Mumbai is an incredible city

³Mumbai is an incredible city which is symbol of energy and optimism of India", said US President Barack Obama saluting the spirit of Mumbai as he addressed the press at Taj on November 6, 2010. Obama mentioned that his visit to Taj is a clear message to terrorists while reiterating that India and US are working closely than ever in the battle against terror. According to annual Citi/Knight Frank Wealth Report on April 2011, Mumbai has gained in importance as global business city by 118 percent followed by Shanghai (91 percent) and Sao Paolo (66 percent). It said almost 40 percent of the worlds most Mumbai Marathon 2012 exclusive residential property markets increased in Mumbai monorail to integrate value during 2010: Of this six of the 10 biggest gainers Metro, local were in Asia. The opening of the 19.54km corridor between Jacob Circle to Mumbai Adarsh Housing Society scam. Chembur in Mumbai some time The Opposition on November 9, 2010 joined forces later this year will announce the in Parliament to raise the Adarsh Housing Society arrival of monorail in the country. scam. ³The entire nation has been ashamed. Though The 20-odd kilometre corridor, Mr Ashok Chavan has resigned, mere removal of the which runs through the city's most chief minister is not enough. An independent probe of congested parts, is being taken up Adarsh Housing Society scam is required. The in two sections. The 11.28km government owes an explanation to the people. Jacob Circle - Wadala section is Prithviraj Chavan nominated new chief minister of likely to open first ² some time in Maharashtra after the resignation of Ashok Chavan mid-2012. India cannot abandon nuclear power programme at Jaitapur India needs to learn appropriate lessons from the nuclear disaster in Japan and take additional safeguards, but the country cannot abandon its nuclear energy programme, even Jaitapur nuclear project in Maharashtra said the ex-Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh The air we breathe in Mumbai The environment status report published by the BMC in September 2011 lays the blame of greater pollution levels on construction in Mumbai. The report reiterates what has been observed for the past couple of years. A report concluded by the Crime on Mumbai trains up by 15% in 5 years The CAG report in Jauanry 9, 2012 states that crimes in trains have increased by 15% in the last five years. This shows that passengers continue to be easy targets and that it was

. oil has been leaking from the sunken vessel at an approximate rate of 1. Mumbai is in the middle of a huge transition. "Since Saturday night. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation¶s latest Environment Status Report (ESR) for 20092010. Ship carrying 60.causing particulate matter in the air has increased alarmingly compared to last year. 2010. Two Panamanian cargo ships . Nearly 76 people were treated in hospital and 10 people were in intensive care after the gas leak Mumbai was poisoned by Chlorine gas leak from the Sewri industrial area. 2010 Chlorine gas leak from the Sewri industrial area on land owned by the Mumbai Port Trust." the Union environment and forest minister Jairam Ramesh told the Rajya Sabha on August 17.Again our beautiful sea is continued to poisoned by oil spill and chemicals.000 tons Slamming the railways. Chlorine gas leak from the Sewri industrial area on 14th July 2010.National Environmental Engineering Research Institute last year had blamed construction activity for contributing to the maximum amount of pollution.collided on August 7. Also reported that nearly 100 containers that fell into the waters following the collision between two merchant vessels off the Mumbai coast.5-2 tonnes per hour. "Polluter must pay and polluter will pay. 2010 shows that the amount of cancer. August 8 . despite recommendations by the high-level committee on Security Plan. The oil spill had spread to over seven nautical miles around the area where the PanamaMumai battered by heavy flagged vessel had sunk rains three days ago. 2011:Oil leaking from sunken cargo vessel MV Rak Carrier was emerging as a major environmental hazard to the Mumbai coast Sunday afternoon. New towers are high time that rail security teams got their act together. Oil continued to spill for several days even as antipollution operations are being carried out by the Navy and Coast Guard to neutralise the oil. 2010 off the Mumbai coast causing an oil spill from one of the vessels. Mumbai.MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia 111 . ." a senior ICG official said. the of coal sinks off Mumbai latest 2011 report states that there is a lack of security on part of the railway administration. On 14th July. released on September 3. The air that Mumbaiites are breathing may make them more susceptible to cancer.

The sea link is being hailed for reducing the travel time from Bandra to Worli to seven minutes from the current 40. The key equipment for construction is heavier and faster modes of transport: excavators. Latest statistics from Maharashtra's transport department state that Maharashtra has made a jump from 3. The machines are classified under the category of articulated and multi-axle vehicles. new modes of transport. It was built to ease traffic congestion and to cut traveling time between the western suburbs of Bandra with Worli over the Arabian Sea.78. dumpers and rollers.735 in the western suburbs and A step to reduce pollution and ease traffic congestion in Mumbai The first bridge built over the sea in India Congress president Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the first bridge to be built over the sea in India on July 1.45.coming up every 500m. a senior transport department official said. This . like the Monorail and the Metro are being laid. there are as many as 16.873 of JCB vehicles (excavators. which means an addition of more than four lakh vehicles in nine years. 4.023 of these machines. cranes and diggers) in 2000 to 8. in Mumbai. 2009. It has eight lanes and aims to reduce journey time from 45 to six minutes. and mills and chawls are being brought down for multistoried complexes. forklifts. trailer cranes. In Mumbai.617 in 2009. with 9.196 in south Mumbai alone.

460 crore monorail project will be done on a 108 metre track at Wadala. The city has more than a million vehicles. With over 7. Mumbai's first monorail One more step to ease traffic congestion and pollution is the trial run of Mumbai's first monorail on 61st Republic Day of India. At present. The Monorail Mumbai will be a substitute of local trains and other road transportation.8-meter beam with the help of rubber tyres it makes very little noise.000 participants at the Mumbai Cyclothon 2010. the Mono rail will soon take the city towards reduced pollution and carbon emissions. Mr Jairam Ramesh announced recently that the setting up of new private helipads would not be permitted infuriating many. An estimated 50. Since the Mono Rail does not require any fossil fuel for its operation it remains free of air pollution and as it runs on a narrow 0. It will also help save all the fuel needed for public and private transport. 2010. but also earning the support of other citizens. youngsters are inspired to take this sport seriously.000 vehicles are set to ply on the eight-lane wonder. But the critics do not believe the bridge will help ease traffic congestion in a city which adds several hundred new vehicles to its roads every day. initially. the event boasted of six different categories and each saw a decent flow of entries. Mumbai pedals for green cause 'Burn fat." said one of the senior participants. "Finally. According to the sources. The system has been designed and implemented for the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) by TATA AutoComp. Officials say the bridge is a way to ease Mumbai's traffic problems. . Monitoring bio-medical waste for disposal Now all vehicles carrying hazardous bio-medical waste for disposal in Maharashtra will be monitored with global positioning system (GPS) devices fitted on them. MPCB is the first statelevel pollution control authority in India to use the sophisticated tracking device to check proper collection and disposal of bio-medical wastes to prevent environmental damage and health hazards. Mr Ramesh has said he will give permission only for government-owned helipads but not privately-owned ones to be built on rooftops of highrise buildings. The Maharashtra government had sought clearance for four helipads to be used in emergencies as well as for security purposes. some businessmen have their own helipads while many others are interested in acquiring them. The trial run of Rs 2. The Mono Rail is free of air and noise pollution. 14 Monorails with four coaches each with the capacity of 500 passengers . Mobility Telematics. And the vibration-free Mono will save Mumbaikars¶ time too! Once completed. MPCB has fitted the GPS devices on more than 140 of its trucks to trace their movements online from a control centre. The proposed route of this monorail is between Jacob Circle and Chembur will be ready by the year 2011. vo/a pollution board official said.could help save fuel and reduce pollution. the official claimed. not fuel' was the message that participants were trying to spread as Mumbai witnessed it's first ever Cyclothon on February 21.

Mumbai as top polluted city Mumbai is now the second largest coastal city in the world and India's premier port.On World Environment Day on June 5. such as sewage. On October 26. which. leading to severe deterioration in environmental activity in many instances. Northern coastline of Maharashtra has higher levels of pollution The northern coastline of Maharashtra. organisers are hoping to create awareness about the environment and inculcate the green spirit among people. Mumbai that aims to reduce the environmental impact of large residential campuses. Mahasrashtra colleges and university campuses to go green University and colleges in the state have been asked to replicate the "Green Campus" project started by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). has higher levels of pollution than any other coastline in India. located close to the largest chemical industry zone in Asia. urbanisation and a lack of control over the dumping of chemicals and pollutants into the Arabian Sea." says the survey. according to a recent study done by the Goa-based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) for the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). such as movie screenings. 2010. plantation drives and cycle rallies. being planned throughout the day and the weekend. "The higher levels of hazardous chemicals in inshore waters along the northern Maharashtra coast as compared to the southern coast suggest high organic inputs due to anthropogenic activities. The major reasons for industrial. university vice chancellors and college principals were told by the state environment department that they will get financial and technical help if they build green buildings in their campuses and create facilities to conserve energy and water. . 2010. especially in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. says the study. With a series of activities and events. domestic and port-based pollution along the northern portion of Maharashtra's 720-km-long coastline are rapid industrialisation. The new Mumbai. Mumbaikars too join citizens the world over in doing their two bits for Mother Nature.

has been the destination for all types of population groups such as literates. Currently. and persons from all walks of life. where more than half the population live in slums. The Deonar landfill site. Mumbai¶s council now has plans to close part of the dumps and use the methane the rest generates to help solve the city¶s power crisis. which have attracted migration. making it the most densely populated urban area in the world.500 metric tonnes of rubbish a day. The council has spent 4. rotten vegetables. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is setting Mumbai enormous waste dumps at Deonar and Mulund landfill sites. Now festering pile covers more than 120 hectares and is eight story's high. was first used by the British in 1927. Most densely populated urban area in the world Mumbai¶s population of 18 million has more than doubled in the past 30 years. which were once beyond the city limits but have been caught up in the sprawl of one of the world¶s fastest growing urban areas. the urban agglomerations are restricted to a selected few cities. In Mumbai the population produces close to 8. City's waste dumps sites Mumbai authorities have purchased 42.8 million rupees on enough scent to last for 10 months. glass and metal items. 20 per cent during 1981-91 to reach 10 million. In the vehicular category. Everything gets dumped there. a worse rating than even Baghdad. Construction activity. most of which makes its way to the two sites. In March. one of India¶s largest. including paved and unpaved road dust is responsible for as much as 38% of the emission load of particulate matter (PM) in Mumbai. followed by landfill open burning at 10. rotten fish.99% of air pollution. old food. the Mumbai¶s population is standing at 18 million making it one of the most populous metropolises in the world. With this increase in population there has been an increase in number of vehicles and industrial activities aggravating of air pollution levels. India¶s capital. A recent report on air pollution and its sources in mega cities by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and sponsored by the Central Pollution Control Board reveals just how deep the pollution in Mumbai is. The population of Mumbai grew by 38 per cent during 1971-81 and. heavy duty diesel (HDDV) vehicles contribute to 3. Mumbai is next to Kolkata and Delhi as one of the top ten most polluted cities in the world In India.000 people live near the two dumps. illiterates.000 litres of perfume to spray on the city¶s enormous waste dumps at Deonar and Mulund landfill sites after people living near the landfill sites complained of the stench. New Delhi. Mumbai being the trade and commercial capital of India. .42% of emissions. was listed 24th. With this growing peril of air pollution there is a serious threat to the health of its citizens (World Bank). Around 500.84%. plastic bags. According to WHO. Power plants are the second biggest culprits accounting for 20. Mumbai was ranked seventh in a list of the world¶s 25 dirtiest cities published by Forbes exposed to high levels of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals released by these industries. skilled and unskilled.

It now generates the most E-waste in the country. an MPCB official said. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has come up with in its latest environmental status report (Sept. but disposal has been very disorganised so far. The causes of pollution are mainly industries in the eastern suburbs and New Bombay. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.000 tonnes of e-waste every year. garbage burning by the BMC. Mahad and Roha in Konkan region. heart attack and sleeping disturbance.´ said Sanjay Khandare. The study. Panel chalks out plans to curb pollution The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has launched a series of short. arising from extreme air pollution. including Dombivali and Navi Mumbai on Februray 1. Disposal of e-waste Mumbai generates about 23.up 46 air quality monitoring stations in the state as part of its campaign against air and water pollution.Dombivali and Bhiwandi in Thane district.term plans as well as long-term surveys to curb contamination in critically polluted regions of Maharashtra. and insufficient control over emission levels from vehicles. MPCB has banned manufacturing of crackers that make a noise of more than 125 decibels at four metre distance from the point of bursting. The proposed air quality monitoring centres would come up at Kalyan. covering 27 urban centres. Three years ago Mumbai generated only 11. member secretary. increase in blood pressure. The hazards of pollution caused by crackers include hearing loss. 2008) indicates that the end of the rains will bring even worse times for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract. Latur in Marathwada and at Solapur. Mumbai still has a very high incidence of chronic respiratory problems. Lung diseases register a sharp rise during Diwali due to the smoke emanating from firecrackers. Sangli-Miraj and Ahmednagar. Sudden exposure to loud noise could also cause temporary deafness or permanent relative deafness. Firecrackers and noise pollution during Diwali A 50-100% increase in pollution levels during Diwali days due to bursting of firecrackers. Increasing emission levels from vehicles in Mumbai. 2010. MPCB operates 62 such stations. This follows a study by the Central government which calculated a Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI) for 88 key industrial clusters in India. The programme. the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) monitored the ambient air quality at five places in the city and noise quality at 20 spots.000 tonnes of e-waste. is called Pollution Assessment Monitoring and Surveillance (PAMS) and is aimed at helping MPCB take stringent steps while dealing with cases of water and air pollution. A 50-100% increase in pollution levels during Diwali days due to bursting of firecrackers wind energy .

High-profile investors such as Vinod Sethi. Since offshore wind projects can be built close to big consumption centres that are typically located in coastal areas. Siemens and GE queuing up to explore opportunities in the country. water and land. ³Offshore wind is the new growth area and has cheaper costs.´ Areva Renewables global CEO Anil Srivastava said. Mumbai is an ideal place for such wind power projects. Dombavili. Delhi. with global majors such as Areva. low installation costs and ready local availability of key raw materials have all made Mumbai a favorite destination for offshore wind power. showed that industrial hubs like Chandrapur. the long western coastline will suit such a model as most large industries are situated along the country¶s western coast. A long coastline. . Offshore wind power projects in Mumbai coastline Wind power projects are the latest and among the fastest growing sectors within global energy today. private equity major Blackstone and new clean technology funds have already invested in offshore wind energy companies planning for India. as this sector is expected to offer electricity tariffs at 40% less cost than that from traditional sources. The Centre has named these regions as µcritically polluted industrial clusters/areas¶ and has recommended temporary restrictions on consideration of developmental projects in these regions.conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board and the IIT. Navi Mumbai and Tarapur in Maharashtra recorded alarming levels of pollutants in the air. exceeding a total CEPI level of 70.

with the most virulent form of the potential killer having struck 10 to 15 percent. with as many cases in the first half of the year as in the whole of 2009. "It has been observed that regular water storage provides enough space or mosquitoes to multiply. few km away from Uran around Mumbai reduced to a rubble in just two yeras. Destruction of this wetland started around two years ago when truckloads of sand and cement and stones dumped here and completely killing every blade of grass. one the most beautiful birdwatching spots in Phunde village. However. State Revenue Mumbai Must Reclaim Department was unable to acquire nearly 16. the BMC will run a dry day campaign once a week. the project has been stalled. Sewer A River Again: Mithi river has been reduced to a filthy nullah Why Mumbai Must Once a beautiful Mithi river of Mumbai is now reduced to a filthy Reclaim Its Mithi on June nullah. Mumbai lost a beautiful spot in its environment minister neighbourhood. the Government wants film titled Making The corporate help for the project.900 acres of land spread Its Mithi across 45 villages of Pen. A lush green flamingos home reduced to a rubble A 60-acre plot. Maharashtra has the largest number of polluted river water stretches in The report and film deal the country. Suresh Prabhu released a Now the State has promised to revive the spot and recreate the report and documentary wetland. is reduced to a rubble after the State approved its take-over under Navi Mumbai Special Economic Zone (NMSEZ) in 2005. Government stalled the acquisition of breeding. Apart from doing everything it can. Environmental experts are worried that it is not only with the dreadful industrial pollution. 2011 not to store water for days so as to prevent the spread of Malaria . As the water is not used for weeks there are chances of mosquito Suddenly on February 19. Now a report of the Central Pollution Control Board shows that 9. where the civic administration will be appealing to people not to store water for eight days. Panvel and Uran in the stipulated time due to Magsaysay Award protests from villagers. the plot. and in that fight. The winner Rajendra Singh State gained nothing.000 cases this month alone. Once it was a lush green visual delight with flamingos and around 130 species of birds making it their home. which. In order to curb the malaria menace. and hence. The rapid urbanisation across the state is a major river. health officials said on August 20. 2011. which is responsible for degrading the quality of condition of the city's water in state rivers.This plot was acquired under the ambitious SEZ project promoted by India ¶s top industrialists. BMC advises Mumbaikars not to store water for long The local civic body has appealed to Mumbaikars on May 23. 2010. villagers are still not sure about the status of their and former Union land. 2011. Authorities in the financial hub have drafted in experts from Medecins Sans Frontieres to tackle an outbreak which has seen nearly 4. along with its .Acute malaria outbreak in Mumbai There is battling record levels of Malaria a mosquito-born infection in Mumbai.

the introduction of "disco dandiya" has given Mumbais Navaratri celebrations a glamorous and modern twist. "Domestic sewage is a source of pollution besides green estuary. said Chandrakant Watve. "I think the collective apathy of the people of Mumbai. Nowadays. dancing takes over stadiums and clubs throughout the city. The traditional dances of Gujurat. and claimed more than 500 lives during the July 26 deluge." Singh said. people unleash their dancing to a fusion of remixed beats and loud Hindi pop music. and urban renewal funds could not be used to clean a drain. but as a drain. the along the Mithi.300 crore.culprit as well. pollution. the Centre returned the proposal in 2008 on grounds that the proposal did not mention Mithi as a river. asking for Rs 1. the Maharashtra government had asked for Rs 1. The Brihanmumbai Muni-cipal Corporation (BMC) and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) recently sent a letter to the Centre. works like a industrial and other sources. and administrative lethargy are all responsible for the current oppressive state of the Mithi.While some of it has retained a traditional flavor. The BMC has already spent Rs 400 crore while the MMRDA has spent Rs 300 crore on reviving the river. known as "garba" and "dandiya raas".'' said an official from the union ministry of lung for a city choking on environment and forests. Navaratri in Mumbai BMC¶s chief engineer for stormwater drains.300 crore from central government. absence of political will. under its urban renewal programme. The report was released in Mithi river of Mumbai is now reduced to a filthy nullah the picturesque Five years after the Mithi river overflowed and flooded parts of Maharashtra Nature Park Mumbai. thus preventing a repeat of the disaster. After the 2005 deluge. A lack of funds Navaratri is celebrated nine would further delay the project say civic officials. In Mumbai. days and in nine days Goddess Durga is worshiped in her various forms. city is yet to receive any of the funds the Central government had promised to help widen and deepen the river. . However. The latest request from the BMC and the MMRDA is an attempt to get the funds under a special category.

reservoirs and artificially-created immersion sites dotting the city and suburbs. 2010 This festival culminates on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi when images of Ganesha are immersed in convenient body of water.Ganesh immersion in Mumbai Ganesh Chaturthi the most important festival honors to Lord Ganesha ( ) was celebrated ten days this year from September 11. handheld ones. . around 150. varying from gigantic ones measuring several metres tall to tiny. rivers. creeks. ponds. lakes.000 was taken out for immersion into the Arabian Sea at various locations. The Ganesh idols.