Amelia Earhart

By: Andy R

Did you ever know about Amelia Earhart? Amelia Earhart is the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. That showed that woman could do the same thing as men. Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas and she was born in July 24, 1897. She is a change agent because she helped showed that women can do the same thing as men.
Amelia Earhart This Picture was taken at January 1, 1932

Flights Amelia Earhart crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Crossing the Pacific Ocean is flying from Hawaii to California. Amelia Earhart flew across the Pacific Ocean in 1935. Amelia Earhart crossed the Atlantic Ocean in Ma 20-21, 1932. Because of that she made a record because she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by herself .

Fact About Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart married a man named George Plamer Putnam. She married George Plamer in 1931 but Amelia Earhart still continued her career. Also Amelia Earhart trained to be a nurse in 1917 and she was in the military hospital. Also Amelia Earhart has a younger sister called Muriel. Amelia Earhart bought her own plane in 1922. The plane was called the Canary. In 1920 Amelia Earhart moved to California to live with her mom. George Plamer Putnam organized the flight for Amelia Earhart to cross the Atlantic ocean with a man controlling it.
In 1922 Amelia Earhart bought first plane and it was the Canary

Amelia Earhart Disappearing Amelia Earhart planned to fly around the world in March 17, 1937. She flew two third of her way and disappeared. Also the flight was going from east to west. Amelia Earhart flew from California. Amelia Earhart disappeared near Howland. Also nobody knows where Amelia Earhart disappeared.

Before Amelia Earhart woman could not fly in a plane and cross the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

Amelia crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean also she showed that woman can do the same things as men.

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