Reasons of Brain Drain in Pakistan: A global phenomenon is the migration of intellectual man power from less developed countries

to more migration is from the third world countries to the European state and USA. The migration to China, Japan and Malaysia is less than Australian continent. While the migration from one country to another has its own mentis and leads to better development of the world and the nation forming it, it also causes serious damages to the less developed countries which need actually the presence of it such intellectuals who migrate to the rich nations. It leads to the depletion of cultural richness when the highly enriched intellectuals migrate. The migration of Chinese and Japanese to the rest of the world has polluted the cullres of the many countries. Also the migration of better qualified scientists and engineers is noticeable and has because a matter of great concern because the less developed countries needs them more seriously. It is there fore a matter of great attention to investigate the causes of migration of qualified man power from Pakistan to Europe, Australia and USA. In this article the an attempt has been made to probe the reasons of inteuectual migration, so called the ³Brain Drain´ and to suggest measures to arrest or minimize this migration what is termed as ³Brain Prevention´. Reasons of Brain Drain in Pakistan are 1. Economics reasons In addition to several legitimate political reasons including peace and security for himself and his family, another reason is economic; such as job satisfaction, academically progressive environment, better pay and service conditions. 2. Lack of financial and Academie reasons The just for better life and higher education is a strong reason behind the brain drain from Pakistan. There is no doubt that more and better opportunities in the US and UK are one of the attractions to moving there. No good institution for research and doctorate lever and post doctorate level studies opportunities are available in Pakistan. 3. Role of political will in the prevention of brain drain The political instability let the people leave the motherland for a better future with some prediction. There is a dire need to assure the man power to remain present in Pakistan. A diplomatic solution should be given a priority to resolve conflicts rather than going to let the people do what they want. 4. Lack of higher Education Institutes Seience and technology is an area that is not fully exploited by the Pakistan resources. A less budget sliced away for education is the reason in leaking the higher studies which could prenent the brain drain. Many other reason behind the brain drain from Pakistan are there some of these are; ‡ Natural Problems ‡ Political and Social feater ‡ Poor status of Science and Scientists in Pakistan society. ‡ Lake of competition and Challenging Culture. ‡ No Proper ontrstrueture for research and development.

Most of our students are presently unaware about the positive developments that are taking place in Pakistan in their absence. when they have an access to the internet and read some online national newspapers. Pakistan`s diplomatic missions are unaware of the fact that how many students are studying in which foreign country? In case of any emergency. Our diplomatic missions abroad also have no knowledge about the exact number of students who are studying abroad. that are held from time to time in various parts of the country on the subject of brain drain. The money which Pakistani students earn by taking part-time jobs in foreign countries to pay their tuition fee. Another important implication of the brain drain is that investment in education in a developing countries may not lead to faster economic growth if a large number of its highly educated people leave the country. they should make it a point that in addition to other guests. I would like to emphasize on the point that while our diplomatic missions celebrate "Independence Day" abroad. so that they should remain in contact with our diplomatic missions abroad. but no positive steps have been taken as yet by the government of Pakistan to stop the brain drain. that it becomes more or less practically impossible for them to keep in touch with their parents. accommodation charges and other living expenses do not permit them to meet the expense of normal return airfare. They are supposed to send newsletters to these students studying in various foreign countries. Implications of brain drain in Pakistan The implications of brain drain are disastrous. relatives and friends. Losing them sets developments back in these countries. or even our government have not asked Pakistani students to return back and serve their country by offering proper jobs according to their qualifications. whenever these students get a chance to visit Pakistan during the holidays. Moreover. except in rare cases. . our diplomatic missions will not be able to extend any help to these students. Our leaders often deliver lengthy speeches in number of seminars. they become so much involved in their studies. our diplomatic mission does not take any pain to register these students in their official records. One of the reasons of brain drain is that when Pakistani students go abroad for undergraduate or post-graduate studies. and at the same time these students should also get the opportunity to meet with foreign dignitaries. Pakistani students should also receive proper invitation card.‡ No merit criteria. Pakistan embassies and consulates should have full knowledge about these students and should update their records from time to time. It entails losses of strategie man power from bey posts. Trained and skilled people constitute a very scarce resource for poor countries.

relative and friends and at the same time they will also be able to maintain close ties with their country of origin. finally do not return back to Pakistan. This will enable the Pakistani students to meet with their parents. so that overseas Pakistani students should get an opportunity to regularly visit Pakistan during the holidays.Tariq Kirmani. customs and culture of the foreign countries. our students become more accustom to the traditions. I would request the Chairman of PIA Mr. End. . in order to acquire better knowledge. our national carrier offer discount to such students who travel on domestic routes.With the passage of time. and at the end of the day. skills and research based work. whereas. to help out Pakistani students who are presently studying abroad in under-graduate and post-graduate programmes. these students who go to foreign countries. who has recently taken several dynamic steps by revising PIA`s tariff. PIA should devise a "student`s friendly policy" and should allow a 50% discount for all students of Pakistani origin on international routes on the normal airfare. Pakistan International Airline (PIA) also do not offer travel concession on international routes to Pakistani students studying abroad and charge full fare to these students. by amending PIA`s existing policy on students airfare.