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Enterprise Resource Planning system has become the key word in today¶s business world. Every business house is planning to introduce the ERP system in the organization to make the operations easy, flawless & transparent. The scope of the ERP system varies from organization to organization and depends on the areas which the management feels suitable and necessary to cover in the system. The ERP System can be designed and applied to the following areas, and can be integrated with each other to provide a very effective and efficient management tool. Designing & Planning Marketing & Sales Procurement & Stores Production, Planning & Control Excise Financial Accounting Human Resources & Payroll.

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Estate Management System

This is a special purpose system to manage the properties specially created for

Being a statutory requirement. The information related with the Visitors coming for making the enquiries regarding the availability of the space or the information of the customers who have already finalized the location(s) forms the base for working of the system. Excise Duty is applicable to all the manufacturing. A special provision has been made to update the records related with purchase and maintenance of the amenities owned by the land lord.providing a common business hub. exporting units & trading units having turnover beyond a specific limits. With our excise . System can generate alerts for pending dues. Send Enquiry Excise System In India. These units are required to maintain the records as per the guidelines issued by the Department of Excise & Custom Duties. With the new provisions in the Excise system and computerization of the Excise Department. The system has a provision to record the agreements. renewals of the agreements etc. The monthly invoicing for the purpose of rent and other charges due can be generated through the system. The agreements with the occupants. now a days the requirement for e returns and e filing is increasing day by day. for number of business units. record of the security deposits from each occupant. The system has the following modules to record various transactions and maintain an up to date record of all the infrastructural facilities and their usage. generate the monthly invoices for the space occupied and the usage of the facilities. the units covered under excise can not avoid these provisions. their respective renewals. their agreements. acquisition of the place. equipped with various infrastructural facilities on sharing basis. The system covers the activities of such business infrastructures starting from the enquiries made by probable occupants. The excise system will help them to update and maintain these records and generate the required reports and registers in the formats specified by the government. This system accepts certain information and stores the same as Master information. occupation report along with the amenities handed over will be recorded through this system.

GAR-7. ER-4. It is advantageous to have a system which can be integrated with your other systems like Invoicing. (e. Introducing an effective Financial Accounting Software system. finance is the life line. we can always provide you with high level of customizations. In addition to this. Annexure IV & V. The accounting systems can have the provisions for TDS. ER-7. ARE-1. Hence it becomes necessary that the records for the Financial Accounting be updated and required key information is made available to the decision making authority. It is the most important aspect which requires maximum attention of the top level management. Cash Flow and Fund Flow statements can be generated automatically considering the parameters specific for your requirements. we can provide you with a number of ratio analysis reports as per the specific requirements of your business.) Send Enquiry Financial Accounting System For every business.g. . Shipment Details. ARE-2. etc. is the only option. and have a factor of human error in the records. Commercial Invoice.. UT1. We offer you such a Financial Accounting system which can be integrated with other systems. Service Tax etc. ER-1. The excise system has the provisions to update the master records and facility to update various types of transactions. One can not afford to have delays in recording the financial transactions. PLA. The system is designed to generate the number of documents required by the Excise department. Proof of Export Acceptance. Inventory & Payroll etc. These customizations will reduce the possibilities of redundancy and duplication in data entry to almost zero percent.system we can provide you all the facilities required for this automatic updation of the excise information on the web site of the Excise department. Along with the regular modules required for the Financial Accounting system. Daily Stock Account.

one of the leading service industry. modify and delete the master records required for the transactions. But when you introduce a software system for this activity. This is a special purpose software for the hotels and restaurants for recording the KOTs and BOTs. generate bills and print the same. menu driven system which can be operated by any person who has the bare minimum knowledge of operating a computer. The Hotel Management System works through number of options which allow the user to add. The billing process of the hotel starts with the customer coming and occupying a table and ends with the final payment of the bill generated. The customers visiting the hotel are always looking for new things in your hotel. The software is capable of presenting the information gathered in various form which will necessarily guide you through your day to day decisions as well as help you to decide the trend in future. Such information will become very handy to him when he is planning his future policies. is a flourishing business in today¶s fast moving world. noting the customer orders and properly billing of the same is done manually at most of the places. Hotel Industry. In between. it not only gives you your regular records of daily sales but it gives a powerful analytical angle to all the data entered. Send Enquiry Hotel Management System Automation and Computerisation of the transactions and records have become the need of the hour in today¶s business world. suppliers or by Government authorities. The software is and easy to use. When the hotel billing is done manually with the use of KOTs and BOTs recording of the daily sales is possible. This is a software system which will make this job of the hotel manager more easy and will provide with some additional information about the business. Being specialized in customized software solutions. we would always be in a better position to provide you these utilities within minimum possible time.Now a days maximum utilities are required for online updations of the information by your customers. .

There are a number of reports and documents which are generated through the system. The HR system has the provisions to create all such files for uploading. Send Enquiry Inventory System . The recording of the monthly attendance and processing of the monthly payroll is also an important part of the HR system. The system can be manually fed with the information or it can be integrated with the attendance machines installed at your end. Challans for Prov. These records are related with the employee and his information regarding his career growth in the organization. In recent days it has become necessary to generate various reports which can be uploaded through the departmental sites of government.Send Enquiry Hr & Payroll The Human factor in any business happens to be an important one in the daily activities as well as it is also important from the growth point of view. musters. The Human resource System developed by us allows you to maintain these records and generate all the necessary documents and reports related with the Employees. bonus register etc. It becomes utmost necessary to maintain the correct updated records of the Human resources in the organization. The system will generate documents like Pay Slips. The system is equipped with the provision of generating all the statutory documents and reports as per the requirements of various government departments. Fund. Professional Tax. ESI and will generate reports like pay registers.

The system will have all the normal modules for recording the master information about the products. We are specialized in designing and developing the software solutions for such Inventory management. The provision will be there to generate various MIS reports which will help the management to guide them in the process of future planning and help them to make the policy decisions based on the facts related with the material supplies and other related transactions.For the manufacturing units. Inventory management becomes an area of prime importance. The systems will be customized to the specific requirements of the organization and depending on the production plans. Send Enquiry Marketing . The management is always concerned about both these issues and always has to work hard to maintain an effective level of the inventories. Introducing a well established integrated inventory system will definitely help the management to manage their Inventories at optimum levels without affecting the production process. and the transactions related with the incoming and outgoing of the material from the stores.. raw materials etc. This is mainly because the capital is blocked up in building inventories and production process may get affected for the want of right material at right time. the material requirement planning can be done. The system will be equipped to generate all the regular reports with different parameters to scan through the records and allow the user to view the concise information as per his requirements.

it becomes necessary to keep a record of the customer complaints and the solutions offered. The sales team of the organization may have a head for the Sales department and a group of sales representatives working at various levels under him. The goods manufactured or services provided are required to be presented to the probable customers and a very close follow up of the same is required to be made till the order is finalized.Marketing has become the key word for the success of any business unit. The system will allow the user to maintain the records regarding the salesmen. This Marketing system is a special purpose system designed to take care of the marketing activities. The user can enter the records for the orders finalized and there by can generate the conversion ratio for each sales representative. update the details of each follow up call made and finally an order acceptance to be given to the customer. The system is capable of generating the quotations to be given to the customers. the customers they have approached. The targets can be entered and the performance can be evaluated against the targets set. the items they have offered etc. The system can be a desktop application or can be web enabled to make it more comprehensive. Send Enquiry Printing Press System Printing Press is a service industry providing printing services to it¶s customer. After the sales are executed. The .

The dates for the manufacturing of the items will be calculated backward depending on the target dates entered while planning. Being a service oriented business. Delivery Challan. updated information is required while communicating with the customers. The process planning will explode the Bill of Material defined in the process plan. if any. Documents like Quotation. Each job coming in either with a quotation reference or without a quotation can be recorded and the status of the same can be updated. customer wise. Send Enquiry Production Planning And Control This is a unique system designed for industrial manufacturing units. Machines required and the manpower requirement for completing each process. The specially designed screen will allow the user to scan through the status of various jobs on hand. The registers for quotations. . Job cards. The system allows the user to update the masters for various items. This system comprises of Inventory as a main module and the Production. By updating these details the user can plan for his monthly production. The manufacturing process of each item is defined in detail with references to the Material Required. The same system can be customized to any service provider. delivery challans and invoices can be generated. Job Card and Invoices can be generated through the system.nature of jobs undertaken in a press are mostly job based and each job is a unique in it¶s nature. This happens to be a problem in manual system. customers & suppliers. This system has all other features available in the inventory system and has also special facilities to update the records related with the actual manufacturing process. consider the machines and manpower requirements. processes. job type wise for any specific period as per the user¶s request. These registers can be supplier wise. We have designed a special purpose system to manage the transactions at a printing press. Planning & Control becomes an integral part of this inventory system. The reports for all master records updated are also available. The system will generate the calendar for the machine considering the maintenance scheduled.

Thus this is a special purpose creation for the applications at the Petrol Pumps. the density records and other related parameters. Generator usages. are provided in the system. This will help the user to have an effective analysis for the down time. The regular transactions related with the sales are recorded with reference to the shift entries. The system has the provision for generation of periodical invoicing for the regular credit customers and has the facility to record the sales against the Credit cards with batch settlements. machine utilization. the user will be required to give the reason for the down time. In general the records related with Purchase. Therefore it becomes necessary to have a specially designed software system to take care of all the transactions which take place on a Petrol Pump.The daily production report will be updated for each process / machine along with the down time. Special records for the Density. The system will help you define your own masters as per your requirements. and plant utilization will be generated through the system. Electricity consumption etc. The cash collected and the expenses made can be entered to generate shift reports in the formats those are suitable for the Petrol pump application. We have designed and developed a unique software solution specifically for the Petrol Pumps. Send Enquiry Pump Management System The nature of activities which take place on a Petrol Pump are quite different compared to other business activities. The purchase records are entered with a facility to enter the unloading plan. While completing the record for the down time. Dip readings. Sales and Inventories are designed considering the specific requirements of the Petrol Pumps. . Periodical employee efficiency.

sales and payments made to the suppliers or for any other reason.Send Enquiry Wine Shop System A Wine Shop. CL 23 (XXIII). FLR-3A. . The reports generated through the system are related with the daily purchases made. The liquor being an excisable item. Bank Book and Cash Book Printing is available in the system. A special provision is made to generate the excise reports required in the specific formats given by the excise department. The facility to record the payment made to these supplier is available and a bank account also can be maintained for the business purpose. The system will have the provision of processing the invoices directly or optionally the invoices for the day can be processed batch wise. FLR-4. there are certain reports and registers which are required to be maintained by the shop owner. There are various brands of liquor which are purchased and sold at the wine shop. These registers include the register like FLR-3. CL23X. The purchase is from the manufacturer or through the dealers. The sale can be either to the regular resellers or it can be to any user across the counter. Apart from these special purpose report regular Purchase and Sales Register. being a business place where a variety of wine brands are traded requires a close control and keeping the records updated related with the availability of the stocks becomes an absolute necessity. The system provides the options to update the purchase of the liquor and other items. Stock Book showing the stocks brand wise on any date. FLR-5. We have specially designed system to take care of the transactions at any wine shop. CL22X.