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Chair: Nora Pulido, PhD in Linguistics, in progress

The English Department aims to develop in its students the ability to communicate the gospel effectively to their fellowmen through: 1. 2. 3. 4. Using the language correctly, clearly and effectively in speaking and writing; Understanding spoken and written English; Reading great literature with enjoyment and critical insight; and Enhancing communicative competence in addressing academic needs;

Course Offerings: BACHELOR OF ARTS, Major in English

FIRST YEAR First Semester ENGL FILI HIST MATH PSYC RELB PHED VOED 101 111 101 111 111 110 101 Communication Arts I Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino Philippine History College Algebra General Psychology Life and Teachings of Jesus Physical Education I Food Production NSTP I Total Second Semester Communication Arts II Introduction to Literature Biological Science Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik Introduction to Statistics Christian Beliefs Fine Arts (Elective) Vocational (Elective) Physical Education II NSTP II Total

178 units

3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1.5 23.5 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 (1.5) 25.5


102 101 100 122 112 113

*Qualifying Exam is required before the second year level. SECOND YEAR First Semester ENGL LITT PHYS EDUC SOSC RELB VOED PHED 201 201 311 101 102 123 105 Oral English & Diction Philippine Literature Earth Science Foundations of Education Politics & Governance w/ Philippine Constitution Denominational History Introduction to Computer Physical Education III Total 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 22

Second Semester ENGL ENGL LITT BIOL SOSC RELB VOED PHED 202 203 202 104 202 124 111 Reading and Speech History of the English Language Afro-Asian Literature Anatomy and Physiology Society and Culture w/ Family Planning Philosophy of Adventist Education Electronics Physical Education IV Total THIRD YEAR First Semester Advanced English Grammar Intro to Mass Communication & Campus Journalism Business Communication Developmental Reading Introduction to Humanities Daniel and Revelation Introduction to Librarianship Ministry of Music Total Second Semester English Literature Introduction to Biblical Literature and Literary Types Technical and Scientific Writing Introduction to Translation and Editing of Texts Fundamentals of Music General Philosophy Organization of Information Sources and Services I Foreign Language (Elective) Total FOURTH YEAR First Semester ENGL ENGL LITT LITT FILI SOSC 401 402 401 402 123 302 Creative Writing Literary Research Childrens Literature (Elective) Mythology & Folklore (Elective) Masining na Pagpapahayag Basic Economics w/ TAR Total Second Semester Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) American Literature (Elective) World Literature Literary Interpretation Computer (Elective) Life and Works of Rizal Personal Evangelism Total 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 20 177 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 21


301 302 303 304 220 220 201 106

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 23 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 24


301 302 305 306 101 101 203 301


403 403 404 405 201 216

Overall Total

A. General Education Requirements B. Internal Requirements C. Major Courses Oral English and Diction History of the English Language Advanced English Grammar Introduction to Mass Com and Campus Journalism Business Communication Developmental Reading Technical and Scientific Writing Introduction to Translation and Editing of Texts Creative Writing Literary Research Teaching English as a Second Language Introduction to Literature Afro-Asian Literature English Literature Introduction to Biblical Literature and Literary Types Literary Interpretation D. Cognates Introduction to Librarianship Organization of Information Sources and Services 1 Fundamentals of Music Foundation of Education E. Electives Fine Arts Electronics Vocational Elective Foreign Language American Literature Childrens Literature Mythology and Folklore Computer Elective Total 71 25 48 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 12 3 3 3 3 21 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 177

ENGL 101 COMMUNICATION ARTS I (3 units) This course is designed to reinforce the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills learned in the secondary level and to develop the basic communicative competence needed for the next phase of English studies. It includes communication process, structural words and sentence craft applicable to various communicative functions in language. It stresses paragraph writing. ENGL 102 COMMUNICATION ARTS II (3 units) This is a course dealing with the mechanics and principles of term paper and report writing. Students are required to apply principles through a term paper. Requisite: Communication Arts I ENGL 201 ORAL ENGLISH AND DICTION (3 units) This course provides adequate oral drill on the various English phonemes in discourse context. It is likewise designed to enrich the students communicative vocabulary through the study of prefixes, suffixes, roots, word formations, word coinage and transplant and the various levels of word usage.

ENGL 202 READING AND SPEECH (3 units) This is a course designed to provide guided and optimum practice on fluent and effective reading and delivery of oral messages, speeches, sermons, readings, poetry, and short stories. ENGL 203 HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (3 units) This is a study of the major linguistic and cultural developments in the English language from old English to modern English with special concentration on the phonologic and syntactic structures of modern English. ENGL 301 ADVANCED ENGLISH GRAMMAR (3 units ) This course provides instruction and practice leading to better writing skills. The coverage includes the basic sentence patterns and ways of transforming and diagramming them; verb usage and system for expanding the verbs; addition of modifiers (phrases and clauses) to sentences; coordination and subordination of ideas, some common questions about usage and conventions of capitalization and punctuation. ENGL 302 INTRODUCTION TO MASS COMMUNICATION AND CAMPUS JOURNALISM (3 units) This is an introductory course to various forms of mass media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, public relations and cinema. It provides the students practice in writing campus news, as they contribute to the school paper. ENGL 303 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION (3 units) A study of the principles of effective business letter writing. ENGL 304 DEVELOPMENTAL READING (3 units) This subject presents the various difficulties in the different aspects and levels of reading and focuses on their possible solutions. ENGL 305 TECHNICAL AND SCIENTIFIC WRITING (3 units) This is a course which deals with the study of the latest trends in technology and new discoveries in science to help the student toward a disciplined flow of thought in the writing of technical and scientific reports and essays. ENGL 306 INTRODUCTION TO TRANSLATION AND EDITING OF TEXTS (3 units) A course which deals with the study of the basics of editing literary works and translating various texts. ENGL 401 CREATIVE WRITING (3 units) This is a course that provides experience in writing original prose and poetry through discussions and workshop. It focuses on the effective use of language to express facts and feelings. ENGL 402 LITERARY RESEARCH (3 units) This course is designed to familiarize the students with the techniques and various aids in searching literary data. ENGL 403 TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (3 units) This course, taught via teacher and student teaching demonstrations and observations, familiarizes the future English teacher with contemporary principles and strategies which facilitate and maximize language acquisition and use. LITT 101 INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE (3 units) A course in prose and poetry emphasizing the basic principles, technical terminology, philosophy and nature of literary art, and analysis of various literary types. LITT 201 PHILIPPINE LITERATURE (3 units) This course deals with the study of Philippine literature from ancient times to the present. LITT 202 AFRO-ASIAN LITERATURE (3 units) A survey of the literature of India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Africa with emphasis on the contemporary types. LITT 301 ENGLISH LITERATURE (3 units) A course intended to give students an overview of English literature from the colonial times to the modern period. Special attention is given to the analysis of selected works of important English writers.

LITT 302 INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL LITERATURE AND LITERARY TYPES (3 units) This is a course dealing with the excellence of the Bible and its varied literary types as compared with other representatives of the various genres. LITT 401 CHILDRENS LITERATURE (3 units) This course focuses on the teaching of literature which is interesting, relevant, and meaningful to children in the elementary level. LITT 402 MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE (3 units) A study of Greek, Roman, and Filipino mythology and folklore. The course aims to provide students with the necessary background information and help them appreciate and understand mythology and folklore as literary types. LITT 403 AMERICAN LITERATURE (3 units) A course intended to give students an overview of American literature from its early beginnings to the modern period. Special attention is given to the study of selected works from important American authors. LITT 404 WORLD LITERATURE (3 units) This is a general survey of the enduring literary masterpieces of all times. The survey covers the literature of the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Russians, English, Americans, Hindus, and Filipinos. Emphasis lies on the literary impact of the worlds great literature on writers, readers and on civilization at large. LITT 405 LITERARY INTERPRETATION (3 units) This is a course on major literary critical approaches to interpret literature with emphasis on practical criticism of poetry and fiction.