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Don’t Lose The American Grit

As an immigrant to this country, I have an understanding of the reason many people immigrate to the United States. My father sought out this country. He was attracted by the American grit for progress and the opportunity to pursue personal success. Our family benefited greatly by becoming Americans. We did not denounce our country of birth actually, we arevery proud of our origin and heritage, however, we made the choice to be Americans and embody the meaning of being American. We pledged allegiance to this country and have proven our loyalty. If success and prosperity is what you seek, we know this is the country to live in. For all this country has endured to become such a great nation, could the American people be the very demise of its existence, as we know it. Have we lost the grit that attracted my father to this country? This country has always fought for the rights of its people to pursue liberty, justice, and freedom. Is it possible to be so open that our nation begins to lose its identity? Have we become so nurturing that we are weakening the abilityof future generations? As a nation, we are faced with a tremendous amount of decisions that constantly test our grit. We have giant corporate failures, the abuse of office by elected officials, international threats, and countless other social issues testing our level of commitment. Are we losing the grit that made us the greatest nation in the world? For those too young to understand the meaning of grit, it is defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as a firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. Our grit is eroding under the challenges of attempting to beall things to all people. As a nation, do we still have a collective vision of what it means to be an American? It seems as though having that American grit or showing it has become offensive or oppressive. So we have attempted to water down our tenaciousness for growthto become more popular. Many have abandoned accountability and labeled it insensitive and unfair. Due to our over sensitivity and politically correct system, citizens have become complacent and have been conditioned to develop an overly entitled state of mind. These types of attitude influence our value system. The overly entitled have gone as far as labeling our nation as pompous, gluttonous, and self-absorbed. These comments are cheered by those who care to profit without sacrifice and responsibility. These thoughts also give confidence to other countries who wish our demise. It is noble that there are those who believe we should humble ourselves enough to share our prosperity with the others. The issue becomes a problem when we begin to mandate who should be entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor. The only promise that needs to be shared is the idea that opportunities exist. This country has been the protector and creator of opportunity. Weare able to choose the method and level to which we wish to reach our success and prosperity. No one is owed or entitled to anything other than chance to chase their dream. Our way of doing business is as forgiving as it is open. We should not be ashamed of being the greatest nation on earth. Our free enterprise system rewards successjust as well as it allows for failure. We cannot maintain nor regain our strength by investing a great deal of our resources to those who are incapable of creating a positive return. Realize the one thing every citizen and business is entitled in this land is an opportunity. We will gain our grit back by moving away from the belief of entitlement back to the support of self-empowerment. All this talk of bailouts, increase government social programs, stimulus checks, and socialism just weakens and compromises the American people’s grit to create opportunities. Do you have the American grit? If you’re able to keep your focus and your grit, you will find yourself with the lion share of life’s rewards. So, how do you develop or maintain your grit. • • • • • • • • Feed your mind with positive solution oriented thoughts. The internet has made information so accessible you can find a wealth of positive information to sharpen your grit. Conceding to the views of entitlement and waiting for others to find solutions for your well-being is a travesty to the American dream. Surround yourself around positive solution oriented people. We are social creatures and need social interaction, so choose to surround yourself with unselfish positive thinkers. Life is a journey that was never meant to be traveled alone. Choose your friends wisely. Don’t compromise your values. Although a straight approach is not the favorable way of communicating in these politically correct times, you need to choose your battles wisely and strive to hold on to your values. In time, the opportunity will present itself where your values will speak for you. Be willing to share your grit. Many Americans haven’t lost their grit. You need to be willing to share ideas and show your support for a selfempowered society opposed to one of expected entitlement. Encourage others to empower themselves and create environments that allow others to find empowerment through accountability. Be accountable. As you are challenged in life, have the discipline to look within yourself for a solution before fixing blame on others. Encourage accountability. Political correctness and the need to be all things for all people, has diluted our society’s accountability. Promote self-accountability by example. Believe in yourself. Your belief in yourself is paramount to anything else. This country has provided prosperity for entrepreneurs of all origins and backgrounds. If you wish to prosper, you are capable of doing the same just believe in yourself. Thank the military for all they do. Regardless of your viewpoint, realize a military person is who protects your right to cherish or ridicule this nation, so show them the respect of being the keepers of our way of life.

I encourage you to seek excellence and improvement. Be proud of being a citizen of the greatest country in the world and do your part to strengthen its future, so others can have the choice to prosper. Get involved and pass it on! Get Your Daily Dose GroSource LLC 2008

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