JUST DIAL PRIVATE LIMITED Company Profile Just Dial is India s no.1 local search destination.

The company caters to over 25 million unique users spread across 240 cities in India. This unique local search service is available on Phone, Web, WAP and SMS. Just Dial, India employs 3000 strong work force, has more than 1,00,000 SME adve rtisers. Competitive Strength The company bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by helping buyers find th e right providers of products and services while helping sellers improve the eff iciency of their marketing channels. Key Highlights The leading local search brand in India Large customer base and nationwide coverage Highly scalable platform Excellent track record in user experience High customer satisfaction Modern infrastructure and constantly updated technology Vastly Experienced management team Investors The company has raised three rounds of strategic investments from California bas ed venture fund Sequoia Capital; New York based Hedge Fund Tiger Global and Hong Kong-based SAIF partners. Global Plans Just Dial is in advanced stages of launching its local search service in North A merica on a toll free number "1-800-justdial". Going forward the company intends to leverage the Just Dial brand and know how for an international franchise. Vision & Philosophy The company's goal is to create long-term shareholder value by enhancing its pos ition as a leading local search service. The company s philosophy focuses on end u ser experience through feedback, innovation, teamwork and integrity.

Its mobile platform features location-based search an d predictive auto-suggest . The Delhi-NCR region and Mumbai markets contributed approximately 39% of its campaigns and 11 large cities contributed substantially. 10. Excluding the impact of the print business in both fiscal 2011 and 2010. more detailed post will follow soon.4% over fiscal 2010. 4. JustDial plans to launch a Daily Deals section on its website. 2011. 2011. The number of advertiser campaigns on JustDial grew from 40. USA incurred .6 million mobile Internet searches. 5. but it s till has outstanding receivables Rs 1. JustDial s premium advertisement memberships. While it verifies some of the information of paid advertisers with wh om it enters into a contract and its free listings. JustDial Global and Just Dial Inc. which offer priority listings to advertisers represented approximately 16% of its total memb erships. available on most versions of its mobile website.2 million Internet searches. its consolidated total inco me increased in fiscal 2011 by 58. 2009. 7. Just Dial s group companies. the company says that it is not able to screen or verify all the information contained in business listings and cannot assure that any business listing is genuine. Paid advertisers make payments in advance for campaigns on JustDial.200 campaigns as of March 31. to approximately 61.The company is also in the process of developing mobile applications for Andro id.500 campaigns as of March 31.5 million business listings as of March 31. 93. 9.Online and telephone business listings company.. 9. As of June 30. in order to raise Rs 360 crore. it had compiled a database consisting of approximately 6 m illion business listings across various cities and towns in India. As of June 30. accurate or updated.09 crore from paid advertisers as of March 31.9 million voice searches and 19. 2010. We culled out 10 things that we think you should know about. 2011. as compared t o 4. and a pproximately 120. 8. The 180 million search queries comprised of 77. A longer. 2.500 campaigns as of March 31. leveraging its u ser base and relationship with SMEs to offer deals and special promotions on pro ducts and services. from its draft red herring prospectus. 2011. 6. 3. 1. More than 180 million searches of its database were conducted in fiscal 2011. iPhone and Blackberry. JustDial discontinued its print business in fiscal 2011. As of June 30. JustDial has filed its draft red herring prospectus with SEBI for an initial public offering (IPO).7 million reviews and ratings were published on the JustDial website.800 SMS searches. 2011 approx imately 2. 2010.

It will receive an annual license fee equal to 1.72 c rore in FY11 and Rs 4 lakh in FY10.S. JD Inc USA incurred losses of $28. While JD Global reported losses of Rs 9.884 in FY10.losses during the last three years. subsidiary. which used to be its U. which ceased to be its subsidiary in fiscal 2011. to JD Global.0% of JD USA s n et revenues pursuant to a trademark license agreement between the company and JD USA .661 in FY1 1 and $62. The company sold its entire shareholding in JD USA.