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When you receive the test report, check the steps as follows in order to know more clearly about your potential. 1. Name or code number- Firstly, check whether the name and code number of this report is yours or not. 2. Potential personality traits and Congenital personality traits 3. Brain a.It is divided into two parts, so please look up the diagram in the manner of A/a and B/b in pairs, for the left hemisphere and right hemisphere could supplement each other, so you could simply catch the the function of the brain distribution; the percentage refers to that of your brain functional areas distribution, totally up to 100%. b.The differential distribution percentage between left and right hemisphere within 5% should be normal, special attention should be given to the influence of one-side brain to another upon potential if the difference is more than 5%; RC refers to the activity value of layers of cerebral cortex of brain functional areas.with a normal range value of 10-14, the value more than which indicating cerebral cortex of the brain functional areas more activity. c.The value X indicates a range between 0 and 100, refers to the intelligent plasticity is extremely high and the person tested could clearly understand his or her direction based on the report and strengthen ,and therefore is able to bring potential its full play. 4. Strong potential- Based on RC, your high-frequency capability of cerebral activity will be listed for you one by one, and therefore you self could master accurately your forte, and reveal the potential to the maximum. 5. Inactive potential- Based on RC, your lower-frequency capability of cerebral cortex activity will be given with a notice, and therefore you self could pay more attention to it to develop and optimize the said capability. 6. Open potential- The potential, percentage value of which being indicated as “X”, refers to deep potential, also refers to free potential that makes you know how many potentials do you have; value range is between 0 and 100, the more you activate, the more you could bring it to play, with more cognitive plasticity that even though you haven’t been aware of, for God’s sake never neglect it. (Not everyone has X-type open potential). 7. Analyzing based on your forte/inactive potential/open potential- Based upon the capability of each potential, proper suggestions will be offered according to the text analysis and enable the tested to arrange objective programming; the most explicit text description given by this test will give you an accurate self-analysis, remind you to elevate the strong potential and strengthen the inactive potential. 8. Learning methods- Feasible learning methods can be offered for you to realize high proficiency learning,and improve student learning,avoid fruitless endeavors, as well as develop confidence and interests at the same time. 9. If any question, please inform the consultant or search on line and leave message. The innate potential, only be continuously stimulated and learned, could be formed as acquired wisdom. Adhering to this idea, we intend to make you stimulate overall potential and create the future!! Congratulations for you to receive this report, through which you will know yourself and orientate your direction!! The test result can only serve as a reference for the individual but not a final result; what’s the most important is to make great efforts and keep learning. You were born with gifted potential and great learning potential, however, when these potentials are actively developed, can you change them to practical and actual capability! authorized by maxtq groups. 2 / 26

bearing no direct relation with the wisdom and achievement in future.41 % RC : 22. Rhythm (finger .17 % RC : 27. it is helpful to the network of neuronal cells.26 3D Imagination (index .EMPOWERMIND.73 L-TRC : 144.Left Brain Organization .PE) 6. Inference (index . Memory (ring . bubble and the number of fine crack.66 % RC : 40.15 % RC : 45. Thinking (Thumb .in authorized by maxtq groups.12 Logics .78 % RC : 26. Code of finger prints Whorl : W Loop : L Radial Loop : RL Double Loop : DL Peacock’s eye : PE Radial Peacock’s eye : RPE Accidental : A Simple Arch : SA Tented : TA www.28 % RC : 27.65 % RC : 25.73 % RC : 20. what’s the most important is to make great efforts and keep learning. with the tendency to simplicity The value 168 or above indicates there is still large space to development without any wasting. The 100 or below indicates that there is still free space to enforce and development.70 Music .DL) 9.48 % RC : 22.02 Language .54 Right hand Left hand 7.L) 13. Emotion (ring . if being fully enlightened.06 Reading . Picture (little finger L) 8. 3 / 26 .99% indicates that this area is within average standard * 9% or above indicates that this area belongs to strong potential * The value X indicates the potential plasticity is between 0 and 100. which is more essential for the one under the age of 16.04 R-TRC : 152.W) Right Brain Creativity .9 The cerebral diagram demonstrates the comparison and analysis upon self capability as follows: * A refers to the area need to be developed * 6%-8.PE) 15. which indicates the number of neuronal cells. Observatory (little finger .61 Operation (finger . if being cultivated and instructed based on the strong wisdom potential.27 Arts .68 % RC : 40.L) 9. please catch the opportunity of learning at all times.L) 8.W) 7.W) 13. the potential can be brought to the maximum play * Average value of RC is approximately 10 L-TRC+ R-TRC=TRC (Total Ridge Count): Refers to total amount of cerebral ridge. Management (Thumb . it is only serves as a reference for individual but not the final result. wisdom development and weak wisdom potential auxiliary The average value is 100-168.63 Recognition .

Sensibility Emphasize on integral function Relevant to visual space Focus on the object Memorize in sound.Functional difference between left and right hemispheres: Left hemisphere . 4 / 26 . authorized by maxtq groups.Rationality Emphasize on sequential analysis Relevant to language symbols Centralize in the body Memorize in language (verbal code) Right hemisphere . Please pay attention to strengthen the area of physically feeling. But only develop the potential actively can change potential to practical ability. Therefore this unbalancing affects fully utilization of Arts、Rhythm. Attention : ※Although dimki has advantage in Arts、Rhythm.EMPOWERMIND. You are capable of enomous learning potential.there is still room to improve in Operation. understand and distinguishing of control www. image and space (non-verbal code) When you came into the world you are with the potential to be Men of genius.

59% www.The proportion of potential chart 50 45.27 22.26 20.70 40 authorized by maxtq groups.06 40.61 25.73 22.02 27.04 20 10 0 A B C D E a b c d e The proportion of left and right brains map 51.63 30 26.41% Right Brain Left Brain 48.EMPOWERMIND. 5 / 26 .12 27.

Optima is above 15% C. rhythm of body movement.High plasticity Music and emotion: hearing.Underexplored 1 X.Underexplored 9.Underexplored authorized by maxtq groups. imagination and association of space A. and rhythm: feeling of body.EMPOWERMIND.High plasticity Logics and inference: calculation.The spread of code of potential Wisdom related analysis Scale Sequence Language. feeling of color and shapes and the appreciation of art A.Underexplored 13. 15.Standard: 6% ~ 8.Standard: 6% ~ 8.High plasticity Organization and management: arrange. music and the feeling of emotion A. and memory: distinguish sounds.99% B: Good is above 9% D. memory.High plasticity Arts.99% B: Good is above 9% D. distinguish and choose the right thing. feeling and distinguishing of ear to sound. introspection.Optima is above 15% C.68 % 2 X. planning.High plasticity 3D Imagination : thinking.66 % 3 X. analysis.Standard: 6% ~ 8. 6 / 26 .Optima is above 15% C.Underexplored 13. distinguish concepts and understanding A.17 % 5 X.Standard: 6% ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9% D.Standard: 6% ~ 8.78 % 6 www. aggressive.99% B: Good is above 9% D. handling and management 8.15 % learning and understanding of language A.Optima is above 15% C.99% B: Good is above 9% D.Optima is above 15% C.28 % 4 X.

Optima is above 15% C.Underexplored X.High plasticity Recognition and picture: visual feeling. It is good at imitation learning. with honest.48 % 8 X. operation. www.65 % 7 X.99% B: Good is above 9% D. distinguish distance and speed A.Underexplored 7.Underexplored 8.Standard: 6% ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9% D. matter and objects A.High plasticity Operation: physically feeling. understand and distinguishing of control A.Standard: 6% ~ 8. 7 / 26 . observatory.Standard: 6% ~ 8.41 % 9 X.Underexplored 7.A.Standard: 6% ~ 8.99% B: Good is above 9% D.Optima is above 15% C.High plasticity Creativity and thinking : communication.99% B: Good is above 9% D. And it insist on the tenet of harmony is most precious.Standard: 6% ~ 8. creativity.99% B: Good is above 9% D. Strong execution . and reading. target response.High plasticity Potential personality traits of dimki just like "Gifted Type Lionhearted Type Little Koala" Huge talent .Optima is above 15% C. association and recognition to human. curiosity and leadership authorized by maxtq groups.High plasticity Reading and observatory: distinguish visions. and complaisant personalities. devotion.73 % 10 X.EMPOWERMIND.Optima is above 15% C.Optima is above 15% C.Underexplored 6.

leaving a deep impression on somebody. www. objective and analytic before making decision. gentle. attach importance to systems and qualities. and prefers the feeling of "on the spot". dimki is qualified to be a spirit controller or strategist. dimki is accurate. and the development and maturity of dimki will also be confined. devotion. with honest. clear expression in structure and easy understanding. bravery. lacking in motivation. dimki likes a creative lifestyle like singing. consuming most of the energy on some interests and being indistinct about ultimate goals. high in adaptability.Born Personality Tiger : It means authority. telling stories. an unstrained style of life for dimki will be unable to last long. willing to take challenge. preciseness. And it insist on the tenet of harmony is most precious. dimki 's Born learning spirit dimki is guided interpersonally. can also take it under control efficiently and proficiently. disciplined. problems such as being comparatively passive in interpersonal interaction. telling jokes and debating. dimki is calm. It is a completist. Chameleon : Capable of great advantage of concrete plasticity and good adaptive capacity of surroundings. and because of the outstanding expression skill. he or she can always organize the concepts independently. 8 / 26 . peaceful and patient. Even when dimki has a work on hand. so dimki 's thoughts and ideas has temperamental features.EMPOWERMIND. dimki is managed to hit the target based on own plan. However. Otherwise. And it will march forward once have identified the goals. dimki often thinks from many different kinds of angles and changes thoughts and ideas. harmonious and perceptual. Koala : It is good at imitation learning. confidence. need to be sought out and improved. likes to walk among the crowd dimki is good at self-control and has a high desire of exploring the truth. and needs the situation related to coordinate. dimki understands "survival of the fittest". and complaisant personalities. dimki likes to repeatedly observe and participate. Owl : It means authorized by maxtq groups. dimki learns thorough all things with deep consideration.

63] Music and emotion: hearing. and note things heard from other people on a daily basis. understand and distinguishing of control How to strengthen this capability ==> dimki should do the gardening or model-making in person. blues music. association and recognition to human. There you can perform some play with the themes like human communication. [RC : 40. learning and understanding of language How to strengthen this capability ==> dimki should keep a diary or write down words in the mind. music and the feeling of emotion How to strengthen this capability ==> You should listen to all kinds of music that you can find. matter and objects How to strengthen this capability ==> www. but give yourself an opportunity.06] authorized by maxtq groups. Never assume in advance that you hate some kinds of music. memory. you can find a nearby organization such as school drama club or schoolmates educational group. If you enjoy performing. feeling and distinguishing of ear to sound. You may have a chance to play a role in the show for your class or school when you are at school. country music. and you may be surprised that you are into some kind of music which you seldom listen to in the past.You should regularly listen to various kinds of music on radio (for example. such as: the dialects.dimki 's Advantages : [RC : 45. feeling of color and shapes and the appreciation of art How to strengthen this capability ==> You should take part in drama training course or plays. bullying the weak. [RC : 22. [RC : 40. andformally learn one kind of sports. pop music. dimki 's Weakness : [RC : 20. 9 / 26 . jazz. hip-hop and gospel music). and rhythm: feeling of body. operation. and memory: distinguish sounds. accents.04] Recognition and picture: visual feeling.7] Arts.EMPOWERMIND. and vocabularies. rhythm of body movement.02] Operation: physically feeling. western music. classical music.

or model-making. and spoken word artists. dimki is good at using language to communicate with others.EMPOWERMIND. basic knowledge about construction. 10 / 26 . officially learns an individual sport Musical intelligence Values the sense of hearing. poets. how to take and develop photos or all kinds of artisan craftsmanship? There are such kinds of training sessions here and there: extracurricular offerings. tape video. practices recording thoughts that happen during doing exercises. What do you want to learn: drawing like sketch or oil painting. gardening. dimki likes reading. records own voice and listens to it Bodily-Kinesthetio intelligence dimki often says "Your saying makes me feel K" or "Your reaction makes me feel K" Evaluation of something is more likely to be based on "How I feel about it" Ideal learning environment Personally does chores. learns the martial arts. practices yoga or other activities that help relaxation or thought authorized by maxtq groups. joins music training classes. dimki is good at remember name.You should attend some training sessions. dimki is good at composing and tell story or jokes. takes music appreciation classes or music theory classe. place. Ideal learning environment Composes tunes on a whim. colleges or even online or individual counseling dimki 's inclined acquired intelligence Linguistic intelligence dimki is good at using language and words to thinking. sessions opened by community centers. likes to relax through listening to music. values the diction of other people. likes verbal affirmation. museums. Ideal learning environment Often goes to bookstores or libraries. and collects enough books for a library. sessions offered to continuing study. often reads newspapers and magazines. and listens to music while studying or working dimki Intelligence Order Order Multiple Intelligences Summary www. date and miscellaneous. reads music reviews in newspapers and magazines. dimki likes dictated language such as story. broadcasting. listens to tapes of famous speakers. attends book-signings of famous writers. reads a book a week. and CD.

He is the person who has a strong interest in art-sculpture. reading and writing. It is not easy to distinguish and understand animals and plants and content and characterics of matters. how and why.66 %) Logical-mathematic al intelligence (9. dimki is not comfor in crowds and does not like be involved in group activities. He is the person who unconsciously hums songs. and trivia. dimki compromises easily and doesn't really think for himself.78 %) 3 4 5 6 7 Naturalist intelligence (8. He is the person who is capable of reasoning. counting.65 %) Interpersonal intelligence (7.1 Linguistic intelligence (15. He likes to listen to music and has a good memory for voice. 2 Bodily-Kinesthetio intelligence (13. jumping. dimki should also have more practice-related courses or activities. He is the person who likes to do physical activities such as running. location. He is the person whose hands are less flexible. jigsaw puzzle. and analysis.48 %) 8 9 Spatial intelligence (7. authorized by maxtq groups. speaking. It is necessary to have more practice and review or practice-related courses or attend activities more.28 %) Spatial intelligence (9. such as a combination of building blocks. 11 / 26 . and images.EMPOWERMIND.41 %) 10 Bodily-Kinesthetio intelligence (6. He enjoys participating in sports and often succeeds in them. He is good at reasoning.68 %) Musical intelligence (13. So more practice-related courses or activities are required. objects and link objects.17 %) Intrapersonal intelligence (8. climbing. It is necessary to do practice-related courses or activities more. It is necessary to have more practice related courses or attend activities. He is the person who likes to chat with people. He likes to find out cause and effect. He often just accepts the mainstream view without question.15 %) He is highly sensitive to words and good at listening. It is a little difficult for him to identify people. It is necessary to have more personal interaction and social performance. is good at remembering things like the names of people.73 %) Advices for improvements of the strongest multiple intelligence and the multiple intelligence still possible to be strengthed www. not agile enough to move. landscape position.

tennis. cooking. tossing basketballs. Learn a practical routine requiring physical grace such as the Japanese tea ceremony. Take formal lessons in dance(modern. 3. basketball. Play video games that require the use of quick reflexes.). Exercise regularly and keep track of the ideas that occur to you during exercise sessions. Learn sign language or Braille. Engage in sensory-awareness activities that put you in touch with physical sensations and perceptions. Develop your eye-hard coordination by bowling. or other dance forms) or spend time engaged in form creative movements on your own. 12. 11. Set up a weight training and / or aerobics program for yourself under the supervision of a doctor or health club. throwing.EMPOWERMIND. 15. soccer. Learn Yoga or another system of physical relaxation and awareness. ballroom. 9. 10. Coach a little-league baseball team or some other group or individual sport. Take a class at a community center in working with clay or stone. . www. skiing. Join a work-related or community sports team (softball. or model building. baller. 13. 14. 6. Take lessons in a solo sports such as swimming. Play charades with friends or family.Bodily Intelligence 18Ways to develop your Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence: 1. Take up a “hands on” hobby around the home like gardening. 4. 8. such as typing or playing of a musical instrument. 12 / 26 5. Learn a skill that requires a good sense of touch and manual dexterity. or taking up authorized by maxtq groups. 7. golf. or other group sport. or gymnastics. and horseshoes. 2. 16.

Attend a writer’s conference or a class or workshop on writing through a local college. Have a regular storytelling time with family or friends. 7. 3. Pay attention to the different verbal styles (dialects. 13 / 26 8.. Listen to recordings and speeches of famous orators. and so forth) of the various people you meet during an average day. Verbal / Linguistic Intelligence ---. www. storytellers. Keep track of kinesthetic images that occur during your dreams and daytime reveries. Readers Digest.g. anagrams. Join a speaker’s club (e. Record yourself speaking on a tape recorder and listen to the playback.17. Take a class in acting or pantomime or join a local repertory company.g. 5. 6.Word Smart 22 Ways to Develop Your Linguistic Intelligence. 9. Toastmasters International) or prepare talks for business or community events. 18. 14. Learn more than one foreign language. crosswords). 1. Go regularly to libraries or bookstores. 12. Play word games (e. vocabularies. 10. slang expressions. Time Magazines) and / or to literary magazines and read them regularly. Learn to use a word processor. Subscribe to high-quality reading materials ( . Read a book once a week and develop a personal library. 11. 13. authorized by maxtq groups. 4. 15. and other speakers.. Join a book club.EMPOWERMIND. Scrabble.g. Keep a diary or write 250 words a day about anything on your mind. poets. intonations. 2. Go to a story tellers’ festival and learn about the art of storytelling.

Diplomatic. Political. 22. This includes the understanding of legal and political processes and of political theory. The educated students are receiving great achievement in music. to bring his/her ability and tal Department of Political Science and Law Summary : The Department of Political Science and Law is mainly research into the operation of the legal and political systems at all levels. Memorize favorite poetry or prose passages. Wind (trombone. or teaching stage. flute. 14 / 26 . strings (violin. 18. 17. double bass. cello. Rent. or buy audio recordings of great literature and listen to them as you commute or during other times of the day. 19.EMPOWERMIND. Main Subject : Majoring in piano. Public Administration and so on. 21. Music Department Summary : The courses that Department of Music arranged are enough to meet the learning desire of the students and achieve enviable success. koto. percussion authorized by maxtq groups. viola. traditional Chinese musical instruments (erhu. Circle unfamiliar words you encounter as you read and look them up in the dictionary. clarinet. riddles or puns. dulcimer) www. According to dimki 's most intelligence. flute. Main Subject : Legal. harp). bass number. Attend a speed-reading seminar. Teach an illiterate person to read through a volunteer organization. Use one new word in your conversation every day. academic research. bassoon). pipa. 20. music theory and composition. French horn. oboe. Makeup your own jokes. the ideal major. trumpet. borrow. a minor in vocal music. This program's goal is to train the professionals to understand bill enacted social reforms.

and care about the oral evaluation of others. To prefer to the oral positive praising. With a good ear for music. and therefore be easily treated as having mind absence. To prefer to relax through listening to the music. 5. 3. To prefer to hum to him or her self. and sensitive to the outside noise.dimki 's Born Learning Type Being a member of hearing learning. 6. 6. therefore dimki is quite suitable for the learning through tape recorders. or mark time with the music. "I understood!" is usually expressed as the time of understanding new authorized by maxtq groups. 5. dimki is skilled in learning by hearing and like strengthening memory by sound. but asking is the most useful technique for getting information. 7. dimki does not like reading books and handbooks. To attach importance to the wording and phrasing. 8. and even the emotions of the other side. To feel easy to remember the songs or tune. Music appreciation www. To emphasize on the voice and intonation of speech. Language understanding 1. To prefer to chat with others on the phone. To prefer to the oral positive praising. Cares others Specific performances of “Aural” learners Specific performance Aural identification Aural sensation 1. 2. Hardly to pay attention to the teacher at the platform. 4. and can sense the tune without the accompanying of instrument playing.EMPOWERMIND. Be easily inspired and moved by the remark of others. 15 / 26 . To attach importance to the aural sensation. 3. the professional abilities on language and music are easily developed after being trained. Can easily discern who is listening in the phone. 4. To feel easy to discern which instrument produce the sound. So that. 7. Be easily disturbed by outside noise. 2.

For dimki . But dimki is not well-suited to authoritarian management. 2. To judge something based on the sound appearance. 3. or organize a simple literary or artistic creation with good friends in order to improve the operative ability. To easily catch the meaning of others and be good at listen respectfully. Be used to relax and sublime him or her self by the aid of music. and even a character. 1. having a high posture. listening to the story. To prefer to learn through sound and memorize with language. dimki is responsible. In order to improve the image perceptivity and cognitive perceptivity: you should try to pay a close attention to the characters and scene while reading. dimki should select friends carefully to avoid getting bad influences. 4. Be fond of enjoying the music instrument performance. it is suggested to make use of his or her advantages to assist the potentials still possible to be improved. dimki can tell things in a logical way. and often listen to the tape. You should try to take part in the drama organized by the school and unit. and have a special appreciation for the music. and addicted to exploring the content and meaning of the said music. 16 / 26 . 5. a picture. dimki 's Born Learning Style dimki enjoys being in a group but can easily be affected by the friends or colleagues around on thinking and behavior. and instruct the others to make the performance tools and dress. Only in this way will dimki be sincerely convinced. radio and CD. 4.1. but I think”… 6. To prefer to be accompanied with the music at any time. attending a speech. draw the scene of one authorized by maxtq groups. disc. Be used to read the specification before using or operating a new product. www. Therefore. 2. Be fond of attending a lecture. so it is better to provide guidance by heuristic learning methods.EMPOWERMIND. and listening to others sharing success or analyzing the comments. With unconventional thought. which will help you understand the complicated meaning of the picture. 3. and rigid attitude. With a catch phrase: “As you say” or “I see” or “I got it. dimki will follow a good example which leads to a good result with continuous learning and practice. listening to the tape. Be expert at identifying various styles and types of music. though sometimes he can be seen as stubborn. has little complains and can take orders.

In order to foster the creative. dimki More accepted way of communication dimki prefers to use professionalism as the direction in discussing things. You can have a try to make an innovative model while listening to the music you like. 17 / 26 . and attempts to be focused and clear in descriptions dimki Less preferred way of communication dimki does not like to make things up randomly or talk with too much embellishment dimki Ways of life dimki prefers not to breach of rules. and always introspect about one's behaviors dimki Methods of expressing love dimki prefers to be very humble and polite. and understand various reactions and responses of the others. and it is helpful to make you understand how the others behaviors in this way.EMPOWERMIND. letting your inspiration going with the music that will bring about never-ending inspirations and innovations. such as short-sight and astigmatism etc. and understands the way to act in life dimki Born Health Situation Please take care of the eyes and prevent from getting eye-illness. One of the key factors to be the orator and storyteller is to persuade the others. Try to persuade the others. Please pay attention to and take caring the health if dimki gets the hyperaesthesia. thinking and interpersonal communication abilities: you should try to observe the surrounding authorized by maxtq groups. and therefore you can further strengthen the operative ability. www.

Born to be useful... To Conclude. asparagus. and Only through inspiration and learning can inborn intelligence become acquired wisdom. and ginger etc. no matter it is his moral characters. Man’s conducts. Quotations From Famous Saying Albert! People cannot succeed if he or she cannot beyond himself authorized by maxtq groups.EMPOWERMIND. lemon. are made by a combination of his “inborn qualities and brainpower”with his “postnatal learning and endeavor”. www.People easily having coronary heart disease. Inspire potentials to make achievements in the future. and cerebral congestion are suggested to intake appropriate amount of hawthorn. 18 / 26 . learning or achievements. authorized by maxtq groups.www. 19 / 26 .

★ In 1936. presented his research of the special grain character of Down patients in medical journal. ★ In 1969. 20 / 26 .。 ★ The Father of Dermatoglyphics Harold Cummins,M D,researched on analyzing different skin grains from Anthropology. ★ In 1969. ★ In 1940~1950 Dr. ★ In 1920 Elizabeth Wilson started analyzing the status of grain scientifically in the University of Columbia by using statistics to check the difference between people with Schizophrenia. john j.Theodore J. www. Skin grains had been widely used as a tool for clinical diagnosis for the past recent 20 years and publicized in other areas. genes and so authorized by maxtq groups. ★ Beryl Hutchison got a great discovery in medical for the skin grains. The skin grains were formed from the formation of embryo to week 13 and would finish developing after week 16. Sir Francis Gaiton was one of the earliest to look into the relationship between skin grains and genes among different families and different people so as to classify the skin grains scientifically。He established the theory of the everlasting and personality of finger prints which had been used since then.Walker is the first one to confirm the significance of DOWN. genes and abnormal grain and can predict the relationship between genes and Down。He established the Theory of Dermatoglyphics in 1926 after researched on the existing research by other scientists and him.Chariotte Wolff provided a lot of statistic analysis on the characteristics of the skin grains of the law breakers.Yael Haft-Pomrack researched on the difference between the skin grains of Schizophrenia and normal people. medical inspection and evidence of skin grains. Dr. ★ In 1893. Excellent grain identification tools were developed and used in research of different races. standardizing the definition of Dermatoglyphics which is commonly used today. Marbengy(1626~1794)was the first one to study finger prints scientifically. ★ Dr. low intelligence and normal people. identification.;Walter Sorrel got a great discovery and observatory from the skin grains of the cancer patients.Muivihill,M D and David W. Harold Cummins,M D . According to this significance can easily distinguished 70% of the DOWN patients.EMPOWERMIND.Yigal Ginath & MS. This significance is still under used by the Pediatrics. The skin grains would remain the same ever since then and unique for every individual. Dr. ★ An Italian. ★ In 1963. ★ Dr.Smith,M D published the research on the different stages of the formation of grain for the babies. Eugene Scheimann provided the relationship of signage.1: History of Genetic Dermatoglyphics in Medical Field 【Dermatoglyphics and Psychology vs Generic and Medical】 ★ Chinese had been using finger prints for signature and identification for over 2000 years.Berry published a medical textbook disclosing the hints of diagnosis from the hands.

★ The birth mark . Alter systemically researched on the relationship of skin grains and the abnormal development of chromosomes. ★ In recent years. The structural function of Cerebral Cortex can be analyzed from the skin grains.D. ★ The significant figure for the scholastic research for skin grains. and development of mind along with educational. heart disease. www.” ★ In 1976. Anatomy and Medical in 1987 . their conclusion on the inspection of skin grains states that “ Skin grains inspection should be included in the routine examination in the pediatric department. Slow Response and Over Drinking are having similar skin grains which are different to normal people. This typical research can be found in “UK Schizophrenia Journal” Chapter 136 “Research on Mania.1993. Anthropology. ★ Because of Heredity Gene Science and authorized by maxtq groups. Schizophrenia and Grain”. old age dementia and so on. behavior science and the development of electronic identification system makes tailor made education based on gene. ★ Researches on Psychiatry found that some people with special behavior such as Lonely Sickness. medical and science experts such as “Multi-wisdom” theory published by Dr. Holt Ph. 21 / 26 . Mr. brain development and behavior. February 1973. published in Pediatrics Clinical Analysis Journal. therefore the code of potential and differentiation can be scaled and checked scientifically. recordings. Schizophrenia. Howard Gardner of University of Harvard. Chen Ming Chi of 168TQ Group focused on developing the combination of the relationship of skin grains. genes. Education became more scientific. comparison and inductions. ★ There are over 7000 publishes on Dermatoglyphics in relative medical journals since founded. psychology. Because of the spread of the brain cells on different areas of cortex does affect the sequence of advantages of learning of kids. Psychiatry Doctors and Pediatric Doctors after long researches based on health and behavior. aiming to provide tailor made education for every individual with special potential so as to donate to the society. Johnson and Opitz.★ The issue of Pediatric Diagnosis Journal.over 70000 analyses had been proved by Doctors. 2: Using “Medical Generic Grain” to check the code of potential ★ Many scientists and medical doctorate found that the born number of brain cells (learning potential) can be checked from the skin grains of one’s limbs after long observatory.EMPOWERMIND. states that:The famous pediatric clinic in Ohio . One of these publishes “The Importance of Dermatoglyphics in Medical”was written by Sarah B. ★ In 1989. Fitzherbert published over 300 theses on the relationship of Dermatoglyphics. Bagga published the status of the skin grains of the Schizophrenia and confirmed that skin grains are of great value and can not be replaced in Physiology and Psychology. Mania. Extremely Shy. found that certain diseases had a great relationship with skin grains. There are more than 100 individual researched to prove that a lot of diseases are related to the abnormal development of skin grains such as cancer.

therefore. thus the vibration is known to exist. Thanks to the advance of electric technology. which is a source of intuition and the sixth sense. and reasoning). anxiety.e. and difficulty in breathing. It is related to the supernatural phenomena in the level of soul. the German physiologist Hans Berg thinks that there are similarities between human beings and numbfish which can emit electricity. it looks like wave fluctuations. β wave (13-30Hz): The brainwave in sober state is the source of brainpower needed by intelligence (including calculation. It also has something to do with daydreams. brainwaves are captured through diagrams. care about others’ words and behaviors too much. many researchers are interested in this work. which is related to memory. θ wave (4-7Hz): It is the brainwave in the level of sub-consciousness. the man will have a strong personality and even be stubborn. If one’s θ wave is too authorized by maxtq groups. They are changing like electrical appliance. the quantity of brainwave cycles can be tested by www. At the end of the nineteenth century. etc. strain.the brainwave α wave (8-12Hz): It is a bridge between consciousness and sub-consciousness and a source of imagination. i. Too strong β wave will result in pressure. It is the type of brainwave needed in sleep. there is swinging like electric vibrations in the brain. There are many nerve cells in active state in human brains. He finds that there are vibrations of electricity in human brains.★ 3: What kind of code of potential can be checked by using the system of 168TQ System? ★ Born learning potential energy ★ The sequence of advantages of learning with Cerebral Cortex “Strength and Weakness of 10 Wisdoms” ★ The strong wisdom formed after birth ★ Born learning style ★ Born learning type ★ Born learning function analysis ★ Health formed after birth ★ Which faculty will be best potentially performed ★ Potential working skills ★ Ideal career to utilize potential A great finding of modern science --. δ wave(1-3Hz): It belongs to the level of unconsciousness. beliefs and personalities. Later. It is the source of creativity and inspiration. it is a kind of biological energy source produced by brain cells. It is related to whether one is broad-minded and relaxed. logic thinking. As there is correspondence between the vibration and humans’ consciousness activities to certain extent. In one word. When this swinging is shown on scientific instruments.EMPOWERMIND. or it is the rhythm of brain cells’ activities. The vibration in the brain is called brainwave. 22 / 26 . emotions.

the body consumes the least amount of energy. ‧θ wave 4-8 Hz When θ wave is the dominant brainwave. In this state. Thus the brain can work more quickly. Anyhow. This is why it is easy for people to accept the outside instructions when hypnotized. people’s consciousness will break off and the body is in a deep relaxed state. man is in a sober state. In this state. With the increase of β wave. when you toss and turn and can not fall asleep. Under this state. In addition. 23 / 26 . it is found that δ wave plays the key role in developing the intuitive radar system and supernatural power of human beings. A really good sleep good to one’s skin needs this kind of short but deep sleep.EMPOWERMIND. Middle speed α wave 9-12 Hz An inspired or intuitive state with certain imaginative ability. Therefore. The functions of α wave: ‧develop potential abilities www. the energy of the brain will command the body defense system to be prepared. Relaxed and focused. the break of consciousness buries the filtration mechanism of criticism and morality when we are in a sober state. β. θ wave has a direct relationship to the brain verge system. people are in a state of deep sleep and unconsciousness. δ. the energy of human body is consumed quickly and the body is easy to get tired. but the body is relaxed. and is essential to helping the development of cognitive behavior. and actively. θ to these cycles with different vibrations. ‧δ wave 0. Whether man has a good quality of sleep has much to do with δ wave. pressure tends to be accumulated (which is a common disease for modern people). This is why modern science advocates that α wave is the best brainwave for humans to learn and think. if you can call upon the feeling similar to δ wave verge state (of course you need training to get that). It helps to trigger deep memory and strengthen long term memory (LTP). If no enough rest is ensured. the body gradually enters a state of strain. human has a clear consciousness. ‧β wave 14 Hz and above When β wave is the dominant brainwave. The inspiration and intuition is more acute. you will be able to get rid of insomnia and falls into deep asleep. the gate of our mind is fully open and we are in a high degree of hyper-suggestibility to outside information. Therefore. θ wave is called the Gateway to Learning and Memory in the circle of science. Apart from maintaining the operation of its own authorized by maxtq groups.instruments. There are 3 kinds of α wave: Low speed α wave 8-9 Hz An absentminded state of the brain before sleep when consciousness is blurring. β wave in proper amount can improve positive attention. High speed α wave 12-14 Hz Highly alert. while the brain acquires a higher percentage of energy. ‧α wave 8-14 Hz (Vibrating 8-14 times/second) When α is the dominant brainwave. No time to care about other things.4-4 Hz When δ wave is the dominant brainwave. This is a high level mental state which is called “Trance State”. the sleeping cycles will appear 4 to 5 times. thus the ability of the immune system is reduced. The International Brainwave Institute gives names of α. smoothly. In addition. Therefore. Non-REM δ wave will appear in the first cycle of the initial stage of sleep. Normally. δ sleep is a very deep sleep state without dreams. It provides the bridge between consciousness and sub-consciousness. and is ready to respond to the outer environment.

※ James Mc Gangh and Elisabeth Philipos in the University of California The procedural training by using full brain development machine allows students to learn 1800 Bulgarian words in 120 hours. Townsend in the Nerve Immunology Research Center of the Navy Hospital in San Diego. and 36 can cure hemicrania。 ※Dr Richard E.A. Use the program of Theta wave frequency scope.A. and improve the ability of self-healing ※Dr.H.Russell and Dr.J.Carter in the University of Houston in the U. Through the analysis of EEG electroencephalogram. After this process of relaxation. After 10 to 15 years. the full brain development machine is used regularly and the brain enginery can be maintained in its best state.A. Robert Cosgrove in Medical College of the University of Stanford.EMPOWERMIND. “ Study done by Paul Williams in the Psychology Department in the College of Medicine of the University of Wales: Light-guide stimulation instructs personal experience of sitting still as a therapy. Use light-guided stimulation with multiple frequencies to gain positive improvements in the period of sleep preparation and insomnia. The full brain machine can reduce the degeneration of brain enginery resulted from ageing. the examinees will be filled with a feeling of happiness. the examinees can easily enter the state of hypnosis. ※ The scientist D.J.Anderson’s study: Use light-guide stimulation with multiple frequencies to cure hemicrania In the record of 50 kinds of hemicrania. Produce a “definite relaxed state”. 24 / 26 . The full brain development machine can effectively remove the stress in study and psychological problems such as anxiety. 49 can relieve or comfort authorized by maxtq groups.S. ※Dr.S. “ Dr. especially the problem of not being able to focus one’s attention.S. www. Use full brain development machine to overcome all kinds of obstacles in study.S.A. Thomas Budzynski in Biology Feedback Research Institute in Denver in U. U. so as to improve the study efficiency. The speed using the light-guide stimulation of eyepatch to produce Alpha brainwave. “ Dr.R.Diston-Sommer in the State of Arizona in U. is faster than examinees who are good at skills of sitting still and meditating.‧improve memory and concentration ‧develop inspiration and creativity ‧strengthen the healthiness of body and mind.

the users can get easy access to the wanted brainwave state. and increase the intellectual functions of the brain. ※Dr. ※Dr. it is found in the blood and encephala and spiral cord of the people tested before they are relaxed. it is shown that light-guide stimulation can lower the happening of depression. 3. pressure. ※Dr. Promote the synchronized work of both left and right brains. insomnia. the brain will be in a passive but quite sober state. the state of brainwave will resist against the old habits or deficiencies in a short term. Norman Shealy in the State of Missouri Using audio and photic stimulation with visual light-guide effects to produce a state of relax. the full brain development machine can be used to design and develop new state of cognitive strategies. Olivier Carreau in Saint Louis College in Paris 30 minutes of stimulation from full brain machine can produce a deep relaxed state. While induced.※Dr. 25 / 26 . Effectively induct the brainwave status to Alpha or Theta waves. Therefore. In the experiment. There are 24 patients with long term headache and hemicrania accepting the light-guide stimulation treatment of 5-8HZ. 20 patients with headache get authorized by maxtq groups. after a long term of using the full brain development machine. After certain period of learning and training. 2. Gene W. and can effectively solve the problems of pain. Brockopp in Medical Studies Center in the Buffalo City in New York 1. Solomon's study in the Air Force Medical Center in Illinois: The application of the visual effectiveness of slow waves in treating headache. This phenomenon is a proof of the accumulation effect of this machine. anxiety. endorphins increases 25% on average. and discomfort from time difference. therefore. www.EMPOWERMIND. Glen D. and a happy feeling for a whole day or even lasting for 2-3 days. 4 patients have no improvement. the full brain development machine can reduce the time spent on study.

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