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ACI/PCA Seminar—ACI 318-08 Building Code
Earn continuing education credit by attending this seminar!

locations & dates 
Chicago, IL
October 1, 2008

Charlotte, NC

November 20, 2008

Washington, DC
October 2, 2008

Des Moines, IA Cleveland, OH

December 2, 2008 December 4, 2008

ACI 318-08 Building Code
ACI/PCA One-day Seminar
Attend this seminar to learn the new Code provisions and how to implement them correctly in your day-today work. Instructors will explain each change, why it was made, and what it means to you as a designer and specifier of structural concrete.

Portland, OR Dallas, TX

October 9, 2008 October 14, 2008

New Brunswick, NJ
December 9, 2008

Albany, NY

October 16, 2008

Miami, FL

December 11, 2008

Minneapolis, MN
October 21, 2008 October 23, 2008

San Francisco, CA
December 16, 2008

Kansas City, KS Orlando, FL Denver, CO
October 28, 2008 October 29, 2008

St. Louis, MO Phoenix, AZ

November 6, 2008 November 13, 2008

New York, NY

November 18, 2008

Additional ACI/PCA 318-08 Building Code seminars are being offered next spring. Please see www. concreteseminars.com for dates.

Topics to be covered include:
n Definition of exposure categories and classes for durability n Enhanced structural integrity reinforcement n Headed shear stud reinforcement and headed deformed bars n New design requirements for most Seismic Design Categories n Expanded and enhanced Appendix D, Anchoring to Concrete n And much more!

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IL. . MN. SECB. For more detailed information on the faculty. Catherine E. faculty James R. PhD. PE. ACI and PCA are not responsible for statements or opinions expressed by instructors. and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington. PE. Design and detailing requirements are correlated with the Seismic Design Categories in the IBC. The use of high-strength confining steel is permitted to help reduce congestion. Dominic J. WY. is Principal at J. Harris & Company. PhD. Dolan. Neil M. French. Laramie. Department of Civil Engineering. Manager.. Building Code There are many important changes in ACI 318-08. FPCI. West Lafayette. Collegiate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan. Lawrence C. Cook PhD. SE. P. Jr. Requirements are presented to select effective stiffness to determine lateral deflections. IL. PhD. SE. The licensed design professional is required to assign exposure categories and classes based on the severity of the anticipated exposure of structural members to achieve durability.K. WA. Ramirez. PhD. LEED® AP.. is President of Cary Kopczynski & Company. IL. is a Consulting Structural Engineer for Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. T. PE. R.. MS. Richart. FACI. Cary Kopczynski. FACI. Person Professor of Engineering at the University of Wyoming. Some of the major topics covered in this seminar include:  New provisions for headed shear stud reinforcement and headed deformed bars  Licensed design professional to prescribe new exposure categories and classes for durability requirements  Enhanced structural integrity requirements  Modeling procedure for evaluation of lateral displacements  Increased allowable concrete compression stress immediately after prestress transfer  Use of supplementary reinforcement and anchor reinforcement to enhance the capacity of anchors  Ductility requirements for anchors in seismic zones  Reorganized and enhanced provisions for Earthquake-Resistant Structures in order of increasing Seismic Design Category  Increased design yield strength for confinement reinforcement to help reduce congestion Also covered in this seminar are the following topics:  Introduction of “shear cap” and differentiation with “drop panel” for two-way slabs  Strength test based on three 4 x 8 in. PhD. Harris. Ghosh Associates Inc. Ghosh.com. All instructors served on the committee that approved ACI 318-08. Novak. Skokie. cylinders  A 12-month limit set on historical data used to qualify mixture proportions  Modified strength reduction factors for spirally reinforced columns and plain concrete  Simple procedure to define braced and nonbraced compression members. is a Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University. IN. Julio A. PE.. IL. FACI. FACI. PhD. Kelly. CA. Portland Cement Association. PhD. PE. Denver. FACI. MS. cylinders or two 6 x 12 in. is IT Distinguished Professor.K. FACI. Wight. A new simple procedure helps determine if compression members are considered braced or unbraced. Rabbat.E.concreteseminars.ACI/PCA One-day Seminar ACI 318-08. Boston. FACI. The beneficial effect of supplementary reinforcement and anchor reinforcement on the capacity of anchors is quantified. PE. Chicago. and Laguna Niguel. Hawkins. is the Manager. FASCE. Structural Engineers.S. go to www. Palatine. CO. MA. S. is the H. is President or S. Provisions are introduced for the design of headed stud assemblies. FPCI. and an Adjunct Professor of civil engineering at University of Illinois. Structural Codes at Portland Cement Association. College of Engineering. is a Professor of civil engineering at the University of Florida. James K. SE. Bellevue. FACI. Skokie. FACI. FACI. Charles W. SE. is a Professor Emeritus of civil engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. University of Minneapolis. is the F. PhD. MASCE. and reorganized column slenderness provisions  Limits on depths of beams and hollow core units exempted from the requirement for minimum shear reinforcement  Steel fiber-reinforced concrete as an alternative to minimum shear reinforcement  Modified limit on shear friction strength for monolithically placed concrete and concrete placed against intentionally roughened concrete  Modified load factors for required test load seminar topics Two of the following will be your instructors: Ronald A. Basile G. Inc. IL. Building Structures.

seminar times  Registration begins at 7:45 a.concreteseminars. product.org/ education/edu_online_CEU. PCA has maintained the committee Secretariat for over 50 years. lunch. a $107 value. State Board for Engineering  Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board  North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors  Wisconsin Safety and Buildings Division (Course 9797) Contact or return the completed form to: Kelly Dudley American Concrete Institute P. and you are entitled to a complimentary.5 PDHs. For a complete list of topics.m. we will issue you an ACI Credit for the full amount of your registration fee that you may redeem for any future ACI seminar. ACI publications are available at a substantial discount when an in-house seminar is held. Save time and money by scheduling an in-house seminar today. refund policy  Substitutions are accepted at any time. Membership includes a monthly issue of Concrete International. ACI publishes the 318 Building Code and other concrete codes and standards. ACI is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages such as nonrefundable airfare. Building Code who should attend  Engineers. Fax: 248-848-3792. discounts on ACI publications. If you cannot attend the seminar. one-time. Box 9094 Farmington Hills.com . Attach your business card or complete the following: NAME: __________________________________________________ COMPANY: ______________________________________________ _ PHONE: __________________ FAx: __________________________ E-MAIL: _________________________________________________ free publications—a $298. or e-mail: Kelly. The seminar is cosponsored by your local ACI Chapter and other local groups. delivered via ACI’s Web site. Upon successful completion of the quiz. PCA produces the Notes on ACI 318 to assist the engineer and architect in the proper application of the ACI 318 design standard.75 CEUs. Download and read the concrete-related document of your choice and take a short quiz. Long an active participant in ACI Committee 318. with the seminar running from 8:00 a. architects. go to http://www. Since 1983. nonmembers of aci  Pay the standard seminar registration fee ($597). This new service is FREE to ACI members and available to nonmembers for a nominal fee. Continental breakfast.8 CEUs (equivalent to 8 PDHs) can be earned each year by this method. and free publications are included. to 5:00 p.org. com or by contacting ACI for details. we will refund your registration fee.htm.ACI/PCA One-day Seminar ACI 318-08. specifiers. a credit or surcharge may apply. Confirmed participants who do not attend are liable for the entire fee unless we are notified in advance of the seminar date that you cannot attend. If you notify us that you cannot attend within 3 to 6 working days before the seminar. 6-month membership. If you notify us that you cannot attend less than 3 working days before the seminar date.m. 318)  Florida Board of Professional Engineers (Provider #0003855)  The University of the State of New York. Approved course provider for:  American Institute of Architects (G115.Dudley@concrete.00 value!   ACI 318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary  PCA Notes on ACI 318-08  Seminar lecture notes continuing education credit  Attendees receive 0. PCA and ACI have presented seminars on changes introduced in each new edition of the 318 Code. or service. If ACI cancels a seminar due to insufficient enrollment. Pricing is dependent upon the topic and the length of the seminar. If your substitute qualifies at a different registration fee. we will issue you an ACI Credit minus a $75 administrative fee. worth 7.m. ACI educational opportunities.concrete. If you notify us 7 or more working days before the seminar. E-learning. hosts  This seminar is a joint effort of the American Concrete Institute and the Portland Cement Association. and much more. and others involved with structural concrete.. your registration fee will be refunded. Your membership will start following your attendance at the 318 Code seminar. A maximum of . request for in-house seminar quote  Let ACI bring the latest concrete technology to your doorstep. go to www. please notify the ACI Seminar Registrar at 248-848-3815 immediately. An in-house seminar on virtually any concrete-related topic can be brought directly to your office.com NEW—Earn CEUs Online  Experience the convenience and value of e-learning. you will receive a certificate of completion indicating the number of CEUs earned. MI 48333-9094 Phone: 248-848-3709.concreteseminars. coffee breaks. This offer is available by registering online at www. For available topics. will help you fulfill your continuing education requirements.concreteseminars. building officials. a bimonthly issue of the ACI Structural Journal. It’s not just about seminars anymore! 248-848-3815 www.O.

OR—October 9.com for dates. bank.O. 2008 Instructors: Harris and Rabbat NEW YORK. KSF FLF COF MOF AZF NYF       DCF ORF TXF NYF MNF  CHICAgO. 2008 Instructors: Rabbat and Ramirez SAN FRANCISCO. DC—October 2.com for additional cosponsors.m. Discounted student seminar fee is only for full-time students under the age of 28.com mail: American Concrete Institute Account Number: __________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________________________________  Please charge to my ACI member account Current ACI national members only. FL—December 11. Registration from all others must be accompanied by full payment. IL—October 1. You will be sent confirmation of your registration with the address of the seminar. NC—November 20. NY—November 18. FL—October 28. CA—December 16. an individual with similar qualifications will be used. please provide your ACI Member number next to your name.S. AZ—November 13. 2008 Instructors: Hawkins and Rabbat PHOENIX.concreteseminars. 2008 Instructors: French and Rabbat KANSAS CITY. 2008 Instructors: Harris and Novak  PORTLAND.concreteseminars. please check here and submit a statement regarding your disability-related needs. fees and sign-up  $597 Nonmember Registration Fee $457 ACI National Members and Employees of PCA Member Firms Registration Fee $125 Full-Time Students (with proof of enrollment) Two.m. funds and issued from a U. 2008 Instructors: Kelly and Rabbat  MINNEAPOLIS. Include current proof of enrollment with your registration. or reserved by government or company purchase order (ACI federal ID# is 38-0296490). 2008 Instructors: Ghosh and Novak Additional ACI/PCA 318-08 Building Code seminars are being offered next spring. 2008 Instructors: Rabbat and Ramirez DENvER. NY—October 16. LOUIS. See www. 2008 Instructors: Rabbat and Wight NEW BRUNSWICK. CO—October 29. OH—December 4.S. 2008 Instructors: Kelly and Rabbat MIAMI. name title company address 2 phone fax aci member no. Member Services P.  If you have a disability that requires special accommodations. KS—October 23. 2008 Instructors: Dolan and Novak ST.-5 p. 2008 Instructors: Kopczynski and Rabbat  ALBANY. 2008 Instructors: Novak and Rabbat  WASHINgTON. ET . 2008 Instructors: Novak and Wight NCF IAF OHF NJF MMF CAF       CHARLOTTE.: Registration Fee: $ address 1 city. state. MO—November 6. All payments must be in U. 2008 Instructors: Ghosh and Rabbat DES MOINES. 2008 Instructors: Dolan and Rabbat CLEvELAND. IA—December 2.or three-character promotional code listed above your name on the mailing label: ________ To qualify for the discounted ACI National Members Seminar Fee. MI 48333-9094 fax: 248-848-3801 (24 hours a day) phone: Member Services 248-848-3815 8 a.seminar registration  3188 ILF Please check seminar location and date. zip e-mail payment   I am paying by check (payable to ACI)  Please charge to: (circle one) VISA MasterCard register today  web: www. NJ—December 9. Please see www. 2008 Instructors: French and Novak ORLANDO. If it’s necessary to substitute an instructor. 2008 Instructors: Kopczynski and Rabbat  DALLAS.concreteseminars. charged to a credit card. Box 9094 Farmington Hills. TX—October 14. MN—October 21.

making functional construction joints. ACI 302. government agencies. you will increase your design efficiency and learn to avoid common design errors.75 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). load transfer systems. ACI 303R. and academia.3-06 Code.2R. Cosponsored by PCA. Examples will be presented to illustrate applications of the new Code provisions. architects. This seminar will provide attendees with solutions to problems with concrete. curing. For more information on ACI seminars. and Course Notes. and material suppliers. CONTINUING EdUCaTION CREdIT Seminar attendees will receive 0. ACI is a Registered Provider with the American Institute of Architects and several state licensing boards. specifiers. Instructors will illustrate the practical applications of the recently adopted provisions for seismic design of liquid-containing structures by working through extensive design examples.com TROUBLESHOOTING CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION One-day seminar for contractors. specifiers. reinforcement installation. and much more. design engineers. ACI seminars are preapproved for credit under the NRMCA STEPS program.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).1R. and identifying causes of deteriorating concrete. The seminar will cover placing reinforcement. “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction. based on the ACI 350. achieving flatness and levelness tolerances. for designers. ACI 309. . A portion of the day will be set aside to discuss Appendix D. Instructors will explain each change. useful information for construction of concrete slabs on ground. and seminar lecture notes.concreteseminars. CONSTRUCTION Of CONCRETE SLaBS ON GROUNd This one-day seminar will focus on construction of concrete slabs as reported in ACI 302. SEISmIC dESIGN Of LIqUId-CONTaINING CONCRETE STRUCTURES One-day seminar. why it was made. visit www. vibrating concrete properly. PCA Notes on 318. Complimentary publications include: ACI 302.1R and Course Notes. Anchoring to Concrete. concrete materials. this intensive seminar will guide you step-by-step through the significant changes in the 2008 edition of the ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. ACI 303. Complimentary publications include: ACI 318-08. surface treatments.” The purpose of the seminar is to provide contractors and engineers with practical.Fall 2008 ACI Educational Seminars seminars at-a-glance CHaNGES IN 318-08 BUILdING COdE One-day seminar for engineers. Topics covered will include desirable slab properties.1. At this intensive seminar. worth 7. engineers. minimizing curling. Professional Engineers can convert CEUs to PDHs to fulfill their continuing education requirements.3-06 and Course Notes. and others involved with structural concrete. joints and cracks.1R. preventing most cracks. ACI 308R. building officials. and what it means to you as a designer and specifier of structural concrete. detecting delaminations. Complimentary publications include: ACI 301. Complimentary publications include: ACI 350.

AZ November 13.O. Name: Company: Address: Phone Number: Fax Number: Make checks payable to ACI. NY October 16. visit www. OR October 9.com By mail: Member Services P. WI October 2. PA December 12. 2008 Tampa. 2008 (ENV8) MOF OHF COF AZF PAF ConStruCtIon of ConCrete SlABS on ground One-day Seminar (SLC8) CAF NYF NEF TXF ARF FLF DCF INF Chicago. Discounted Registration Fee: $ Total Registration Fees: $ City. All payments must be in U. GA October 8. DC December 3. CA October 15. Box 9094 Farmington Hills.concreteseminars. please provide your six-digit ACI Member number next to your name below. 2008 Denver. 2008 San Francisco. or reserved by government or company purchase order (ACI Federal ID No. State. MA November 12. Include current proof of enrollment with your registration. 2008 trouBleShootIng ConCrete ConStruCtIon One-day Seminar (TRO8) WIF GAF ORF TXF MAF CAF MNF Milwaukee. or charge to: account no.S. 2008 Boston. seminar registration registration fee To register. Louis. 2008 Portland. IL October 1. MN October 21. NY November 18. MI 48333-9094 By fax: (248) 848-3801 (248) 848-3815 8:00 . AZ December 5. 2008 St. aCI One-day Seminars •$597 Nonmember Registration Fee •$457 ACI National Members •$125 Full-Time Students aCI/PCa One-day Seminars Changes in 318-08 •$597 Nonmember Registration Fee •$457 ACI National Members and Employees of PCA Member Firm Registration Fee •$125 Full-Time Students student seminar fee is only for full-time students under the age of 28. charged to a credit card. MO November 6. Please see www. date register today By web: www. OR October 23. FL December 11. . NJ December 9. See www. Complete this form and fax. Zip: E-mail: MASTERCARD exp. or phone as shown below. DC October 2. OH December 4. MO November 6. funds. 2008 Additional ACI/PCA 318-08 Building Code seminars are being offered next spring. CA December 16. 2008 Denver. 2008 Miami. 2008 Omaha.5:00 ET (Monday-Friday) By phone: Member Services Charge to my ACI member account (current ACI National Members only). please circle date and location above. 2008 Washington. KS October 23. NE October 29. TX November 11. NY October 22. 2008 Charlotte. 2008 Cincinnati. 2008 San Diego. 38-0296490). 2008 Austin. 2008 New York. 2008 Dallas. 2008 Houston. 2008 Atlanta. CO October 29. VISA To qualify for the discounted ACI National Member Seminar Fee. AR November 13. 2008 Phoenix. 2008 Portland. 2008 Des Moines. FL November 19.com Dates are subject to change.com for dates. 2008 Albany. NC November 20. 2008 Kansas City.concreteseminars. FL October 28. TX October 28.seminar dates and locations ACI/PCA 318-08 BuIldIng Code One-day seminar (3188) ILF DCF ORF TXF NYF MNF KSF FLF COF MOF AZF NYF NCF IAF OHF NJF MMF CAF For additional dates and locations or more information on ACI seminars.com or phone (248) 848-3815. 2008 Orlando.concreteseminars. CA December 3. IA December 2. mail. OH November 14. 2008 Pittsburgh. 2008 New York. 2008 Minneapolis. 2008 Cleveland. (CODE: HD) 072508. I have a disability and may require accommodation in order to fully participate in the seminar. SeISmIC deSIgn of lIquId-ContAInIng ConCrete StruCtureS One-day Seminar St. 2008 Phoenix. 2008 Indianapolis. IN December 10. Registration from all others must be accompanied by full payment. 2008 Minneapolis. 2008 New Brunswick. CO November 21. 2008 San Francisco.concreteseminars. MN December 10. Louis. 2008 Washington. TX October 14. 2008 Little Rock.