AT and T (American Telephony and Telegraphy) - one of the largest telephone company in USA that provide the vast majority of the long distance services. Ringing Signal ± is sent from a central office to a subscriber whenever there is an incoming call. Area Code - a unique three-digit which is given by the NTC to designate the location of the subscriber in provinces. Communication- is a process conveying information from one place to another. Office Code - a unique three-digit which is given by the NTC to designate the location of the subscriber in municipality. Telecommunications- is a long distance communications (from the Greek word ³tele´ meaning ³distant´ or ³afar´) Telephone-is a device that transmit electrical signal to sound (voice signal). Public Telephone Network (PTN)- anyone who uses telephone or a data modem on a telephone circuit is part of a global communications network. Central Office (switching)-controls all the process in the telephone system, it is the heart of the telephone system. Submarine Cable - Cable which is found under the surface of water and is used to connect all telephone company worldwide. Splitter ± a wire which is responsible in separating the voice and data, it is usually used when telephone and internet are used, the telephone for the voice and data for the internet. Howling- sound which you hear when the telephone is hung up few minutes. Drop Call- when two callers are dialled the same number at the same time, the two callers will be sending out a busy tone but it is rarely happen. Private Branch Exchange- is a central location where subscribers are interconnected, either temporarily or permanent bases. Cabinet Box- case which all the wires are place Dial Tone- audible signal comprised of two frequencies 350Hz and 440Hz. Ringing Tone- a tone that you hear when you are calling a user. Busy Tone- sometimes called congestion tone or no circuit available, it is the tone you hear whenever the system cannot complete the call because of equipment unavailability.

Blocking ± a call that cannot be completed because the necessary trunk circuits or switching paths are not available. Transmitter. the calling party receives an equipment busy signal. Interoffice calls ± a telephone call placed between two stations that are connected to different local exchanges. Cross Talk. Equipments for internet connection.Dual Tone Multifrequency . Colegio de Dagupan College of Engineering . An exchange any local loops connected to it. Signalling ± refers to the exchange of information between call components required to provide and maintain services. Switching Machine ± programmable matrices that provide temporarily signal paths between two subscribers. Other apparatus. Circuit Switch ±a programmable matrix that allows circuits to be connected to one another. Tandem office ± it is used to interconnect local offices that do not have interoffice trunks directly between them. Tandem ± switches that interconnect local offices only. Message ± the information transferred in a telephone a simple two-of-eight encoding scheme where each digit is represented by a linear addition of two frequencies. Inside the storage room. Message Circuit .was originally coined to indicate the presence of unwanted speech sound in the telephone receiver caused by conversations on another telephone circuit. It is strictly for signalling between a subscriber location and the nearest telephone office or message switching center. Switch Equipments .the circuit used in transferring information in a telephone circuit.

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