Typical Applications
• PCS Communication Systems • 2.5GHz ISM Band Applications • Wireless LANs • Commercial and Consumer Systems • Portable Battery Powered Equipment


Product Description
The RF2128 is a medium-power, high-efficiency, linear amplifier IC. The device is manufactured on an advanced Gallium Arsenide Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) process, and has been designed for use as the final RF amplifier in 2.45GHz ISM applications such as WLAN and POS terminals. The part also will function as the final stage in digital PCS phone transmitters requiring linear amplification operating between 1900MHz and 2200MHz, with over 100mW transmitted power, or as the driver stage for the RF2125 high power amplifier. A simple power down function is included for TDD operation.

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Optimum Technology Matching® Applied




• Single 3.0V to 6.5V Supply • 100mW Linear Output Power • 25dB Small Signal Gain • 30% Efficiency • Digitally Controlled Power Down Mode • 1900MHz to 2500MHz Operation

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Ordering Information
RF2128 RF2128 PCBA Medium Power Linear Amplifier Fully Assembled Evaluation Board


Functional Block Diagram

RF Micro Devices, Inc. 7625 Thorndike Road Greensboro, NC 27409, USA

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Package Style: SOP-8-C

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Metal lid and base, gold plated

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Rev A3 010112


5 +5.5 50 85 R F2 12 VPD =0. RF Micro Devices reserves the right to make changes to its products without notice.0V. RF Micro Devices does not assume responsibility for the use of the described product(s).0V.5V. VCC =5V. RF Micro Devices believes the furnished information is correct and accurate at the time of this printing.2 65 10 Power Down “ON” Power Down “OFF” ad ed Power Down Control P VCC 0 Power Supply Voltage Current Current 2-86 S ee U pg r 5 3. PIN =-3. VPD =5. 1900 to 2500 >+20 >+23 30 25 -25 -22 15 2:1 50 7 +17 -24 -36 -44 36 Unit Condition T=25 °C.5 125 +12 20:1 -40 to +100 -40 to +85 -40 to +150 Unit VDC V mA dBm °C °C °C Caution! ESD sensitive device. Max. PIN =0dBm Maximum output PEP-3dB POUT =+14dBm for each tone POUT =+14dBm for each tone POUT =+14dBm for each tone V V V V mA mA µA Voltage supplied to the input.0 to 6. device is “off” Specifications Operating Operating Idle At maximum output power Power Down 8P Rev A3 010112 . device is “on” Voltage supplied to the input. Typ.0V.0dBm VCC =6.2V Ω dB dBm dBc dBc dBc % MHz dBm dBm % dB dBc dBc dB VCC =5.0V. Freq=2400MHz Two-tone Specification Average Two-Tone Power IM3 IM5 IM7 Two-Tone Power-Added Efficiency ro du ct 1.RF2128 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Supply Voltage (VCC) Power Down Voltage (VPD) DC Supply Current Input RF Power Output Load VSWR Operating Case Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Rating +7. VPD =5. However. VPD =5. 2 POWER AMPLIFIERS Parameter Overall Frequency Range Maximum Output Power Maximum Output Power Total CW Efficiency Small-signal Gain Second Harmonic Third Harmonic Isolation Input VSWR Input Impedance Noise Figure Specification Min.

all circuits are operating normally. See the application information for details. When this pin is "low". RF Output and power supply for the output stage. vias under the device may be required. i. Ground connection for the output stage.4 pF 1 2 33 pF 3 P 330 pF L= 250 mil. Keep traces physically short and connect immediately to the ground plane for best performance. Bias for the output stage needs to be provided on this pin. all circuits are shut off. but the actual impedance depends on the matching provided on pin 1. Same as pin 6. A decoupling capacitor of 330pF is required. An external RF bypass capacitor of 22pF is required. The matching on this port also greatly affects the input impedance. and connect the capacitor immediately to the ground plane. Power Down control. W= 10mil 15 pF RF OUT 4 5 6 RF IN GND2 RF OUT 7 8 Pkg Base RF OUT VCC1 GND Application Schematic 2450MHz VCC 1 nF U pg r ad ed 1. The backside of the package should be connected to the ground plane through a short path. W= 10mil Rev A3 010112 ro du ct R F2 12 8P 2-87 .RF2128 Pin 1 Function VCC2 Description Power supply for the driver stage and interstage matching. Keep traces physically short and connect immediately to the ground plane for best performance. Ground connection for the driver stage. but results are not guaranteed..5 Ω 2. Keep the traces to the capacitor as short as possible. A "high" is VCC. This can be done through a quarter-wave microstrip that is RF grounded on the other end. an external series microstrip line is required. together with a series RC for tuning for maximum gain at the desired frequency. An external DC blocking capacitor is required if this port is connected to a DC path to ground.031" S ee VPD POWER DOWN RF IN 6.e.2 pF 4 L= 175 mil. This could be used to obtain some gain control. A "low" is typical 1.2V or less at room temperature. Interface Schematic 2 3 GND1 PD 2 POWER AMPLIFIERS 22 pF L = quarter wave. Power supply for the bias circuits. W = 25 mil PCB materials: FR-4 Thickness: 0. RF Input. For matching to 50Ω. If PD is below VCC. W= 20 mil BIAS CIRCUITS 22 pF 8 7 6 5 PACKAGE BASE L = 220 mil. External matching on this pin is required to optimize the gain. When this pin is "high". This is a 50Ω input. Ground connection. output power and performance will be degraded.

com. Thickness: 0.068" 2-88 S ee U pg r ad ed P ro du ct R F2 12 Rev A3 010112 RF IN J1 8P . C1 W=10 mil 6.4 pF L=250 mil.rfmd.) 2128400 Rev P1 2 POWER AMPLIFIERS P1-1 C7 1 µF C3 1 nF C4 330 pF C2 2.547" x 1.RF2128 Evaluation Board Schematic 2450MHz Operation (Download Bill of Materials from www. L=174 mil.2 pF GND BIAS CIRCUITS 8 7 6 5 P1-1 1 2 VCC GND VPD P1-3 3 C5 22 pF RF OUT J2 L=217 mil.031") 50 Ω µ strip Evaluation Board Layout 1. W=26 mil C6 16 pF (PCB mat'l: FR-4. W=20 mil 1 2 P1-3 C9 1 nF C8 330 pF 3 4 PACKAGE BASE 50 Ω µ strip 100 Ω.