NOTE: This diet works for me and for the most of my friends. I hope it will work for you too, as it is based on my lifelong researches and experiences (I’m a diet freak). A diet working for everyone doesn’t exist! It is already an established fact. Everybody has another metabolism and different reactions upon certain foods. I hope in the future there will be a method to determinate a custommade diet.

• • Drink 1 glass of still luke-warm water in the morning on empty stomach! - It helps to digest. A healthy digestion is an essential part of dieting. Eat less but more often! - 5 small meals a day are much better than 1, 2 or 3 big meals. You will lose weight only with your stomach constantly working. Eat slowly! - Take small bites! - Chew thoroughly! - Wait a while before you take another bite! Chose your meals carefully: - Reflect first what you really feel like to eat! If you eat something you were not up to, you will still feel hungry and you will be looking for more food. Use more spices! - Choose meals or cook with a lot of fresh herbs or spices. It helps you to be happy even with small portions. - If you are a hot-food lover, add wherever you can a hot pepper (see recipe 6). Finished eating and still feeling hungry? - Wait before you eat more! It always takes a while before you feel filled. Drink still water during and after the meals! - It helps to get filled earlier. Drink at least half gallon of still water a day, most of it in the morning! - It’s healthy. - It helps to lose weight. - It suppresses the hunger. - Every time you feel hungry drink a glass of water before you decide to eat something. Exercise! - Fast walking, at least 1 hour a day is the best. - Golf is also very good if you walk instead of using golf card. Play so much as you want, if you don’t have any back problems, but stretch before. - Every other type of moderate exercising is ok, but consult it with your physician first. - Do at least: Park your car as far as you can from the entrance and use the stairs instead of elevator.

• •


. avoid all kind of sweets! Eat more fruits and fat free cheese instead! 2 • • . creamy desserts . avoid wine at all or if you can’t drink just 1-2 glasses per week. the worst fat makers .To lose weight. Fat . Use just the essential amount of fat to not burn the meal! Use only “Vergine” olive oil or light olive oil in small doses or fat free spreads .To keep weight. cream or flour are allowed but not ever day and only in small doses Fried food .sorbets. not creamy and not flour containing sweets in small doses! .If you eat in a restaurant.light sauces based on meat or fish juice and/or wine are ok but only in small doses Creamy and heavy salad dressings (Ranch.Cook with less fat! You will be surprised how good it still tastes.nuts are allowed but not more then 5 pc a day Tacos. olives and similar. red wine is healthy! .like French Fries. Kentucky Chicken and similar Hamburgers Spirits and liquors Fatty and rich on calories meals in restaurants • • • • REDUCE • Wine . Caesar’s. EAT THE RIGHT FOOD • • • • • • • More proteins More salads More vegetables More fruits Less calories Less fat Less carbohydrates Less sweets Less alcohol • • AVOID • • • • • Creamy and heavy fatty sauces . fajitas and similar Cakes. Blue cheese and similar) Chips.2. ice creams. jelly and other sweets not containing fat. drink 2 glasses (men) or 1 glass (women) of red wine daily but only in combination with light meals.To keep weight.To lose weight. limit to low-fat.Buy only fat-free or lite or reduced-fat products! . chose only low fat dishes! Sweets .Believe it or not.

. . poached or seared) . 3 • • • • • . For better result mix red. grilled or sauté) . contains an important digestion enzyme . . steamed. an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.Eat as often as you can as side dish or as a main course! Fresh Salads .Important source of vitamins. minerals and proteins.Limit to ½ baked potato without sour cream or boiled potatoes in small doses.Never chose pasta as a side dish! Rice: . It suppresses craving for chocolate Pineapple. Salami. Mixing hinders digestion.Don’t eat different fruits at the same time. boiled or sauté) .Use sweeteners instead of sugar! • • Bread: . grilled. • • • EAT • Fish (raw. boiled. calf.Eat as often as you can! Lean Meat (beef. Recommended: Berries. calf livers) (grilled or sauté) .Eat as often as you can! Fresh Fruits .Essential source of vitamins and minerals. . Pasta: .To lose weight.Limit to fat-free or lite products in small doses. sausages.To keep weight.Eat frequently! Vegetables (steamed. Potatoes: . minerals and proteins. . ham and similar .Essential source of vitamins and minerals.Essential source of vitamins and minerals. limit to once a week (preferably with low-fat tomato sauce). lamb. avoid at all! .or Ginger dressing (available in Japanese restaurants or Publix).Very good source of vitamins. watermelon and papaya.Limit to 1 or 2 slices of light not sweet bread or light toast. venison.Eat at least once a week! Chicken and turkey (grilled. on of the best sources of vitamins (all low in calories) Melon Banana. Dressing: Olive oil with red wine or balsamic vinegar .The best side dish but only if not fatty or fried and in small doses. .Excellent source of vitamins. minerals and proteins. Every fruit has different enzymes. preferably whole grain a day. yellow and green colors. .

• Cheese (fat free or reduced fat: “Sargento reduced Fat Swiss” or “Jarlsberg Lite” at Publix) .Eat every time you crave for sweets.Eat only between the meals. .Eat 1 or 2 slices every other day for breakfast. proteins and minerals.. .It suppresses craving for chocolate.Excellent source of proteins and minerals . .Eat 1 egg every other day for breakfast.An excellent source of vitamins. Eggs (boiled. • 4 . scrambled or fried on 1 tee spoon of olive oil or fat free spray) .

3. 3117 Bird Ave .To keep weight. .Divide it by your servings (you usually eat or you intent to eat) to see how many calories you will be really eating • • 5 . Coconut Grove. close to Sunset Mall North Miami. 87 ave Laurenzo: Norman's Brothers: SHOPPING RULES • • Never go shopping when hungry Check everything you buy on calories and fat content! .or South Miami. Don’t rely on “Lite”. “Reduced-fat”. . .To lose weight. Check always products from different producers on calories and fat content before you buy them! Don’t rely on the serving size indicated on the products! They are much smaller than the true servings.Products with “Lite” or Reduced-fat” indications aren’t automatically lowest in calories. 21105 Biscayne Blvd.You don’t need to count calories per day. SHOP FOR THE RIGHT FOOD RECOMMENDED SHOPS Publix Whole Foods Market: Gardner's Markets: Aventura. your limit is between 1000 and 1500 calories a day. before US 1 coming from east th Kendall. 163 St. . Just buy low-calories and low-fat products and eat small portions. “Fat-free” indications only! .Calculate first the calories for the whole item: servings x calories per serving . your limit is between 2000 and 2500 calories a day.Fat free products are the best.


fat spreads and fat substitutes 7 .• Waffle and Pancakes • Oils.

• Cereals • Bread 8 .

salamis and cheese • Mustards 9 .• Sausages.

• Frozen meals 10 .

2% fat.6 weeks depends how much weight you want to lose . .or ½ slice of “Mastermacher Fitness or Rye Bread” (60 cal) from Milam Market 11 . • Walk fast for at least 1 hour or run for at least 30 min before breakfast.You can modify the diet with your favorite foods according the general rules Contact me for help! BEFORE BREAKFAST • • Drink 1 glass of luke-warm still water on empty stomach as soon as you wake up.2 table spoons of yogurt 1 tea spoon of molasses .with sweetener ½ slice of “Mastermacher Fitness or Rye Bread” (60 cal) from Milam Market .Do for 2 .and Optional: A cup of coffee with skim milk or 1% .It helps digestion.or Cereal mix 2: ¼ cup of Multigrain Cereals (Publix: “Organic Heritage Heirloom Whole Grains”) ¼ cup of Rolled Oats (Publix and Whole Food stores) a bit of pumpkin and sun flower seeds ½ grated Granite smith apple ½ grated banana Soy milk Sweetener if needed . possibly with acidophilus from Publix . Just start over the next day! .or Cereal mix 1: ¼ cup of Multigrain Cereals (Publix: “Organic Heritage Heirloom Whole Grains”) ¼ cup of Rolled Oats (Publix and Whole Food stores) a bit of pumpkin and sun flower seeds a bit of fresh or “Tropicana Premium” orange juice 1 .greased with “I Can’t believe It’s not Butter” (0 cal) or very thin with “Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter” from Publix .Do for 1 week every time you put on weight .MY MIAMI DIET .with 1 boiled egg (70 cal) .Don’t give up when you interrupt the diet. BREAKFAST • • Coffee or tea with or without milk. Eat after your morning hygiene and before exercising: ½ cup of papaya .2% reduced fat milk and sweetener to boost your circulation. fat free or 1% .or ½ cup of fat free yogurt: (Publix: “Publix fatfree plain yogurt”) = 70 cal with equal or with a bit of sugar free marmalade .

or 1 slice of “Wasa Crispbread” with light cheese . Sushi menu (for two persons) at sushi restaurants: • 6 or 9 pc Sashimi appetizer • 1 bowl of sushi rice • 1 Kani-su (Cucumber roll with crabs) with side order of pickled ginger and Wasabi • 1 Spinach (Oshitaki) 3. 2.topped with1 slice “Jarlsberg Lite cheese” (50 cal).or 1 Matsuri: chose Rainbow Roll and Banzai Roll .or 5 nuts . Japanese menu (for one person) at Japanese restaurants: • Salad with ginger dressing • Grilled or sauté fish or meat • Plain white rice 12 . Sushi menu (for two persons) at sushi restaurants: • 6 or 9 pc Sashimi appetizer • 2 Sushi rolls (avoid rolls with fried fish or mayo) .greased with “I Can’t believe It’s not Butter” (0 cal) or very thin with “Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter” from Publix . 10 if you want to lose the weight fast) 1. 9. “Pepperidge Farm light Style Bread Oatmeal” (45 cal) or other lite toast from Publix topped with 2 table spoons “ Smuckers’s Sugar Free Marmelade” (20 cal) from Publix . Sushi menu (for two persons) at Matsuri: • 2 sushi rolls (Rainbow and Banzai) • 1 Mister Bush (Tuna tartar with Wasabi sauce) or 1 Avocado salad • 1 salad to share with Ginger dressing 3. “Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles Fat Free” (60 cal) from Publix topped with 2 table spoons of fat free cottage cheese and Fresh Berries Marmalade (recipes 1) . “Aunt Jemina Low Fat Pancakes” (70 cal) from Publix topped with Fresh Berries Marmalade (recipes 1) MORNING SNACK Around 10:00 AM eat something like: 1 small banana or any other fruits in small doses . Pinky Roll. 7. 8. Dell Roll and Cuke Crab Roll .at Izakaya: chose California Roll and Tuna Tataki (instead of the second roll) • 1 or 2 salads with Ginger Dressing • Optional: 1 bowl of sushi rice 2.or ¼ cup of cereals with orange juice LUNCH EXAMPLES TO ALTERNATE: (Eat only menu: 1.or 1 Shibui: chose between Rainbow Roll.. or “Sargent Reduced Fat Swiss cheese” (60 cal) from Publix or Whole Food at Aventura • Optional: 1 toast.

or Grilled or boiled vegetables 13 . Chicken menu (for one person) at Polo Tropical: • ¼ chicken • Plain white rice without beans • Salsa .or Bologna Sandwich (Recipe 4) .8 oz or less • Grilled. Home menu 2 (for one person): • Scrambled Eggs or Omelet (Recipe 2) 10.or Hot Dog (Recipe 3) DINER Avoid dinner! If you can’t.or Salad (without or with turkey or chicken breast pieces) . skirt steak. Meat menu (for one person): • Grilled lamb chops (don’t eat the fat). Fish menu (for one person): • Grilled.or Fresh fruit . steamed or boiled vegetables • Optional: plain rice 8.Mix salsa with the rice for better result 6. steamed or poached fish • Grilled. filet mignon or sirloin steak .or 1 or 2 slices “Wasa Crispbread” or light toast or light bread topped with: 1 slice of light cheese or turkey breast or pastrami and similar .or Mango Waffle Snack (Recipe 6) .or Bologna Sandwich (Recipe 4) . Home menu 1 (for one person): • Hot Dog (Recipe 3) 9. steamed or boiled vegetables • Optional: ½ backed potato with scallions and without sour cream 7. or “South Beach Diet” or any other low fat meal with 300 or less calories AFTERNOON SNACK Around 4:00 PM eat something like: 5 nuts . eat before 7:00 PM something like: Hot Dog (Recipe 3) .or Fresh Berries Waffle Snack (Recipe 5) .5. Frozen meal menu (for one person) • “Lean Cuisine”.

Ponce de Leon. Phone: 305 593 9910 Coral Gables. Phone: 305 225 0008 Coral Gables. Phone: 305 774 3599 Kendall.2 cups fresh strawberries .. 394 Giralda Avenue.. 335 Alcazar Ave. 225 Altara Ave. 9227 SW 40th St. Phone: 305 591 7166 North Miami. or boiled potatoes 1 slice of bread if you can’t avoid it (Never mix meat and fish while having dinner or lunch! It blocks digestion.2 or more packets sweetener 14 . 5759 Bird Road. Allowed: Appetizer: salad or steamed / grilled vegetables or ceviche. FRESH BERRIES MARMELADE Blend in a food processor: . Bay Harbor Dr. 10141 SW 72nd St. Phone: 305 445 2584 Coral Gables.) BEFORE GOING TO BED Only if you didn’t have a dinner: ½ cup or better ¼ cup of cereals with skim milk and sweetener or honey ..½ or 1 cup fresh raspberries .or Scrambled Eggs or Omelet (Recipe 2) Once a week and only if you have been dieting for more than 1 week before 7:00 PM: Have a light diner with one glass of wine preferably red. Phone: 305 446 1600 RECIPES 1.or ½ cup or better ¼ cup of fat free plain yogurt with sweetener or with sugar free marmalade RESTAURANTS RECOMMENDED WHILE ON DIET: SUSHI: Matsuri: Shibui: Miyako: Izakaia: CHICKEN: Polo Tropical STEAK: Christy’s: Graziano’s: Chispa: Palm: CEVICHE: Francesco: Coral Gables. 159 Aragon Avenue. Phone: 305 663 1615 Kendal. Phone: 305 868 7256 Kendal. 7902 NW 36th Street. 9650 E. 11500 NW 41st Street. Phone: 305 274 5578 Doral. or fish / meat carpaccio Entrée: grilled meat or grilled / poached fish Side dish: vegetables or plain rice or ½ baked potato without sour cream. Phone: 305 4461400 Coral Gables. Phone: 305 648 2600 Doral.

cilantro or parsley and salt. 3.1 fat free waffle sprinkled with a little sweetener and salt topped with: . Just before ready add the Bacon Pieces.1 “Chicago Roll” from Publix .1 or 2 table spoon finely chopped scallions .salt and pepper Blend the eggs. MY SPICY SAUCE Blend in a food processor: . Warm the fat in a pan and add scallions. Cook just a little bit.salt 15 . You can make also a sorbet with this mix if you have an ice cream machine. FRESH BERRIES WAFFLE SNACK 1 Serving: . BOLOGNA SANDWICH 1 serving: .2 eggs .½ or 1 tee spoon “Homel Real Bacon Pieces 50% less Fat” . Serve with 1 slice of light bread or light toast or 1-2 slices “Wasa Crispbread”.1 “Chicago Roll” from Publix .2 or 3 table spoons “Reddi Wip Fat Free Dairy Whipped Topping” from Publix 6. It’s delicious! 2.2 slices “Oscar Mayer 98% Fat Free Bologna” from Publix . Add the blend.6 to 9 pc fresh red or green (Serrano or Jalapeno) hot peppers .fresh berries marmalade (Recipe 1) .1 fat free waffle topped with: . Variation for sorbet: add fat free yogurt and shredded coconut. MANGO WAFFLE SNACK 1 Serving: .Optional: shredded sauerkraut 4. but better is to eat it fresh. SCRAMBLED EGGS OR OMELET 1 serving: .1 or 2 table spoon finely chopped cilantro or Italian parsley .1 slice Mango 6.1 tee spoon light olive oil or fat free spray .Keep in refrigerator if you don’t eat it all the same day.1 tee spoon mustard (“Maille Dijon Originale” or if you like it spicy “Silver Spring Jalapeno Mustard” from Publix) . HOT DOG 1 serving: .optional: 1 tee spoon mustard (“Maille Dijon Originale” from Publix) 1/2 tee spoon light mayo or regular mayo mixed with a little water 5.1 link “Oscar Mayer 98% Fat Free Wieners” (from Publix) .

. 16 .2 or 3 table spoons vergine olive oil Fill in a glass. close and keep in refrigerator for about 1 week.