Task 9 – Formal Proposal

Title of magazine I have decided to call my magazine Wave. This is because it represents the new and upcoming wave of music to sweep across the nation. It also has a reference to the sound-waves that are heard in music. It is a short, quirky word and is easy to remember so that people will keep buying it again and again. This is an important feature when selling a professional magazine. Choice of genre My magazine is a mixture of genres. It is mainly aimed at hip-hop and drum & bass as these two genres are often combined in the world of music. They are both very successful at the moment and appeal to my target audience in terms of their age and gender. These are also my favourite genres and the ones I know most about so I have a good idea what to write about in my magazine. This will help make it easier to produce the magazine as I have more knowledge in those fields of music. My Target audience The typical target audience for hip-hop and drum & bass is often young people – teenagers around the age of 16-24. This is because both of these genres have a very urban feel and are often played in places that teenagers would go to (clubs, gigs etc). On my front cover I have used a picture of a British male who is 16/17 and so he reflects the target audience of my magazine. Initial ideas for Front Cover For my front cover, I wanted to have a short bold masthead which stands out to the reader, a striking image which reflects my target audience and relevant cover lines to what would be in a magazine similar to mine. I have looked at various different magazines which are from similar genres and have based mine on a few of them by taking different elements from each and combining them in a way which I think will appeal to my target audience. Initial ideas for My Contents page I wanted to have a large main image which represented the overall feel of the magazine and stood out the reader. I also wanted to have the magazine logo included and a bold title so that people know exactly which page is which. I have followed a similar colour scheme to the one I used on my front cover so that the magazine flows and looks professional. In the corner of my image I have also added the credits of the photograph to make it look like a real magazine. I wanted to keep the descriptions of the pages short and concise so that the reader will know straight away what page to go to for what. Initial ideas for my article For the double page spread, I intent to do an interview with the cover girl (but I’ll make sure she looks very different to the cover image(clothes, background, type of shot etc) and it will be based on an ethnic female in the hip hop industry. It will not be dominantly text based, as I will use the page to devote to images, this way readers are able to find out her personality by giving a visual representation. I will do this by using 4 different pictures with 4 different shot types. Initial ideas for photographs On the front cover, I wanted to use a medium close-up shot to make it look professional as this is the type of shot a lot of magazines use. This means it will show the face and upper body so that the reader can see the subject’s facial expression, pose and fashion sense. For the contents I wanted to use a large image with an urban feel to it so that it reflects the views of my target audience. I think the double page spread should have a large main image which stands out to the reader and maybe one or two smaller images to make it look lively and appealing to my target audience. I will also need space for the text as I will be including and interview or a review which will take up a fair amount of space.