Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

• • Diet Stress

• • Hereditary Age

Poor production of Beta cells

Insulin Deficiency
Intracellular: failure of glucose to enter in ICS Intravascular: increase glucose in blood

Hypergylcemia ECF/ICF dehydration Polydipsi a

Systemic blood Viscosity

Cell Starvation Sluggish circulation Polyphagia

Poor oxygen delivery to peripheral area

Increase Osmotic pressure in renal tubules

Proliferation of microorganism


Poor wound healing

Predisposing Factors: environment. It is a crucial step in distinguishing between hypertensive emergency and urgency for an appropriate management.Pathophysiology of Diabetes Hypertensive Urgency Hypertensive Urgency is a severe elevation in blood pressure without progressive target organ dysfunction. male and female . hygiene and stress Precipitation Factors: all ages.

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