OBSERVATION SHEET Name : N.H.M. Prabhath Index No: 080368F Field : EE Group : 10 Date : 12/01/2012 Instructed by: Mrs.

Piyumi y Familiarization with CTs Ratio Frequency Class Protection CT 400/5 50/ 60 Hz 5P10 Protection CT 0.4Ÿ Metering CT 400/5 50/ 60 Hz 0.2 Metering CT 0.4Ÿ

Secondary resistance Polarity Check :


Primary current P1 to P2 resulted in secondary current S2 to S1


Ratio check and the burden Secondary current (A) Burden check voltage (V) Metering CT 0.58 0.393 Protection CT 0.58 0.5

Magnetization curve Protection CT V(V) I (mA) 5.37 32 7.4 38 9.53 42 11.12 48 13.24 54 15.3 62 18.07 78 20.63 105 Metering CT V (V) I (A) 5.44 0.05 7.66 0.4 9.02 0.95 9.12 1.1 11.04 2.25 13.01 3.95

548 20 15 V(v) 10 5 0 0 20 40 60 I(mA) 80 100 120 .0028x2 + 0.Protection CT 25 y = -0.586x .Calculations a) Magnetization curve.10.

8203 12 10 8 V(V) 6 4 2 0 0 0.metering CT 14 y = -0.5 .5 1 1.4178x2 + 3.5 2 I(A) 2.5 4 4.magnetization curve.4427x + 5.5 3 3.

548 š.2) At the knee point For the Protection CT V= -0.10.586*I .0028*I2 + 0.

4427*I+ 5.4178*I2 + 3.9mA 16.8203 .   => I=68.535V For metering CTV = -0.

393 x 0.228 VA Burden of the current transformer (Protection) = 0.89V => I= 3.29 VA .58 VA = 0.5 x 0.58 VA = 0.88A Burden of the current transformer (metering) = 0.   12.

Protective CT¶s are used for supplying current to protective relays. For an example if a protection relay rated current is mentioned as some value it is necessary to use same secondary current CT. Certain relays and meters are certain burdens. the relays do not normally operate in the normal load range. But for a protection CT the transformer should be able to be stable in large currents (normally several times as the rated current).Discussion 1) If the secondary resistance is higher than for a small amount of secondary current a relatively higher voltage will build up in the secondary terminals. So it is done by considering following factors. y y y CT ratio CT burden Accuracy class In applications like switchboard indicating devices. protective relays. 3) Current transformers are instrument transformers that are used to supply a reduced value of current to meters. So the Ct should be connected if the connected burden does not exceed the rated burden. . 2) Knee point voltage specifies the point of the start of the saturation region of a particular CT. power metering equipment and protective relays the current taken is determined by the CT. and other instruments. As the voltage which builds up in the secondary is higher the core is more likely to be in the saturation. From the knee point onwards the CT cannot identify two very much different primary currents significantly. but they must perform with a reasonable degree of accuracy at very high overload and fault-current levels which may reach twenty times the full-load amplitude. To select best fit CT for these applications is necessity as it effects for the power system protection. So it is necessary to use CT with the correct ratio to avoid any faults. Therefore it is necessary to operate the CT under knee point of the magnetization curve. In this application. Therefore the secondary resistance is lower.

Current transformers Name :N.M.H. Prabhath Index no : 080368F Field : EE Date of performance: 2012/01/12 Date of submission : 2012/01/25 .

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