Table of Contents ----------------1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Directory structure of the CloudSim Toolkit Software requirements: Java version 1.

6 or newer Installation and running the CloudSim Toolkit Running the CloudSim examples Learning CloudSim Compiling CloudSim: using Ant

1. Directory structure of the CloudSim Toolkit ---------------------------------------------cloudsim/ docs/ examples/ jars/ sources/ tests/ ------top level CloudSim directory CloudSim API Documentation CloudSim examples CloudSim jar archives CloudSim source code CloudSim unit tests

2. Software requirements: Java version 1.6 or newer --------------------------------------------------CloudSim has been tested and ran on Sun's Java version 1.6.0 or newer. Older versions of Java are not compatible. If you have non-Sun Java version, such as gcj or J++, they may not be compatible . You also need to install Ant to compile CloudSim (explained in more details late r). 3. Installation and running the CloudSim Toolkit -----------------------------------------------You just need to unpack the CloudSim file to install. If you want to remove CloudSim, then remove the whole cloudsim directory. You do not need to compile CloudSim source code. The JAR files are provided to compile and to run CloudSim applications: * jars/cloudsim-<VERSION>.jar ins the CloudSim class files * jars/cloudsim-<VERSION>-sources.jar CloudSim source code files * jars/cloudsim-examples-<VERSION>.jar CloudSim examples class files * jars/cloudsim-examples-<VERSION>-sources.jar examples source code files 4. Running the CloudSim examples -------------------------------Please read how to run the CloudSim examples in examples.txt 5. Learning CloudSim --------------------- conta -- contains the -- contains the -- contains the CloudSim

by using such library. you are respecting the terms of u se defined by the software's author.apache./install-flanagan. 7. The generated Once the library is downloaded.jar file in the jars/ directory * Being in the CloudSim root directory (cloudsim/). Downloading and using external jars --------------------------------------Some of the algorithms in the power package require Michael Thomas Flanagan's Java Scientific Library. type 'ant' to compile all cloudsim source files. please go through the examples provided in the examples/ directory. Ant can be used in both Windows and Unix/Linux environment. type 'ant clean' to delete all the compiled classes and the classes/ directory script. you can just run the .ucl.jar is not deleted. that will download the library and place it in the jars/ directory. Note: * You need to set up PATH for ant in Windows and/or Unix. put them into the classes/ directory and to create a cloudsim-new. You need to have ant installed (http://ant. . copy it to the jars/ directory. Please. Usage: * Being in the CloudSim root directory (cloudsim/). If you are runni ng Linux. This library can be downloaded from http://www. understand how to use CloudSim. make sure Compiling CloudSim: using Ant -------------------------------This release contains a simple buildfile for compiling CloudSim