My Tea House

My Tea House was established by Dr.Anil Rawat in 2005 wherein

#293, 100Ft. Ring Road,

4th Phase, 7th Block, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore-560 085, India. They are planning to expand their business to 200 more branches in Bangalore further 100 more all over India according to what Satyeindra Vernnekas ,The director of project, franchising and business development, says. They aim at the place such as big shopping malls, best city area, international airport, campus in university and campus in corporation.


The motto of the group is to provide healthy life style and well being by means of serving global flavors of healthy tea beverage along with healthy food of Indian and international taste to be present in global franchising market as Starbucks, Coffee beans and Tea leaves, Barista, Coffee Day, McDonalds, KFC etc.

Variety of tea in My Tea House


An extravagant rich tea from Assam region in Northern India . This tea is seeped in aroma: full-bodied, spice and malty is taste.


The top quality plant of flowery elegance and delicious aroma. Darjeeling tea gardens are located on the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains . The flavour of our Darjeeling has great clarity and body.

Relish it purely with salt. best without milk or sugar. it can be taken at any time when the above signs and symptoms appear. Bak Kan It is preferably recommended in the mornings. It has a mellow flavour and subtle characteristics. Herbal Tea Loong Generally recommended to be used in the evening after a hectic day. .Uni Tea An expertly created blend of flowery Darjeeling and Assam in a ratio that guarantees an exquisite aroma as well as a full-bodied tea. Green Tea An elegant plantation tea from Indian Hightands with a distinctive. mellow and fruity. It's tea to always have on hand. This organic tea is refreshing. delicately flowery aroma. However. recommended without milk. Nilgiri Organic Hand picked from the Blue Mountains of South India. Chamomile Peach Made from the purest all natural ingredients. grown at an altitude of more than 8000 ft. It also acts as a remedy for gastric problems. Jasmine A fragrant tea that gives a very special flavour to this wonderful china tea. Relish it purely or with honey or salt.

Ancient Indians used it as a cure for obesity. The natural spicy and cooling aroma has a relaxing and and soothing effect. Recommended with milk and sugar for quick rejuvenation. in digestion and for sore throat. A useful antidote for blocked nose. Honey lemon Soothes sore throats. It is a solution to many everyday ailments. refreshes your senses on a hot summer day.Flavored Tea Ginger The traditional Indian spice. Fruit Tea Apple Peach Strawberry Passion fruit Black current . It acts as a powerful stimulant and also a good digestive. Peppermint Peoppermint tea's natural menthol refreshes with its characteristic flavor. Cardamom Cardamom is one of the most popular of Indian spices. Enjoy this refreshing blend of all natural black leaves with sweet tast of honey. acts as a wonder drug. Masala Masala tea is one of the most popular forms of tea drinking.

Tea Around the World Oolong A Chinese Tea. Japanese Green A light mellow taste. fruity taste. Kuladh Tea An Indian popular tea served in a clay pot. It has a semi fermented whole leaves and is peachy in aroma. a hint of sweetness and a fresh green scient.Iced Tea Mint Peach Orange pekoe Green Tea Apple Mango Cultural Preparations Kashmiri Kawa Almonds add a rich flavour. Tibetan sorig In accordance to Tibetan benefits. Traditionally served with dates. recommended without milk and sugar. in elements of black and green Tea with a mild sweet. served uniquely from the people of Kashmir . to cope with modern day hot atomosphere. To be cherished all day long. this Tibetan herbal preparation of Tripa Tea helps to make soothing and normalizing the . Arabic Tea A tea flavoured with oriental condiments.

Ceylon A Srilankan tea on the appearance of the dry leaf rather than the colour and flavour of the liquor. .linner and the outer body energies. with medium and high grown teas are typically selected. ³Metro-Fires´.

Service E. Fair D. Good C. Neither good nor bad D.Monthly income A.Do you feel My Tea House is better than other brands? A. 30-40 D. Student D. Bad E. 50-60 F. Taste of Tea D. 12th C. Housewives F. Low C. Location 8.Age group of customer A.Why do you prefer My Tea House? A. As a part of my project.Gender of customer A. Below5000 B. 10th B.B. Family function D. 25000&above 7. Post Graduated E. 4.On what occasion do you prefer to come to My Tea House? A.Qualification A. 5000-15000 C. 15000-25000 D. female 3. 40-50 E. less than 20 B.Nationality A. High E. Others 6.What type of entertainment services do you want while drinking? . Any others 2. 60&above. Professional B. Yes B. No 12. Time pass E.Questionnaire Dear sir/madam I am Hong Sung Ho from Korea studying final year B. Reasonable Price C. Meeting B. No occasion 11. Indian B. I am conducting survey on ³A study on CUSTOMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS MY TEA HOUSE´ I hereby request you to spare few minutes for filling up my questionnaire and your valuable inputs will be appreciated and confidential.Occupation of customer A. Very high 10. Very bad 9. Good atmosphere B. 1. Excellent B.M in DSI. Graduated D.What do you feel about service? A. Businessman C. Party C. 20-30 C. male B.What do you feel about cost of the brands A. Above PG 5. Very low B.

What kind of tea do you like? A. Couple C. 30-50 D. It relaxes me mentally E. small amount of meal(a piece of sandwitch. As a part of habituals 17. 1time a day B. Television B. Green tea C.cake etc) C. Indian chai B. 2times a day C.downtown or calm and peaceful place) C. tea 19.A. snack(chocolate. Others( ) 13.With whom do you come to My Tea House? A. What do you prefer between coffee and tea? A. Colleagues 16. It provides me vitality and energy C. Any other international tea 15. How often do you drink? A. Music E. 10-30 C. I just care about taste of tea . Less than 10 B. Family D. Ginseng tea E. for refreshment B. 50-100 E. What do you care when you go to the tea and coffee shop? A. DVD D. Above100 18.roll etc) D. How much would you like to pay for a cup of tea or coffee? A. What do you prefer to eat with tea? A. Firends B. black tea D. Location of tea house(eg. coffee B. Radio C. 3times a day D. Distance from your place B. none 20. Why would you like to drink? A.cookie. 4times a day E. more than 4times a day 14. taste D. food for full meal B. Atmosphere and mood of tea house D.

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