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Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report

H2, 2010


. Video streaming continues as the fastest growing application type with 94% growth. Skype continues its dominance of the mobile VoIP market. Video streaming remains the single largest application type worldwide. Conclusion Video streaming and social media. dynamic nature and potential of this market. 1 © 2011 Allot Communications. As operators move towards 4G/LTE and converged networks. Apple’s App Store is responsible for 89% of overall app store download traffic.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. Twitter grew with a breathtaking 378% increase in global mobile data bandwidth. This paper presents some of Allot’s key findings. In addition. 2010 Global mobile data bandwidth usage grew by a significant 73%. and is responsible for 17% of overall global mobile data bandwidth. culminating in a 190% overall 2010 growth rate. but also the unique value that these individual applications provide to us. the growth in app store downloads is testimony to the vibrancy. File sharing represents a significant 30% of mobile bandwidth. The impact that mobile broadband has had on the way we live our lives cannot be underestimated as we take the age of ‘anywhere-connectivity’ completely for granted. from leading mobile operators worldwide with a combined user base of more than 210 million subscribers. accounting for over one third of global mobile data bandwidth. This is the fifth Allot MobileTrends Report to date. Twitter’s annual increase was an astounding 1800%. bandwidth usage and bandwidth growth in mobile broadband networks. Leveraging this value will become even more critical as operators will be expected to provide a more enriched and personalized experience for their users. 2010). accounting for 87% of global mobile VoIP bandwidth. During 2010. Google’s Android Market experienced a rapid growth rate of 177%. they need to understand that it is not just the sheer volume of traffic that is relevant. Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM) application types remain the second fastest growing application worldwide with an 87% increase in global mobile data bandwidth. All rights reserved. Key Findings from H2. continue to assert their dominance within the mobile broadband market. The anonymous data in this report was collected from July 1 to December 31 2010 (H2. H2/2010 a mind for networks Executive Overview The Allot MobileTrends Report is an ongoing initiative to track global IP application. YouTube remains the single most important website for video streaming and sharing.

Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. Global bandwidth continued its steady growth during the second half of 2010 with 73% growth. culminating in a 190% overall annual growth for 2010.php 2 © 2011 Allot Communications. The consumption of video streaming applications continues to increase. cementing its position as the fastest growing application type worldwide. as mentioned in the previous report. H2/10 © 2011 Allot Communications.com/archives/gartner_smartphone_sales_up_50_android_takes_overt. The dramatic rise in bandwidth used by these types of applications reflects the depth of the synergy between social media apps and mobile broadband which is made more user-friendly by the increasing range of device-standard multimedia features. H2/2010 a Communications Allot mind for networks Global Bandwidth & Application Growth Bandwidth and Application Growth 100% 80% Global Mean: 73% 60% Growth 40% 20% 0% Video Streaming VoIP & IM Web Browsing File Sharing Other Apps Growth in mobile data usage. VoIP (Voice over IP) and IM (Instant Messaging) applications continued as the second fastest-growing application type with an 87% rise. H2/10 Growth in mobile data usage . All rights reserved. Video streaming continued to lead the roster of application types with 94% growth over H2 2010. video’s popularity sees no sign of abating. These typically aggressive application types are still responsible for much of the congestion within mobile data networks. the mobile broadband market has still not reached its full potential and that this dynamic market has a long way to go before achieving full maturity. File sharing continued to grow at a rate of 36%. This strong growth intimates that. All rights reserved.readwriteweb. . 1 http://www. and with smartphone sales accounting for 19% of worldwide mobile devices sales1 and tablets becoming increasingly popular.

their actual bandwidth share is relatively minor. VoIP and IM expanded their bandwidth share to 4% in the second half of 2010. File sharing represents 30% of global mobile bandwidth. and shows no signs of waning popularity. the loyalty that users display towards them. Despite the significant 87% growth2 that these application types experienced. All rights reserved. video streaming has remained the world’s most dominant application type with 37% of global mobile bandwidth. As expected. as the application type continues to be popular with subscribers who regard the mobile internet as a direct substitute for fixed connectivity.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. H2/2010 a mind for networks Application Breakdown Application Breakdown VoIP & IM 4% Other Apps 3% 45% 40% Web Browsing 26% File Sharing 30% Video Streaming 37% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Q2/09 Q3/09 Q4/09 Q1/10 Q2/10 Q3/10 Q4/10 Web Browsing Video Streaming File Sharing VoIP & IM Application Breakdown Mobile data usage broken down by Mobile data usage broken down by top top applications. H2/10 applications. Mobile data usage trends broken down by Mobile data usage trends top applications. 2 See page 2 3 © 2011 Allot Communications. and their resultant ‘must-have’ nature which has made them a strong driver for buying devices. H2/10 © 2011 Allot Communications. Q2/09-Q4/10 © 2011 Allot Communications. All rights reserved. Q2/09-Q4/10broken down by top applications. The real significance of these application types is in how easy they are to use on smartphones and mobile internet devices (MIDs). . All rights reserved.

As video streaming continues to reign supreme within mobile networks. H2/10 © 2011 Allot Communications. H2/10 YouTube experienced significant growth in H2. 2010 of 190% as compared with 123% in H1. their popularity and rising installed base indicate that these applications are likely to play an increasingly significant role as they are often seen as direct alternatives for other operator services. 4 © 2011 Allot Communications. Although VoIP and IM applications account for a small percentage of the overall mobile broadband bandwidth.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. All rights reserved. H2/10 global mobile bandwidth. All rights reserved. H2/2010 a Communications Allot mind for networks Video Streaming Video Sharing YouTube 17% YouTube 45% Other Apps. 83% Other Video Streaming 55% YouTube as a percentage of total YouTube as a percentage of total global mobile bandwidth. . now accounting for 45% of the overall mobile video streaming traffic and 17% of the total traffic on mobile networks. 2010. YouTube as a percentage of total global YouTube as a percentage of total global mobile video streaming. H2/10 mobile video streaming. their growth indicates that despite their low impact on actual bandwidth usage. The overall annual growth during 2010 was 547%. YouTube continues as the single most significant website for video streaming and sharing.

All rights reserved.gartner. H2/10 Apple’s App Store is by far the most popular app store to date. With worldwide mobile app store revenue forecasted to increase by 190% in 20113. 3 http://www.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. The relationship between the app stores and the take-up of smartphones and MIDs is symbiotic with each element driving the other forward. H2/10 0% App Store Growth. with downloads from this store responsible for an 89% share of the overall app store download traffic. However. app stores are certain to play a prominent role in the mobile value chain evolution. . in terms of growth this situation is reversed with Android Market experiencing a rapid growth rate of 177% during H2. H2/2010 a mind for networks App Stores Apps Stores Ovi 1% Android Market 9% Other 1% 200% 175% 150% 125% 100% 75% Apple App Store 89% 50% 25% 0% Android Market 5% Apple App Store Other Ovi Apps Stores Growth App Store Share.jsp?id=1529214 5 © 2011 Allot Communications. Google’s Android Market lags far behind with only 9% of the download traffic. operators are increasingly looking at launching their own app stores as a means for them to add value to their offering and increase their ARPU. 2010 as opposed to App Store which grew at a much slower 54%. As the mobile value chain continues to evolve.com/it/page.

com/home. H2/10H2/10 © 2011 Allot Communications.php?statistics 6 © 2011 Allot Communications.facebook.com/2010/12/whos-new-on-twitter-hindsight2010. and also the increasing number of mobile operators who are actively promoting Facebook to their subscribers5. 2010 with a 267% rise in global mobile bandwidth and a 1000% growth rate in 2010. One of the likely explanations for this is the ongoing increase in mobile Facebook users which now stands at 200 million active users who are twice as likely to be active on the website as non-mobile users. The overall annual growth rate for 2010 was a tremendous 1800%. 4 5 http://blog.html http://www.php#!/press/info. H2/2010 a Communications Allot mind for networks Social Networking and Video Sharing Social Networking Application Breakdown 400% 350% 300% 250% 200% 150% 100% 50% 0% Twitter Facebook YouTube MySpace Growth in top social networking & video sharing applications. . the growth of Twitter as a mainstream form of communication where people are increasingly tweeting instead of texting messages. All rights reserved. the continuing integration of Twitter into other social networking sites. All rights reserved. with a 378% increase in global mobile bandwidth.twitter. Twitter continued to grow at a breathtaking rate during the second half of 2010. Facebook experienced significant growth during H2. This is undoubtedly due to a variety of factors including the increase of 100 million registered accounts over 20104. and of course the increase in smartphone and MID adoption.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. The fusion that exists between different social media websites continues to strengthen as these sites expand their offering for users and they become a more entrenched part of our daily lives. Growth in top social networking and video sharing applications.

H2/2009 7 © 2011 Allot Communications.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. H2/10 © 2011 Allot Communications. All rights reserved. H2/10 broadband. and therefore to present users with a ready-touse. it should be noted that since H2/2009 Yahoo! Messenger’s share of IM bandwidth has consistently eroded6. H2/2010 a mind for networks VoIP and Instant Messaging Application Breakdown VoIP and Instant Messaging Application Breakdown Yahoo! Messenger Windows Live 1% 1% Google Talk 1% Other VoIP 10% Windows Live 24% Yahoo! Messenger 27% Skype 87% Other IM 15% ICQ 3% QQ 19% Google Talk 12% Top VoIPVoIP applications inmobile Top applications in mobile broadband. During H2 2010. . H2/10 broadband. Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live. All rights reserved. official VoIP alternative to traditional phone calls. H2/10 Skype has continued to increase its dominance of the VoIP market and is now responsible for 87% of global mobile VoIP bandwidth. a Chinese language IM application has retained its popularity amongst its international target market with 19% of the global IM bandwidth and remains the third most popular IM application worldwide. QQ. Skype grew by a tremendous 114%. increasing further the gap between itself and other VoIP applications including Google Talk. Skype’s increased hold on this market is due in part to the rise in partnerships with mobile operators to preload Skype on handsets. Yahoo! Messenger has remained the most popular Instant Messaging application (in terms of nonVoIP usage) and accounts for almost 27% of global IM bandwidth. However. 6 Allot MobileTrends Report. QQ’s audience resides mainly but not wholly in the APAC region. Top IMTop IM applicationsmobile applications in in mobile broadband.

H2/2010 a Communications Allot mind for networks MobileTrends Report Methodology The MobileTrends Report is based on statistics collected from mobile networks around the world. . Allot’s centralized management & reporting system. The data collected for this report was totally subscriber-anonymous. Subscriber identifying information such as IP addresses.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. All rights reserved. reducing the influence of any temporary events in the monitored networks. 8 © 2011 Allot Communications. The length of the collection period allows accurate identification of usage trends and patterns. representing more than 210 million subscribers. usernames or MSISDN were not retained in the data gathered from the mobile networks. The detailed information was gathered using the long term reporting capabilities of Allot NetXplorer.

Palm App Catalog. Video Streaming Refers to communication directed through video sites including either user generated content (UGC) such as YouTube or content provided by sites such as Hulu. that enables them to download a wide range of free and paid applications. Google Android Market. cnn. BlackBerry App World. Instant messaging applications include Windows Live!. QQ and so on. 9 © 2011 Allot Communications. In previous reports File Sharing was broken down into Peer-to-Peer and HTTP download.. voice communications and file transfer.com and BBC iPlayer. Todays IM applications offer a wider range of communication services including video conferencing.Allot MobileTrends Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report. specifically suited for the particular MID. In addition. instant messaging applications delivered real-time text-based communications between two or more users over the internet. Web Browsing Refers to HTTP traffic associated with website browsing or other HTTP traffic which is not downloading or streaming.g. etc. in particular from One-Click hosting sites such as RapidShare and Megaupload and P2P applications such as Bittorrent and eMule. Internet VoIP is provided by a range of applications such as Skype. App Stores include Apple App Store. H2/2010 a mind for networks Glossary App Stores App stores refer to a service available to users of smartphones and mobile internet devices. . tablets. e. All rights reserved. Instant Messaging (IM) Originally. GoogleTalk and also by most popular Instant Messaging applications. Yahoo! Messenger. Windows Marketplace for Mobile and others. Nokia Ovi Store. netbooks. File Sharing Refers to HTTP download services. web browsing also includes apps delivering real time updates and statistics over HTTP.. Voice over IP (VoIP) Refers to software applications that allow users to deliver over IP networks in general and internet in particular.

topology awareness.allot. Industrial Zone B. Israel · Tel: 972 (9) 761-9200 · Fax: 972 (9) 744-3626 D261013 Rev 5 © Allot Communications. Allot’s rich portfolio of solutions leverages Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) to transform broadband pipes into smart networks that can rapidly and efficiently deploy value added Internet services. and maximizing revenue in broadband networks. containing operating costs. BP309. Chiyoda-ku. 45240.allot. Suite 4680.com info@allot. France · Tel: 33 (0) 4-93-001160 · Fax: 33 (0) 4-93-001165 Asia Pacific: 6 New Industrial Road. security. 06906 Sophia Antipolis Cedex. 02.2011. #08-01. Hoe Huat Industrial Building. Singapore 536199 · Tel: +65-6283 8990 · Fax: +65-6282 7280 Japan: 4-2-3-301 Kanda Surugadai. Tokyo 101-0062 · Tel: 81 (3) 5297-7668 · Fax: 81(3) 5297-7669 Middle East and Africa: 22 Hanagar Street. Allot’s scalable.com Americas: 300 TradeCenter. Woburn. please visit www. 400 Avenue Roumanille.com www.a mind for networks About Allot Communications Allot Communications Ltd. carrier-grade solutions provide the visibility. enhancing user experience. Hod-Hasharon. Specifications subject to change without notice. (NASDAQ: ALLT) is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions for mobile and fixed broadband operators and large enterprises. application control and subscriber management that are vital to managing Internet service delivery. MA 01801 USA · Tel: (781) 939-9300 · Toll free: 877-255-6826 · Fax: (781) 939-9393 Europe: NCI – Les Centres d’Affaires Village d’Entreprises ‘Green Side’. . All other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders. For more information. Allot Communications and the Allot logo are registered trademarks of Allot Communications.

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