Jolly Jingles

Arlene Grierson
Illustrated by Lib Stephen
The Jolly Jingles have been developed to provide a connected reading experience to reinforce the 42- letter sounds introduced in Jolly Phonics. Exposing beginning readers to each of the letter-sound relationships in written examples enables teachers to create a mlJlti-level learning experience. While some children are focusing on the sounds, others are able to work on reading the words of the Jingles. The Jingles combine music with the multisensory approach used in The Phonics Handbook. They can be sung with the CD or read to the class. The tune for each Jingle is given at the bottom of the page. Some suggestions for using the Jolly Jingles:

Soundls Each Jingle focuses on a specific letter sound. Once the class has read through a Jingle, hunt for, the, targeted sound together. The children can do the action for the sound each time it is heard ~nd note its position in each word. Once all of the letter sounds have been introduced alternative spellings of the vowel sounds can be reviewed with the Jingles. The alternative spellings of the lail vowel sound, for example, are "ay" and "a-e". Actions The action for each sound is given on the appropriate paqe. As well as using this action each time they say the sound in a Jingle, the children can act out the words they are singing. For example, when singing the fief Jingle, The Captain, the children can begin by mimicking the captain's walk, moving their arms at their sides as if they are marching. During the second line the children wave to each other, then they stand to attention and salute during the last lines of the Jin1gle. Print Concepts Repeated reading of the Jolly Jingles provides children with opportunities to observe key features of print. Help them to develop an understanding of tracking print (left to right and top to bottom), and one-to-one word correspondence, by pointing to the words of the Jingles as they are read and sung. Once the children know a Jingle, have them match paper strips containing words, phrases andfor sentences from a Jingle to this book. Looking at the text with the children also al1lowsthe teacher to point out examples of tricky words or spelling patterns covered recently. Phonemic Awareness The use of rhyme and alliteration, in the Jolly Jingles, provides opportunities to play with sounds and develop phonemic awareness. Emphasise and exaggerate the rhymes and alliteration as you read and sing the Jingles. Once the children have learned the words to a rhyming Jingle, play games such as thinking of rhyming words which could be substituted for those in the Jingle. Magic Letters I Vowels are the most difficult sounds for children to learn. The Magic Letters Jingle uses the letter narnes rather than the sounds to help children learn to identify the vowels and learn that there must be a vowel sound in each word. Introduce the Magic Letters Jingle early in the year and sing it regularly.

Snake Snoke is slowly slithering Over the soft, soft ground. ((ssss" Is hls soft little hissing sound.




Weave like a snake, making s shapes, saying ssssss . .....________.
• I

Tune: Nobody Likes Me (Track 1)




When aU of the ants Are on the ground I do not mnke a singLe sound But when the ants crawL on my arn I sal "n, ai, a" (til they aU crawL away.

Wiggle fingers above elbows as if ants: crawlinq on YOU, land

TheT ennis Ball
t, t, 't, t


Is the sound of the tennis ball t, t, t, t Over the net so tall.

N. I' Children imitate watching tennis, turning head from side to side and t, 1.'


Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Track 3)


i .f I.• Inky Mouse As a little white mouse I Crept into her house Her tail tipped over the ink. "I. I" she squeaked As the wet ink leaked And she scurried off in a wink .

and .y as she might to Blow the candles out rep. p. p" was all she could I r0 say I Hold up index finger.~appy Birthday Pig happy birthday 3eca~e she was big 5ally helped make a coke in Ihe shape of a pig. p. as if it is a lit candle. But tr.p. p.

I ! Tune: This Old Man (Track 6) ! I\ i \\ ~\ ~\.11 I n. . . v\.. ~ nn 1""'\ \fL '" . and say nnnnn. i' ACTION Hold out arms as if an aeroplane nose giving. n The Noisy Plane \ n n As the noisy plane Soars in the sky nnn is the sound way up high nnn will be its noisy sound Unti~ is back on the ground it II r• I.

c. c It. c It. It. . and say k. c. c. It. It I I Can IYOU cllck them faster yet? ACTION' I Tune: La Cucaracha (Track 7) Raise hands and ~nap fingers together as if playing castanets. k. It. c. k. c. It. It. It I c. It. c. C.. I Is the sound of the castanets.

• '/ 1 '''-. e. a bell And 'crack the shell open so well . eh.Crack The Egg As eyeryone we know can tell We can't eat an egg in the shell We ~ay "e. as if cr*king it against the side of a bowl or pan.. saying eh. eh. Use both hands to open the shell. 'I ACTION Pretend to hold egg with one hand._j. e" as clear as.. Tune: If You're Happy And You Know It (Track 8) .

holding hand up to mouth. h. h.Ra~e i "h. h" .Th~. h. Act as if panting after a race. ACTION I Tune: Row. h" is All Ithat I can say. <"hIh. Row Your Boat (Track 9) . and saying h. h. h. Hopping all the way. Row.

Raqs f Whe'n Rags the dog Wa~ts me to go away "rrrrr" . Is all that he needs to say "rrrrr. I 1 i .I I ." .

seeing tasty food.Marvellous Meals mmmm I mmmm Marvellous meals Marvellous meals Mncnronl.-. __ '--- .I .. muffins MilRst\aReS and more mmm I ~ rnmm. and say mmmmmm. ACTION Rub tummy.! Tune: Frere Jacques (Track 11 .

d ACTION Pretend to hold drum sticks and beat up and down on a drum and say d. d. I like. d. I d. I play it with ! I \ \ d my drum d.· d.' d. d. I . d. d. d. d. d. to play I d. d my thumb.

g.the water came gushing s g. . gurgle As .Gurgle Gurgle. gone. .l g. gurgle. OU1 ACTION I. gurgle Went the water spout. Row. Row Your Boat (Track 13) Children pretend their hand is the water Igoing round and round down the drain saying'g. Gurgle. gurgle. . Tune: Row. g. gurgle.

__ 0. on. on. off. ---' Tune: Frere J aeques (Traek 14) . ACTION Imagine turning switch on and off. IDn off. on. 0. 0. switch Its time to switch Off. the light the light. off. off.Off. and say 0. to night to night. on It turns from day It turns from day . on Its time to.

. up goes my umbrella when the rain . up goes my umbrella when the rain comes down Up. as if .j. up goes my umbrella when the rain comes down. ~~· rf J Up. t f comes down Under 'it I stay dry as I waLk'round towr Up. t ACTION Keep one hand steady and raise the other.. :d.:J tJ Up. Up I ..". ·::l-.

Tune: The Farmer's In The Dell (Track 16) . Lick n lollipop But ·do not let it drop Cherry. lemon. saying I. orange.Lollipop J~ . lime Whic:h will you choose next time? ~_-----I ACTION ' Pretend to lick a lollipop. l. I.

MYI Fish 1. 4. lower the top hand as if inflatable fish is deflating. 7. 3. 5 My inflatable fish looks alive I b. 8. 10 1111f1 ACTION His air is coming out again. q. I ~ i?~r:~ I Tune: 6 Little Ducks (Track 17) Place one hand above the other. and say ffffff. 2. .

but.~~: Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn (Track 18) . b. ' . bat the ball Is what we hear our teacher call iI Place hands togeth.. bat. bat. as if holding a bat and hitting a baseball'jl saying b. b. bat. bat. bat. bat the ball Bat. bat the ball Bat...Bat "-he Ball Bat. hat. bat.

as if hard of her' is what I say. (iLi. ai you're too jar away Corne a little closer so I'll hear wha I. ai you're too jar away Corne a little closer so I'll hear wha I you SQ~ ACTION cup hand over ear. ! i I You're Too Far Away ai. and say ay? Tune: Twinkle Twinkle (Track 19) . ut. you sa~ . ui.• . (Li.Whenever you're too jar away ul.

joggle See it jiggle and roll. _jelly. and wobble. I . j. j.• Jelly JeLLyin the bowl Jelly in the bowl Jiggle.N Pretend to be a jelly. I.___j. joggle Jig~3le. I )/ ACTlo. _----I Tune: The Farmer's In The Dell (Track 20) . raYing .

I.\CTION I --I 3ring hand up to mouth 3. oo. tree. and say oh! ___ Tune: Twinkle Twinkle (Track 21) . goat stuck under an oLd oak tree! oa. o a" oa what a strange sight to see There's a goat stuck under an oLdoak tree. . oc. What ICl strange sight to see A.S if seeing sornethlnq ~o wrong.• What A Strange Sight To See I I '. oa what a strange sight to see There's a goat stuck under an oLd oak .

~ r _~~~~t~~~_ and .T~\e Captain ii ! ' When the captain walks across : the deck Instead of saying "hi" The sailors aU stand up taU The sailors aU stand up taU THe sailors aU stand up taU Salute and say "te. ie!" ACTION ~~~n.

Row. eeyore. ee or" Is what the donkeys say .I I \ ACTION '-- t Pretend to be a I donkey braying. .. Row Your Boat (Track 23) . and saying eeyore. ee or" .I Donkeqs "ee or. __ --I Tune: Row.. "ee :or. Is the sound they make as they bray.

Buzzlnq Bee z. z. Z Z.' Z. ! I Z. Z. z Z. Z. Pretend to be a bee. with elbows in and . Z. Z. . z. z Is the sound of the buzzing bee Z. z. z I hope he doesn't sting me. z. z. ~~z z. "t--. I z.

w:. repeating . w. w They quickly jnll to the ground I w. w. w. w.\ .~\ ACTION I Blow onto open hand like the wind. The Wind When.~. t . the cold wind blows the leaves around w. w. w'.

.. ng is the sound we hear.~i The' WeightLifter As the weightLifter holds a heavy Lo Heavy Load HeQvy Load As the weightLifter holds a heavy Lo . TIInA· M~n' H~rl A I ittlA I ~mh {Tr~~k ?fn . He looks as though he might expLod Might expLode Might expLode He looks as though he might expLod Be corejul not to stand nenrl I ) t Pretend to be a weightlifter. bringing arms above head.. and say nq.

ACTION Pretend to be driving along in a van.wvroom. wwvroom As carefully as he can As ciarefully as he can.. saying vvvvw. '----_. wvroom Vic ~r:tlways drives his van Vic always drives his van wwvroom. Tune: Frere Jacaues (Track 27\ .

oo~oo I Imagine being the cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. I t 00 00 Is the sound of the cuckoo clock. 00. Tune: Row. ". 00. oo. Ii 00 00 00 It chimes and says tick tock. jutting head forward and back. u. Row. . Row Your Boat (Track 28) ..' ._ Cuckoo 00 I: oo.._ ".. saying the call of the cuckoo: u.. " " -.

yum. yum. yum. yumm! Testes so deLicious As it cgoes down in my tumrru 1 I .Yummy Yogurt Yummg yellow yogurt Yurn.

ks. saying ks.. seen I • t' I • ACTION I Tune: Jingle Bells (Track 30) i Pretend to take an x-ray with an x-ray camera. ks. Its Its Its Is the sound of the x-ray machine.. 1-..-.--_-----1 . Its Its Its Its On the x-ray my bones can b.Its Its Its.. Its Its Its.

chug. choo.. Pretend to be a steam train. moving arms like piston rods. . t \ choo. chool . r---------. chug. Chug.. chug.. choo! chug.> en "'. chug. A) . chug. cho/?. . chug.. choo. choo. and saying ch . . ' Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn (Track 31) . chool I'd like to be a choo choo train Chuq. r~ ~ 2. ch .. choo. ~ Choo Choo! I r ~' V ~ .

.Hush. Sih . sh S h .-- __ -------' Tune: Frere Jacques (Track 32) . hush Hush. hush His mother said His mother said Your baby brother's sLeeping In his bed sh. Hush Hush. S hi • I L.-. sh.

The Rude Sound My tongue sticks out a little bi For this and that and these I stick it out a little more For thumb and thick and thieves. . I . I Child pretends to be a little rude by sticking out rongue a little and saying Ihli(as in them). and very rude bv .

quack. quack! I i ACTION i Tune: Six Little Ducks (Track 34) Make a duck's beak with hinged hands. quack All her ducklings come swimming back. quack. . qu. quack. qu. Ouock.Quack Quack! The little ducklings want to play They all qUickly swim away Wh~n mother duck says quack. and say qu.

and prick your thumb.Ouch Ouch! I tried to thread the needle Pricl~ed my thumb and shouted i· out Ouch. ou. ou. au. ou. ou. ou This is not what sewing's about ACTION Pretend your finger is a needle. saying ow! Tune: Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone (Track 35) I . ouch ou.

•• Ship Ahoy! ..~.'. ot ship ahoy!" They.. r . . saying oil ship ahoy! .. I ACTION cup hands around mouth as if hailing a passing boat. '. ol ship ahoy!" "ol. . ot ship ahoy!" "ol.~ .shouted out with joy.' When a rescue ship came sailing b To save a girl and boy "ol. :.

ACTION i Point to differentpeople around you.. "Please give us another clue Is it i you. you.Who Has The Magic Ring? "Who has 'got the magic ring?' The Ichildren at the party sing. and say you . yow . you or you?" I ... you ..

er (as in the 01' her). and say er.Gingerbread Dough The gingerbread dough Through the mixer went erererrrr The smell and sound made m~ .i feel conten1 ererererer. ACTION Roll hands over and over each other. L--_--' Tune: Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinah (Track 38) .

The Happy Seals Whe1n the happy seals are not too far away "ur. . or" we hear them bark as they play But las they swim away We'~l no longer hear them say "or. er. ACTION Flap hands as if a seal. . and sayar. ar. ar" they'll be too far away.

U u and sometimes Y ~ Are magic letters.''''. now we all know why! 'e 'une: The Alphabet Song Track 40) . 0' 0. let me tell you why. :" 'I ~: A a. Every )Nord whether big or small Needs la magic vowel to be a word at all.::! '. U u and sometimes Y ~ Are mcqic letters.'~..: . . A a...etters • L :. E e. .':J_. I i. 0 0. I I. E e.

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