=== Vote It Up === Contributors: multippt, Stoob Tags: post, voting, popularity, feedback, ajax Requires at least: 1.5 Tested up to: 2.

8 Stable tag: 1.1.1 Donate link: http://www.onfry.com/donate.php The Vote It Up plugin enables visitors to vote for and against posts. == Description == **Note**: Version 1.2.x has been re-classified as unstable pending recent issues with the plugin by several users. Version 1.1.1 is the current stable version This plugin adds voting functionality for posts. This function is similar to Red dit or Digg, in that visitors can vote for and against. Guests can also vote for posts. This functionality can be disabled as well. A widget can be displayed showing the most voted posts on your blog, giving furt her exposure to your popular posts. **Features** A brief summary of what the plugin has to offer: * Visitors can vote for your posts, if they are allowed to * Easy management of post votes * Two-way voting: People can vote for or against your posts if feature is enable d * Post authors can be barred from voting their own posts * Initial vote count feature enables the voting of posts the moment they were pu blished * Fairly customizable features * Top voted post widget gives greater exposure of posts your readers like == Installation == 1. Upload the "voteitup" folder into the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory. 2. Login to your Wordpress Administration Panel 3. Activate the "Vote It Up" plug-in from the plugins page in the Wordpress dash board. If there are no error messages, the plugin is properly installed. 4. You can choose which of the following themes you want to represent the votes as via the VoteItUp options page. You will need to insert the relevant code (`<? php DisplayVotes(get_the_ID()); ?>`) into [the WordPress loop](http://codex.word press.org/The_Loop "The Loop"). 5. You can customize the plugin options via the Wordpress Dashboard (`Options > Vote It Up` in Wordpress versions prior to 2.3, `Settings > Vote It Up` in Wordp ress versions after 2.5). 6. You can install the Most Voted widget by adding the following PHP code `<?php MostVotedAllTime(); ?>`. Installing this widget is not required for Vote It Up to function. If your template supports sidebar widgets, you can install it as a widget in your sidebar.

Wordpress 2. `GetVotes($post_ID)`: Returns the number of votes associated with the post.3. so you need not worry about these. you can try manually executing the b elow SQL queries (you can use phpMyAdmin to do this): . `GetPostSinks($post_ID)`: Returns an array of user IDs that have voted against t he post. A working Wordpress install 2. there are several functions that can shows other i nformation. `UserVoted($post_ID. WordPress theme must contain a call to the `get_header()` function 3. FALSE if the user hasn't voted for the post `GetPostVotes($post_ID)`: Returns an array of user IDs that have voted for the p ost. WordPress theme must contain the Wordpress loop Most Wordpress installs have these. == Requirements == 1. $user_ID)`: Returns TRUE if the user already voted for the post. The array is sorted with the post having the most votes at the top of the array. == Frequently Asked Questions == = What are the currently available themes for this plugin? = The following themes are currently bundled with the latest version of the plugin : * * * * * Bar (default) Percent Ticker Text Orange Ticker Theme support was added on version 1.7. In addition. `SortVotes()`: Returns an array of post IDs and votes. one must have JavaScript enabled in their browsers in order to vote . Editing votes can be done via the Wordpress Dashboard (`Options > Edit Votes` in Wordpress versions prior to 2.php** Within `votingfunctions. = This plugin doesn't seem installed properly = If the plugin cannot write to the database.5).php`.0.8 or above is recommended for this plugin.7. `Settings > Edit Votes` in Wordpress versio ns after 2. == Customizing == **Votingfunctions.

`votes` text NOT NULL. For other problems. will VoteItUp be able to handle it? = Vote It Up is able to handle hundreds of votes a day. Two-way voting == Changelog == . `votes` text NOT NULL. the following SQL query assumes your database prefix is wp_. Running the following query will remove the technical limit. Vote management page 6. `sinks` text NOT NULL. and that you have followed instructions in this Read Me file = Is there any limit to the number of votes? = There is no limit as to how many votes for each post can take. `post` int(11) NOT NULL. you may want to ensure that there are no missing files. Plugin configuration page 5. `guests` text NOT NULL. CREATE TABLE `wp_votes_users` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment. `user` int(11) NOT NULL. PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ). ALTER ER SET latin1 ALTER atin1 COLLATE TABLE `wp_votes` CHANGE `guestsinks` `guestsinks` LONGTEXT CHARACT COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL TABLE `wp_votes` CHANGE `guests` `guests` LONGTEXT CHARACTER SET l latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL == Screenshots == 1. = I have a very popular site. `usersinks` text NOT NULL. Available themes for the voting widget 2. PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ). Note that this will take up more space on your hosting.CREATE TABLE `wp_votes` ( `ID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment. without causing any server strain at all. (Note. The vote count ca n also go into the negatives as well. Log in message if guest voting is disallowed 7. Most voted widgets 4. Plugin in action 3. The technical limit is about 8000 votes if all are made from gue sts. however that limit can be overcomed by doing a minor adjustment to the data base your blog runs in. which is default for Wordpress). `guestsinks` text NOT NULL.

[Bug Fix] . This is a simplified version of th e ticker without borders [Feature] .When guest voting is disabled.Two-way voting now made more flexible [Changed] .2. 1.Fixed duplicate voting issues arising from caching [Bug Fix] .Feature: New addition to the plugin Changed: Modified an existing feature of the plugin Bug fix: Fixed existing problems on the plugin 1.0 [Feature] .Deleted posts no longer show up in widget [Bug fix] .Added pagination for Edit Votes Panel [Bug Fix] .Proper character encoding in widget.2.php file.1 [Bug Fix] .1.Permission setting that can disallow post authors from votin g own post.Votes considered in Most Voted widget correctly includes the most recent posts 1.Hides unneccessary pop up when guest voting is enabled.2 [Bug Fix] .Technical limit removed for voting.Added Percent (%) voting mathamatics and capability (inital votes count as "up" vote) [Feature] . private posts and pages no longer show up on widget [Bug Fix] .Added Percent skin 1.7 . Simply r eplace votingfunctions.7 dashboard [Changed] .1 [Feature] .Initial vote count added [Feature] .0 [Changed] . Now supports foreign la nguages [Bug fix] . Votes can be created as long as the blog still has sufficient disk space for it [Bug Fix] .2. 1.Former "Modern ticker" template renamed to "Orange ticker" [Bug fix] . Their posts would show up as "voted" by themselves [Feature] . You can access this option via t he plugin options page. This is an important update.After Vote Text issue with images fixed [Bug Fix] . Please use this option if the database update failed.Template system modified so as to adapt to several plugin ch anges [Changed] .Text shown in place of vote text after user casts vote [Feature] .Drafts. a popup appears to inform use rs they need to register [Changed] .Some visual changes in administration panel for VoteItUp to fit the Wordpress 2.Several PHP errors in plugin fixed [Bug fix] .Votes can now be edited via "Edit Votes" [Changed] .Database format changed.Ability to set number of posts shown in Most voted posts wid get [Feature] .0.Roll back option added to complement database update.New template added: Text.Fixes guest voting issues with new database format.1.Plugin options can now be updated in Wordpress MU 1. You will need to update the vote da tabase in order to use the new features present in this plugin and future revisi ons of the plugin [Changed] .

Some visual changes in administration panel for VoteItUp to fit the Wordpress 2.File paths fixed 1.Compatibility file added for specific cases [Feature] .Template system added [Feature] .6 [Bug fix] .1 [Bug fix] . plugin can now be installed in another dir ectory 1.0.0 [Feature] .New template added: Orange Ticker.0. [Changed] .0.3 [Bug fix] .4 [Feature] .[Feature] .Code fixes 1.File paths fixed.Initial release .Removed cookie check for guest voting.0.0.2 [Bug fix] . guest votes can now go above 2 1.0. Now guest voting reli es entirely on IP addresses 1.Guest voting fixed.Most voted posts widget added 1.5 [Bug fix] .0.5 dashboard 1.Most voted posts widget now can be installed as a theme widg et if your template supports sidebar widgets [Feature] .