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{D-08-IN-314, D-08-IN-331, D-08-IN-337, D-08-IN-338, D-08-IN-339}

In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficent, the most merciful
By the grace of Almighty ALLAH who gave us the strength courage to complete this project. Without his blessing the dream of completing the project would never come true. ALHAMDULILLAH, our endeavor are rewarded and the project has reached not only due to hard work done by group members, but there are individuals who helped us in achieving this particular goal at this movement of triumph we deem it fit to pause while and acknowledge all of them. First and formost we take pride in mentioning the name of our dignified and friendly minded project advisor Mr. Imran Khan Shaikh (Lecturer Industrial Engineering and Management Department) for his full fledged support and encouragement made this tedious task much easier. It is our good luck that we assigned with such a kind advisor. We are also very obliged to Mr. Amir Maqbool (Manager Production Manager) Ghandhara Nissan Limited Pakistan. We also appreciate the guidance and support of all other personals, Especially; Mr. Butt Sahb (Quality Control) Mr. Ahmed Mohib (Quality Control) Mr. Mairaj Ahmad (Main Assembly Shop) Mr. Muhammad Junaid (Engine Assembly Shop) Who helped us in understanding the various processes being carried out and also helped us in providing the key resources whenever we required. They help us in understanding the different work being carried out in Ghandhara Nissan Limited, to enhance our technical skills. We really believe that our Project at Ghandhara Nissan Limited would never be possible without the support of all these people. We appreciate the cordial co-operation from all our concern Managers in all departments. We also wish to thanks to the teacher who made us able to the stage where today we are.

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{D-08-IN-314, D-08-IN-331, D-08-IN-337, D-08-IN-338, D-08-IN-339}

The technology during the 21st century offers a great promise to the people all over the World. The latest advances in Engineering Science and technology have given engineers powerful tools for re-assessing and reorganizing the systems. In the present business scenario, competitiveness of manufacturing companies is determined by their ability to meet and respond as swiftly as possible to the changing environment scenario and to produce and supply high-quality products at lower cost as per demand of the customer. Thanks to Industrial Engineering, A dynamic discipline in the information era that enables to understand and solve complex technical-economicsocial problems. All the manufacturing companies are striving too hard to achieve their aims, objectives and their capabilities by proper planning and skillfulness, through application of automation and innovative concepts, e.g. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or both, Just-In-Time (JIT), and Total Quality Management (TQM), etc. Among these innovative concepts, Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma is recognized by the manufacturing companies as a major driver to achieve world-class capabilities. Many large and medium-size manufacturing companies have adopted this concept, and experienced reduction in manufacturing lead time and material handling cost, and improvement in quality with other benefits. It is generally agreed that for a Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma program to be effective, it should include a set of tools and techniques or provisions to ensure management commitment, employee involvement, identification of wastes, development of controls for wastes and training and education for employees. These tools and techniques are said to be typical of any comprehensive Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma implementation program. The implementation of lean manufacturing reduced the waste in the industry and enhances the profit and production. Keeping in-view the benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, we have decided to work on the implementation or study of the tools/techniques of Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma in the Ghandhara Nissan Limited.

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{D-08-IN-314, D-08-IN-331, D-08-IN-337, D-08-IN-338, D-08-IN-339}


Aim of presenting this project thesis/report is to highlight all the deficiencies and problems (if any) in the industry and then try (our level best) to tackle all these by implementing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Approach.

The main objective of our project is: To study the conceptual application of core subject of the Industrial Engineering. To study the industrial vision of the Ghandhara Nissan Limited. To study and make sure that all the Basic Principles, Tools and Techniques of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma is properly implemented. To study and find out the manufacturing wastages; if there is any. To get acquaintance with the labor problem, the behavior, attitude and devotion toward their job from organization behavior point of view. To get conversant with the liaising of Management with Bottom management.

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