About Albert Einstein

Born 14 1879 March died 18 April 1955 at the age of 72. He created around 300 Science papers and around 150 non-scientific papers which equals about 450 papers altogether. Albert Einstein created E=mc2, he was named the father of science physics and was given a Nobel prize in Sweden in 1921.

Then they moved to Milan, Italy. By then he officially decided to give up My Opinion http:// My opinion of Albert Einstein is that he is img.tongiaovadan his German citizenship. Within a year, toc.com/2011/12/ really smart because he created E=mc2. 07/11/42/Albertwithout having Finishing secondary Einstein.jpg The Formula helps with the world with school, Einstein failed an important much needed energy, enough to fill a test that would of allowed him to folrocket which can fly to the moon. He gave low a course of study leading to a dithe formula to the U.S government and ploma as an electrical engineer at the helped create the worst weapon Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Albert Einstein Helped Create Enin mankind (The Atomic Bomb) and ergy He spent the next year in a place helped the allies defeat Japan. called Aarau where he met an excelE=mc2 lent teacher. Then in 1896, he went E = mc-squared is a formula made by the back to the Swiss Federal Institute of scientist Albert Einstein that relates mass Technology and gradu(amount of matter) and energy. In the forated mula, E stands for energy, m stands for as a secondary teacher in science and physics. mass, and c-squared is a constant factor

Where lived Albert Einstein lived in Ulm, Munich Milan, Early Years Bern, Prague, Zurich USA. He also lived He was born in Ulm, Germany. Albert in Sweden were he got his Nobel prize in Einstein’s family moved to Munich 1921. He died in Princeton, New Jersey when Albert Einstein was a little boy. 18 April 1955.

equal to the speed light squared.

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