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simulation generates artificial system so that we can study them and draw important conclusion. and design tool to predict the performance of new system under varying sets of circumstances. Mathematical logical and symbolic relation Simulation can also be used to study system in the design state . A computer handles s the operation of a model where an airplane moves in a wind tunnel. it resembles a model explaining the city ± traffic system. . Simulation technique by computations also results in TV games production. Thus. Whether done by hand or a computer. Another example is the in-flight simulators.Thus.This gives an idea how the real aero plane may fly in the atmosphere and how the real aircraft behaving. The readings and movement are done by the operator . players can make various movements. simulation modeling can be used both as an analysis tool predicting the effect of change of the existing system.before such system are built . The behavior of system as it evolves over time is studies by developing a simulation model. With the help of a hand held controller or joystick. These assumptions are expressed between entities or objects of interest in the system. we have tried to represent observed reality. which may be either in physical from or in a mathematical equation from. when this is simulated. is called simulation. This model usually takes the form of assumption concerning the operation of the system. In the entire three examples. representation of reality.Introduction to simulation:A simulation technique is the imitation of the operation of areal word or system over time. children play car video games with signals and crossings. where it is used to train pilots. For example in a children¶s park.

DEFINITION2:³Simulation is the use of a system model that has designed the characteristics of reality in order to produce the essence of the actual operation´.DEFINITION1: ³Simulation is representation of reality through the use of a model or other device which will react in the same manner as reality under a given set of conditions´. the analogue simulation may not be applicable. TYPE OF SIMULATION:Simulation is mainly two types. 1. Analogue or environmental simulation:The simulation of reality in the physical form is called as an analogue simulation. Computer system simulation:For the complex and intricate problems of managerial decision making. and actual implementation is difficult . 2.For such situations it is needed to make a mathematical model for which a computer is developed. This .

Modern system can be easily studied by using simulation. . Such a simulation is called system simulation. c) Static models: . ADVANTAGES OF SIMULATION: Simulation can be used to verify analytic solutions.program is solved by using a supper fast electronic computer. Informational. at least one of the variable or relationship is given by probability function. Deterministic models:. Simulation enables us to experiment with new policies and design prior to actual implementation. d) Dynamic models: . input and output variables are not permitted to be exact functional relationship.In these models. Animation of system modes can be visualized in the natural world. organizational and environmental changes and studied by simulation.In these model. b) Stochastic model: .these models do not take variable time into consideration.these models deal with time varying interactions.

capital budgeting etc. Simulation can very useful in validating experiments for inventory. In many cases. job-shop problem. DISADVANTGES OF SIMULATION: Like every science having its loopholes to a certain extent simulation also suffers from regular drawbacks like.Therefore we cannot simulate. Simulation of data which is very uncertain can be processed to produce accurate results. and high order differential equation. we cannot solve complex quing problems. In large simulation projects. Mathematically. quantification is not possible and hence simulation fails here. . we cannot represent the variables and their interrelationship in a computer. Simulation becomes indispensable. Sometimes system simulation is the consuming and expensive. Optimum results cannot be produced by simulation as they involve statistic errors.Insight can be obtained about the interaction of variables. We can easily simplify certain problems by hand computation rather than simulation. Simulation is effective for both linear as well dynamic models.