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Green.5 lbs (2.5 inches (88 mm) 2. Operating Adjustments 9 10 10 10 11 12 9 The Control Panel DMX Mode Sound Active/Auto Mode Master/Slave Mode DMX Channel Values In-Depth Troubleshooting 5. .3 inches (1070 mm) 1. Operating Temp.5 inches (65 mm) 3 3 3 3 4 COLORStorm™ 252 Weight & Dimensions 42.TABLE OF CONTENTS Tech Specs! 1 3 Length Width Height Weight Power Operating Voltage Fuse Power Consumption Light Source LED Optical Beam Angle Luminous Intensity Thermal Max. LLC . Setup 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 6 Fuse Replacement Connecting A Bunch Of COLORStorm™ 252’s Data/DMX Cables Cable Connectors 3-Pin??? 5-Pin??? Huh? Take It To The Next Level: Setting up DMX Control Fixture Linking (Master/Slave Mode) Mounting/Rigging 4.000 hours. does not cover malfunction caused by damage to LED’s. 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) ambient 30 degrees 2. Meet The COLORStorm™ 252 5 5 5 Features DMX Quick Reference 3. Master/Slave.5 kg) 3. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev.970 Lux @ 1m 252x10mm. Sound Active Coolness Factor Leventy Billion Percent Warranty 2-year limited warranty. Appendix 13 14 14 14 15 13 A Quick DMX Lesson Keeping Your COLORStorm™ As Good As New Returns (Gasp!) Shipping Issues Tech Specs COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. Getting Started What’s In The Box? Getting It Out Of The Box Powering Up! Getting A Hold Of Us Safety Instructions (Don’t Stick Your Hand In The Toaster!) 2. 20W 2A 250V 90-130VAC. Control Protocol DMX Channels Input Output USITT DMX-512 13 3-pin XLR Male 3-pin XLR Female Other Operating Modes Standalone. B Page 2 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. Blue).5W (84x Each Red. 100. 50-60 Hertz 5. B Page 15 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting.

so please verify that the fixture you receive is suitable for your local power supply. you shouldn’t even think about doing it with your shiny new light fixtures. repair or replace the fixture. We suggest using USPS Priority or UPS. or maximizing your client’s satistfaction and “wow factor. If you find yourself with a fixture that isn’t behaving like a good little fixture should. B Page 14 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. haze. wild teenagers or spilled drinks. so pack it well! Shipping Issues Getting A Hold Of Us Damage incurred in shipping is the responsibility of the shipper. Make sure you carefully pack the fixture for transit. at our discretion. even if the rheostat or dimmer channel is used solely for a 0% to 100% switch. Email address). pre-paid freight method. Address. Blizzard Lighting W220 N1531 Jericho Ct. 2. like any complex piece of equipment designed and built by humans. you’ll need to send the unit to us using a trackable. Cleaning the optics routinely with a suitable glass cleaner will greatly improve the quality of light www. If anything looks as if it has been damaged in transit. That said. Please remember that any shipping damage which occurs in transit to us is the customer’s responsibility. and we’ll issue you an RA.Not all fixtures have a voltage select switch. AC Voltage Switch . 866-493-6025 COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev.blizzardlighting. All fixtures must be connected to circuits with a suitable Ground (Earthing). Suite E. once in a while. you’ll need to take care of it if you want it to operate as designed. Damage to your fixture may result if the line voltage applied does not match the voltage indicated on the voltage selector switch.” That’s what it’s all about. notify the shipper immediately and keep the packing material for inspection. You wouldn’t throw a prized guitar. and whenever possible.) Your contact information (Name. When returning your fixture for service. you’ll need to obtain a Return Authorization (RA). LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev.Keeping Your COLORStorm™ As Good As New 1. You should absolutely keep the fixture clean. A fixture’s listed current rating is its average current draw under normal conditions. Check the fixture or device carefully to make sure that if a voltage selection switch exists that it is set to the correct line voltage you will use. it is important that the fixture be returned in the original factory box and packing. Claims must be made within seven (7) days of receipt. please save the carton and all packing materials. keep the fixtures in cases. B Page 3 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. GETTING STARTED What’s In The Box? • 1 x COLORStorm™ 252 • 2 x Mounting brackets w/bolts & washers • This Lovely User Manual The fixture you’ve received is a rugged. We’ll be happy to help. COLORStorms!). use the original box & packing for shipping. be sure to include the following: 1. If a fixture must be returned to the factory. it will take care of you. honest. WI 53186 USA support@blizzardlighting. We’ve taken a lot of precautions to make sure you never even have to worry about sending a defective unit back. Keeping the fans free of dust and debris will keep the fixture running cool and prevent damage from overheating. wild animals. you should carefully unpack the box and check the contents to ensure that all parts are present and in good condition. If something is wrong. drumset. Warning! Verify that the voltage select switch on your unit matches the line voltage applied. But. LLC . Don’t worry. fog. Phone Number. Returns (Gasp!) Powering Up! All fixtures must be powered directly off a switched circuit and cannot be run off a rheostat (variable resistor) or dimmer circuit. and must be reported to the carrier immediately upon receipt of the items. this is easy. Common sense and taking care of your fixtures will be the single biggest thing you can do to keep them running at peak performance and let you worry about designing a great light show. Getting It Out Of The Box In transit. Waukesha. like anything. especially if you are using it in an environment with a lot of dust. or sending a unit in for service. and similarly. Just send an email to support@blizzardlighting. something doesn’t go as planned.) A brief description of the problem/symptoms. after all! Congratulations on purchasing one of the brightest. and as long as you take care of or other piece of expensive gear into a gear trailer without a case. best-built wash lights anywhere! Now that you’ve got your COLORStorm™ (or hopefully. just give us a call or send an email. putting on a great concert. See the label on the fixture or refer to the fixture’s specifications chart for more information. We will.) The RA# issued to you 3. tough piece of pro lighting equipment. Then.

5. • ALWAYS make sure that you are connecting to the proper voltage. if two 6-channel fixtures are used. As with microphone cables. • Make sure there are no flammable materials close to the unit while operating. Data packets are transmitted continuously. • DO NOT operate at ambient temperatures higher than 104°F (40°C). at least 20in (50cm) from adjacent surfaces. robust. the “Secondary” channel is not used so data flows only from sources to receivers. and so on. • NEVER connect the device to a dimmer pack. If you sell the unit to someone else. In the unlikely event your unit may require service. It is the most common communications standard used by lighting and related stage equipment. It is flexible. The value 0 corresponds to the light bulb being completely off while 255 corresponds to the light bulb being fully on. Please contact the nearest authorized technical assistance center. • ALWAYS secure fixture using a safety chain. and up to 512 bytes of data. Each of these channels was originally intended to control lamp dimmer levels. DMX provides up to 512 control “channels” per data link. and that the line voltage you are connecting to is not higher than that stated on the decal or rear panel of the fixture. no lamp levels change) the same data will be sent out over and over again. B Page 13 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. stop using the unit immediately. Be sure that no ventilation slots are blocked. • To prevent risk of fire or shock. LLC . and scalable. APPENDIX • Please keep this User Guide for future use. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. it will be re-sent shortly.if for some reason the data is not interpreted the first time around. NEVER try to repair the unit by yourself. Not all 512 channels need to be output per packet.SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS A Quick Lesson On DMX DMX (aka DMX-512) was created in 1986 by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) as a standardized method for connecting lighting consoles to lighting dimmer modules. DMX data is transmitted at 250. the refresh rate is around 44 times per second. If all 512 channels are being transmitted. and the next fixture would be set to start at channel 7 so it would respond to channels 7 through 12. Caution! There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit. The standard allows for up to 32 devices on a single DMX link. Do not open the housing or attempt any repairs yourself. Always use the same type spare parts. • The unit must be installed in a location with adequate ventilation. do not expose fixture to rain or moisture. and its ability to control everything from dimmer packs to moving lights to foggers to lasers makes it an indispensible tool for any lighting designer or lighting performer.000 bits per second using the RS-485 transmission standard over two wires. DMX covers (and is an abbreviation for) Digital MultipleXed signals. The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) has since assumed control over the DMX512 standard. DMX is connected using a daisy-chain configuration where the source connects to the input of the first device.e. Repairs carried out by unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunction. • ALWAYS disconnect from the power source before servicing or replacing fuse and be sure to replace with same fuse size and type. a start code. Generally. the output of the first device connects to the input of the next device. Each slider’s position is sent over the data link as an 8-bit number having a value between 0 and 255. The greatest strength of the DMX communications protocol is that it is very simple and robust. two wires for “Primary” communication which goes from a DMX source to a DMX receiver. most of us are most familiar with DMX-512 as being employer over typical 3-pin “mic • Never disconnect the power cord by pulling or tugging on the cord. It involves transmitting a reset condition (indicating the start of a new “packet”).” although this does not conform to the defined standard. Each receiving device typically has a means for setting the “starting channel number” that it will respond to. the first fixture might be set to start at channel 1 so it would respond to DMX channels 1 through 6. The fewer channels are used. the higher the “refresh” rate. It is possible to get DMX refreshes at around 1000 times per second if only 24 channels are being transmitted. You can think of it as 512 faders on a lighting console. • This product is intended for indoor use only. In summary. As soon as one packet is finished. please contact Blizzard Lighting at support@blizzardlighting. • Make sure the power cord is never crimped or damaged. it is very uncommon to find all 512 used. Use its carrying handles. and two wires for a “Secondary” communication which goes from a DMX receiver back to a DMX source. B Page 4 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. since its design and evolution in the 1980’s DMX has become the standard for lighting control. If nothing is changing (i. For example. This is a great feature of DMX -. There are five pins on a DMX connector: a wire for ground (cable shield). Hence. a grounded cable shield is used to prevent interference with other signals. It was revised in 1990 and again in 2000 to allow more flexibility. It has also been approved and recognized for ANSI standard classification. connected to 512 light bulbs. be sure that they also receive this User Guide. • In the event of a serious operating problem. NEVER carry the fixture by its cord. and in fact. another can begin with no delay if desired (usually another follows within 1 ms). COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. • Avoid direct eye exposure to the light source while it is on.

Contact service for more information. Also ensure that the 220V/110V switch is in the correct position. IE sound active/auto/DMX/Etc. Also check that speed channels are set appropriately. 99 each Green/Blue DMX Quick Reference (3 Channel Mode 1) Channel 1 2 3 What It Does Red (All Segments) Green (All Segments) Blue (All Segments) No Power Check fuse. B Page 12 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. AC cord and circuit for malfunction. Relamp. Blown Fuse Check AC cord and circuit for damage. If Applicable. Intermittant Lamp Check lamp for properly installation.) Fixture Moving On Its Own Verify proper mode of operation.. B Page 5 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. • • • • • • ADDITIONAL FEATURES RGB color mixing via 252 high power 10mm Red/Green/Blue LEDs Variable electronic strobe 3 DMX modes for ultimate control flexibility Each fixture can display 1. Chase Speed Too Fast/Slow Check to ensure proper setup of speed adjustment. if applicable. please contact support: support@blizzardlighting. No Response to Audio Verify that the fixture is in “Sound Active” mode. If it is stopped or moving slower than normal. if applicable. Use Only DMX Cables. Is the fixture in “Auto” mode? If your problem isn’t listed. DMX Quick Reference (3 Channel Mode 2) Channel 1 2 3 What It Does Chase/Sound/Color Macro Mode Color Macro/Speed/Sound Sensitiviy Strobe DMX Quick Reference (9 Channel Mode) Channel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 What It Does Red (Segment #1) Green (Segment #1) Blue (Segment #1) Red (Segment #2) Green (Segment #2) Blue (Segment #2) Red (Segment #3) Green (Segment #3) Blue (Segment #3) Fixture Not Responding / Responding Erraticly Make sure all connectors are seated properly and securely. or return the unit for service. lamp may have reached end of life. This is to protect the fixture from overheating. or if problems persist. if or 3 different colors simultaneously Built-in color & chase macros via DMX Built-in auto & sound activated programs via master/slave & DMX No Light Output Check to ensure fixture is operating under correct mode. COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. Install a Terminator. MEET THE COLORStorm™ 252 Symptom Solution Fixture AutoShut Off Check the fan in the fixture.Troubleshooting CONTROL FEATURES 2.5 watt LEDs. Check all cables for defects. Verify remote is correct type (CA-9 or other as applicable. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. LLC .970 @ 1m • Light source: 252x 10mm . Reset fixture(s). • Compact and lightweight (it kept its new year’s resolution!) • Lux: 2. 2. Beam is Dim Check optical system and clean excess dust/grime. Clear the fan of obstructions. Adjust Audio Sensitivity. the unit may have shut itself off due to high heat. verify that moving parts are not restricted and that unit’s ventilation is not obstructed Slow Movement Verify that 220V/110V switch is in the correct position. 54 Red. Remote Doesn’t Work Verify remote control cable is installed properly and securely.

Red (Segment #1) Green (Segment #1) Blue (Segment #1) Red (Segment #2) Green (Segment #2) Blue (Segment #2) Red (Segment #3) Green (Segment #3) Blue (Segment #3) Fixtures on a serial data link must be daisy chained in one single line. B Page 11 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. Maximum capacitance between conductor & shield – 55 pF/ft. SETUP DMX Channel Values (3 Channel Mode 1) Channel 1 2 3 000 <-> 255 Blue (All Segments) 000 <-> 255 Green (All Segments) 000 <-> 017 Red (All Segments) Channel Value Does.. the cable should have the following characteristics: 2-conductor twisted pair plus a shield Maximum capacitance between conductors – 30 pF/ft. Remove the damaged fuse from its holder and replace with exact same type fuse. Also.. 3 000 <-> 010 011 <-> 255 Strobe No Function Strobe (Slow <-> Fast) DMX Channel Values (9 Channel Mode) Channel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Channel Value 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 000 <-> 255 Does. connecting more than 32 fixtures on one serial data link without the use of a DMX optically-isolated splitter may result in deterioration of the digital DMX signal. You should use datagrade cables that can carry a high quality signal and are less prone to electromagnetic interference. Maximum resistance of 20 ohms / 1000 ft.. B Page 6 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. The maximum recommended number of fixtures on a serial data link is 32 fixtures. 1 Connecting A Bunch of COLORStorm™ 252 Fixtures 2 000 <-> 255 000 018 036 054 072 090 108 126 144 162 180 198 216 234 <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> <-> 017 035 053 071 089 107 125 143 161 179 197 215 233 255 Mode/Chase Select Color Macro Mode Chase #1 Chase #2 Chase #3 Chase #4 Chase #5 Chase #6 Chase #7 Chase #8 Chase #9 Chase #10 Chase #11 Chase #12 Sound Active Mode Color Macro Select/Chase Speed/Sound Sensitivity Color Macro Select (Channel 1 = 000 <-> 017) Chase Speed (Slow <-> Fast) (Channel 1 = 018 <-> 233) Sound Sensitivity (Least <-> Most) (Channel 1 = 234 <-> 255) You will need a serial data link to run light shows using a DMX-512 controller or to run shows on two or more fixtures set to sync in master/slave operating mode. but note that they cannot transmit DMX data as reliably over long distances. The maximum recommended cable-run distance is 500 meters (1640 ft). DMX Channel Values (3 Channel Mode 2) Channel Channel Value Does... Data/DMX Cabling To link fixtures together you’ll need data cables. For instance. Belden© 9841 meets the specifications for EIA RS-485 applications. Standard microphone cables will “probably” be OK. Insert the fuse holder back in its place and reconnect power. In any event. LLC . The combined number of channels required by all the fixtures on a serial data link determines the number of fixtures the data link can support. Nominal impedance 100 – 140 ohms COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. Fuse Replacement With a philips head screwdriver.3. unscrew the fuse holder from its housing..

3-Pin Female (Output) Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 No Connection. PG06: 1. B Page 10 COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev.) Press the <MODE> button until the display reads SLACopyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. 2.) Press the <SETUP> button until the display reads d001. 4.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to adjust sound sensitivity between 1 and 31. 2. They are widely available over the internet and from specialty retailers If you’d like to build your own.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to select the appropriate static color. then use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons until the display reads P3Ch.) To select 9 Channel Mode. Step 2: Connect the female connector of the DMX cable to the first fixture’s male connector (input). PG05. Conductor Ground/Shield DMX Data (-) DMX Data (+) Not Used. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. For PG00 (Static Color Selection): 1. Test cables with an ohm meter to verify correct polarity and to make sure the pins are not grounded or shorted to the shield or each other. 3. the chart below details a proper cable conversion: 1. then use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons until the display reads 03Ch.) Press the <MODE> button until the display reads AU70.) Use the <UP> and <DOWN> buttons to set the appropriate DMX address. rather than connecting the lowest fixture number first.) Press the <MODE> button until the display reads SO. 5-Pin Male (Input) Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 No Connection.) To select 3 Channel Mode 2.-1. and your fixture may perform erratically.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to select the appropriate flash color. 2. Place a DMX terminator on the output of the final fixture to ensure best communication.) Press the <SETUP> Button until the display reads C-.) Press the <MODE> Button until the display reads Addr. first select from one of the three DMX control modes (3 Channel Mode 1. Note: It doesn’t matter which fixture address is the first one connected. To step through all built-in programs: 1. No Connection. To set the DMX address: 1. LLC . 3. 2. press the <SETUP> Button. 4. To run one of 13 built-in programs: CAUTION: Do not allow contact between the common and the fixture’s chassis ground. 3 Channel Mode 2.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to select the appropriate chase speed.) Press the <MODE> button until the display reads Addr. you will need to use a 5 pin to 3 pin adapter. Not Used.31. press the <SETUP> Button. To set additional units as slaves while in Program/Sound Active/Auto Mode: 1.) Press the <SETUP> Button until the display reads FS. Step 3: Connect other fixtures in the chain from output to input as above. 3. 2. For PG05 (Flash Color Selection): 1.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to select the appropriate program. No Connection. then use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons until the display reads 09Ch. 2.To set the unit in DMX Mode To control the COLORStorm 252 in DMX mode.) Press the <SETUP> Button until the display reads SP99. 3-Pin??? 5-Pin??? Huh?!? If you use a controller with a 5 pin DMX output connector. Take It To The Next Level: Setting Up DMX Control Step 1: Connect the male connector of the DMX cable to the female connector (output) on the controller.) Cable Connectors Cables must have a male XLR connector on one end and a female XLR connector on the other end. Grounding the common can cause a ground loop.) Press the <MODE> Button until the display reads PG00 to PG12.) To select 3 Channel Mode 1. We recommend connecting the fixtures in terms of their proximity to the controller. press the <SETUP> Button. For all programs except PG00. 5. B Page 7 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting.-1.) Use the <UP> or <DOWN> Buttons to select the appropriate flash speed. and so on. To step through all built-in programs in Sound Active Mode: 1. or 9 Chnanel Mode.00. (Duh!) 1.) Press the <SETUP> Button until the display reads C-.

take into consideration lamp replacement access (if applicable) and routine maintenance. Connect the (male) 3 pin connector side of the DMX cable to the output (female) 3 pin connector of the first fixture. Connect the end of the cable coming from the first fixture which will have a (female) 3 pin connector to the input connector of the next fixture consisting of a (male) 3 pin connector. 2. There are 4 control buttons below the LED display which allow you to navigate through the various control panel menus. The Control Panel LED Display shows the menu items you select from the menu map on page #11. A quick note: Often. Then. OPERATING ADJUSTMENTS Check the “Operating Adjustments” section in this manual for complete instructions for this type of setup and configuration. Mount the fixture using a suitable “C” or “O” type clamp. Mounting & Rigging This fixture may be mounted in any SAFE position provided there is enough room for ventilation. the fixtures that follow may also require a slave setting. press <ENTER>. When a menu function is selected. the setup for MasterSlave and Standalone operation requires that the first fixture in the chain be initialized for this purpose via either settings in the control panel or DIP-switches. To return to the previous option or menu without changing the value. 4. <DOWN> Scrolls through menu items and numbers in descending order. retighten both knobs. It is important never to obstruct the fan or vents pathway. <SETUP> Confirms selections and navigates secondary control panel options. After finding the desired position. and also navigate to the previous higher-level menu item. and ensure properly “rated” rigging is used when mounting fixutres overhead. <UP> Scrolls through menu items and numbers in ascending order. B Page 9 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. Use the <UP> and <DOWN> buttons to navigate the menu options. Press the <SETUP> button to select the menu function currently displayed. LLC COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. or to enable a menu option. • When selecting installation location. B Page 8 Copyright (c) 2010 Blizzard Lighting. the display will show immediately the first available option for the selected menu function. Adjust the angle of the fixture by loosening both knobs and tilting the fixture. • Safety cables MUST ALWAYS be used. proceed to connect from the output as stated above to the input of the following fixture and so on. Press the <MODE> button repeatedly until you reach the desired menu function. <MODE> Is used to initially access the control panel system. 1. Do not mount to surfaces with unknown strength. press the <MODE> button.Fixture Linking (Master/Slave Mode) The Control Panel All the goodies and different modes possible with the COLORStorm™ 252 are accessed by using the control panel on the front of the fixture. • Never mount in places where the fixture will be exposed to rain. Secondarily. To select a menu item. extreme temperature changes or restricted ventilation. LLC . The clamp should be rated to hold at least 10x the fixture’s weight to ensure structural stability. COLORStorm 252 Manual Rev. high humidity.