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The Bright Path Ishayas Announce New Help for Alcohol Addiction

Henderson, NV, February 02, 2012 --( The Bright Path Ishayas were able to offer their teaching and meditation practices to alcohol addiction patients, teaching them to find peace from within instead of turning to liquor. Through the Bright Path, alcohol addicted people are able to find a solution they have never tried before, a series of mental techniques called Ascension Attitudes. The Bright Path Ishayas teach using the Ascension Attitudes, which are teaching truths based on praise, gratitude and love. Because alcohol addicts typically turn to liquor to help them through every situation, introducing an alternative method of help seemed to ensure a 'new solution,' and renewal in their lives. The Ascension Attitudes are deeply rooted in finding a cure within one's self, and the meditative practices can be practiced with one's eyes opened, or closed. This means alcohol addicts can have a new help as they carry on with daily activities, turning to meditation instead of liquor to help with their problems. We are very happy to introduce our Ascension Attitudes techniques to those addicted to alcohol, said The Bright Path. We feel confident that addicts who are struggling to keep from the bottle can turn to the teaching of The Bright Path Ishayas and ultimately find a cure, as they search deeper within themselves to find help. Since the Bright Path teaches attitudes of peace, love, gratitude and compassion, alcoholics can turn to the Ascension Attitudes to find a cure to their addiction. The Bright Path helps alcohol addicts begin the road to recovery, by connecting them with their inner selves to find help and peace. About The Bright Path Ishayas The Bright Path Ishayas are a group of people dedicated to increased peace and joy in the world. Their mechanical meditation techniques are based on praise, gratitude and love, found from teaching truths called the Ascension Attitudes. The meditation is simple, effective and easy enough for anyone to do, without a religion. The Bright Path offers techniques that allow participants to move beyond the chaos of the mind and into an experience of everlasting peace and joy within. For more information, visit ###

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