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Alli Mariri

An important moment for a shamans apprentice is when this magical phlegm is received from the maestro seen top right.

Supai Pucabufeo
This is the legendary pucabufeo or Amazonian dolphin which transforms itself into an attractive young man and seduces pretty young women with his charm.

Concentracion Palistica

Ayahuasqueros gain their knowledge from visions whereas paleros, who diet with the roots, barks and branches of certain trees, obtain their knowledge through dreams.

Barco Fantasma
Manuel Huaya was a great sumiruna who travelled about in his boat healing people everywhere using ayahuasca and medicinal plants.

Llullo Machaco - Serpiente Verde

The concept expressed in this painting is that however our life unfolds and whatever our destiny might be, we are all born in absolute perfection. We are innocent when we come into the world and have no guile or deceits.

Ondas de la Ayahuasca
Ayahuasca is one of the most remarkable gifts from the plant realm as it contains chemicals identical to the neurotransmitters found in the human brain.

Angeles Avatares
This painting depicts the transcendent nature of the gravitational forces which control the rotational, orbital and the swaying movements of the Earth.

Pablo Amaringo 1938 - 2009