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Dear The Track This letter sets out the agreement reached between us whereby you have provided us with your featured recording services in relation to the Track which will be released for the Artist / Producer [ ]' ("the Artist") on the terms and conditions set out below:1 You hereby provide us with consent to exploit the copyright (as defined by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 ("the Act")) and all other rights in the recording of your performances on the Track for the full life of copyright throughout the World in order to enable us to exploit the Track in all media and formats (whether present or future), You hereby grant to us all waivers and consents required by the Act in order to enable us to fully exploit your performances on the Track. You hereby agree to undertake such promotional work in connection with the Track (including press, radio and TV interviews, PAs. concerts, photography sessions etc) as reasonably requested by us on reasonable notice having due regard to your existing commitments. We hereby agree to meet your reasonable expenses incurred in relation to such promotion provided the same have been agreed by us. You agree to perform without charge in any videos filmed to promote the Track (Provided That you shall be entitled to receive MU fees normally payable in connection with the broadcast of such videos). (a) We shall have the full right to use your approved likeness, biography and name in connection with the sale and promotion of the Track. (b)We shall use our best endeavours to procure that you receive an appropriate credit for providing your services hereunder on the labels and sleeves of all records released by or through us in the form "Featuring Shola Phillips', and in all paid trade advertising of half a page or larger. 4* In consideration of you providing your services as set out above, we hereby agree to pay to you an advance of [ ] pounds ( ) payable on signature hereof (which shall be fully recoupable against the royalty payable hereunder) and a royalty of [ ] percent




( %) calculated on one hundred percent (100%) of the retail price of all records sold by us subject to the same reductions deductions dimunitions and mitigations as imposed on us by any third party (relevant excerpts are attached hereto), You shall be accounted to from record one but shall be paid when we are paid. We shall account to you within thirty (30) days of being accounted to by our licensees but no less than biannually. You shall.1 have the same rights in respect of accounting and audit as contained in our agreement with any third party, We shall keep up to date records and books of account and shall forward to you statements showing in proper accounting detail the calculation of those royalties due to you hereunder. You shall have the right to inspect our books on reasonable notice once a year during normal office hours. We shall use our reasonable commercial endeavours to ensure that all statements and payments will be made to you direct. Nothing herein shall be deemed to create a partnership or joint venture between us, This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and the English courts shall be the courts of competent jurisdiction. All sums payable are exclusive of VAT which will be paid in addition upon receipt of the appropriate VAT invoice.

6, 7* 8

If the above accurately reflects your understanding of the agreement reached between us, please sign where indicated below.

Yours sincerely

For and on behalf of Read and Agreed