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Powerpoint Outline Staffing- What I’m looking for in my assistant coaches a. Energetic i. High paced practices ii. Long hours iii. Seven days a week in season iv. Year round duties b. Creative i. Ability to think outside the box ii. Looking for new ways to accomplish common goals iii. Creativity in drilling, don’t let drills become monotonous c. Open minded i. We will do things differently than other programs ii. Must be able to adapt previously learned concepts to new schemes iii. If you’re not sold on the concepts, you can’t sell them to the kids d. Committed i. Don’t want guys who are looking to just add extra income ii. No “hobby coaches” iii. Must want to learn and succeed and better yourself as a coach Staff Responsibilities- Delegate assignments a. Each coach will be given a specific position to coach on offense and defense b. Each coach will be in charge of coordinating one special team c. Each coach will be given scouting, game-planning, and gameday responsibility d. Coaches are responsible for their own position and group drills. Be creative, positive and have fun e. Each coach is an extension of the school, athletic department and community and must present himself in a professional manner at all times Calendar a. How things will operate year round In-Season Schedule a. Practice schedule b. Lifting program c. Film study Coaches Schedule (in season) a. Meetings b. Game plan c. Scouting d. Lifting Off-Season Workouts a. Testing b. Goals c. Motivation d. Schedule

7- Goals a. Short term b. Long term c. Individual 8- Discipline a. Team rules b. Team conduct c. Player ownership 9- X’s & O’s a. Offensive philosophy b. Defensive philosophy c. Special teams philosophy 10- Game Preparation a. Scouting reports b. Gameplans c. Tendency breakdowns d. Film study 11- Charity work a. Old age home b. Elementary schools c. Local hospital d. Special Olympics 12- Practice Planning a. Weekly breakdown b. Daily breakdown c. Individual attention d. Team drills 13- Recruiting a. Going over college plans with all seniors to be b. Making a list of schools potential college athletes are interested in c. Sending out monthly game and highlight tapes to potential suitors d. Setting up in school and college visits 14- Team Captains a. Responsibility b. Team oriented c. Hard working d. Leaders 15- Parents and community a. Parents meeting i. Making them understand their role ii. How important they are to the program b. community i. Give them a product to be proud of ii. Make them feel part of it iii. Advertising, flyers

16- Youth Football a. Clinics for coaches b. HS’ers volunteering c. Make the youth players ballboys, waterboys, etc 17- Mentoring a. Each upperclassman will be given a freshmen to mentor and show the ropes to b. This will lead to chemistry, teach responsibility, build freshmen confidence. 18- Leveling the playing field a. Make the kids take ownership of the program b. Try to outsmart, outwork and outprepare opponents c. Be competitive in everything we do d. Teach kids to win

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