid and treats it as a typical overdue invoice. receivables refunds the original credit card using standard credit card refund functionally. R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 4 of 7 83270200. 2012.

doc Rev 1 . All rights reserved. R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 5 of 7 83270200.退款帐户如何设置? 对于已核销的进行调整: Step1:取消核销 • Unapply the amount of the refund from one or more application lines on the original credit card receipt or • Apply an on-account credit memo in the amount of the refund to the original credi card receipt Step2: refund 选择退款 Copyright © Oracle. 2012..

Step4: 运行“自动付款请求程序”对负数的杂项收款付款 Copyright © Oracle. 2012.doc Rev 1 . R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 6 of 7 83270200. All rights reserved.取消原发票对需要核销的计入 on-account,对于退款部分选择 refund Step3: 完成后系统自动创建一个负数的杂项收付项目 Apply the refund to the receipt using the credit card refund application type. Receivables automatically creates a negative miscellaneous receipt for the amount of the refund..

退款后无法完成,错误提示:未找到数据 3.. 同一发票被支付两次 2. 2012.the automatic remittances program uses payments to transafer funds back and forth between your customers’credit card issuer and your bank Problem:付款编号 10182-5 1. All rights reserved.doc Rev 1 . R12-PREPAYMENT(预付款管理) Effective mm/dd/yyyy Page 7 of 7 83270200. When you run the automatic remittances program . 退款操作该如何进行 Copyright © Oracle.receivables passes the negative miscellaneous receipt information to oracle payments.Run the automatic remittances program to remit the negative miscellaneous receipt and initiate the refund.

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