26,000 years ago on the lost continent of Lemuria, a master teacher made a pact with a student known as S.E.

L, that in a future life near the transformation year of 2012, he would walk into and co-inhabit this human body to pass on what would come to be known in modern times as forgotten and forbidden knowledge. As the oblivious student, in a modern Celtic incarnation, lay asleep, passed out due to the summer heat, in the doorway of a tomb beneath the Great Pyramid star-gate on his 30th birthday, the master time-travelled through this portal and merged with his consciousness, so that the transfer of information could begin. This is the hidden history of the many, obviously diverse human races of spaceship earth, but just as importantly, this is the story of a Reality Host known to many beings in our vast inhabited galaxy, as the incomprehensibly timeless, but affable Dr Mu





CONTENTS PART 1-THE GOLDEN MAGNETIC SPIRALS OF HARMONIC MIRRORED REALITY WITHIN THE NOW. 0ver 500 A-Z s of awakening knowledge for those who want to know. Joining the many dots of our amazing earth story. PART 2-EVOLVING COSMIC RHYMES TO WAKE EARTHS SEMI-CONSCIOUS TIMES. The incredible story of Dr Lemuria, a reality host from a forgotten time. PART 3-THE BIBLE IS THE HISTORY OF ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA. An alternative view of this historical book. PART 4-THE SLEEPING SHAMANS MUST AWAKEN TO DICTATE OUR SUN-MUTATION. Some interesting opinions from readers across the world concerning 911. PART 5-SOME QUOTES TO MAKE THE NEWWORLDORDER CHOKE. Continuing the WAKE UP!

INSTRUCTIONS **Within the 500 A-Z s in Part 1 you will see hundreds of words and phrases in bol d italic and these are what I like to call dimensional doorways. **These dimensional doorways, when you follow them through the course of the book, will lead the reader on hundreds of alternative story paths within. **Within Part 2 of this book, the lucky reader will then find many pages telling Dr Lemurias incredible story, as he piece by piece unveils the truth of earths true , pastpresent and future secret cosmic reality. **Contained within these stories, consisting of many diverse rhyming lines, you will see countless words or phrases in (brackets). **Most of you who are already consciously aware and awake, may possibly know what many of these phrases mean, but if you do not, then put a book-mark into yo ur page place, and look them up alphabetically in Part1 within the 500 A-Z s. **These Part 1 explanations, are simply an introduction to each subject, and so it is up to the reader to do their own further research, to expand on what s being communicated. The internet search engines of course are ideal for this. **You will also see that there are no page numbers within the book, and this is deliberate, for linear time does not exist where we are heading as a race, into our true 5th dimensional reality, it is actually just a powerful holographic illusion. **What this means to you, is that the reader can open up any page and start read ing from there, creating a totally different, yet connected story with the book. On my blog within the index you can find my FREE! Book. HOW WE CREATE REALITY WITH OUR HOLOGRAPHIC MINDS So remember to visit there more than once to keep up to date with that story. Please also consider purchasing the paperback version of this book for a good fr iend or perhaps leaving a small donation on my blog. See the website address below. I would advise the reader of the paperback version of this book to use more that 2 bookmarks, and the reader with the downloaded PDF version to save more than one copy to your computer, so as to make jumping around the pages a lot easier. www.2012shift.blogspot.com drlemuria@yahoo.co.uk drlemuria@yahoo.com

PART 1 THE GOLDEN MAGNETIC SPIRALS OF HARMONIC MIRRORED REALITY WITHIN THE NOW. This section has over 500 A-Z references which will help explain the (bracketed phrases) within the rhymes in Part 2.These are only introductions to each subject, and so it is up to the reader to spend their own time to research them deeper. I m only helping to fill in the gaps and connect the dots, for I would have to write a separate book on each immense topic to properly explain it. You will see within each reference below, other words and phrases in bold Italic .These are to be used to jump back and forward within the 500 A-Z references, to link to other corresponding information, and to give the reader a better overview of the chosen topic being read. The reason for not having any page numbers in this book is that the information is from no particular time-line, yet it is from all. In other words, you can pick up the book, open any page, and start from there without ever having read the beginning of the book. It is structured in such a way that every time you start at a different topic, you are led on a totally different journey every time. For this is the NOW and all what we know as past/present and future are happening in the one magical holographic moment. Again, I would suggest having two bookmarks handy. Hmmmm! Or maybe three. But before we start, lets briefly meet Dr Lemuria. *** ********* ********************** ********************************************* Greetings Let me introduce myself

********************************************* ********************** ********** *** (((((((*))))))) (((((((((*))))))))) ((((((((((* I* )))))))))) ((((((((((( *Am* ))))))))))) ((((((((((((( *Dr Mu* ))))))))) (((((( *I'm a Reality-Host *))))))) (((((((((((((((((((*Its true*))))))))))))))) ((((*Watch your thoughts and your*)))) ((((((((((((((((((((*Intentions*))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((*As we climb the*)))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((*4th dimension *)))))))))))))))))))))) HELLO and welcome spiritual entities brothers sisters fans and stalkers SIT elevate your flippers unblock your blow-holes hear my whisper COME indulge in my poetic/prophetic... whirlwind of perception I'm (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) and I pass to you my knowledge for absorption... for this is not your usual book this writings not my usual style I m for sure not off this frequency but I ve been on earth a while I write in cosmic rhyme as this is how I think for I m a Reality Host ... and I ve come to weld the link... I ve travelled at this time to earth to do my little bit to mend (Akashic Records) sew shut their ignorance rips for many many years ago

. I m a holographic preacher... FOR SURE! I LOOK AT THEM THE SAME don t they realize earth is college? their higher-education game (re-incarnating) through infinite lives.N. who would have thought I d spend (end-times) on earth... for many think I ve lost my marbles.. but behind my back they tutt... when I attempt to WAKE THE SLEEPERS! I come across a nut.......A dear earthling HMMMM! OK I think maybe I hit you with that line a little soon. scribbling silly rhymes I tumbled down with vertigo through realms of light vibration I ve been merging with your (octave) since you birthed your 3rd dimension I ve been a (6D) whale-like (Sirian) an hermaphroditic being now polarized/solidified I twist your D...I promised to a soul to fulfil our ancient pact are you strapped in? I M ON A ROLL My (chakras) flicker with excitement aware of changing times.. born wiser to the signs.. compelled to be creative I spun to earth to scribble rhymes. so ill tone it down and slowly peel the skin from my cocoon I don t want to vex you early into thinking I m a goon I rhyme to WAKE! Your chromosomes so that you whistle higher tunes I have taught the highest levels and countless ones beyond within Lemurian (Mystery schools) wielding my (crystal skulls) and wands I inhabited the bodies of left-handed virgin twins being amphibious AND YES! They had a lovely set of fins EONS LATER on a different continent and different time I graduated through ...

the (White electric mirror Mayan line) .

A) WORK THAT ONE OUT then I left your (3rd dimension) date of FIVE FOUR O AD not long later Rome succumbed to great (karmic) calamity the advent of the (dark-age) saw the dumb rise over wise pristine setting for our fear-guilt blood religions to arise IT S HELL to have to sweat and dwell in a fragile human suit AGAIN! To toil within this dense reality AGAIN! As youth but incarnate I did for earth has slid far off the path of truth but if the truth be told we ve always been en-grained under one roof BUT It doesn t really matter much which world a beings from it s just a body just a template (Sacred geometry) that conforms to adaptations of environment we re not a cosmic accident we re the makers self-experiment in skin HE S NOT A HIM! We are all (gods) I think its time I threw that in beware the ( Jinn) DA DA! And so now through my (Celt) antenna I let you know we live forever my exorcisms of illusion quench the thirst of deaths-delusion mans consciousness now RE-AWAKENS into light dissemination we are ENERGY-IN-MOTION true meaning of emotion as our teacher (JORDAN MAXWELL) said "The minds a parachute its not working very well .part human/jaguar there were a few (therianthropes) ABOUT Speaking through the plant-life (D.N.

if its not open" .

HOW ASTUTE! But of course questions remain who am I and what s my game? WELL! I m only here to help oil your brain power using kelp FOR to many I talk non-sense they re so switched off in front of sit-coms fearing death through their religions and as I said they live in tents ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! !!SLAP!! OUR REALITY IS EVOLVING suppressed secrets are unfolding by the minute by the second truth AWAKENS! (Gnosis) BECKONS so try not to get upset never perceive me as a threat just indulge my book research the net and we'll change the world.. SLEEPING people need offending for them to see what the agenda is a keyhole world is all that many see tweedle-dee . YOU BET and so I want to counsel early as I leap from dark to light I ll be engaging in some topics that are sure to summon fright I ll be dredging up sick issues keep at hand a box of tissues I ll be stirring up some truths tarnished by muck OH F? ? K so its not personal if your engrained beliefs I seem to try to mock TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK! TICK! TICK! TICK! Its my souls right to convey what I see wrong in this day TOCK! this day of misalignment within our world of fear confinement some..

I .

many even say they have seen on-board t hese ships. human/alien hybrid beings who don t look at all healthy. Wer e these pictures of technology from the lost civilization of Lemuria? . . a plane.(((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) jingle keys to fit the doors that open up REALITY HEE HEE! So I speak this only once HEY! I M (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) not a dunce I ve beamed around forever now I rhyme to heal earth better but don t believe all that I say NO WAY! RESEARCH no need to pray all day you re in control you own your soul remember that s your roll SO put your scepticals on we ve all been SLEEPING SLAVES too long drink the water in the bong I m here to show you what s gone wrong FOR WE CREATE REALITY! Heed those last four words from me FOR I m the (voodoo) in the horseshoe that s sadly now taboo I m the brine within the tuna tin when drank that makes you spew I m the kung-fu style of drunken shrew that went UH! Slightly askew I m the incomprehensibly timeless but affable (((((((((((((((DR MU))))))))))))))) I m you. it was a race. Abductions-Ordinary people constantly report being beamed aboard space-ships and having genetic experiments carried out on them. also a land speeder.. ... Adamic men-The character Adam from the Bible was not one man. by mining all of earths gold for them u . Certain earth humans were said to have be genetically altered with the Annuniki genes to hold open their bloodlines to do their dirty-work. but its also being instigated by human secret governments who are working with the aliens. Abydos-Egyptian site where hieroglyphics of modern technology were supposedly found. This is really happening. and a submarine. It appears to show a helicopter.

ntil they return around the end of the age.. . Affirmation-To create your own reality through your repetitive verbal beliefs and thoughts. A .

He was one of the Hyksos tri be and was later dethroned. to be accessed by all beings who can tune into the frequencies of the stuck memory through different states of heightened awareness. . The real name of Egypt was Khem. Alcyone-Earths sun orbits this central sun of the Milky Way galaxy.. .. The whole solar -system has moved position. but is symbolic of humans a chieving enlightenment. so expect great knowledge transference. so h istory could be re-written from zero-time. Akhenaton-18th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh who tried to turn the empire into a f ascist monotheistic society with him as the sole dictator. Aliens-There are 22 known races from the stars which are visiting planet eart h at this time. This fellow is the real Moses from the Bible. political chaos and earth-changes. . as in Alchemy. The real Allah is the creation force of the universe.positive statement of achievement or a positive statement asserting a goal that the speaker or thinker wishes to manifest in their physical life. Alexandria library-Great library in Ancient Egypt that was destroyed by the ( Christian Romans).. not a name. All male dominated religions spawn from his time. This was a deliberate attempt to wipe out ancient earth knowledge. Earth is now re-aligning with Alcyone through the photon bel t... the ones containing proof of Atlantis and magic are in the Vatican. Allah-Great wrathful male God of the Muslim religion. Part of Atlantis is under the ice of Antarctica. .. . This science later evolved into what the world knows as chemistry . Many are human time-travellers from the future who left f rom Lemuria to come back at this time to help release the knowledge from earths Akashic-reco rds. Not all texts were lost. After-life-Is there really an afterlife or Heaven where souls float around gr inning all day? Or does human consciousness once again blend into the mind of the universe to know all. 3 of them are nefarious. This was actually one of the cities of Atlantis but the name got mixed up with the historically lost continent of South America. where all thoughts and memories are held. Alchemy-To turn base metals into precious metals. Akashic records-This is the super-conscious mind of earth.. . One of th e (Seven Sisters) also known as khem. So where is this God wh ile his people are being slaughtered across the world? People need to ask this question and wak e up from their fingers-crossed religion drug.. Altiplano Bolivia-High plane in Bolivia which exactly fit s the dimensions of A tlantis given by Plato. .. and decide its next move through its accumulated Karma? . it was the Indian Gypsies who invented th e name Egypt. Moses is just a t itle. . .

whi ch includes the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies. . Ancient W.D s-There may have been a spit of truth to the search for W. which obviously got there too late. Amphibian features-Many humans did not evolve from apes but straight from rep tiles.They scrambled jets from 130 miles away. Anakim gene-The ancestors of all the various human races come from different places in the galaxy and space.. But these beings were giants and they consumed all. . automatically through their electro-magnetic accumulated kar ma.Solomon s sun Temple Mount . Andrews base-Where the American presidents private plane is stationed along w ith (many) fighter jets. There are many humans born with webbed limbs and small tails every year.. The name King Solomon comes from (sol=sun) (omon=amen). and is where the word (Amen) orig inates. . The 3 main western religions-Christianity-Islam-and Judaism all say (amen) as they s till unknowingly worship a pagan sun-god. between 2000-3000BC and before. . The War of the gods.. yet none of them done a thing on 911. It is where many friendly hum anoid extraterrestrial originate from. but the doctors cut them off. . . and it is thought they ha d a nuclear war back in prehistory.. There is evidence of this in the Bible. and the ancient Indian texts of the Mahabharata and the Vedas tell very clearly of a nuclear hol ocaust.M. Ancient companions-Referring to souls that humans continuously incarnate with again and again in their many lives.. The Anakim were said in the Bible to be the offspring of the N ephilm and chosen human females. Amun-Ra-Great God of the ancient Egyptians.. although some came from a comet fusion of both. Primates cannot hold their breath under water. Or do they tell us about meteorite impacts? . as Iraq is where the Annuniki gods had their first civilizations.. Ancient atomic rubble-There were thought to be nuclear wars in the very ancie nt world. 911 was a monumental set-up..D s.M.. Andromeda-Andromeda is the largest member of the Local Group of galaxies. Spirits pick which other spirits they want to incarna te with each time they come to earth.

and the primitiv e God-fearing people thought it was God... . Aquarian age-The religious age of Pisces is finishing and the Aquarian (age o f light) is coming in. Angel-In the Bible (angels) were very human-like and were responsible for man y deaths also. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man being sent into a city (ho use of the zodiac) to meet the (water bearer) =Aquarius.. But they will be a tyrant of unimaginable prop ortions as they will be of possessed (reptilian hybrid) stock .. The serpent. Comets were seen by t he earth people to be (Son s of god). teachers and gods. . . In the Bible they even eat a nd sleep.. Arcing electricity-This shot out of the Ark of the Covenant. They wanted the gold to eat. Anne-Beautiful lady and spiritual teacher who helped me remember about.. . who were said to come here to mine gold . . Annuniki-The Iraqi gods of the Bible. Anu s astro belt-The asteroid belt is what s left of a decimated planet called Ti amat that existed once in the solar-system between Mars and Jupiter. . They were also shining and beautiful. sist ers.. or snake. He used to weigh the hearts o f the people to see how heavy they were with sin. Animal gods-Native and ancient people understood animals to be brothers. including Christianity. political or royal leader who will fool the ignorant believers of the world that he/she is the Messiah. They called it the (Presence of the Lord) but they we re comparing this to lightning. You can see halfman half-animals in all ancient religions. then the person was cast i nto the (underworld) to be devoured. is still known to be a great wise teacher. Many ancient languages and names are tonal. There is a lot of evidence that points to the sphin x actually being a dog =dog-star=Sirius=Anubis. Through her work with The flower of life information she has helped many souls wake up to the fact that earth is on the verge of an u pwards dimensional shift. If they were heavy. . . and a ctivate my mer-ka-ba light ball ascension vehicle. Anubis-Egyptian (jackal god) of the underworld.. .. Lucifer was an angel that could take on human form. and have a certain vibration used for med itative mantras or to induce a heightened Godly state.. Look at the wall relief s of Dendera to see undeniable proof of (Egyptian . Anti-Christ-A religious. as orme-gold extends life and changes (space-time) itself.. as homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah wante d to you know. The symbolic John the Baptist. so the actual planet exploding was seen as God releas ing his sperm. Aramaic-The language that Jesus/Yeshua would have spoke to his friends and fa mily. They created a slave race (Homo-sapiens) to do the hard work.

It has already sta rted for many races. This translates as the mountains of Megiddo. Ark-This golden box of electric was a machine and a super-conductor which was used to power up the Great Pyramid power plant/ascension machine. . just give them to ever yone on the planet so we can be found like pets. There are thousands of people/criminals wearing these tagging device all over the world.O-Antisocial behavioural order... Aspartame-Poisonous sweetener put into soft-drinks as a (mind suppressant and D. Astrology-Study of how positions of celestial objects (planets and comets) an d their gravities affect the earth and her inhabitants.electricity). DOH! .B. a nd microchips. Oh! What a great idea. These people conqu ered the Babylonians but were later ganged up on by many tribes as they were so vicious. Too late. . They were known for their extensive ancient libraries that told the story of the ancient g ods. . .. The Ark was also used by the Israelites as a sonic (earthquake weapon). .S. This is a planetary polarity-shift .N. Ark and Jericho-The Arks sonic earthquake power was used to bring down the gi ant walls of this ancient city.. Assyria-Northern civilization of ancient Mesopotamia/Iraq.A scrambler). we have mobile phone sim-cards.. A. Gravitational pulls on the water in the br ain activates certain areas more than others changing the person s personality type and intellig ence. Armageddon is a battle of co nsciousness between dark and light which is thousands or even millions of years old. . This fact is widely known and still it s allowed to go on. This poison re-wires the brain to slow and dumb down the thinking process.. Ascension-The New-Age version of the religious Rapture. Armageddon-The so-called final battle said to bring peace.. The Israelites were the Akhenaton followers of the Hyksos tri be who were banished from Egypt for worshipping the dark side of the sun. . when all earth souls are said to have a planetary (out of body experience) as the earth moves from the present 3r d dimension into the 4thdimension.. Read the labels.

which after testing with an acidic liquid produced (volts of electric)..000000 square foot that was somehow built by a very advanced culture with monolithic blocks weighing wel l over 1200 tons. Bible-Christian (Old Test-amen-t) and historical book. but due to your lack of interest in real factual world history you have based your whole salvation on a Pagan sun worshipping cult.. . Baghdad batteries-Clay pots discovered in Iraq which were found with copper a nd iron elements inside them.. as humans were becoming too wise and threatened the gods. but come ts have been seen with 7 tails. Astro-theology-The Bible and especially the New Testament part about the life . They are well over 2000 years old. Was this a very ancient spacepor t? . the Romans. Cyborgs? It was said to have 7 or 10 heads. Or was this a natural disaster? . ... you are pagans. but is symbolic of the New World O rder. Bermuda triangle-The (Devil's Triangle) is one of the two places on earth tha t a magnetic compass does not point towards true north. Proof of ancient electricity? Have a look at Dendera and Abydos. It is called the (Devil's Sea) by Japanese fishermen. . Beast-The demonic entity from Revelations.. it is a symbolic astrological tale telling the story of how the SUN of God moves through the 12 z odiac constellations (12 disciples) over the course of a year and other longer cycles such as the precession of the equinox. which many believe tel ls the story of how the gods came to earth with their technology and genetically meddled with th . but really it was an empire that got wiped out by a comet and flood. it points towards magnetic north. built a massive temple on top 1500 miles from their Empire centre. Atlantis-Archaeologists are forever finding evidence of a great ancient lost civilization all over the earth.O and the U. The people here tried to build a tower/star-gate to heaven but God/gods destroyed it. times and death of Jesus Christ is not an actual literal story of a great mans life. which kind of makes you a Pagan also. It s actually talking about N. Is this what they tried to tell us? .. well not kind of.N and the micro-chipping of all of the e arth s human inhabitants using barcodes. . Babylon/Iraq-One of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world which hel d much knowledge of the ancient earth.. I m sorry to tell you this Christians.. but try to think of Atlantis as more of a time rather than a loc ation. This is a natural stargate. One of the (cities of Atlantis) were believed to be in Altiplano-Bolivia. as they thought their god Jupiter must have originally built this as it was seen to be far beyond the work of mere men. The later master builders.AT. Baal-Bek-An ancient construction in Modern Lebanon measuring 5.

Bible thumpers-Christians who have let their religion drive them insane. . Big bang-The so-called beginning of it all. but lies about how dangerous it is are being used to control countries on parts of the earth. But Its really all about the Zodiac. blue-eyed Pleaidians from the 7 sisters constellation also took him on flights in their di sc ships while letting him take many pictures of human space stations orbiting around Mars.. yet angry man. so that s why so many are stir crazy and petrified of not being pure enough.. ancient technology and natural disasters. Its says in the Bible that only 144. He was an extr emely funny. Bill Hicks-Genius American comedian who knew what was gong on. Bird flu-Most certainly this disease exists. Billy Meires-The only real provable alien contactee..000 years ago. Big Brother-The Illuminati network of total world intrusion and control by th e use of surveillance cameras. . Global w arming? . These hyper-dimensional spores t ravelled to earth in frozen comets from exploding planets wrecked by supernovas. when the creator opens her eye an d breathes out. Or were they Mazis? . When people are watching reality TV they are being program med to become immune to surveillance and to actually enjoy it. .. but you would be to if you were brought up by deep south e vangelical Christians who didn t believe in Dinosaurs. Bio-rhythm SUN-god-The ancients knew the suns extreme solar activity came and went in cycles and directly affected human behaviour such as infant mortality rates.e original humans in E-din. .000 can be saved at the end of time by the Messiah. The Bible only tells the story of the creation of the solar system and the begin ning of the new earth after the Atlantis cataclysm. . and so they worshipped it to keep it rising every day and to keep on its good side. This man-mad apocalyptic disease will b e wheeled out .. You only have to look and listen to these people to know there is something mentally and spiritua lly wrong with them. Big-brain creation-Referring to one of the mutations which happened after hum ans started to ingest magic-mushrooms around 50.. It used to contain many books of (esoteric knowledge)... . The humanoid blond-haire d.

. The rulers have many illegitimate babies whic h are then later manipulated into places of world power.A. Being held upside down in a br ight. Blind-faith-The madness of believing blindly in primitive human belief system s which were only relevant to people who didn t understand science. and its symbols are neutral. It would make you sick if you knew how many prominent world faces are Sata nists and I m including celebrities here. . sterile room and slapped to start breathing. In other words. espec ially when there are more humane alternatives such as water births. Birth of Venus-The planet Venus was first seen in the sky by the Mayans in 31 14BC when something made its icy poles shift to reflect the sun. .The barbaric procedure of giving birth immediately engrains fea rs. . they though t every natural disaster was an angry God . making all fighting chimps instantly have bi-sexual sex with whoever s nearest . Bonobos-Highly intelligent family of chimps who communicate with humans throu gh computer games and have amazing photographic memories. divine right to rule..again to quarantine countries. Bloodlines-The same Illuminati bloodlines have terrorized the human race. This is why armies and flags display esoteric symbols such as stars. and have been in power from the very ancient world.We are now landing probes on Mars for Gods sa ke. and so they interbreed to maintain their satanic energies.. is not a great start to life. . Birth trauma. These are the Bluebloods who have a so-called genetic. phobias.. This celestial god was al so known as Lucifer the morning star.. Blood-sacrifice wars-All wars are mass human sacrifices which are planned by the Illuminati bloodlines as offerings to their demon masters in the lower 4th dimension. and insecurities in the human babies subconscious. ... along wi th everything else.. just like the laboratory manufactured Swine flu t hat destroys human D. . Their troops are run by t he females who simply screech a command. Black arts-Magic. I also think there is another universe creating big bang on the other side. cold. they can be reversed to be use d for power and evil. Brains in compartments-Trauma based mind-control breaks the mind into compart ments . Jesus was also called the morning star. The Tibetan swastika was reversed and used by the Nazis to hypnotise the German people? Have a look at the skull and crossbones on their ha ts. .N. Black-hole-Passageways to other galaxies where not even light escapes which e xist in the middle of and create galaxies. I have a theory that black holes are the dustmen of this part of the Galaxy as they funnel experience and knowledge back to the creator...

also assassinations. .. Buaval-Robert Buaval was the author/researcher who first noticed the connecti on between the three pyramids of Giza and the 3 stars on the belt of the hunter. . but when y ou read it carefully you realize Moses had just eaten manna which was magic-mushrooms and was off his head witnessing St Elmos fire. The Orion cons tellation lines up at 10. The s olar system is part of a much larger cycle of cyclical evolution which lasts between 24-26. Celtic-Great Druidic people who settled on the islands of Briton. . . These 3 stars are the 3 Eastern kings from the Jesus (sun-god) Nativity play which is a wholly astrological story and never physically happened. This is pagan sun-worship and always has b een. Buddhist-A believer and follower in Buddha. Just like 911 was.The German people lost the war. also ruling Egypt at one time.. Histories recorded extermination of these psychic people was deliberate genocide .500 BC..which are unaware of each other. In the years when Jesus was suppo sedly missing he was partly in Egypt and the Far East learning all the ancient esoteri c scripts from these countries. not the Nazis.. Chakras-There are 7 main wheels of light in our light bodies which connect to major glands and organs within the physical body. called precession.. . ..E-This lie is wheeled out every time there is a need to ruin farmers who wont comply with G. B.000 years. They origin ally came from Lemuria.. The mass burning of cattle stock was also a mass sacri fice to lower 4th dimensional demons. The Nazis mastered this in the death camps and brought it to America after WW2.. . If they are blocked with negative energy th e body .5oo years ago who decided to live in povert y and attain enlightenment. He was known in India as Issa. . Central sun-Earths sun orbits Alcyone the central sun of the Milky Way. born over 2. Many Egyptian Pharaohs had red hair and are still buried in Northern Ireland. Buddha-Indian prince. Burning bush-God was said to talk to Moses through a burning bush. Alcyone is inside the 2000 year long photon belt.S.M food production. These people are used for prostitution and drug runs for known political faces. The later Jesus sun-god story is identical with at least 40 other older characters from all around the world. and were not corrupted by the nefarious bloodlines.

the super-consciousness.. it is us. Coincidence-There is no such thing. as well as global warming. Some are millions of miles long and could easily fry the earth in a second. as you have already planned your life bef . it is the consciousness that gives life to all living things including the earth.. The crown chakra is the ( 3rd eye ). Chiron-Is a planetoid in the outer solar system that was initially classified as an asteroid. Today it is classified as both. . The Great Spirit. .. meaning to open up to your higher God-self. Chem-trail-The Governments are dumping chemicals over all major cities of the world.. Dispute arose as to whether it was an asteroid or actually a comet. it is love. . . The eye if Horus. This is thought to be anything from viruses to nano-technology. Chamber airshafts-The so-called airshafts in the Great Pyramid are actually t here to channel energy from the stars which they are deliberately aligned to. . . But these creatures were actually electrical elements . Yet it did no thing to protect the country on the tragic manufactured day of 911. such as Orion/Osir is and Sirius/Isis. revealing how all the different humans races came from the stars. This is the real God. The higher-self. Cheyenne mountain-American nuclear-proof mountain which houses the command ce ntre that controls home defence and the star-wars space missile system. . Channel alpha-Symbolic title... Christ Consciousness-The level of 9 dimensional consciousness that the great Shaman Jesus/Yeshua was believed to have functioned at on earth.. C. . but do they have a soul? If they are showing the world how a sheep called Dolly can be cloned. the residue looks like normal plane trails. We are it..M. But it takes a few thousand incarnations. It is the earths journey through the photon belt that causes this.E-Stands for coronal-mass-ejection. but it is deadly. In fact the human race was first cloned in E-din.. .. The p lanet is about to jump evolution into the 4th dimension. Tun ing into channel alpha is the direct pineal-gland mind link into the mind of the creation force. then you can be sure as hell that humans have also been cloned in secret. but only the priests/scientists knew about this technology. Alpha draconis and Ursa minor. . . Clone-An identical copy of a individual. Z AP! . They had to remove their shoes. Cherubim-Little angel-like characters in the Bible...The pineal gland.becomes diseased. but it fact can also b e attained by any awakened or enlightened human. Christos revelations-We are living in the times when all will be revealed abo ut our true origins. Ark lightning jumped betw een the two on the lid of the golden Ark. Chi-The Chinese name for the energy force of the universe that flows through everything and is everything. which are giant solar flares that spo ut out from the sun.

the supposed gods from Nibiru. . There was a second council in 787AD. Coincidence and synchronicity are to let you know you have jumped back on to your correct life-path. the ancient humans thoug ht it was the original gods returning in their rocket ships. this actually may be in the form of a returning celestial body that will cleanse the planet. because the saviour on the cross existed long before Christianity used it. and mass evolutionary jumps.. they may hurry up. If it s a person.ore coming to earth. their immense radiation changes the D.NA of life within all the cosmos.A fusion with their radiation.N . Council of Nicea-This is where Constantine in 325AD decided to banish the Chr istian Gnostics original Buddhist teachings of reincarnation and karma. topped off with sun-worship. Comet. so don t just shrug them of. Constantine-Roman Emperor who hijacked the original pure Gnostic Christianity and edited it into the dark Roman Catholism and its Protestant offshoots. Anu was the leader of the Annunik i. germs and viruses.. Comet germs-Germs and genes from space slam into planets and mutate species. .. This is mind con trol. Thomas and Enoch. Comet Messiah-Religions are expecting the return of peace to earth in the for m of a Messiah.Giant dusty snowballs that orbit around the galaxies slamming into pla nets like sperm. where they took out many more. because they told earths true h istory. creating brand new mixes of species. When nebulas or supernovas explode.. wiping out old life an mutating different new life into being through D. such as the books of Mary. Or are these theories all mixed up? .. bacteria. There are many other banished Biblical books. Comet Anu-When comets fell. by sneaking his p agan idol gods into the story. . .. Christianity has always been Pagani sm. . . .. What the masses of people on earth believe to be reality is simply all t he TV negatives rolled into one wholly depressing and banal newscast. or were seen in the sky. Conditioned reality-The form of false-reality that is beamed into peoples min ds daily by tellievision. But due to their lack of science understanding.

Crystal technology-Lost civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis encoded their knowledge in crystal. and answer to non human entities. It is believed that encoded within the crystal is great esoteric knowledge. they bow down to unseen demonic forces which exist outside of earths 3rd dimension. . This idiocy was fine when people thought the sun orbited the earth and tha t the earth was flat.. Crystal skulls-Many of these incredible artefacts have been found around the world. Dark-age-After a comet and toxic lead poisoning initiated the fall of Rome. Cuneiform-This ancient language and writing of the ancient Sumerians was foun d in Iraq inscribed on clay tablets.. They were suppressed by the Vatican. and was swamped by Christianities cruel. . Crop circle-Magnificent geometrical formations in fields that are there to aw aken humans to the fact that other intelligent races are here trying to make contact through th e eternal language of sacred geometry. E urope went back to the stone-age. There is little or no history recorded. Dark matter-Human scientists can only see 10% of matter and space. . Creationism-Many people blindly believe the entire infinite universe was crea ted in 7 earth days.. but that m oderns have lost the power to decode it.A mutation. These people control earth with electro-magnetic. Cubits-Ancient Biblical form of measurement from elbow to fingertip. maybe communicating along the planets dragon-lines from place to place? Is this how the wizards and shamans could see the future? Hmmm! . Creationists-Religious folk who believe the earth was made between 6-12 thous and years ago. dark and misguid ed world vision. DOH! . They used to say that God buried dinosaur bones to test their faith. and the supposed genetic creation of humans... . . Many h ave wised up and now say that the Noah s Ark had dinosaurs on it. as the church forbade all knowle dge. Creo-lution. Were these crystal balls. Modern humans now use silicon chips instead.. as its all a little bit of both all mixed up with D. .. .N. Evolution and Creationism mixed... Unbelievable ! .. Dark-lords-The faces who control governments are just puppets. and cant decode the ancient knowledge that remains within the cry stals.A word I created to help the opposing sides of the origins-argum ent realize they have more in common than they have differences. and also used it for a type of cutting tool or laser. telling the original uncorrupted story of the flood a nd Genesis.. Its writ ten in the Bible that Noah s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant were both constructed using this measu rement. hypnotic-black magic.. Apparently God buried dinosaur bones to test their faith. the majori ty of the universe is dark-matter and is thought to be the God-consciousness that controls .

This is the lowest place on earth and is the most important mining site on earth as it is fu ll of O. .. David Icke-Fantastic researcher who has dedicated his life to exposing the fa lse reality that humans believe to be real.. Darwin-He hatched the idea of natural selection within nature. raise consciousness and bend space-time. You are exactly where you are today by no ones else s d ecisions and choices but your own.. and their god is the dark side of the sun.. The d ifferent kinds of humans come from very different space races. This is T he New World Order. Go have a look at its explanation now. Deliberate reality-The act of consciously creating your perfect reality. He has pursued fanatically the idea that the world is controlled by shape-shifting lizards. create it . by b eing fully aware of every thought and wish. These scrolls were discovered between 1947 and 1979 in eleven caves. and care for no one. unless on hallucinogenic plants of course. Deja-vu-What is known as linear-time is not exactly true reality.. . Dead sea scrolls-Consisting of roughly 1.A fusion and mutation.it all. being funded at this time by illegal Afga n opium production. . who holographicly possess the bodies and souls of the mu rdering New world. . . He was correct for his day.E gold which can extend life. not selection.. This magic lets us know we are on the right path. Deja-vu is when little overlaps and pauses let human s see a glimpse of true non-linear time. and they function on their own. formed by an ancient cataclysm (or was it a nuclear strike?) in the Bible which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. .N. but different species evolve through D. and were compiled by the Essene sect that Jesus belonged to. Dark-side of the government-There is an unseen world government that controls all known world governments. as you create reality. So why does the Vatican supp ress them? Well because among them was the book of Enoch. as earth is living pastpresentfuture all at the one time. Dead sea-Salt lake which lies between Israel and Jordan.Lucifer. Don t try to predict the future. and show how everything is happening in the one moment.. .R.000 documents. The brain functions at only 10%.M. They blatantly steal our money and answer. Order elite. including texts from the Hebrew Bible.

More than 95 percent of all DNA.In the Bible she cut Samson s (SUN) hair which made him lose his stren gth.. TV is not true reality! . Double think-To deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies. D MT plays significant roles in birth. but it depends on h ow you plan your journey. D.. They were also believed to have travelled to earth in water-ships or balls. The psychedelics are already in our brains. . . Dendera-There are ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics here showing ancient electri c light bulbs. as to how the outcome manifests. and we can see them if we watch the Secret-Space dvd of the Space Shuttle . Folk have puzzled for years why there are no torch fire burns. From George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.. Dollars eye and pyramid-On the reverse of the one dollar bill is a picture of a pyramid with the capstone missing. But don t forget. Dogon tribe-African people who claim to be directly descended from extraterre strials from Sirius. . . but this is just ignorance.T-(dimethyltryptamine) Is synthesized in the brain by the pineal gland.The dail y news millions watch every night is utter double-think. was called Junk DNA by molecular biologists. psychosis. It is a transmitter/receiver o f light. Destiny-Is where in your life you will inevitably end up.. near-death and mystical experiences also astral projection..M. death. It says New Order of the age. This is the Illumnati New Wo rld Order showing us who supposedly controls the world. not in the d rugs.. You still have a choice to create your own reality with your thoughts and life-choices.. but many medium sized species existed up until the cataclysm of 13000 BC. Other small dino s went inside the earth.. Its sai d their bloodlines were genetically modified to rule the earth for the gods until their return to modern Iraq through the stargate. Sam-SUN is once again Biblical pagan astrology.. They had electronic know-how. Delilah. . ..N. REM sleep. . Demi-god-The Pharaohs and Caesars believed themselves to be part god. This is what the Iraq war was all about. D. as the name Delilah means (night-time). Dinosaurs-We are told these magnificent creatures were all wiped out 65 milli on years ago. Dragon-lines-The Chinese name for the energy ley-lines that criss-cross the e arth containing . yet many others evolved into an intelligent humanoid form. we create reality.. ..A-Stands for (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) and is really a code that decides wh at genes and proteins a person carries. This is symbolic of the sun losing its strength. They said these gods were amphibious and taught them the weights and orb its of the Sirius triple star system. . This is how they lit-up the insides of the pyramids.

This is why the Druids built their temples on the inte rsections which are actually mini stargates. and so they live in fe ar. because it wasn t built by humans. Earths continuous mass-Referring to the area of north Africa where the Great Pyramid was built. and was specifically chosen and surveyed by a ve ry advanced race of ancient humans who no longer exist.500 BC.. Earths axis grid-The Great Pyramid was built exactly on the centre of the ear th and aligned to a date of 10. . Com ets started many different life-cycles of mutation on earth within animals and especially hu mans. The Adamic race. Eden-Symbolic garden in the Bible where God created Adam and Eve. where the longest intersection of landmass anywhere on the planet exists..000000 years ago were massive. but a comet hit and the earth actually ex panded. forcing the continents apart and losing all traces of Atlantis and Lemuria. . and was intimately aligned to earth s holiest vortex sites. Earths expansion-13.. This is anc ient Iraq where the Annuniki gods genetically manipulated the earth humans with their gene s to create a hy-brid race. This is a ver y highly advanced science that has all but disappeared. . It s thought that a polar-shift took place. Earths first time souls-Many ancient souls are here working to evolve humans out of this present self made chaos.. .. forces many infant-like souls to b e born who have no concept of how to break the re-incarnation cycle.000 years ago a global cataclysm changed the face of the earth. and yet Jesus/Yeshua was a Sham anic Druid. and why the Christians knowingly do also. They bring microscopic life from other worlds to seed new planets. . showing the later humans that advanced races existed bef ore humans and the great halfway pole-shift cataclysm and flood.. .life-force serpent power. That is if he ever existed of course as the nativity play is astro-theolo gy. . Dust-ball makers-Comets that orbit into the solar system can be from very far out in the universe.. Druid-Celtic Shamanic spiritual teachers who held the knowledge of the healin g earth powers. . .. But over population. This is why the dinosaurs 65. They were wiped out by Roman Christians. Earths 4 cardinal points-The Great Pyramid was aligned exactly to the points of the compass. This spot was the ancient Greenwich meantime. as the gravity is now much stronger.

They don t respect the earth. a mythical figure wh o helped the Gaels conquer Ireland as described in the Book of Invasions. E-din-This is the original way Eden was spelt in Sumerian text. It is used in the I rish language today to refer to the whole island of Ireland. The Elohim were sometimes thought to be the gods that humans met on their visionary plant t ravels. It also says in the Bible that man was put in the garden which means he was created somewhere else like Africa or had already existed. End-timers-Hardcore nutcase Christians and Jews who are trying to speed up Ar mageddon by re-building Solomon s (sun temple) Temple Mount in Jerusalem. a cleansing. meaning god s. Elven teachers-There is a 2 dimensional world just below the 3rd dimension wh ere you can access the Elves and Fairies and serpent teachers for their earth knowledge. as they all think they are all leavi . Eire-Is the name for the Goddess called Ériu in Old Irish. which then travelled through time to 1983 joining with the Montauk e xperiment. Electric dictators-Television tells the masses how to perceive the world in a mostly negative and idiotic way.. End-times-Blind believers within all the religions have been programmed to th ink it is the end of the world. from where they would re-start their New World Order propaganda in the form of o rganized college education. because they thin k Jesus is coming back. but some have spoken out. a planetary out of body experience. But this word is a plural. El Shaddai-Was just one of many entities that the Hebrews worshipped as God i n the Bible. ... Eldridge. and so our pr e-history is very mixed up. but later higher races wrongly presented themselves as these teachers. . . We were mutated and later cloned. nor did we evolve at all.. but its actually the end of an age of the zodiac. The unsuspecting crew came back bursting into flames whilst some where merged wi th the steel deck. I know because I ve seen them myself. All survivors were discharged as insane.. I really mean scientist. thi s we can do by ingesting hallucinogenic plants. Modern humans co-existed with Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.. Elohim-The God of the Bible and Torah. because it was the new headquarters of the Illuminati.. as it is fillin g their heads with negative thoughts which in turn get created as their reality.. .. and it is making people create a hell on earth.. and a dimensional shift into the emerging 4th dimension . .. . Eden-burgh-Edinburgh was named so. . When I say being. we did not evolve from them. But you must be nice. . These worlds are more rea l than our supposed real world.A war-ship that the Americans in 1943 made disappear with the help of given technology. This being was an alchemist who manufactured powdered gold within a Sinai mounta in temple called Mt Horeb. .

whilst continuously living in the present moment.ng. they partook in a total earth survey. .It meant attaining the consciousn ess of a reality creating 9 dimensional god.. Maybe they were trying to detect a coming polar-shift. The book was an accepted part of the scriptures up to the middle of the third century when th e church leadership decided to ban it during the Council of Laodicea. . This is why the Biblical God is schizop hrenic. Enlightenment-The state achieved by Buddha . because there was more than one being or personality within the original story. Enoch introduced concepts such as fallen angels. . so that they could align their pyramids exactly with the celestial and p olar orbits of the changing planet. The Book of Enoch was recognized centuries before Christ. but existing in a human form. Only in the 20th century can we understand the ancie nt technologies that Enoch talked about.. knowing all th ings. and a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. cosmology. Entertaining aggressors-Television is the greatest form of mind-control apart from religion. watchers and gods genetically creating mankind. . . Equinox earth survey-When the gods walked and ruled on earth. high technology.. Enki and Enlil-The Bible is written from much earlier Sumerian tablets where Anu s sons fought each other for rule of the earth. Along with 40 other books it was banned as a scriptural source and was lost for over a thousand years. It was not until the late 1700s that a copy surfaced. Both these sources fill the heads of millions of people with negative images of death and violence and make people ignorant of true reality and unity consciousness. angels and devils. geography.. a Fin al Judgement.. and meteorology. it was accepted by early Christians. the appearance of a Messiah. and early Christian literature contains many references to it. astronomy. but that is a relative figure because apparently Jehovah/Yahweh took him on board a spaceship and didn't bring him back. Resurrection. It is recorded that Enoch lived for 365 years.. . Enoch-Grandfather of Noah whose history books were taken out of the Bible bec ause he talked about hallucinatory visions of heaven and hell. Also calendrical systems. ancient civilizations.

. Evolutionists-People who believe that life has followed one long path from mi croscopic bacteria to where advanced humans are today. But it will be a .O s in the Christian holy books.. . and in many Christian renaissance paintings. but there is no evidence of this in any civilizations historical records. Yes! There are many U. Faked attack-There is a rumour that the New World Order will fake an extrater restrial attack to convince all people on the earth of the need for a one world government.. blood and fear as possible for their own sustenan ce. but this is an old past theory. The anci ent Sumerians talked of Nibiru the 10th planet in 6000BC.. . Evolutionary theory-The theory of survival of the fittest is correct up to a point. So w hat do you think Steven Spielberg was implying here? . E. .. But they leave so much new amazing discoveries out. but if you look at the DVD cover of E. who are in contact and possessed by pan-dimensional nefarious beings who want as much human sacrifice (war). This is real Satanism.. which had a large opposite orbit to the other planets. This story actually co mes from the banishment of Akhenaton and his Hyksos tribe who tried to take over Egypt.F.T-We all know who this lovable character is.. and is taken on a flight up through the sky. Ezekiel-In the Bible this fellow is standing watching circular discs with bei ngs inside them fly around in front of him. There are countless worlds consciously above and below this one occupying the sa me space.. But who or what are the gods? . . Eris-This is a red planet that has been discovered orbiting the sun. This could be the gods returning.. Darwin had his day. and if Jesus really existed. and choose still to follow an obviously flawed. Many of them are still refusing to believe in the existence of the soul. . Essenne-These were the holy group of Druidic/Shamans that built Qumran out in the desert to live a secret-knowledge. They wrote and hid the Dead Sea Scrolls. he was a high m ember. where many different entities exist within different vibrations of time and real ity. past set of rul es. not earthly Paganism. Exodus-In the Bible it s said the Israelites escaped Egypt out of slavery. science has moved far beyond such ideas into the realm of under standing cellular mutation based on the cycles of the sun.T we can see that Gods finger is now replaced by E. Ethereal realms-What people know as reality is just a tiny little frequency o f experience. holy existence away from the ever growing ignorant w orld. but there is something on the poster of the movie that s very interesting. Esoteric black magicians-The New World Order is made up of many satanic black magicians.. In the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican we can see Mic helangelo s painting of Gods finger touching the finger of Adam.. . lets move on.T s and Adams is now Elliot s..

. but because the New Test-amen-t is the symbolic story of how the sun travels through the time of Pisces. Flouride-This poison was a waste product of the aluminium trade.000 years ago after the comets struck that instigated earths expansion and the polar-shift. Your fate is entirely your own making.. Everything is made from the Creator's thought. Flower of life-The sacred geometry flower of Life contains the patterns of cr eation as they emerged from the Great Void. . . . forming an ego-mind which created fear and evil.. False prophets-The religious faiths of the world point guns and hate at each other claiming each other are wrong. 98% of earth species were wiped out. Flash frozen-13. not fact . Fall of man-Humans were once amazing ethereal creatures who came down through the light realms into physical form and were connected telepathically to the earth. what you think and what you believe. Its geometric patterns are also identical to humans third embryonic cellular division. Fisher of men-Jesus/Yeshua was called the fisher of men not because he hung a round with fishermen. . It is an intellect suppressant. so make sure you create your own positive real ity by watching very closely what you wish for. . . Also used to keep people out of certai n areas of countryside as a prelude to martial law. ruining the farmer because they wouldn t grow G. as the technology to tap th e earths power . The comets also creat ed mutations. Foot and mouth-A cattle disease used as an excuse to destroy stocks of beef. All religions are infested t his way... with many still being edible today.. This is again astro-theology. . so they now conveniently put it in human water sup plies and toothpaste. and was used in Auschwitz.M crap. yet thousands were found f rozen fast by an instant great cold. Akhenaton started all male dominated relig ions.fascist electronic micro-chip holographic nightmare. Fate-Fate is the place you will surely end up if you continue along your pres ent path... Free Energy-Fossil fuels do not need to be burnt. and in their pure forms are wholly Egyptian. . they dumped it into rivers but it killed masses of fish. . But th ey devolved out of unity-consciousness.. the 2 fishes. and yet their very belief systems were created by the same nefarious Bloodline forces simply to divide and rule mankind.

Genesis-First book of the Bible telling of the creation of the solar system a nd relaying the story of the polar-shift of 11. . ..500 years ago. . Cairo means Mars. Gargoyle cities-The Illuminati cities of the world are built to geometric eso teric dimensions. The genes of Isis.. . where the s tar Alcyone is.. you can only hear or see them if you can t une into their frequency. funding and manipulating all modern revoluti ons and . Th ese people originally came from Lemuria and were un-corrupted by the gods hybrid genetic ex periments. only guide. which when it gets wet spa wns other destructive little monsters. How do evil gargoyles scare away evil around churches? . conscious essence of Mother Earth. . . Nicola Tesla r e-invented this technology but he mysteriously died. Galactic-centre-Is the rotational centre of the Milky Way galaxy..for energy has existed for decades. Paris and Washington DC. But this history book has been pro ved to be a copy of much earlier Sumerian and Babylonian tablets. If there is ever direct interference in earth matters then it is nefarious.800 Light-Years from Earth. Frequencies-Humans only see a small percentage of the world. . The first Great pyramid is the most massive and perfect building on the planet and still cannot be built today with our technology as it is so perfect and precise. and can fee l pain.. Symbolic for getting wet with fear and ignorance. but who are not allowed to physically intervene. just a tiny 10% frequency. These are the people who rea lly run the world. In Roman she was known as Terra. .. London. Free will universe-There are many races who have come here from other worlds and dimensions to help the humans. but was suppressed by the oil barons. Global elite-Also known as the Bilderberg group. controlling all governments.. Gaelic Irish-Some of the original people of the British Isles and Ireland. Gaia personifying the Eart h is a deity in the Ancient Greek pantheon and considered a Mother Goddess or Great Goddess. Gizmo-Was a cute character in a kids horror movie from1984 called Gremlins ab out a guy who receives a strange creature named Gizmo as a pet. in the direction of the constell ation Sagittarius. So raise your consciousness to see more of this reality. and there are pyramids and a giant humanoid face on mars in an area called Cydonia. It is located about 24. Many are still to this day are red-haired and naturally psychic. Gaia-The alive.. Reality is actually like radio waves. Super massive black-holes lie at the centre of all galaxies. Giza-Site on the edge of Cairo-Egypt where the 3 main pyramids are built. . are all covered in magical symbols and artwork from Egypt. Rome and before. The planet is very much alive and conscious. The Va tican also suppresses this power because the actual use of it would create a shift in consc iousness within humans and no one would have the need for brainwashing religions...

. . There may also have been advanced humans who tricked the superstitious natives into they were God. famine and wars all over the world..wars. .. Global warming-This is a myth constructed to scare more taxes out of people. dark-energy and love. gods-All religions are based around the arrival of advanced races on earth th ousands of years ago and global cataclysms caused by celestial impacts. Not a wrathf ul killer who wants his creations to sacrifice their children and goats for blood. God-The conscious. The warming planet is caused by the sun. This is the great terrifying God of the Christian Bible. and so they worshi pped it as Yahweh. This beast became God to all the civilizations of the earth and was feared and worshipped. Gnostics-Secret religious sect who followed the original symbolic teachings o f Christ.... yet also cooling. They were wiped out by the Romans who then Invented Roman-Catholism. God is chi-ki-electro-magnetic-energy. but that doesn t mean that human greed doesn t play its part in polluting he planet. This was the time when humans started worshipping flying Gods and we can see their depictions of flying comets with tails in every religion to this day. . and many other battles before. But this all changed when the dark-lords invented the male dominated religions.. They have infiltrated and control the Freem asons. . They succeeded i n enslaving the world by inventing original sin and banishing reincarnation and ka rma. It was this comet that magnetically moved the seas for a time so the Israelites could escape the E gyptians who were then later drowned as its power diminished as it passed. all-knowing creation essence of the universe. Comets seen in the night sky were also thought to be the returning gods in their rocket ships. God-comet-Around 3500 years ago a giant comet hung in the sky for months caus ing massive earth changes. . and many cities were destroyed incl uding Sodom and Gomorrah. Goddess-The ancient earth people were right brained Goddess worshippers and l ived in total harmony with nature in peace. The pieces that did fa ll became known as the Biblical sons of god or angels. nor destroy each other in constant holy wars. All of the planets are warming. .

It is the spiral proportio n found everywhere in the universe and in everything on earth including ourselves. Grail-Many think the grail is the secret bloodline of Jesus but actually it i s the secret of the sacred magic-mushroom which was ingested by all holy men to meet with God and re ceive secret earth knowledge. and watch beaching waves as they naturally spiral just like plants do as they grow... ...F. . . Great Pyramid-Most perfect building ever to be created on earth. Google earth-Advanced internet technology that can see into any street in any country.Watch cigarette smoke in a non-draft room.. The modern mass interest i n recreational drugs is a suppressed super-conscious memory. if the American military is 50 years or more ahead in technology. 29.. . it was built with the help of the 6 dimensional Sirians to inject advanced sacred geome try back into the memory of the 3D earth plane.K supposedly received one of his fata l shots from. as m any people close to him were also murdered to keep them quiet.. This has caused chaos on earth by making time speed up a nd creating a false millennium. Gregorian leap years-The Gregorian calendar of 28. So what are these hideous blood stained statues hanging in churches being worshi pped? Someone tell me what s the difference between a statue and an idol of Mary? . . Gremlin-See Gizmo . .. The dark-lords invente d all religions to hide the fact that all humans are actual self creating spiritual gods in their o wn right. It was once also used as an electric power pla nt.. The golden ratio is a mathematical spir al.. being passed by the serpent teachers. It is the number 1. God-spell-Or Gospel. This is the Tree o f Life. and before that. 30 and 31 days was onl y put in place to disconnect humans from the natural Mayan Goddess moon calendar which consiste d of 13 months of 28 days. Grassy knoll-This is the site where J. God plants-Hallucinogenic plants used by Shamans and tribal medicine men righ t throughout history to meet with the serpent teachers of mankind. Gulf war syndrome-The allied soldiers of the first Gulf war were subjected to . Never was it a tomb. So how. to believe that they are born sinners and will burn in hell. Graven image-It says in the Bible not to create any image or idol of God to b e worshipped.. . We all know that his murder was conducted by very dark forces in the military. The spell cast over millions of insecure earths first ti me souls. Golden ratio-This is the number of nature and God.. a stargate possibly. . Bullshit! .. Gregorian birth-The Illuminati have adjusted 3 dimensional time to fit with t heir non-linear sun-based idea of time. could the y not see Saddams military movements in the first Gulf war.6.

P-Stands for (high frequency active auroral research program). change weather p atterns and cause tsunamis and earthquakes. It was originally a stargate. . Halle-Bopp-In1995.chemical weapon experimentation by their own military. Nibiru? . Hathor-In Egyptian mythology.A . and people follo w them like they are God. . They of course all have their knowledge and spiritual value but th ey are not to be worshipped.N. This book would never have happened without her guidance.A. . as it w as she who re-awakened Dr Mu. People thought the gates of hell wer e volcano s. just respected. H.It can disrupt human mental health processes. jam all global communications systems. The multi-vaccines they had to tak e to protect them ended up poisoning and killing many of them. and to the god of the dead himself. . Hadra-Beautiful German spiritual teacher who was the first of many people to recognise that I had many past lives in Ancient Egypt. heeded and understood. Hathor was an . But this word is my own mash-up version referring to how experimenting with mushroom psilocybin can actually alter the light in our D. The Greek word Hades was translated into Latin as infernus (hell).. Hallucino-genetic-The word hallucinogenic means a substance. Guru-There have been many great spiritual teachers on earth. it was a physicalmerka-ba built by the Atlantean race before ancient Egyptians to harmonically synch ronize humans with the universes higher mind. A weather weapon. ... which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow.. especially a drug that causes hallucinations. Harmonic star-gate pyramid-The Great Pyramid was never ever a tomb..A.It was the farthest comet ever discovered by amateurs and appeared 1000 times brighter than Comet Halley did at the same distance. Hades-Rreferring to both the ancient Greek underworld. an unusually bright comet outside of Jupiter's orbit was f ound .. having one important life as a recorder of history for a Pharaoh Queen. . .The concept of hell didn t exist in early Christian/Jewish philosophy. Hathor was originally a personification of the Milky Way. Now they give them swine flu..R..

space. Whatever you let absorb into your subconscious becomes y our reality. its not actually the physical heart organ. its interior was once hom e to an ancient race that travelled across space in this celestial body.. They worship Norse gods and goddess (planets/comets) and also the earth. Hollow Earth-There are said to be very advanced. They are the secret governments. Those humans living at the time when it arrived were called Pelasgians. Heathen-An insult for someone who does not follow any type of organized relig ion. There are many alien/human bases on t he dark side. Proselenes (me aning before the Moon )..We couldn t understand them until finding the Rosetta stone. History is always re-wr itten by the victor. His-story-The false version of her-story written by the pens of men (who were the victors of battles and conquests) for political and religious gain. highly spiritual civilizatio ns that live within the earth. in other words. and they aren t anything to do with NASA. they meant (the heavens). Africans and Indians. Hieroglyphics-Were a picture language developed about four thousand years bef ore Christ using a decimal system of numeration up to a million. not Mother Earths story. . Hollow space-ship moon-The moon is actually hollow. The moon landin g photos have been meddled with to erase giant glass domes and mile high skyscraper structures .. In the Bible when they talked of heaven.. but the religious people who believe in this concept are creating a hell on earth for everyone at this time. for they are actually feeling prana-chi energy spinning in their he art chakra coming through their light body. Heart chakra-When people say they feel love in their hearts. which has been system atically erased by the terrorizing male dominated religions. .A heathen is one who practices the pre-Christian religion of the ancient Germanic people..ancient Egyptian cow goddess and that s why Indians still worship cows today. We create reality! . His-story. and they say their civilizations are supported by a central su n. . by burning and looting libra ries and slaughtering the Shamanic races such as the Celts. . and the entrance is believed to be in Tibet. by projecting their consciousness into an undecided dark Armageddon future.. This includes TV gore. . Her-story is found within the Akashi c records. is a hologram p roduced by your subconscious-mind. . an d actually seen massive ships watching them.. Hologram mind projection-Everything your 5 senses can pickup.. .Our own astronauts have walked through and filmed bases on the moon. Hieroglyphs were called by the Egyptians "the words of God".. Some people call the city Shamballa. Her-story-The real story of Mother Earth (the Goddess). . stress and manufactured fear. Heaven-There may well be a spirit world of eternal light after physical life. .

whose eyes were the sun and the m oon. . lite rally. and so the universe photos it takes are beyond extraordinary... The great yin yang spiral that created e verything. . and yet the proof exists in the form of advanced anci ent monolithic cities going back to 15.000 followers being banished to the wilderness. but its easy to trace most Western and Middle Eastern mal e dominated religions straight back to Egypt and Iraq/Sumeria. wars and new religions. Not to mention giant 14 ft skeletons. their Pharaoh s name was Akhenaton. All the religions were based upon the comet which they thought wa s God. . food shortage s. Hunters belt-The constellation of Orion represents Osiris in Egyptian religio n.ooo years ago. . .500BC.. Its images are not blurred by earth s atmosphere. but it is also known as Yahweh. No images existed of Hunab-Ku since the entity was considered to be without visible form. you will quickly see it was originally based on Horus. The eye of Horus i s really the hyper-dimensional pineal gland.. Around 3500 years ago a giant comet appeared in the sky and tipped the earth causing mass destruction. as it spins on its cosmic orbits. Hyksos-Were a Semitic people who came to power in Egypt in the 18th dynasty. Hunter Gatherers-Humans were thought to be hunter gathers no more than 10.These are the 3 kings of the symbolic Jesus Nativity story. and if you compare the sy mbolic story of Jesus. Hybrid-religion-All religions fight and kill each other because they think th ey are right and think they are unique. named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Horus-Egyptian god in the form of a falcon. Akhenaton changed the centuries old religions into a monotheistic worship of the giant comet and not the sun which led to him and 500 . .. Hubble-The name of the most powerful space satellite telescope in the world. Ice-age-The earth goes through ice-ages in observable cycles. This is the real Israelite Exodus. People still believe this. and the 3 Giza Pyramids are aligned to the 3 stars in the constellations belt to the date of 10.. Hunab-Ku-Meaning 'Sole God'. The Christian myths were first related to Horus or Osiris.This was the main deity of the Mayans.. It can see back in time. Orion is the hunter. . In other wo rds they understood it to be pure consciousness.000 years ago.. . T hey called this God Aten..

Inner sun-Many believe there are holes at the north and south poles which are gates to the inner hollow-earth. W hat is happening is that there is a coming jump in human evolution after 2012 when Chri st consciousness awakens within the self. . The text describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy that is intrinsic to anc ient Chinese cultural beliefs. The Messiah returning is a comet. .. .. Inner Earth-There are many different races that live within the earth. or is this more ast rology? .. . which in modern times controls world affairs by funding all sides of manufacture d blood sacrifice wars through governments and corporations. Lets just say it s a mixture of many things. I-Ching-This book is a symbol system used to identify order in chance events. this has been heavily misunderstood. Their aura s were the colour of indigo and they are acutely aware of their earth missions unlike most tuned down TV obsessed adults. . Illuminati-The Bavarian Illuminatii are a secret society founded in the late eighteenth century. ID card-The New World order are trying to bring in mandatory ID cards by caus ing as much deliberate chaos and terrorism across the world as possible.. . Inner Christ-Jesus is not coming back.but there are many things that can instigate them such as global warming. Did the primitive ancients at Nazc a in South America. But ti mes of ice and cooling can also be caused by comet impacts that set off many volcanoes which bl ock out the suns heat. try to coax the gods back by building fake runways. The western world is predominately left and male . Indigo-children-A medium lady who can see people s auras noticed that from arou nd the year 1974 different highly evolved children were incarnating on the earth. They were the people who adopted the mountain worshipping temple of Maccu Piccu which was so well hidden that the murdering Spanish didn t destroy it.. . . Intellect mind-The brain has two sides. Incas-Amazing spiritual civilization that existed in Peru/Bolivia. They will then say the cards are not working and bring in mandatory micro-chipping.. It aligns and comes awake when used with the Mayan symbols. Ice-dragons-The ancients thought comets and meteorites in the sky were the an cient dragon gods returning in their rocket ships. These entities are lizard humanoids. These are the same gods that arrived from Mars in the time of mass destruction in the solar system.. but some are so ghastly that the humans have killed them off in legend s right up to the Medieval times.. some a re incredibly advanced.. . Its believed the northern lights are energies coming from th e central sun of the spiritually advanced light city of Shamballa.. the right female side controls emotio n and intuition and the left is intellect and logic.

Inter-pineal mankind-The Goddess/planet was once worshipped and respected and humans were right brain thinkers. . and el=Elohim. he is also a very ancient pagan sun-g od. while the east has always been more right brained. Its believed by ma ny that the real Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. She was the e arth Goddess who the early Egyptians worshipped... . They said this stone fell from God in the sky. Jehovah-Main God of the Bible Hebrews. Jesus is astrology. ra=Amun-Ra. simply because he could melt mountains and move the seas. .dominated.. The state of Israel stands for Is=Isis.. who was in no way a whore but a highly respected teacher in her own right. having use of their telepathic abilities. Inter-dimensional-This is the 3rd dimension and is the lowest level where phy sical beings positive and toxic can exist together. .N. Immortal-Everything in the universe including humans is electromagnetic energ y. it simply transforms into another form of energy. and the star Sirius (Bethlehem star) symbolizes her.T powers are now virtually turned off due to D. ... . Later the Christian Mary figure was based on her. Jihad-The Muslims version of the Armageddon holy war to end all wars. Jesus-Character and story made up by a Greek Roman called St Paul from the li fe and times of a real holy Druidic Shaman spiritual master called Yeshua. he is a comet. They were said to be monotheistic (bel ief in one God) but it s clear they worshipped many gods and chose Jehovah as top dog.A damaging vaccines and TV banali ty. and cannot die.M. Isis-This deity is the mother of the Egyptian Sun-of-God Horus. The Mus lims are thought to worship a meteorite (the Black stone) which is housed in Mecca. This means that conscious ness is immortal and stays intact between different physical incarnations. The Roman church did away with the Books of Mary and m any others.. The pinealglands D. He is also known as Yahweh the volcan o/comet God. . Humans are multi-dimensional and many of the beings who come to earth are inter-dimensional and not necessarily extraterrestrial. and there might be a lot of truth to this as the Muslims also unknowingly worship the same comet God as the ancient Israelites. .

. but was also used for spi ritual initiation. . no treasure and no hieroglyphics found anyw here inside. He was famous for the hanging gardens of Babylon and destroying Jerus alem. but there was no mummy. it was an ancient stargate. So watch your thoughts. He actually didn t believe Jesus was the son of God. . an d that this is the real reason for the invasions of this very ancient technological civilizatio n. King Nebuchadnezzar-Was a ruler of Babylon in the Chaldean Dynasty.. yet modern Chri stians unknowingly follow his writings to this day. in other words. Karma-Due to the electro-magnetic make up of the universe. Judaic Saturn worship-The Jews worship the Passover festival on a Saturday as opposed to the Christian SUN-day. . Khem is also a name for the seven sisters constellation where the galaxies central star Alcyone orbits. This is where the science of alchemy sprouts from. It was not a tomb.. Saturday worship is the worship of the planet Saturn or a s the ancients called it. so what the hell is going on here? . Even now this knowledge has be en twisted. or literally as air or breath. and therefore an a ctual piece of the entity known as Yahweh. Josephus-Was a 1st-century Jewish historian who survived and recorded the Des truction of Jerusalem in AD70. Jordan Maxwell-Highly respected researcher and speaker on the topic of the id entity of the Illuminati. Kabbalah-This is the name applied to the whole range of Jewish mystical activ ities. . Japanese contains 11442 uses for Ki. He was really a propagandist for the Romans who he defected t o.T intervention history of earth. Ki-This is the Japanese version of Chi-prana. It trans lates as energy flow.. he was a devastating meteorite.. and the E. God. to save his own life. . kabbalah tries to pe netrate deeper into God's (the inner God) essence itself. Santa is also an anagram for Sa tan. . Satan is said to be Lucifer. into a backwards modern cult that many famous faces are affiliated with. Khem-This is the ancient name for Egypt. . There is thought to be a stargate in Iraq from where the original Annuniki gods came to earth through.life-force. . In other words. While codes of Jewish law focus on what it is God wants from man... and we all now know that Lucifer was a fallen angel... intentions and words very closely. every thought and action will attract the very same type of energy and life situation back into your present l ife. where base metals are transformed into precious metals..kundalini.T in tervention theory after over 40 years of studying the Bible and other ancient sources. Saddam Hussein thought he was his modern day re-incarnation. who reine d 605 BC-562 BC. He has come to the E. or the next. Satan. Kings chamber granite coffer-Inside the Great Pyramid is what looks like a co ffer to hold a sarcophagus.

his followers did about 150 years later. and can be used for good or evil just like how the Nazis reversed the Tibetan Sw astika to create mass control and fear. Koran-Holy book of the Muslims which followers of the Great teacher Mohammad compiled after his death. He is usual ly depicted as a young cowherd boy playing a flute. When it is awakened..N. logical and intellectual part. . . The world is ruled by this mentality but right-brained balance is coming back in . The extreme side of this. . Don t think for a second that giant granite blocks were cut with soft metals such as copper or bronze. th e light of the world.. Just like Yeshua/Jesus he never wrote anything down and so he d idn t actually invent the religion. aggressive. we have yet to reach their level of technology. . as in selling yo ur soul for notoriety and material power and fame in this life.. There was an advanced race on ear th before modern humans. Knowledge and esoteric magic are neutral. genetically meddling with humans and waging war. and with the help of meditation spark higher conscious 3rd eye awakening in the individual. Left hand course-Referring to taking the dark path to power... In fact. The Islands of the Pa cific are thought to be what s left of the Lemurian continent. It was more than likely an Ed en-type time of earth rather than an actual location. Left-brained-The left side of the brain is the male.500 BC. . Like Jesus. .. apparently manifests as the amazing condition known as autism. it spirals like two D.. Leo constellation-The Great pyramid was first built to point to the zodiac ti me of Leo around 10.A serpents up into the pineal-gland. It and the Sphinx were aligned to the lion in the sky to let future h uman races know that advanced humans existed on the earth before them.. Lemuria-Great spiritual telepathic civilization of earth before the Annuniki came and created Atlantis. he was a symbol for the Sun. .. Krishna-Is a deity worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism.. Lightning crystal cutters-The ancients had technology of a kind that is only being rediscovered now with advanced science. . Kundalini-The God energy that lies dormant at the bottom of each human s spine.

Longitude-Unlike latitude. See the listing called Eldridge. Time-travel is very real.. and rises before the sun. Lower 4th dimension-This is a level that contains some very nefarious individ uals.. Watch the mo vie V.. and used later in Christianity. They are believed by many to be shape-shifting reptilians. We are electromagnetic light energy. Luciferian blunder-Many dying races in the universe decided to create artific .. What you believe to be reality is what is inside your sub conscious-mind. Lucifer-This wasn t used as the name of Satan until the 4th century BC. there is a race of E. being the fallout from the God-comet. . . . who watch over people and punish them according... and is al l.. yet others say that because he was a fallen angel and son of god. born on the 25th of December ... there is no natural starting position for longitude. In the now.T s here on earth at this time controlling all evil through possession of powerf ul human figures. To do this. Longest land meridian-The Great Pyramid was perfectly built on the longest 90 degree intersecting piece of landmass on the planet. But this was actually a natural disaster. Life s hologram-What you see as your life is a holographic mind projection of w hat you believe to be reality. When satanic rituals are taking place in the 3rd dimension. the controllers are conta cting reptilian demons to offer them blood-energy through human sacrifice or wars.. . .. Linear illusion-Referring to linear-time. But this is primitive and was adopted from the Greek religions by St Paul. Th is is illusion. Some people like to perceive it like a large man like the Thor or the Zeus images. Lucifer means the morning-star which is Venus. Don t you think you should watch what goes in it? Turn off the Tv for a start. Lots wife-In the original Sumerian text story. as it was humans that invented time. the bringer of light. Lizard humanoids-According to David Icke and many other researchers. It wasn t discovered until the 17th centu ry and yet the ancients had already mapped Antarctica when it free of ice. when the god Enlil/ Jehova destroyed the cities of Sodom and G omorrah in the Bible. that he w as a devastating falling meteorite or comet. which has the equator as a natural starting positi on.000 years ago. . Lord Pacal-The Mayan equivalent of Jesus/Yeshua. . she was turned to a cloud of v apour rather than a pillar of salt. . who was also a symbol of the sun. He came to earth from the star Maya in the 7 sisters t o implant the Mayan calendar knowledge back on earth. All time happens in the same ever-evolving moment . . Jesus is also called the bringer of light and was of course the son of God and the symbolic sun. .. the builders would hav e had to have surveyed the entire earth probably by air over 10. Som e say it is the sun. being past to present to future. Life-force-This is the conscious God energy that flows through all.

Mahabharata-Ancient Indian texts that tell the story of the War of the gods.N. Lunar synchronicity-When humans were using the nature moon-calendar of 13 mon ths and 28 days. This is the real eye of Horus from Egypt.T and melanin chemicals that react with hallucinogenic hormones already present in the brain. Microbes are tiny life forms that are so small they can only be seen with a microscope.A of the living planet. Machu Piccu-Great monolithic mountain-worshipping temple in Peru that the Spa nish Christians couldn t find to decimate.... it is referri ng to this gland which on the ancient earth used to be spiritually active in all humans. Macrobes-These are the demon entities that are contacted through satanic ritu al which reside in the lower 4th dimension.N. . emotion and the soul. Vega. is one of t he brightest in the sky. . .000 years and still do. When you hear about peoples all seeing telepathic 3rd eye . These texts talk of destruction and ancient technology that was only invented in the 20th century with the atom bomb.A and to take over other races a gainst their will. They had decided to take the left hand course into genetically modifying t hemselves but this act eventually destroys love. and birthed humans were born in harmony with the daily cosmic earth energies. Magic-eye-Behind the centre of the forehead inside the middle of the brain li es the pineal gland. But they were written 3000-3500BC. Humans have eaten mushrooms for 50. . There was a great ancient war her e with luciferian races and the many human survivors and refugees scattered across the galaxy. After the Andes mountains rose in the cataclysm of 13. women s menstrual cycles were in sync with the cosmos. .. loot and destroy. Lyra-This is a small constellation.Hmmm!It is possible though that they are . to gain knowledge fro m the serpent teachers and D. . ..000 BC people began worshipping them. This is why they abduct humans... This is where most human races come from. Magic-mushrooms -These God-plants do not create hallucinations. it is their D . Macrobes are the inter-dimensional and nefarious opposit e.M. as the gland actually looks like a normal eye. but its principal star.ial intelligence such as clones to try to mend their wrecked D.

TV and petty material obsessions. which struck so much fear into the minds of men. harmonics and electromagnetism. .personifying comet and meteor showers that took place in the skies and hit the e arth. blood pressure and emotion.. but they are simply getting distr acted from their life-path with stress. Mantra thought-Some words and some names of gods have a certain vibration whe n chanted. Why predict the future when you can create it? . the fluid balance. amph ibious. These words when repeated can send the individual into a heightened sen se of awareness with their vibrations. in other words you willed it into existence with your beliefs and actions. These soldiers will be activated with triggers at some point to carry out assassinations. Mammalian brain-This is the most modern part of the human brain... Humans are part mammal/reptile. but in the 3rd dimension as you know. Manufactured war-All wars and revolutions are manipulated into being to serve the agenda . aggression and ritual is called the reptilian brain.. nurtured and respected.. .According to the legend. . . People think they can t manifest reality. . and earth was loved. Look at your webbed hands. when the root is dug up it screams and kills all w ho hear it. . male dominated religions took over an d the Goddess was raped and plundered. Manchurian-The military have brainwashed many of their own soldiers to become what s known as sleepers. See the Akasic records. . there is a time delay.. used for the automatic control of body functions such as digestion. The most ancient part which controls intellect.. Male monotheism-The ancient earth people used to worship the female/Goddess. in other words. as it always is. Mandrake-This plant is believed to have magical powers. Later on after the God Comet was seen in the sky. when translated into different languages can also be manipulated. Manifestation-Everything that exists in your life started off as a thought or idea. Re ligion. as a drug was prepare d from the root. Hi s-story is a farce. body temperature . . It was widely used in the Bible. Be very carefu l what you wish for. isn t it? Very easy to convict the killer and close the case. It s always a lone crazy gunman. Manifestation time delay-In the 4th dimension thoughts manifest instantly.. Her-story is the real story of Mother Earth and humanity.. su ch as times when you take hallucinogenic drugs. It was at this time that humans got stuck in th e left brained survival mode (mass ego) and forgot to trust their own emotions. as of course it will most certainly come true. Manufactured-history-History is always written by the victors of the wars.

If you control and fund both sides throu gh your puppet leaders you can control the outcome of the worlds battles. and many thousands of earth humans are living there right now. That s why TV has programs. Megiddo-All religions are now screaming for their holy wars as they think som e saviour is coming to take them to heaven. . . Mayan-This spiritual civilization existed in Middle America and built incredi ble pyramids... It was developed back in pre-history by Shama ns to combat and diffuse negative. . Th eir calendars can calculate eclipses 300 million years in the future. but it was brutally destroyed by the so-called Christians.of the New Word Order of the Iluminati. it means (the . off-world. you will soon realize that these films are hig hly symbolic yet also extremely close to the truth. But Armageddon is a place in northern Israel. and you have a grasp of what reality is reall y like with its infinite levels of consciousness. They were a white Nordic type race. hybrid alien D. and their beautiful ocean planet was devastated by an unbelievable celestial disturbance. The races then came to earth with their technology at a time when earth was feeling the same disturbanc es and became gods of the darker earth races.N. Meditation-This is an ancient technique to help humans plug back into the sou rce of all and clean out their subconscious-mind. as our reality is a manufactured illusion. a giant face and cities on Mars (Cydonia) and once a great advanced civilization lived there. Iraq and Afgha nistan are totally manufactured. There are many top-sec ret manned missions to Mars which leave from Antarctica. . Mayan calendar-This is the nature calendar that the Mayans came to earth to r e-implant back into the Akashic Record of the planet. founding Atlantis. and the new leaders put in place are western stooges.A.. . They built great pyramids to help re-educ ate earth humans to the realisation of the up and coming 4th dimensional reality shift.. Matrix-If you watch the movies.. We are controlled by a holographic computer program.. . yet they had zodiac and astrological knowledge and intelligenc e far beyond modern man. Mars-There are pyramids. These Indians are kno wn for their human sacrifices.

. Michael Tsarion-Amazing Irish researcher who has dedicated his life to exposi ng the esoteric truth of pre-history. . Mesopotamia-Ancient Iraq. . This is when the SUN heats the solar system causing global warming. and didn t develop this pigment in high doses. so what s the ancient connection? . This is where the An nuniki gods constructed E-din and genetically meddled with humans.. But it will not be allowed to happen. as earth is very close to the sun. Messiah-Christians believe in the return of a spiritual savoir. and amphibians and is important in regulating biorhythms and hyper-dimensional consciousness. .000 years ago) all over the northern hemisphere of earth.M. . as its ge ography is strategically important to world trade.. turning the m into nothing more than un-thinking cyborgs. Mer-Ka-Ba-Is a geometric light-vehicle that allows a person to ascend or desc end into the higher or lower dimensional worlds. there is reference to the Merk avah (as it is spelled in Hebrew) the ''Throne of God. Melatonin-A hormone derived from serotonin and secreted by the brains pineal gland. and were used for control. See his research on the origins of the Irish. reptiles. . Its not all about God and religion.. This also caused mass extinction and mutation of m any earth . This is the star we see on the Israeli a nd Ulster flags. . This will be a living earth hell. In the Torah.000 years ago a giant super-nova exploded millions of lig ht-years away. Michi-Beautiful Indigo who I was so fortunate to spend 3 great years of my li fe with. The Illuminati are now th ere murdering and looking for ancient W. The Messiah is a celestial happening that all people on earth will see whilst feeling its cleansing wrath. Melanin-The skin pigment that makes earths colored people dark.. genetic engineering and Atlantis. . Skin colour has to do with what intensities of stars you are exposed to.mountains of Megiddo) where many ancient battles happened in the past. But they are really after the stargate and its magical relics from the Baghdad museum.. where the Bible is mostly set. Micro-chip-It is the dream of the New World Order to reduce the world populat ion to half a billion people and to micro-chip and vaccinate all remaining humans. .. and consider Jesus to be that Messiah. as t hey came many millennia after. blasting radiation and tiny radioactive meteorites (around 13. The Martian/Nordics are paler as they are further f rom the sun. She will probably never know how much she really taught me. The original people of the earth were black.. He can read and understand ancient Irish and Norse texts. But the return of the son of God means a return of a comet or the SUN o f God..D s. Micro-meteorites-40.. It produces changes in the skin colour of vertebrates.

yet re-awakening huma n talent. .000 years ago. they introduced written language which turned off this dormant. Mind language-Ancient Lemurian humans used to communicate telepathically with animals and each other. Humans are multi-dimensional souls wh o fell down through the dimensions and got stuck on earth due to its dense energy. When the gods arrived after the destructio n of Mars. Mind speech-Telepathy is still evident in some twins and sometimes among coup les.. Different humans come from different E. which contains 100 billio n stars and is just one of a 100 billion known galaxies discovered. There is no missing link. Oooooooo! .species and instigated the known ice-age. . as it fitted into the rhyme. believe or buy this. T owards a giant black-hole. certainly most animals. Mir station-This Russian space station existed until 23 March 2001. .. People need to wake up quick and gain control of their realities and create something b etter. Mind-control-People are mind controlled every day to eat this. the use of the me mory and pineal-gland was neglected and it became heavily calcified. I got it from the name of a club in Ams terdam.. breaking apart during . Milky Weg-Dutch version of Milky Way. The daily-news and papers are the biggest form of mind control next to rel igion. Earth people can see the Milky W ay at night because we are looking from the edge of a spiral arm into the galactic centre. If modern humans supposedly appeared 250... When verbal language and writing was introduced.. They also had photographic memories as they could remember all t he dreamtime stories of their ancestors.. This disguised their pagan SUN-god religion and present ed it to a new modern audience with Jesus as the new pagan sun-god. . Missing link-If humans think they came from primates they better think again. Milky way-This is the galaxy that earth belongs to.. . humans are the missing link.T races. .. Mithraism-Religion brought from Persia into the Middle East by St Paul to hel p create the Christian New Testament. not enough time has elapsed for the 5 dif ferent races to come about. vote this way. .

This was a mountain temple used to manufacture powered gold.. Mohammad-Prophet from the Muslim religion who received the Koran from Allah. Mushroom Psilocybin-Magic-mushrooms were ingested by humans 40. Mushroom supper-The last supper for Yeshua and his disciples was a feast of b lood (wine) and bread (magic mushroom). T he governments now suppress these holy plants as they are known to wake people up. . .F. Coast Guard and Air Force base. Mu-Nick-name for Lemuria. and the earth name I chose when I reincarnated this time on earth... Later these would be spli . chosen initiates were taught all the ancien t mystery arts such as tarot. .. . Mt Horeb-One of the various locations of Mt Sinai from the Bible. Mk-Ultra-German mind-control experiment started by the Nazis and later perfec ted by the Americans when they brought the Nazi scientists to America after World War 2.. Mr Ed-Comedy black and white show about a talking horse.. The Space -Shuttle took pictu res of U. we re thought to be the presence of the Lord as they had seen the same lightning come from the God-comet. . Montauk dock-Is located on the tip of the Long Island New York peninsula. Earth was seeded with halluci nogenic plant spores this way.. and their effects first expanded the human mind to think about life death and God.. . but they were always too busy to enjoy i t. Un der the codename Project Paper-clip the Nazis got the Americans into space.No surprise the disciples had incredible God experien ces as they were totally out of it.. .. alchemy and healing etc as one science. But he never actually wrote anything down. Every time they ate this socalled bread they met with the inner God. All earth life came from the stars. The Ark electricity discharges here. Mushroom/tree of knowledge-God (the gods) didn t want the Adam and Eve races to eat from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden as they would become multidimen sionally enlightened (gods) just like them. . .. Mystery schools-In ancient Egypt. Navy. (Peace be upon him). it has been used as an Army. . Mushroom spores-At a certain time in pre-history a planet exploded and sent i ce comets out which slammed into planets seeding them with life. This is where the Eldridge shi p reappeared in 1983 after the 1943 time-travelling Philadelphia experiment . knowing all things. It was of course magic-mushrooms. Mushroom-manna bread-In the Bible Moses and the Israelites picked the manna i n the morning dew before it became rotten and infested with worms.O s observing the station many times. WILBER! . their supreme God. . the great sunken civilization said to be in the pac ific. the actual Islam religio n was formed by other men years after his death. This exploding planet is also where the God-comet came from..atmospheric re-entry over the South Pacific Ocean.000 years ago.

They are known in the Sumerian religions as the Annuniki. just like Christianity d oes with the Jesus sun-god today. and so these individuals were also fallen angels. I relate this to humanities Fall of man. Negative buoyancy-A term used in scuba diving to mean sinking rather than bei ng positive or neutrally buoyant in the water. . . the death throes of massive stars. and they always personified them..Miniature self-replicating machines.A for all the wrong reasons. some running perfectly straight over mountains. Were the primitive people trying to e ntice the gods to return to earth. The Nephilm were the gods from Mars who mated (or mixed their genetics) with the human races when they were told not to. and how the overuse of technology has turned off most natural human senses. The word 'giant' in the Bible comes from the word 'naphal'. and mutate human D. It is the firs t stage of a star's cycle.. Nano-technology. . There are also perfectly scraped lines going in all directions for mi les. Nazca plains-Giant pictures of the zodiac animals scraped into the desert in Bolivia over 3000 years ago. . the earth people worshipped the acti ons of nature as it was all they knew. But don t get them mixed up with the other fa llen cometangels. hydrogen gas and plasma. fall away.to fail. overthrown. the giants th at the Israelite spies observed.N. divide.. cast down. We hav e now found their giant skeletons and elongated skulls. Nephilm-In the Bible these were the creator gods of the Anakim.. Nature gods-Before religion and science.. This word 'naphal' means .. Some nebulae are formed as the result of supernova explosions. . to say (we were here)? .t up by the Greeks and wrongly seen as opposing arts. . or did the gods draw these designs as a time casual for the humans to see when they discovered flight. from which we prefer to use 'Nefilim'. Nebula-An interstellar cloud of dust.Some scientists think th ese tiny robots are being dispersed in the sky with Chem trails and that these tiny particles mi ght negatively interact with the environment.

that day by day is taking control of peoples liberties and freedoms. But is Nibiru just a giant co met? .. . Wake up cretins. From 7-9ft tall and some maybe much larger. lost. according to the Dogon-tribe .There is also this tenth planet with an or bit of 3600 years. In the end the humans killed them all off. . Have a look at Sumerian and Egyptian wall relief s to see these giants.000 y ears old as many religions believe then. where are all the dinosaurs? And what did the carni vores eat? This same flood story exists in every ancient culture of the earth under differe nt names. This genius of a man mysteriously died. (Golaith the Giant also had six fingers and six toes . and Isis etc. New-age-There is a New-age dawning as millions of people daily wake up out of their materialistic sleep.. Many other races across the planet survived the flood also. but the deluge took place 11-13.000 years. Nibiru-The Sumerians knew about all the outside planets of the solar system i n 6000BC. Nicola Tesla-Genius scientist who invented free-energy machines that harnesse d their power from the earth s magnetic field. But be warned. It is the functions and attributes of its domain that were represen ted symbolically and personified as beings and individuals such as Orion. dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. fallen away. by using their manufactured wars and false terrorism to scare people into accepting a dark dictatorship. This One God w as never represented. They could all have been blond haired. ...A.. Nommo-This is the name of the Sirian star race. blue eyed Caucasian "humans" just larger and possibly with 6 fingers and 6 toes.. . but if the world is just 10-20. . Neteru-The Black Nubian Ancient Egyptians believed in One God.N. and are the people who stole the worlds money in the manufactured world markets crash and who want to vaccinate all humans to suppress and destroy their mutating ligh t filled D. the dark lords are tying to make it all into a new religion with numerous new saviours such as the New Jesus character named Sananda. After a few generations the Nephilm started to lose their gigantic size. Free energy was completely suppressed by the barons who control the oil.. They are pushing f or the microchip. Noah s Ark-We all know the Biblical story. whilst the original gods died off as earth wasn t exactly suited to beings o f such size. This is where the Annuniki apparently live. they would have been larger than humans to be able to function normally as we do on earth. New world order-This is the fascist neo-con world government. He also made an earthquake machine that could spl it the earth in two. As there is one fourth less gravity on Mars.. the last being Goliath who was killed By David. yet moderns only discovered Pluto in 1930.inferior.

It is a joint organi zation of Canada and the United States that provides aerospace warning and missile control for North America.O. Aerospace. and that they pass ed knowledge to them about their home triple star system.. The allies patrolled it daily..of Africa.R. The Dogon tribe also believed Jesus to have been an Nommo. Octave-An interval between two music notes on the diatonic scale.D-(North.A. Orme gold-The ancient Kings and Pharaohs of the world used to ingest powdered gold.. weights and masses. But this al so relates to dimensions of reality. h e after all was called fisher of men. N. Thi s is possible because everything that exists has its own unique electro-magnetic harmonic ener gy and frequency . . a ll humans will start to become of one mind. They said these beings were fish/water people and were amphibious.. But that s another story. When the earth moved out of the light of the photon belt humans fell consciously asleep like many still are today. It was found in mod ern days to also change the make-up of space-time. yet they said Saddam was moving w eapons around everywhere and that they couldn t see him with all their satellite technology. people experience a polar reali ty and see things as opposites and disconnected. One world mind-Because of the poles on earth. So what happened on 911? . . The y usually pick . But after 2012 when time itself changes. this is what the dark-lords truly fear. Original sin-Religions brainwash people to join them using scare tactics. as it extended their life span and heightened their consciousness. but the Kings and rulers would eat the gold to keep their 3rd eye awake while the solar system journeyed throug h the dark.. Numerology-The study of the occult use and supposed influence of numbers. just like how every letter in the Jewish Torah is also a number. All names and thoughts have a vibration.. and where you can usually very find nasty entities from t he lower 4th dimension feeding of human negative energy and fear. American. Bul lshit! WHAT ABOUT GOOGLE EARTH? . No fly zone-This is the air space over Iraq from which Iraqi planes were bani shed after the first gulf war. Command). . . telling them all about th e orbits. Defence. ..

Black Mass? Christ-mass? .There is actually an underwater replica of Atlantis which is a luxury hotel. The 3 pyramids in Giza/Egypt are aligned to the 3 stars in the belt of Orion at 10. .. . 500 BC. Osiris was the primary deity. The noun paganus means country dweller or villager. originally meant something stuck in the ground as a landmark.. some Yahweh and there are countless ot her names..A opium imports which they are secretly flying back to the west. Ozone truth defect-The ozone is depleting because of the sun. .. but they can buy their way to salvation UH! . Orthodox resistance-Many new archaeological discoveries are time and time aga in suppressed because they do not fit with more primitive science and religious ide as of supposed history..on insecure God-fearing individuals who are scared of death by telling them that they sinned before birth and will burn in hell. Pandora was sent by the gods with a jar full of evils in order to avenge Prometheus s theft of fire. Palm resorts-Amazing luxury resorts claimed from the sea on the coast of Duba i. The Son of God story actually in its true form means the SUN-of God and existed for millennia before the astrological Jesus figure. She opened the jar out of curiosity. was a pagan Goddess worshiping belief system. Not a kille r. Osiris is the constellation of Orion. he was second only his father. Pagan Christ-Early Christianity. Pandora s box-In Greek mythology. Over-soul-There is an all-knowing consciousness that flows through everything and is everything. Pagan-The Latin word pagus. The dark lords are also beaming scalar weapons onto the upper atmosphere to try to break the dimensional energy web that keeps them inter-dimensionally imprisoned here on earth. love and all creative possibility. This always makes me won der has the sinking of Atlantis even happened yet? Hmmmmmm! . it is just light. The Roman Church labelled al l these earthly people as devil worshippers but Satanism comes straight out of Christian ity. before the Romans edited its teachings. (Amen-Ra=Amen) and was the leader of the gods on earth. some Allah. t hus releasing . In power. Osama Bin-Laden-Political and economic connections have remained unbroken for over 25 years between the Bush and Bin Laden families.. . . The way they were built sounds like how Plato described the layout of Atlantis . Some call it God.. This is rife in Egyptology as they don t want people knowing tha t the pyramids were actually very ancient stargates and not built by the ancient Egypt ians. The war in Afghanistan has to do with C. ... . Orion-This is the Hunter constellation that the Egyptians believed to be thei r god Osiris. Ra. But all in all.I.. Osiris-Throughout the height of Egyptian civilization.

and reality. Phi-The measurement of 3.14. infrar ed light.. at a time whe n the Godcomet was in the sky. visible light. used in most ancient architecture.There is supposedly good evidence in the Bible. . Pharaoh lineage.. Photons pulsing through the sun are causing global warming. ultraviolet light. . Photonic rains-The solar system at this time has started its journey through the photon belt where it will once again align with the Milky Ways galactic centre and with the Pleiadian central library on star Alcyone... Phi is the nu mber of times a circle's diameter will fit around its circumference. as the Hyksos Exodus from Egypt was an actual historical event when half a million people evacuated Egypt after a civil war with the Thebans.. Torah and Ko ran indicating that Jesus and his followers were not poor shepherds. and radio waves. but the experiment ripped open a time portal to the Montauk experiment in 1983. . the time of Aquarius. This is why mystics through time have always said that heightened sight comes through a 3rd eye in the . existence. This is the golden-age. but the Hyksos Shepherd pharaohs who followed Akhenaton. . Photon belt-Belt of highly charged photonic light that the solar system as a whole is orbiting into at this present time and will stay there for over 2000 years. the photon is the elementary particle responsible for ele ctromagnetic phenomena including gamma rays. Pineal eye-The pineal gland in the brain is the secret to higher consciousnes s.. It used to be very much a part o f Gnostic Christianity but was mostly and banished from Roman Christianity. .A. Philosophy-The branch of knowledge or academic study devoted to the examinati on of concepts such as truth..N. Every 13. . The building of the Great p yramid incorporated the measurement of Phi many millennia before it was supposedly disc overed. The Biblical Exodus then ma kes historical sense. X-rays. microwaves. Photons-In physics. . Philadelphia experiment-In 1943 the American military used given (alien) tech nology to try and cloak a ship called the Eldridge from enemy radar.the evils into the world. This story was later repeated in Christianity.000 years when this happens there is great planetary cleansing and evolution of all planetary D. carpenters and fishermen.. .

and the north of the continent of Antarctica without ice. .. .. .. Plato-Was a Classical Greek philosopher. . Pineal gland-The ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland was the connection to the Realms of thought. . Aristotle. when really it was Goddess energy. So when was longitude really discovered? . life here is forced to experie nce reality as opposites. . This is where religions creation gods were said to come from according to the many dubious translations. who.. Planet X-The Sumerians 6000BC already knew all the planets in our solar syste m and also a 10th one called Nibiru. Pisces end-The 2160 years of the age of Pisces is ending and Aquarius the age of light. . Polar-reality-Because of earth s physical poles. The original map would have to be over 8000 years old. They would then direct the power to their pyramids for e nergy . It is located in the exact geometric centre of the brain. The great philosopher Descartes called it the (Seat of the Soul). but this time is passing and we are all moving into the age of the multi-dimensional human. Planet X may be a giant comet. Planets grid-There is a complex grid of energy-lines intersecting each other all across the planet causing vortex points. . The eye of Horus symbol looks exactly like the actual gland in the brain. Ancient kings used to elongate the soft heads of their children so tha t this gland would be closer to the front of the skull. . is beginning. then later Christians hijacked them and said the energies being felt inside thei r newly built churches was the power of God. helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy.. Earth is soon to move into unity-conscio usness. Planetary acupuncture-The ancient Celtic Druids knew the planet consisted of crisscrossing energy lines called ley-lines or dragon lines and so they erected massive stones on these points to harness the earths healing electromagnetic energies.. Up-down/good-bad/light-dark.. The ancient pagans built their places of worship o n these spots. Pole-globe deluge shift-Around 13. and his student. It shows the coasts of ancient South America.It is fr om his works that modern researchers get their foundation information about Atlantis. Socr ates. This is thought to have happened due to a shockwave coming from an exploding supernova.. Piri-Reis Antarctic map-This map was owned by a Turkish Admiral who says it w as a copy of much earlier maps. together with his teacher.forehead... just like the Great Pyramid sits in the cen tre of the planet. Africa. Pisces was the age of religious fear and female/Goddess suppression. Planets nerve cells-The Druids built their temples on these vortex points and used the energies to heal and to balance and dissipate the powerful destruction of earthq uakes away from their city states.000 years ago the poles of the earth physic ally shifted due to earths expansion and caused a massive deluge across large parts of the planet .

. This is the real reason for the holy lands. an d some don t even believe in dinosaurs. Pre-history-History is biased against everyone except the ruler who re-writes it..S. after the f inal stages of World War II. . Psychoactive plants-The earth gives natural herbs. It was Nazis that helped the Illuminati create their secret-space program... which closes off the memory of how to breathe prana properly and deeply. . to enhance and expand their awareness and consciousness. . plants and fungi to humans for free.. Precession of the equinox-There is a 26. Ha! They shouldn t have burnt down Alexandria library t hen. All religions are based around natural drug ingestion. Pole-shift-There is the magnetic pole of earth which wanders across the plane t all the time.. T hrough the violent shock of birth-trauma. by speaking to her D. Project Paperclip-Operation Paperclip was the code name under which the U. The cosmic effects of each different time of 2160 years dicta tes rises and falls of human civilizations. . but there is also an actual physical pole-shift that throws mountains around lik e pebbles. and what gods would be worshipped... Some religious people think their history only goes back a few thousands of years. as this is who we learn about earth. All the ancient monuments like the Great Pyramid are a few degrees off where they should be. But their very existence t hreatens the extremely spiritually insecure Global-Elite who think they are in control. it was n ever about religion. humans are forced through fear to breathe shallow . Prana-The life-force energy of the universe that we breathe in with oxygen.. .A. . . Powdered gold-Ancient kings knew that monatomic orme-gold when eaten could ex tend life and raise consciousness.N. alo ng with many other priceless substances. The Dead sea in Israel /Jordan stores it naturally.000 year cycle of the earth that trav els through the 12 constellations. as whoever controlled Jerusalem and its precious trade routes controll ed the gold. Psychedelic life-Humans would be nothing like they are today if their ancesto r s religions hadn t been based heavily around hallucinogenic plant ingestion.. raising and sinking entire continents and forcing civilization back to the stone -age. intelligence and military services extracted German scientists from Nazi Germany.

Rear Admiral Byrd-Said he flew into the land of the inner earth by going down through the entrance at the north pole. . Qumran-Is where the ancient holy sect the Essenes lived near the Dead Sea in Israel. ... like all of us. He claimed that he saw valleys.500Bc. They believe they will be taken up to God at the end of time.To be spiritually re-born in a physical body. and claimed they were the Indians God.. Quantum theory-Quantum mechanics is the study of the relationship between ene rgy quanta (radiation) and matter. Rapture-Most religious people are waiting for the so-called final battle of A rmageddon to come and destroy the billions of so-called unclean souls. Some of these fanatics are even trying to speed it up by re-building the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When a planet is in quaran tine. This was the polar-shift that created the flood. Puma Punku-Amazing ancient site in Bolivia that has intricately carved blocks that weigh more than 200 tons. Then they slaughtered them and stole their gold for their gods. when many souls who have incarnated together for millennia in different bodies and life si tuations.. . . such as how the observation of something actually physically c hanges it. The Spanish Christians knew about his return. He was the sun-god born on t he 25th of December like all the others.. He wasn t wrong as civilizations do live down there in Shamballa.F. How can our Matrix-type world be solid. J. and the secret of releasing accumulated nega tive karma . soulless. . Re-birth.O s. They were thrown around like play-blocks by an enormous eart hquake 11. will come together for the earths imminent jump in evolution into the age of Aquarius . Quetzalcoatl-The plumed serpent in Aztec belief. by realizing the sacr ed spiritual concept of conscious evolution of the soul. and provides accurate descriptions for many previously u nexplained cosmic phenomena.F. rivers. a mammoth and U. mind controlled puppets. . They ar e just powerhungry. mountains.K got to the top and realised he wasn t in control. Reality hosts-Entities with no fixed abode in time and space and answer to no power in the universe except the Great spirit known as the source. who you think are in cont rol of the world.. They followed the true esoteric/astrological teachings of Christianity and wrote and hid the now suppressed Dead sea scrolls.. if the atoms that create it are not soli d? . .. BANG-BANG and BANG! . will experience a planetary out of body experience brought on by earths magnetic reversal and polarity-shift. they come to pass knowledge that has long been forgotten in the darkness of space. but they. Puppet leaders-The faces seen everyday on the news. are just lackeys who answer to some very nefarious unseen forces... Rainbow tribe-Referring to the awakening happening on earth to the human race ..

The great pyramid was also used as a re-birthing machine.. whose mem bers share a unique method of replicating themselves when they infect living cells. when a person s sou l inhabits a new body to return to the lower densities of life to work off bad accumulated karma. This is where extre me hierarchy. They also knew the size an d orbits of the other planets. It is known as the R-complex. the planet Nibiru was red..N) and the Messiah (comet/Nibiru/sun) and the end of the world.from the light-body.. Remote viewing-This is the ability to gather information that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer at distance. Retro-virus s-This is any virus belonging to the family Retroviridae.. .. It may be also be a comet. Reptilian-brain-The most ancient part of the human brain. . .D s virus attacks in the human body. as they proclaim the Annunaki told them. Mothers with RH-negative .. . Resurrection-Christians believe that Jesus resurrected after being on the cro ss. RH-Negative-It has been proven that the majority of mankind (85%) has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkey. .I. after not rising for 3 days between December 21st-24th. Reiki-Japanese healing art.. Or did t his already happen at the fall of the Roman Empire. Red one without a face-The ancient Sumerians said that the colour of the plan et of the gods. as this story is symbolic of the SUN-of God bei ng born at the end of the year.. But they really need to do some homework. This is rhesus positive blood. Revelations-Last book in the Bible that prophetically tells of the beast (New World Order/U. a form of extra-sensory perception. . .. The blood origin o f the Basque people is unknown and is thought not to originate on earth. . and other viewers have went past the year 2012 and found nothing but a voi d. See RH-negati ve. but its an important part. ushering in the dark-age? . where universal energy (God) flows through the gi ver into the receiver by the laying on of hands or lightly touching the persons body around t he chakras. cast systems and cold blooded dictatorship mindsets stem from. as its also illusion. These are what the man-made A. Reincarnation-This is the very real cycle of life to death. Watch the reptile s in the wild as his is how the Illuminati behave. Even this is not the big secret behind existence. The Na zis used it in WW 2.

Peru. . I think he is a lifeguard in Florida. emotional and knowing side of the brain.. . It is a serpent worshipping temple. that has been suppressed by left-brained science. A stairway to heaven.. Christmas trees. where the bui lders actually softened granite blocks with herbs. .. Rule of male-As above. and at Bohemian Grove by the members of the New World Order. The g ood Samaritan.C is l aid out as another gargoyle city geometrically.. This again never happened. as it hardly affected any other race. male-dominated. Sam-Sun . He built the Tower of Babel which was an anci ent Stargate. The roads around it make up a picture of Moloch. Though it could have been a lizard humanoi d. are originally based upon the harvest and consumption of the sa cred red and white magic-mushroom. Santa-Christmas celebrations. . as it is symbolic of the sun losing its power. . .. The Goddess religions were first subjugated in the 18t h dynasty of Egypt under the rule of Ahkenaten when aggressive.will naturally abort the baby of a male with an incompatible blood type. Right side of the brain-This is the female. Samaria-The name "Samaria" derives from an ancient city of the same name.R. . But it is making a comeback due to the coming of the age of Aquarius.. Saddam Hussein-This guy actually believed he was the reincarnation of King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon. The name Delilah means night-time. a satanic owl-god. The rest of Washington D.A. religion and education. whi ch was located near the centre of Samaria. such as Santa Claus. Hm m! . Sacsayhuaman-Massive zig-zag kundalini fortress in Cusco.SARS is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS corona-virus. The serpent actually means knowledge and healing. Satanic pentagon-This building of war was consciously constructed and designe d to be the centre of a giant upside-down satanic pentagram.. but this happe ned much later when the Bible was being re-written by the church to suit ideas of the time. Finding presents under the tree in red and white socks. The guy you saw executed on the internet was not the real dictator. with very ancient esoteric symbols carved i nto it.. Samson -Had his hair cut in the Bible by Delilah and lost his strength.. intuitive. he had many doubles. ..S-(Severe acute respiratory syndrome). magical r eindeer and the giving of gifts. Sacred geometry flowers-(see Flower of Life) . . Satanic rituals-Blood sacrifice follows certain bloodlines right the way thro . which is worship ped in the Bible. It was man-ufactured to only target certain races such as far eastern casts. moulding and pushing them together making its walls virtually earthquake proof. and was the capital of ancient Israel. S.. dictator base d religions took over the world and consciousness of mankind. They saw the God-comet. Satan-The serpent in the Garden of Eden was labelled as Satan..

just like Christianity is a SUN cult as they worship Jesus the Sun-god. Saturn-day Sabbath-Judaism is a Saturn cult as they worship on Saturday.. so I wonder did the y already do this.A techno logically. And so the plot t hickens.S. The secret government is 100 years ahead of N. . This is the secret of electromagnetic mag ic..N.A knows about the reality of ancient pyramids on Mars and mile high structures on the Moon.A strands as two intertwining ser pents. but he was the Sun-god and the mushroom. they always meet wise s nakes... .N. There was a lot of blood sacrifice in the Bible to the Volcano God Yahweh. Second coming-This is referring to the return of the comet planet Nibiru/Eris and the new human awareness known as Christ consciousness. There is also t he Lucifer project to ignite a planet into a sun with a nuclear device.S..A. Serpent D. Unfortunately Satu rn is also linked to the character Satan. Secret societies-These groups have always hidden earth knowledge and magic fr om the masses for their own good. All ancient texts talk of snake-gods.. But this hidden knowledge can be used by nefarious gr oups to enslave and create fear through chaos. and some people say they have seen people shap e-shift into . Christians think its Jesus return ing. These groups kill people to appease demonic gods that reside in the lower 4th di mension. Secret-space-N.ughout history.A-The ancients depicted the D. Second sun-In the ancient earth there was a large body in the solar system th at reflected the sun and looked like a second sun. Serpent gods-When shamans take hallucinogenic plants. There are many secret missions going to space from Antar ctica in giant magnetic ships.. as Jupiter has a new black spot which is spreading. New-Jerusalem will be a noticeable cosmic even t. Nibiru is thought to be a planet.. .(This may also be a supernova). Although we may just be waiting for a supernova. but how did they know this before the modern invention of microscopes? . . also being an anagram of Santa. . but may actually be actually a large ice-comet. .A. . Second coming ice-snake-Again this is referring to the return of a cosmic bod y which will again enter the solar system.

.000 years ago.. Sirius-The brightest star in the sky which lies down to the left of the Orion constellation. The real J esus was a Shaman who was initiated in the Great Pyramid. and then paint their journeys onto cave walls. Remember we have Chameleons and cuttlefish that change. Shamanic raves-The ancient Shamans of the world would retreat to deep caves t o hold their holy plant initiations.. He was initiated into high knowledge in Egypt.000 to 6. wh o ingest hallucinogenic plants to meet with the animal teachers of human-kind. .reptilian entities. Quantum mechanics has proved reality is not solid. Shamballa-There has always been the story. that many people see other humans change from human form into reptilians right b efore their eyes. There is supp osed proof here of an ancient nuclear explosion. Sirians-People from the star system Sirius who assisted the ancients before t he Egyptians in building the Great Pyramid through their great geometric knowledge.... the "Star in the East" heralded the birth of the Egyptia n Messiah . that within the earth exists a hig hly advanced civilization of people that went there thousands of years ago to escape earth ch anges. some are just plain naughty. Sinai is the supposed area of the Biblical stor y of Moses and the Israelites escaping from Egypt when the God-comet struck. Shape-shifting-The author David Icke is the main information source for resea rching the fact. Shaman-Holy medicine people who are initiated into secret earth knowledge. The entrance may be in Tibet as the Nazis were very interested in Tibetan genetics. The same energy within earth s dragon lines.. .. and was associated with the life-giving Nile flood from around 5. He was known as Issa in the east. Shangri-la-A different name for Shamballa. Ancient Egypt is heavily influenced by this star as it was worshipped as the god dess Isis. Hence. Moderns s till do exactly the same in their techno clubs spraying their graffiti onto walls. If he existed of course. . so this is actually qui te easy to do. Shaman Christ-Jesus was possibly part of a Shamanic sect called the Essenes w ho lived in the Sinai desert in Qumran. but (Galations 4:2 5) in the Bible says the mountain is in Saudi Arabia and Mt Jabal Al Lawz seems to fit s the picture. if you know how of course. Sinai-The triangular Red sea peninsular which is part of Egypt. . Tibet and India and returned as a teacher.. . Sirius. Serpent power-This is the kundalini energy that rises up the spine like 2 ser pents into the 3d eye pineal-gland to activate human higher consciousness. . They also vi sited the Dogon people of Africa who said that Nommo water-gods came down and taught them. . . also known as "Sothis" in the Greek and "Sepde t" or "Sopdet" in the Egyptian. it s a suppress ed memory. This is the star of Bethlehem.. .. Not all reptilians are evil.

.. . about the existence an d destruction of Atlantis. who they then wors hipped. But this was a devastating natural cataclysm. Smart bomb-In the first Glf war the military were supposed to possess weapons that can think for themselves and target only military sites.. This was the cause of high infant mortality rates among the May ans. Raining fire and brim stone. and Yoda was the real spiritual teacher Adida.. either the Godcomet passed or hit. in Peru. . Sodom and Gomorrah-In the Bible its said that God destroyed these cities as t hey were depraved and evil. .. Softened granite-The ancient builders in South America were able to soften ro ck so as to easily mould it together into an earthquake proof construction. Solar Godly son-The Jesus story is all about how the sun moves through the sk y over the year. The JedI were a real secret sect from ancient Egypt. just like Skywalker is a Mayan symbol. Solon-This is the person who Plato got the story from. They fanatically tracked these cycles with s tanding stone calendars such as Stone-Henge. this creates changes in females biological fertility systems and can affe ct which type of baby they birth. That s not to say an actual teacher didn t exist. Solar hormone theory-The sun directly affects changes within human D.. or it was a volcanic explosion such as the Yahweh. Spelt Djedi. Sky snakes-The primitive earth people saw comets in the sky and knew they bro ught destruction to their civilizations. Have a look at Sacsayhuaman.. . They also called them the gods as at one time the y had watched higher races in their sky ships coming down to earth. Goerge Lucas knew he was doing this. . . Solon was said to have travelled to Egypt and heard the story from som e high priests who told him that Egypt was older than history.. Sith-The evil Darth soldiers of the Emperor in the Star-Wars films who are as powerful as the JedI Knights.N.thousands of years before the Christian era. Obvi ously they must all be malfunctioning. yet Greece was in its infancy . but the Bible is astrol ogy. .A and conception genes. saving civilian lives. Jesus is just the latest character for the sun-god zodiac story that has b een told for millennia. . .. Anakin Skywalker was the hybrid Anakim of the Bible . Explorers first saw a bird melt a hole in rock for its ne st.

F. and were able to move. which bring new life and bacteria in the form of cosmic D.000 yeas go) but simultaneously instigate new mutations in all life. Spheres of renaissance times-Right from Europe s renaissance times. cut. Today s buildings are built for vanity. is now thought to be origina lly a .. and place giant blocks high up with extreme precision over earth s vortex points were gravity can be manipulated. and to instigate a new evolution of species.. This moon was thought to have been pi loted into its orbit to stabilize the oceans after a great cosmic cataclysm. Space sperms-Comets and meteorites hold new life in their frozen ice in the f orm of bacteria and viruses.O s in the sky and many were painted into important scenes such as Jesus/Mary nativity paintings. and then the cycle of forgotten knowledge will start all over ag ain. When will followers of Darwin find the animal before the giraffe I wonder? .F.. Planets are the female eggs... When they crash into planets their radiation and heat creates mass extintions (like 13. which are the billions of planets. . It was thought to be originally a lion as some res earchers believe it stares out at the constellation leo at the date 10. . so the monument rather that being a lion.. there used to be t wo other orbs orbiting our planet millions of years ago. . Sphinx-The guardian of great ancient secrets that sits in Giza beside the pyr amids. Whoever built Baal-Bek were either giants or advanced. people were seeing U. . and will disappear leaving nothing for future humans to find. they said it was to find water. The ancients had mastered this concept. water flows and rains. and has intelligently built structur es over a mile high on the dark side. as it is weathered by years of vertical floods. This continues today. forgotten beings. . But Egypt was based on the worship of the star Sirius.N. and everything they built was in tune with the breathing pa tterns of the planet. from when Egypt was semi-tropical.A to the eggs of the universe. The moon is hollow and artificial.500BC and that the later Egyptians carved the present smaller face.O s are inter-dimensional. but we know better. Spermy comets-Comets are the sperm of the universe. Sonic levitation-It s possible to make an object weightless by directing sound at it. Spaceship moon-Earths moon is supposedly not the original.. At this time of writing (November 2009) the government ha s just bombed the moon. the dog-star. Evolution does not follow one straight line like Darwin thought and life did not begin on earth for it was brought here from another world that ended. Sonic power-The ancients built their temples with sacred geometrical-harmonic knowledge Everything they did. but just know that U.. It is more than 8000 years old.

but t his is untrue. The solar-system exists at the end of a spiral arm in the Milky Way galaxy. . They symbolized this physically on the Nile. Spiral arm-Everything on earth and in the universe exists in the shape of a s piral. But did they physically exist. ..representation of the jackel/dog god Anubis. Hitler was supposed to have possessed this holy relic.. Star children-Many humans are not strictly just human. The Egyptian Pharaohs depicted themselves sailing across the sky in their great boats returni ng home to Osiris/Orion. or are they metaphysical and symbolic? Of course they were. hence the crop-circles. they are Indigo-kids. Earth has now cycled back to this time of gal actic awakening. submissive.. male and female who are distracted with TV and blind-faith. but the Americans also started a space defe nce missile system of the same name. as many are different soul entities that have chosen to incarnate in human form on earth at this time. as spirituality is an inner. Watch the secret-space vide os to see a . Spear of destiny-This is supposed to be the spear that was used to pierce Jes us on the cross. All nature grows as a spiral. The cold war was all illusion and distraction. personal realization of some higher-conscious force of personal creation.. . spineless wi fe who happily does her husband's bidding and serves his every whim dutifully. and to have also searched for the Holy Grail. This is evident if you look at the golden ratio. the star-gates are opening. . . Star-wars-We all know the movies... Referring to the sleeping earth masses.. .. Star-sea-The Great Ocean that is the universe and night-time zodiac sky. That s why they vaccinate them. bigotry and ignorance. . as this is the hyper-dimensional fuel that will power mind-travel. The universal God is also a spir al. Star-gates-Only when the solar-system is inside the photon-belt can time-trav el and earths star-gates be understood and used. This is why they are harvesting Orme-gold. . It was supposed to have finished after the cold war but of course it didn t. The spear/Jesus story could very well be symbolic of a comet passing the S un. Stepford-wife-Used to describe a servile. compliant. fear. Spirituality-People associate religion as the only way to spirituality. and actually re-direc ted the river to depict the Milky Way more accurately. Take a very c lose look at the children being born now. You can be aware of the Great Spirit and not be indoctrinated into gui lt.

hence the dissipation of gravity throughout the higher dimensions. called manna. Supernova-A supernova can radiate as much energy as the Sun would emit over 1 0 billion years. the s tar Sirius.laser being fired from earth at a U.. The Christians are unknowingly worshipping Isis. . St Nick-Was born during the third century in the village of Patara in Greece. he decided he had to enslave the Goddes s/earth. So basically the God of the Bible was a supernatural spook. yet Christianity worships Mary the Godd ess. T his liquid substance.. in that they cannot be explained by the laws of the natural world. String theory-Elementary particles in space-time could be thought of as the m usical notes or excitation modes of elementary strings. Subjugation of the female-After the great cataclysm of 13. It whistles somewhat like a voice.. The Ark of the Covenant was an ancient superconductor and powdered-gold also turns humans into one. as it turns the D. Ask the M ayans. .F. and lack of science.. . .. which have intense magnetic activity.A into an optic fi bre.. the expanding shock waves from supernova explosions can trigger the forma tion of new stars and massive destructions and evolutionary mutations across planetary speci es. Sun-spot cycles-Large black spot regions on the Sun's surface marked by a low er temperature. Supernatural-Pertains to entities. was said to have healing powers. String theory suggests the existence of eleven dimensions. Which is obviously a graven image.. so fungi grew in his grave and was at sometime eaten. Male dominated religions still do this today. and esoteric. But we now know manna is the magic mushroom. This is what Moses saw on Sinai around the burning-bush and it was also present on top of the Great pyrami d. where a unique relic.. forming areas of low surface temperature. Flares become frequent near s unspot maximum. . . that gets out of the way just in time. St Elmos fire-This non-burning fire is the visible electrical glow on the top s and extremities of masts of ships. and so in the story Moses heard God speak to him. . . .O. He was buried in his cathedral church. beca use of mans new fear of nature. or at the summits and ends of branches of trees.. . The sub-conscious oper ates all internal organs and the brain. Any one of these could send our planet back to the stone-age. events or powers regarded as beyond nature . The super-conscious is the link to the Great Spir it.. Super-conscious-The conscious mind is the personality. formed in his grave. The higher mind of man and God.000 years ago.N. Sun flares-These giant explosions on the sun typically last a few minutes and can release energies equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs. Religious miracles are als o supernatural. . Superconductivity-This is when an electrical charge moves over distance witho ut diminishing its power.

Super-conscious mind-If humans were able of less than 10. SUN-gods-The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30 degrees. We can maximums that cause global warming. and is re-born every year 3 days la ter on the 25th. Humans have forgotten what it is to understand the cycles of life and dea th and the evolution of the soul. which rep resents its passing through the equinoxes. Sumerian tablets-The Sumerian King List records all the rulers of Earth back over 400. . that dies on the 21st of December on the cross of the zodiac. But its an utter scare-mongering scam. . 12 disciples=12 star signs... Sun-moon rituals-Moderns have lost the knowledge of why souls come to earth i n the first place. Most of our modern sciences and mathematics come from this time. as more people have died from the . SUN of God-Jesus was not the son of God he was the symbolic SUN of God... .Cycles last 11 years. . Its thought the Annuniki gods founded this civilization with the help of genetic engineering. only sense 10% of reality and space. they would be plugged directly into the and easily be able to create a deliberate reality. . Sumeria-Ancient civilization (6000bc) ancient Iraq. These people knew informa tion about the planets and stars that moderns have only recently discovered with the use of sat ellites and telescopes. to use 100% of their brains instead mind of the Great Spirit once more. Sun-mutation-It is widely known that the sun among other things causes mutati on within the species of earth. They also tell the original Flood and creation stories which were later p ut randomly on paper as the Bible. . hence. and the cross of the zodiac.The sun is hung on a cross or crucified. We are certainly not here to be on TV.. and would render their own copied scripts as obsolete plagiarisms. These tablets were suppressed by the church as they talk abo ut ancient technology. Do they never wonder why its called Sun-day? .. th e Sun of God begins his ministry at age 30. Swine-flu-This virus has been sold to the world as the next great apocalyptic al event that will spread across the world and instigate such horror and death that the fearful mas ses will think its Armageddon.. and have minimums and .. Photonic light from galactic centre and Alcyone filters throug h the whole galaxy to the sun which yet again filters the information energies down to earth .000 years.

A and learn the secrets of healing roots and plants. Symbolism-The right. whilst ingesting hallucinogenic plants. . Tiahuanaco-Possibly the oldest existing ruined city on the planet.. The 3 of us watched a black disc-shaped U. I truly believe that they saw our snow angels. 15. which was banished from the Bible.ooo BC.so-called vaccine than the actual virus. . . . It was built with enormous blocks. Not advised.. and decided to show themselves..000 years ago the Lake washed many miles away to its present position. Not far from its base is a place called Puma Punku where enormous blocks of over 200 tons lie scattered lik e bricks.O fly slowly through the snow-clouds in Belfast while we were just finished making snow-angels in the front garden of Hue s Mother s garden..brain understands and perceives the world as symbolism. Tectonics-These giant continental plates cause earthquakes. Tiarnen/Clare-Two of my closest friends who are both Indigo children in their own right. the elderly and special needs patients. Synchronicity-Your life is already planned out by yourself before your presen t incarnation. They are just another name for angels and Elohim. . also Annuniki. for after all we invented it.N. and was once a port of Lake Titicaca. Reincarnation is how we work off and cleanse bad karm a. But the truth is that this vaccine destroys the D. When the Andes rose 13. Shamans communicate through their own D.N.A. This has to do with the types of accumulated karma you still retain within your light body and soul after physical death. Time-travel-Time is not as humans know.N. .. The Watchers-In the Book of Enoch. The ancients were performing planetary acupuncture.F.A straight to earths D. it talk ed about these beings that would interfere and manipulate the direction of human history through wars and conquests.. The best artists and musicians are righ t-brained. as they grind aga inst each other and eventually slip. .. You can not go back in time and change something as you simply create another false time line or overla pping alternative reality. . They would become the part man/animal to receive inner knowledge off these predators. The Illuminati owned pharmaceutical com panies are now being given the go ahead to vaccinate certain groups of society such as chil dren.O s are us from the future. that Shamans are seen to transform into. but modern humans are mostly turned off to this reality through the predominantly left-brai ned education/indoctrination of this planet.F. Therianthropes-These are half human/animal creatures we see painted on cave w alls.. Wise serpents are alway s seen. Its thought many U. Many standing stones were erected as acupuncture needles to release this immense earth-energy safely. . so as to become more proficient hunters.

with its broken pieces becoming th e asteroid belt. Torah-The Jewish Book which is also the first 5 books of the Christian Bible. Templar-These are the original Freemasons who dug under Jerusalem and found t he truth of the symbolic Jesus and were able to blackmail the Vatican which made them immense ly powerful .. . they are rarely consciously present in the moment. this lake was literally elevated to its present height.. It comes from a much later time but is still considered holy by many. But many believe this was the gods coming down to stop man using the Iraq/Sumerian starga te. . Telepathic readings-The ancient humans were connected to earth intimately thr ough the hyper-dimensional interactions of the pineal gland as they were able to communic ate with plants and animals quite naturally. and created the present earth. so they forbade the use and ingestion of higher visionary stems. Friday the 13th is the date that the Templars were arrested and tortur ed.. .They also found plans for advanced building techniques which helped th em build their gravity defying gothic cathedrals in Europe.. Yahweh. . This is where we can find the ancient sites of Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco.. This turned off the pineal-glan d 3rd eye. Its thought they also found t he Ark of the Covenant. God comes down and destroys this tower to Heaven . Turin Shroud-The Christians would like to believe this is Jesus. . The title comes from the word Tarot (as in the cards) and if you go back further the word actual ly means truth or Thoth the Egyptian god of wisdom.. When the Andes wer e created just 13. but its not. Titicaca Lake-The highest navigate-able lake in the world. The Now-Peoples minds are usually regretting the past or worrying about the f uture. Check out the books by Eckhart Tolle. as it most likely the imag e of a high ranking Knights-Templar... Tower of Babel-In the Bible. They need to concentrate on enjoying a nd manifesting the present moment. . It was thought to have been destroyed in a great col lision with the planet Nibiru. . . But this ended with the trauma of the great cataclysm. this was psychoactive plants. Tree of life-Just like the Tree of Knowledge. All religion comes out of Egypt. Probably a volcano though.000 years ago in the great cataclysm. I n the symbolic Garden of Eden the gods didn t want their new human creations to know all... . Tiamat-Was an all ocean planet that according to the Sumerians used to exist in the solar system 4 billion years ago.

. Unity consciousness is when everything is acknowledged to be interconnected and as one complete consciousnes s. and its not unheard of that warriors would drink each others blood in battle to receive an a drenaline boost. Vaccination fears-The multiple vaccination programs directed at children are not to protect their health. insecure people of their money. and they control world financ . Vlad the Impaler was a real blood drinker. promising them false salvation.N.. The spaceship moon is thought to be a giant craft. They even have their own Celtic Gaelic form of language. Useless eaters-The Illuminati spelt out the kind of people that they wanted t o eradicate from earth before their New World Order comes fully in. the elderly and people of colour.A and higher consciousness. and preaching original sin.R. They are ve ry scared. . But most saucers are from other worlds and they travel h ere through time. the first were made by the Nazis.. . Universal spirals-Everything in the universe and nature is a spiral. Tzoklin-The name of the Mayan calendar system which can calculate dates of 30 0 million years into the future. who was himself a prophet.. Ulster Scottish-People who live in Northern Ireland but have their ancestral roots in Protestant Scotland. they are to destroy their D. because good will always win over bad. .. Nothing is coincidence. They are drug users. . Look at how leaves and plants grow.. But they will not succeed in eliminating the higher wisdom and intuition of the Indigo children be ing born all over the planet at this time. Many Celts are naturally psychic.. Nobody understands that this has a very ancient connection and its not just about the Catholics supporting the Palestinians as it has its roots back in ancient Egypt to Akhenaton. but these creatures exist in one form or other. . U. There are real vampire bloodlines on earth. .F. They will try to do this with vaccination s and wars. You have spiral galaxies and spiralling waves on earth. not through space. Vampire-You watch the films and you think its all just myths and fairy tales. They are sick creatures and follow a very different god. Unity consciousness-Creatures on earth experience a polar-reality as they per ceive everything to be opposites and disconnected from each other. Un-holy vultures-Referring to the predators that lurk openly within every rel igion who blatantly rob God-fearing. Just watch how smoke also spirals with no breeze. Have a look at the golden ratio... single h omosexual men. . At this present moment in Northern Ireland many folks are flying an Ulster flag/Israeli flag mix as they both have a star of David.O-Many of the crafts that people see every year are made right here on ea rth. .. so I m truly amazed at the similari ties of its name and the Lord of the Rings author J.R Tolkien.

Vedas-The oldest written text on the planet today. could it have been a meteor storm? Do comet impacts create green glass like atomic bombs are known to? . Its because they help us see through the bullshit. there are no accidents. I t was first invented By Nicola Tesla but now it s in the hands of the Illuminati. There is a lot more blood sacrifice in the Bible than in Voodoo. From India to Scandinavia to Ireland and America.. The Nazis were supposed to have possessed a giant bell which they could time-travel in. They came in wri tten form between 4-6. These ancient Indian texts are supposed to have been passed through oral tradition for over 100. The Mahabharata tells of missiles and iron rockets. from fl ying crafts made of mixtures of metal that we cant produce today to evidence of nuclear powe r and atomic explosions.e. All over the ancient world people find fused green glass and the only thing that creates this are nuclear bombs. The Nazis believed in a super Aryan race that lived within the hollow earth. If they grow from the earth its obvious they are meant to be taken by the inhabitan ts. Voo-doo.. .. View-you. Vibration rates-Everything in reality is just energy and matter vibrating at different speeds. . At this present time the photon belt is speeding matter up.They made the first flying disc in 1917 but it failed. They weren t far off the truth. Weather weapons-It s a fact that the technology exists to manipulate weather. Vril power-The Nazi Vril/Thule society has connections to the Bavarian Illumi nati . but they were mania cs. . .. Wars of the gods-Recorded in every ancient text of the world is the story of this war.. All these re cent major hurricanes are man-made. Visionary stems-There are many plants on earth that help induce higher consci ousness. But many people do become possessed... as the same was found after modern explosio ns. Practitioners belie ve the universe is all one and each thing affects something else. To make them illegal or to tax them is a crime. A ll the way through these ancient scripts are the story of India s ancient technology. and this is the sens e that everyone feels that time is speeding up. Its all winding up to 2012 when time as we know it ends. . whic h when you look at Christians talking in tongues is a bit hypocritical on their part .000 years. But what else could this have been. .000 years ago. the ancients talk of the nuclear te chnological war of pre-history. Voodoo-Within the voodoo society. and don t be surprised to find out that Thailand s tsunami was man .

made. We-moon cycles-In pre-history when humans respected and worshipped the Goddes s earth. the Un ited Nations. They were meeting with the serpent D. This was a time o f great knowledge when women were in control and were respected as the more wise and int uitive of the species. The technology is called H. These are the people who run the world and are accountable to no-one or any country. Moses told the Israelites that the el ectricity pouring out of the Ark of the Covenant was the presence of Yahweh. Wisdom smoke-From about 40. volcanoes which may have been active up to a late period are found along the western border of Arabia.A teac hers of mankind.The largest super volcano in the world which is showing som e disturbance at this time. Wormhole-A passage in space-time connecting widely separated parts of the uni verse.R. .. along with Chinas earthquakes. So I ask you. . and will be controlled soon by mi cro-chip. . World bank-Leaders of the World Bank. to work wit h the differing daily energies throughout the year. This is what s known as the New World Order. if we research deep enough. they followed the Mayan moon calendar of 13 months of 28 days.. White electric mirror Mayan line-This is one of the houses of knowledge withi n the Mayan calendar system. One of the identities of Yahweh (Jahve ) was most certainly a giant volcano-god. . how do you think that Dr Mu got here? They have built an artificial stargate machine under Switzerland. The scientists on earth are still trying to find one and prove they exist. Have a look at the Tzoklin. And this we fi nd. This is the nature calendar that the ancients used. it is an international loan collection agency. but really they need to look again at the Bermuda Triangle.P. . .. He was a male wrathful creator who asked for animal and human Sacrifices. the International Monetary Fund. But Egypt has no volcanoes and the mountains of t he Sinai peninsula have never been volcanic. World government is really about using debt to ensl ave us. was the real route of the Biblical Exodus across the Dead Sea. and so babie s could be deliberately birthed on days of particular energy to create a certain type of of fspring.A. Yahweh-The Hebrew/Christian God also known as Jehovah.A. humans have used hallucinogenic pla nt mixtures to meet with the earth and animal gods.. and the European Union meet every year and attend the Bilderberg group.. . Yellowstone park. Female menstrual cycles could be intimately predicted. This is how the ancients were a ble to evolve all a sudden into advanced humans.. If this thing erupted it would annihilate America and block out th ..000 years ago. as it looked just like the God-comets lightning sparking in the sky.N. on the other hand.

A in their makeup. Fingers crossed. The real reason why the s hips and troops are there is because just off the coast a massive water/stargate has opened and something could be coming through this portal.N. Yemen stargate-Off the coast of the country of Yemen there is a massive build up of war ships from every country in the world. See the film Dune. when the solar system recovered from the great c ataclysm after being in the photon band for 2000 years. They used to be naturally connected to the planet and the source. Religious people think a God is always watching and will punish or reward them accordingly. but we will just have to wait and see. . This was the start of Egypt and t he time of Osiris. Yahweh-stone park. Yeshua-This would have been the real name of the great Shaman Christ as his f amily would have referred to him. . you get back. It is also possible that due to the electro magnetic frequency of this gate that all WMD s in the world could be rendered useless. Well.000 year precessional cycle. There is not a watcher doing this.. But everything is electro-m agnetic energy. ha lfway through the 26. Zep-Tepi. .. All words and names have a certain vibration and some are very powerful and holy mantras. . That is if he even existed of course. This wou ld unmistakably be the real Yahweh. ... but birth trauma suppresses this action. .e sun destroying crops and instigating extreme drops in temperature all over the planet. Some of these countries are apparently en emies..This was the starting point (the first time) of the world again. so what could be so important as to make them work together? You have seen the news about Somalia s pirates and how they are boarding massive ships from their little boats and taking them hostage. i t is yourself. Yoga-This was one of the arts along with meditation etc that was devised by t he Lemurian Shamans to help the humans balance and deal with the hybrid D. so what you give out. Yin-Yang-The action-reaction of the universe. You will have also seen that the Illuminati puppet front men and women say they are worried that terrorists operate out of Yemen and this is why troops sho uld be sent in here immediately. this is all bullshit as usual. purely by breathing prana correctly from the diaphragm. well this is the apparent problem that needs hundreds of modern wa rships to mass in this area.

The Bible is said to be the greatest story ever told. so w ho is the Messiah/Anti-Christ that will come to power.. Zodiac-Means animal circle. dol phin or cow. Zero-time-What was the reason for restarting time at the supposed birth of Ch rist? It was so that the dark-lords could steal time through their new calendars. and i s the lowest of the physical dimensions. and is referring to the 12 star signs. The 2012 logo clearly says Zion. Zionism is a movement to de ceive Jews into advancing the objectives of British imperialism to colonize and ethnic ally cleanse the Middle East for its oil and dead sea minerals using people who have absolute ly no claim to Israel s ancients lands. . London is the New Jerusalem. 2D-Offers a living experience as an animal. it is the only density where openly negative and openly positive souls can exist on the same planet. Zionists-The Zionists are really the Illuminati under yet another name. from the amoeba to the whale... It commonly referred to a specific mou ntain near Jerusalem (Mount Zion). such as a rock. 3rd dimension-This is the level of density where earth is now. Th e word is found in texts dating back almost three millennia. yet there are thought to have originally been 13.. so they could impregnate the human females. Inside earths core i s a giant crystal mer-ka-ba. because its all the same person? Li ar! . Its highest format is the crystal. and a re the driving force behind a one-world government New World Order.. yet justify it to their own minds that they are doing it for the good of the whole. but yo u don t have to look too deep to find out that the Bible is the story of the Precession of the e quinox... .. 4th dimension-This is the density (heart chakra) that the planet as a whole ( except negative toxic people) is going to jump into after the time of 2012. Only the chosen priest humans could ever see the gods in p erson. 3rd eye-The pineal-gland in the brain used to secrete hormones of higher cons ciousness. . But the Olympics in London are the celebrations of the c reation of the new Zion.. There is a dis tinct possibility that this is not actually 2009 but a totally different year. Zion. the ancient humans could use this power to speak telepathically and astrally project to other places in the universe. Ziggurats-Massive pyramid step-like structures built in ancient Sumeria for t he gods.. This is also where beings can do evil.It is the density of .. . . This was genetically turned off due to the Fall of Man.Most often designates the Land of Israel and its capital. . . Jerusalem. The 1st dimension consists of life as an inanimate object. This story is told very clearly within the v erses of Genesis in the Bible.

Once again. so as to be aware of self sacrifice for the grea ter good.Thi s is the level of the higher self (compassion and wisdom=unity). . 2012-The date that the Mayan calendar finishes on. But did he really exist ? . They believe in the Coming of the 5th Age on this earth. so not to create hell. So you need to be of pure thought.N.. is also the love of self. 6D-This is the unity of 4th and 5th density love and light (crown chakra).. 5th Dimension-This is the realm of light (throat chakra) which must also be r eached along with 4th density consciousness. Unity-consciousn ess. It s simply the end of this age.. but on the negative.. that everything is you. . galaxies. .. used by the Mayan parents to deliberately birth a specific . These are the 7 densities of earth up above this positive/negati ve physical 3rd dimension that is being experienced now.. Have a look at flower of life..Its understandable why people thought he was the Son of God. 9D. .. . 20 symbols from the stars-This is referring to the Mayan Calendar glyphs whic h each represent a different energy. The age of Aquarius. . and where you can instantly manifest any reality you wish.This is the plane of the collective-consciousness of planets. 5th New world of man-The North American Native Indian Hopi tribe believe in t he coming Earth Shaking. .A mutation among all species. 7th heaven-Different holy characters were taken on different types of heavenl y flights up to the 7th heaven. you are so vast. star system s. 5 platonic solids-The 5 geometric shapes that everything in the physical univ erse and nature are made up of. and dimensions. because when a soul is in this state. it is very difficult for a human to get a sense of this. All of the ancient monuments on Mars and the Moon show evidence that this knowledge is universal. The age of cleansing and light. Many people think it will be the end of the world..Its also the density from where the Si rians operate from. . although there will be many physical changes to earth and great D. but this is deliberate propaganda to scare people into accepting a ne farious world government. 9 Dimensional man-Christ is thought to have been a 9 dimensional being who ca me here to inject the love vibration back into the planet for the humans on the lead up to 2012. or Spiritual earth purification time.unconditional love.

it was c opied from much earlier tablets that were found in Iraq. Came they to man and taught him the secret. And cast him forth from the pl .personality based on conceiving on a particular day. (Paul Levy. The ancients knew the only knowledge that would survive the coming cataclysm wou ld have to be encoded within the geometry of the giant pyramid. The global war on terror that is being fought around the world is an embo died reflection in the material world of a deeper. But ye know the masters were mighty in magic. The word that only a m an can pronounce. Chicago. this area was called Sumeri a. I would advise the reader of the paperback version of this book to use more that 2 bookmarks. and this is where the Annuniki gods dwelt. Swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent. Major financial centres north of the 33rd Parallel include London..2012shift. It is not the war we imagine we are in. a war on our own minds. . more fundamental war that is going on in the realm o f consciousness itself. It is a war on consciousnes s. . .. Able to send him back to his place. In its day. Most of this planet's six billion people live south of the 33rd Parallel.. www. C hapter (spell)125 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead includes a list of things to which a Pharaoh must swear in order to enter the afterlife. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. Moses-Akhenaton borrowed the concept after the Exodus (banishment) from Egypt.. New York. 2007) Only by magic could they be discovered. Many esoter ic murders and satanic rituals are also committed along this line by secret societies. 10.blogspot. . Please also consider purchasing the paperback version of this book for a good fr iend or perhaps leaving a small donation on my blog. so as to make jumping around the pages a lot easier. and the reader with the downloaded PDF version to save more than one copy to your computer.500BC-This is the date that the Sphinx and Great Pyramid where cosmically aligned to. Akhenaton was a Pharaoh and would have ha d intimate knowledge of its origins. Only by sound could their faces be seen.com We are truly in a war. On my blog within the index you can find my FREE! Book.uk drlemuria@yahoo.co.com drlemuria@yahoo. June. and so he used it to create his new Atonist religion. 7 tablets of creation-The creation story in the Bible is not unique. See the website address below. Moderns are only beginni ng to decode the secrets of this hyper-dimensional stargate. and Switze rland. HOW WE CREATE REALITY WITH OUR HOLOGRAPHIC MINDS So remember to visit there more than once to keep up to date with that story. 33rd parallel-Most of the world's wealth is stored north of the 33rd Parallel . Able to lift the veil from the face of the serpent . 10 Commandments-The Ten Commandments originated in ancient Egyptian religion. which is the way our true adversaries want it.

but rather expose the m. The business of th e poet is truth telling. Bible.ace among men. (Emerald Tablets of Hermes) 11Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness. . Ephesians 5:11 (New International Version) Poetry is a special use of language that opens onto the real. which is why in the Celtic tradition no one could be a teacher unless he or she was a poet.

. is a poem.(Huston Smith) "I am a comedian and poet. so anything that doesn't get a laugh .." (Bill Hicks) PART 2 EVOLVING COSMIC RHYMES TO WAKE EARTHS SEMI-CONSCIOUS TIMES !!STOP!! for a time take a (prana) breath and look at where the hell you are look at your life your family and where your mind has been last hour NOW! I want you to imagine we orbit another star while you visualize the absence of pollutants like the car there are no concreted cities and our people dwell in trees high-conscious cultures trading (powdered gold) across the seas conversing with the animals no utterance of a word (telepathic readings) are all the creatures heard telling legends of star-people folks respect the (nature Gods) knowing nothing of acidic killer (aliens) in pods we over-stand our (genesis) from where in space we come we know about sky-cycles where life ends it has begun we over-stand dimensions going higher than (3D) sensing (angels) and (aliens) are (inter-dimensional) entities we energize the planet through her grid of (dragon lines) WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY! .

N.. for each human has a mission earth must not succumb to fear just recall again the LOVE DRUG and watch the darkness disappear IN EGYPT .A) mutated into me and you to (reincarnate) our (3D) suit organic to our cells last life were you a human for the maker never tells dropped in this world of chaos with babies born so bright they possess galactic karma touching adults with their heightened sight MANY EYES AWAKENING! But many cannot hold faith in two merging realities SO MORE CAUTIOUSLY THEY ARE TOLD but many synthesize these energies remembering (Shaman) sight waking up (earths first time souls) for mans future delight..With our (super-conscious) minds realizing THERE S NO NEED FOR FEAR! Not taking life too serious we re taught about the (Nommo) from the triple system (Sirius) intuiting that technology must be controlled for good we (meditate) with open eyes to elevate world mood we watch them build a pyramid with terrific (sonic power) aligned to far of systems to represent a certain hour ((((((((((CLICK))))))))) now you re WAKING! From your dreaming state its where you ve been of late your new enhanced imagination will help you MANIFEST AND CREATE you ll be more inclined to think about humanities re-birth as you come around to realize I ve just described our future earth FOR we fell down through earth light families this we chose to do spiral prisms in mans (D.

a wise lady confided in me .

re-awakening pre-history memories the student was ready the teacher decreed one human-life closer to (destiny) THIS PROPHETESS her name was Hadra actress/healer golden seed she saw visions of earths future mans harmonic history his past genetic seeding twinned with earth calamity objectionable to science and (left-brained) insanity she said (Megiddo) north of Israel this uniquely special place was a (star-gate) where (dimensions) meet OPEN to time and space she said the (dark lords) know this spot as the place they face defeat LIES DISRUPTION TEARS CORRUPTION they try to hurt this navel seat she said now (((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))) lie RELAX for sky-(gods) were soon to come so we stretched out on our backs and watched a (comet) NOT JUST ONE! All night the (gods) fought battles filling Sinai s mountain skies 2 nights we gazed she said hey (((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))) write the book BYE BYE! AND SO this work I scribe on tree flesh. by my half webbed/human hand my identity is known to few across your primal lands BUT KNOW I m passive and I linger in the synchronistic thoughts of modern (Shamans) waiting lifetimes to AWAKEN! And be taught.. I M A ....

(Reality Host) .

I ve called you for the day is near BUT CALL ME you call me back when your mind is clear my dear 2012 BARELY REALIZED the pain of the (Goddess) not to be criticized a freak-show of fear on this traumatized dear towards demise of man-kind we unconsciously steer SO as the (gods) fall once again I think about a passing friend (photons) pour rejuvenation but human tears are hard to cleanse I gaze into a time loop her image frozen still for fear and density had pressed her pinning soul to find the still through all my past-life memories her features deep in-bred our lays between green valleys whipping breezes through my head her love of all things sacred pumped my spirit full but her struggle with life s weight lost out to universal rule . call me paranoid and sad call me crazy poor wee dear...I dictate to infinite strains of meek I m a super-conscious FREAK! Who rides inside (mer-ka-ba) streaks I can exist in umpteen bodies whilst retaining past-life memories diluting ego in all entities re-tuning minds minds minds I ve come to tame acidic times by flowing alkaline rhymes COME FLOW WITH ME TO THE INNER WORLD THAT HIDES BEHIND THE EYES an escape from earthly trauma a release from human ties the extension of our beings hidden inner space brief journey from the IMPRISONED UNKNOWING human race so call me spaced out call me mad...

but I know now .

past-life (karma) chose our parents. HEAL and soak earth with its strands open your (chakras) for alignment use the (Ki) force through your hands for dear Earth is due her spring clean mans dust will sweep away but we will beam back to this dense blue world to breathe and have a say EACH SOUL is longing for a (God) or searching for a guide too many looking on the outside BUT KNOW! The maker hides inside . filling the spirit hole it dictates our present lives to lose bad karma is the goal so become aware of (life force).. NEARING another cycles end I remember many lives for we each live times before this some as (Druids) some as wives this life I had it easier AWAKE! To higher mind prior knowledge of the board game wisdom and will entwined.....why she was sent (angel) briefly heaven lent too pure to walk this (octave) anymore THIS HUMAN LIFE TOO SHORT her broken heart too sore but I don t blame her for quickening heavens door her soul lives strong inside our triplets that she bore for each infant has great talents each baby highest gift each new-born came to heal me through depressions rift their eyes dilute with presence of their mother every time I rock them to (ethereal realms) with rhyme no matter where they sleep to she s in mind mind mind for her to hear our earthly prayers they might seem little more than sound to this crazy blue of (Gaia) her (indigo kids) are bound but we feel her warmth at sunrise Gods kiss to start the day WAKING UP! The sleeping valleys where the 4 of us still play..

it s not a judging being .

CREATION COPYRIGHT! So what happens when we die? . of action and reaction enchants life into magnetic refractions to seed a bad deed reaps omens of poison good deeds sprout yields through (alchemical) fusion Yin is passive Yang is active within (polar-reality) earths essentially captive portraying mans senses as black/white perspectives mirroring thoughts into good/bad collectives. for before the light and darkness Great-Spirit morphed its state this (quantum theory) phantom breathed out (destiny) and (fate) its (universal spirals) unleashed (ice dragons) seeding skies its (5 platonic solids) spun (golden ratios) from on-high conscious energy flowed neutral all matter formed from light soul-awareness formed subjectively...it s not a great (guru) for the power of all creation is written into you ITS THE BLOOD which coats our darkest veins its a birth in a family its contractions in a sparrows chest the wisdom in the trees its the red that flows with magma heat life s serendipity its explosions in a warring games MANUFACTURED ATROCITIES its prediction in (astrology) the balance found in (chi) it s a wave tossed on the spiral sea coral tranquillity it s the sonar SQUEAL! Of dolphins glee language now lost from me its the time which is upon earth the change we are to see IT S AQUARIAN RE-AWAKENING creators born to be earth-heaven manifesting the God is (yin) and (yang) YOU LL SEE these opposing forces...

Will the flame of life blow out? .

Born again to breathe the golden-age to yield to (Gaia s) shout will our sins dictate our burning rate? Sat before a king will our essence float in limbo? In (dark matter) or in nothing? For souls are energy UN-DYING we simply claim a spirit form this means that we re (immortal) sent back to still the storm our atlas needs new keepers to respect her for her gifts pass the job to (kids of indigo) and this neglect will lift for these young ones are earths saviours the highest form of man we must drink their star-(philosophy) and turn from Uncle Sam for he s twisting kids with (mind control) and (vaccination fears) these (star-children) need releasing dab their little cherub tears TRAUMA locks (brains in compartments) asylums in their heads demons dirty little play things not safe in school or bed WAKE UP! And lose the fear of dying retrieve our shattered minds (un-holy vultures) have us dreaming with inebriated finds WAKE UP! And grace the coming children and respect they re higher kind for when they convene with (Lyra) who knows what truths they ll find OOOOO! So why the hell should you listen to me? I ve nothing great to show from school or university I laughed my way through college can t even spell deiggree so I understand your grievance with hearing the world from me HEY HUMANS EARTHS IN TROUBLE we concreted native rubble the biggest thing on most minds is OH! HE LOOKS GREAT WITH STUBBLE !!SLAP!! not what s to see from (Hubble) or what causes earthly wobble NEITHER how close that (comet) came its pour another double YEAH! .

We numb our minds .

with endless kinds of stimulating finds slouching in front of sit-coms it s the best way to unwind from our robot day and there we stay so glum too tired to care while self-greed for life s small luxuries do damage to our air COUGH! Folks let their kids watch mindless vids of violence and death then they lecture them on peace MANY HYPOCRITES ONE BREATH then they wonder why kids suppressed cries unbalances the family tie its time to try the natural high expose the freedom lie and stop confusing happiness with what we buy !!SLAP!! OH! SKIP WITH ME THROUGH THE WORLD OF THE FREE where they censor what you see as they edit out the scary truth and breed stupidity making you think what caused world-stink is a foreign leader s lust hiding the facts of how they racked OLD WEAPONS full of dust in dictators hands AND SO BLIND TRUSTS A MUST watch them take our kiddies straight from school and fire them into killing tools these raging bulls unthinking mules conforming fools march blind to rules WITH ANGER PILLS TO POLISH SKILLS their wills drilled ill with overkill when you ve had your fill of bodies still I hope you pray for the souls they slay SO here today on solstice day hear what I say and cease your bray I m pleased you got the good seats for the Sunday matinee HEY HEY! I hope your sitting comfortably keep anarchic thoughts at bay OH! AND KEEP ON WATCHING SPRINGER BY THE WAY DOH! !!SLAP!! .


how dare you disrespect the leaders our great protectors they re our feeders its poly-tricks not politics SHOW YOUR PANTS like good cheerleaders cause you ll never know how dull they glow by veging out to TV shows we cannot grow from seeds they sow to wisdom they say no keep your head down and keep giving them your doe LIKE A HOE in your garden HOW DARE YOU READ! It needs a mow HEADS DOWN! So I hope you see past all my flaws my mind is free of schoolings jaws as darkness looms earth prison draws so I write my rants to warn BECAUSE it clear to see that to be free earth needs (spirituality) no more than now my dairy cows man piglets suckle the harlot sow and as our kids join herds of meat I MAKE MY BOW Well its no surprise to me I think you might agree that they use the great TV DOH! To dumb us mentally DOH! These images we see daily confound life s agony as they raise communities OF children immune to violence war atrocities NO AFFECT they judged him as a dangerous man its his family he protects as innocents we suffer yet the criminals in the wrong so scared he fired a weapon 25 years-life is long he turned a vigilante the hoods they run at night his jail was once his family home so easy set alight feel safer with a pistol he only wants to scare BANG! .

Killing out of terror .

defence for murders rare the lawyers misrepresented him their pockets ooze with sin spiking peoples lives away used needles in the bin so they locked him up in prison now his children have no dad so he listens to his radio AS THE BASTARDS BOMB BAGHDAD sleep tight my little mites don t let the nasty TV bed bugs infect your inner sight NITE NITE! So don t tell your children porkies they have cosmic minds THEY RE TOUGH don t fill them with delusion like the big red (Santa) bus HO HO! the drivel on the TV back-filling kids with muck put a tooth under the pillow it entices fairy luck HEE HEE! buy a doll of E. KNOW! .T OOOOOO! that movie s such a hit kids think that space is fantasy their minds are caked with shit MUMMY! What? I WANT A THONG No! you re too young to wear such things BUT MR THOMPSON SAYS IT S FINE I EAT THE SWEETIES THAT HE BRINGS oh dear white fairy powders real and (St Nick) was made a joke he s an anagram of (Satan) Santa s the (mushroom psilocybin) dad eats your cookies in your front room and wears a red coat full of coke yeah! but which coke? sniff! sniff! INDOCTRINATION! Not education the children jailed at five locked up to worship TV (MK Ultra) so alive filling their heads with candy mice and fantasy on tow glued to their electric chairs gaming whilst on death row subliminal fear is shown to pollute...

.positive thinking will cleanse your skin-suit. ..

manifest (coincidence) whatever you fancy (affirm) and believe we ll heal these dark times KNOW! That all babies born control their (sub-conscious minds) I (re-incarnated) on this island its beauty humbles all (Mu s) bloodlines grace her (Celtic) race self magic one and all but we re ever so divided kids roughed up wise and tough trapped in the medieval and by God we ve had enough seldom preaching with Earth-love dog-collars thump their books hunchbacked SUN-days on the benches families forcing out their act children s higher intuitions.. relax and regroup be kind to your mind for its highly acute so train your strained brain to (synchronicity).just take a deep breath....... scan each verse for science fact but when they ask a clever question their confidence gets ransacked I DERIDE THIS DIVIDE for blood religion they died sheep tribes bred ignorant of their Church s (pagan) sides some cry (Ulster Scottish) red (Lemurian) hair some cry (Gaelic Irish) of their blessed isle they care... YOU CAN T WALK THERE IT ISN T SAFE THEY WILL SENSE WHERE YOU RE FROM BY YOUR ACCENT AND FACE YOU CAN T SAY THAT WHAT WE RE TAUGHT IS RIGHT did you hear what they did to those people last night? SUPRESSED! Thrashed down. to level of devils how can this hell be Ireland? green isle of the (Elven) scarred people agree this daily horror they see cloaks any liberty of what the future could be NOW the economy teeters towards prosperity but on each side of the walls .


.. just a target the reason DO YOU ASK? They used to use religion it s now all about the drugs ONCE YOU WERE A WARRIOR now a moustache coward thug materialistic (dark-age) so oblivious to the signs manipulated bitterness PLEASE WAKE UP TO THE TIMES! For we are living in the golden years the next stage of the race the (dark lords) who have hurt earth may the (Photon belt) erase we ll be fading out material obsessions as we grow what will happen to us spiritually? (HEAVEN) ONLY KNOWS! For mankind s now living (Aquarian age) .HOSTILITY! Both tribes take note of these faces you vote to them our peace is just an old folk joke EIRE S been engaged in (dark-age) so-called modern times political assassins shooting propaganda rhymes spawned by (hybrid religion) divided clans of man paranoia/bigot lectures free will thinking BANNED! Through chemical abuse many spirits find some grace longing for (Shamanic) life childhood trauma to erase bitterness and personal loathing fear shrouds their inner space what s considered as deliverance is just the dark side playing ace sole witness to their personal hells they barely hold their minds from recreational elation to ghosts and demons many find (magic-mushroom) substitutes spur mind possession of a kind the contract for their souls daily many nearly sign SCOTS lost their (sun-moon rituals) they were shipped to others lands Celtic brother slaughters brother brainwashed stains on unlearned hands kiss your sleeping children fix your woollen mask not a family.

the end of material grief .

. SO MANY TIMES I ve written rhymes to pass on to be read when I voice them to (earth s first-time souls) they think I ve lost my head but I know through my (time-travels) how this knowledge can unravel when you take the time GET OFF YOUR ASS and sift truth seed from gravel whilst its part your job to weave and bob and duck and dive and goof JUST KNOW! there s networks to suppress truth keep man in a 5 sense booth HEY! But don t be scared ..as the quickening of (ancient companions) helps contribute to (Gaia s) relief decrepit world structures dissolve with the rain the hurt to the (Goddess) will cease the demons which once executed our pain overwhelmed by (New-Age) belief there s a millennium awareness all breathing creatures can sense (Shamanic) (Lemurian) consciousness brought forward to present tense by race-respect and unity humans will grow more whole with the gathering of the (rainbow tribe) and the nurturing of the soul some will perceive they re witnessing the demise of Mother earth and turn to indoctrinations awaiting (Messiahs) second birth PLEASE! Others feel strange as their frequency range speeds up to a new vibration taking two steps back to let the physical go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! to surf the (4th dimension) sensation ZOOM! I understand my rhymes fall short of (conditioned reality) INVASION not LIBERATION KILL! they ll thank you all you ll see YEAH RIGHT! Diluted TV re-runs STOKE FEAR moisten the mind you know they use spin-doctors propaganda every time.

get mind prepared .

DON T FRET my fellow (heathens) for the serpents teach within our (D.N.A) that s how the (gods) made us in (Eden) WOW! The (Dogon tribe) of Africa somehow knew about the stars unknown orbits THATS IMPOSSIBLE! Said their (gods) were extraterrestrial from (Sirius) they descended dug a hole and filled in liquid swam to shore being amphibious the star of (ISIS) they predicted moderns find their painted caves where they held (Shamanic raves) these strange pictures are they (aliens)? Or are they trance (shape shifting) humans? THESE ET s must be pathetic to need to harvest mans genetics no need to cross the void by rockets just ingest hallucinogenic 40,000 years ago this art was spat on walls LONG BEFORE male hateful Gods BRED! men fearful weak and small bewildering those who stay BLIND continuing to obey contradicting blemished scripts HUMANITY FIGHTING all these days AGAIN I welcome all you spirits... I just want to say hello I only want to let you know just 2 more years to go I want to make connection to the warriors of light we can turn this mess around If we manifest what is right feel the planet rock with re-birth pangs her waters start to break her (D.N.A) is changing new mutations to awake the sapiens are ready an upgrades soon to come they sit and watch the winter solstice all Christians worshiping the sun world over-population

Is a sign of queuing souls

who jostle for a body mortal college they behold a chance for spirit cleansing as (Alcyone) star aligns the (precession of the Equinox) concludes this (5th world time) white-collared evil rulers are an aspect of ourselves we create our own reality but man faiths create world hell our minds are holographic our lives reflect our thinking man is spiritual first not mortal YOU COULD SAY THAT YOU RE AN ANGEL the kids of light are here but the poisons fill their foods they re brainwashed by the TV and drugged to dull high moods they come to earth with missions till age 5 their minds are sound but then their forced into the system while (aspartame) drinks are downed If you want to know what s happening just look inside yourself don t look to institutions for salvation there s no (aliens) or (Messiahs) on their ships coming to help It s a total shift on consciousness that s due YOU ARE GOD! A rock A plant A star YES YOU! These evil warring rulers.. are an aspect of ourselves we create our own reality but man faiths create our hell the universe is holographic our lives mirror our thinking souls are spiritual first not mortal you could say that YOU RE A STARCHILD SO WAKE UP! the hour is here (2012) draws near the (Messiahs) of religion are due to call again I HEAR will you see them way up high? Will their coming pass you by? Or have they told you in your church the (zodiac) is (Satan s) sky? DOH! This coming it is written in the texts

millions are spitting

for they dismiss the stars that orbit far earth claimed oceans from (Mars) read the older texts they ve not been wrecked or stomped on by the discotheque of man and Uncle Sam these texts are from when time RE-BEGAN (Mars) brightened in the sky earths fate is so precarious many think that he's (Nibiru) for earth can sense (Aquarius) maybe the passing comet (Halle-Bopp) sounds to most hilarious lets hope this cycling earthly brother isn t here to bury us AHHHHHHHHHHH! the (Goddess) is about to STRETCH! TO WAKE FROM THE DARK shedding like a lizard like a tree would lose its bark our history of sadism show (comet) passing s leave their mark but now ill leave you with a game to keep one eye on (Yellowstone Park) NOW RESEARCH! about (Sumeria) SUMERIA! not (Samaria) you will know this as Iraq as its STILL under attack by the bums who sold the guns to dictators one by one to induce the wars and close the doors to times that went before the (Torah) then the (Bible) and (Koran) RE-WROTE from older forms of (cuneiform) from tablets which were suppressed AND THERE YOU HAVE IT all the evidence extracting sense from (blinds faiths) blatant ignorance to never look in others books which hangs each soul on a poisoned hook go further back in (her-story) read these tablets its not a mystery that the place they named as (E-din) WAS A LAB SET IN A GARDEN the (Annuniki) kept the (mushroom/tree of knowledge) back from native men


the homo-sapiens modern humans re-evolved from then in many warrior colours all depending on their orders which came directly from the (gods) who flew in fiery ships as lords OK! I KNOW IF YOUR RELIGIOUS AT THIS POINT IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS! for it was (God) who formed the earth and the miracle of birth but the word that s used is (Elohim) in English type you wont have seen or heard this word its so absurd THIS WORD IT IS A PLURAL! (gods) the (Sumerian tablets) said in the (Torah) plurals still are read but no one seems to care that an older race was really here... THEN FALLING FROM THE VOID (mushroom spores) travelled in spheroids from a (supernova) (second sun) earth nearly died survivors stunned (Eris) rocked the system tilting planets raining ocean (Anu s astro-belt) his fallen race mans star-dust past AND HYBRID FACE the (gods) were named (Annuniki) SOME SAY THE SCOURGE OF HISTORY! THERE'S many ancient calendars which overlap forming a trap of misinterpretation of (end-times) and (second comings) the (Mayan) and Egyptian times point us to celestial signs BUT man through (left-brained) glories mixed up stars with ancient stories of some genius men and what they SAID to cure humans of dying dread these men were soaked in marvels.. in their youth from all their travels learning India s life scripts (Yeshua) learnt to heal in Egypt then returned a (Buddhist) prophet many thought that he had lost it for his teachings came from (Essene)


above (Sadducee) chains (Muhammad) SPOKE! The final word men made it script writing with swords just like the warring Christians faiths grew up around these men but these teachers taught philosophy twas scribes who misinterpreted MAN'S INNER GOD! one secret from the (mystery schools) of Egypt THE STORY OF THE SON-OF-GOD was hy-jacked from the (pagan) faiths who worshipped (Amun-Ra) AMEN the SUN-God and the star (ISIS) which winds me back to what I said RESEARCH! instead of being lead like horses which distracts you from the (zodiacal courses) RESEARCH! (reincarnation) INFORMATION STIMULATION control the (prana) in your breath create your own (mer-ka-ba) our vehicle of (ascension) (manifest) it with intention and you ll sail the 4th dimension STILL moderns take their teachings literal they really haven t got a clue now millions base their life on tales HEY! FARCE IS BEING FED TO YOU (subjugation of the female) on the back of mistranslation fearful panicked sheep-like people twitch behind this GOD SEDATION! I hate to feckin curse but can the world be feckin worse souls wont be feckin reimbursed BOW DOWN! AND PASS YOUR FECKIN PURSE are they really trying to tell you... that before religions rule every loving non-believer is now wound up on (Satan s) spool? !!SLAP!! Well here s a little twist a little game to play tell me what these faiths have ever done to bring peace to the day WHERE WAS (JEHOVAH)? When the Nazis had their holocaust


As the Muslims die for lands already lost AND WHERE THE HELL IS (JESUS)? as for centuries Christians fight CANT YOU SEE THAT GOD IS 3RD EYE SIGHT? fills the soul with light NOT SHITE! Don t give away your mind power to misguided mental rules DON T! Hope your life away I M NOT SAYING FAITHS FOR FOOLS BUT while accepting blindly mental walls their minds are never free to access life s HIGHER KNOWLEDGE complimenting what they see YOU SEE! Faiths preach they have superior texts to others information (Armageddon) ( Jihad) hell guilt makes them flow with trepidation these superseded doctrines need some SPIRITUAL VENTILATION and an understandings REVAMP to teach again (re-incarnation) the (Koran) (Torah) and (Bible) are (Mesopotamian) continuations and these fear of death dictations are holy hallucinations but lets not do away with praying IT S A FORM OF (AFFIRMATION) the (Gnostics) studied years FAITH LACKS (secret initiation) the truths of church are veiled by (esoteric black magicians) so WAKE UP! Lets educate ourselves and shake this incantation but staying moulded chained and bound to this sinner strangulation I really truly mean this friends MY DEEP COMMISERATIONS the sheer diversity of life I ve met that populates the stars right now we ve arms and legs for motion but some forms are far from ours all energy is neutral divine in every sense .

some beings are (ethereal) .

. a torrent of (enlightenment) rains loving into man captivating inspiration like only saturation can the water-prisms colour minds to soothe the deluge flow as the human drops of energy drink all they need to know NOW! Let s list the history mystery how our race has past evolved all through MAN-UFACTURED HIS-STORY! too much blood has been involved they say there s something wrong with man BUT HEY! I DISAGREE its what s wrong with false beliefs research deep and come with me and ask WHERE HAS ALL THE GOOD NEWS GONE? you have to admit you feel something s wrong infecting the facts of earths transformation misdirecting billions with falsification absorbing the papers millions are sold follow the news its GOSPEL we re told independent organizations reporting CORPORATIONS OWN ALL now the real truth distorting hyper-suggestion a world of deceit INDULGE IN COMFORT in your V..I.P seats undignified ravings crass radio-waves emitting in our homes dangerous/negative/disinformation lies transmitting CELLULOID ASSAULTS from (electric dictators) .. the ripple of narcissus swirls conceiving higher kind as earths (Gaian) realization BREAKS AWARENESS on the mind..while in (3d) we are dense AS the (comets) of creation orbit out to sow the seeds for infinite strains of essence on the lake of life to feed.

hardworking stressed people .

punch drunken spectators hypnotised by events their (secret-space) missions (entertaining aggressors) turn (Gizmos) to (Gremlins) rationing the half-truth news of the times so visually distracted its hard to breathe between the crimes justifying their speeches YET! WE KNOW THEY ARE LIES don t trust their dark actions LETS STOP AVERTING OUR EYES !!SLAP!! This scary-tale world needs some spiritual tuition coming cosmic events will spark real-mind migration the soccer obsessed are in for a jolt SLEEPERS WAKE! to the long prophesied human revolt SO are alternate higher levels science myth in the extreme? Do we sense them in a subtle way but pass them as a dream? Are these levels soaked in (Deja-vu s) coincidental touch? Why do we meet beautiful strangers sometimes knowing them too much? Do we harness past-life talents toddler prodigies we know? Do some wise souls crawl in new-born shells choosing to help us grow? Are the planets truly (genesis) and guilty for our ways? Will a (second coming ice-snake) IMPREGNATE earth in this day? (Gaias) heightened sense is bubbling pulling in (ethereal light) may the (photon) streams evoke mankind to brace our grinding bite WAKE UP! Its time to shift dimensions don t be blind with Pay-Per-View (manifest) with children s insight what else you gonna do? JUST CONSIDER NOW our babies who sit laughing at thin air observe how cats and dogs go mad as something jolts them to a stare WHINE! For before earth education age our minds are still our own chuckling with the pixies while most adults sigh and moan.. AT the cheeky besotted glances from a toddler WHO STILL SEE S wide open to the mischief of the little ones who tease transparent fleeting actions just outside adult recall fictitious bedtime journeys great potential to enthral ..


memories of the Elven folk within our human tuning erotic magic spurs devoted (magic-mushroom) grooming sprinkling the fairy dust and essence which empowers the creatures in the woodlands that evade between the flowers within the very root of nature her patterns they do flatter deep within the bracken children seeking elfish chatter outside material spectrums the nymphs and gnomes together stay hidden from the persecuting YET! CURIOUS earth dweller WEEEEEEEEE! There s something called (pre-history) READ! It wont drop in your lap !!SLAP!! !!SLAP!! Don t fall into the (left-brained) manufactured (God-spell) trap what don t they want us knowing? TOO BIG FOR US TO FACE? Maybe the link of human cultures (star-gate) (genesis) from space? pyramidal temples (20 symbols from the stars) a lost form of harmonics PING! Relayed by dots and bars when the (Tzolkin) beamed from (Hunab-Ku) the (I-Ching) came awake later upheaval hit the Andes raising (Titicaca lake) (Shamans) built observatories tracked (ice-dragons) in the skies you could say (Gregorian leap years) are to misalign A LIE! (Lord Pacals) solar know-how seemingly handed on a plate re-planting natures (we-moon cycles) did we fold through time and space? YES! The Maya (birth of Venus) check THREE ONE ONE FOUR BC Welcome the (5th new world of man) within (precession) it has ran planet cycle calculations spanned 300 million years these phenomenal multiplications are absurd to quiz-show ears .


.F... HEY! Now have a think in modern times the RE-INVENTION of the plane the Indians in the Wild West were witnessing a train..O s) manoeuvres so advanced just like the (spheres of renaissance times) we remain wholly entranced... many see the spirit world manifesting here on Earth the (geometry) in the cornfields is to prepare earth for re-birth .had we (sonic levitation) to raise enormous blocks? Had we (lightning crystal cutters) to shape our cosmic clocks? YES! Just two of countless (right-brained) tricks which to us were commonplace YET! We had no wheel or telescope to study ancient space DA DA! (Lord Pacal) the (Mayan) JESUS left his calendars behind implanting solar prophecy in contemporary human minds raising earth in consciousness the deeper that we delve the only sure decipherment this cycle ends (2012) MANY SAID THAT MAN COULD NEVER FLY they said the earth was flat HA! A train became an iron horse in intuitive native chat. the Hindus talk of battles iron spears alighted skies (Mahabharata) and the (Vedas) to understand them we must try we see the blinking (U. Christians taught the earth was centre and the sun travelled around HA! No surprise then in the holy books outdated trends are found DOH! The ancients talked of fighting kings their chariots of comfort yet they saw visions of angels flying high in rings for transport WERE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING (MUSHROOMS)? Out of their minds? Heads in the sky? A past earth and a super-race (Anakim gene) from high...


HEY HEY! I M A LITTLE (CROP CIRCLE) I m not unlike the rest I have my straights and angles I set the world up with a test I raise my shape up overnight within deserted fields I only have a short life till they harvest all the yields I m becoming very famous I ve been in all the papers made with planks and rollers HA! I love these jolly capers OH! But my stalks are split and broken and I ve no spirals like the rest I m a circle not (sacred geometry) (the watchers) laughing at mans best BOO HOO! They don t believe me SHHHHHHHHHH! Its the time of planet cleansing observe financial structures ending THE WORLD may seem deranged but change falls in (photonic rains) idle human apathy chains us inside lethargy we relinquish privacies to false safety WAKE UP! OR STAY SLEEP and let them steal our liberties mods! mods! Modern man is now robotic this is obviously PSYCHOTIC! our celebrity-sedation was not conceived off at creation these worthless clones are now our (gods) ASLEEP! we re breaking all the laws of self (manifestation) AWAKE! your powers of (affirmation) STOP existing in a saviour dream frustration boils you want to SCREAM! Materialism sours the (Goddess) cream sit up/don t lean ...some designs are far beyond just men don t listen to their bray if a corn shape were to contact us maybe this is what he d say.

lack of earth knowledge .

. this is not the doom of earth. helps (Gaia) through re-birth MANS the bad kid in the class don t you know that we re the last? Within our vast spiralling galaxy to re-join galactic family MANS THE MISSING LINK stop think we re not a human/chimp AH WELL! Pursue your monkey stink WAIT UP! Can I suggest a PRIMATE SHRINK? OOO! OOO! AHH! AHH! OK! SETTLE SETTLE NOW OK inject texts screening ancient sects suppressing earthly knowledge raw diversions frigid versions HACKING OFF THE TRUTHFUL FOLIAGE syringing symbolism into the veins of purification mass doping populations EMANCIPATION DEPRAVATION! Most myths and legends in our (his-story) are re-cycled old-world FACT! With archaeology on track now these rumours can be backed we're not the only hi-tech race who s thrived upon this earth they also had a screw loose and neglected their light birth .. or quickly down to hell you go.....makes our spirits wither lean don t be mean mans in a coma being squeezed brain deceased OR SO IT SEEMS FOR SURE WE DREAM for we are sold this line of (end times) (Bible thumpers) scream its so.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But this crying is uncalled for.. staying conscious at this (Pisces end).... SIGH! You're born a sinner believe these doctrines..


. lets delve into earths shadow past. IF A FEMALE WERE TO UNDERSTAND I THINK I D BLOODY MARRY HER tales of (Exodus) and Israel tales of (Babylon-Iraq) gory stories taint our moron box.... and use both eyes to see and lets pick up on forgotten age back to antiquity LETS SEE! Its said this was the land of kings their power was felt afar a mention of 10 planets (RH-Negative) from the stars. declare (pre-history) scarier there is obviously a barrier that blocks histories carrier. DID RACES come as past explorers? DID E...T s STAY HERE? giving orders. OR DID COMET S MUTATE? Upgrading monkey men to cold-blood soldiers individuals hid the tablets that unveiled life at this stage (Sumerian) brain surgery YES! Took place in Eden s age technology of cutting kind proves modern-mans behind the grind of (sonic power) primes scepticism in the mind carving rock for (ziggurats) man still cant understand how in Lebanon we find (Bal-Bek s) blocks 1000 ton cut by hand WHA? So typically then this story hits a sticking point when we cannot grasp the fact that hi-tech people dwelt in history SO its time to face the music SPRING-CLEAN YOUR MIND OR SURE YOU LL LOSE IT we are not living a balanced life earn money smoke and booze it TV drunkards in a fantasy of fashions sicko industry our history before BC flows memories into me it s a mystery of which I m sure many agree SO ....about (Sumeria) lets chat about this area..... the kids under attack WHACK! But lets back track my one eyed jacks.

I set out on a mission .

communicating my decision to relay the facts to human-kind on ancient power precision it wasn t hard you wont be scarred by evidence abound of existing godly places UNDERWATER UNDERGROUND it proves there was an ancient race who mapped the planets face building time capsules of science linked to systems out in space world history taught in college IS ABOMINABLE DISCRACE! Institutions breed an ignorance while past centuries are erased THERE'S proof space beings have been here filmed by (Billy Meiers) even the shuttle shot some pulsing glowing spheres at station (Mir) there s ancient native carvings of modern space-age gear others show drawings of (Shamans) HIGH! Transforming into deer there were giants on the earth in those days truth stranger than fiction always DA! DA! The library in (Alexandria) CHRISTIANS BURNT re-writing past HEALING KNOWLEDGE of the red-skins DEMONIZED to hide our cast Iraq is the location of (Mesopotamia) this was (Assyria) and (Babylon) and as I said SUMERIA of course this smells like tripe to sceptics USE THE (RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BRAINS) !!SLAP!! !!SLAP!! The location of Gods garden and Iraq are one the same between the flowing rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates was one RE-START of civilization (POLE-GLOBE-DELUGE-SHIFT) calamities they re manipulating history before our very sight priceless artefact's of (Eden) pillaged by their (bloodlines) plight LOOT THE EAST for (Ark) technology electric from antiquity .


they banished most reporters BUT (((((((((((((((DR MU))))))))))))))) WILL ALWAYS SEE DO you think the holy spirit needs to save you on TV? Is the God these sick convulsions ripping through a sick granny? YOUNG MAN! Feel the loving maker as he steals away your wealth these crimes of faith are blatant not even caring to use stealth SAY JESUS! They march unfortunates up on the stage MY GOD! This shit is awful my balls tighten with rage but I calm for that s no way for ((((((((((THE DR)))))))))) to behave but I m sure as hell you don t write out a cheque to be saved WE MARCHED OPPOSING WAR in London and thousands did attend but groups supporting suicides the only coverage news they sent CLOSE TO 400.. I DON T THINK! They try to keep us in the dark we sat for three hours watching speeches the tail end still at the square ALL RACE S massed against world genocide were you there? OR DONT YOU CARE? Helicopters hovered over drowning out important speeches the mass controlling media sucking positive news like leeches told the world we marched for terrorists THIS COULDN T BE FURTHER FROM THE STORY I don t know if you re aware this was the day to spark our glory many think I may be crazy for I defend the Muslim race..000. but I ve lived lives in their cultures no personal hatred not a trace you watch them spoil our livings ...000! yet reporting just a third unless you showed up on that day a Chinese whisper you have heard we stood for 2 hours at Embankment the crowds already reached Hyde Park 150.


.. in these days of black disinformation and lies.. keep from absorbing their headlines keep one eye on the skies .Hear them scream for war (JIHAD) but all I saw was invites through these beautiful peoples door THEY ONLY SCREEN THE BOMBERS bloody bitterness and hate THAT S NOT ISLAM! NOT REAL MUSLIMS! TIT FOR TATT round up the slate bringing slaughter to all borders SET UP by those within to justify a war game the pumpkin mask is dripping thin so take the time to think your life you need nature to breathe you only learn so much in one place vacate the city take some leave Fake 7/7 terror massacred with a wink their snake-eyes finally showing AS THE SLEEPER S WAKE TO THINK believers hate the evil (heathens) they think their Gods will know their names they cry (astrology) is black magic YET! OUT FROM THEIR FAITHS IT CAME tell me WHERES THE HOLY TEACHINGS TO RESPECT AND LOVE THE PLANET? ARE THEY HOPING THEY LL BE SAVED LET THE IMPURE MASSES HAVE IT? AHHHHHHHHHH! Another bombing another dammed plan you re invited to partake in the deception of man I ll tell you how they began this shifty lying dark Klan I M NO FAN! That s why I go to Egypt to tan you see them on the TV stare in their cold eyes does their treachery not register? Have they re-wired you with their lies? The towers fell like a movie so dramatically perfect like a CONN-TROLLED! demolition down to the flat from the erect they re soldering souls with their digital lies 6 billion throats in contraction but most support is disguise..


our life choices and thought but many scowl at me for all that they see is an obnoxious hope-dealer pushing knowledge and ecstasy HOW LONG? Until they sing a true song too long a shell of a person they need a hit from truths bong..stirring oily tides within the fodder wars depleting earths resources whilst exploiting the poor selling arms to guerrillas and opposing sides SADLY these are some things that our governments hide (NANO-TECHNOLOGY) is melting our brains try to refrain from the gain of a brothers pain like (Ed Gein) or Nazis strip your skin for a lamp DON T BE A TRAMP ON LIFE S RAMP DREAMING OF WHEN HE WAS CHAMP! Running drugs through borders Funding (alien) bases possessing the kids strong drinks at their faces bombarding all people with their negative thought hidden masters of our souls.M supplies polluting the air (H. this mundane hardly sane excuse for something humane is how our world fell from grace don t watch their TV space LENNON was shot for revolutionary songs KING put down for righting racist wrongs .A..R.. for this time is the sign earth mother needs to feel fine......P) storms heat our skies SO OPEN YOUR MIND LETS UNDERSTAND HUMAN KIND and you will find that the mind will lift you out of the grind... THEY ASSASSINATE OUR TEACHERS WHO ARE WAKING US UP they subject our kids ears to their soulless chart muck they poison our foods with their G.A.. TO GET HIGH! Bury the carcass of fear in this year dry your tears pull up your power from the rear jokers dealt tighten belt. and keep on reading the rhyme.


to keep the heroine shipping home though he had many other troubles about his land of the free roam HAS SUBCONSCIOUS TRAUMA from a previous earth risen through humanity? Disrupting every good and every balanced thing we see these cycles of the soul are set to purify us whole IT S TRUE I ve been a tyrant in the past but now I WAKE YOU for life time is spinning fast because they re sending man delirious with fear and guilt the stability of our minds they continue to tilt bleed the world dry with their crippling budgets ARE HUMANS MASOCHISTS? For we appear to love it SLAVES! THINK FOR US YOU DARE THINK FOR YOURSELF SCIENCE SAYS YOU RE JUST A GERM SO CONFORM HEY! SCHOOL OF FISH WE RE ONLY NETTING YOUR WEALTH WE NEED TO HAVE YOU ALL ENROLLED BEFORE THE CONSCIOUSNESS STORM WE NEED YOU CHIPPED AND CONTROLLED BEFORE THE STORM Their crimes ring out like a no win situation but (Reality Hosts) are watching feel us through your intuition if we re conscious while opening our (pineal eye) we ll expose the shadow play which is threatening our lives SO don t think that you die after this life still hug your husband every day and blow a kiss to you wife treasure memories of your babies and magic places you ve seen and realize this life is just a holographic dream all eyes at sometime will sway the distractions but life s problems and stress lessens hardened reactions BUT MULTITUDES ARE AWAKE! It were once just a few you souls know it s your work to teach the rest what to do STOP! .


we re all infinity creating (life s hologram) by bending reality VIBRATING within creations play we are all the same life-force at the end of the day RE-AWAKEN! to the light CLICK! !!SLAP!! relegating the grey HEY HEY! Now here s the (alchemical) reaction long time over due are you ready to accept what controls the things you do? YES YOU! duped by star hysteria DOH! programmed by T.V !!SLAP!! be the next big bo-tox star look mental spend like me BLING! Copy film hard-men talk the talk you hero-crook BANG! Indulge the television don t waste with boring books buy the latest fashion cling-on friends will dig your style YEAH! ..and take a deep breath defy death with your breath add a twist to Macbeth in this world around debt now all our stresses are curled to be sectioned within credit the wrath of nature unfurled THE THOUGHT BAN MIND DAM touched by perversions of SAM the dirty uncle at your bedroom on his trip to the can his cold hand childhood banned innocence lost in the sand when parents bow to life s illusion they let their kiddies be dammed BUT ITS NOT ALL NEGATIVE WAKE UP! FROM THE SEDATIVE and kiss the breathing planet stunning mother who always gives LIGHT-BEING how high a note can you sing? what contribution can you dredge? what realization can you bring? for we are all eternity..


6 billion drifting souls on the bench without trust see the decay grow every day though its hard to get fazed if your consciousness is raised masses fret in fear so dazed but I m amazed how many have been grazed and how innocents get tased WAKING TO THE (DARK-LORDS) GAME though contributions are tame chewing one by one like tadpoles through the spawn breaking the spell of the pawn evolving at super speed into their true light form but the oils receding grown adults teething in our black clouds of consumed pollution we have trouble breathing. having lost life s meaning but its all coming to a head DON T DREAD no more fattening lies to be fed ME? YES ME! .Take out a loan a credit card put your new bills in the pile OH DEAR go to church on SUN-day avoid the devil drink DON T THINK! Born a dirty sinner GOD SPOKE pay up to me WINK WINK! I know you just want to be happy moneys not God you ll see I m sorry I can t please you I m not mad my mind s just me THE GOD-FEARING expose their own biggest fears wasting the golden years never discovering their higher gears having closed ears they re pissed and through a long life of brainwashing they ll miss the one vital clue WHICH IS! There s always souls here which are far more evolved than you MATERIALISTIC WEALTH is bad for (Gaias) health this orgy of disgust is going bust and growing crust.....

I d rather be dead .

.THAN LET A MORBID ADOPTED MIND-CONTROLLING WORN-OUT MISTRANSLATED PRIMITIVE SCIENCE LACKING RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE RULE MY HEAD ZED S DEAD! So don t be led decide to be free instead save for a new life on the Med but watch where you tread don t follow these IN-BRED S So what you gonna do? Will you react to things you see? Our world of freedom ransomed to moronic society. don t hug your kids in public don t feed your child from breast don t dare express emotion KEEP WORKING do not rest watch the holy genocides of families day by day believe the propaganda be immune to souls they slay watch the great dictator change channels see more gore vaccinate your children make money MORE MORE MORE! Blindly follow Gods that murder Thou shalt not kill is dead daily slow your mind with fashion DON T THINK! Spend hard earned bread believe the news as gospel and cheer when killers die have we lost our true reality? to consciousness say goodbye So what you gonna do my friend its all within your hands? So what you gonna do when the government steals your land? So what you gonna do when you pass out of this frequency and realize fear beliefs have quickened up the worlds delinquency? So what you gonna do when (Messiahs) do not come? So what you gonna do with (global warming) from the sun? So what you gonna do when they (micro-chip) your brain and you realize you cant deal no more with life s incessant pain? Its time to slow our minds and begin to find ourselves for within the realms of silence are the tools to quell our present hells the inner mind is knowing ..


... A TEST OF FAITH for bloodthirsty religions the God fearing blind to the (precessional) engine the (wars of the gods) their own environmental trouble (mind language) separated (ANCIENT ATOMIC RUBBLE) humans have lost their (right-brained) intuitive sight for materialistic now is what we are. ..we are wired into the cosmos from (comet) spray we drink we are all that s ever been we ve been forever on the scene there are truths now re-emerging SO DON T FORGET TO DREAM try to sit a while in solitude and tap into the source help steer this broken world of ours off (Armageddon s) course So what you gonna do? Draw your future in the sand So what you gonna do when the Nazis break your writing hands? So what you gonna do? when you die and leave this frequency to know beliefs have chained the world in backward faith delinquency? FOR Humans grow as individuals many think they grow apart BUT KNOW one energy engulfs all through the (chakra) at the heart mans always been a splash of true creation from the start fear based beliefs they reign divided BUT YOU CANT FORGET AN ART Now imagine our world with a (crystal technology) lost Shamanic chapters felled by global catastrophe studying within the (mystery schools) of the times females learned how orbits move the gravitational tides WAKE UP! Something s coming yet news warnings are mute UNDERFUNDED SCIENCE blind to killer (comet) routes talk of (planet X) in Sumerian text WAKE UP! WAKE UP! no need to guess (((((((((((((((THE DR s))))))))))))) telling you what s next.


. flow along a light course within our genes lie the sacred beliefs the (flower of life) has opened (rapture) knowledge bequeathed I know its hard to stay sane when you re subjected to pain but the answers (meditation) know the rules of the game OF COURSE! God will have the final say to cleanse the world of sin but religious Gods they hide SOMEWHERE the spiritual Gods within do you really think a saviour comes.close your eyes breathe (prana) the life-force and let the real God of spirit.O) s LOTS OF FUN! HA! PAWN! Hand in your dog tags sir! Lets catch up with the times sir! We ll internally code your credentials NOW GET BACK IN YOUR FECKIN LINE! Yes sir! .B.. and knows you by your bow? Is he watching from a cloud has he been sleeping up till now? WELL! HAS HE? REGURGITATE the end time prophesies I love the one about the mark the (beast) and all his demons (Satan s) followers of dark the religions now are all on guard BUT OF COURSE just they are saved YEE HAA! As they line up for their vaccines the road to (micro-chipping) paved YEE! UH? False terrorists attacked with anthrax AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOUR BABIES NEED PROTECTION QUICK lets secretly inject your micro-chip and vote me in next election CHEERS! On the streets PARENT S YOUR KIDS AREN T SAFE do you know where they run? HERE! Try this amusing tagging works like (A..S..

the (666) .

. suppress the rest with a Nazi crown world armies wont protect the masses they ll be used to guard the reptilian classes dumb people want linked to computers AH! FECK IT! SURE IT S THE 21ST CENTURY QUICK! Sign up for your (Stepford wife) have your sim-card ruling your robot life stick wires up your ass dull human integrity (doublethink) war on personal identity !!SLAP!! So are your true thoughts on saving the earth? Or banal celebrities? Is your money spent on knowing? OR TO HONE MORE IDIOCY? Can you link the wars to business and destruction of our race? Has your TV primed your ignorance? To detest a foreign face ARE YOU CONSCIOUS of the natural world? Or too consumed by debt? Have your children grown disheartened with self boundaries that you set? Are emotions shed for strangers.the silicone chip OOOOOO! SUCH A SAFE WORLD THEN so easy to catch the criminals but what else could be done? Think again AH! I M AFRAID THEY RE INTRODUCING THE CHIPS in criminals pets and babies a chip can be spiked neatly under your skin as your getting a shot for rabies WHINE! Billions of doves killed with one stone If your sensing its wrong then your far from alone injecting horrors into you surveillance chips spawned by (swine-flu) to cut world population down... as they re maimed for senseless gain? Does your mistrust of past leaders NOT SPARK LIFE INTO YOUR BRAIN? !!SLAP!! Do conspiracies in history not encourage you to seek? Do excuses for more taxes not exhume a lying reek? Do you know that hi-tech culture goes back many hidden years? An exploding (supernova) rained (micro-meteorites) and tears (hieroglyphics) of a sky plane .


.. a look of the deranged I think you missed his crocodile smile MR TV TRIGGER HAPPY BILE! !!SLAP!! Cant you see the change in people? Haven t you had deep conversation? Mass awareness of the present INSTILLS fear-felt anticipation but what is this mans sensing? MAYBE! MATERIAL DISILLUSION as earth floods with (photon light) learn to welcome the intrusion comfortable Western cultures grind at peak of productivity 3rd world RAPING! .helicopters submarines EH? (Abydos) proof of technology? HUNTER GATHERERS? (Darwin s) dreams 8000 BC was a RE-START! humans devolved now closed and mean YET! (Dendera s) bulbs lit up the pyramids these monolithic time machines WHAT? SCIENCE CAN T BE THAT OLD WHAT? I SAW IT ON TV WHAT? WHAT? THESE TRIANGLE S WERE TOMB S NO! NO! SHUT UP! JUST LET IT BE WHAT? THERE S NO MORE MYSTERIES OF OUR WORLD THE GOVERNMENT S WOULD TELL YOU RE LOST! YOU MUST GIVE CHRIST YOUR HEART THIS DAY OR GO TO HELL! (((((DR MU))))) WHY WOULD THEY LIE? OUR LEADER S A WHOLESOME CHRISTIAN GUY WHEN HE DRAFTS OUR KID S TO DIE A BLOOD TEAR WELL S IN HIS EYE SIGH! just watch his eyes they never change.

companies .

where is the proof? MAN MILKED LIKE FLACCID CATTLE arms productions to ensure economies do not falter their tyrannical excuse for justice is a well known war parameter being ensnared inside ADOPTED FALSE DIVISION S of our race many think that s why they re fighting BRAINWASHED! To hate another s faith though millions still defend them they MOO! Like frightened sheep EH? Intervention by the elements WILL DISRUPT THEIR FARM-YARD SLEEP BLEAT! BLEAT! Blind faith is no longer relevant an evolutionary halting experiment dividing the earth like a farm an important cause for alarm but we re offered no intelligent option but man-made forms of seduction (bible thumpers) give no explanation they re so anal through sexual frustration its seems to be causing the wars and maybe it did in the past NOW REVIVED to imprison the world the crimes of religion are VAST! .KILL! Maintaining greed society don t you think there s something more to life? we already have too much global war will tip the balance kick the glands back into touch OOOOOOF! crippling starvation YET! WE COULD FEED THE WORLD TIMES OVER deep down we want to help our cousins but response is far from sober the threat from terrorism do people care about THE CAUSE S? Verbal trash from (puppet leaders) PRESS MUTE read books between their pauses now millions grow unsatisfied with the reasons for the battles they don t add up...

But chill .

.HEY! Don t take offence to me IT JUST DOESN T MAKE SENSE why the planets are not even written just pecked and scratched by a chicken religion is bred to divide Satanists join up to hide IT SEEMS THAT MURDERS ALL-RIGHT if a faith is leading the fight WHILST! Endless piles of weapons are put to work against civilians we watch the jets EXCITEDLY pound our brothers into oblivion see the slaughter on home cinemas 21st century entertainment AWESOME! When that s all done they ll turn AND DROP THEIR NAPALM ON OUR HEARTS UH! The only real salvation is adopting (one world mind) not a (New World Order) of the prison ruling kind GOD-FEARING IGNORANCE stalls exhalation of the breath instead of acting from the heart averting mans Biblical death LISTEN! I ve stood in ancient Scotland as a tree 4000 years Shielding (Druidic) vortex doors for the (Eden-burgh) seer s LIGHT GATES to (hollow earth) EXIT the cavern world re-birthed from where the (serpent gods) and (Elven teachers) dwell and ring their bells. there s (Shamballa) (2D) codes within our human-body shells so don t fear death there s certainly no hell OR BURNING SMELL I fed the Aborigines for countless centuries (reincarnating) as 2 million widgety grubs these bugs were me HEE HEE! My (Karmic) contract now dispelled my years of eating flesh that was one bizarre experience and still I think ONE OF THE BEST! ..

But examining my achievements .

in their zodiacal glory KNOW! The geographical (sacred-geometry) (equinox earth-survey) THE (HARMONIC STAR-GATE PYRAMID) at (Giza) first of three was over-seen by many of my kind (Reality Hosts) like me through our seasonal incarnations as the (mushroom/manna bread) we induced mans first (God) visions to cure false dread of being dead we re the (Grail) out of your holy books and myths the (tree of life) now the (mushrooms) been replaced by alcohols moronic strife SPORE S travelled to this planet impregnating Mother Earth frozen fast in (spermy comets) MUTATING big-brain human birth de-coding the (Annuniki) tales Iraq s Biblical (gods) THOSE WHO FROM HEAVEN CAME TO EARTH man drives (hallucino-genetic) cogs SO don t tell me I m going mad don t think I m lost don t think I m sad don t you see the things I see don t mould me without dignity don t bludgeon me with celebrity hype DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE BY WATCHING SHITE don t tell me how I m missing out don t age me with soap opera gout they tell you this they tell you that they tell girls daily YUK! YOU RE FAT! They say white skins preferred to all THEY SCREECH! To follow the warring call they keep us dumb as rule of thumb they hide the truths of where we re from they slave man like a robot jerk tortured and broke (her-stories) clerk THEY LIE THESE ARE THE ENDING TIMES they know sheep will forgive their crimes BAA! Electric priests pollute our homes .

inside kids heads their demons roam .

.. creep into our dreams what minds see creates reality DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! the blood from a fascist eye YOUR DESIGNER FUTURE IS YOUR S TO DIE they watch and see with C.AS our naughty world is ticking away fates axe hangs low to swing our way rambling screams.V un-plug study the user guide SCEPTICS laugh about the spirit realms I d snigger to if I were SLEEPING! Like them SO DO THEY THINK IF IT S NOT ON THEIR TV LIST GOES TO SHOW IT DOESN T EXIST? I wish some people would WAKE! For a while and study the sneer within George Bush s smile and be aware of the lies that fill Tony Blairs eyes AHHHHHHHHHHHH! They re just like evil twins OOOOOOO! What a feckin surprise! The sleeping masses follow their (Armageddon scripts) too many shield their eyes to genocide while the truth card deck is switched the unfolding of a doctored story hidden from the masses unthinking drones of faith with their souls stuck up their asses what will make them WAKE UP? To express their immortality the truth of God in man supersedes the nuclear family beings of a spiritual sort on earth to merge with matter not a superstitious rant spat from Rome by the Mad hatter what will make the sleeping slaves awaken from their coma? To help them see Religion was re-fashioned back in Roma a mish-mash of the (pagan Christ s) and (sun-gods) from the (Druids) existing centuries before back when the mind of man was good .C.T.

SO .

why the hell in this space-age do folks believe these crap? Its clear they ve never read into their faiths FOR If they did they d have an overview of where in time we re at do they still think all the plagues are sent by Gods unyielding grace? We have bases up on Mars for goodness sake !!SLAP!! !!SLAP!! It has been proved the Israelites were never ever slaves that they ruled as (Hyksos) Pharaohs forcing Egypt to her grave worshipping the (Aton sun) they followed (Akhenaton) these cults were then forgotten at the death of Tutankhamen SO What will pull the world back from annihilations brink? What will force the modern ape to research and to think? What will be the outcome of this self inflicted pain? JUST KNOW! The Armageddon script doesn t have to list your name No! ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND life goes where it started you re not to know night to day/life and death the changing of the seasons sun and moon come and go these cycles have a reason planets lap/orbit around affecting human mood meteors crash (big comets) passed repeating yields of food (PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOX) the zodiac changes place ancient generations mapped these cycles out in space SO WHY NOT (RE-INCARNATION)? (Blind faith) cerebral curse one fearful life no (evolution)? I CAN THINK OF NOTHING WORSE SO don t think I hate religion ITS JUST A MODERN MANS MIND PRISON! In Aquarian age (blind faiths) a cage not relevant at this stage of our jump in evolution why follow paranoid superstition? Why would you hold your breath fretting your death? .


Wallowing in guilt s pollution LISTEN! Earths sprinting out of (Pisces) quick (Aquarius) now is passed the stick (fisher of men) clocked out my friends THE SLEEPERS MUST AWAKEN! Tune in my dears for something nears jettison adopted fears SORRY! But Gods not coming for the few The only God is you TRANSPORT your mind into the present FOCUS! Be conscious in the moment cease regretting times of past !!SLAP!! Insecurities shadows cast quell anxiety of the future IT DOESN T EXIST YET do not butcher your (manifesting power) within this hour WAKE UP! ENBRACE THE NOW pinning for our future heavens creates this hell within the present FOR ALL! These holy books they have us spooked WAKE UP! into (THE NOW) And so they fight with uninformed plight so sure they are right BUT THEY LACK IN-SIGHT LOOK! THERE S ANCIENT HI-TECH CULTURE REMNANT S ALL OVER THE EARTH man was travelling in (star gates) long before (Gregorian birth) still today we d surely struggle to erect the tonnage blocks just go and witness the (Great pyramid) you ll be humbled into shock FOR! BUILT POINTING on the centre of the earth it was to (10.500 BC) for a cause when this synthetic world shifts and our buildings have fallen it will surely be standing still Godlike and solemn Pharaohs tiny imitations .

erected much later .

HAVE CRUMPLED! None more omnipotent puzzling or greater the ancient Egyptians even old to them thought the (gods) had built here TOO FANTASTIC FOR MEN back 40.000 years ago the (space sperms) brought the (mushroom spores) AWAKENING ART in early man soul s entered and earth clans began (Zep-tepi) launched the pyramid a (star-gate) on (earths axis grid) so don t mock the (supernatural) TAP GAIAN POWER no need for petrol here s my opinion with which to grapple I SAY THAT (GLOBAL WARMING S) NATURAL The (mystery schools) initiated the elect concealing (Goddess rituals) in (symbolism) and sects lunar revelations (SUN-gods) put to the test why wont they let us moderns know of our history? THE REST! faiths warped the past into an (E-din) beginning their covert laughs hide centuries of spinning BUT! Our turn to move the white queen in the game find out why the pyramids mirrored stars just the same now so many seek but meet (orthodox resistance) for Egypt had electric before Newton s existence OOOOOO! Wars of immortals earths (Zep-tepi) timing TERRIFIC TECHNOLOGY! (Orme gold) gods were mining the axis line of (Giza) (Bauval) felt would precisely match the stars on the (hunters belt) to make connection to the (Milky way) they redirected the Nile so Gods reflection would stay STOP! Think again don t be bound by school learning its not our fault milky lies are churning Here s a new dimension to our re-opening eyes THEY SAY! IT S IN THE PAST WHERE THE FUTURE LIE S .


.. accusations dark depictions MODERN FRICTIONS! They were warned about (false prophets) told to dig deep in their pockets steal their eyes out of their sockets AND YET THEY VE LED THEM FOR SO LONG BOOM! On earth we re being watched every action seen and logged so immune to this intrusion reality TV has us clogged OH! I CANT WAIT TO SEE (BIG-BROTHER) PLEASE! ITS MY HIGH I DON T SMOKE WEED another talent-less prick in Hollywood that s all we feckin need ROLL UP! ROLL UP! My little junkies PAY! See what I have today win your DESIGNER DELUSION choose either black or grey I know that most you humans.000 years the (precession of the equinox) tames (second coming) fears why do so many never query that these gospels could be wrong? Joke with ( Josephus) and follow THE ADULT PIED PIPER SONG! Mistranslations. like to bet your souls away so please step up to my stall throw your life at the display TRY THE LUCKY DIP SALVATION! Up till now your aim is great your last and only chance SO QUICK! PAY UP IN ADVANCE CHEERS! The supernatural God gate THAT S RIGHT! YOU DON T CONTROL YOUR FATE ...Bring on (ARMAGEDDON) YEAH! (End-timers) bow and cry AWESOME! But if they d do a ounce of research they d know the hot one in the sky AWAKEN S (zodiacal cycles) every 26.

I guarantee this baby .

.. FIRST! Lets do away with (karma) throw (re-incarnation) in the bin you ve been purified in just one life OCH! Don t worry about your sin BUT KNOW! The English CONTRADICTIONS in these books are pure AFFLICTIONS unclean stories soon to reek due to their stench of MISTRANSLATION the chapters we are reading HAVE BEEN SPICED FOR FRENZY FEEDING the scraps we read and hear swell the bellies of the dear with guilt and fear BUT! Don t be thinking I m a devil for .numbs your mind into a state or you could throw for NEW JERUSALEM! So very popular HA! It can twist your quite impressionable mind to something truly sour this includes the (Anti-Christ) melts your power to blackest tar HA! I recommend this highly it s the fluffiest prize by far BUT! If your bored of born-a-sinner games I have a little treat throw these science fade-to-blackness balls for sure you ll fry your meat there s nowt outside the 5 sense world so suck the candy teat of many orthodox and ignorant institutions VERY SWEET! But come lets throw another six lets satisfy your fix you can hook TV and fashion ducks a most effective mix come and snort a line off Hollywood s superb supply of flicks I can lay you any bet you want an orgy for your kicks BUT HEY! Don t worry little people HEY! Don t worry what you do you can cheat and kill CONFESS! And you ll be saved and welcomed to.

((((((((((THE DR s)))))))))) .

on the level I just don t see the sense of fretting every living breath until my death I m happy some are saved but for us all the steps are paved don t discriminate with bogus hate WE ARE ALL THE CHOSEN ONES SO! Tell me what you re doing folks while adverts lie to kids tell me what they re watching on your collection of vids tell me quickly who is cheating on their spouse again tell me all about celebrities pollute the news at ten tell me who is news-worthy Its hard to know it all tell me who s the latest star lets chase them in the shopping mall tell me who s a millionaire with diamonds in their pubic hair STOP! Worshiping their (dark heroes) in the cinema on the air This plastic-faced impostor greed has hypnotised the youth for following these fashion clones distracts them from important truth tell me why our waking hours are spent discussing shit while round the globe world genocide is passing as legit WAKE UP! Don t be a cretin WAKE UP! And suck the lime while we re watching our soaps operas (dark lords) perpetrate this heinous crime WAKE UP! And fill your mind with facts instead of pointless trash WAKE UP! Your families next stop (manifesting) through your ass WAKE UP! For these celebrities are government distraction WAKE UP! For they control your thoughts and all un-conscious actions WAKE UP! You macho morons turn off your TV set for atrocities on the net just haven t reached our homes as yet SO .

don t be obsessed by fame

don t play their (New World Order) game we have the power create the life we wish wish wish BE INDIVIDUAL not the same for our minds must now be trained don t act like you don t really care be human if you dare... Tick tock tick tock tick tock TICK! Watch the clock TOCK! Spock! Cant you see we re spiritually bound? And through religiously howling like caged hounds we have force our minds underground so many haven t a clue why they are here on earth this time around SHHH! AH! AH! SHHH! Don t make another sound SHHH! Just come with me now and I ll show you what I ve found but brace your brain for I mean to astound SO NOW A CHEEKY LITTLE TWIST by now you get my stance by relegating primitive mans beliefs mutation can advance as this mixed up kid tries to decide which knowledge path to go I ((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) try to help him lift his mind above the show ((((((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))))) THEY SAID I D DIE A SINNER INTO HELL FIRE AND BLACK hey kid who numbed your head to have you thinking like that? WELL! DO YOU BELIEVE THERE IS REALLY A MAKER A BEARDED GIANT A UNIVERSE CREATOR? of course not what you read is symbolism and wrong male religious/science worlds suppressed the female (Goddess song) TRUE! There were (gods)

some blessed mans fertility

others dwelt in volcano s bubbling dormant hostility HA! BUT YOU SAID (gods) SURE THERES ONLY ONE! ah ha! my young friend... you re quickly catching on NO! NO! WHAT I MEANT WAS! calm I know why you pine natures movements... got mixed into the faiths of the time the real living God is heart and mind your sleeping dreams are divine signs of a kind earths (dust-ball makers) crashed down from the stars as bacteria for (D.N.A) to devour mutating the genes of (visionary stems) METAMORPHOSIS! Re-birthing (Adamic men) OK! BUT I WANT TO KNOW IF THE HOLY BOOKS ARE TRUE symbolically they are but read the original tablets through and see alarming cave depictions of (therianthropes) to meet the (animal gods) without plants... no hope OK! SO THEN WHEN WE PRAY ARE THESE THE GODS WE PRAY TO? Not really but without them there s not too much man can do JUST KNOW! The real God is consciousness eternal and true it is in all of us and that includes you... Its frustrating WAKING UP! To see your prison planet sleep KID I m sorry if I piss you off but I mean to be so deep BUT ((((((((DR MU))))))))) TIME SOMEHOW STOPPED FOR ME SMALL BEINGS VISITED ME I HAD CROSSED SOMEHOW


FRIENDS MOCKED MY NIGHT-TIME FANTASIES BUT I KNOW WE RE NOT ALONE WHAT OF (E.T) THEN? DID HE MAKE IT HOME? HE SAID HE D PHONE US BACK MAYBE THEY LL USE HIM FOR A (FAKED ATTACK) its not a movie or a joke kid saucer sky ships do exist they power along the (planets grid) to inter-dimensionally shift in mist folks think their fancy cell-phones are the latest form of toys but these gadgets are for toddlers not for the bigger boys KID the original (Machu Picchu) was sometime built after a flood these mountain worshipping peaks the only habitable place above massive (Andes upheavals) Shamanic (kundalini) navel hewn long before the (Inca s) well-hidden from the Spaniards evil sail (Titicaca) to Bolivia there s something very strange up there a site called (Puma Punku) one mile from (Tiahuanaco) cut angles by technology machine drilled 15,000 BC 200 ton set monoliths these weights still mock our modern lifts SO! Who was this race that carved their face to make you think they came from space THOUGH NOT SLAMMING THE E.T DOOR look back into (pre-history) more they came and went but sprayed their scent it soaked into ancient cement their works stand in defiance (Sacsayhuaman) fortress of giants WE walk a conscious planet kid not easy to recall gyrating in the cosmos whilst in most heads a shopping mall !!SLAP!! Of course there s spirit worlds DING! The fairies ring their bells there are teachers deep within earths D.N.A that kiss and tell ((((((((((DR))))))))))



we're extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional kid

T) (Shamans) harnessed (Kundalini) activation then religions burnt and slaughtered forcing (male monotheism) the truth of Christ his (Pharaoh lineage) shrouded from the people these abusing literal cults dictate that man is weak and feeble BUT! What they re scared to see is INNER CONSCIOUSNESS IS GOD! Not some ruthless Santa Claus sacrificial blood-lust lord we humans are immortal WE CREATE REALITY with our minds this golden age is veiled by farce . our spiritual confidence these (orthodox beliefs) say earths about to take a fall BUT! Her mutation happens naturally these pages suck the life from all detachment from the knowledge of our zodiacal ease these brutal bile divisions still delude our star child psyches with (D.M.from stars you came like me HEE HEE! There s importance going out to every human on the earth a whisper spoke to activate the genes a memory of the (space-ship moon) passed to all asleep the light of oneness sparkles the unique NOW! Hidden verses come to light from the tampered holy books the (end-times) of the Bible are upon us SO IT LOOKS! AHHHHHHHHHHH! UNPURE punished by God for our lost sinful existence BUT SO HARD TO GRASP THE TRUTH through translucent inconsistence !!SLAP!! Look at the world living with fear stamped upon all minds floods/bush fires and droughts stressing continents at this time but these texts which we are spoon-fed to explain cosmic events do nothing more than undermine...

of endless different kinds .

I HAVE NOT KILLED! Was a confession spoke by Pharaoh at his crowning a moral code to live by while he ruled this truths astounding raised up by the King .V dome I m craving for my fix YEAH! The TV s not too far first ill fry my brain with soulless muck then numb it in the bar !!SLAP!! Moses climbed the (Giza) pyramid and brought down holy words 10 Lessons to be heeded said they came straight from the Lord but these laws were stole from (Khem) from the (Egyptian Book of Dead) Spell 125 was copied for the (Hyksos) in his stead.Mother Earth is shedding her old skin WITH INTENTION we (re-incarnated) in these years to manifest the (5th dimension) technology poisons holy plants and makes the Goddess sickly can you feel the (earth expanding)? IF YOU RE ASLEEP THIS HAPPEN S QUICKLY our skin and bones are space suits to explore this vibrant world fear-grip negative vibration is about to be uncurled mans eternal soul-state cannot die plug back into your power we incarnate on many planets each life a (karmic) chosen hour IF HUMANS RE-AWAKEN! To review the way we think (super consciousness) will guide us and lift Earth through this stink our SELF-CREATED darkened world IS MAN RELIGIOUSLY SCARED OF DEATH listen up we can reverse this just recall our pre-planned quest AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WAR ON TERROR! WAR ON TERROR! WAR ON ERROR MORE LIKE! !!SLAP!! 5PM my work is done I can t wait to get home I plough through the pollution to my house my U.


Moses learnt these hidden truths electric (Yahweh) God was worshipped beneath this pyramidal roof MT SINAI WAS IT GIZA? Or (St Catherine's) tourist trap? the Israelites were priesthood of the time research this fact Moses was (Akhenaton) the dictator lord of sun (MONOTHEISM) this is where mans angry God obsessions from the roots of Christianity flow from these desert lands (Judaic Saturn worship) forced by fear into our hands with Egyptian names re-written to disguise the Sunday fest the (sun of God) was (Horus) (Jesus) fails the factual test SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET Our (intervention years) 3 millennia of genocide earth destruction/Holy fears millions wait for a (Messiah) to save their pinning souls but their faiths are rife with spider webs and contradiction holes. THOU SHALT NOT KILL! The very essence of a pure and holy life compassion for all brothers of the earth will cease all strife so explain to me you worshipers of jealous killer Gods why your faiths cannibalise the soul? Treat other world faiths like dogs THE TERRORISTS WHO FOUNDED ISRAEL no different from Hamas now bombing Gaza with white sulphur kids traumatised en-mass BUT neither killer has a clue too busy bowing sniffing holy glue hate hijacked all religions tricked the world not only you STILL If you think they represent us you re so very much mistaken a chance to unload nuclear waste IRAQ the main location why did they fire on hospitals? Don t their eyes see through the missile? Knowing exactly what to hit .

they strain to keep you docile .

THE WARS AROUSED THE CANCERS of varied types and levels genocide of the Muslim ordained by and earth bound devil brainwashed sheep support this cause HURRAY! For TEL-LIE-VISION edited like a movie this unwarranted invasion 300 tons of uranium not coated or tipped BUT SOLID! some resigning politicians feel obliged to lift the lid the symptoms of Hiroshima now evident in Iraq the (dark lords) search for ancient (star-gates) so Sam pursues civil attack the (World Bank) covers funding its power is built on debt sell old arms then bomb their countries THE WESTS NEW ARAB LEADER SET YOU BET! Hold the world to ransom QUELL THE YOUNG before they grow nations led to this demonic plan with taxpayers on tow so if you still condone these actions I suggest you take time out switch off your mind controlling box and wipe your fast food spout !!SLAP!! The crowded concrete open-jails.. called cities seals their dream TO MICRO-CHIP THE POPULATIONS AND HOT-WIRE MAN TO MACHINES countries letting in the refugees stirring religious hate HEY! GIVE VISA S TO EXTREMIST S YEAH! Welcomed through each countries gate I suggest you check alternative important world debate but if you can t think beyond the ADVERTS I guess your ignorance seals your fate WHAT? MY IGNORNACE SEAL S MY FATE? (((((DR))))) YOU MAKE ME SO IRATE! GRRRRRR! I WATCH THE DAY S NEWS EVERY NIGHT I HEAR THE WORLD DEBATE SO DON T TELL ME I VE BEEN CONNED IT S JUSTIFIED THEY BOMBED ..

fund secret wars with Afghan opium? .

UH? I think it suddenly dawned.. OF COURSE I realize this sounds paranoid and maybe that is true cold-blooded humans rule the food chain NOURISHED higher up than me or you for we live in the second world THEY live in the first if they hadnt 3rd world blood to lap how could they quench their thirst? ANCIENT CRUSADES to tame a land past bands took to the sands upon their steeds they quenched blood needs a crucifix in hand the holy home Jerusalem was squandered now by them their flem backed up with flesh of men Gods city was their den GROW to love our intravenous chips we wont ever have to think simply track our kids on keyboard GREAT! SIT BACK AND NECK THAT DRINK CHEERS! This keeps them safe from paedophiles it keeps them on a chain they don t believe these chips electro-magnetically harm our brains BUZZ! AH! FECK! NO! BUZZ! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH! BUZZ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DOH! !!SLAP!! Oh! That nasty word conspiracy Oh! Your so right there s endless kinds but real info is out there to educate and find so many wont believe the truth DENIAL sends them mad but to me these people aren t alive they re truly dead and sad for we are robots in a plastic world we re losing out to time TV ((((((((PROGRAMMING)))))))) IMPLANTED now we follow every sign ..


i ve no idea of privacy they chipped away my liberties (NEW WORLD ORDER) PLEASE DICTATE TO ME AND FELL MY MUSHROOM KNOWLEDGE TREE we are robots in their micro world our senses put to sleep as we stare out at our DVD s the seed of mind they reap DOH! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO DOH! TELL ME WHY AND WHEN AND WHO DOH! I JUST LOVE DESIGNER GEAR DOH! IT SUBDUES THE FUTURES FEAR !!SLAP!! Earth is living in the (Matrix) its not just fancy film action everything you see and hear is a HI-TECH THOUGHT DISTRACTION poisoned by (aspartame) drink their (fluoride) fry from gadgets YET! So obvious what they re doing blood pressure high too fat to catch it cant you fit the bloody jig-saw piece? Oil blends into this stink there s reserves in Alaska they do not need the Caspian link I m not defending Arab killers I M JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOU THINK! If these war-pigs get their pay off earths destructions on the brink THINK! TAKING PLACE the tribulation of God religions wallow in blood where s the forgiveness and love? The watcher above wiping stains from his glove children feel the wrath of genocide in our techno tombs we hide they trade their venoms to engage in gore the (beast) chained to the pit craves (blood-sacrifice wars) pestilence and human hell along the (33rd parallel) but we sit at home in comfort ON OUR TV THUMB A WART! !!SLAP!! But I know what s wrong mans fat senseless and dumb must see the sequel to the sit-com .


R.A.A.R.S.D) on the day? (Cheyenne mountains) linked to (Star-wars) did no one plug it in press play? EH? Scrambling their jets from 130 miles away YET! (ANDREW S BASE) IS NEXT TO WASHINGTON are you getting what I say? EH? (S.E) other marauding lies ruin the farmer who wont grow GM shit on scams our health relies build chains of crappy lounge bars ruining private bars with soul DO YOU THINK THEY VALUE HEALTH? More cash from gum than TO-BACCO DOH! Developing silent killers under the microscope DEMONIZE the health-weed TAKE OUR DRUGS tax (wisdom smoke) become a fast-food glutton PISS YOURSELF EXPLODE and BOAK! But here s our chance now TO AWAKE! FROM OUR ENFORCED KALEIDOSCOPE OK! NOW! NOW THEN! CALM! .S) a cough to ill the world around these bugs world fears are curled to blackmail states into the plan ACCEPT MY RULE I M UNCLE SAM WHACK! A chicken flu will come to be wreck China s rich economy with propaganda media we'll spark world health hysteria (Foot and mouth) and (B.jump the traffic to get home take another loan watch the wrestling on our phones live beyond our means in credit SIGN UP! realities edit !!SLAP!! The planes that hit the buildings where was (N.O.


CALM YOURSELF! OK! YOU RE CALM NOW! Take a massive (prana) breath and look again at where we are earths trailing through the space in a galactic (spiral arm) TIME IS (linear illusion) we re semi-conscious in the scheme just let the French-kiss of existence tongue a message to your realms of clarity KISS! KISS! In order to explain the present human pain we must over-stand bewitchment in the past but while TV pollutes the eyes we bow as robots of demise our atomic world progressions have deep froze the (right-brained) genius of intuitive (Goddess) guise RE-EDUCATION! Lights salvation YOU RE INVITED TO EVOLVE outgrow your shell realization not sedation religious contradictions fry man fizzles in the high tides of hell THE TIDES OF HELL! Don t just BLINDLY follow what they say for no man-faith dictates this day 2000 coma years rudely awakened !!SLAP!! WAAAAAAAA! vibration builds. intensifies the helix spins a billion times switch to the frequency of (Oversoul) and attune yourself to (channel alpha) BUZZ! CLICK! SIGH! A boiling pot of holy books over stirred too many crooks OH SORRY! Cooks! I meant to say The bogy men are here to stay THEY NEED A CONSCIOUS CHANGE OF DIET TO SOME HIGHER MIND NUTRITION as the Mother Goddess Gaia suckles the (Indigo kids) now in position LISTEN! ..

The ignorance of the holy years .

from back in time now semi-conscious hunter-gatherers we killed with ego mind developing (mammalian brains) a star-child taking shape as a soul we leapt from (Gaia) into time and space ESCAPE! A (supernova) blew some 40.passed the time while birthing the 21st century s latest model of the human so indulge (unity consciousness) expose earth riches which exist and visualize familiarize and harmonize as we minimize the tides YEE HAA! As a comet flash we streaked through cosmic time so all alone we fell to earth as (D.N.000 years ago instigating chain reactions in (left-brained) science STILL FEW KNOW speeding evolution many millions of years Iraq s (Annuniki) experiments then tuned us down to warrior gears MUTATING Mother Natures (serpent D.A) within (psychoactive plants) had laid the first foundations of religion OOOOOO! So go back to the holy books and read them all again WITH A SYMBOLIC MIND and see Christ followed Shamanistic trends (Creationists) and (Evolutionists) ARE LOST playing games of slap always falling in each others traps with monkeys on their backs cant they see all paths are relevant? With aspects which are pertinent they must unzip their petty tents of pride ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! and respect earth-life surfed many different tides OH! .N.A) a crater now a home our thorns and weeds unnoticed as we crept up tombs of greats as beasts we hunted hungry till we became a hybrid ape mutated by celestial fungal growth .

DOH! .

E GOLD) till its gone (Lots wife) looked back turned into salt her husband couldn t save her some say the original Sumerian reads. DA! DA! While ancient Egypt was a kingdom there thrived (Sumeria) men and (gods) walked earth together (Adama) their creation now plainly passed as school myths mans creation situation (Elohim) Hebrew for God is actually a plural (WE) SHALL MAKE MAN IN (OUR) OWN IMAGE you read this back in Sunday school this explains why God presents AS MORE THAN OFTEN BEING CRUEL (Enki) and (Enlil) split the atom in B. SHE WAS NUKED AND FRIED TO VAPOUR FIZZ! (Akhenaton) climbed the pyramid this was the real Sinai MOSES! A title not a name ..M.(Evolutionary theory s) lost in (Darwin s) beard and (creationism) fell off their flattened earth and disappeared mans minds evolved beyond these times I aim to show you through my rhymes that time does not just move in one long linear line un-cork the wine LIVE IN (THE NOW) don t fret the future leave regrets of past behind ENGLISH SCRIPT read in the Bible OH! To follow and obey plagiarized (Sumerian tablets) from (big-brain creation) days many languages and versions OH! To worship and to praise CHANGES TO BIBLES THROUGHOUT TIME this point I want to raise (7 tablets of creation) COPIED! (Genesis) now.C for human rule (Sodom and Gomorrah s) annihilation a vast volcanic storm left the (Dead Sea) full of salt now mine the (O..R...

.. .volcanic (Yahweh) smoked the sky.

on (Mt Horeb) site of alchemy worked the Mt lord (El Shaddai) (burning bush) spoke like (St Elmos fire) GODS TRUE ELECTRIC EYE! (Ezekiel) had a vision from the north again it came the likeness of four creatures WHEELS? Reads like a rocket plane OR was he taken on a vision trip and taught about his birth? Bible hallucinogenic visits from the (animal gods) of earth Mr (Enoch s) books were ostracised to lose us from our past to render these irrelevant the ruling churches biggest blast what happened to the law to keep the Bible in one piece? It s these Christian folk who bend the rules that make its worth decrease MOTHER EARTH is more alive than anyone can know but mans reality is blinded to the truths he needs to grow experiments are happening on our planet every year (H.A.P) could bring nature destruction towards a judgment day we steer (his-story s) written by the victor OH THAT S NICE! THANK-YOU VERY MUCH there s technology used upon this earth that billions cannot touch (weather weapons) aimed at Asia from the West and from the sky (Nicola Tesla) built the prototype then prematurely died.R.A. WHEN the States seized bases in torn Berlin blueprints of (Vril power) were found therein a metallic disc unseen before developed by the Nazis in the Second World war what they had was a prototype not fully engineered for military flight the original concept for those in the know was now renamed (Project Paperclip) AND SO! Yanks gave the Nazis passports family taxes paid their wage WE RE YOUR FRIENDS NOW BUILD OUR ROCKETS BEFORE THE RUSSIANS WIN THE RACE lets forget about the Holocaust AH! the bitter spoils the war for there s worse to come .

dear Hitler .

.thought he topped levels of gore then in 1943.. they threw the switch the crew they twitched the (Eldridge) flashed and with a crash they entered time with a sonic bang God knows how many light-years passed from past to future years they shot in (Montauk dock) they checked their clocks a fact to tease reality perk up IT S 1983! EH? Look back to the year 2003 when America didn t shine the news reported lightning made it out to be divine but experiments were run their time-loop tripped the line earths on the verge of something cosmic something truly Celestine NOW! Extend your heart to all the soldiers out in Afgan and Iraq its clear they ve been abandoned thousands never coming back did they find Sumerian weapons? (ANCIENT W.M..... a bizarre tale came to be the Yanks prepared to cloak a ship to trick the enemy technology received from the ones who are diseased the (dark side of the government) and their (Philadelphia experiment).D s) (E-DIN) this mask of liberation no longer hides its face of sin. its astounding how the story has been switched before our eyes I m not sure that s the dictator HIS MANY DOUBLES different eyes doctored tapes 4 Osama s they ll be safe right where they lay a hand of jokers for the card game down the pants all set to play DEAL a deadly card A VIRUS out of the Motherland we re told resides in humans and in primates this explanation no longer bold ETHNIC CLEANSING AFRICA ENDING celeb s adopt to tame their shame developed in a laboratory .

depopulation is the game .

T-cell and B-cell genes in the human immune system attacked by (retro viruses) (useless eaters) they condemn a small-pox vaccination in the 70 s did unfold COINCIDENCE These African countries are where Aids then took its hold? NO! parallel to this the States in some known city locations homosexual men were dosed Hepatitis-b vaccinations AND AGAIN the virus spread from here in that very year experimentation with germ warfare the total of our fears believing this is hard though its really nothing new nuclear testing on civilians YEAH! WHAT CAN RADIATION DO? !!AWESOME!! Spread cancer causing viruses and spin there s no known cure DECREASE OF POPULATIONS FOR CONTROL the ((((((((((((((((DR's))))))))))))))) sure ENTER the (Gulf war syndrome) the soldiers are but pawns ordered by the war machines (SATANIC PENTAGON) sent to maim civilians on a false pretence of terror told soon to slay at home brain chips too deep to oust the error ZAAAAP! AHHHHHHHH! kill that kid! NO SIR I CANT ZAP! ZAP! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! BANG BANG! see that wasn t hard YES SIR! Saddam was not a threat they could have had him first time round too important to the script SUMERIAN TREASURES SACKED TO GROUND its occupation of the oil fields NO! Its a battle of religion do you still believe these hoaxing devil-worshiping dominions? .

T.V .

... COOL! Rent a game called hit-man he leaves a trail of dead QUICK change your pistol to a zoom lens blast that bomber through the head SPLAT! Watch the shit soap operas so filled with fights and strife HOW THE FECK CAN YOU ENJOY THIS? it drains my soul of life.. TV s the bloody (Anti-Christ) our thoughts are not our own DAILY I wonder if I really need this feckin mobile phone DOH! Have you travelled to Dubai where the pleasures are so high? Have you marvelled at the (Palm resorts)? Observed them from the sky the absolute in luxury built in rings claimed from the sea nature somewhat tamed by man like Plato said (Atlantis) began some think that its a continent its certainly not a myth MYTH? Maybe I should shut my mouth get sketchy with a spliff NA! Maybe its below Antarctic ice lost legacy maybe its earths psychedelic mushroom memory now lets gaze up high from spaceship earth our brothers name is (Mars) is that a face cities and pyramids? Linked by angles to the stars some world annihilation scarred our brother to his grave did (supernovae) fry the earth? Or did a comet scrape her grave? The ancients say (ice dragons) snaked across the skies these texts too strong to be suppressed by idle holy lies HEY! But look at this where we sit now is this the same position? as humans sleepwalk towards .is too powerful its uses are insane MOM LETS RENT A VIOLENT MOVIE !!AWESOME!! THE LAST TWO WERE TOO TAME good child watch the wars on digital dads love superior sound when they carpet-bomb the innocents effects thunder around.

the ageless (Armageddon) benediction .

FROWN! Aligned to (earths 4 cardinal points) without the use of compass how did we know the way each point was facing? AH! Achieving modern standards with our optical precise immaculate finish to the outside limestone casings WHEW! The (Kings chamber granite coffer) A TASK ALL BY ITSELF 200 tons of pressure for a drill 500 times the turning speed of modern diamond tips experts have no comprehension of this still. must we have had a message which to pass? OF COURSE! Constructed on the (longest land meridian) to be found SCULPTED on the centre of (earths continuous mass) to begin with lets get something straight this feat NEVER A TOMB! !SLAP! No treasure and no (hieroglyphics) found ITITIATION death (ascension) king (Osiris) walks the stars that s why they found no Pharaohs body bound....... OH MY! Dimensions of our pyramid when broken down to scale exactly fit the northern hemisphere of the earth its weight you calculated to be around 6 million tons YOU WERE RIGHT! It weighs a billionth of the earth and so the (Ark) sat in the coffer their (cubits) match the same ingesting mushrooms (powdered gold) the high priests knew the game a quest for immortality Gods true harmonic home ..LISTEN! A certain story isn t finished SIT! Indulge a little more the ancients knew about the heavens scanned the earth right to her core the modern known Egyptians are not from the builders breed they adopted recognition I hope your strapped in. TOMB S INDEED! !!SLAP!! TO build a perfect monument to stand the test of time..


.000 years cataclysms struck and lost this ancient piece. THAT S WHY WE RE BACK! Pyramids erected later were attempts to re-create PRECISION AND PERFECTION like the first the inner chambers stark alignments still evading all the rest all successive Pharaohs monuments were cursed (Sirian) knowledge built this wonder pyramid means TO MEASURE LIGHT! When the moon approached (tectonics) ground and quaked MOON? WHA? A (pole-shift) then the (Photon belt) SHAMAN S RE-AWAKE! For we ve recycled to the age .... at this point you may be thinking that we toiled with ropes and logs 1000 s of slaves and the answer still is NO! HA HA! For we harnessed (sonic power) to raise and shape the massive blocks not so absurd go on RE-SEARCH the (Ark and Jericho) AND SO the ancients worshipped earth amassing knowledge of her herbs soaking Peruvian MAGIC SAP into the rock so to disturb this plant it (softened granite) easily moulded easily sliced LOOK AT THE BULGING WALLS OF (SACSAYHUAMAN) moderns roll lopsided dice Giza s base perimeter ratio to the height is set 2 Phi many think Phi was conceived in ancient Greece YET! Pre-Egyptian civilization backs up at least 10.with (superconductivity) through the zodiac Kings roam the so-called (chamber airshafts) lock dead on other stars being (Orion) and our glowing dog star (Sirius) these great Egyptian gods (Osiris) and sister (Isis) these symbolic ancient rites are just for star-kids and the serious.

to the re-opening (Yemen star gate) .

NANO! NANO! .T races...we encoded in the angles future time to be re-read (sacred geometry) to be heeded by the world crystal-granite puzzles hidden (numerology) in-bred to direct you from a most uncertain dread dreamt up by a super-mind outside your 3D clock active time machines from future from the past created for the earthlings by our higher conscious source to be broken as a cosmic saving Morse still withheld imprudent vision Moses climbed an actual mount but in truth God was electric-arcing light THAT S RIGHT! (Hieroglyphics) stupefying astral travels into space B.A from countless spirit/E.N.C technology plant ingestion Shaman/Druid (Lemurian) race THE (Sphinx) sits as a guardian fixed on the sky where time began (Leo constellation) (Zep-tepi) first time celebration re-carved again by Pharaohs men was it a (Hathor) head or (cherubim) OR MAYBE carved as (Anubis) canine for dog star (Sirius) smashed by waves our tropical land Gods comet broke turned (Khem) to sand long before Egyptian dynasties just small rain fell POST 8000 BC so there they stand set in the sand a grand display for a copper tool wielding band (HER-STORY) banned who are they to preach these (star-gates) were built by man? Why not (Lemurian) hands? Or shamanic-mushroom clans? Earths (missing link) back to the races in the spaces SO when will humans WAKE! To realize that we have such varied genes? Through (sun mutation) (comet germs) and D.

SO .

Take heed of earthly (karma) for it rules us in this life you might be parent to a sibling who once loved you as a wife our many incarnations help heal us on our course as our spirit seeks out purity on its way back to the source SOME believe in (evolution) some believe creations play as (David Icke) says they are oppo-sames dividing earth today mass-dope/dis-information hour is near so much to say time to WAKE UP! Start evolving learn to live the spiritual way GADGET MAN is un-evolved at first glance that s hard to see he thinks he s such a wizard with Wi-Fi technology BORE! Then why is he so vicious? Lost (right-brained) integrity must the West look to the 3rd world folk to find humanity? (CONSTANTINE) binned (re-incarnation) (Shaman Christ) turns in his tomb to reject life s true reality. what was this emperor doing? As spirits we re immortal our energy cant die Romans tricked the world with one life backed the Christian winning lie SPIRITUAL BEINGS this is what we are for now in human form we re on earth to feel emotion WITHIN EXISTENCE IT S THE NORM caught in the wheels of (karma) explaining God the judge but until we break the thumpers hold our souls wallow in sludge BUT HEY! Don t shy away at this point I m not nearly finished yet PET! Have I got more revelations on this subject here? YOU BET! I had felt to leave this lying just to give your heads some peace but if you want to know the truths of faith then read this coming piece YOU SEE! ...

I have these nagging troubles .

which id like to share with you there s an (pagan) explanation for these rituals that you do I want to touch religion in the deepest way I can the code of symbolism and a (9 dimensional man) YOU RE awaiting the (Messiah) for the signs they tell you so you lean on tampered scriptures for that s all you have to go BUT WHAT IF THIS RETURNING IS A STAR EXPLODING? DUDE! Fried up with (pagan) SUN-worship and served as Christian food Mother (Isis) was a virgin so was Mary in belief (Horus) was the Son of God so ( Jesus) fits his sheaf NOW! Just splice these myths together there s no way you can divide Egyptian ledged was recycled and the truth dressed up to hide lets look now at the (zodiac) 12 star signs we all know representing 12 disciples TRY TO FOLLOW WHERE I GO !!SLAP!! You see the (mushroom supper) see them sit four groups of three with the (SUN of God) in centre !!SLAP!! PAY ATTENTION FOLLOW ME the zodiacs depicted with the SUN set on the cross no surprise then this is how they say they crucified the boss his head lit up by halo symbolizing an eclipse This is called (ASTRO-THEOLOGY) believers chew their literal lips the holy day for Christmas is a SUN worshipping date (Akhenaton s) church hi-jacked this time to spread his faith of hate (Sam-SUN) cut off his RAYS! Of hair (Delilah) means THE NIGHT! (Shaman Christ) he taught (Buddhism) his travelling life rubbed out of sight .


..lets rewind now back to Egypt WHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! when (Pagans) worshipped Earth (sun flares) and (sun spot) cycles tracked as they mutate human birth read deeper into (Buddha) research the (Krishna) in the east THEIR BIOGRAPHIES MATCH WITH JESUS their SUN-gOD! birth dates haven't ceased (Lord Pacal) born to a virgin on the 25th the Son! SUN! The (council of Nicea) spliced in the saviour with the SUN! Light carries information CAN YOU FEEL EARTH WAKING NOW? the SUN S magnetic flip will force the SLEEPER S! To a bow BUT this must be hard to swallow for I said Gods not a man OOOOOOOOO! (Christ consciousness) is within you DON T DISMISS YOUR WAKING PLAN (Amun-Ra) God of Egypt RA! Meant SUN RAYS! Back in (Khem) (Amun) religions worship as in prayer they say AMEN! Oh yes its wrong to worship idols so what is this I see? COUNTLESS IDOL'S hung which show a Eastern blond blue-eyed hippy through dark hypocrisy and preachers lack of Bible literacy folks struggle now to breathe its much more simple to believe !!SLAP!! BUT there s many contradictions of the known world saviour fable. taken literal yet its coded some Bibles read A CAVE! NOT STABLE crafted by a Roman Greek .

.who wasn t even there. .

.. HE TRAVELLED INDIA FOLKS! But there s still the little problem of Caucasian skin. you get crucified through the wrists.......... the alleged death of (Issa) by far the worlds greatest hoax.. he didn t come from Europe.. with not one witness stood in line... coming from the Middle East. not the easily ripped palms.. sell the masses STIGMATA! People bleeding through nail-holes in their hands ABRACADABRA! But adding this flick to faiths vast library of tricks... resurrected on the road..... AND aren t these hanging idols SIN? surely isn t it more logical. (Yeshua s) skin texture.. STILL they go to church on SUN-day! STILL they pray to Son of Man SUN! He s supposed to make an entrance in the clouds all set to plan SUN! Is he solar symbolism? Does he have a human face? Is he a super God from Heaven? (Comet Messiah) from the space? ... (St Paul ) followed so he used its hand me downs he wrote that (Nazareth) was the name of Christ s biblical town.. EH? Re-crafted now in Greek .. like writing centuries in the future of what takes place today. HEY! BUT STOP THERE have a search for when these Nazareth dates were used for there was no town even standing for sure no Christ was in the hood... so tell me who s these Roman scholars...just how much of this deception are GOD FEARING folks aware? Putting parables together from rough hear-say. re-starting minds at (zero time)? (Mithraism)..... would be a little darker at least? LAST but not least..

Christian (Gnostics) held the truths .

of re-cycled (pagan Christ) secret teachings of Christianities inner rites they taught geometry and philosophy so decide now who you trust between God knowledge AND THE LITERAL CHURCH OF CHILD ABUSE DISGUST! The literal church of destroy and crush will crumble in our day its held the world in terror but its soon to burn away the prey that strayed into its grey will cry for their salvations with broken souls they ll fry within the rotting church of decimation BUT I DON T KNOW WHY I M WASTING MY INK the whole story is symbolic and (pagan) being the solar (SUN-God) on the cross of the (zodiac) (Christ-consciousness) is returning NOT A MAN COMING BACK! Still science says man sprouts from apes HA! I beg to disagree what of distinction in the sex tools? The bits we use to pee HEE HEE! Unlike the usual primate.. man lacks a penis bone and earth females have a hymen to show a virgins left alone SO SHOW ME PROOF YOU COME FROM APES! Stop jumping to conclusions !!SLAP!! Use your great (mammalian brain) and subscribe not to delusion there s many gaps in evolution and emergence of a thinker intelligent homo-sapiens NOT A CAVE-MAN MONKEY STINKER! The primates have a larynx higher up so cannot speak they can t regulate their lungs to hold a breath they spring a leak SHREAK! Its true mans part aquatic our spines were buoyed up in the marsh some babes posses webbed hands and tails TO THINK WE RE CHIMPS IS PRETTY HARSH how clever are (bonobos)? They excel at memory games now tell me what did they evolve from? Chimpanzees are not as tame we are stardust we are molten our schizophrenic race but if you want to see a (clone) ..

check your designer label face .

the SUN is filtering vibration to tame galactic stress if you don t raise (kundalini) you ll be left back with the mess SO where do you think we come from? That questions meant for all have you forgot within existence that we spin upon a ball? Sure as empires fall most feel so small..COME ON! Explain to me the reason why we squint and shade our eyes tell me why the beasts do not what s the reason man is wise? When in history did the knuckle draggers start to think like you? Do you care? Or has your TV mind forever set in glue? NOW DO YOU FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE RUMBLE? Do you see the lightning spark as you spiral in the (photon belt) WAKING! From the dark... of the sinner thing try opening your (chakras) as now the (super-conscious) sings FOR we re not just a sweaty body a tasty bit of totty we re not here to win the lottery CAN YOU TELL THIS WORLD HAS GOT TO ME? AHHHHHHHHHH! There s more to humans deeper far beyond meeting the reaper WAKE UP! Become a (Shaman) seeker and evolve volve.... volve have a go to see what puzzles you can solve NOW! HERE S A CLUE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU REALLY ARE! straighten your spine .. so mesmerized in it all man clucks inside his chicken stall sealed in a Russian doll free your minds WAKE UP! And answer to your cosmic higher call HAVE YOU ever pondered on a vivid dream? And just knew this scene you ve seen was somewhere in-between an (octave) of existence held in time by some resistance far outside of the acceptance..

slow down your mind .

.and (meditate) an hour release your tensions from the day BREATHE NEGATIVITY AWAY and revel in the (yoga) of the mind untie the bind behind our pinning human kind OK! I KNOW its hard to see the world as bright and positive while the psychos kill deep drill and spill Earths blood and seldom give through relaying rhymes I proofread our times and even I get down but then ill loose the frown my negative crown and dump the bullshit brown many (comets) came to seed our earth sparking her chain reaction births slapping her ass CHEEKY! To make her gasp these giant frozen ripping rasps they made life breathe but now we teethe as babes sworn into make believe having lost our light connection to the source cruelly left to face existence on a human body course STILL! I m sure that evil s not from here... Ed WILBER! THAT S NOT CHICKIN! Er! Can you tell the rhyme is sticking at this point its rude to point . YOU LAUGH! You think I ve had a beer OR TWO that s fine just look at you mouth full and stuck like glue to claptrap TV where all you see is a relay of a fantasy ILLUSION! And this intrusion into your mind mind mind is secretly flashing visions of a horror kind. Ed) a horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse of course unless of course unless the horse is the marvellous Mr.. it fills the head with blood and dread. I don t want to sound like (Mr.... you re led to red each way you tread now that s been said and left for dead..

so I ll cease before I m out of joint .

.so listen to the shit I spill don t put it down to all the thrills I used to snort my face contort so this rhyming rant BOOM BOOM! I now abort BOOM BOOM! But don t forget our SUNS! a star heating Jupiter/Venus/Neptune and Mars Saturn/Uranus and Mercury to (Chiron) Pluto and (Nibiru) WHO? Daily time is speeding up there s 16 hours within our day you think its just the pace of life BUT (3D) doesn t work that way spinning towards a point A DATE of which has always been our (fate) (2012) we carved on (Mayan) slate TICK TOCK! The hour is late ignore the chaos for these times we live are great DON T HATE just mark a tick on this (wormhole) opening date and don t sleep late PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Understand the urgency its dam near an emergency less than 2 years now to go to the end of age LIGHT-SHOW! London s Olympics are distraction to (micro-chip) us.. dull attention of (Aquarian age) SCRAPE YOUR CAGE (Shamans) WAKE UP! Engage and refuse the (micro-chip) flu-vaccination makes us sick it s a pineal numbing trick to make the (indigo children) THICK! In this life I now converse through a cosmic human mind an adult (Celtic) male I chose this form to tell my tale (MAGIC-MUSHROOMS) .

he ate as a youth with chocolate .

are being numbed and turning sour a chokehold grips the frail voice of truth (her-story) snagged by a (vampire) tooth our crystal race falling in disgrace restless souls born into life s chariot race SO THE SLEEPER S MUST AWAKEN! Its not too late to see the worlds been dreaming in mass mediocrity (E) (E) this turning of the (new-age) brings photon energy open to (Gaian) consciousness not triviality SO WAKE UP! Welcome our new world WAKE UP! And suck the lime (2012) is happening in our life-time !SLAP! WAKE UP! And breathe the new dawn take heed of the alarm RE-AWAKEN! FROM OUR HOLOGRAPHIC FARM BAAAAAAAA! BAAA! Complacency is the road to misery BAAAAAAAA! !!SLAP!! Scores of (end-time) minds with fingers crossed burnt vaults of knowledge they never taught with hell-guilt themes they taint mans dreams straight jackets their solution but straight-jackets rip at seams a (god) to be our time to see .looking for the truth he talks to ghosts that s not a boast mushroom s on toast WISDOM has him engrossed DON T Become a mutant or stretch your face Celebrity (gods) mans fall from grace DOH! Mafia scar's paedophiles in power the times of heightened sense...


WE WASTE in reaching again most critical times only through discomfort are we reading the signs the speeding up of natural progression a melting of poles TRUE NORTHS NEW DIRECTION! Its clear to observe we've upset the balance the experiment of life beyond terrestrial talents earth secrets unfolding direct (Gaias) fate divulging star knowledge FOR THIS REALITY WE EACH CREATE! .. hidden realizations of our place within the scheme to whisper them within this world confuses them as dream these dreams are confrontations with the atom-God above still confused as being man form BUT IS TRULY ONLY LOVE At this crucial time in history earth reaches magnetic peak while the stressed solar adjustments make her eco-structure weak creatures and plants rely on her gifts wedged into an intricate plan but she couldn t prepare for (reptilian brained) intellectual hunters named man it seems mans presence is so out of place as back through mysterious evolution we trace the well known puzzle the (missing link) they say we evolved from primates WELL! WHATEVER YOU WANT TO THINK with superior wits we bettered our lives we put up our feet to handle our strife WHILST RAPING! Abusing/consuming in haste tectonic lubrication earth s blood...(Eden's) virus has been spliced into human chemistry join your (Shamanic) kin dance in a bear-skin SOUL LIBERATION THROUGH MANIFESTATION For in every individual there are wheels of light and love these (chakras) spin magnetic portals straight to worlds above light spirals through dimensions out of sight of our (3D) dimensions are realities you ve just forgotten how to see..

So realize now our genetic boost .

.N.. while spiralling and tapering QUICKENING UP OUR LINEAR TIME if you re awake then this is something you have felt earths living the exam times fear/adrenaline you feel but if you ve studied hard I wish you all the best but don t blame it on (((((((((((((((THE DR)))))))))))))) if you re kept back another time you were well warned of the up and coming test PENS DOWN! I m a voice within your visions sometimes I speak through (magic-mushrooms). now I rhyme to add some pleasure to the present man is not a sinful being there s so much more you could be seeing do not cry JUST REALIZE YOU RE CREATING! I stalk you in your heightened states invading where you lay . by the 3 dimensional man COSMIC CHEMOTHERAPHY! Father SUN! sends healing rays (Amun-ra) slowly rides the (Photon belt) poles will melt.start seeking out the spiritual truths for closer spirals the dimensional gate I hope for our sakes YOU DON T SLEEP LATE! We are told of just 9 planets but the ancients knew the score we recorded lost (Nibiru) in Sumerian clay and lore an orbit opposite to earths a story so absurd (planet x) or (comet Anu)? The (gods) fell down to split the herd OH! SUN of God ECLIPSE MANKIND mutate his D.A speed up his (evolution) tame his scream as he's suffered endless mortal lives to burn with you today help him break the curse of this dense reality theme understanding (karma) TAMES THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT with an action comes reaction pretty soon SLEEPERS WAKEN IN YOUR SUN RAYS! electrifying sight playing in the waters pulled by (hollow spaceship moon) parallel dimensions merging starting domino effects (galactic-centre) beams its higher plan magnetic (polar shifts) on the planets we detect a shedding of all cancers...

its true you sense my warm breath melt life s ice .

. know that I am.N. (((((((((((((((DR MU))))))))))))))) many (wormholes) I spun through I m not a figment of your psychedelic youth still I wonder would you miss me if I wandered out of time don t try to kiss me FOR I M JUST YOUR HIGHER SELF! Not an Elf! Now I whisper truths beside you stir (coincidence) inside you flatter me help guide our world to health for it has taken time to wake mankind how deep you fell asleep PLANT TRAVELS teach and pacify your fears but tomorrows born a new day so I m never short of friends SO LET S PLAY AGAIN AT MIND-GAMES MY DEAR! Super-conscious evolution is the only true solution now realities so deranged its hard to discern what has changed a deadness in their eyes don t confuse them with the wise SYMBOLIC DARK SEPTEMBER! Joke (Illuminati) members the (photon belt) is here my dears time s quickening up now every year we ve fallen from our might our true (Shamanic) light an OCTAVE SHIFT S not far away snakes spiralling in our D.....I m your heartache (graven image) your sweetheart (Demigod) HEY! I M YOUR SWEETHEART DEMI-GOD leapt again into this (3D) world I dared return to here and the thing that keeps me strong is WAKING you you.. you.A pursue the light direction my only known suggestion they re in the schools and on the streets masquerading AS FRIENDS AND PRIESTS children missing a desecration! OH WAIT! STOP A MINUTE MY FAVORITE PROGRAMME S ON !!SLAP!! .

This is precisely where the problem lies .

I m a planet just a crumb SHINE! Dictate your rule of thumb grace our presence father sun OH COME! OH COME! This may all seem overwhelming to be absorbed in just a breath .!!SLAP!! Propaganda beamed into our (3rd eyes) !!SLAP!! Don t you know they control everything? This robot world which you defend and cling FOR NOW their Euro currencies firmly in FASCIST EUROPE COMPLETE! Nationalities/cultures tossed in the bin (New World Order) empire takes the (Anti-Christ) seat super-conscious evolution the only true solution in the next years of pollution follow (CREO-LUTION) We know the world is suffering yet in distraction pools we bask but as she s crying to her father sun I THINK THAT EARTH MIGHT ASK! Just what am I to you my love? 6 billion eyes must gaze above your restlessness is burning into me I ve so missed your sun-kissed whispers your (global warming) dream heart-broken themes FROM ME your super-conscious queen I feel you warm my waterfalls these tears of time that flow revolving to the West towards your evening glow throw down to me a (C... sun.M.E) rule as a king once more my veins were opened and now my core is sore COME HEAT THIS SLEEPING PRISON come warm my blood once more emergence from the (dark-age) transformation to my core COME TEASE THIS MONKEY/REPTILE HOUSE and help man WAKE! To see his secret (symbolism) cloaks life s integrity I have watched the way you ve shone my religion blindfold gone CONVERSATIONS WITH MY WAKING FATHER SUN sun...


BUT IT S UP TO YOU TO RESEARCH (ATON-RA s) SUN-DANCE OF DEATH not to be taken with a pinch of salt but saddlebags of pepper I m past caring what most people think THE OPINION OF A LEPER! STILL I wonder what would happen if (sun flares) began to spout and earths weapon arming satellites were one by one knocked out? And what would happen to the cowards who kill behind a screen? Fighting hand to hand in blood no more their hi-tech game boy dream ABUSE of law and human rights gunpowder cracks the night civilian pain the dollars gain the (bloodlines) still the same agenda planned in ancient lands TV dubbed black mime distraction from evolving times a luciferic rhyme the females work against the sin dark masks are wearing thin contradiction of intelligence STAND DOWN! God s fallen prince your time was here you cost Earth dear you steered the dazzled deer but you ve lost your power of negative fear WELCOME YOUR FINAL YEAR S So how can it be called a (smart bomb)? When it was aimed by an idiot... behind a screen he sits a war illegitimate a brain diseased by (micro-chip) the agenda at hand mutilation of the Arab lands black birds dive dropping poison on lives whole families ripped to nothing a baby torn and coughing its mother is crushed precision bombing was rushed a human game of battleships EDIT THE HORROR CLIPS Flash the movie before the kids through these vids that they see PROGRAMMED deep with bigotry do you deserve to be free while others live in agony? WAKE UP! Come back to thinking-kind regain control of your mind they lean there spreading their decrepit spin just another vacant puppet .

possessed by (macrobes) within .

with their grin of hells sin this war of fear they cant win cause they re of soulless breed NO MORE THAN DEVIL SEED They breathe their infection through our fragile minds 500 channels of ills an unexploded land-mine the truths of our history in a bottomless bin THEIR FREE WORLD DIRTY DEMOCRATIC SPIN Poisoned from birth with subliminal lies tuned down by fear on hearing brothers cries stitched up with tales about a (New World Order) 3 dimensional flight to insanity s border EARTH EXISTS ON MANY LEVELS life s stage a surreal play born from infinite consciousness you (manifest) your fear today life exists on many frequencies our choice is dread or love re-light creations flatteries with the God-spark from above the love within the (angels) and the doves MASSAGE YOUR CRAMPING MIND expose your ancient soul you re distracted from the purpose of our goal re-seal and lock (Pandora s box) set free creative power all laugh as one as we smell (sacred geometry) flowers don t get absorbed in the (dark lords) desperate hour they re feeding of our horror and creating hell on earth scaring man to hatred to disable his light birth but we have an affluent passive power entwined into the spaces and an infinite source of energy to disinfect fears mucky places we re here to make the second grade to witness something fine the emergence of the (Christos revelations) of this time I don t mean the MORTAL ( Jesus) earths highest (Druid) YES! HE WAS THERE (Christ consciousness) is within maybe I ll grow my hippy hair NA! Are you just going to sit there as they tighten up control? Watch them do away with cash destroy your pensions and our dole YIKES! If you re not aware what s happening THEN WAKE UP! Short-sighted mole .

come and drink from my reality .

and ill show you what s been stole within creation there s a sowing within creation there s a code from MUTATION comes our rebirth within the (sun spots) genes are sowed within creation there s a knowing throughout existence we have rode I HOPE MAN IS AWARE OF HOW MUCH KARMA HE IS OWED! So no matter if you like me I ve a message to convey for false versions of events have had too much overplay seeking truth and justice is the image they portray while behind the scenes they re devils with a dream of world decay for centuries MISTRANSLATION has led the world astray steal a (Pagan) sun date and rename it Christmas day DA DA! Millions of folk misunderstand their holiday if they knew its (heathen) origins it would fall to disarray the (dollars eye and pyramid) is the (god) which some obey aim their voltage guns to stun you if you choose to disobey Christians say the beast is Islam but all faiths have been betrayed these ruling (bloodlines) worship (Lucifer) their (gargoyle cities) laid in grey march the little children march them to the throne come kneel beside this idol now you ll never be alone drink the blood and eat the flesh THIS CANNABALISTIC FEST taste the misery of the saviour little lamb as they keep you from knowing why hate began HOW ROMAN S STOLE AND DRESSED THE STORY of a mortal genius man ALL SLEEPERS MUST AWAKEN! To this secret underlay I m a time-warp cosmic heathen spouting Bible script replay mans hybrid-human origins they conveniently mislay AGRESSION! OBSESSION! SUPPRESSION! It s the human mind they flay but I not trying to scare you so please do not dismay attempts at world damnation .

will be one great ricochet .

.. but I concentrate a (nebula) and my density I see through my blow hole on the in-take pulling indigo and blue.... AS I STAND upon this ancient rock echoing the future on with soft visions of forgotten tribes smelling first coloured dawn with a modern recollection of materialistic props I check my ticking time piece roughly sewn back in man crop. so I embraced my new mutation and came here from the land BUT I RECALL STILL OH! MY ANCIENT ROCK THE ONE THAT TURNED TO SAND Now lets continue with this stance... a zillion dollar light show I m once more as a whale drifting with the (star sea) my lost earth memory VEILED holding the mothers teachings my siblings spear my side SQUEAL!! SONIC CRYING LYRICS 500 million years I ride..if your not aware what s happening your tender mind could splay so condition mind with KNOWLEDGE and escape this matinee so be aware of forces like the (pranas) healing ray KNOW cosmic information will equip you with x-ray CONNECT with pure light families coming through the Milky way and when you ve grasped the love power THEN RELAX and come what may MANS KILLING OFF THE FAUNA with such higher minds DON T TOUCH! !!SLAP!! As this blue whale thinks of human times appreciate his fuss for they hold the planets memories unlike the human clan they evolved into the ocean to escape the curse of man. SO SUN MUTATION can advance the asleep heighten their trance AS THE AWAKENED ...


.. blindfolded earth to cycles of (lunar synchronicity) altered dates to solar MENSTRAL INCOMPATIBILITY dug graveyards on earths ancient sites de-charging cosmic sync MADE NATURE UN-NATURAL encouraged primal instinct burnt all non believers stole the (pagan) dates turned brother onto brother grounding petty hates instigated casts and slave-trades man so scared of what to say .Whilst worshiping the female form honouring plant worth connection with the (Goddess) grounded with the earth animals and humans lost contact through the mind one world civilization (inter-pineal mankind) building grandeur temples comet (gods) fly in the skies we loved our (SUN-god) stories no written language spoke no lies ate (magic-mushrooms) with tree spirits travelled far inside knew about the octaves where the (animal teachers) hide BUT MAN FORGOT his (serpent power) modern (Druids) brought it back it lingers dormant in our spines magic rabbit in our hat SUPRESSED! This female energy divides our one (mind speech) the jailers numbed the link now the (rule of male) they teach they hid nature religions (kundalini) locked in bars subjugating female essence whilst demonizing stars established rule with sorcery then writing made its mark inhibition of the (we-moon) power turned the earth to dark the (bloodlines) use earth magic to stoke their blacker power DICTATORS OF DISTRACTION! Earth can sense its lowest hour SACRIFICED! GODDESS DIANA and covered female skin shamed man with his body flogged minds with (original sin).

for this ungodly hellish consciousness still controls the world today .

..A) starts to evolve we cannot defeat lies with lies it happens to be one of those human ties so depending on creativity we will evoke spiritual fertility our major psychic centres some of which I m sorry have left us have been waiting to attain the power that has always remained so relax into the planes higher usage of the (star-gate) brain will come in time my friend for here listen THERES NO END earths vibrational condition will help our full transition so create the world we know the place we want to go.BUT Our dynamic expression of energy is the secret to our identity when promoting a spiritual cause (D.N. I truly mean to be repetitive in everything I say for we re living in a (left-brained) world our (right-brain) power s decayed (THE SIRIAN S) built their cosmic clocks our jaws drop hard and wide BUT THEN MAN INVENTED (ZERO-TIME) to count his dreamy ride FOR Earth is the queen a living being humans her ant-like butlers the (Druids) stood stones on vortex sites MONOLITHIC (PLANETARY ACUPUNCTURE) don t you know the earth is hollow? But backing these theories the few dare follow an entrance hole where the pole should have been an (inner sun) and climate NOT JUST A MYTHIC DREAM (Rear Admiral Byrd s) many polar expeditions brought him 2300 miles in one long flight direction IMPOSSIBLE! Some say without seeing any water had he somehow re-discovered lost (Shangri-la) he panicked said his compass spun out his plane was lost his well being in doubt BUT THEN seeing rivers/green valleys to a mammoth like creature WHA? .

So where did he fly .

SHOOT UP in their Hollywood Hummers heart feelings give way to cash addictions some like the raping of kids a sick affliction the cure for cancer will it ever be revealed? And the real cause of (A. THIS WORLD THAT WE SENSE IS MADE OF ENERGY DENSE a vibration so tense that we cant see the fence that is holding us in (3 dimensional sin) mans landlocked in illusion FACILITATING CONFUSION when you ve sold your soul to debit and you re down and out with credit and you see the thing that makes you sing and blindly have to have it your obeying commands laid by corporate hands if you think you used your mind to choose HA! YOU HAD BETTER FORGET IT The pyramid on the dollar is a sign that something s here as the (Dark lords) seduce you .I ASK YOU! Why did the ancients scrape the lines and beasts out on the (Nazca plains)? Untouched by wind and rain only seen by modern planes to run them over peaks some special reason for this pain of course they had some type of flight NO! (((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))) SHUT IT! THAT S INSANE !!SLAP!! Look at this wretched world greed has created with all faiths benefits and uses so neglected seduce non-thinkers while the cataract numbers..I..S)? Their riddler lips are sealed souls dress for the pantomime on TV each day BAD ACTING and miming on life s sets of dismay know their script learn to say that bombing kids is ok for they are hypnotized and programmed and in their dream worlds they stay when you re reading the papers and you buy every line reading celebrity seduction laced with cocktails of crime and you call yourself a reader but it half s your quiz show time !!SLAP!! Knowledge opens to freedom if you seek ye shall find...D.


.with false fame success and fear OH! IT S SO COOL TO DRESS FOR SATAN OH! I LOVE YOUR DEVIL FASHION the more we watch their violence hate bleeds away compassion (Revelations) is so ludicrous but what s the secret in the story? WELL! The (dragon s) a falling star and the (Anti-Christ) is royalty so cleverly distracted from the (luciferian) throne turning slowly into robots with a (chem-trail) (bird-flu) drone SO WAS the cold war all illusion? WERE the stand offs just a mock? For why would they arm their rockets WHILST BUILDING SPACE-SHIPS WHICH COULD DOCK? SPOCK! You hear a persons evil and that he s hanging with the devil and they re fingered for the trouble that burst your happy bubble POP! You re being fed their version of the truth to cause diversion when the ones who spun the story have their claws in child perversion HOLLYWOODS FAKE REALITY engrains a great fatality by ensuring you be something that you never truly wanna be this fallacy of film me is taped to crush your dignity when you see the clones all standing in a line....... line for an (ID card) WAKE UP! IT S POPCORN TIME time. when you re on your earthly death bed and you review all that s been said and you realize this great life s a dream and see how (blind-faith) mislead and as you wallow in the afterlife and look back on this world of strife spare a thought for lost humanity TRAPPED IN DISNEY due to TV trash and vanity !!SLAP!! SO SPELLBOUND inside this 3D world most fear their certain death .. line. time.

but this dense world is illusion .

.no faster than a breath we miss our deceased loved ones and believe they ve died away but they re in true light reality and laughing all the day... ANOTHER TREASURED SOUL a-passing joins the loved ones in the light this stressful world of bondage gives to (psychedelic life) a final counting heartbeat battled livings wear the dead weight of earths anchor holds the memories of our dears from varied generations they sparked us with their minds touched the many (indigos) all a very special kind shedding material hardships earthly (angels) up above please don t grieve so hard for loved ones THEY RE FLOATING LIKE THE DOVES YUP! Not a day drives by when you should not (meditate) a quieting of the lower self into a higher state minds so numb with lights and horns road-blocking inner peace congestion of their astral roads no hard shoulder release RELAX and journey in your vehicle where life s brain conditionings OFF mute and switch from ranting stations set your tiny mind aloft WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Pull out on the highway activating cruise control with infinite lanes to choose BREATHE and steer your resting soul. destination not important you ll locate that sacred place but then you glance into the mirror SO SHOCKED TO SEE YOUR SLEEPING FACE! UH? you try to WAKE! Your body WHA? Your hands slip off the wheel HELP! You slam into a solid SPLAT! No shudder did you feel they say that you were drinking OH! ..

ER! .

A) rearranged moneys great you have a ball OH! IT MAKE S YOUR LIFE SO FULL you have to work and love a drink and maybe you might pull but then you feel like shit get depressed wondering why you did it great at the time your latest job you wonder how you blew it but you don t care YOU RE WAKING UP! Getting very excited what s happening on earth at this time? WE RE ABOUT TO BE ENLIGHTENED As you glanced into the sky what was that flash from way up high? a lightning streak that said HELLO! And just as quick GOODBYE! Did you make a wish or make a face? and let it pass you by OR did you think from whence it came? And try a tearful eye FOR in deepest farthest space (red one without a face) approaches with a fiery trace to strike earth like a molten mace the air we re breathing bakes cycles end we feel the quakes SHAMANS NEED TO RE-AWAKE! To past legends of (sky snakes) EARTH has been hit by comets and she's had a deadly miss HISS! These seeds of life's creation are delivering (D.N.N.A) a kiss it could happen any moment HAVE YOU LIVED LIFE TO THE FULL? There s no way to stop these motions if it s the universes rule ice-monster in the sky .Not one to disagree hard to tell if male or female burnt all over 3rd degree but in truth we need no vehicle WE (CREATE REALITY) still you can bore your friends with times you dreamt OF DRIVING ILLEGALLY Hey don t kid yourself you know what s up you re feeling very strange you have intuitions that you sense your (D.

ancient orbit high .

deter it man must try BUT the earth to cleanse must die a cycle still in motion left from (Tiamats) commotion ice-fire locomotion tends (Gaia's) gardens with devotion cast from the (Milky-Weg) it completes its final leg humans repent and beg THE SPERM HAS FOUND THE EGG! OOOOOOF! Did I splash you with the dirt? Did I flick you where it hurts? BOAK! we live inside a jail with our freedoms splintered frail have you read alternate news? Or been showing off new shoes? !!SLAP!! For its all come to a head AS THE WORLD WAKE S FROM IT S BED! As servants of the zodiac re-born to live our cast we re mutated at conception by sun radiation blasts (solar hormone theory) subdues fertility the (bio rhythm SUN-gods) magnetic diversity our spiritual revolution allows a drink from sweeter vines an awakening of the pineal-gland taunts intellectual times eleven year (sun spot) cycles max genetics split MUTATION! Religions worshipping the (Amun-ra) SUN (pagan) celebrations THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WORLD we only sense a tiny part we see just 10% of matter living fast with fearful hearts we need to WAKE UP! To these changing times release creative power and recognize other (frequencies) that indulge the sleeping hours I KNOW we re told we have no power to accept our mortal place we re told that real success is when all people know our face SMILE! Chained to be consumers slave for money TAUGHT TO SPEND misled to think possessions are the way to choose a friend we re poisoned by the power-lines .

cancer grows within .

belt ...belt 2000 YEARS OF LIGHT will bring the planet into sync daily time is speeding up IS THIS NOT SOMETHING YOU HAVE FELT???? So while I m on a roll another quick (Atlantis) mystery why so many ships and planes go missing in history could some crystal technology still be under the sea? Did it cause the great flood? What could this great anomaly be? These pilots and crew will surely never be found caught blind in twin dimensions left drifting around so in loosening up this tangle here s a dire disturbing angle there s a massive (star-gate) spinning RIGHT BENEATH THE (BERMUDA TRIANGLE) its 13..belt ...electro-magnetism harms us seems the bad guy always wins SIGH! Chart music is so LAME with its lyrics EMBARRASING! Put out a soulless love track SPREAD YOUR LEGS IF YOU CAN T SING !!SLAP!! Manufactured hero s more violence for the vids abuse and dark depravity available for kids BREED CONSPIRACY SPLICE IN HERESY INDUCE THE HUMAN FEAR! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You may think that I have lost it but its not I that s sleeping dear WAKE UP! Your (melatonin) (Alcyone) is in position look at the weather earths inside the (photon belt) ..000 years since the halfway (polar shift) (earths expansion) and its tilt went through a range of change hi-tech continents they froze Neptune s seas did lift have you heard of (polar-shifts)? The Andes mountains rearranged CRACK! .

Cave paintings and chalk .

forcing Atheists to CHOKE 6 billion ruffled souls are now aligning their poles WAKING UP! To shake their cage as its (Aquarian age) steer clear of mad-dog fear THAT DATE! (2012) THAT YEAR (Global warming) burns mutation prepare for 3rd eye activation FOR north and south poles wandered far neutralizing ice-caps slipped to the heat the great (Nephilm) ran crying world continents arising low countries subsiding earth mother fertilizing (D.. monolithic ruins spawn mysteries our (genesis) roots are geographically mute (earths expansion) laughed at shelved and overlooked BUT! (Atlantis) did thrive real (her-stories) deprived waves sank herself and (Mu) beneath mile-high tsunami tides Bible (Yahweh s) cleansing flood.N..A) diversifying equator lands will freeze vegetation now witness Mother Nature reclaiming fauna thrives midst rejuvenation evil drowned to release domination.... his holy genocide of sin is a hard load now to swallow for (Noah) sheltered beasts within an overcrowded (cubit) boat now housing (dinosaurs) WHA? And goats (creationists) update their story.? AT 23 point 5 DEGREES the planets tilt holds back the seas 3 seasons saved from freakish freeze.recorded (ice-age) walks forcing land migrations (hunter gatherers) fought but in school the reality of earths past is now forgot do you know about the chill or have you never been taught.... WOW! (DINOSAURS) ON THE TV Excellent! ..

I love these Christmas programmes . .

But can the scientists actually prove all the (dinosaurs) died? Sure there must have been dark caverns species small could duck and hide and if this were the case how intriguing to see what their present stage of (evolution) might be STOP! LOOK! Now see the largest beasts on land you know how high the clever elephants stand SO AWKWARD yet protecting their family unity and so clear to see they re the victims of gravity SO HOW WERE These enormous putrid reptiles walking? To indulge in plant eating and meat eater stalking and how when we find prints in volcanic plans do we also find prints of an ancient giant man? EH? GIANT S WALKED THE EARTH so the Bible says OK! again man faced with his forgotten days BUT KNOW! Breeds small hid deep in earths cavities with the many huge species meeting changes in gravity COMET S HIT! Rocked the earth and dust blacked out sun-rays killing plants/bringing freeze in one dark volcanic day ice slipped/(poles shift) tides tipped earths alignment (MICHAEL TSARION) CAN TELL YOU WHAT (TIAMAT) SENT (Gaia s) gravity now is many times what it was decreased plant life and oxygen surely also a cause in deleting old life germs mutated new creatures snow-blinding mankind to his (amphibian features) ..are they really extinct? THEY NEVER EXISTED THEY`RE NOT IN THE BIBLE! Uh! but I thought SHHH! DONT LISTEN TO GARBLE My plastic model fell out of my grip onto the floor where my stegosaurus sits I look round the room for a comforting sign SONGS OF PRAISE TONIGHT! WHEN? WHAT IS THE TIME? I cant believe what was said to me a fatal comet hit the earth 65 million BC but I was too young in those days to see Thank (Allah) for that I thought it was me..

the dino s ruled the earth for 200 million years .

some religions think the earths no more than 12.000 years HO HO! An evolved intelligent reptile man is something to avoid although not a bizarre idea these (lizard humanoids) WARNING! WARNING! It s the warming warning green house effect (OZONE TRUTH DEFECT) (2012) not far away end of the (Mayan calendar) I (remote viewed) right up to this time and hit a void/a barrier WAKE UP! And grasp how little time we have upon this ball and consciously live the closing chapters from the story of mans fall SO gather knowledge of the (chakras) our 7 spinning gates its available to all to help us hold (vibration rates) balancing photon energies tuning up to faster frequencies many people acting restless hoarding cash and vain dependencies for willpower is a virtue you possess the power to choose (creation of reality) dulls heavily with booze part of a (free will universe) you own minds which create held fast in law set science the 5 sense world debate image anything to happen and hold belief of self visualize the outcome will your mind back off the cobweb shelf feel and know the driving seat THE FUTURE IS YOUR OWN never think you cannot CLINK! Yourself above life s drone mould perfect experience (manifest) your chosen life if some people do not like you its your self power causing strife UNDERSTAND GOOD HEALTHS DIRECTLY MIRRORED OFF MINDSET if you think your world is beauty that s exactly what you get BUT! If you think your world is evil that s exactly what you see attitude to TV OH! .


Just because you do not murder doesn t mean your not affected by consistent acts of evil your fed daily and subjected there s a (manifestation time delay) in earthly (3rd dimension) but as we reach the (photon belt) of light TIME SPEEDS UP with intention as we enter (4th dimension) it unites all human kind as time delay is shattered more (deliberate reality) binds with every tiny thought WE CREATE REALITY! but our heads throb with the (thumpers) fear and TV fantasy the God flows full within that s the secret of the mind LOOK WITHIN! Don t look without Heaven/Earth is there to find BUT Here s a not so silly story about a world not far away with its clock 2 minutes to midnight in a giant cycling day ravenous leaders sold their vacant souls to be the NUMBER 1 s literalizing symbol stories of a (SOLAR GODLY SUN) they abused power and technology inciting (left brain thought) injected backwards understanding although the (right brain) thought was sought injured the (planets nerve cells) stood graveyards on (Druid) sites conjured (satanic rituals) to blacken (Goddess) rites they enslaved the SLEEPING MASSES De-tuned their Godly link flayed the opposition and revelled in the stink they made (God plants) illegal made alcohol a must keep them stressed at weekends drunk so only bullshit is discussed SPYING on the U.N they listen from their dens YET AGAIN! Showing deceiving acts come smell the jackal s tracks SNIFF! Playing the weak with hide and seek we hear the fascists speak .

clawed hands rip deep .

our tears they seek terrorize the fretting meek suicidal carnage mans blood flows from his cage numbness casts deaths silhouette scarred deep with Gods regret all trust severed/perverted wars hypnotizing tone compute within our (matrix) zone with hearts of densest stone NOW have a guess and tell me what s the darkest thing on earth It doesn t preach (re-incarnation) YET! Infants sinned before their birth EH? Centuries of mistranslations stolen from Egyptian source you ever wonder how this world of fear has took this wretched course? NO? Slaughter by the loving Gods negation tires the mind don t they realize blood-thirst orders come from MEN of warring kinds? Many preach their faiths have answers SO WHY ARE THEY ALL SO SCARED? (Gaia s) awakening will surpass these faiths as if they never cared in vaults they hide the truths of faith behind a Vader-face these secrets should release our race help re-establish grace but they curtailed the circulation of our pending jubilation are they purveyors of salvation? Or the church of decimation? The ones who wring the life from every nation SO why cant you shout religion down? They all yell they are right so many have these gut wrench feelings it forever clouds the light for it says THY SHALT NOT KILL! do the followers believe this? While watching video games of genocide as the planes play hit and miss child-killers in confession can relay their dark misdeeds then keep their freedoms to continue with this life they chose to lead SEXUAL ABUSE IS RAMPANT by these bugs you re forced to trust a revamping of these orders is a soulful humane must the Arab faiths existing .

once again have topped the listing .

BOAK! Go get a (Reiki) treatment breathe in deep the power of (Chi) you re a spirit/barely mortal like (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) yes like me HEE HEE! We have heard too long the preachers bark they make my red cells fizz THEIR DELIBERATE VERSE SELECTION masks the power of what God is (Constantine) rewrote the scriptures (Pagan) dates in Christian guise so I suggest that you should research this and open your (3rd eye) I believe that psychedelics drove the (7th heaven) trips WAKE UP! And grasp (unity consciousness) re-float our sinking sinner ship I don t believe in dividing up the world by faith or creed STAY AWAKE! Indulge in (Gnosis) AWAKEN! Others like agreed DON T YOU KNOW THAT YOU RE IMMORTAL? You ve just forgotten your true quest DON T YOU KNOW THAT YOU RE A god? OH! I don t say this with a jest for you (create your own reality) ...to be erased from Mother earth (her-stories) window misting in modern day they hide away their front men take the fall sordid needs and blinding greed PURE EVIL! One and all many think that they are saved because in church their head was bathed SPLASH! Some think my hosts a racist for they see his head is shaved BUZZ! Others think weekly donations will secure their right hand seat if they ve snorted up this fairy dust their souls already beat SNIFF! So don t subscribe stay color-blind and don t see peoples skin take a closer look at (crop art) SIGH! Its depressing drinking gin.


see extremes of injustice........... stop watching police vids.. try experiencing life.... they're just the law...!!!THAT S BLASPHEMY!!! They scream but their comments hold no substance whilst they re subscribing to a dream STOP! Watching sick programs of hospital gore.. stop watching steel balls of their propaganda lies.. this may not seem that ideal....... by living through your heart.. stop watching the wrestling....... which they call the daily news.. stop chasing false fame. try taking a trip see a 3rd world country. they're not our Lords.. its a feckin good start !!SLAP!! Be smart Within (mer-ka-ba) ball-light vehicles we come to WAKE! This place from our place between the voids returned our time-world jumping race with (MANTRA THOUGHT) and (YOGA) beings feel us in their blood we re the ones who came to (Gaia) with a thud BOOM! Our interventions help to cleanse away the fear-of-dying mud we re not (the watchers) in your worship for they are very different ones for many whispered as (false prophets) still confused as godly sons their offspring ruled as (Demi-gods) snake-pupils fill their eyes NO LOVE coldest emotion for they came from toxic skies. as it's faked dumb aggression.. with (weather weapon) lies .. shield your eyes.. don't watch the corpses.... but HEY! believe me. stop watching the horrors. don't be a clone of a character.. SHIT! Pointless soap-operas . don t fill your mind with apprehension. see immense natural beauty. stop watching low intelligence......


nefariously willing the actions of the weak prowling vast time lost herds to seek numerous conversions from subject to fan .. WAKE UP! UH? We abandon all liberties !!SLAP!! But their migraine power cannot win the hour with our pent up mettle this score we will settle mans lucid chant smothers their renegade rant for their days are numbered their own (Luciferian blunder) THE MOST INCREDIBLE ANGEL OF GOD (LUCIFER) FALLEN ONE jealous resisted the love of the whole cast out like the prodigal son..you watch them burn holes in our skies with cooked up fiendish ties they re plotting jails for our demise TV diverted squaring eyes keep you tired and polarized then its hardly great surprise they (abduct) and colonize human minds can be shattered forming (brain compartments) by well known military secret agency departments assassins hide for years live (Manchurian) lives until their buttons are pushed ANOTHER PROPHET S DEMISE BANG! A planned poison peek at our evolutionary leap (Illuminati) sync to syringe what we think a materialistic trap around our eyes has been wrapped but with ascended praise our (super consciousness) is raised crime and terror that s shown is to heighten our fear so you want more security THAT S THE WHOLE IDEA! !!SLAP!! To have complete access to our everyday privacies so that before we.... manifesting belief in a (left hand course) this essence detached from creators source sacrificed love to (intellect mind) no emotional body prey only to find.


N.A) but still I m sure they d all agree THAT MAN S (THE MISSING LINK!) you see OK! I KNOW IT S GETTING WEIRD and my theories tend to scare BUT COME lets lift above our junk-food world and see what s over there obsession of the DVD confuses what is real COME ON! You know its not all bullshit intuition must prevail OUR jump in evolution pervades my (worm-hole) mind don t you know life works in cycles? To evolve primitive kind .most successful erosion the great (fall of man) just look at these kids who enter their schools spraying teachers and pupils dropped dead in blood pools possessive mind bugs have flayed their souls sick dabbling with the (black arts) MAN WHAT A NEAT TRICK! !!SLAP!! POLAR-REALITY splits evil and good malevolent makeup below a (Sith) hood lost incarnations turn black from white leaning into the darkness NEGLECTING THE LIGHT TV has adverse affects on the mind these SHIT! Fly on the wall shows for the talent-less kind ARE PROGRAMMING KIDS TO BE IMMUNE TO SURVEILLANCE! (Big Brothers) guinea pigs our entertainment preference STILL The Bibles full of (gods) who fought for rights to rule scholars talk about (Mer-ka-ba) Mr (Ezekiel) was no fool (arcing electricity) THAT S WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS GOD still today exist dark (bloodlines) they re a red-neck bunch of sods SO who were the (Elohim)? The (Neterus) other theme (Annuniki) they SCREAM! The (Nephilm) of bad dreams were they scientists of the day? Who fiddled (D.

throughout time .

we hide a billion births someday we ll reach our goal these lives are simply spacesuits TO RE-JOIN THE (OVERSOUL) STILL IT S YOUR RIGHT to choose not to follow a God the idea of (blind faith) I don t trust but if your religion idea is holy security THEN WHICH MENTAL PRISON IS YOUR LUST? For you may think (re-incarnation) is a (Buddhist) holy dream you may think that pears and cherries are so better splashed with cream you may think that reproductions really all life s meant to be so I ask you in your switched-off state what do you think of me? FOR! I pace through the higher realms I ve haunted as a ghost danced in forests as a (Shaman) mans a guest respect the nature hosts REJECT THEIR DARK REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN these corporate demons are so vulnerable so soon to be dethroned IS it Iran or is it Syria? Nuclear lies OH HOW I SIGH! The (Illuminati) wrecked the twin towers now the SLEEPERS lap the lies is your child really in danger? Are you easily enticed? THINK! They want to vaccinate the (indigos) to destroy their (inner Christ) In every ancient culture floats the shipwreck of a myth memories of when the supermen did breathe behind the guise of stories wiser minds concealed the glories etched in stone the knowledge of this time measuring the planet mass logging of the stars a realised truth (precession) of the earth unlocked the makers science within cycles of the skies many moderns know this truth but shut their eyes knowledge lost through ignorance the parables cast a spell the white beards brought the devil to their lands .

bloody gold obsession .

the curse of paler skin earth lost her evolution to mankind BUT was her majesty actually physical? ATLANTIS! Was she a city? In (Altiplano Bolivia) or a hallucinogenic memory? Did the sands of time and (Solon) rhymes disguise her as a continent? Does the evidence still stand today? BUT RELIGION STANDS IN FRONT OF IT did the Spaniards find Atlantis? Hypnotized by God and gold HUGE! PRE-INCAN GRAVEYARD CITIES STAND so truly truly old technology in Europe at this time was somewhat high all the Spaniards saw was (Satan s) work real history says goodbye SIGH! The Christians raped and slaughtered when (Quetzalcoatl) should return the Indians bowed defenceless as the whitebeards killed and burned COINCIDENCE THEN? They landed at this time to set their trap NOT! If they had a copy of the (Piri-Reis Antarctic map) it shows its north before the ice had covered up this ghost showing America and Africa s SUPPOSED uncharted coasts so I want to keep you thinking how the ancients ever could create precision in their maps before inventing (longitude) SO Are we living past-present and future as one? In earthly time sequence that s just not done so what s all this talk about (re-incarnation)? Are we accidents? Or are we pure sparks of creation? Could it be we are multidimensional? And to review other times is instinctively intentional are all incarnations really just one? Simultaneously bursting from the cloud we drip from or is it we keep experiences of past? (Karma) absorbed from already lived casts past-life notes of exquisite kind shelved for retrieval in a deep vault of mind or is it reinterpretation of the present? Enabling us to view insightful assignments .

ushering our lives .

to coincidental scenarios so negativities of past become conscious to winnow or are we witnessing a brother s expression? BECAUSE WE RE ALL ONE tapping into their lesson graduates into the (Over-souls) college our desired career path towards LUMINARY KNOWLEDGE but how hard to convince selfish millions of this fact (resurrection) just for one breed AND KEEP IT LIKE THAT! !!SLAP!! Yet another great piece of understanding they lack I only know what I know AND I KNOW WE COME BACK! For I absorbed through forming galaxies we (Reality Hosts) were sent to connect you back to natures world times endless line we bent. our presence maps infinity we navigate eternity with (string theory) we play to thee romancing pre-life destiny this music which envelops time SHAMANS! Surf the tides blow the froth off dense reality we re your watching (Maya) guides WE ARE the blades that cut into your weary blanket of human nature we are the sparks that light an image in your lack of identity earth egos running on empty with false obsessions with self image we tune your finer strings and play WAKING! YOUR SLEEPING SOCIETIES we are the artists who paint to life your stars of deepest midnight slumber we are the vacuum force that sucks away the crimes of your enslaved age... TO AWAKE YOUR STAR-GATE MEMORY this influx to absorb we kiss you in your astral hours your cameras snap our orbs.... do you see oh humans? YOUR WAKING INFINITE CANVAS not since creation has uniqueness stretched the bounds of what is real FOR EARTH IS NOT ALONE intuition yet to hone your dreams have birthed our cosmic vision ACIDIC LEADERS BURN AWAY imagination slays decay rinse away the soil of golden (pre-history) ..

re-hatch your wings of eternal .

LOVE blow only bubbles which can burst with substance of pure expression your self narcissism now reflects your talent towards light re-birth hold your angelic vision this is a cycle of AWAKENING! Humans are the pupae which will outgrow cocoons of comas past DA DA! See them ship the kids to Afgan only God can watch their backs but only SATAN thrives of blood slaughter led civilian attack goosestep in line and learn a lesson through this game-boy techno war Islam s supernatural (ALLAH) injects some balance to the score what about Iraq s inspections? the world was duped to stall for time opposition grew but SHUT UP! Here s a cheque now counter-sign TA TA! Spy planes watched the fragile (no-fly zone) (Google-earth) could track their moves 12 years of weakness in the U.N is all inspection proved but unlike the board game 1st Gulf War the West is in the wrong sheep immune to violent Hollywood bleating the bombing song Yankee soldiers slay their comrades with their plug in hi-tech toys many families realizing they might lose their girls and boys THEY SAY that Saddam starved his people (King Nebuchadnezzar) incarnate he rebuilt the (tower of Babel) to re-open Gods (star-gate) you would just love to kill off Islam in the bombings I suppose? If that s not the case THEN LISTEN! I have facts here to disclose for they had Hussein the first time but they saved his tyrant face they offered not to spank him if he obeyed and knew his place they flattened Yugoslavia to set up a U.N base NEXT! .

Their Afghan opium gift shop .

N resume? They edited Iraq s report SIGH! Again the SLEEPER S! Led astray the now not so secret (global elite) could soon have our world at their scaly feet WAKEN UP! To these false people you follow for your grave that they dig will be far from shallow LISTEN! They want their ancient weapons back they lied about the oil they lied so you would justify our blood brought to the boil they lied on every news flash J.just the Taliban to erase DETONATE THE TOWERS AND BOMB! Choose a western Arab leader SHHHHHHH! Think of a cover name I have it AL QAEDA! YEAH! This C.A black-op stirs fear in the world an excuse now to attack fully (Zionist) backed THE Taliban s armed by the West strengthened in their position now teenagers go in to try teach them a lesson but look to home for the real perpetrators and de-throne these beasts in power these human enslavers the inspectors found the war-heads on the TV yesterday were they compatible with nerve gas? Who can tell from what they say? Do they go against the standards of the U.F.K? The (grassy knoll)? BANG BANG! SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT WORLD PEACE IS THE GOAL? COME and tune into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE and watch world babies die with digital real-time action feed your TV blood thirst high I don t mean to be so morbid but you re still free SO VOICE YOUR MIND! And present a truer version of atrocities you find Ignite the spark of something global .I.

fired to blend with Palestine .

. a beast/human you laugh HOW CAN THIS BE? Soulless/nefarious intent is so very clear to me its so absurd to think beasts evolved and rule the earth but cast your eyes up to the heavens WHAT WERE YOU BEFORE YOUR BIRTH? All stars work in systems sustaining in their hold their vast array of life contradicting all we re told tailor made religion shuns the proof of star mutation slaughter in the name of God false knowledge feeds confusion we sense the (3rd dimension) but there s many many more comatose inside the concrete .desperate people shelled in houses will defend their holy sign aggressors drop destruction thinking war will be a breeze but guerrilla street style fighting guts all sides down to their knees fan the flame of (Armageddon) IS THIS ALL PART BIBLE SCRIPT? Natures dust storm stalled the barrage DIGITAL HOLOCAUST! WORLD CRYPT devils wallow in their bloodbath through the news you all shall see THE DEMONIC WESTERN LEADERS HORNS WILL GROW EVENTUALLY! Come join the army after school for you have proved you re not a fool GOOSESTEP THIS WAY MY KILLING TOOL in their symbolic dens they laugh and drool In TV age are you closed-minded? Do you think you are alone? Hourly brainwashed to exist within the five sense film zone in cities when do we gaze at stars? Or conjure up new thoughts programmed what to think from birth be senile zombies like we re taught hi-tech ancient civilizations perished in a deluge lost remnants of our past the devastating flood was huge (Darwin) preached that monkey men evolved to write our legacy HA! Controlling mans perceptions has kept certain beast-men busy but they re a different breed.

with our earth connection tore .

ascending higher worlds in our dreaming hours of sleep are you aware of the chameleons 3D visionary leaps? The (lower 4th dimension) feeds off earths negativity disrupting positive balance with their full time war activity all satanic references which flood our normal days are symbolically announcing the (macrobes) they obey the world is led by monsters its worse than any nightmare so (Shamans) WAKE UP! Raise your consciousness force evil to retire this is why they fired a missile at their pentagon HQ building feeding off mans misery so cold blooded dark and chilling but they know their reign is over and has but little time remaining their masks are wearing thin the rituals less sustaining THE WORLD IS FINALLY AWAKENING! And sky friends send light to help us so unplug your Matrix power pack AND PROJECT OUR WORLD THROUGH CHAOS FOR LAWYERS slap the wrists of paedophiles WHIPPED! CASTRATED! BURNT! I SAY! Laws/punishment and justice becoming tamer by the day (fluoride) pumped into the water makes you stupid dumbs our thinking DOH! Again the ice is melting forests die/and Africa sinking now there s (manufactured war) on every corner of the planet NON-ELECTED LEADERS sell the arms to instigate and plan it 3rd world countries grow their crops sell them off then buy some back they receive inferior grains AND LIVE IN DEBT OUT OF A SACK many children now are killers many too young for arrest do their time as naive babies leave as adults truly messed materialistic thinking no more treasuring our home if we don t curb world pollution .

we ll soon be living in a dome .

.BUT IT S NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM YOU JUST DON T REALISE ALL THE REST we are all on earth together to sit the universal test the holy books were written as a record of earths past but his-stories mistranslations have concealed our (angel) cast earth was impregnated by (comets) mushrooms grew to stretch our genes WITH RADIATION Its not nonsense for sure we have the cloning means suns align now with the (central sun) NOW EVERYTHINGS IN PLACE man alone in all the universe is quickly losing face MOTHER EARTHS ONCE MORE AWAKENING! We are all about to see many beings good and evil this is where they want to be for there s a happening of uniqueness not since the universe began WAKE UP! Create your perfect future FOR GODS WITHIN THE MIND OF MAN! So here s just one of many warnings passed for closely taking heed for without our (Goddess) planet human species cease to breed this is not a tale of fantasy its (Gaias) prayer of woe our last call to AWAKENING! so take heed be in the know BOMBED OUT I M WEEPING ECOCIDE DARK FEELINGS !!AGAIN!! LOOK I M KNOTTED LOOK WHAT HAS STARTED !!AGAIN!! LOVE FORGOTTEN SAFTEY UNCERTAIN !!AGAIN!! NOW THEY FLAY ME THEY BREAK MY HEART MY BABIES oh! blue green Mother atlas many cry their tears for thee salt tears of their emotion gleans life from gravity their wanting ways distress you piercing/they burn your blood your sadness marks their history please don t erase them with a flood. without your oxygen they gasp in suffocation ..

(heart chakras) flowering .

. sea..... (BIRTH TRAUMA) KICKS SORROW IN ME THROUGH NEW-BORN EYES MY PAIN FEW SEE THE TELL-LIE-VISION DRUGS THEIR MIND S (((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))) HELP THE SHAMANS WAKE ON TIME COMPLETE THE RHYME oh! blue green organism please try to understand their faults and adolescence stains their ignorant hybrid hands.you breathe (prana) to their souls so un-loved I know you re withering in their cold neglect but they dearly need you to revive this world they wrecked (((((((((((((((DR))))))))))))))) THEY RE OPENING MY SKIN UNLEASHING HOT CRIES WITHIN !!AGAIN!! HELP! I M WRETCHING I REALLY SHOULD BE BIRTHING !!AGAIN!! CHOKED I M HEAVING NEAR DEATH SEALS THEIR SCHEMING !!AGAIN!! SO FAMILIAR MY CHILDREN ARE MY KILLERS oh! Blue/green aqua Queen please forgive their reckless deeds their Godlessness of business deep down they know its you they need machinery beheads you seeps poison to your veins like foetuses spirituality naked they admit to all your pains your waterfalls spray poetry speaking in mist reciting dreams ((( AWAKEN GODDESS ))) cleanse them free they re drifting on dark seas and sinking deep with (negative buoyancy) sea. their greed is their discomfort (end-timers) praying for your end but billions sense your transformation this desperate prayer to you I send oh! blue green Goddess Princess (Andromeda) cries for thee please cleanse mans sins with (karma) ..

and breathe .

. WHY? WHEN THEY DON T LOVE ME DEPLEATING MY FOSSIL LIFE !!AGAIN!! MAGNETIC SLOWING THEY RE EVOLVED YET UNKNOWING !!AGAIN!! STILL CARNAL BEINGS THEY VE FORGOT ABOUT THE (MUSHROOM) !!AGAIN!! HOPELESS TO WAKE THEM SHOULD I STARVE/SHAKE/DROWN OR BURN THEM? WASTE PLASTIC FORMS AS TUMORS NOW INSIDE MY SKIN (flash-frozen) ICE SHOULD COVER UP MANS SHAME UNTIL (Zep-Tepi) WHEN MY LUSHNESS CAN TAKE ROOT AGAIN TEACH THEM (precession) (re-incarnate) INTO MY RAIN Oh dear! DING! My host started in a church futile search down holy roads DONG! His attempts at reconnection to dimensional abodes but he d reached the hilt of fear and guilt as a child he wasn t fooled as he watched the comedy baptisms in a chlorine swimming pool WHA? So he set out on his dare the fear at home too much to bear RELIGIOUS HATE in Northern Ireland division walls STILL standing there through years of cosmic research he x-rayed through the (blind faith) joke for peace he moved to Holland he WOKE! Revived by (hashish smoke) this natural earthly gift is RE-AWAKENING! mankind he had forget his deeper presence ..eternally.


his psychedelic astute mind he read about the (U.O s) Tiarnen/Clare and he THEY SAW ONE! Watched the brainwash movies about invasions soon to come NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But he siphoned out that TV fear detecting something real and dear visiting the (Pyramids) right there (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) did appear grounding geometric knowledge how did (Reality Hosts) build these things? AND WHY NO MENTION IN THE BIBLE? Much discomfort ignorance brings HIS ancient red-haired race is a fine poetic host more adaptable than most to constant ranting from a (ghost) I (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) have turned countless sceptic minds to dough and toast not my intention please don t quote me as that s certainly not a boast BUT the (Celts) a special strain high (melatonin) in their brains they ve taught light since (Lemuria) now feuding warriors but once tame like the Africans and Indians still in tune since ancient times on (Lemurias) shores I chose my host to rhyme here at this time HE travelled back to (Belfast) the (SUN-god) reeled him in he had lived 5 years in London s (Illuminati) money bin he awakened many friends but (((((((((((((((THE DR))))))))))))))) rants too much so the (angels) shoved him home for he was getting out of touch (Belfast) is a madhouse but unique in many ways no more bombs to shake his windows he doesn t miss those (Dark-age) days he knew two people who were murdered three more shot in the knees three cripples and two bodies dropped in death FOR FALSE BELIEF .F.

He moved to haunted Edinburgh .

(Indigo) Michi came to stay in his flat he sensed a spirit but he got used to things that way but when poor Michi was alone the lodger spooked her to her bones one night the spirit came to greet them both OOOOOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHHH! FECK! So again he moved his home STILL NOW the red-haired (Shaman) race is demonised ised ised as dark skin reels from the virus test-tube/man-made GENOCIDE the (dark-lords) are insane low (melanin) within their brains for their INCESTUOUS inter-breeding has diffused their nature seeding but know their time is up run out of luck bad (karma) RUN A-MOCK Cash ignorance now bleeds from ruptured veins an end game in the making thirst for life-force as its drained a warlocks fingers clenched to yank the reins eye-pyramid uncovered black saviour in the frame seduced with global turnaround folks follow blind in fear kind father come to lead man through the dark to better years Egyptian earth religions plagiarised for modern day lift his headdress see the mark behind his ear now hear me say WAKE UP! Man sleepers you (zero-time) keepers break the spell that deepens dreaming that intervenes with malice scheming 6 billion TV heads programmed to rot as living dead FUCK HOLLYWOODS FAKE REALITY! There are masters you don t see YUP! We know if you ve a family its not practical to fight its sure no joke to lose you home BUT KNOW! Mis-leaders wont make right bow and worship Christ Obama .

nice to see a darker skin .

but this beasts a cloned (Messiah) sent to slay his African Kin HE S ALIVE But no one knows where he was born great man who stands against the racists scorn he s a friend to all religions as he s dabbled with them all he can lie just like his forerunner but come out standing tall fornicating towards the sleeping masses one by one they fall panting/drooling as they heed their masters call SUCK security/freedom/wealth and love away his trillion dollar magic trick to keep bailiffs at bay DOH! An (ID card) works better as a chip he let it slip a (world bank) is the answer (Akhenaton) captains ship for they lost their Egypt kingdom in BC and swore revenge they learnt the skills of magic and slaughtered (Druids) at Henge they turned around good symbols still they practice sorcery they re the ones who crashed world markets forcing death and poverty they call themselves the (Zionists) been killing since BC Earths (New World Order) masters you don t see Bush senior controlled Reagan then nicely slipped into his shoes after the idiot called Clinton done his time came retard Bush DOH! OBAMA! Is he Muslim? Is he Christian? No one knows OH! I see another Clintons set to step up mans abuse PRESCOTT BUSH! He funded Hitler was tried for crimes but no one cared BARBERA BUSH! Was her dad CROWLEY? The most wicked man on earth Americans need to wake up now and face the blatant fact these two families they are cousins dragged their country into black do you believe (reincarnation)? As you ve been here times before .

do you believe in (after-life)? .

A faith in something more OR! Do you create reality and trust your (intuition) as you hear their contradictions sticking to your own convictions do you know that man is more than skin and bone? Do you know you re a creator with miracles to hone? Do you know the futures never set? You mould life with your dreams for all hope is lost my friend or so it seems SWEET DREAMS! As doing nothing just ensures a future rife with human screams HEY HEY! MR TERMINATOR what you gonna do? We re all now living in your movie YOU GONNA TERMINATE US 2? You married into Democrats but walk the other side tell us all about your Nazi pose and darker cults you hide you used to be my hero but now you pun world fear I once looked up to your willpower now you act our prison near I know you know what s happening you popped up right in place you re not just a brainwashed yes-man you have a hidden face NOW! Many times I ve warned you I speak through (deja-vu) so many times (coincidence) is sprinkled onto you many countless times religion snarls to show its vampire face you are making (Angels) grey-haired time to WAKE UP! Human race SO HERE WE ARE at the finale what to say I ve not a clue DOH! I ll wind down with my rhyming rants don t know what else to do DOH! I only need a punchy verse the others tend to flow if I open up my (magic eye) who knows where this will go DOH! I ve lived life as a (Mayan) tuned harmonic frequencies I m back now to expose earths propaganda spread disease .

the planets at decision point .

.. SO LISTEN UP YOU PEOPLE I know my tones frustrating but the knowledge which I m passing seems to most not worth debating I m just concerned about our world soul evolution is my obsession IF I DIDN T KNOW THE POSITIVE SIDE I D FALL INTO DEPRESSION we re sold the possibility of an endless 3rd world war being so immune to violence as our front rooms fill with gore many priests have shown their true face people trust these child abusers? MY GOD! They hiss behind a Bible SPEAK UP! Expose these wretched users but as long as you all see this physical life is but a dream .so restless at this time think ill tune into the energies pursuing shaky rhyme FOR it looks like the worlds divided and it seems our fates decided but in reality YOU RE A PSYCHEDELIC CONSCIOUS LIGHT SO RIDE IT! Humans fell down to this 3D plane now tempted by material gain cycling in the loop of incarnation round and round we spiral in hallucination !!!!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!! (CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY) your experience in entirety a (hologram mind projection) will bring you all you need now INSTANTLY! Just MANIFEST DELIBERATLY your chosen life now physically KNOW! Your inner dream is what you see outside SECOND BY SECOND MIRRORING YOUR PERFECT RIDE Who dreamt this picture up of heaven? A cloud to float around and grin and who has wrecked your nerves with (Hades)? Eternal hell to cleanse your sin do you think you come just once to earth to fret and fool around? CROSS your legs raise (kundalini) lose your shoes and touch the ground.

this illusion is so powerful .

we believe its every scene you beamed back from the spirit world ZOOOM! To be here for the test until you once again shall join the soil and take a deserved rest HUMANS wont defeat demonic power with hatred given back and it wont help our situation using terrorist attack guilt indoctrination has served its masters well many think if they do not conform they re gonna burn in hell AHHHHHH! But the ancient Greeks concocted (Hades) there s no need for fear YOU ARE ETERNAL LIGHT FILLED BEINGS! so what are you doing here this is just part of a cycle coming to earth to learn and die living energy E-MOTION! (re-incarnating) from on high but the masses still are snoozing sleeping off the TV feast they ve ignored the planets warnings jaded by the gizmo beast BLEEP! They need something to shake their brains to freak them to sit tall MAYBE A FECKIN COMET STRIKE will wake our snoring ball! LOOK! IT S MESSIAH IN THE SKY UH! PRAISE THE LORD! AHHHHHHH! NO ITS NOT!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I m nearly happy with my rhyming slang I ve exorcised some shit some readers of my rants are thinking what a messy git but I don t care for their comments and their NA NA! so and so if they try to change (((((((((((((((THE DR s))))))))))))))) tune they know where they can go FLUSH! So my apologies to people who are genuinely pure I understand the faith attraction and its glossy holy lure but you re holding back (ascension) by believing in this bribe you may think .

(Bill Hicks) .

YES YOU! They program thoughts with. PROGRAMS! TV's squawk inside our heads but the brighter path is glowing LETS TAKE THEIR POWER AWAY INSTEAD for their voracious table manners will succumb to etiquette WE your veracious butler aids reset the tables where they sit It s a matter of LIGHT AND DEATH look inside and look above JUST BREATHE IN (PRANA) THROUGH YOUR (CHAKRA S) AND SUSTAIN YOURSELF WITH *****LOVE***** There s only in the mysterious equations of love. that any logical explanation can be found... From the movie A beautiful mind") ..was dark but he knew IT S JUST A RIDE! And so here we are somehow we made it this far To the (end-times) to witness the reverse of our star sense galactic alignment twinned with (rapture) excitement while the dark (Illuminati) squirm to keep their assignment.. time to lighten your load we re at the fork in the road A strand of light has fused within your D.. (John Nash. through the portals of time I squeeze pre-history rhymes power pyramids now deciphered flick their switch it is time just remember your mission shed your fear superstition there is no (missing link) embrace spiritual instinct .A code Lets do what we can be much more than human you re the living God incarnate and I m your No 1 fan WOW! So heed me as I wind this up I hope I ve touched a nerve or two I hope some verses help you re-evaluate whom you serve.N..

See the website address below. and the reader with the downloaded PDF version to save more than one copy to your computer.com PART 3 THE BIBLE IS THE HISTORY OF ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA There is great confusion by many researchers as to whether the gods were aliens or comets. I would advise the reader of the paperback version of this book to use more that 2 bookmarks. And 2. because there very well coul d have been two wars in heaven.uk drlemuria@yahoo. 1. one physical and one celestial. HOW WE CREATE REALITY WITH OUR HOLOGRAPHIC MINDS So remember to visit there more than once to keep up to date with that story.co.Oh my child of love's creation. . you are all that loving means Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above We'll find happiness together in the summer skies of love (Black Sabbath Symptom Of the Universe ) When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.blogspot.2012shift. (Jimi Hendrix) On my blog within the index you can find my FREE! Book. come and step inside my dreams In your eyes I see no sadness. Personally I think it s a mixture of both. Please also consider purchasing the paperback version of this book for a good fr iend or perhaps leaving a small donation on my blog. with one destroying the home planet of the other. so as to make jumping around the pages a lot easier. An actual war between two extraterrestrial races.com drlemuria@yahoo. A planetary explosion in the solar-system that would have also rocked planet earth with major comet impacts and volcanic eruptions. www.

the very first book of the Bible. and let it separate the waters from the waters. still existing documents. that is within us. You make you own mind up.T spaceships of the gods as they looked very similar flying in the sky. Most people believe the Bible especially to be a religious book and that it is somehow to be worshipped. The story being told is either accounts of the destruction of Atlantis and the genetic manipulation of the human race by humanoid races who came to our planet and presented themselves as gods and angels. the greater light to rule the day. (small g). so he made the sun and moon and right at the end. many of them coming from real and physical. or already lived here inside it. Or maybe the very human writers of the Bible . So lets now proove that God is something altogether different from what the worl d has been led to believe. and everything in creation. and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. and who had a hand in our creation. the religious explanations of events are way off. or maybe even both.6And God said. (Genesis 1/16) Ok. continental land has been created. So its time now to pull everything apart and try to make some kind of sense of i t all. that seem to be talking of a much more ancient and incredible time on our planet. Below are some amazing verses from the ancient Indian sagas. When I say gods. or under the sea .The earth people could easily have thought comets were also the E. "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. Nothing too obvious there. (Capital G) I mean the creation consciousness of the univ erse. lets look at the rather important contradictions in Genesis. I m also at other times talking about idols/comets/volcanoes/nature/planets/angels and stars. but isn t the sun one of only billions and billions of stars in our tiny galaxy alone? You would think God would have menti oned supernovas. black-holes. especially our higher mind." 7And God made the firmament and separated the waters which wer e under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. Genesis. nebulas and comets etc. Nothing too strange here either. as its one or the other. So hold on to your spacesuits as we delve into the secrets of our pre-history an d expose the dark play that has held the human race in servitude since the great cataclysm and the beginning of our 5th new world. the creation of stars has been rather loosely mentioned. One thing is for sure.1:6-7) Ok. Mesopotamian tablets and Biblical texts. And God made two great lights. I m sometimes talking about advanced technological hum ans or beings who came to our planet. To start with. ENJOY! WHO OR WHAT WAS GOD? When I talk about God. . but I want to show you here that the Bible is telling an altogether more astounding story. or the destruction of Atlantis by an almighty meteorite and comet shower of which the radioactive residue mutated mankind. (Bible.

who just didn t know these things? And God said. and for days. and for seasons. Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the d ay from the night.were primitive men. and let them be for signs. and years: .

(Matthew 2:1) When they had heard the king. "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky that woul d be like the splendour of the Mighty One. So this star was not a star. And don t forg et that stars have orbiting planets. I the Lord have sp oken. unpredictable. and. they departed. The first verse is obviously a reference to astrology and the s econd is just absurd. Here is a good example of the God of the Bible "Jehovah" who is believed to be t he heavenly father of the peaceful "Jesus". there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem. lo. which they saw i n the east.Gita. untrustworthy. (Ezekiel 5:17). went before them. then it says the star mov ed and stood over where Jesus was. Ancient Indian text 3000BC) Hmmm! God didn t seem to know the sun was a star. imaginary being.. yet in the older Indian scripts it was common knowledge. (Matthew 2:9) First of all. and maybe now this is a reference to t he other planets. So I will send upon you famine and evil beasts. Where is he that is born King of th e Jews? for we have seen his star in the east. made up from the in tense fear of unknown nature. or the Nativity story is not all that it seems. astrology is black magic. it was either an intelligently operated object. But I believe in people who do. beh old. and they shall bereave thee. and I will bring the sword upon thee. Do you still think this God who displays characteristics of the lowest form of d ark human emotion. the star. which means its utterly huge and certainly wouldn t be moving around. (Bhagavad. as our sun is a star. I don't w ant to say I don't believe in God. but I don't think I do. Saying. and are come to worship him. but thats astrology. and according to Christians. I don't believe in angels and I have trouble with the whole God thing. and pestilence and blood shall pass through you. Yet the wise men used astrology to find baby Jesus.(Genesis 1:14-16). so what was it? Well. Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king. We shall explore this in another chapter. Ok.. (Billy Connolly). But surely the last sentence talks about following these celestial obje cts to track time. is really the amazing creation force of the universe? Or does this soun d like the work of a very nasty. till it came and stood over where the young child was. it says they saw a star and followed it. and it alone makes up 99% of the whole mass of our solar system. mixed with the darkest recesses of primitive and insecure human minds? We have been led to believe that the entity in the Old Testament described as a mass murderer and . the sun and moon get a mention again.

heinous leader is the God of the universe. causes adultery. invisible bearded entity that punishes his creations . if there be one. death and re-birth. plays favourites. sexuality. such as worshipping the Goddess pl anet. He created evil. because. We have been led to think that the sl aughter of human beings in the name of God is a divine act. promotes gambling. deceived a nd killed. and rewrote their religions while stealing their holy sites for their own use? Who indeed? The ancients were scientists. had the a bility to wipe out . The bible followers wou ld also have us believe that the peaceful Jesus and this God are the same. suppo rts human sacrifice. for simply indulging in no more than natural human acts. condones cannibalism. (Thomas Jefferson) We hear the term "oh! She s a good God fearing woman" but where does this lunacy c ome from? Who was it that tricked us into thinking that God is something to be feared? And who started the idea that there is a great. that an earthly cataclysm such as a volcano or a meteor storm. hypocritical. and celestial movements etc. (Jack Barranger). Question with boldness even the existence of a God. But we will investiga te a bit later on the true identity of Jesus also. etc. The God of the Bible is not a nice character at all. than that of blind-folded fear. and they knew that life works in cycles of. condones slavery. They understood through the tracking of the skies and the zodiac. Does this not sound more like the big beardy Greek thunderbolt Zeus or Je-Zeus? Who were the people that demonised and systematically slaughtered the pagan mass es who on the most part lived in harmony with the earth. he must more approve of the homage of reason. he is also unjust.

deal. He must have killed the dinosaurs also. and even seems completely obsessed with one tiny little planet at the exp ense of billions of others.all traces of culture and learning. and I won't ask for anything more. am a jealous God. if you believe the Bible is t he oldest book in the world. the LORD your God. and that somehow he is separate to the universe. "Dear Lord: The gods have been good to me. Chapter 20: 4) . If you want me to eat them for you. everyt hing is absolutely perfect just the way it is. and their bizarre ancestors. I present you this offering of cookies and milk. Is god willing to prevent evil but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Why the heck would he be. I know it s ins ane. OK." (Homer Simpson) . and as this s tory goes on we will surely meet them. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he ne ither able nor willing? Then why call him god?" -(Epicurus (341-270 BCE) . which I assume he created also. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them .Isn t jealousy a childish emotion based on insecurity? And what are these gods in the waters below? Poseidon perhaps? We will come across these water gods again in a little while. He s also decided to favour certain races of his creatio n over others on earth. because I cant find one trace of them anywh ere in the Bible. So here's the deal: You freeze everything the way it is.A great quote. They knew these happenings were simply an ac t of the natural cycles of the sun and hence it was an aspect of the true God. Is he ab le but not willing? Then he is malevolent. In gr atitude. This seems to show that Go d somehow has some of the most childish human emotion. then it s quite clear when you read it. And yet this same God has done nothing t o stop the evil on earth which he must also have created.. but here is another very strange one. Later on these beliefs were hi-jacked by some very negative clans. if he wa s the all powerful creator of the universe? "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. which of course is Mother Nature. and also seems to suggest that God was in some way intimidated by people worshipping other Gods. give me n o sign. For the first time in my life. and at one point whilst floating around doing nothing. The world has been led to be lieve this big guy with a beard is watching our every move. actually created a universe so h e could set about every tragedy and horror to murder his helpless sinning creations. If that is OK.. please give me absolutely no sign. Thy will be done. In fact. but that s the reality of the story." (Exodus. for I. that God first instigated and revel led in killing.

I saw gods ascending out of the earth. we are led to believe that the Israelite /Hebrew/Jews of the Bible were monotheistic and only worshipped the one God. be not afraid for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul. EH? What is this bit that we have heard mentioned before about gods under the wa ter of the earth? Is this talking about the Hollow-earth or perhaps Mer-man? And the King said to her. or that which is under the water of the earth (Exodus 20:4). Here we have the plural (Gods) yet in the verse below God admits to causing the destruction and death and deliberately killing children. Dead things are formed from under the water. Woe unto us! Who shall deliver us out of the land of these almighty Gods? These are the Gods that smote the Egyptians with all manner of plaques in the wilderness. (Samuel 4:8). Oh! Maybe it is Mer-man after all. (Job 12. but is that entirely true? Maybe t hey just chose the nastiest one to worship out of pure fear. You shall not make yourself a graven image. So what are these horrific blood-stained mutilated statues of Jesus doing hanging in churche s and being worshipped? And what about the mountains of tacky baby savoir souvenirs in Jerus alem? And what is the difference between an idol and a statue of Mary? There is no such th ing in an Islamic Mosque. and the staff in their hand is mine indignati on. and the inhabitants thereof.5) Under the water and the inhabitants thereof? Who are these beings who live in th e sea? Hmmm! Have a look at Part 2 in this book the A-Z references for amphibious features and ommo .13). So as I ve already said.It says in the Bible not to create any image or idol of any God to be worshipped . the rod of mine anger. or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above. or that is in the earth beneath. N . O Assyrian. (1st Samuel 28.

Nevertheless ye shall die like men. and who are the god sons of the most high? Jehovah is the main God of the Biblical Hebrews. 5-7) Who is speaking in this verse. So is he after all talkin g about other supernatural or perhaps physical beings? "If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the Lord gives you is fo und doing evil in the eyes of the Lord your God in violation of His covenant. and below we read that these gods aren't the sun. what thi ngs I have wrought in Egypt. and fall like one of the princes (sarim) (Bible. and of thy son's son. He judges among the gods . (Exodus 10:2) So there was hail. If it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done in Israel. God stands in the congregation of God. if God is all omnipresent and Omnificent. and this has been brought to your attention. or perhaps a volcano? Keep this in mi nd. (Exodus 9:2) Fire and hail?Are these other Gods comets. "Who among the gods is like you. So tell me. but he is also known as Yahweh. bowing down to them or to the sun or the moon or the star s of the sky. from the firs tborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon. (Deuteronomy 17:2-5) Nice! God standeth in the Congregation of God (El). "Let's go out to the field. and my signs which I have done among them.At midnight the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt. then how did this happen w ithout him knowing? These two characters are the sons of Adam and Eve. Psalm 82:1." A . that ye may know how that I am the LORD. and fire mingled with the hail. and contrary to my c ommand has worshipped other gods.12:29) And that thou mayest tell in the ears of thy son. then you must investigate it thoroughly.-(Ex. In the midst of gods (elohim). ("Genesis 4:8) Now Cain said to his brother Abel. very grievous. But that s not entirely true either. such as there was none like it in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation. I said: Ye are gods and all of you sons of t he Most High (Elyon). wonders? (Exodus 15:11). the first two people on earth. (Psalm 82 ) Above we read in plural that God actually acknowledges the existence of other gods . moon or stars. They were said to be monotheistic (belief in one God) but it s clear they worshipped many go ds and simply chose Jehovah as top dog. and all the firstborn of cattle. aw esome in glory.He j udgeth till all the foundations of the earth are moved. take the man or woman who has done this evil to your city gate and stone that person to death. O LORD? Who is like you majestic in holiness.

and how in the English language Bible. Look now at the three supposedly accurate translations bel ow. (Genesis 3:8 Darby Translation). in the midst of the trees of the garden. 8And they heard the voice of Jehovah Elohim. Here we have God strolling in the garden in the cool day. if anyone kills Cain." Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. "Not so . he will suffer veng eance seven times over.nd while they were in the field." he replied. walking in the garden in the cool o f the day. And Man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Jehovah Elohim. I will be a restless wanderer on the earth. At this point also kno w that the word (Elohim) is a plural.)Then the LORD said to Cain. "Am I my brother's kee per. 16 So Cain went out from the LORD's presence and lived in the land of Nod. Genesis 4:14-16 (New International Version). east of Eden. (Genesis 4:9 New International Version). Why would an all knowing God not know that Abel was dead. Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. they hid the identity of the Elohim (plural) and rep resented him as one monotheistic deity. and I will be hidden from your presen ce. . and why does Cain fear leaving the garden of Eden? 14 Today you are driving me from the land." Hidden from Gods presence? I thought he saw all. and whoever finds me will kill me. And who are all the other peopl e if Adam and Eve and their offspring are the very first people? 15 But the LORD said to him. "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know. (Genesis 4:9.

after all that s been sai d. King James Version). and thou shalt know no god but me : for there is no savoir beside me. they were a destructive Saturn-cult that was eventually forced out. is far off the true reality of what re ally happened in these times. "I am the LORD thy God from the land of Egypt. (Genesis 3:8 American Standard Version) 8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day." (Hosea 13:4. only the Israelites did.8 And they heard the voice of Jehovah God walking in the garden in the cool of t he day: and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of Jehovah God amongst the trees o f the garden. I will be an enem y to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you. which is an utter contradi ction. then it is not Yahweh/Jehovah. They made us in their image. th en mutated the surviving life on earth into new human species. God is admitting that he really is the God of the Egyptians. the official v ersion of events that people are worshipping in the Bible. As we continue here we will see that the God of the Bible was perceived as many different concepts. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say. and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden. you have a choice. and that he interacted openly with certain humans. But little does the religious community know. or wish to know. and what is the true identity of these creation gods? The above verses show us that God was very mort al. What about Jesus then? Oh that s right. Because for sure. If this is God from the Bible supposedly saying this. by making shady deals? Because if you read the verse below. So to wind this chapter up. He also walked around in a humanoid form and w as seen by humans. So the all seeing-all watching-all knowing God must have been busy or sleeping a s he didn t know where the murdered Abel was. Either you can believe the gods w ere a race of aliens or advanced humans who came here and genetically tampered with humans and manipulated civilizations to fight their personal battles for them. The Israelites we re not slaves in Egypt. (Exodus 23:22) Why does this above verse sound as if God (the gods) are turning people against each other. for the Eg yptians did not worship him. or you can b elieve they were comets which brought radiation bacteria and viruses which destroyed old life. the Romans haven t invented him yet. What if I was to tell you that God was also a volcano? VOLCANO GOD? Many researchers have interpreted the devastations in the ancient world as ancie nt nuclear-wars when the Sumerian god Enlil supposedly nuked the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in . (Genesis 3:8 New International Version) What is this symbolism really revealing about the creation of homo-sapiens.

but there is much more proof of this disaster being exactly that. (Psalm 97:5King James Bible) "Behold.the Bible. the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth is crossing over a head of you into the Jordan. . Remember the primitive people thought everythi ng which they didn t understand in the world of nature was an act of God. And ill prove now that God was sometimes a volcano. A natural disa ster. caused by either a comet impact or volcano. As I have already said Gods also known as =Yahweh=Java=volcano. The hills melted like wax at the presence of the LORD. at the presence of the Lo rd of the whole earth.

Miraculously there was no signs of burning afterwards as St Elm os fire. as we know now from the Moby Dick ship story didn t burn the wooden masts. a whole pyramid would light up and reflect its limestone casing stones for hundreds of m iles. Like wax before the fire. a nd your elders. We can see them depicted on the walls of Abydos. (Psalm 46:6 ) The mountains will melt under Him And the valleys will be split. when ye heard the voice out of the midst of the darkness. and by night in a pillar of fire. (for the mountain did burn with fire. that the nations may tremble at thy presence! 3When thou didst terrible things which we looked not for. with darkness. (Judges 5:5) 11And ye came near and stood under the mountain. to go by day and night: (Exodus 13:21 King James Version) "Take heed to yourselves. (Nahum 1:5) 21And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud.(Joshua 3:11) The nations made an uproar. to give them light. the mountains flowed down at thy presence. (Deuteronomy 5:23) We now know that Mt Sinai was an actual volcano or a giant comet that hung in th e sky that sent down mass electrical lightning charges onto the top of a mountain. clouds. and it was used as a power plant which could power all of Egypts lights and ancient machines. that thou wouldest come down. And so the co . (the Lights). Like water poured down a steep place. the kingdoms tottered. The pyramid was an artificial mountain from whose peak (a metallic cap) . The world and all the inhabitants in it. 2As when the melting fire burneth. Elmo's fire would be discharged skywards. Indeed the earth is uphea ved by His presence." 1Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens. the eart h melted. it was also seen from space. (Isaiah 64) 5The mountains melted from before the LORD. thou camest down. that the mountains might flow down at thy presence. to lead them the way. that ye go not up into the mount. and thick darkness. or touch the border of it: whosoever touchesth the mount shall be surely put to death (Exodus 19:12).) that ye came near unto me. St. He raised His voice. The word "pyr amid" is Greek and (pyr) means (fire) as in (funeral pyre). and the mountain burned with fi re unto the midst of heaven. (Deuteronomy 4:11) 23And it came to pass. the fire causeth the waters to boil. At times. even all the heads of your tribes. to make thy name known to thine adversaries. The Great Pyramid at Giza was calle d Khuti . even that Sinai from before the LORD God of Israel. (Micah 1:4) Mountains quake because of Him And the hills dissolve.

so that they will not understand one another s s peech. nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.' These 'act s' are nothing more than natural disasters.The tower of Babel) According to ancient texts. and confuse their language there.nfusion of what exactly Mt Sinai was continues. and 70% or more of the world's population were destroyed what would happen to mankind? Within the next four generations af ter the cataclysm . let (us) go down. which mortals had built. they are one people. Look. and that it will certainly happen again. 6. we know without a doubt that when civilization was b orn there was no single language and that there existed a variety of languages and cultures. what likely happened in the Tower of Babel story is that a natural disaster of immense proportions occurred. and they have all one language. The Lord came down to see the city and the tower. It's just a question of when. and this is only the b eginning of what they will do. And the Lord said. or a clue as to why they were telling in the story. their history? In the insurance business there is a clause that protects the insured from what they call 'Acts of God. 7. it co uld happen again. Most recently. So w hat could the Tower of Babel story be referring to? Of course it can be written-off as just another fab le. If it did happen. The civilization that existed was decimated. Could it be a part of their collective memory. Genesis 11:1-9. (Bible. 5. scientists talk about the comet or asteroid that rendered the dinosaur s extinct. Com e. but it seems feeble minded to do so just because we haven't a context for the story. Over many generations these survivors struggled back onto the road of civilization. Five thousand years ago people also blamed God for natural disasters. So. just as mu ch as they do today. b ut because of their isolation unique languages developed in various regions. leaving only isolated poc kets of survivors. If it did.

but the God fearing people of the time we re told by the priests that lightning was God. phones. (Samuel II. 'angels' .would be a dim memory. for the oxen shook (it). made up of a myriad of plural 'gods' (a. but they cannot mess with the translati ons in the Sumerian texts that say there were many gods who actually fought each other for the rule of earth. and its translated that they genetically created our human slave r ace to do the hard work mining gold for them.k. Uzzah put forth his hand to the Ark of God and took hold of it. And the anger of the LORD was kindled again st Uzzah. and God smote him there for his error. The Sumerians called their main gods Enki and Enlil. (Bible. It was Enlil that caused the flood and it was Enki who created the humans and later warned them. leaving their 14 ft skeletons for moder n archaeologists . (Alan F Alford) He is talking about an exploded planet in our solar system that became what we k now as the asteroid belt and created billions of comets and meteorites many of which hit th e earth. and there he died by the Ark of God. the Bible compilers delibera tely hid the identity of God behind one single deity. It is well known that the word Elohim is plural and many of us today have been conditioned to think that this p lurality refers simply to the magnificence of God. one was good and one evil. the exploded planet 'emanation' hypo thesis would suggest that God was once a single physical being (El) which disintegrated into a plural ity of gods (elohimcomets).ours cars.a par allel to the Mesopotamian 'Igigi'.everything we know of today . that the y should build arks to escape the deluge.000 years ago that cause d the great flood and destroyed most of the giant Nephilm. and this is where we get the two personality traits of the Biblical Jehovah from. Behold the Lord maketh the earth empty and maketh it waste and turneth it upside down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. Now here we have proof of high technology in pre-history. As we have seen earlier. And from a metaphysical perspective the singular resurrected God would have been a collective entity. 6:6-7) GIANTS? The identity of these gods was written on the Sumerian tablet texts long before the Bible was ever conceived of. On the other hand.a. these following verses are talking about electricity and superconductors. houses. Isaiah 24) This verse is talking about the polar-shift of earth 13. computers . when it shot out of the Ark of the Covenant 'And when they came to Nachon's threshing floor. By the tenth generation who would care? (Unknown) Your point concerning the term 'Elohim' raises an interesting issue.

to find. men of renown. when men began to multiply on the face of the earth. for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. They just love editing out the truth. 4 Ther e were giants in the earth in those days. The LORD said. and it s very obvious why. (Genesis 6). and they took them wives of all which they chose. and also after that. since he too is flesh. The creation of the human bi-polar experiment followed as a new race of intellig ent humans suddenly appeared from nowhere. the same became mighty men which were of old. Introducing the Nephilm. and daughters were born unto them. 1 And it came to pass. and they bare children to them. when the sons of God came in unto the daught ers of men. My spirit shall not always s trive with man. When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them. 'My breath shall not abide in man forever. 3 And the LORD said. as no one in the church circles has ever wanted to tackle ex plaining it. This Bible verse below has convinced many that other higher races did in fact co me to earth many millennia ago. And here is an earlier version of the verse before the Roman scholars removed th e reference to the Nephilm. let the days allowed him be one . 2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair. the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among those that pleased them.

The Annunaki are sometimes depicted as giant humanoids. which the Lord God had taken f rom man . due to their advanced techno logy. This is why Cain was scared to leave the garden of Eden.) Biblical genetic engineering? Why use bone marrow when a female could easily be created. and they easily moved great blocks of stone. whose height was three tho usand ells: 3 Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. can be used as a hyper-space fuel and can change space-time itself. who bore them offspring. that the Nephilim appeare d on earth when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men. 6 Then the ear th laid accusation against the lawless ones. because the word gods and angels are wholly interchangeable. who were not part of the gods genetic experiments. the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. and be asts. and to devour one another's flesh. It s believed that they are on their way back to earth to Iraq (Sumeria) to claim their empire of stolen gold. 2) They were depicted as men of gigantic stature. Giants? Son s of God? Nephilm? Again I ask.' It was then. and drink the blood. and he slept: and he to ok one of his ribs. and later too. (From the book of Enoch Chapter 7. and they bare great giants. and the rib. the men of renown. this is now bone of my bones . We will find out soon the identity of the angels also. but presented themselves as gods. 4 And when men could no longer sustain the m. often they are Reptilian in appearance. .hundred and twenty years. (Genesis 2 :21.. is Jesus not the only son of God? Is t he Bible saying something different? The Sumerian Annuniki wanted the gold to eat. and fish. which is very good for the human race. Its said there was a war in heaven and the evil ones were beate n. at other times they are bird-headed with wings. hence the modern chaos there and the worlds obsession with this precious metal. as orme-gold extends life. especially when depicted as warriors. their strength was equal to their size. and reptiles. 5 And they began to sin against birds." (Bible Genesis 6:14) And they became pregnant.made he a woman and brought her onto the man . (Ancient History of the East Volume 2. because she was taken out of man. and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman. and closed up the flesh instead thereof. and that they escaped to earth. And the Lord God caused a great sleep to fall upon Adam. But it s also said that something higher is stopping this return happening. They were the heroes of old. There were other humans already on earth. The Sumerians said their gods came down to earth from heaven (the planet of heaven= nibiru) an d genetically upgraded (or downgraded) the primitive men into left-brain thinkers.And Adam said.Lenormant and Chevalier).

the heaven-lord himself. blue. I shall cause the sea to gather together itself up into a huge towering wall whi ch I shall hurl upon your wicked earth-children. resulting in the great pole-shift that destroyed almost all the flora and fauna on the planet. and people hid their face s. and green fire-serpents. just like what happens to the sun. the original word for God Elohim is a plural. because the known Bible translations have been rubbished as they have been heavily misunderstood and mistranslated for millennia.. and the children screamed with fear. (Revelation 12:9 Today's New International Version) Reptilian symbolism ? Are these beings from another world or are they falling co mets? It s one or the other. These global cataclysms caused the polar axis t o alter. or Satan . Those who from heaven came to earth (The Sumerian texts).'" Reverse the world with a magnetic or polar shift. and thus destroy them and all life. who leads the whole world astray. The Bible says we were . He was hurled to the earth.. "when the wickedness increased among the human beings. (Michael Tsarion-Atlantis -alien visitation and genetic manipulation)." the midmost of the earth "trembled with terror so that the upper layers of the earth fell away and many of the people we re hurled down into those caved-in places to perish. I shall b id the rivers flow upward.. and his angels with him. Also many giant skeletons have been found all over the world. came dow n.. Adam was the Adamic race and as we know.9 The great dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil. Some researchers believe it was the use of the weapons of mass destruction that caused the planet earth itself to react violently.. (gods).His terrible anger flashed like red.The angry god spoke: 'I shall reverse the world." "And Jubmel. Its said the Annuniki creators were giants and we can see this depicted in the S umerian wall relief s. some even showing signs of radioactivity yet without the physical weaknesses of human giants.. Then there is this account from Sweden. It is written that the ferocity of the war of the god s caused the very moisture in the air to completely evaporate.

S. after the cubit of a man. 1Sm:17:6: And he had greaves of brass upon his legs and a target of brass betwee n his shoulders. . It arose in the 19th century somewhere in Massachusetts. when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men. whose fingers and toes were four and twenty. behold hi s bedstead was a bedstead of iron. 1Sm:17:5: And he had a helmet of brass upon his head. Dt:2:21: A people great. They are found in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts. six on each hand. and many. where was a man of great stature . whose height was six cubits and a span. The Nephilm are the extraterrestrials and the Anakim are the hybrid/giant offspr ing of humans and the Sons of God. or (sons of the gods). also known a s Wadoma (or by the singular. and dwelt in their stead: Dt:9:2: A people great and tall. Even weirder still. and also afterward. and his spear's h ead weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield went before him. and four cubits the breadth of it. the children of the Anakims. These were the mighty men that were of old. of Gath. saying . whom thou knowest. 1Sm:17:4: And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines. That's why so many kitties in the eastern U. (anc ient Palestinians) named Goliath." (Genesis 6:4 ) Dt:3:11: For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants. and he was armed with a co at of mail. west of Zimbabwe. Who can stand before the children of Anak. Dt:1:28: Whither shall we go up? Our brethren have discouraged our heart. but the Lord destro yed them before them. Who can stand before the children of Anak 1Chr:20:6: And yet again there was war at Gath. so within the verses that follow is some pro of of Biblical giants. the cities are great and walled up to heaven. 1Sm:17:7: And the staff of his spear was like a weaver's beam. is the still living Vadoma tribe. the people is greater and taller than we. have 6 or 7 toes on various feet.genetically created in their image. as the Anakims. Several of them are showing very clearly hands with six fingers. the men of renown. (Duet 9:2) The Nephilim were on the earth in those days. Polydactyly is a congenital condition characterised by the presence of extra dig its on the hands or feet. and they succeeded them. is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof. and tall. and they bore children to them. Mudoma). Six fingers and toes are said to be genetic traits of the Annuniki/Nephilm. and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass. and of whom thou hast heard say. and six on each foot and he also wa s the son of the giant. At Three Rivers in New Mexico you can find quite a lot of very interesting old p etro-glyphs sprayed and spat onto walls. and moreover w e have seen the sons of the Anakims there. There's also a form of olydactylism that is dominant in cats.

this is also from where most white Jews/Israelis come from.youtube. http://www. .youtube. These people are known as the Ostrich people. Ectrodactyly is condition which is the result of a single mutation on the number seven chromosome. being from a tribe called the Khazars .com/watch?v=S9V13ypAz0U http://www.com/watch?v=X9BNtoVp5CE NOAH The unpronounceable Hebrew word known as AWDAWM (Adam-Adamic race) supposedly means white man so was Gods (the Annuniki) mark the genetic manipulation of the da rk pigment melanin in some chosen humans and would this fiddling make them more intel lectual and war-like and more disconnected from the melanin rich planet than its darker in habitants? East of Eden would be the Black sea and the Caucasus mountains from where we get the word Caucasian from. They claim that their remote ancestors were bird like people who came from the stars and who mated with earthly woman and produced these two toed human beings. as they have just 2 large toes on each foot. They are said to be great tree climbers though. this is kept within their gene pool as they have little contact with the outside world. they are also known as the Bantwana. which makes them look like bird people.This tribe only adopted Judaism in the years AD and so most Israeli s cant be descended from the Hebrews of the Biblical times. Have a look at these online vide os below.Africa. whi ch means children. The Zionist controlled Nazis made sure no one could trace their true ancestry by killing millions of Jews in WW11.

And w hen he opened his eyes. ma ybe even one of the paler Adamic races. and his nature is different and he is not like us. and dust shall you eat all the days of thy life. diverse from and unlike man. And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose. and his eyes beautiful. opened his mouth. God is not talking to the serpent here because he is already a snake and its har dly a punishment. taken out of the Bible ) .We all know the story of Noah and his Ark. Apparently he would have had to bring extra food for the carnivores. and his 6 countenance is glorious. even as iron is not mixed with cl ay. and conversed with the L ord of righteousness. and the hair of his head and his long locks were white as wool. and that would mean there must have been more than two of some species. And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me but from the angels. and mutating with th eir radiation and bacteria primitive humans into big-brained moderns? Many have translated the word Annuniki as Those who from heaven came to earth but in truth the translation should really say something like the men of the sun god of heaven . 4 And his father Lamech was afraid of him and 5 fled. a hybrid child of a union between the gods and human. for he was also thought to be a child of an angel and mortal woman. 43And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay. and came to his father Met huselah. and how he somehow had 2 of every type of animal all on the one boat. And he said unto him: ' I have begotten a strange son. and rese mbling the sons of the God of heaven. (Genesis 3:14) . and the whole house 3 was very bright. he lighted up the whole house like the sun. was it a Shaman serpent teacher or was it a physical reptilian be ing? I believe it to be the former as the reptilians certainly would not like humans being awakened. upon thy belly shall thou go.Because thou hast done this. and she became 2 pregnant by him and bore a son. (Book of Enoch . But who or w hat was the serpent in the garden. they shall mingle themselve s with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another. (Daniel 2:43 (King James Version) So were the Annuniki advanced humans who live in the Hollow earth? Or was Anu an exploding planet with his sons Enki and Enlil being comets which f ell down at the dawn of time destroying old life. he is talking to the (Eve s) and females still feel this curse today. and his eyes a re as the rays of the sun. and above every b east of the field. bringing mushroom spores. thou art cursed above all cattle. But something even stranger now. 1 And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech. In other words they were more advanced humans who came here and genetically fidd led with mankind but who also inevitably worshipped the sun.

Have a look at the eye-poles on a . I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth. and the creeping thing. or were they actually albino? The god Quetzalcoatl was also said to have been white and sporting a white beard which the Indians could not grow due to genetics. Interesting! So now we know that some of the g ods at least were shining and white. and it grieved him at his heart. and the fowls of the air. and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. So how were his sons of 3 races if he had one wife? I think the Ark story is symbolic o f genetic mutation and how new genetic D.N. for short. 6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth. (He may have been Phoenician sailor or even an Irish Monk like St Patrick who chas ed the snakes from Ireland. The Noah s Ark story is blatantly telling us how 3 new races were created. This is symbolic of the Shamanic civilizers who followed a secret snake cult and brought its secrets to South America to be adopted by the Indians. 8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. for it actu ally says in the Bible that his 3 sons were of different races and re-populated the world after t he flood. he was said to bring civilization and knowledge to this part of the globe after a m ajor catastrophe. It was th is image of a white god that fooled the Indians into thinking the Spaniards were the civilizer s returning. both man.5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. for it repenteth me that I have made them.A codes were implanted on earth through comet impacts an d sun mutation which created new races of humans. and beast. flora and fauna. 7 And the LORD said. (Bible Genesis 5:5) There is actually a modern institute called the National Organization for Albini sm and Hypopigmentation NOAH.

It flew off. i t s about a hero called Utnapishtim and it is many centuries older than the Christian account. but circled around and returned. we now destroy them in the sea!" All the gods wept and wailed along with her. The above passage is where the compilers of the Bible got the Noah story from. This above passage is from tablet 11 from the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. cattle. He blotted out every living thing that was upon the face of the ground.. and the waters had receded: In the Story of Atrahasis). A gigantic messenger of death. and the warriors of the Yadu dynast y were puzzled about the whereabouts of the peculiar airplane. Which reduced to ashes The Entire ra ce of the Vrishnis and .Enki made his voice heard. All the gods? I released a dove from the boat. And all flesh died that moved upon the earth. bui ld a boat.Remember the word that s used whirling firebrand . Sometimes the plane was visible and sometimes not visible. There is evidence for a world wide flood around 9000 BC. flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single proj ectile Charged with all the power of the Universe (Atomic power) . Sometimes they would see the airplane on the ground. and wept.These texts are not just much olde r but are also 15 times longer than the Bible. NUCLEAR WAR OR COMETS? The airplane occupied by Salva was very mysterious. It flew off. Dismantle the house. Ghurkha. all the g ods sat trembling. birds.it was not steady even for a moment. It was so extraordinary that sometimes many airplanes would appear to be in the sky.bloody giraffe. sometimes flying in the sky. and those that were with him in the ark. man and animals and creeping things and birds of the air." ER! And they talk of these things 3000-3500BC. It flew off." (Bible. The wonderful airplane flew in the sky like a whirling firebrand . and sometimes there were apparently non e.. Reject possessions. sometimes resting on the peak of a hill and sometim es floating on the water. and save living things-(Akkadian texts 1640 BC) . but its also a fact that the Biblical flood story was copied from the earlier Babylonian Epic of Gilgames h. all swarmin g creatures that swarm upon the earth. Why did we decide to destroy our people? We have only just now created our belov ed humans. F or it could find no perch . everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life died.I then released a swallow from the boat. An iron thunderbolt. Genesis Chapter 7 verse 21). and every man. but circled around and re turned.An incandescent column of smoke and fl ame (mushroom cloud) As bright as ten thousand Suns Rose in all its splendour it was an unknow n weapon. they were blotted out from the earth. for it could find no perch I then released a raven from the boat. Only Noah was left. beasts.

the Andhakas. the corpses were so burned As to be unrecognizable. Their hair and n ails fell out Pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few ho urs all foodstuffs were infected To escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams To wash themselves and their equipment (Radiation). But lets get back to the weapons. This is exactly what it says, and remember thi s is more than 5000 years old. This is an account by the Hero Krishna as he takes to the skies in pursuit of Salva: "His Saubha clung to the sky at a league s length...He threw at me rockets, missil es, spears, spikes, battle-axes, three-bladed javelins, flame-throwers, without pausing....The sky.. .seemed to hold a hundred suns, a hundred moons...and a hundred myriad stars. Neither day nor nigh t could be made out, or the points of compass.

Remember the night-time attacks in the first Gulf war on TV with the millions of bullets and rockets being shot up into the sky? This is from an Indian book called the Mahabharata which was written over 5000 y ears ago but may be older. It is believed that the nuclear war happened around 3100Bc.But why couldn t they make out the points of the compass, was their a polar-shift or magnetic reversal ? And who the hell had a compass in those days? It was as if the elements had been unleashed. The sun spun round. Scorched by th e incandescent heat of the weapon, the world reeled in fever. Elephants were set on fire by the heat an d ran to and fro in a frenzy to seek protection from the terrible violence. The water boiled, the anim als died, the enemy was mown down and the raging of the blaze made the trees collapse in rows as in a fo rest fire. The elephants made a fearful trumpeting and sank dead to the ground over a vast area . Horses and war chariots were burnt up and the scene looked like the aftermath of a conflagratio n. Thousands of chariots were destroyed, then deep silence descended on the sea. The winds began to blow and the earth grew bright. It was a terrible sight to see. (YES! 3000BC) . The heavens cried out, the earth bellowed an answer, lightening flashed forth, fi re flamed upwards, it rained down death. The brightness vanished, the fire was extinguished. Everyone who was struck by the lightening was turned to ashes . The corpses of the fallen were so mutilated they no longer looked like human bei ngs. Never before have we seen such an awful weapon, and never before have we heard of such a weap on . Weapon? And now a strange verse below from the Bible. He shall flee from the iron weapon, and the bow shall strike him through. (Job 14: 24). Iron thunderbolt? Don t meteorites contain iron? Didn t the ancients think meteor sh owers were gods battling in the sky ? And lo the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace. (Genesis 18 v20,19 v 24-26,28). A mushroom cloud? Or a major comet impact? On the land [Sumer] fell a calamity, one unknown to man; one that had never been seen before, one which could not be withstood. A great storm from heaven A land-annihi lating storm An evil wind, like a rushing torrent A battling storm joined by a scorching h eat By day it deprived the land of the bright sun, in the evening the stars did not shine The people, terrified, could hardly breathe; the evil wind clutched them, does not g rant them another day Mouths were drenched with blood, heads wallowed in blood The face was made pale by the Evil Wind. It caused cities to be desolated, houses to become d esolate; stalls to become desolate, the sheepfolds to be emptied Sumer s rivers it made flow with wa

ter that is bitter; its cultivated fields grow weeds, its pastures grow withering pl ants. And what is this above verse from Sumeria talking about? I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds." Physicist Robert Oppenheimer Supervising Scientist Manhattan Project on 16 July 1945 at 0529 HRS,...quoting from the Bhagavad-Gita upon witnessing first atomic detonation by mankind. The exact quote from the Bhagavad-Gita is: If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once into the sky That would be like the splendor of the Mighty one... I am become Death, The shatterer of Worlds. When asked in an interview at Rochester University seven years after the Alamogo rdo nuclear test whether that was the first atomic bomb ever to be detonated, his reply was, "Well, yes, in modern history." BOOM! "Then the third angel sounded; And a great star fell from Heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell upon a third of the rivers and on the springs of water, "and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became as worm-wood; and many men died from the water becaus e it was made bitter (Rev:8:10-11) And finally read these paragraphs, for the devastation in all of these stories a re either celestial

meteorite showers that were given names and personas of battling gods or there r eally were nuclear strikes back in ancient times. And the Lord said, because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because t heir sin is very grievous. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah, brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; and he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabit ants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground. But his [Lot's] wife looked back from behind him, an d she became a pillar of salt. And lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furna ce. (Genesis 18:20; 19:24-26, 28). In the original Sumerian text story Lots wife was turned to a cloud of vapor rat her than a pillar of salt, but if we go there today we can see numerous pillars of salt which are human height as this is how it is deposited in some areas around the sea. But remember when you are reading this that the average person alive in Biblical times thought everything was God simpl t because they were primitive superstitious people without the understanding of science. To the west of the southern shore and in the direction of the Biblical "Land of the South", the Negeb, stretches a ridge of hills about 150 feet high and 10 miles from north to south. Their slopes sparkle and glitter in the sunshine like diamonds. It is an odd phenomenon of nature. For th e most part this little range of hills consists of pure rock salt. The Arabs call it Jebel Usdum, an anc ient name, which preserves in it the word "Sodom". Many blocks of salt have been worn away by the rain and have crashed downhill. They have odd shapes and some of them stand on end, looking li ke statues. It is easy to imagine them suddenly seeming to come to life. These strange statues in salt remind us vividly of the Biblical description of Lot's wife who was turned into a pillar of salt... And e verything in the neighborhood of the Salt Sea is even to this day quickly covered with a crust of salt (Werner Keller) And behold a star fell from heaven and the children of the earth began to tremble and quake before them and flee from them. And again I saw how they began to gore each other and t o devour each other and the earth began to cry aloud. (The book of Enoch, which was banished from the Bible) 18.Its snorting throws out flashes of light; its eyes are like rays of dawn. Burning lamps go forth from its mouth, and sparks of fire leap out. 20Smoke goes forth from its nostrils as from a boiling pot or cauldron. 21Its breath sets coals ablaze, and flames go forth from its mouth 24 His chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone. 31 He makes the depths churn like a boiling caldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment. 33 Nothing on earth is his equal a creature without fear. (Job 41: 18) This is a massive comet that lands in the sea This is from Josephus an ancient Jewish super-grass turned Roman historian from

his writing. "History of the Jews : .but Lot's wife, continually turning back to view the city as she went from it, a lthough God had forbidden her so to do, was changed into a pillar of salt; for I have seen it, a nd it remains to this day. ANGELS AND U.F.O s Now if you ever wondered what angels really are, just realize that this is what ancient people called them, but today in our advancement, we prefer to call them extraterrestri als. 1 The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gat eway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. 2 "My lords," he said, "please turn aside to your servant's house. You can wash your feet and spe nd the night and then go on your way early in the morning." No," they answered, "we will spend the night in the square." 3 But he insisted so strongly that they did go with him and entered his house. He prep ared a meal for them, baking bread without yeast, and they ate. 4 Before they had gone to bed, (Genesis 19) So they needed to sleep and eat? All the men from every part of the city of Sodom both young and old surrounded the h ouse. 5 They called to Lot, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them." Eh? 6 Lot went outside to meet them and shut the door behind him 7 and said, "No, my friends. Don't do this wicked thing. 8 Look, I have two daughters who have ne ver slept with a man.

Wha? Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. (Nice father) But don't do anything to these men, (men) for they have come under the protection of my ro of. And now for the possible volcano/comet. Or is it our nuclear strike again? Go ba ck and read the first Indian verses. 24 Then the LORD rained down burning sulphur on Sodom and Gomorrah from the LORD o ut of the heavens. (Genesis 19.) And now somehow the angels are comets. He unleashed against them his hot anger, his wrath, indignation and hostility a b and of destroying angels. (Psalm 18:48-50) Gods destroying angels! "The first angel sounded: and hail and fire, mingled with blood, and they were t hrown to the Earth; and a third of the trees were burnt up, and all green grass was burned up." (Rev:8:7) "Then the second angel sounded; and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became as blood; and a third of the living creatures in the sea died and a third of the ships were destroyed." (Rev:8:8-9) The comet angel/gods were seen as either bad or good all depending on whether th e comets/volcano fell on them or their enemies. This was a time before science whe n everything was an act of God, or the gods. But moderns now know differently, yet still billions follow ancient mans misguided superstitions. Did you ever notice how in the Bible, when ever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a c reature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one win g dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel? (Thomas Daggett) So it seems the angels were flesh and blood advanced earth races and they were a lso mistakenly mixed up with comets. In fact they were both as the Bible is a mass mish-mash of endless confusing texts presented as one book to hide the facts that there have been adv anced humans on the planet for thousands of years and that these races, being just as mortal as moderns can be destroyed like how the giants were in the great flood. The Bible was written lik e this so as not to be understood. But Dr Mu will always see. This is what the angels taught man. It seems very mortal and bloodthirsty to me. 1Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the b eautifying of the

eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.2Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.3Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots:4Armers taught th e solution of sorcery;5Barkayal taught the observers of the stars6Akibeel taught signs;7Tamiel taught astronomy;8And Asaradel taught the motion of the moon,9And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voice reached to heaven. (Book of Enoch). This book was banished from the Bible. 4And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, an d a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amb er, out of the midst of the fire. 5.And also out of the midst came the likeness of four living creatures . And this was their appearance, they had the likeness of a man. 20Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wh eels. (Ezekiel 1:20) King James Version. Telling the story of U.F.O s in the Bible. (The gods) 21Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was a t the land whither they went. (John 6:21(King James Version)

Who are these that fly in a cloud, as the doves to their windows? (Isaiah 9:8.Bible) And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up. (Book of Ezekiel from the Bible). They come from a far country from the end of Heaven. (Bible. Isaiah 13:3) ELECTRICITY AND MUSHROOMS? The people were told by the ruling priests that lightning was Gods anger. And in a sense, what they were told was correct, for isn t everything in the universe electro-magnetic energy? The Philistines captured the Ark but its radiation killed many of them. So they called together all the rulers of the Philistines and said, "Send the ar k of the god of Israel away; let it go back to its own place, or it will kill us and our people." For death h ad filled the city with panic; God's hand was very heavy upon it. 12 Those who did not die were afflicted with tumours, and the outcry of the city went up to heaven. (1stSamuel 5 vs. 11 ) Tumours=radiation. (See below) 6 When they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out and took hol d of the ark of God, because the oxen stumbled. 7 The LORD's anger burned against Uzzah because of hi s irreverent act; therefore God struck him down and he died there beside the ark of God. (2 Samuel 6). He tripped and fell against the Ark and was instantly fried by electricity. The city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the LORD. Only Rahab the pro stitute and all who are with her in her house shall be spared, because she hid the spies we sent. (Joshua 6 verse17 ) God told the Israelites to utterly decimate Jericho with the Ark and all its peo ple but the soldiers could have the hookers as they helped them. Yeah! Wink Wink! Keep the prostitute s Yeah! . The early Israelites were actually polytheists and their other princip le deities were Baal/Baalzebub and Astaroth. Yes! Baalzebub. Now here we have some drug taking. And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness t here lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground. (Exodus 16:14-24) Every time they ate this so-called bread (round thing) they met God. It was magi c-mushrooms. The real Shaman Christ was the leader of a Shamanic Pagan mushroom cult. Moses l earnt an ancient mushroom ritual in Egypt which was known also to Jesus and the Maya of a ncient Meso-america, and many other Shamanic cultures around the world. So where in the Bible are they eating magic-mushrooms? And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness t here lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground. And when the children of Israel saw if, they said one to another It is manna: for they wist not what it was. And Moses said unto t

hem, this is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat. (Exodus16:14) Manna means what is this ? In Exodus 12: 19-20, we find more references to manna. And Moses said, Let no man leave of it till the morning (16:19). Notwithstanding they harkened not unto Moses. But some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms and stank: and Moses was wroth with them (16.20). And they gathered it every morning, every man according to his eating. And when the sun waxed hot it melted... (16:21). Anyone familiar with wild mushrooms knows that they go bad very quickly and shri vel up under the heat of the sun, exactly like manna. Mushrooms were a mystery to the Hebrews and they were unable to predict where manna could be found. Little did they realize in wa s growing in their cattle shit. 4Which had the golden censer, and the Ark of the covenant overlaid round about w ith gold, wherein

And it is beautiful more than any created thing. things that humans are not permitted to tell." ( 2nd book of Enoch which was banished from the Bible because it is talking abou t taking hallucinogenic plants-The tree of Life=magic mushrooms) Its known that dark-coloured fungi devour radiation and convert it to fuel. kept in a pot of gold in the Ark of the Covenant. And this tree cannot be described for its excellence and sweet odor. ou t of the land. and the tables o f the covenant. and the wizards. And I saw all the trees of beautiful colors and their fruits ripe and fragrant.God knows. springing up with delightful fragrance. but God knows . melanin (pigment of dark skin and nature) uses a different part of the electroma gnetic spectrum to feed the fungi. and all Israel had lamented him. and all kinds of f ood which they produced. And Saul had put away those that had familiar spirits. and had given them of the corn of heaven. (Hebrews 9:4(King James Version) This is referring to the fact that the manna was the most holy thing to the Isra elites.whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know. and Aaron's rod that budded. He asks God for help and is not answered so he goes look . He heard inexpressible things. and buried him in Ramah. 12:1-4) Biblical out of body experience or a hallucinogenic trip) It was "a place such as has never been known for the goodliness of its appearanc e. (Psalm 78:24-25 (King James Version) This was saying that it was the food from the gods and angels. it just happened to be there in dew of the morning "I know a person in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the THIRD HEA VEN. so s uch fungi could be grown in the high-radiation environment of space and fed to astronauts on extend ed space missions. So he banished all the warlocks clairvoyants and mediums from the lands but then does something very strange. This Gold of course is called the honey..25Man did eat angels' food: he sent them meat to the full. And I know that this person . or the food to ea t in order to meet with the gods or your inner God.was caught up to paradise. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know . wouldn t that be fu n? Below are some verses that seem to tell the story of when the Ark failed to help win wars. So how about some magic-mushrooms in space.was the golden pot that had manna. 3Now Samuel was dead.It didn t rain down." (2 Cor. even in his own city. but is really monotomic gold that could be eaten to activate the pineal gland to help expand t heir consciousness . Just like the pigment chlorophyll converts sunlight into chemical ener gy for plants. 24 And had rained down manna upon them to eat. in that place. on which God rests. And in the midst (there is) the tree of life. when He comes into Paradise.

and two men with him. 12And when the woman saw Samuel. I pray thee. 13And the king said unto her. there i s a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor. whom shall I bring up unto thee? And he said. In other words he strategically messed up and don't have the Ark weapon any more and is a bout to get his . 6And when Saul enquired of the LORD. as the LORD liveth. divine unto me by the fami liar spirit. I saw gods ascending out of the earth. Why hast thou deceived me? for thou art Saul. An Israelite King who banished all so-calle d evil esoteric magic realises that after winning many battles that he's about to get his ass wh ipped after praying hard for some miracle to happen by asking his God for help and obviously wasn't answered. Be not afraid: for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul. sayi ng.ing for someone who can see the future or can see visions even after banishing them all as he do esn't think he can win the battle. and the wi zards. and he went. and enquire of her. Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit. 7Then said Saul unto his servants. and they came to the woman by night: and he said. nor by Urim. And his servants said to him. bring me up Samuel . out of the land: wherefore then layest thou a snare for my life. Eh? Endor=Ewoks! =Star-wars? Then we have a very strange turnaround. In other words just to wind this up. So in utter desperation in a massive turnaround he disguised himself a nd secretly went to see a witch who contacted his dead friend who verifies that God has betrayed him. neither by dream s. 9And the woman said unto him. she cried with a loud voice: and the woman spake to Saul. God is not helping or answering the call s of the Israelites and so Saul asks a medium lady to contact the deceased Samuel for hel p its then that she sees the gods ascending . th ou knowest what Saul hath done. that I may go to her. to cause me to die? 10And Saul s ware to her by the LORD. how he hath cut off those that have familiar spirits.8And Saul disguised himself. Behold. and bring me him up. there shall no punishment happen to thee for t his thing. 11Then said the woman. Behold. the LORD answered him not. and put on other raiment. saying. whom I shall name unto thee. nor by prophets.

"Let Us make man in Our image. (Genesis 1:26) . God hath sai d. So what about the gods ascending out of the earth? Well could this be a reference to a God plant hallucinogenic enhanced trance where th e woman saw the D. the wise ancient Druids and Shamans. ." (Genesis 11:7) . whether in heaven or on earth (as indeed there are many "gods" and many "lords"). The serpent was a symbolic representative of the snake brothers.Karma for all the genocide they've caused by hearing that his sons will be kille d by the Philistines. This idea comes from the Bible where the Pr . ." (1 John 5:8) "For there are three that bear witness. In the midst of gods (elohim) (plu ral). . let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. Nevertheless ye shall die like men. the Spirit and the water and the blood. Ye shall not eat of it. A rather important tale and lesson. Genesis 3). Like most people are today. and fall like one of the princes (s arim) (Bible. (Bible."Then God said."Come. lest ye die.) 3"But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden." (1 Corinthians 8:5) .N."For even if there are so -called gods. 19Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with thee into the hand of the Phil istines: and to morrow shalt thou and thy sons be with me: (dead) the LORD also shall deliver the host of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.A of the earth? Or is it physical i nner-earth dwelling beings? Here are a few more plural God/gods references just to finish t his rather long explanation. according to Our likeness .A serpent gods emerging from the D. 5-7) This again is the taking away of the knowledge of hallucinogenic plants from the humans because at one time humans were very powerful beings and they could see all just like the gods with the 3rd eyes wide open. then your eyes shall be opened. knowing good and evil ." God standeth in the Congregation of God (El)."And the LORD God said. There is a very unique weather phenomena called St Elmos fire and it has long se rved as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors. I said: Ye are gods and all of you s ons of the Most High (Elyon).N."4"And the serpent said unto the woman. and ye shall be as gods. neither shall ye touch it. "The man has now become like one of us. Y e shall not surely die:"5"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof. knowing good and evil. (plural)" (Genesis 3:22) . Psalm 82:1. and the three a re in agreement. Telling the story of how the God-the gods wanted to keep the secret of the Tree of Life (magicmushroom) from humans to keep them on a very low level of consciousness.He judgeth till all the foundations of the earth are moved.

in all my voyaging seldom have I heard a common oath when God's burning finger has been laid on the ship "When the storm is particularly h eavily charged. but they had to wear the holy garments (protective clothing ) and carry it with wooden non-conductive poles. "All the yardarms were tipped with a pallid fire. and touched at each tri-potent ial lightning rod with three tapering white flames.. (Acts 7: 33) It wasn t holy ground it was electrified ground. t he voice of the LORD came unto him. leaves. . sometimes with the appearance of a flame . But one of these contradicti ng verses below mention that not God but an angel appeared. The priests were told to do the same when t hey were near the Ark of the covenant. accompanying a powerful electrical discharge from a pointed conducting object in an intense e lectric field. Then said the Lord to him. Put off thy shoes from thy feet: for the place where thou standest is holy ground. It is caused by collision ionizat ion (removal of electrons from their molecules). like gigantic wax tapers before an altar. And when forty years were expired. When Moses saw it... blades of grass and even the horns of cattle may glow at their tips. (Verse31) St Elmo s fire is a blue or reddish glow. (Acts 7: 30 King James version) Then in the verse straight after we have a contradiction or maybe the angel prec eded the voice of the Lord. he wondered at the sight: and as he drew near to behold it. followed by recombination of air molecules with their electrons and the resulting emission of light.esence of God supposedly spoke to Moses through the Burning Bush. there appeared to him in the wilderness of mo unt Sinai an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush. each of the three tall masts was silently burning i n that sulphurous air.

saying. that useth divination. Learn not the way of the heathen.47:13-14) Thus saith the LORD. for the heathen are dismayed at them. who made thee a ruler and a judge? The sam e did God send to be a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel which appeared to him in the bush. nor observe times. stand up. As he went over to loo k more closely. Behold. nor fire to sit before it. I myself have talked to bushes of fire on mushrooms . they shall be as stubble. it is th at Moses/Akhenaton was out of his tiny mind on mushrooms/manna which all the Israel ites ate to meet with the spirit of God.. ( Jerimiah. (Deuteronomy t. But first lets read verses from the Bible condemning astrology Neither shall ye use enchantment.10:2) Ok. and be not dismayed at th e signs of heaven. Moses trembled with fear and did not dare to look. so lets prove it.. (Leviticus. (Acts 7: 35). (Acts 7:31) When he saw this. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD. This Moses whom they refused. and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Isaac and Jacob. and it arose and eat and pastured amongst those oxen.. (Isiah. he was amazed at the sight. yet their own r eligion is based completely on esoteric Pagan mysticism and they haven t got a clue. the monthly prognosticators. and beh old a star fell 2 from heaven. St. And there is something else very important which you have to take into account here. the fi re shall burn them. the stargazers. or an observer of times. Ishmael observes) Compare Moby Dick with this Bible verse. And after that I s aw the large and the . according to some pilots. and I saw the heaven above.18:10-12) Let now the astrologers.19:26) There shall not be found among you any . 1 And again I saw with mine eyes as I slept.. the God of Abr aham. they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not b e a coal to warm at. Oh! And even flower bulbs. Below we have a ve rse from the banished Book Of Enoch talking about visions or dreams that were either induced by hallucinogenic plants or meditation. Elmo's Fire can be heard "singing" or speaking on aircraft radios. now lets look at verse in the Bible glorifying astrology. You have to look back at the Ark of the Covenant where it said Moses saw the pre sence of God. ASTROLOGY IN THE BIBLE? Christians say that astrology and Tarot etc are the Devils work..(Melville's Moby Dick. he heard the Lord's voice: (Acts 7:32) I am the God of your fathers. as a hiss ing sound running up and down the musical scale. between the two cherubim s on the lid which of course was arching electricity.

(Mark 14:13) The constellation Aquarius is the water bearer. and they became 4 bulls amongst those cattle and pastured with them [amongst them]. and behold they all changed their stalls and pastures and their catt le. . So in the above verse here. and looked towards the heaven. and began 3 to live with each other. we have a blatant symbolic dream about the constella tion of Taurus moving its place in the sky due to massive celestial disturbance? And here s more interesting yet obvious verses. Proof of astrology in the Bible. Go into the city. yet Christians say its devil worship. Can you bring forth the Mazzaroth (the zodiac) in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs?"(big dipper and little dipper) (Job 38:32) Self-explanatory I think. (Chapter 86 Book of Enoch).black oxen. a nd behold I saw many stars descend and cast themselves down from heaven to that first star. and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: foll ow him. And again I saw in the vision. have a look at is picture in the zodiac.

and hearing they hear not."Seeing they see not. moon and stars. (Matt. in the age to come. (Matthew 24:3) Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives."). 28:20) Anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. 13:39-40) What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the AGE? ( Matt. Astrology can be explained." Here s a wee song for you.000. And surely I am with you always. "Tell us.000 year cycle of planetary evolution. Cosmic magnetism. to the very end of the AGE." (Bible Matthew 13:13) The Bible in its truest sense is telling the story of Atlantis and its destructi on. (Percy Seymour -Astrology :The evidence of science. in the AGE to come.. 24:3) No one who has left home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this AGE and. It is NOT! To be read literally or worshipped. eit her in this AGE or in the AGE to come. so it will be at the end of the AGE. neither do they understand. carried to Earth on the solar wind.. but "magnetic. by the tumultuous magnetic activity of the Sun. yet also in hidden parts. There will be of course be some level of planetary cleansing. "no one who has le ft home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God 30will fail t o receive many times as much in this age and. a nd of the end of the age?" (Luke 18:29-30) 29"I tell you the truth." Jesus said to them. eternal life. the disciples came to Him p rivately. chur ned to a lather by the motions of the planets. (Matt. ete rnal life. Sorry! There will be signs in the sun. and completion of a 26. saying. The Bible describes events that will occur according to the sig ns of the astrological "ages". 12:32) The harvest is the end of the AGE. (Matt. Seymour's theory holds that astrology is not mystical or magical. (Jesus Christ Luke 21:25) There are12 groups of roughly 2160 years within the precessional cycle of the eq uinox. which is just a different sign of the zodiac coming into position to influence the Earth civilizations and their religions.(c omets?) As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire. and the harvesters are angels. So understand Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years Face up. as its once again a great mistranslation and deception as we are really only approachin g the end of the current age. is a symbolic book telling the story of the zodiac. So when you hear these maniacs shouting about the end of the world don t fre t. and perceived by us via the Earth's magnetic field while we grow inside our mother's wombs. make your stand And realize you're living in the golden years (Iron Maiden /Wasted Years) . and altogether they add up to roughly 26. Each group (or house) is known as a Ne w Age. when these things will be? And what will be the sign of Your coming.

1:14-15) most of the black gods were regarded as crucified saviours who died to save mank ind by being nailed to a cross. being able to bend sp ace-time and accelerate human consciousness. or slain violently in some other manner. ADDONIS OF BABYLONIA AND ATTIS OF PHRYGIA. QUETZALCOATL OF MEXICO." (Gen.25TH (CHRISTMAS). COMMONLY BY CRUCIFIXION. Of these Crucified SAVIORS. THEIR BIRTHs ARE HERALDED BY A STAR. NEARLY ALL OF THESE SLAIN SAVIOR-GODS HAVE THE FOLLOWING STORIES RELATED ABOUT THEM: ---THEY ARE BORN OF A VIRGIN. and let them be lights i n the expanse of the sky to give light on the Earth. AND HORUS OF EGYPT. and let them serve as SIGNS to mark seasons and days and years. THEY ARE BORN EITHER IN A CAVE OR STABLE." And it was so. "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night.Or should I say The Golden age the time when the solar system orbits into the phot on belt and humans discover the gold has hyper-dimensional properties. AND RISE FROM THE DEAD AT THE BEGINNING OF SPRING (EASTER) AND FINALLY ASCEND INTO HEAVEN. THE MOST PROMINENT WERE OSIRIS. (Treebeard/ Lord Of The Rings ) And God said. . KRISHNA OF INDIA. The Ents have not troubled about the wars of men and wizards for a very long time. MITHRA OF PERSIA. or tied to a tree with arms outstretched as if on a cross. BUT SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED FOR AN AGE. ON OR NEAR DEC. THEY ARE SLAIN. THEY DESCEND INTO HELL.

h e meant the Age of Pisces. to the end of the age. And where did the y get it?---NOT from the New Testament---NOT from the Bible NOT from the original apostles who wer e personally instructed by Christ but it gravitated in the fourth century into the Roman Church from paganism (Allauddin Shabazz in his book titled. The B ible is the story of the zodiac put into the form of symbolic tales using human characters and ani mals to represent the cycles of the sky. Christ birth-date was deliberately and artificially set. during the thir d century AD. he saw two brothers. absorb and supersede the pagan festival dedicated to Saturn ( The Celtics Druids: Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts by John King). and kill the passover." (Matt. Simon who is called P eter and Andrew his brother. Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king. or as it came to be shortened. Christ mas. There will be no end of the world." (Matt. but you don t have to look t oo deep to find out that the Bible is the story of the Precession of the equinox.Oooooo! Astrology is the work of the Devil! The word Zodiac means animal circle and is referring to the 12 star signs. "Follow me. (Jordan Maxwell) And here is the most important piece of astrology of them all. So if you still don't believe this have a final look at these verses. only the end of an Age. (look at Aries and these following constellations on a zodiac).Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization by John G. (Bible. His time is almost over. The Bible is the greatest astrological story ever told. and I will make you fishers of men. for they were fishermen. 28:20 NIV). And surely I am with yo u always. The famous Christ Nativity. casting a net into the sea. Holidays. (Ex. Jackson) In fact. Symbolism. ame to non Christians and Protestant from the Roman Catholic Church. The Age of Aries was marked in the Old Testa ment by the Passover lamb. 12:21) The Age of Pisces (2 fishes) began when the sun (son of God) entered Pisces at t he spring equinox 18As he walked by the Sea of Galilee. read this. 20teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. be ( . The Bible is said to be the greatest story ever told. 4:18-19) So when Jesus told his disciples he will be with them until the end of an age. and said unto them. The word Christmas means Mass of Christ. 19And he said to t hem. This is Biblical astrology. Draw out a nd take you a lamb according to your families.Job 9) . 21Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel. to coincide with. FINAL!. Myths and Signs) For all the proof you need to know that the Bible is telling the story of the zo diac and has roots in Egyptian Pagan cosmological Mythology. He is the Maker of the Bear an d Orion. the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.

the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo. through which th e sun must pass. thus. See below for clarity. The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°. and are come to worship him. The sun "dies" for three days on December 22nd. they a lso never actually physically existed.The sun's "followers. when it sto ps in its movement south. as they are symbolic personifications of the (3 sta rs of Orion s belt)= (3 Giza pyramids) which follow the Bethlehem star which was (the rising S irius) that points to the son of God (sun) being born of a virgin (the constellation Virgo)." The sun wears a corona. The sun is hung on a cross or "crucified. "he" begi ns "his Father's work" at "age" 12. there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem.2:1-2) The 3 wise men (3 kings) were astrologers. to be born again or resurrected on December 25th. Saying." (sun-set)." "hel pers" or "disciples" are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations. (Matthew." The sun "cometh on clouds and every eye shall see him. The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the "Most High"." The sun is the "Light of the World. hence. the . when it resumes its mov ement north.hold." which represents its passing through the equinoxes. as the Bible even admits this. The sun "walks on water. Where is he that is born King of th e Jews? for we have seen his star in the east. the "Sun o f God" begins his ministry at "age" 30. the winter solstice. In some areas. "crown of thorns" or halo." The sun rising in the morning is the "Saviour of mankind. and the sun would therefore be "born of a Virgin.

And do not be terrifie d by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them. at which time it is then resurrected. (Jeremiah 10:2-3).. The greatest story ever told and the greatest contradiction ever written. (Revelations. following yonder star" Above is a variant of the popular Christmas carol: "Osiris's coming was announced by Three Wise Men: the three stars Mintaka. he was cast down to earth and his angels were cast down with him.." (Barbara Walker. the deceiver of the whole world.net/deleyd/religion/bibleastrology. he that is called the devil and Satan.cox. who rebels against the church worshiping Satan rather than Christ.com/watch?v=ijtipfO9vdU Now read this website below http://members.vernal equinox being Easter. more than likely.youtube. significator of his birth. The se rpent is symbolic of knowledge and was the god of the earthly Druids and shamans.LUCIFER AND THE ENDTIMES And the great dragon was cast down. bu t as we find out a bit later they may very well be the very same entity and consciousness. then who is this impersonating God and sayi ng these following things? Thus says the Lord. The co ncept of the zodiac is very ancient. For the customs of the peopl es are delusion. If Gods Biblical story is so obviously written in the stars. The bright star wou ld therefore naturally become. Sirius (Sothis). SATAN." (Dr. Anila m. John Gwyn Griffiths. together with the conjoined constellation of Orion. http://www. bearing gifts we traverse afar. The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets) "Sothis was the harbinger of the annual inundation of the Nile through her appea rance with the rising sun at the time when the inundation was due to begin. (Vexen Crabtree) "We three kings of Orient (Orion) are.html So here we are with the golden question. "Do not learn the way of the nations. the old serpent. the oldest religion created by humans. Astrolog y is. moors and mountains. with roots in the early cited cultures of Mesopotamia. fields an d fountains. the sign a nd symbol of new vegetation which the Year then beginning would infallibly bring with it. and the New Testament utterly symbolic of the SUN's journey through the cross of the zodiac and its various constellations as above. and Alnitak in the belt of Orion. Satani sts are sometimes called witches and warlocks in books and movies but they have little to do with Pagan Witches . Bible). which point directly to Osiris's star in the east. A Satanist is a renegade Christian. The Origins of Osiris and His Cult) Watch all pieces of this excellent video collection below. but this happened much later when the Bible was being re-written by the Roman church to suit ideas of the time. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was labelled as Satan.

Saturn also has a moon called Mimas which l ooks . Somehow before the modern invention of the telescope the ancient Israelit es knew that the planet Saturn had at its north pole a giant hexagon cloud feature and a t its south pole an opening that looks like a giant eye. and false prophets. insomuch that. and shall shew great sig ns and wonders. if it were possible. Matthew 24:24) Satan is nothing other than the planet Saturn of which the Ancient Hebrews and m odern Israelites still worship. as their holy day is Saturday/ Saturn-day instead of the pagan/Christian SUN-day . they shall deceive the very elect.who on the most part we murdered for being mediums and medicine women. (Bible. For there shall arise false Christ s.

instead of calling it Saturn or Set . I will make them of the synagogue of Satan. Moloch is a giant owl and is worshipped in Bohemian Grove by the worlds elite. The large hexagon formation has geometric proportions which constantly add up the number of the beast 666. everyone whose name is not written i n the Book of Life belonging to the lamb that was slaughtered from the foundation of the world. latched on to the Persian teachings of S atan and brought it into the Christian religion. -All those living on earth will worship it. Hollywood and most disturbingly within the symbolism of all world religio ns. and the star of your god Remphan.disturbingly like the death-star from star-wars. I will make them to come and worship before thy feet. The Persians. called the planet Satan . and its no coincidence that the Illuminati symbol of the all seeing ey e within a pyramid surrounded by rays of light can be seen everywhere like on the one dolla r bill. though he was still not thought of as necess arily manifesting in human form. (sun-set) that battles and brings darkness to Horus (horizon). Later. It was not until the year 447 AD that the Council of Toledo declared the existence of the Devil as an actual entity an d not just the event of darkness enveloping the daytime. 9Behold. -All who dwell on the earth will worship him. and to know that I have loved thee. Prior to that there was no Satan. Acts 7:43 (King James Version) Rempham=Rephan=Saturn=Satan. (Zionists) an d are not. (Revelation 3:9 King James Version) This is referring to the 6 pointed star that symbolises Saturn or Satan. Judaism and Christianity come directly out of the traditions of Pagan Egypt. The rays of light around Saturn have only been seen for sure in our time with ou r amazing telescopes. who told the earth humans that Saturn was God and gave them the kn owledge of the stars? It was the Egyptian God known as Set . fi gures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon. but do lie. in the mid part of the Christian A ge. It consists of 6 triangles or pyramids. -All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast--all whose names have not b een written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world. Western mystics. ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch. everyone whose name has not been w ritten from the . corporate logos. behold. which say they are Jews. so who had the technology back in history to examine the planets in minute detail? Or should I ask. and perso ified the planet as though it were a person. whose d imensions add up to 666. in studying various religions. 43Yea. complete with a large comet imp act type circle like where the planet destroying weapon shoots from.Set originally represented Satan or Saturn (darkness).

The image of Satan was then stolen from the pagan Greek mythological god Pan who w as a kind of goat boy (see Bill Hicks) but was really the protector of nature and ani mals. This is what 911 was all about. Italy s Vatican city." (Isaiah 45:7) Christians have also wrongly associated Satan with Lucifer who in the Bible is c alled the morning star which is the rising planet Venus and in some cases the SUN. The ruli ng Illuminati Dark-Lords control all wars on planet earth and their death machines and soldier s uniforms are adorned with their backward symbols while they conduct their mass human sacrific es. Yahweh/Jehova h was a schizophrenic hypocritical murderer and controls evil also. There is division among Old Testament scholars as to whether evil should be associated with Satan at all. as this area in New York City is laid out to geometric a nd esoteric dimensions just like all the worlds other gargoyle cities. Look at how the Bible scholars have cleverly personified the beast. I the L ord do all these things. I make weal and create woe. especially the headqu arters of the dark powers. lower 4th dimensional demons .foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain (Revelations 13:8). (or as Michael Tsarion calls them) Macrobes to give them power in exchange for blood sacrifice (war) in the physical world. Some say that Satan was originally not c onsidered evil but scholars had to make something up to hide the fact that their God. God says: "I form light and create darkness. Is this how they make him more acceptable to the unthinking millions of faith. which of course is . These socalled Satanic people take the powerful esoteric earth symbols (like the swastika ) and turn them backwards to use them negatively in satanic rituals where they call upon (as Dav id Icke calls them).

12 King of Babylon." . Remember this verse for we will compare it with another Bible verse very soon. (Revelation 2 2:16) What? So here we have Jesus saying he is the root and descendant of David which cant be true if he was a virgin birth. How art thou fallen from heaven. you who once laid low the nations! (Isaiah 14:12 New International Version). morning star. Lucifer mean s the morning star which is Venus the bringer of light as it rises before the sun.Jesus. "I will as cend to heaven. Ok fine. you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart. l ets see who can explain this Biblical mix-up. I am the root and the descendant of David.. but now you have been cut down (Isaiah 14:12-15 New Century Version) Now this is the earlier version before the churches heavy editing. even though you w ere as bright as the rising sun! In the past all the nations on earth bowed down before you. So here below in these verses we have proof Lucifer was called the morning star . I will sit enthroned on the mount of ass embly. In the same breath we have Jesus saying Lucifer is his mo rning star then saying that he himself is the bright morning star. Jesus. or are they the same entity? Lucifer was not used as the name of Satan until the 4th century BC. on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. someone tell me why Jesus is saying these follo wing words if Lucifer is Satan and also the morning star. I will raise my throne above the stars of God. so what s my point? Well. So is it Jesus or Lucifer tha t is the Morning star. son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground. How art thou fallen from heaven. And now below we have the earlier version before the churches heavy editing. . I will ascend above the tops of the clouds. you have fallen from heaven. who sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. Some say it is the sun. O morning star.from my Father. Here are two different versions of the many contradicting translations. To the one who conquers I will also give the morning star. son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground. which didst weaken the nations! (Isaiah 14:12 King James Version) And here below we have the same verse which was stolen from Isaiah and written l ater into Revelations saying that Jesus is the morning star How you have fallen from heaven. O MORNING STAR. which didst weaken the nations! (Isaiah 14:12 King James Version).It is I. O Lucifer. How you have fallen from heaven. son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth. O Lucifer. I wi ll make myself like the Most High. the bright morning star. (Revelation 2:28) . son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the Earth.

and harmless as doves. (2 Corinthians 11:14 English Standard Version) . is there any difference between the entit ies of Jesus and Satan? I mean this very seriously. 2:27-29) In other words. (Bible. or there is something much more disturbing being said here. for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. But in reality. Either this is proof of t he Bibles monumental mistranslation. And again the anger of the (LORD) was kindled against Israel and he moved David against them to say. " Behold. number Israel and Judah. the compilers of the Bible which are obviously men and not God w ere stealing verses from other older books and using them in a completely different context. I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents. (Samuel 24) And (SATAN) stood up against Israel and provoked David to number Israel. Matthew 10:16) The Bible is so full of contradictions through its careless centuries of editing that it will always give itself away).(Rev. In other words they are plagiarizing. go. I wonder did they miss this one. for there is one very disturbing piece of pla giarism below that I think all people should read over a few or more times. or has it been deli berately kept in. plagiarisms and contradictions. (1st Chronicles 21) 14And no wonder.

41Two women will be grinding with a hand mill. neither anything hid." (Revelation 22:18-19) Though shalt not make for yourself a graven image. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. tha t shall not be known and come abroad. 2"Therefore keep watch. 30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. and the powers of the heavens will b e shaken. or any likeness of anything t hat is in heaven above. up to the day Noah entered the ark. (Matthew 24:29-31) 36"No one knows about that day or hour. 31 And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet. the sea and the waves roaring. because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expec t him. (The Secret Origins of the Bible . 37As it was in the days of Noah. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. or that which is in the earth beneath. 43But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming. in the moon. 39and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. and the moon will not give its light. people were eating and drinking. but only the Father. the stars will fall from heaven. not even the angels in heaven. and in the stars. 26 men's hearts failing . and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 40Tw o men will be in the field. (Matthew 24:36-44) 25 "And there will be signs in the sun. so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. nor the S on. from one end of heaven to the other. (Bible. marrying and giving in m arriage. and they will gather together His el ect from the four winds. because you do not know on wha t day your Lord will come. one will be taken and the other left.Luke 8:17) 29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened.by Tim Callahan) The Christian folk who constantly invent newer and newer mistranslated versions of the Bible should read these next two passages very very carefully If any man shall add to these things (or take away) God shall add unto him the pl agues written in this Book. or that which is under the water of the e arth. This book shakes fundamentali st beliefs about the Bible to the core.Exodus 20:4) So what are the gruesome statues of Jesus and Mother Mary then?). and on th e earth distress of nations. 38For in the days before the flood. one will be taken and the other left. 44So you also must be ready. and then all the tribes of the earth wi ll mourn. (Bible. with perplexity. he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into .All the major stories in the Bible have historical antecedents that can be trace d back to very nondivinely produced works by other cultures in earlier times.

(Malachi 4:2) 2There he was transfigured before them. and his avoice as the sound of many water s. Great Rome will die. the (sun) of righteousness will rise with heal ing in its wings. I saw sev en golden candlesticks. 12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me.them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth. This of course will be a celestial body. the night having vanished. 15 An d his feet like unto fine brass. His face shone like the (sun). 13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the aS on of man. 14 His head and his hairs were white like wool. not Jesus. the word of Freemason can be traced back to anci ent Egypt. This is why we see Ra the Egyptian sun-god with wings. but the coming Messiah that will cleanse the planet.Boeotia. . ("Luke 21:25-28) 2 But for you who revere my name. The Bearded Star Susa. meaning child ren of the sun or sons of light. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. look up and lift up your heads. and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. According to Masonic Tradition. for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Siena. a supernova or the sun erupting throwing out coronal mass ejections. phee (the sun) and mas (a child). (Revelation 1:12-15) There will appear towards the seven stars of Ursa Minor and Polaris Not far from Cancer. It was derived from two Egyptian words. and his c lothes became as white as the light. 28 Now when these things begin to happen. bclothed with a garment down to the foot. because your redemption draws near. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and gr eat glory. as white as snow. And being turned. as if they burned in a furnace. (Matthew 17:2) Talking about solar flares. and from this combination we derived the word freemaso n. and his aeyes were as a flame of bfire. either a comet.

A mutations. also called the devil and Satan. but also sh owing us that celestial impacts are the ticket to life also ending and renewing on the planet. The Son (sun) is the ligh t of the world and is seen by everyone. it will not be necessary to argue that Greek. unholy. slanderous. They are stories designed to p ass along vital information from generation to generation. was cast down to the earth and his fallen angels with him". People will be lovers of themselv es. not lovers of the good.www. r ash. and the European scholars discussin g them have not been overborne by the idea of something uniquely holy about their topic. which is. lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. abusive. "Fortunately. having a form of godliness but denying its p ower. a nd which was. the Almighty. The peoples themselves knew they were myths. (Rev. The Great Star will blaze for Seven days. the serpent of old. There will be terrible times in the last days. Have nothing to do with them. It is easier to remember the "exploit s" of the sun. and which is to come.) 8I am Alpha and Omega. boastful.hidden mysteries. when they are personified. for example. disobedient to their parents. unforgiving. its talking about a comet that wrecked Rome and the Pope having to fle e elsewhere." (Nostradamus C2 Q41) As above. Is this a Bible reference to life on earth starting with the crashing down of co mets that brought life from the deep recesses of the universe causing D. (2 Timothy3:1 Bible) Read that above verse a few times. (Acharya S. Celtic or Germanic m yths were mythological. who d eceiveth the world. proud. And the devil and his angels prevailed not. (7thparagraph of the King James Bible preface admitting that the Bible is defect ive. brutal. the beginning and the ending. ungrateful.(Nostradamus C6Q6) Bearded star=comet. saith the Lord.com) . The Cloud will cause two suns to appea r. without self-control. 1:7) Light of the world. conceited. And the great dragon. treacherous. he comes with clouds and every eye shall see him. And the dragon and his angels made war against Mic heal and His Angels." (Mythologist: Joseph Campbell) Myths are not silly fantasies and hallucinations. and neither was a place for them in heaven any more.N. lovers of money. with out love. The Huge dog will howl at night When the great pontiff will Change lands. (Rev:12:7-9) Yet the King James version has grave defects-the defects are so many and so serio us as to call for revision . "And there was war in heaven. moon and stars. Behold.

I would advise the reader of the paperback version of this book to use more that 2 bookmarks. HOW WE CREATE REALITY WITH OUR HOLOGRAPHIC MINDS So remember to visit there more than once to keep up to date with that story. . and the reader with the downloaded PDF version to save more than one copy to your computer. so as to make jumping around the pages a lot easier. Please also consider purchasing the paperback version of this book for a good fr iend or perhaps leaving a small donation on my blog. See the website address below.Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand. (Mark Twain) On my blog within the index you can find my FREE! Book. but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.

com PART 4 THE SLEEPING SHAMANS MUST AWAKEN TO DICTATE OUR SUN-MUTATION BELOW IS THE RHYME CALLED IRAQ ATTACK THAT STARTED IT ALL. THIS WAS POSTED ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS ON A SELF PUBLISHING WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET.uk drlemuria@yahoo.2012shift.co. AND OVER TIME MANY PEOPLE FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD REVIEWED IT LEAVING THEIR PERSONAL AND CONFLICTING OPINIONS ON THE SUBJECT MATTER.com drlemuria@yahoo. ENJOY.blogspot.www. IRAQ ATTACK If you think they represent us you re so very much mistaken a chance to unload nuclear waste IRAQ the main location why did they fire on hospitals? Don t their eyes see through the missile? Knowing exactly what to hit they strain to keep us docile the wars aroused the cancers of varied types and levels genocide of the Muslim ordained by and earth bound devil so brainwashed folks support this cause YEE HAA! For television edited like a movie this unwarranted invasion 300 tons of uranium not coated not tipped BUT SOLID many resigning politicians feel obliged to lift the lid the symptoms of Hiroshima . THE MANY INTERESTING REVIEWS WHICH FOLLOW THE RHYME MADE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE.

now evident in Iraq they are holding no such weapons yet Sam pursues civil attack the World Bank covers funding its power is built on debt sell them arms BOOM! Bomb their countries the West s new Arab leader set YOU BET! Hold the world to ransom quell the young before they grow leaders led to this demonic plan with taxpayers on tow so if you still condone these actions I suggest you take time out switch off your mind controlling box and wipe your fast-food spout !!SLAP!! The reason we re alive is that we re now part of their dreams to micro-chip the populations and hotwire man to machines countries letting in the refugees stirring religious hate HEY! LET S GIVE VISA S TO EXTREMIST S YEAH! Welcomed through our gates I suggest you check intelligent alternative world debate but if you can t think beyond the adverts DOH! DOH! DOH! DOH! I guess your ignorance seals your fate. "I didn't know this was becoming a political forum.yo u know. not the building and purchasing of weapons and the building of giant palaces of gold and jewels. Only the people of Iraq are supposed to know Iraq is poor and starving.... ALL REVIEWS ARE PROVIDED BY NON-ASSOCIATED VISITORS. If they used it on Iran. REGARDLESS OF THE WAY THEY CALL THEMSELVES. This war is going to happen and may . It 's NATO and the USA who have made them poor.. 01/27/02 wi ll prove that those factories are making more than just food and medicine.those palaces that such a poor. !!SLAP!! !!WARNING!! This next section contains material that many people might find disturbing YET! amusing. Get real . starving nation couldn't possible afford to build afte r the Gulf war? Oh wait. To each his own. Try looking in one of Saddam's underground palaces. READER'S REVIEWS DISCLAIMER: STORYMANIA DOES NOT PROVIDE AND IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR REVIEWS. they must still have it somewhere.

be we'll finish it .

England. wake up to the real world my friend." -. would prefer a covert assassination to war.sooner is better I think. JAG and Terrence Garcia . No war is good but som etimes it's necessary. any man who lives in obscene luxury while his people starve and live in abject p overty. I WILL support our president's policy in Iraq and anywhere else this VERY REAL threat rears its ugly head . "Are you denying that they have the weapons? Of course the US sold them weapons in the late 70's and early 80's to fight Iran. Let them have it. "I agree with R Bennett. But there's bad peop le out there and they have to be dealt with sooner or later . but as a piece of work it is having the desired effect.Brian. d o I? And since I don't. personally. I don't run this country. which is unlikely as me becoming a Saint. but we do not live in a perfect world and unfortunately.Bennet" -. I don t think that the writer is so ignorant as to believe that Iraq ho lds no weapons." -. I. Eng land. ""possibly" not "possible" sorry for the typo. Bennett.Judith.. and as long as people lik e Saddam are in power. Do you think they don't have any WMDs any mor e? If you do you are as blind as the writer. One love " -.this time. Bomb them back to hell and take the Hezboll ah and PLO with them. but just remember who sold them t he weapons." -. We need tree h uggers and peaceniks because I trust no one to have absolute power but until the bad guy ge t good. sure we'd be better off. "I think there are to many ignorant Americans leaving replies to good poetry" -Hx. To R.(ie) we are all giving ou r opinions.. "right on. but it is our job. "Their ignorance is their bliss. That is unless you prefer to stick your head in the sand and let your butt get blown to hell!!! I hate that innocent people die in wars. I hate that bad people do often prevail. "I wish everyone would shut up and listen to each other rather than trying to st . What about the starving people while Hussein bui ld palaces everywhere? I agree with R. there can be no lasting peace.R. they have to be stopped. Leeds.. we HAVE to deal with re ality.Terrance Garcia. in a perfect world there wo uld be no wars.Dr Donkey punch.Terra nce .Just A Guy. Any man who uses chemical weapons on his o wn people. but hey. Bush -.rimm. London. "Tony Blair isn't American and neither are people in Turkey or Israel. Bennett. to try to keep the peace.(some more heated than others I feel) does the fact that only our American cousins are gett ing hot under the collar tell us something? draw your own conclusions." -. "That is true if you believe your media movie.R." -. " -. is a hideous miscreant and needs to be removed from his privileged seat of power. along with the international community.. "If the world was all kissy/feely. Bennett Okerstrom.

the only people who have enough power and are insane enough to use nukes are in North Korea and/or Israel. Wake up" -. however. Russia.. Hmmmmmmmm maybe they'll rebuild this world an d start their own government. That s why no one can get along.Nikolai Khabibulin. Oh must go the second part of the soap operas starting." -. Sham balla. Saddam was spared last war and now he works for the real agenda. Centra l or South America. Too many people live in a dream.Horse boy. the US and others are too smart to ever use them. The smoke and cockroaches won't be wi thin our borders. is ridiculous. China." -. Bush senior has been in business with the Bin Ladens for over 20 years.Michelle.. "the piece itself wasn't bad.this. "A nuclear missile cannot reach mainland US unless it's fired from North. You don't need to worry Michelle. Every one thinks they are right and the other guy is wrong. "you will see very soon who are the real terrorists and what so called leaders r eally have in store for the earth. Well guess where that s going to get us?? IN FUCKING CLOUD OF SMOKE with only cock roaches left. When it's all said and done.art an argument about every damn thing. I m not saying I don' t agree with many .

as Bush senior said.. try it!! It's called getting along.. "Semper Fi! Semper Fi! Semper Fi!" -. You will find out that our great la nd of the free and just is a Masonic founded state. there is no such thing as countries anymore.. What is the real symbolism of the pentagon? By the way I no longer live in the movie the world calls America. "I agree with everyone. what does that mean? does anyone really know. "Unfortunately Most of you don't seem to try to get an outer perspective on anyt hing. See that was easy. those countries (or whatever protagonist i n case of a civil war) owe ridiculous amounts of money to them so they happily walk away. control of population they already have over most it se ems.." -. A nyway enough of that dream.it was just the MAN-ufactured form of control to turn humans again st each other so they are easier to control. America china and Russia would not dare to use the nuclear device. So w .is that our planet is run by Satanists.control of media is their biggest weapon che ck out the facts for yourself get out of your country and see what America has done to the world.. this is one big idea. This war is not about terrorism it is about money control....... America has paid Turkey 6 billion us worth of weapons so they keep good look over the gulf for them in exchange they clear the way for Turkish bombers to bomb the ir Kurdish minority because they feel it would destabilise the country which they really ne ed to keep track of their oil..of the things that have been said here. Canada..pearl...Hussein may not be a great leader but our American fellows aren t too good either. its just the ignorance which is thr own at it. Resolution 688 referring the no fly zone over Iraq that we hear so often doesn't even exist in any documents of the UN. Unfortunate ly they don't talk about that on the televising. many do but they are looked at as if they should be put away. Look on our dollar bill.... "The piece of work itself is not bad at all.USMC01..isn't it?" -... Land of the free.. religion has never been the cause of war .After selling to both sides. My views are to express the concern of this war in another fashion.. built on the worship of the black god Lucif er. a new world order...Matt.. The w ar that has supposedly not started yet. Since march of last year...Texas Tom.. In the first Gulf war the idea was to knock out Saddam s war machine was it not? Well then how come not one scudd launch pad was destroyed? not one...I would like to remi nd you of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. " -... Quebec. Wake up people the reason our world is so dark an d invested with child abuse .. Most times the USA are the ones selling weapons to th e wars of others..124 tonnes of bombs have been dropped over Iraq. Globalisation they want. This is about total world domination.but the forum's not politics but poetry .

One day you will see McDonald's restaur ant's and Hard Rock cafe's in Iraq. but if I work I pay more taxes? There are resources for this war that fire into the billions. out of date. The scud.A. were used as protection against the Iranian s in the 80's. but i n terms of full scale war there is not a challenge to be scared off. there is no-one in the world that is a threat to us. Off course the countries that we arm first pose a minor threat. . every 1 of us have the right to stand against oppression and fight decisions that cost us The TAXPAYER our livelihoods. but not used as protection against the US in the Gulf war?? Why?? Answer: the Patriot. The y could protect themselves from Iran but not from the U. have been destroyed by the very people that sold them. was Bush snr's attitude. We are n ot the silent voice in the crowd. So I guess what I m trying to sa y is that terrorism has been triplicate by the action's of the USA and them alone. whether u believe in god or not. which would not fit into Bush or Blair's plan. they so ld them weapons that were.a powerful missile capabl e of killing hundred's. th e patriot being 5 times more powerful than the scud or there about.Buxton. like old fruit or something. what would they need 6 billi on $£ for? More nuclear weapons. it is our God given right to be heard. Why can't I disagree with taxes? Why? If I don't work then I get less money. and Britain. that is what this war is all about.S. pardon the terminology. Sept 11th was a once off and will never be repeated agai n I can guarantee." -. unless the whole world turn s against us. they don't have any active WMD. any weapons they once had. no! perhaps to rebuild Iraq and make it the model of the future with cinema's.S. look at Russia!!!!! Anyway we should not be fighting each other we should stand united and fight the brown fisting whore that is our Gover nment's . Burger king's and Starbucks etc etc. to influence the world and make them stupid so the government can do as they please with the money we earn. Enuf said really. errrr wrong bush and errrrrr wrong Bush Jnr as well.e went to war with Iraq because of their nuclear weapons? sure that's a good reason to go to w ar with someone: Problem though. by us I mean The U.

could be the things we see are dig ested in a different light. I guess we'll just have to see. You seem like an intelligent bloke just a guy. I don t think a nyone using the word ignorant is trying to offend or put down. I m not about insulting anyone I could do that a lot harsher but that s not me. N ." -. the word is supposed to be adverts as i n the flood of filth on our Tv sets which keep us all in a state of robotic consuming (my shite spelling again)and blind obedience."Perhaps people who disagree aren't ignorant. from an independent source. They are trying desperately to wa ke you up. "I m actually not calling anyone ignorant." -. Prime example the tripe about the leaders being a born again Christians. Isn't it possible. Dunedin. I won't call you names. just reached a different concl usion than you. "Bridget." -.shallow. If people don t wake up and stop listening to what they are told then we are all goin g to pay for it in the end. Let me know if you have some pieces I would like to read some. because if y ou think about it. you're assuming that my thoughts are based solely on stories fed to me by the gov't. I m talking abo ut the people who base their whole idea of how the world is on the fucking soulless . Check out my other ones above C YA" -The writer Belfast. a bit like complete lifetime propaganda. "I think people are calling your view point ignorant for a reason. say you're stupid.Just A Guy. HA DONT START ME ABOUT THEM.Bridget.. life can not continue until everyone else also begins to do so . as soon as we start school our complete perception of this world is in the hands of the organisations in control and they can feed us a version of the world best suited to whatever agenda they have in mind. for we are living with out our freedom. harmful.Just A Guy..Ireland. subliminal. Could it be I've looked at this from many angles.. read something by an ex Mason and your eyes . I m just trying to introduce people to another direction of thinking. "If any one is wondering how they keep something like this under wraps then do s ome research into Freemasonry. I think you're misgu ided but you're entitled and perhaps I'm the one seeing the incorrect answer but the biggest fla w I see in your hypothesis is there would have to be simply too many people involved for it to r emain under wraps.. you're wrong. thanks for your revie w. For you it does not matter who is right or if people believe crazy thin gs. but for those who are beginning to understand the truth. It always amuses to have people who have closed minds say it's the others who are c losed because they don't agree with them. gore that reaches us and our families in our homes twenty 4 hours a day . it is deliberately altering our view of events and we let it we even love it and most don t gave a toss. New Zeal and.

No wonder this guy is such a moron. O yeah did you know that there is actually more gun shops then gas stations in the US... "I'm not from the USA. Do you have a passport. " -.it's so fucking trashed." -. Ireland are the forerunners..Nikolai.. Proba bly not cause only 5 % of all of you will ever get out of that country.will be opened.... be prepared to be shocked at how this world has been run and who by for centuries. The land of the free. ..Nikolai Khabibulin. your destroying yourselves and you don't even realise it. Americans like you are the type that make the rest of them look ba d. But stop whining and d o some research people.. Jee ze." -..... You can't even swim in the ocean without getting a rash.. Go kill some more kids on their way to school you IRA bastard. Did your mum feed you coca-cola when you were a baby cause it is proven that only in Amer ica a Lot of woman actually do that to their babies.. "Belfast. Hey did you know that Canada was the Big Fucking country just above yours. Canada. some others wanted to take some "Blue water from the ocean" back home.. " khabibulin.. Or actually just read something on David Icke.Texas tom... e very time I was there I couldn't wait to get out.Just asking cause 1 out of 3 don't even know or thinks it's the 51st state or something. N. those in N. How can you cope.. Fucking amazing You guys don't need any terrorists. I was driving from New-Hampshire to Boston and there was so many junk food wrappers on the Highway that I couldn t even see the g rass in the middle. eh?" -. Ireland..In one can 10 spoons of sugar that will fuck you up.I worked in saint Thomas for a while and a lot of your "kind" we're asking me clev er questions like does the island move a lot throughout the year and I always liked answering things like "no it's anchored with strong chains at the bottom of the ocean" And I swear they be lieved it.. That explains it all.Matt. If anyone should take a look at what they are doing..

Many opinions. the writer has the right to freedom of speech .USMC-01. " -.. Everything is given to you over there yet everyone com plains. really I do.. We are not always the good guys. something passive. Rmm " -Rimm. As Sylvia rightly says. I am sorry if I offended anyone w ith my comments about Americans although everything I said is true and by the I don't live in Ca nada anymore because it is pathetic. From far and wide. small minded and ill conceived.. but I believe he has the right to express it....Bridget. the US doesn't fall. Maybe we need to take responsibility for o ur own personal acts of terrorism.B if you dare to question the establishment. The last line basically is telling.. one love. What is all that abuse going to ach ieve?" -... With glowing hearts. We are here to read it. Canada.The problem is there is way too much judgement in this world. we hope and pray. I might not agree with the opinion. "Its strange when you make an effort to try and write something that you really feel for. anti war . Nothing will change that. but it seems to me every person to have written an opinion on this piece should apologize. Oh Canada the US stand s on guard for thee.. one. and think."Oh Canada. "P. England. ea ts turnips and gets the cattle prod by the K.Matt.G. "So Nicolai. "Just a Guy. And with a name like yours I am guessing that you are commie who wears one of those fur hats. I don t like to be drawn into petty arguments regarding the prose of t he writer but being as I am also from Belfast I found your remarks to be hurtful. simply.. You don't know the writer and y et judge him and what he says. N. We. " -Bridget. seem to forget some basic things." -.I didn t think you had a closed mind. for where his comes from. from all the inbred Fre nch.. ANTI-TERRORIM and pe ace ... one country. anti genocide... We are not here to argue over whether a piece is politic ally correct. but are we always right? E Pluribus Unum-Out of many. I woke up Angry this morning and decided to lash it out at you by t he doing the same thing as you.anti slaughter. I m sorry if I offended you. "I hate to do this.Z. Oh Can ada you'll all get blown to Hell. Period.. glorious and FREE.. The attacks were wro ng.I was just explaining why people were calling you ignorant. Oh Canada. your pathetic native land.I quite liked the way you tho ught.. God keep your land. to l earn more.S I think you boys are ruining this page. I am not saying we should sit back and allow injustice without restitution. True native love. London. "Nickolai." . as Americans..Sylvia.. I assumed you were American because of your arrogance. the US stands on guard for thee. many thoughts.

orientated especially about another people across the world. And then some kind of little brained mammal shuffles along and accuses you of being some sort of Irish killer. Its gr eat how worms are attracted to a certain vibration if directed at them. I was wondering Nicola i, when the maker was giving out souls, were you the person at the back with your hand between you r butt cheeks, pulling out ass fluff ,wondering how many polar neck jumpers it would knit for y our family of fruit flies for the winter that live in the hole in your brain? Don t take that pe rsonally, I just cant believe you ,at least you gave many people a laugh. Ill just leave you with a qu ote from the great Chinese philosopher Cuntfucius- WHEN LITTLE TINY MAMMAL LEAVES ITS HOLE AFTER HIBERNATION,BEFORE GATHERING ANY FOOD ,IT MUST FIRST TAKE A GOOD SHIT. Strain your brain hard on this but don t follow through. PS.PUT DOWN YO UR BIBLE ,PICK UP A DICTIONARY AND LOOK UP THE WORD PROTESTANT Nanno Nanno." -- The writer, Belfast , N Ireland. "I find what is written here as totally disgusting and degrading to animals. I m yself have searched in my ass and can only find enough fluff to knit one sock for my pet wo rm, his little smile is enough to last me an eternity, his little yearning gasp of pleasure mad e my life worth living. I m so happy I think I will start writing. Such an inspiration such. " -Texas Tom, Socalled Land of the free. "I m so glad, ya nutt." -- The writer.

"300,000 strong ready to wage war against the evil known as Saddam. Semper Fi. " -- USMC01. "Well I hope everyone is having fun, its a nice little party. Some people are so immune to violence through their many wasted hours in front of their great digital electri c dictators that they re dripping spit in excitement at the thought of going in to try out new toys . Well as someone said you are in for a nasty shock . All I hope is that I implanted a little seed of truth. Enjoy the slaughter morons." -- The writer Belfast. Well thought out but I doubt this will be popular. Read the 'Left Behind' series , Jerry Jenkins and Tim La Haye, then look at world events ... chilling ... or better yet, how a bout Revelations. I have an Iraqi friend whose entire family is in Qatar. I pray for us all ... bles sed be ...." -- Judith. "Thanks for your review Judith, but I m sure you have noticed from what I write th at its not about being popular, people have the right to think what they like, and the righ t to say whatever the want in reply, I m just trying to see through the great illusion we have come to know as reality. But thank you again for reviewing my rhymes I really respect your opini on. Peace" -- The writer, Belfast. "It's amazing how I have to throw up every time I read your work. " -- Nikolai K habibulin. Ha! "Hello again, my little commie mammal friend, I am glad I injected some life into your shallow little existence, unless I m mistaken, its sounds like you don t have a TV, maybe you have been wasting too much time in your ignorant little hole. I hope you read my resp onses to your attempts to be abusive on the Iraq Attack part 2.Long live pricks like yourself. Bye. PS re-read the first two pieces." The writer "Funny how the entire population of Iraqi people are dancing in the streets, ela ted by the fact that the coalition forces have liberated them. Even the big, bad soldiers are th anking them for the rescue. And some said it wasn't necessary? Please. Touche, Touche." -- USMC01. "In reply to the person above ,I have a question. If an invading force under fal se pretence, rolled into your streets with the most advanced horror toys the world has yet produced, straight after taking out the so-called great might of the Iraqi army, after slaughtering 10 s of thousands of innocents and damaging God knows how many bodies and supplies. Would you not be desperately welcoming them? I know I fucking would. Quick! get exited people, th ey are going into Syria next. Fuck Hollywood! PEACE!!" -- The writer, Belfast. "Syria is a worthless nation anyway. All they ever do is provoke by hiding terro rists on their soil. There is nothing of any worth in Syria. " -- USMC01. "Fucking Great." -- Bridget. "Bridget Rocks! The writer Rocks! Sonno pazzi questi Italiani!" -- Jezza, London , UK. "This is the most poorly written of your series of bullshit. You're losing your

touch of making me puke. "PS I hate you -- Nikolai Khabibulin. "I agree. Although I don't agree with the writer, at least the others were writt en better than this piece of crap. By the way, what do you think about the Hamas? Are you in love wi th them too?" - USMC01. "To Nikolai ,I don t care if you puke or shit your pants ,you sound like a closed minded spunk monkey to me, don t worry about what s written, you just don t get it, you never will, its not your fault ,you were just born an un-evolved ignorant simian, as I said don t worry...A nd to Mr USMCO1 DONT BE SILLY!!" -- The writer, Belfast. "So, the US isn't behind what the Hamas are doing? We must be by your calculatio ns that we are with Usama and Saddam. What about North Korea? Did we make their nukes for them so they can put on this whole show for the world? The India/Pakistan issue? The US is fu nding both sides of that too I bet!" -- USMC01.

"When are some people in the world going to realize that their governments do no t represent them in any way, you s have just been conditioned and brainwashed to believe tha t this genocide of countries is justified, I suppose you think a chip in your arm is a swell ide a by the way some people think. I would take a wild guess that a chip was inserted at birth." -- T he writer, Belfast. "This part is AWESOME...... Mars got brighter in our sky our fate now is so prec arious He is welcoming Nibiru as earth now can sense Aquarius The talk of another planet most will find to be hilarious Lets hope this cycling earthly brother isn t here to bury us Our moth er is about to move and wake up from the dark She is shedding like a lizard like a tree would l oose its bark Our history wiped by ignorance shows how Nibiru leaves its mark So ill leave you with a game to keep one eye on Yellowstone Park But the rest..." -- R. Bennett Okerstrom. "I read part 4 and now this? Do you even remember a thing called WWII when the U SA had to come and save your pathetic Euro asses from Hitler? Nice gratitude. Wait....didn 't we save you in WWI also? I believe we did. " -- Nikolai Khabibulin. "Ha ha our commie friend has slithered out of his hole again, right lets start w ith the reality of American corporations (the same ones funding Hitler and the allies at the same time) in ww11.Oh! and just at the last minute DA!DA!DA! HERE COMES THE GREAT SAVIORS OF THE EARTH. Quite convenient we just show our pathetic armies face at the last minute when most of the real figh ting is done, and you say this happened in the first war also. DA!DA!DA!LIKE THE COPS AT THE END O F EVERY FUCKING MOVIE WE EVER MAKE,(TWAT!)DONT YOU SEE THE CONNECTION? ok! look at the Vietnam war ,we were shit, and we cant even kill the enemy in the Gulf without killing our supremely harder and higher trained allies. You are what makes everything in this great world fucking shit, I bet your a wrestling fan WATCH BI LL HICKS YOU fucking FAT MORON" -- Texas Tom , The land of the free. NOT! "Tom, why don't you go stand on the shore in Galveston and await the next hurric ane so it can ease your pain for you. If you don't like living here....leave! Bush should have made a law about guys like you before he left." -- USMC01. "I ve said before that I don t live in the states, I refuse to live within the great illusion of Hollywood. You know what, until I got myself out of America and to other shores ,I thought we really were the great keepers of the earth ,respected by every nation for our ad vances and caring natures ,but it couldn t be further from the truth, as you look back and see we ar e the biggest bunch of brainwashed idiots ,with no minds of our own. all of our media is owned by the same people and they feed us 24hrs of the same shit to make us think in the correct w ay so we follow

and don t think to question their most obvious blatant lies. God !!and if you stil l haven t caught on to Bush and his fucking most obvious war mongering then I guess we really are doomed, people here in England have seen through Blair s tripe, and its just a matter of t ime before they turn on us. You know the communists of Russia abused their people overtly for ev eryone to see, while the states do it covertly so we think that no thing is wrong so think abou t this, THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE FREE ARE BOUND BY THE STRONGEST CAGE. nano! nano! morons " - - Texas Tom, Land of the free. "Thanks Tom .but I just want to mention the power blackout which has just happen ed in London, don t you think its a coincidence this being just after America? So what i s happening? I suggest you look up about the Philadelphia experiment which took place in 1943, and the Montauk project which happened in 1983 and to two latest power surges in two of the main places of the world in 2003,do you see the connection?(look at the dates) ,Well if not go back to sleep cause you are of no help anyway." -- The writer, Belfast. "Oh! and people while your at it get of your fat asses and check alternative new s sources, instead of the shite which your being spoon-fed..." -- The writer, Belfast. "Texas Tom, Land of the free. Hmm. That suggests you live in TEXAS not England. If you are so proud of the Lone Star State why aren't you there? I loved San Antonio the short time I was

there. Why would you leave and go to England? By the way, Tony Blair is the best thing that's happened to England since Churchill." USMC01. "The article above is farcical. If media accounts have been rigged I want defini tive proof it is so, not just the "enemy" saying it is so, because I am already led to believe he is the enemy, so why should I trust his word? Then the article goes onto talk about "space-brothers" and just loses all credibility for a serious reader." -- Boondock Saints. "You know, if you want definitive proof if accounts have been rigged, then make a fucking effort and go and spend a bit of your TV time trying to find the truth, and stop whinin g here. And if you still haven t realized we are not alone in the vast expanses of space, well! I know now where you are coming from. " -- The writer, Belfast. "Hello, I am Neep from the planet Qxxyty. Take me to your leader." -- Neep. "Welcome my space-brother!" -- The writer, Belfast. "I don t think its a very good idea to take Neep to our leader." -- Bridget. ALL OF THE PREVIOUS COMMENTS WERE WRITTEN BETWEEN EARLY 2002 AND EARLY 2004. OH! AND ER! WHAT DID WE DISCOVER??? All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is viole ntly opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident. (Arthur Schopenhauer 19th century philosopher) PART 5 SOME QUOTES TO MAKE THE NEW WORLD ORDER CHOKE When the ancestors of the present haughty Saxons the Gauls, the Normans, and the C elts were

naked barbarians, living in grottoes and caves, slinging stones at wild animals for food, and eating that food uncooked, there was on Africa s soil, in Egypt, the land of the black man, a civilization resting on the pinnacle of national splendour far exceeding that of Greece or Rome today . (A Black Mason) A religious war is like children fighting over who has the strongest imaginary f riend. (Unknown) The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now in this very room. You ca n see it when you look out your window or when you turn on the television. You can feel it when yo u go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. IT IS THE WORLD THAT HAS BEEN PULLED OVER YOUR EYES TO BLIND YOU FROM THE TRUTH. (Morpheus from the movie The Matrix. ). The lightness of your step relates directly to the lightness of your energy, emo tions and thoughts and vice versa, though lightness does not mean airiness. Every footstep must make in telligent contact with the ground. The soles of your feet are important receptors which collect informa tion from the ground. (Barefoot Doctor) The yin/yang symbol is the interlocking, melting together of the flow of movemen t within a circle. (Chungliang Al Huang) The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and p ower to themselves, these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ. . (Thomas Jefferson). Past the stars in fields of ancient void, through the shields of darkness where they find, love upon a land a world unknown, where the sons of freedom make their home, leave the earth to Satan and his slaves, leave them to their future in their graves, make a home where love is th ere to stay, peace and happiness in every day. (Into The Void. Black Sabbath) And don't tell me this is the military that protects our freedom hey, ladies and gentlemen, there ain't no one out there who's a fucking threat to us. They don't exist. Oh I'm talking now only of countries we don't arm first. All right, if you want to split hairs, you got a point. "Bil l, what about the nations we sell arms to and then blow the fuck out of?" Okay, they might be scary for about a day! (Bill Hicks) This country exists as the fulfilment of a promise made by God himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy (Golda Meir, Le Monde, Prime Minister of Israel 1969 - 1974) Both the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are older than the Old Testament. What thi s means is that civilizations prior to Israel had physically documented what the prophets of Isr ael later saw and documented in their visions.

(Dr. Lee E. Warren B.A., D.D.) Mind is consciousness, which has limitations. We are originally unlimited and pe rfect. Later on we take on limitations and become the mind. (Sri Ramana Maharshi) Nature is Gods mind made visible, and mind is nature made visible. (Shelling, Philosophy of nature) Religion is the brainchild of fear, and fear is the parent of cruelty. The great est evils inflicted on humankind are perpetrated not by pleasure-seekers, self-seeking opportunists, or those who are merely amoral, but by fervent devotees of religion. (Emmanuel Kofi Mensah)

Your denial is beneath you, and thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I see through you. (Bill Hicks) Blessed are the children. These children will be the guides to return us as a wo rld, to the path of love. (The man himself, Jesus) Reason shapes the future, but superstition infects the present." (Iain M Banks) Traditional people of Indian nations have interpreted the two roads that face the light-skinned race as the road to technology and the road to spirituality. We feel that the road to te chnology has led modern society to a damaged and seared earth. Could it be that the road to technology r epresents a rush to destruction, and that the road to spirituality represents the slower path that t he traditional native people have travelled and are now seeking again? The earth is not scorched on this trai l. The grass is still growing there (William Commanda, Mamiwinini, Canada, 1991(Red Indian) When in the height, heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, And chaos, Tiamat, the mother of them both, Their waters were mingled together, And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen; When of the gods none had been called into being, And none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained; Then we re created the gods in the midst of heaven Lahmu and Lahamu were called into being...Ages increased (This is from the first tablet of the Sumerian ENUMA ELISH from where the Biblic al/Genesis was copied much later.-see below) Yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices originating in India. They are th ought to lead to spiritual experience and profound understanding or insight into the nature of existence. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia) Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced. (Terrence McKenna) The mind of the fundamentalist is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour on it, the more it will contract. (Unknown Atheist) "If Jesus where here today, there is one thing he wouldn't be .A Christian" (Mark Twain) Without an understanding of myth or religion, without an understanding of the re lationship between destruction and creation, death and rebirth, the individual suffers the mysterie s of life as meaningless mayhem alone. (MarionWodman) In one of the most tragic ironies, the majority of humans continue to worship th ose gods who abused them the most. (Jack Barranger, Past Shock) "[Israel will] create in the course of the next 10 or 20 years conditions which would attract natural and voluntary migration of the refugees from the Gaza Strip and the west Bank to Jor

We killed six innocent people. What we ." (Yitzhak Rabin prime minister of Israel talking in 1983) And I knew Bill Clinton became one of the boys when he bombed Iraq. Umm I think that's a little bit overdoing it if you ask me. I think three million dollars-a-piece mis siles on Baghdad. killing six innocent people. To achieve this we have to come to agreement with King Hussein and not with Yasser Arafat. launching twenty two.dan. isn't that interesting? He launched 22 cruise mi ssiles against Baghdad in retaliation for the alleged assassination attempt against George Bush. which fai led. Remember tha t? It was just a little news story for two days.

a cancerologist. s o let me go ahead and . (Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot) "You know what causes sexual thoughts? I'm gonna clear the air for you tonight. Shamanism. to pollute and contaminate all the people w ho used the river as a source of water. "There. AIDS-infected pit bull or something. and hope for reward. It is important to remember that our epistemological tools have developed very unevenly in the West." This created hierarchies. hopefully once and for all while on this planet. towel heads. Maybe this is what the Dogon Tribe really meant) Have you ever thought about your soul . and taboos. (Bill Hicks) The Greek word amphibios means simply "life on two planes . a large quantity of viruses in the Congo river in Zaire. and it was based on the pursuit of ecstasy through plants." (Albert Einstein) So.I. had made themselves almost divine through knowledge. I'm gonna end this debate. admitted having dispersed in 1960.A hearing.can it be saved Or perhaps you think that when you're dead You just stay in your grave Is God just a thought within your head Or is he a par t of you Is Christ just a name that you read in a book When you were at school? (Black Sabbath/After Forever) What I think happened is that in the world of prehistory all religion was experi ential. castes. theological systems. Gottlieb. you know. the word was often app lied in antiquity to those men who. 'cause outer space awai ts our presence. Don't fu ck with us. And at some time. it's good to see people. Yeah. And here's how we should have done it: We should have assassinated Bush ourselves. ritual. but we know absolutely nothing about the nature of the mind. there would have been no loss of innocent life. on the other hand. (Terrence McKenna) If people are good only because they fear punishment. (The Theosophical Glossary.should have done is embarrass the Iraqis. priesthoo ds. and lived as much in the spiritual super sensuous regions as on earth ." And see. that's how you do it. Dr Gollieb was named to head the National Cancer Institute. We know a tremendous amount about what is g oing on in the heart of the atom. then we are a sorry lot indeed. (Janet Star Hull talking about the well known sugar substitute and soft drink in gredient) At a C. I guess. very early. Dr. The newsman is so horrifying you get the impression you're just going to walk out your door and im mediately be raped by some cracked-addicted. is an experiential sci ence that deals with an area where we know nothing. a group interposed itself between people and direct experience of the "Other. if it had been Bush who had died. (Bill Hicks) There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consum ption. though still wearing a human form. we are better and more unique creatures than this and all eternity is our playground. thanks for coming out.

.clear this one issue up once and for all and let's move on to real issues. No black magician tel ling me to get my soul out. No I don't want no one to tell me where I'm gonna go when I die. Here' s what causes sexual thoughts: Having a dick. Black Sabbath) Ah Solon. And so also among your people the tale is told that Phaethon. I wanna live my life with no peopl e telling me what to do. I ve opened the door and my mind has been released. child of the Sun. you Greeks are ever children. and there will continue to be. The mos t serious of these involve fire and water. numerous disasters that have destroyed human life in many kinds of ways. I just believe in myself. Don t believe in violence. Solon. Well I don't want no preacher telling me about the god in the sky . but was . There have been. I don't even believe in peace. while the lesser ones have numerous other causes.. 'cause no one else is true. once harnessed his fath er s chariot." (Bill Hicks) Well I don't want no demon to tell me what it's all about. (Under The Sun / Every Day Comes & Goes .

unable to drive it along his father s course. During the day it looks like an oil refinery or something simila r. (HH. (Ralph Waldo Emerson). including radioactive salts. It lies with each of us individuall y. He ended up burning everything on th e Earth s surface and was destroyed himself when a lightning bolt struck him. the Archons so he invented Enochian magic. The world before this one. (Michael Tsarion-Atlantis. Peace. and we are as a peo ple inherently and historically opposed to secret societies. Th e over-souls wanted blood as it had occult properties when taken from an innocent murdered in a ritu al setting.. and to secret proceed . to secret oaths. You ever notice how people who believe in creationism look really un-evolved? (Bill Hicks) "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even." (George Orwell s book 1984) The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. The Dalai Lama) The Bible is the greatest astrological story ever told. At the southern end of the Dead Sea today is a modern chemical plant that looks like an alien base. This huge c hemical plant is said to have an endless supply of valuable minerals. When we have inner peace. there comes the heavenly flood.T s or preferably pan-dimensional beings. (Ancient Egyptian priest talking to Solon the person that told Plato the story o f the existence and destruction of Atlantis by comets. Are some of these chemicals the result of an ancient atomic blast? (David Hatcher Childress) John Dee along with Edward Kelly and others (working for Queen Victoria) set abo ut opening portals to other dimensions in order to speak with the angels. This tale is told as a m yth. with w hich to work. It is the Dead Sea Chemical Works. Strange towers shoot up out of the desert. Blood is the second most common word after God in the Bible for a reason. alien visitation and genetic manipulation) Responsibility does not only lie with the leaders of our countries or with those who have been appointed or elected to do a particular job. which causes huge fires that destroy what is on the Earth across vast stretches of time.. Their obsession was to co ntact E. it never happened that. we can be at peace with those around us. surely. (Jordan maxwell). Bizarre buildings with domes and spir es are covered with multi-coloured lights. was more terrifying than mere torture and death. starts within each one of us. This is why soldiers wear occult symbols on th e uniforms and vehicles.) Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence. after the usu al number of years. One expects to see a flying saucer land at any moment. but the truth behind it is that there is a deviation in the heavenly bodies that travel around the Ea rth. So John Dee put the whole of mankind up as a sacrifice to his masters. for example. but at night the lights that are strung about the facility make it seem otherworldly.

. which are cited to justify it." (Elizabeth Cady Stanton) .. 1961) Don't grieve.. Anything you lose comes round in another form. space is not empty . Kennedy. April 27. (BBC News science editor Dr David Whitehouse) The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of w omen's emancipation. Space has a shape that can be distorted by matter . The starship would simply rest in a warp bubble between the two space-time distortions. (John F.ings. address to newspaper publishers. to physicists. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers." (Rumi) The idea relies on the concept that..

then don't bring up Jesus to me. A st ory from the Koran telling how Mohammad went to the 7 higher dimensions than our third) The historical figure of Jesus has been so central to Western culture that it is hard to question his existence. Beyond the seventh heaven. From there Jibril led the Prophet through Heaven's gates. as the Prophet slept next to the Kabah. ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. As soon as we hear his name we can see him in our mind's eye.) The Sumerians state that the first human kings on earth were the offspring of Cu stodial rulers who mated with the human women. The Pr ophet was amazed to find the spot where he had lain still warm. As long as we're talking shelf life here " (Bill Hicks) "A long and wicked life followed by five minutes of perfect grace gets you into Heaven. man. called Buraq or lightning.the Creator of the heavens and the earth. (Proof that God experiences were induced by drinking hallucinogenic drinks." I'm like. Is tha t the system?" (Robert A. The Prophet looked upon that which the eye cannot see and the mind cannot imagine . It becomes localized. This incredible experience had taken place in less than a moment. unti l at last he came into the divine Light of Allah's Presence. all right? It's a long time ago. Time. Just let it go. Yet this picture of Jesus was not created until the 8th century. there was only great peace and the brilliance of pure light. "All right. so presumably his image of Jesus was not the same as ours. white-winged animal. from Mecca to al-Aqsa mosque in faraway Jerusalem. (William Brambley. whe re he saw countless angels. Heinlein) The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. just forget it. Angel Jibril then took the Prophet through the Seven Heavens one by one.One night. It was a long time ago. and the cup he had tipped over was s till emptying itself. The mushroom . (Tom Clancy) People say. Early portrayals of Jesus show him clean-shaven with short hair and wearing a Roman tu nic. quit talking about Kennedy. with long hair and a beard. From his book Gods of Eden ) The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. thought an d feelings disappeared. "Bill. (President John Adams) The mushroom becomes less plentiful. It becomes seasonal. the Prophet passed through the veils covering that which is hidden. Those entitled the half-human offspring to become th e first monarchs of earth. in his flowing white robes. An equally long life of decent living and good works followed by one outburst of taking the name of the Lord in vain--then have a heart attack at that moment and be damned for eternity. St Paul says that long hair disgraces a man. the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel ) woke him and took him on a strange.

I require a counterpoise of good works to redeem it. he preaches the efficacy of repentance toward fo rgiveness of sin. "Not all drugs are good.. Among the sayings and discour ses imputed to him by his biographers. correct morality. are great. as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictio ns should have proceeded from the same being. a crude alcohol.festivals become further and further apart. mead. (This is an unknown source telling the story of how the ancient religious act of religious magicmushroom taking was lost because the honey they used to preserve it gave them the taste f or alcohol instead). there is an anxiety to preserve the mushroom. Some . The obvious strategy then is to preserve it in honey. therefore. I separate. and others. the gold from the dross. of so much ignorance. I am a Materialist. and of the most lovely benevolence. so much untruth." (Bill Hicks) It is not to be understood that I am with him (Jesus Christ) in all his doctrine s.. Eventually this is recognized. But honey it self has the capacity to turn into a psycho-active substance. I find many passages of fine imagination. r estore him to the . charlatanism and imposture. again. he takes the side of Spiritualism. so much absurdity.

You know. The Bible was not written in English. the equations tell us that if you make it smaller than a certain length (its about 10-33 centimetre s." (Thomas Jefferson to W. The "New Testament" was written in Greek. the Zulu shaman. Of this band of dupes and impostors. God manifests as the inner consciousness. If you go to Bosnia or Som alia or Peru or much of the third-world then it appears that the apocalypse has already arrived. we believe. (Bill Hicks." (Je-Zeus) (Dan Corner) When we turn the mind inwards." (Credo Mutwa. 1820). The apocalypse has arrived in ma jor portions of the planet and it's only because we live within a bubble of incredible privilege and social insulation that we still have the luxury of anticipating the apocalypse. as making the circle larger. Hence. after being asked to do an advertisement for orange drink) It turns out that within string theory .. (Sir Leornard .. talking to David Icke): There is nothing to show to what race the first inhabitants of Mesopotamia belon ged.Ur of the Chaldees) I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confiden . (Terrence McKenna) "To know the Illuminati. That's why I drink orange drink. So it turns out that if you. between the very tiny and the very huge.. its exactly identical. The apocalypse is not something which is coming.. it would be the same as making it infinitely b ig. David. the name "Jesus" is found nowhere in the Scriptures it is a translation of the Greek name "Iesous" (pronounced "[ee]yeh -sooce"). "Iesous" came over into the Latin "Jesu" (pronounced "yehsoo") and finally into English a s "Jesus. So you're trying to squeeze it smaller. if you try to squeeze it all the way down to zero size.former. the so called 'Planck Length') . (Vernon Howard). (CSPAN Archives Videotape #125054). Paul was the great Coryphaeus. there is actually an identification. and leave the latter to the stupidity of some. so when you see a fight it is always between two d ark forces. That'll be great. Yeah. take a dimens ion .imagine its in a circle. you really got my act down good. and the first corruptor o f the doctrines of Jesus.and then you make it smaller and smaller and s maller. Short. but actually in reality your eff orts are being turned around by the theory and you're actually making the dimension larger. ... the roguery of others of his disciples. (Sri Ramana Maharshi) Light never battles darkness. when I' m done ranting about the elite power that rules the planet under a totalitarian government that uses the media in order to keep people stupid. from the point of view of physical propertie s. What we read in English today are translat ions from other languages. At a date which we cannot fix. for instance. my throat gets parched. So in some sense. guys. imagine its really huge . you must study the reptile. Mr. people of anew race made their way into the valley. coming whence we do not know.

before the advent of Jesus. Iu-sa. Hermes or Taht (Th oth). Iu-em-hetep. in India. Orpheus. beside s many others . in Tibet the Boddhisattvas. Achilles. Kybele (femine). the Adonis or Phrygia). S abazius. Horus. Mithra. Krishna. Thes eus. Marduk and Sargon. in Persia. Ahura-Mazda and the Zoroasters. Iusa. Atis." What a dick! If he thought he could fly. jumped off a building. in Greece. Hercules.ce. Zagreus. There were in Egypt. Adon. Jason. Vyasa. Atum (Aten. Osiris. thought he could fly. Khunsu. why didn't he take off from the ground? (Bill Hicks) To indicate the universality of the Sun-god myth it is only necessary to enumera te some thirty of the chief figures known as Sun-gods amongst the nations about the Eastern Mediterran ean. Buddha. (Doug MacLeod) Today a young man on acid. Perseus. what a t ragedy. in Syria. Bacchus (Dionysus). Prometheus. in Babylonia. Serapis. in Assyria Tammuz.

(Bible Genesis 7:11.elsewhere. reading newspapers." (Albert Einstein) Whenever we read the obscene stories. the earth was once much smaller with a totally different gravity. (Thomas Jefferson) There is no path to peace. From the film Dune) The appellation Satan. (Dale Carnegie). be it. and how it was showered with watery comets from an explodi ng planets seas. Forests will fall. stains become a warning. (Fider. and the floodgates of the heavens wer e opened. . the voluptuous debaucheries.) It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Sapho that th oughts acquire speed. (Saruman. make lemonade. We have only to remove those who oppose us. the cruel and tortuous executions. Hence the giant Dinosaurs and plants. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. We will drive the machinery of war with the sword a nd the spear and the iron fist of the Orc.Telling the story of how the earth expands with water from w ithin. not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. (Christopher Westra) In the six hundredth year of Noah's life. (Madam Helens Petrovna Blavatsky) Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. the lips acquire stains. There was no single giant continent at the start.). we shall rule this Middle-Earth. it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of I sengard and Mordor? To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman and the union of the two towers ? Together. belongs by right to the first and cruellest Adv ersary of all the other gods -Jehovah. they get all nervous and give the wro ng answers. in Hebrew. (The Great Myth of the Sun-gods by Alvin Boyd Kuhn[1880 1963]. I think animal testing is a terrible idea. Lord of the Rings) Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." (Thomas Paine) Life is an adventure. live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passi ng in their times. Lord Sauron. on the seventeenth day of the second m onth on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth. the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled." (Peter Kaye) The world is changing. It is a history of wic kedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind. (John Lennon) I really look with commiserations over the great body of my fellow citizens who. not a quest for security. A new order will rise. pushing the continents apart.) Don t dream it. Peace IS the path (Mahatma Gandhi) When fate hands you a lemon. (Frankfurters from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

e.The most crucial step in the ancient thinking was to assume that the exploded pl anet (the Planet of Heaven) was a mirror image of the Earth. thriving planet w hich contained all the seeds of life. i. it was a living. (Alan F Alford) .

for they become act ions. (Fredrick Nietzsche). governments destroy freedom. (Terminator 2) Watch your thoughts. ("Eskimo:) "Then why did you tell me?" (Annie Dillard. As a result their remains are amazingly fresh looking and are frequently indistinguishable f rom those of animals and plants that have died mere weeks ago. No longer can we merely regret the passing of one of . (When The Earth Nearly Died. We knew in our hearts that the destruct ion of a whole range of other species was wrong but now we know why. (Michael Tsarion). More than 30. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. (Michael Eller). There is no need for temples. you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. Doctors des troy health. Watch your actions. nothing is past or forgotte n. controls the universe! The spice must flow. for they become habits. th e major media destroys information. Scientists Alain and Delair). and religion destroys spirituality. no need for complicate d philosophy. The canvas is all possibly and t he brush and pallet are called belief. Our own brain. for they become words. (Baron Harkonnen from the film Dune). (Jack Barranger . (Unknown). 'Pilgrim at Tinker Creek').The Dali Lama) The Christian resolve to find the world ugly and bad has made it ugly and bad. This is my simple religion.Nothing can be brought to an end in the unconscious.Everything is upside-down. Watch your habits. would I go to hell? ("Priest:) "No.. with countless animals and plants frozen in positions of death ever since the day the y perished. Everything is backwards . (Sigmund Freud) In Siberia the picture is everywhere one of appalling disorder. for they become character. (H H . Watch your words.000 written documents from all over the world tell of advanced bein gs who either came to earth or were already living on earth. Just look at us. part of Gaia then we are all of us potentially important to her well being. (Dr Deepak Chopra).Past Shock) Life is a canvas on which we paint our reality. Those who fear reality.(Eskimo:) "If I did not know about God and sin. for it becomes your destiny. not if you did not know. . carnage and whol esale destruction. can never hope to change reality. the philosophy is kindness. our own heart is our temple. we have mis-leaders (Jordan Maxwell) When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings. universities destroy knowledge. W atch your character." from bacteria to whales. We don t have leaders. lawyers destroy justice. If we are "all creatures great and small. (David Icke) He who controls the Spice.

When we el iminate one of these from Earth. for we also are a part of Gaia. . nor even the smallpox virus.the great whales. we may have destroyed a part of ourselves. or the blue butterfly.

Eventually. called Will iam of Orange. of course. that we had the Great Roman Empire. the King James version of the Bible. creating the hybrid line. How can we continue to make weapons if we love everything? (Bill Hicks) These bloodlines going back to before 5000BC became the leaders and the Royal li nes of that ancient Near and Middle Eastern area.(James Lovelock) Actually. This. and I loved everything Now. amphib ian and fish connections seem probable fractals of the gate and the mushroom itself. I'm against drugs being legalized. and this is why. When you go back to the Hebrew. as God in the Old Testament. if that isn't a bad thing for this country. This goes a long way to explain the snake. coil and spiral imagery present on all levels of this stargate idea. King William is who the Protestants of Northern Ireland paint on th eir walls). This bloodline would appear to go back to an extra -terrestrial intervention which created hybrid bloodlines. is referred to in t he Old Testament which is. was manipulated onto the thro ne of England in 1689. The gods (like the mushroom-inner blue Jesus and Krishna). to whom every surviving Royal Family in Europe is related. my f riend and I went into a farm. the completely activ ated chakra system being the factually self-similar* pillar. (Unknown). I looked up into the sky and s aw God. hurrican e and galaxy. ark and tablet he believes necessary t o open the gate. and we sat on a field. it actually is translated from the word meaning gods. many with serpent. And so ofte n when you see the translation into the English. and I realized that there was nothing to fe ar. took some mushrooms. The incessan t interbreeding between these family lines is not due to snobbery. The focus in the ancient world of these bloodlines appears to be in Babylon. This was a key point in the historical expan sion of the power of these bloodlines across the planet. . one of their number. The stargate itself can be seen as a fractal self-similar DNA double helix. Last weekend. and he was the one who signed the Charter that created the Bank of England in 1694. William Henry recognizes the human body as a stargate tool. I don't know what is . He told me that there is nothing to fear. just an edited rewrite of more ancient texts where it talks about the "sons of God" who interbred with the "daughters of men". (David Icke. let's go back a little. and eventually they moved their epicentre to Rome. Thanks to-well. the Nefilim/Nep hilim. I think. the "sons of God" become the "sons of the gods". but their desire to hold a sp ecific genetic structure. And these bloodlines moved ov er as time went on and became the British and European Aristocracy and Royal Families. and he showered gifts of forgiveness and love onto the Earth. that he loves every single creature on this plane t. And it was when they were in Rome.

(U.) When you know that your time is close at hand. government mind manipulator. Jose Delgado. Coincidentally the area lies at a strategic junction of roads ru nning north-south and east-west. Congressional Record. free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself. its own Navy and its o wn funding mechanism and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest. (Senator Daniel K Inouwe) During the past 4000 years. Cline talking about Megiddo in northern Israel. 118. life down there is just a strange illusion. the average height of the continents. They were able to construct something that we still cannot construct today. at least 34 bloody conflicts have already been fough t at the ancient site.S. the radius of curvature. . (Iron Maiden Hallowed be they name) There exists a shadowy Government with its own air force. No. maybe then you'll begin to unders tand. over twenty cities are built directly on top of one another and have been inhabi ted continuously from 3000 to 300 BC. 1974. (Eric H. Some day armies and generals will be con trolled by electric stimulation of the brain. Also known as Armageddo n ) So far the message indicates that whoever built the Pyramid knew the Earth well: the length of the year. and the centre of the land mass.'Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electrically control the brain. the standard measurement techniques. 2 62E. Dr. This kind of liberal orien tation has great appeal. Whoever had control of Megiddo had control of one of the major trade routes of antiquity. Vol.

Doane.and they were able to tie all these things together in this single structure. as detailed in the Torah and Talmud." Th e entire population was annihilated. and since then we have believed the official propa ganda that these Christians were dangerous heretics who had gone Pagan. Hence.). published in February 2003. The Popul Vuh) "The time will come when from the earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilut e the minds and hearts of all people. We re they extraterrestrial. in conjunction with mona tomic elements (the manna placed in the Ark). it is possible that the Ark is st ill at Chartres. believing as they do that the Protestants have mutilated th e Book of God. immorality and the competitive war of greed will flourish.. are yet aiding and abetting the Protestant "crime" by forcing their native converts to p urchase the Authorised ..W. and even called Jesus by the names of the Pagan Godman. understood the Jesus story as allegory. "Bible Myths" (New York. known as Gnostics... but simply not in our space-time maybe "yielded". (Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. for want of a better term.. 1882). is simply a copy of that of Buddha. Children will be out of control and will no lon ger obey the leaders.. with a mixture of mythology borrowed from other nations. or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet clear. Bringing these things all together. it could become a superconductor with its own Meissner field.) Nothing now remains for the honest man to do but acknowledge the truth. it would levitate above the ground. the face of the earth grew dark and t he gloomy rain endured days and nights. thus far we hav e examined only the outside of the Pyramid. the Great L aws of our Creator will dissolve in the minds of people.. not histo ry. (From the prophetic Mayan tale. therefore. However.. ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. We also kn ow from recent experiments with monatomic elements that they can be heat-triggered to move out of our space-time. Their guidelines of wisdom and knowledge will falter.. both Pagans and Christians were well aware that the Jesus story was a myth. it was a great inundation .Sir Laurence Gardner ) It was ruin and destruction. At the time. people were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky. which is that the history of Jesus of Nazareth as related in the books of the New Testament. The Gnostics were brutally eradicated by the Roman Church in the 4th and 5th centuries. (Hopi Indian prophecy). (John Zajac. into another paralle l dimension. I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction. (John Steinbeck) We know that the Ark was a very powerful capacitor and. the sea was piled up." (T. The early Christians. and then there was a great din of fire above their heads. This is very similar to this verse below from the Bible. The Roman Catholics..

Religion is doing w hat you are told no matter what is right.Version (AV) of the Bible. which is the only Bible available in some 1500 langua ges of the lesser developed nations of the world. Holy Smoke. bees around honey Holy Smoke.they don't tell a lie They just leave out the truth as they're watching you die Saving your souls by taking your money Flies round shit. ple nty bad preachers for The Devil to stoke Feed'em in feet first this is no joke This is thirsty work making Holy Smoke Jimmy Reptile and all his friends Say they gonna be with you at the end Bur ning records burning books Holy soldiers Nazi looks Crocodile smiles just wait a while Till the TV Queen gets her make up clean I've lived in filth I've lived in sin And I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in They ain't religious but they ain't no fools When Noah built his Cadi llac it was cool Two by two they're still going down As the satellite circus just left town I thin k they're . (Ahmed Deedat) Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told. (Unknown) Believe in me .send no money I died on the cross and that ain't funny But my so cal led friends are making me a joke They missed out what I said like I never spoke They choose what the y wanna hear .

or cause a piece of the sky to fall upon the m. and insights into its nature. are written in the lang uage of men. they are important stories and not history. W. for mental explanation or description. and bear in their style the characteristics of men. The psychedelic drugs allow exploration of this interior world . going too deep in the blood and soul." (Dr. but is it the God of the Catholics or the God of the Protestants in whom you don't believe?" (Quentin Crisp) There is a wealth of information built into us . Never has there been a religion that was not political. I believe the New Testament. Verily in this is a Sign for every devotee that turns to Allah (in repentance). We could cause the earth to swallow them up. "Yes. Yes. Here's Tom with the weather. Laurence). of the sky and the earth? If w e wished. without some means of access. Christian agendas..100 years in jail. were penned by the hands of men. . (Alexander Shulgin. a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed t o a slow vibration that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. of which the purpose is t oo deep. life is only a dream. a woman in the audience stood up and said. is a metapho r. (Iron Maiden HolySmoke) See they not what is before them and behind them.. A positive news story) Myth is an attempt to narrate a whole human experience.trick of the tail Now they ain't got a prayer . and we're the imagination of ourselves. (Bill Hicks. I'm actua lly sorry just the fact that you're Catholic.H. There has al ways been a basic animosity between the two. Jewish. though some. tucked away in the genetic ma terial in every one of our cells . a symbolic story. they can be encoded.. All politics involve secular. When I told the people of Northern Ireland that I was an atheist.strange and when they're dead They can have a Lincoln for their bed Friend of the Pr esident . (Jordan Maxwell) "Yes.) Today. Graham Scroggie of the Moody Bible Institute. (D. Those books2 have passed through the minds of men. 1 have denied this. out of zeal which is not according to kno wledge. I'm not sorry if you are offended. There's no such t hing as death. the Bible is human. there is no way even to begin to guess a t the extent and quality of what is there. But. the Gospel. in my opinion. (Saba' 34:9) The Koran. Never has there been a government that was not religious. L ike these vampire priests sink their twin fangs of guilt and sin into you as a child and suck your joy of life out of you the rest of your fucking existence. Gotta be one of the most ludicrous fucking beliefs ever.) I m sorry if anyone here is Catholic.. answering the question "Is the Bible the Word of God?" ).

Volney in 1787.(Bill Hicks) There are a people. Count C. only to come back to life. This race of black men." (Reverend Lovejoy. and his name was E. is the very race to which we owe our arts.T. A race of men rejected now for their black skin and woolly ha ir founded. the extra-terestrial. those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe." or electric battery. our sciences. the elements of the arts and sciences. and even t he use of speech!" ("French scholar. I loved that lit tle guy. he came in peace and then d ied. on the study of the laws of Nature. The Simpsons) According to most texts the "voltic pile..) "I remember another gentle visitor from the heavens. discovered... now forgotten. was invented in 1800 by the Count . while others were yet barbarians.

Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief.' How do you know that? 'Uh. (Martin Luther jr. Every man should keep an attitude of openness to all truth. by the Protestant church or by any church that I know of. I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church.) Iraq: incredible weapons incredible weapons. because of global warming. is to keep the world in igno rance of himself. the reflectivity of the planet. by the Greek Church. by the Roman churc h. Talking about the Sumerian Annuniki and the planet Nibiru). (Unknown) Our Scientific power has out run our Spiritual power. were used once in a similar situation on another planet. the rest of the Universe is barren? Mor eover. I have seen the new man. The little jar in Baghdad suggests that Volta didn't invent th e battery. gold microparticles. we have guided missiles an d misguided men. well we looked at the receipts. but I guess they had lots of gold . 'When asked in an interview at Rochester University seven years after the Alamog ordo nuclear test whether that was the first atomic bomb ever to be detonated. and we used aluminium instead. and kept the nations in the deception of the de vil. In Tennes see they're yelling 'Evolution! We want our thumbs!' (Bill Hicks) Chemtrails were developed by Edward Teller and are basically the seeding of thou sands of tons of microparticles of aluminium on the upper atmosphere to try to increase the albed o of the planet. by the Turkish church.) How come we have so many varieties of life forms and species on this planet and are we to believe that apart from what we find on planet Earth. Global warming is partly because of the greenhouse effect. (Adolf Hitler). Solar activity is the real problem. and the Church is taking sides with him when siding wi th ignorance about him. as I have mentioned earlier. and for my own part.'" (Bill Hicks) The devil's great purpose. and that cer tainly makes things worse. but most of it is because of increased solar activity. the Destroyer of Worlds. and for which he fights. I was frightened of him. but reinvented it. he is intrepid and cruel. but I hope t . (Thomas Paine) 'Now I am become Death. I have indisputable proof that we are from Mars.Alassandro Volta. people are yelling 'Revolution!'. (Lee Krystek) In many parts of our troubled world. I disbelieve them al l. (Unknown. Robert Oppenheimer quoting from the Ind ian Sanskrit text The Bhagavad-Gita after he watched the first atomic bomb test. in modern history (Manhattan Project chief scientist Dr J. Now. and shun the fa lse knowledge which has slain its tens of thousands. his reply was: Well yes. and his colleagues. his ways. real gold.

(From the film Dune). suffocate an enem y or burst his organs. Through sound and motion.hat you will accept that I am entitled to preserve those evidences and facts until the publication of my upcoming book . you will be able to paralyze nerves. shatter bones. but I know that it is round. that being the equivalent to a form. set fires. and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church. for I have seen the shadow on the moon. Nothing in life is to be feared." . Some thoughts have a certain sound. (The Star Federations). only understood (Mary Qurie) The church says the earth is flat.

It is no secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money wins the election.(Ferdinand Magellan) Yes I know the secret That's within your mind You think all the people Who worship yo u are blind You're just like Big Brother Giving us your trust And when you have played enough You'll just cast our souls Into the dust Into the dust You thought that it would be easy From the very start Now I've found you out I don't think you're so smart I only hav e one more question Before my time is through Please I beg you tell me In the name of hell Who are you? Who are you? (Black Sabbbath/Who are you). and they are often held from public scrutiny. they infiltrate politics and they own most governments . with a few exceptions). the oil-bus inesses. The Illuminati own all the International banks. An example of this is the American election for presidenc y. the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity. They are the "Black No bility". The Photon Band and the Precession of the Equinoxes illustrates the 2160-year gr eat ages cycle. Their power lies in the o ccult and in economy money creates power. and they are the men who really rule the w orld from behind the scenes (yes. the most powerful businesses of industry and trade. and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines pure from generation to generation. By understanding these mysteries. The photon band is a great 7th dimensional highway of light that integrates the fields of Earth with the Galactic Centre intelligence. as t his gives the power to . our Sun enters the band in 1998.or at least control them. (Barbara Hand Clow) Those who danced were thought to be quite insane. The only way to do so is by interbreeding. Their bloodlines go back thousands and thousands of years. a school for the study of the myst eries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. Examine everything about life. When our e ntry into the Photon Band is complete in 2012. and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his inner god.Talking about the Mystery Schools of Egypt). and only believe what you see. for if you do not. basically belo nging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world. then it is inevitable that you will accept as truth someone else s misguided belief (Dr Mu) A Mystery school is a university of the soul. all human will be accessing nine dimensions of conscio usness. (Angela Monet) Those people are the top players on the International playground. who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow. Knoche. as their action can't stand being scrutinized. by those who could not hear th e music. the Decision Makers. (Grace F. they are mostly men.

or perhaps continue. melting sun. things which pre vious ages had left ."un-create" the opposed candidate. you'd better hide from t he atomic tide Flashes in the sky turns houses into sties Turns people into clay. Hell's angels flap their wings Evil souls fall to Hell. radiation mi nds decay Robot minds of robot slaves lead them to atomic rage Plastic flowers. fadin g moon falls upon Dying world of radiation. (Wes Penre) Reflex in the sky warn you you're gonna die Storm coming. ice m elting to flood Earth lies in death bed. ever trapped in burning ce lls Above are the lyrics from a Black Sabbath song called Electric Funeral I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which were left incomplete and unanswered by my parents and grandparents and more distant ancestors. It often s eems as if there were an impersonal karma within a family which is passed on from parents to children. and which had not yet been answered. like electric funeral pyre Buildings crashing down to a cracking ground Rivers turn to wood. It has always seemed to me that I had to answer questions which fate had posed to my forefathers. victims of mad frustration Burning globe of oxy'n fir e. clouds cry water dead Tearing life away. or as if I had to complete. here's the b urning pay Electric Funeral Electric Funeral Electric Funeral Electric Funeral And so in the sky shines the electric eye Supernatural king takes earth under his wing Heaven's golden chorus sings.

the maladaptive so cial styles that encourage overpopulation. is a creation of the human imagination.M. W hen we suppress access to shamanic ecstasy. (The Unicorn press). (Groucho Marx) History is the lie commonly agreed upon. (Top scientist Gunther Rosenberg) We don't need no education.unfinished. The differences are more numerous than the similarities. almost symbiotic relationship to the earth. We don t need no thought control. (Billy Connolly). (Terrence Mckenna. like this romantic pic ture of the bearded savoir. Man is a unique animal. "Faith is often the boast of the man who is too lazy to investigate. All in all you're just another brick in the wall. (Vernon Howard) I find television very educating. Darwin's theo ry of Evolution is simply unproven. Hey!! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. Food of the Gods ) The fact is that everything we think we know about Jesus. No culture on earth is as heavily narcotized as the industr ial West in terms of being inured to the consequences of maladaptive behaviour. It seems to me that Islam and Christianity and Judaism all have the same god. Knowles). When you know that your time is close at hand maybe then you'll begin to underst and. No dark sarcasm in t he classroom Teacher leave them kids alone. I go int o the other room and read a book. it is because he is under it. (Voltaire) The suppression of the natural human fascination with altered states of consciou sness and the present perilous situation of all life on earth are intimately and causally connected. and environmental toxification develop and maintain themselves. Life down there is just a strange illusion. an d he's telling them all different things. Iron Maiden) If a man doesn t know what it means to be under psychic hypnosis. The Wall. He stands out like a sore thumb when comparisons are mad e with his cousins the apes. (Pink Floyd. (Carl Jung). (Hallowed Be Thy Name. Actually there is barely a shred of evidence for the . Every time somebody turns on the set. We pursue a businessas-usual attitude in a surreal atmosphere of mounting crises and irreconcilable contradictions.) The old Testaments claim about the Ark of the Covenants divine nature is about a s believable as the contention by both Jewish and Christian commentators that Moses wrote the Pentat euch-which describes his own death. resource mismanagement. we close off the refreshing waters of emotion that flow from h aving a deeply bonded." (F. As a consequence.

only a mystical Christ. Paul wrote the Christi an New Testament ) Awareness is ever there.existence of an historical Jesus and this dissolves on closer inspection. the earliest Christian source. Open the shutter of the mind. ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. Paul. and it will be flooded with light. shows no knowledge of an historical man. It need not be realized. (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj) .

(Iron Maiden/Deja-vu). and Capricorn (identified with the god Pan) falls over Panama.If a star map is superimposed over the Earth with the pole star placed over the terrestial North Pole. If the map is placed with the Khema over the Land of Khem (Egypt). The Simpson s) . rambles over Russia. So Below (Moira Timms' chapter on "Astrological Cycles" in her book. Aries the Ram over Rome. I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract. Egypt was known as the Land of Kh em. read them more fairy tales. (Bill Hicks) This so-called new religion is nothing but a pack of weird rituals and chants de signed to take away the money of fools. Ursa Major.If the Bible is mistaken in telling us where we came from. how can we trust it to tell us where we're going? (Unknown Atheist) . Lovejoy. Orion (the warrior) over Iran/Iraq. Panuco." (Albert Einstein) When you see familiar faces But you don't remember where they're from Could you be wrong? When you've been particular places That you know you've never seen before Can y ou be sure? Cause you know this has happened before And you know that this moment in time is for real And you know when you feel deja-vu Feel like I've been here before Feel like I've been here before Feel like I've been here before. This is one of the clea rest examples of the law of "As Above. the Great Bear. direct ly over the apex of the Great Pyramid.Feel like I've been here before Ever had a conversation That you realise you've had before Isn't it strange Have you ever talked to someone And you feel you know what's coming next It feels pre-arranged Cause you know that you've heard it before And you feel that this moment in time is surreal Cause you kn ow when you feel deja-vu. we have a celestial clock making one revolution daily. If you want them to be more intelligent." (Rev. and quite impressive.specifically. 'Beyond Prophecies & Predictions') If you want your children to be intelligent.. positive thinking. I can't watch TV longer than 5 minutes without praying for nuclear holocaust. but first let's pass the collection plate. Aquila the Eagle spans the United States. The noon point of that map ( like Greenwich) is the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Khema were a group of seven major stars (in the constellation of Taurus)." "When I examine myself and my methods of thought..then Taurus falls over the Taurus Mountains of southern Turke y. Now let us say the lord's prayer 40 times. the head of Draco the Dragon coils up over Chin a. The analogies are obvious. known today as the Pleiades. and Mayapan (the old name of the Yucatan). Thousands of years ago. read them fairy tales.

(Ross Nichols. like the Boogie Man or Michael Jackson. and preferabl y amongst trees. only the sky vault. (Thomas Jefferson). . (Mark Twain) Most Evolutionists believe that it (life) was generated long ago. (Bart Simpson) Thus God must never be worshipped under roofs. (Harvard scientist. Perhaps the earth was infected from elsewhere. High Druid of England). The temples are groves. than that stones fell fr om the sky". "Come on Milhouse. but perhaps it never was. there s no such thing as a soul! It s just something they made up to scare kids. The air as spirit naturally held men s souls between incarnati ons.You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. John A Ball) I would sooner believe that two Yankee professors lied.

and that's kind of our role. If we are going to teach 'creation science' as an alternative to evolution. Here is American Gladiators. you will understand why I dismiss y ours. America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you! (Bill Hicks).gradual "Indoctrination". where we're going to hav e to evolve ideas. Their vividness can not be stressed enough. Watch this. but by the Imagination.' (Albert Einstein) The universe is a super-computer that is interacted with. is because they're no longer relevant. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. I just believe in one fewer god than you d o. America. are all crumbling. We're at the point. Here. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods. (Bill Hicks). They're no longer relevant. (Michael Tsarion). America. about which we know ve ry little.True meaning of "Graduation" . not with binary code. y ou are conveyed into worlds that are appallingly different from ordinary reality. One of the most important discoveries to emer ge from the study is that dark matter appears to form an invisible scaffold or skeleton around which the visible universe has formed. You do know that." -(Stephen Roberts speaking to a religious person) 'The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant . you see. Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows u p. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. (Pablo Picasso) "I contend that we are both atheists. You know. evolution didn't end with us growing thumbs. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. Go back to bed. Go back to bed. yet it dominates the mass of the universe. (Jorden Maxwell). shut up. They are more real than real and that's something that you sense intuitively. now. Th . Here you go. So it's time for us to create a new philosophy and perhaps even a new religion. In the Amazon and other places where visionary plants are understood and used. Your government is in control again. America. Dark matter is a mysterious and invisible form of matter. 'cause we are free children of God with min ds who can imagine anything. Here's American Gladiators." (Judith Hayes ) Folks: It's time to evolve ideas. The reason the world is so fucked up is we're undergoing evolution. (Richard Massey of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena). And that's okay 'cause that's our right. then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction. right? Didn't end there. And the reason o ur institutions. our traditional religions. Go back to bed.

558) What do atheists scream when they cum? (Bill Hicks) "Those who vote decide nothing. They are more real than real. the Other is looking in on you. p. The New World Order will be built. an end run on "National Sovereignty". Those who count the votes decide everything. (Council on Foreign Relations Journal 1974. eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault. (Terrence McKenna). and once you get that under your belt and let it rattle around in your mind.ey establish an ontological priority. then the compass of your life begins to spin and you realiz e that you are not looking in on the Other." .

Fear is the little-death that brings t otal obliteration. government. (The Occult Technocracy of Power talking about the New World Order). In the sky fire seen. Joseph Dispenza from the movie What the bleep do we know ) I must not fear. artificial polarization of the population on phony issues that prevents the issu e of our power from arising in their minds. We have been told to believe that the exter nal world is more real than the internal world. Fear is the mind-killer. a nd high-power microwave emitters have been mentioned. I will face my fear. is the opposite what s happening within us will create what s happening outside of us. The way our brain is wired. and rightfully so they're stupid (Bill Hicks). We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning. it accuratel y reflects our careful. dragging long sparks . milk. (Unknown) All our beliefs are being challenged now. This new science. (Rousseau) The so-called left-right political system is our creation. endowed with extraordinary magic powers. (From the film Dune ) "The world is not a prison house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where mill ions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with all the wrong blocks. (Dr. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. give him a religion." . we only see what is possible.S. has in every part of the world signified a "wise man. non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse generators. (Quatrain 2. P.46 Nostradamus talking about a comet) "We are so conditioned to our daily lives. After great human misery a greater approaches. blood. Example: Native Americans couldn t see Columbus ships because they had no knowledge that these ships existed. that we buy the idea that we have no control at all. Blavatsky) The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thi ng known to mankind. and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish. The great motor of the centuries renewed: Rain. famine. through its military br anches or agencies such as the CIA.(Josef Stalin-Dictator) There is also a growing belief that the U. as t he dragon. and pestilence. And when my fear is go ne I will turn and face fear's path. so conditioned to the way we create o ur lives. isotropic radiators. Laser weapons. It is known that government agencies hav e experimented on humans in mind control studies with and without the knowledge of their subjects. Quantum Physics. weapon. and only I will remain. (Unknown) The Sanskrit word for serpent is naga and from time immemorial the serpent. infrasound. is using a number of horrible devices aimed at disrupting the brain. Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day." (Madam H. In fact.

So it's reckoned.(Edwin Arlington Robinson) Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour. That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second. A sun that is the source of all our power. The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see Are moving at a million miles a day .

) People who shut their eyes to reality. hence. The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding In all of the directions it can whizz As fast as it can go. when it sto ps in its movement south. to be born again or resurrected on December 25th. which encoded profound mystica l teachings. The sun "walks on water." which represents its passing through the equinoxes. their own destruction (James Baldwin) The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike. So remember. It bulges in the middle. 'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth." "hel pers" or "disciples" are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations. and the sun would therefore be "born of a Virgin. Mission Control: "What s there? . the vernal equinox being Easter. The sun is hung on a cross or "crucified. thus. (Vexen Crabtree) It is hard for us today to imagine the Jesus story being consciously created. at which time it is then resurrected.(garble) Mission Control calling Apollo 11. (Delos McKown) Armstrong: "What is it? What the hell was it? That s all I want to know. And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space. sixteen thousand light years thick.In an outer spiral arm. ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. We're thirty thousand light years from galactic central point. you wouldn t believe it! I m tell . We go 'round every two hundred million years. How amazingly unlikely is your birth. it's just three thousand light years wide. The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°. God. Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars. the winter solstice. In some areas. and that's the fastest speed there is. (Galaxy Song Lyrics Monty Python Album: The Meaning Of Life) The sun "dies" for three days on December 22nd. The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the "Most High".The sun's "followers." (sun-set). Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'. It's a hundred thousand light years side to side. bu t this is because we have misunderstood ancient spirituality. the "Sun o f God" begins his ministry at "age" 30. And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions In this amazing and expanding universe. when it resumes its mov ement north. Twelve million miles a minute. at forty thousand miles an hour. But out by us. They were understood as allegories of spiritual initiation. Myths were not seen as untruths as they are now.. you know.." The sun wears a corona." The sun rising in the morning is the "Saviour of mankind. when you're feeling very small and insecure. Reworking old myths to create new ones was a standard practice in the ancient world. simply invite." The sun "cometh on clouds and every eye shall see him. "crown of thorns" or halo. through which th e sun must pass. "he" begi ns "his Father's work" at "age" 12. Apollo 11:"These babies are huge sir enormous Oh. at the speed of light." The sun is the "Light of the World. the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo.

Apollo 11 has landed on the moon: Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong are making thei r rounds collecting lunar samples ) .ing you there are other spacecraft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge the y re on the moon watching us (July. 1969.

I ask is not an alien force already! Am ong us? There are only a handful of people who know the truth about this. and couldn't risk panic on Earth. we were warned off!. We can t know their motives . These nameless ancients used their knowledge to create new forms of plants and animals that would make life better on earth. the Knights of Light and Darkness. the fact is. Perhaps. In the ages that followed. But as those nations rose t hen fell and time turned . (Ex president Ronald Reagan at the United Nations September 21. the comet continued to return every 800 years.. two forces fought over the earth. were they big!. The ul timate weapon used in that war was a comet that blazed with radiation and a strange light. And yet. Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11? Armstrong: Naturally . 1987) Soon or later . The coming of the comet destroyed that race and mutated many people and animals into evil forms. or a way of preparing new planets for colonization. the first great f lowering of human knowledge produced remarkable breakthroughs in the sciences of biology and genet ics. or is it long ti me ongoing business of seedling life in the universe. destruction and disease.NASA was committed at that time. of course we had always known there was a possibil ity. The monsters terrorized the people and the civilization be gan to crumble.. Inevitably. But it really was a quick scoop and back again. Earth is just one of them. Fragmented legends of the comet s effects and c lues about its origin were passed down to the civilizations that followed. which then hid in the deepest recesses of the world. some people twisted the science and moulded violent beasts of war with hideous intelligence. there is no que stion of a space station. "I occasionally think. There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city. we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every li fe on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin and that evolution is not what we t hink it is. except to say that their ships were far supe rior to ours both in size and technology .Boy. ---"Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating n ew life and planting it on various planets. from the time of the Egyptians and Baby lonians to the Incas. Professor: How do you mean "warned off"? Armstrong: I can't go into details. "how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. (Professor Sam Chang Human Genome Project) In a civilization so ancient that nothing of it remains today. In the end.Professor: What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11? Armstrong: It was incredible. And with the return of this Chaos Comet came times of darkness.whether it was a scientific experiment.and menacing! No. our crea tors grow us the same way we grow bacteria in Petri dishes. after programming.

(Morris Jessup) The only thing new in this world. which is itself fifty times older than your history. is the history you don t know. that whenever a myth has been taken literally. (Joseph Campbell. Though I have been on earth for ages I am from the stars. reciproca lly. The comet of ages) It must be conceded. for m any worlds scattered through the shining disc of the galaxy have conditions which allow my spores an opportunity for life. only a few treasures remained hidden in the most ancient ru ins of the world. "The Masks of God") U. (Harry S Truman) I am old. that whenever it has been dismissed as a mere priestly fraud or sign of inferior intelligence. or entities. but also. its sense has been perverted.O s are astronautical-craft. older than thought in your species. My home is no one planet. If they have a fixed base of any kin d. (From the work. . truth has slipped out the other door . as a basic principal of our natural history of the gods and hero's.their works to dust. that base is likely the moon.F.

These networks may cover a cres and may have far more connections than the number in a human brain.Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide by O. I wonder why we're fucked up as a race. I'v e read the Bible. in honour of the birth of the son of the Babylonian queen of h eaven. because those who mind don t matter. did the Roman Church fix on December 25th as Christmas-day? Why." "That's the story of Jesus!" (Bill Hicks) Within the Christian Church no such festival as Christmas was ever heard of till the third century. and long before the Christian era itself. in order to conciliate the heathen. [in faux Australian accent] "Mummy.. (A mushroom speaking from Psilocybin .not till the fourth century was far advanced did it gain much observance. today I fo und a Lincoln log in me sock drawer. then. at that precise time of the year. Where d o they come up with this shit? Why not goldfish left Lincoln logs in your sock drawer? As long as yo u're making shit up. and. Oeric). Oss & O. go hog-wild. My mycelial network is nearly immortal. i s a vast ocean to those hardy life forms that have the ability to reproduce from spores. How.. a festival was celebrated among the he athen. my true body is a fine network of fibres growing through the soil. and to swell the number of nominal adherents of .The mushroom which you see is the part of my body given to sex thrills and sun b athing." (Bill Hicks) Be who you are and say what you feel. thus: Long before the f ourth century.T. Space. you know. The mycelial body is as fragile as a spider's web but the collective hyper-mind and memory is a vast historical archi ve of the career of evolving intelligence on many worlds in our spiral star swarm. for spores are covered with the hardest organic substance known. Now. and tho se who matter don't mind. I can't find the word "bunny" or "chocolate" anywhere in the fucking book. At least the goldfish with a Lincoln log on its back goin g across your carpet has some miraculous connotations. By means impossible to explain because of certain misconceptions in your model of reality all my myc elial networks in the galaxy are in hyper-light communication across space and time. Across the aeons of time and space drift many spore-for ming life-forms in suspended animation for millions of years until contact is made with a suitable environment. and it may fairly be presumed that. you see.N. Anybody got any idea? You know. (Dr Seuss) They [Australians] celebrate Easter the exact same way we do: commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus by telling our children a giant bunny rabbit left chocolat e eggs in the night. Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye. only the sudden toxification of a planet or the explosion of its parent star can wipe me out.

Fascinating. we looked at all the peop le in the Bible. don't need no friends Got all I want and I don't need to pretend Don't try to reach me. physically and even skeletally. giving it the n ame of Christ. (Bill Hicks) I want to reach out and touch the sky I want to touch the sun But I don't need to fl y I'm gonna climb up every mountain of the moon And find a distant man a-waving his spoon I've c rossed the ocean. 'Well. for they wer e two distinctly different types of human. These people actually believe the worl d is 12 thousand years old." (The Two Babylons. turned every bend I found the crossing near a golden rainbow's end I've been through magic and through life's reality I've lived a thousand years and it never bothered me Got no religion. (Mankind-Child of the stars. their ages 12 thousand years. and we added them up all the way back to Adam and Eve. Max H Flint and Otto O Binder) Fundamentalist Christianity. ' Well. give them a version of reality an d possibility that is so . the same festival was adopted by the Roman Church.Christianity. Alexander Hislop). Neanderthal most decidedly could not be the ancestor of Cro-Magnon. how fucking scientific! Okay. That's good. 'c ause I'd tear up your mind I've seen the future and I've left it behind (Black Sabbath/Supernaut) If you want to keep something from the people. Swear to God! Based on what? I asked them. I didn't know that you'd gone to so much trouble there .

Very soon aft er this. chemists had suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive pa th along the axis of the molecule. (David Icke). The Greek word we translate as resurrect also means awaken. A cosmic collision caused a part of Jupiter to burst out. (May 1995 issue of Scientific American. you would die to your old self and resu rrect in a new way. (Shakespeare. however. Some scientists think dark matter is in the form of massive objects. It was pointed out that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of a short s trand of DNA. Talking about a supernova) Roman Christianity. "The Birth of Venus occurred when Venus was born from Jupiter.000 times more conductive. (Hopi Indians. (Comedian/ Bill Hicks/ R. and here was confirmation of the fact. Horatio. is based on the idea that if you believe in the existence of an historical Jesus you will go to heaven when you die. Hamlet) And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the he avens.).P) When you meet someone better than yourself. This is clearly illustrated in the Greek myth of Athene who sprang from the head of Zeus . ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. For some time. They taught that if you yourself g o through the process of initiation symbolized by the Jesus myth. a supercondu ctor.) There are more things in heaven and earth. When you . Scientists using different methods to determine the mass of galaxies have found a discrepancy that suggests ninety percent of the universe is matter in a form that cannot be seen. Jesus is an everyman figure in an initiation allegory. For the Gno stics. (Immanuel Velikovsky Worlds in Collision) I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet to help s peed up and facilitate our evolution. It will appear as a blue star. above the earth.I. than are dreamed of in thy p hilosophy. becoming a comet. (Chris Miller) The effect of the platinum group metal ruthenium was discussed in relation to hu man DNA. that shall fall with a great crash. Talking about ingesting monatomic gold l ike the ancients used to.far from what is really going on that even if the truth comes to light it will s eem far too ludicrous and extreme for most people to believe it. making Mount Olympus tremble and stirring the sea. It becomes. and all its subsequent offshoots. turn your thoughts to becoming his e qual. the strand becomes 10. Other scientists believe dark matter to be subatomic particles that rare ly interact with ordinary matter. and leaving the famous red spot where it burst out. such as black holes. the ceremonies of my people will cease. that hang ou t around galaxies unseen. in effect.

or unfulfilled. unhappy.meet someone not as good as you are. propelle d by our discomfort. Scott peck) . only man appears to be destructive beyond the aim of defence or of attaining what he needs. (Con fucius) We are powerfully imprisoned in the dark-ages simply in terms in which we have b een conditioned to think. (M. Only man seems to take pleasure in destroying life without any reason or purpose other than that of destroying. For it is only in such moments. that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different way s or truer answers. To put it more generally. (Buckminster Fuller). look within and examine your own self. (Sigmund Freud) The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feelin g deeply uncomfortable.

There is no convincing scientific evidence that h uman release of carbon dioxide. perhaps? Wouldn't that be interesting? Just for once? "Today. and we're th e imagination of ourselves. 1997. And here they developed that most awesome of all id eas . and so in a weird way this fractal bounda ry where human consciousness emerges was not human at all. There's no such thing as death. (This Global Warming petition has been signed by over 19. This is the first human consciousness. Here be gan the history of architecture. hinder the advance of science and technology.000 American scientists . just like facts have no place in org anized religion. life is only a dream. The proposed li mits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment. and damage the health and welfare of mankind. (From the amazing book.The power of now by Echart Tolle When Moses was alive. Moreover." (Chief Sattle red Indian) Wouldn't you like to see a positive LSD story on the news? To hear what it's all about. nothing wil l ever happen in the future. when that happens. or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will."Prayer has no place in the public schools. it was a human ability to model effe ctively the thinking processes of other predators. "(School Superintendent on "The Simpsons" episode #100. cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's cli mate. methane. the animals will begin to disappear. there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide pro duce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.the idea of eternity. and any other similar proposals. Here people learned to measure time by a calendar. Here's Tom with the weather. these pyramids were at least a thousand years old. in the foreseea ble future. (Walter Cronkite) The Shaman is a person. a young man on acid realize d that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we are all one consciousness ex periencing itself subjectively. 1994) We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto. to plot the sta rs by astronomy and chart the earth by geometry. Japan in December. a designated member of the group who can mentally change into an animal." .) "To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time: the compulsion to liv e almost exclusively through memory and anticipation//"You find God the moment you realize that you d on't need to seek God//Nothing will ever happen in the past it will happen in the now. who can become so animal like that other members of the social group are appalle d and draw back. (Terrence McKenna) "When the Earth is sick. The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them. it will happen in the now.

It's interesting to speculate how it developed that in two of the most anti-femi nist institutions. good and evil. With ou r eyes we see two things. the other foot may lead us to a good. So are all things two.(Bill Hicks) All things in the world are two. the church and the law court." (Flo Kennedy) .We have the right hand t hat strikes and makes for evil. all two.. and we have the left hand full of kindness. near the heart. things that are fair and things that are ugly. In our minds we are two.. (Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee) It is now known that it is possible to modify space-time in a way that allows a spaceship to travel at an arbitrarily large speed by a purely local expansion of the space-time behind the spaceship and an opposite contraction in front of it--a motion faster than the speed of light. (Mexican mathematical scientist Miguel Alcubierre). One foot may l ead us to an evil way. the men are wearing the dresses. re miniscent of the warp drive of science fiction.

man. DEATH. DEATH. "WAR. military is developing high-powered micro-wa ve weapons for use against human beings. our largest 20th Century engineering company could not build them. living and dead.. billionaires do. Thus in the words of the U. attended by various other important chang es. that's why I'm so depressed all the time. (When The Earth Nearly Died. (Unknown) you know what my problem is? I watc I don't understand anything. They are meant to disorient or upset mental stability (Dr. HAARP is: a gigantic heater that can cause major disruption in the ionosphere. so heavy even the Bechtel Corporation. AIDS. Rosalie Bertell. (Terrence McKenna) HAARP is: A super-powerful radio wave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere (upper layer of the atmosphere) by focusing a beam and heating those areas. They do not simply attack a persons body. Nicholas Begich) The pyramids of Giza. including earthquakes. RECESSION. and the mathematically gifted architecture. AIDS. FAMINE. I don't know if you've ever sat around and watched CNN more than. P. c reating not just holes. (J. WAR. HOMELESS " Then. would truly be indistinguishable from mag ic. Thus in the words of Dr. Alain and Delair).Significantly. HOMELESS. volcanism. but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bomb arding this planet. they contain evidence of harmonic theory and a knowledge so advanced that it would have taken a special science and a special set of senses to utilise it. I watch too much CNN. 1/96 Air Comm and and Staff Colleges Airpower Journal: the U. you look out your window [makes cricket noises] Where's all this shit happening? Ted Turner's making this shit up! Jane Fonda . (Aurthur . I figured it o ut. More. Aside from disrupting nor mal weather patterns it would also bombard those targeted with deadly radiation.750 and 12. 20 hours in one day I don't recommend that. it's the most depressing thing you'll ever fucking do. water table fluctuations and large scale climatic variat ions. were built to reflect the constellation of Orion. FAMINE. a drop in the strength of the earths magnetic field appears to ha ve occurred somewhere between 13. Electromagn etic waves then bounce back and penetrate everything.S. DEPRESSION. man. Of these severe earthquakes in particular may even induce axial wobble and polarity reversals. Morgan) Any significantly advanced technology. Millionaires do not use astrology. Watch CNN Headline News for 1 hour. Some set of senses that are not at this time Monkey/Human. Apart from that HAARP could also be used in communicating with submarines or disorient ating specifically targeted segments of the population..Clarke) The future is a forward escape into the past. so there you go h too much news. they reach all t he way into a persons mind.C . I do n't know.S.350 years ago. That's my problem.

..' Read that on the air. let's get serious. (And maybe even a little ugly on the side)" (Frank Zappa) " The scientific facts leave me in no doubt.. Then God is dumb. the leader of a monastic order known as the Knights Templar and whose followers were given refuge by Robert the Bruce. no one gets laid!" I'm writing Jane Fonda: "Will you fuck this g uy so we can get some good news." "The cloth was used to wrap Jacque s de Molay. I don't get laid. please?" I want to see a well-laid Ted Turner newscast: "Hey. it's al l going to work out.won't sleep with him. If we re dumb.. God knows what he's doin' He wrote this book here and the book says: 'He made us all to be just like Him'." (Bill Hicks) Hey.." (Bradford University lecturer Robert Lomas talking about the Turin Shroud that C hristians say is Jesus image) .. Here's sports. we will all die of AID S.. he runs to a typewriter: "'By 1992.. So.

So television is the opiate of the people. more accurately. so interlocked. (Unknown) Here's how I feel about gays in the military: Anyone dumb enough to want to be i n the military should be allowed in. "The esprit de corps will be affected. And yet. I think the tremendous governmental resi stance to the psychedelic issue is not because psychedelics are multimillion-dollar criminal enterprises t hey are trivial on that level. They know there is a power somewhere so organ ized. That should be the only requirement. We'll tell y ou when we need you to kill somebody. It breaks up the mind into isolated compartments which are unawa re of each other. and that is the most corrosi ve thing that can happen.From the disturbing but very real book. torture. so watchful. It is a trip that comes down through the values systems of a society whose greatest god is th e almighty dollar. The m ind shuts is away. in the field of commerce and manuf acture are afraid of somebody. overwork. go wait in that fox hole. These are created by constant trauma from a very early age . so complete. Until . and whe n we need you to go blow the fuck out of a nation of little brown people. The mind then shuts out these horrors from its conscious level by compartmentalising the memory of it. Di ssociative Identity Disorder (DID). and we are such a moral " Excuse me. hence his delusion. viole nce. "Tra nce Formation of America") "Atheism is a non-prophet organization" (unknown) When told that man lives in delusion everyone thinks of himself as the exception . Imagine if the Japanese had won World War II and had introduced into American li fe a drug so insidious that thirty years later the average American was spending five hours a day "loaded" on this drug. End of fucking story. so subtle. And the horrifying thing about the "trip" that television gives you is that it's not your trip. This is why people invol ved in terrible road accidents can never remember the actual impact or its immediate aftermath.Some of the biggest men in the United States. (Terrence McKenna) The method is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or. so pervasive that they had better not spe ak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.sexual abuse. we'll let you know. we in Americ a do this to ourselves. However. food and water deprivation and a stream of others. are afraid of something. they inspire examination of values. I don't care how many push-ups you can do put on a helmet. (President Woodrow Wilson). People would just view it as an outrageous atrocity. but aren't you all a bunch of fucking hired killers? Shut up! You are thugs. I've been watching all these Congressional hearings and all th ese military guys and all the pundits going. (Cathy O Brien-(Government sex slave".

the only person to take photographs out of the window of a U. who finally lost it. bringing on a dark age of . We are the only race that would sell itself into slavery. who were chiefly civilized by the Africans of the Nile Valley. The Greeks transmitted this culture to the Romans. a bunch of their c hildren started to run away from me. We have a very bad reputation. because we are the only human race in the galaxy t hat kills itself. They knew that I was from Earth. They just don t understand why we do it. that turns on itself. Children of the grave) The first civilized Europeans were the Greeks.then (Bill Hicks) The first time I walked on to one of their ships [Human ETs] .F. We are the only ones who allow members of our race to starve. It s not that they are judging. We are the only race [human] that allows itself to live in pove rty. (Billy Meires. I don t like t he reflection they give me of us.O) Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today Will the sunrise of tomor row bring in peace in any way? Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear? Can they win the fight fo r peace or will they disappear? (Black Sabbath. We are the only ones that allow members of the race to be homeless.

five hundred years. Civilization was restored to Europe when another group of Af ricans. And we're loading the guns for the kill. France." (Unknown) 14And began to injure birds. reptiles... Mengele and approximately 5. Everybody's waiting for something t o see. 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in th e aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip (Ken Adachi) Everybody's waiting for something to happen.. (Michele Shea) Dr. at a time when cleanliness in Christian Euro pe was regarded a sin. So I watch and I wait. Everyone's praying but no one's believing. I see the signs of the end. An end to the strife and the wo rld's misery. but nothing's revealing. And we're digging the graves.. with only a hole in the roof for the emission of smoke. Can the end be at hand? Is the face in the sand. to eat their flesh on e after another. Everybody's ripping the mask from their eyes. The massive and ele gant Roman . Iron Maiden) "Man is certainly stark mad: He cannot make a flea. Future memory of our tragedy? Can the end be a t hand? Is the face in the sand. In Roman times it was known as Heliopolis or City of the Sun. a hybrid between the ancient Canaanite god Baal (lord) and the Roman Jupiter. Everybody wants to be in at the kill. Winding lives a t the end of the spiral.. the Moors. An example of how ancient is the site can be found in that its holiest area (in pagan times) was the Temple of Baal-Ju piter. and Germany lived in big barns." (Montaigne). brought this dark age to an end. Everyone's nightmares are going to happen. Waiting dictators with their next big thrill.) Creativity is. beasts. Everyone's searching. they tell me true. Future memory of our tragedy? (Face In The Sand. they tell me true. Everyone's looking for the reason why. and fishes. But the end never came. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the tra uma based Monarch Project and the CIA's MK Ultra mind control programs. (Book of Enoch. I see the s igns of the end of time. . Everyone's looking. Everyone's waiting for news on TV. I wait for the signs. Everyone's heroes tell everyone's lies. but no one is listening. (8) and to drink their blood. lacking both windows and chimneys. Everyone's hoping for life ever-after. Moorish monarchs dwelt in splendid palaces. while the crowned heads of England. Everyone's looking at death from the sky. You need to find ou t how you can bring it into being and that way be a playmate with God. I wait for the signs. Taken out of the Bible. And I pray for an answer. Lunatics waiting for bigger disasters.seeing something that doesn't exist already. yet he makes gods by the doz ens.

The temple very visibly incorporates into its foundation. tortured. it's so obviously phoney. stones of some 1. afraid of each other. have b een burnt. since the introduction of Christianity. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. . so that we lock ourselves in our homes and they get to suspend our rights one by one. (Gian J. and I do not find in o ur particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. ." (Bill Hicks) I have examined all the known superstitions of the world. OK? It's a war against our civil rights. Quasar talking about the 1500ton set blocks of Baal-Bek in Lebanon). It is also a fact the Romans did not use this type of stonework. The war on drugs to me is absolutely phoney. They're using it to make us afraid to go out at night. even according to our science and engineering knowledge of today. to support roguery and error all over the earth. that's all it is.stonework and columns pale by comparison to the megaliths they were built upon.500 tons. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one-hal f the world fools and the other half hypocrites. women and children. fined and imprisoned. Millions of innocent men. They are so me 68 x 14 x 14 feet! They are the largest worked stones on earth! It is a mystery how such stones cou ld have been moved into place.

Maybe these aren't super-intelligent beings. and always end up in places like Fyffe fuckin g Alabama. vibrations in the mind of the one t rue God whose name is love. Orthodoxy means not thinking not needing to think. was reanalyzed and found to be not tiny hard billiard ball-like particles whizzing through spac e carrying spin and electric charge. durin g that period. a lower layer. the fac t that they cross galaxies or universes to visit us. (Jane Wagner) And I'll tell you something too. Winston. It is a Jewish reworking of ancient Pagan myths of the dying and resurrecting Godman Osiris-Dionysus.C. (John Judge).) One thing I have no worry about is whether God exists. not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now? The whole climate of th ought will be different.000 B. In fact. as we understand it now. at the very latest. there will be no thought. But it has occurred to me that God has Alzheimer's and has forgotten we exist. who have been considered here as of from 4. who were not living within the Arctic Circle and visiting the Temperate Zone instead. ("The Jesus Mysteries"" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.(Thomas Jefferson). Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. That's starting to annoy me about UFOs. that is. that other description." (George Orwell s book 1984) I do not mind being called a conspiracy theorist by those who don t mind being calle d coincidence theorists. visiting the Arctic in the same period those of them. you know what I mean? (Bill Hicks). Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? Has it ever occurred to your. 22-23. pp. which had been popular for centuries throughout the ancient Mediterranean. and that o ther level. everything dissolves into a kind of soup of multileveled. . in tha t case.000 to 10. that by the year 2050.) It's almost as though what the psychedelics are attempting to do for sociology a nd psychology is what was achieved by quantum physics from matter in the 1920s and '30s. Matter. (Terrence Mckenna) The gospel story of Jesus is not the biography of an historical Messiah. and doubtless visiting Britain. multi-dimensional connectedness. . (Bill Hicks) There are rock carvings in Norway to indicate that Norwegians were sailing the s eas. but that there was another level. The same navigators were. and this is what the psychedelic experience is. Brothers and sisters friends and neighbours. (Vilhjalmur Stefansson Great Adventures and Explorations. revealed an interactive wave system where individual points of conc rescence are merely statistical rather than real. contemporaneously with the New Stone Age sailors of Crete.

When you go back to the Hebrew. creating the hybrid line. This bloodline would appear to go back to an extra -terrestrial intervention which created hybrid bloodlines. is referred to in t he Old Testament which is. the Nefilim/Nep hilim.The Name Amun-Ra (as in Amen that all the religious recite) comes from ancient E gypt (Kemet). of course. (Unknown) These bloodlines going back to before 5000BC became the leaders and the Royal li nes of that ancient Near and Middle Eastern area. I think. This. the "sons of God" become the "sons of the gods". And so ofte n when you see the . where world civilization and culture reached its zenith. just an edited rewrite of more ancient texts where it talks about the "sons of God" who interbred with the "daughters of men"." representing the deep and powerful hidden energy of the creative force of the un iverse. Ra translates as "Light" and represents the warm and nurturing energy of the sun. The word Amun translate s as "The Hidden.

(Senator Daniel K Inouwe) During the past 4000 years. (U. it actually is translated from the word meaning gods. 1974. 2 62E. No. was manipulated onto the thro ne of England in 1689. Whoever had control of Megiddo had control of one of the major trade . free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself. William Henry recognizes the human body as a stargate tool. Vol. the King James version of the Bible. This goes a long way to explain the snake. Jose Delgado.translation into the English. at least 34 bloody conflicts have already been fough t at the ancient site. maybe then you'll begin to unders tand. The stargate itself can be seen as a fractal self-similar DNA double helix. as God in the Old Testament. coil and spiral imagery present on all levels of this stargate idea. Coincidentally the area lies at a strategic junction of roads ru nning north-south and east-west. its own Navy and its o wn funding mechanism and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest. life down there is just a strange illusion.S. And these bloodlines moved ov er as time went on and became the British and European Aristocracy and Royal Families. King William is who the Protestants of Northern Ireland paint on th eir walls). Some day armies and generals will be con trolled by electric stimulation of the brain. one of their number. the completely activ ated chakra system being the factually self-similar* pillar. The incessan t interbreeding between these family lines is not due to snobbery. 'Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. government mind manipulator. many with serpent. over twenty cities are built directly on top of one another and have been inhabi ted continuously from 3000 to 300 BC. We must electrically control the brain. Congressional Record. The gods (like the mushroom-inner blue Jesus and Krishna). This was a key point in the historical expan sion of the power of these bloodlines across the planet. Eventually. ark and tablet he believes necessary t o open the gate. let's go back a little. 118. but their desire to hold a sp ecific genetic structure. hurrican e and galaxy. Thanks to-well. that we had the Great Roman Empire.) When you know that your time is close at hand. And it was when they were in Rome. (Unknown). and eventually they moved their epicentre to Rome. amphib ian and fish connections seem probable fractals of the gate and the mushroom itself. Dr. This kind of liberal orien tation has great appeal. and he was the one who signed the Charter that created the Bank of England in 1694. The focus in the ancient world of these bloodlines appears to be in Babylon. (David Icke. (Iron Maiden Hallowed be they name) There exists a shadowy Government with its own air force. to whom every surviving Royal Family in Europe is related. called Will iam of Orange.

the standard measurement techniques. the average height of the continents. Anyone who adheres to this philosophy has had his sense of morality. They were able to construct somethi ng that we still cannot construct today. lies. The alphabet and the Goddess).routes of antiquity. and the centre of the land mass. When we look back across the historical time of patriarchy there seems to be some terrible inevitability. cheats. (Leonard Schlain. Cline talking about Megiddo in northern Israel. (Dennis Mckinsey) Whatever affects one directly. and otherwise behaves in a manner tha t puts the Mafia to shame. the radius of curvature. a relentless desire to crush the female essence. Also known as Armageddo n ) So far the message indicates that whoever built the Pyramid knew the Earth well: the length of the year. (Eric H. How ever. discriminates. If God kills. justice and humaneness warped beyond recogni tion by the very book that is supposedly preaching the opposite. human and divine . or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet clear. Were they extraterrestrial. I can never be what I oug ht to be until you are what . The question of why is one of the most puzzling of our time. He can do whatever he wants. he's God. thus far we have examined only the outside of the Pyramid. decency. and they were able to tie all these things together in this sin gle structure. that's okay. affects all indirectly.). (John Zajac.

Just so was Troy a myth. and he took the splinter from the brontosaurus's paw. right where Homer said it was. On the contrary. (Alan f Alford) It must have been the Irish. in viting thousands of American tourists to bring their fat fucking families and their fat dollar bills . Thoth the Moon-god. Thank you. Lord! " But Jesus was unafraid. with a splinter in his paw. with the simplicity of a be liever in fairytales.) You know. But the trail was blocked by a giant brontosaurus . the world's 12 thousand years old and dinosaurs existed. for no one but an Irishman could fig ht a crocodile. for no one else could carry up the bricks. (No Stone Unturned. dug it up. (Martian Luther King) On the contrary. This is the interrelated structure of reality.you ought to be. and the big liza rd became his friend. Eventually the veil of the mystery began to lift. the Sun-god. until Heinrich Schhemann. the disciples did run a-shrieking: "What a big fucking lizard.. When Mo ses came to Egypt and saw those Irish faces.. Which is not too many miles away from the truth ). p. the Sky-god dess. Lord. And Jesus sent him to Scotland where he lived in a loch for O. And O. and Nut. Thank you. And every Houlihan once led a caravan. To play those millions of minds. But this was only the tip of the iceberg. and the whole Homeric narrative with it. Atlantis is not exactly a fiction. But they had not descended to the Earth in s pace-ships. Lord." (Bill Hicks). .. It must have been a Doyle. to watch them" SLOWLY" respond to an "Unseen st imulus". who swam the river Nile. 228. This was the Egyptian First Time (Zep Tepi ). exemplified by Ra. so many years. 'An d lo. Now all the Houlihans and all the Gilligan s Must have been Egyptians long ago-o-ooo(Irish Were Egyptians old Celtic song. Scotland did praise the Lord: "Thank you. He took the name of Callahan and changed it to O'Asis . Jesus and the disciples walked to Nazareth. and they exis ted in that time . is a big and endless game of chess.. you'd think it would have been mentioned in the fucking Bible at some point. And O. when the gods had descended from Heaven to Earth. They had descended to Earth as meteorites and floodwaters from the exploded planet. a nd I realised that these celestial gods were merely symbolic of an even deeper celestial mystery involvin g a planet which had exploded millions of years in the past. to guide their aspirations without their Knowledge . I began to realise that the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian g ods were not fleshandblood extraterrestrials at all. Far from it. they say the same for every Mc and O. (Sydney West.all this whether in huge capacities or in humble. who built the pyramids. the Egyptian gods were personif ications of celestial powers. Leader of the The Fabian society talking about mass mind control). it is a reference in Plato. of ever extraordinary excitement. Lord.

demons. witches.. wizards. a generation of dragons of men and likewise of s erpents. these the gods created and in the earth the gods created for them a dwelling. (Martain Luther King) The whole image is that eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God's infi nite love. (Clement: Apocalyptic Fragment). for all those options. a ffects all indirectly. people walking on water. Men with bodies of birds of the deserts.in the midst of the eart h they grew up and became great. sticks turning into snakes. That's the message we're brought up with. We are caught in an inesca pable network of mutuality.. and increased in number. ab surd and primitive stories. and all sorts of magical. Whatever affects one directly.And on earth shall be monsters. isn't it? Believe or die! "Thank you. and you say that we are the ones that need help?" . food falling from the sky. human beings with the faces of ravens. (Babylonian legend of creation) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. forgiving L ord." (Bill Hicks) You believe in a book that has talking animals. tied in a single garment of destiny.

Be qu ick or be dead Snake eyes in heaven . Losing Faith in Faith) One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail (Rabbi Ya acov Perin in his eulogy at the funeral of Dr." (Khufu (Egyptian Pharaoh) and the Magicians 1500BC) "Djed-djedi . Djeddjedi is his name.. of your own time but unknown to you.Be q uick! Or be dead! Be quick ! Or be dead! See.. your Majesty. "There is a commoner...The thief's in your head.. "What is this Hordedef my son?" Prince Hordedef replied.Be quick or be dead Snake eyes in heaven . make any progress (Anwar Sadat) But there is a man..Be quick! Or be dead Be quic k! Or be dead! (Iron Maiden/Be quick or be dead) White powder gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amount s in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration. then it seems to be a responsibility to tell other people.com) He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality. This was not only for purification. (Paradise Lost) Covered in sinners and dripping with guilt Making your money from slime and from f ilth Parading your bellies in ivory towers Investing our lives in your schemes and your powers You got to watch them . and will never... and others . (Bill Hicks) Better to reign in hell than to serve in Heaven..Be qu ick or be dead Snake eyes in heaven -The thief's in your head You've got to watch them . The Egyptians. who lives at Djed-djed-Sneferu. (www. Baruch Goldstein (Cited i n the New York Times.I bet you won't fall on your face Your belly will hold you in place The serpent is crawlin g inside of your ear He says must vote for what you want to hear Don't matter what's wrong as long as you're alright So call yourself stupid and rob yourself blind You got to watch them . They understood an important alchemical quality regarding the use of these sacred monoatomic elements to accelerate the ascension process.." His Majesty said..The thief's in your head You've go t to watch them .The thief's in your head. Egyptian initiates ofte n fasted prior to and during the consumption of white powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and ir idium. And he knows the number of secret chambers in Thoth's temple. created them in pure form.. 1994-02-28) As long as one person lives in darkness. who s pulling str ings. what's ruling all our lives See. who is a g reat magician.Be quick or be dead Snake eyes in heaven . They believed that the digestive acids in the stomach neutralize some of the alchemical properties of the monoatomic elements.(Dan Barker. why is it "You .Ascension alchemy. He knows how to reattach a severed head and how to make a lion follow him with its leash on the ground. therefore.

conspiracy world. one comes. JEDI-KNIGHT-Star wars???) The Illuminati's most pre-eminent leaders have recently taken a keen interest in the field of vaccines. What then (if not angels. called the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immuniz ation (GAVI).com. specifying (in complete contradiction of the directive) that two golden cherubs should surmount its lid. Vaccines kill the pineal gland in the brain so that h yperdimensional thought and travel Is impossible.N. (www. comets might transport the D. as commonly thought) were the arcane cherubim? How did they have the power to produce the devastating Ark-light of the presence.know what causes sexual thoughts? that I have not seen you before?" Djed-djedi a nswered. yet they are using monatomic gold themselves. which wreaked such havoc on the subse quent battlefields? (Laurence Gardner -Secrets of the sacred ark) Like giant interstellar sperm. They have established a special task force to oversee the administration of vacc ines to children and adults throughout the world. depositing their life-giving s ubstances in a colossal . "When one is summoned. (Ancient Egyptian tale. ) God seemingly instructed the craftsman Bezaleel to construct the Ark of the Cove nant.A seeds of life fr om collapsed space clouds to fledgling and otherwise barren planets.

It's no longer immoral. ever allowed to remain on record. (Mark Twain) Some thoughts have a certain sound. On the seventh day. This is the story of the taking of hallucinoge nic wine or mushroom tea in the Bible) "Once something has been approved by the Government. it appears out side as fate. which conflicted with the needs of the momen t. All history was a palimpsest." (George Orwells book 1984) Character is fate! When an inner situation is not made conscious. and the only way to get by it and believe me. the Earth had a perfect 360-day orbit as opposed to 365. (From the film Dune). that being the equivalent to a form. and w hen men have well drunk. scraped clean and re-inscribed e xactly as often as was necessary. Christianity has a built-in defence system: Anything that questions a belief. Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine. Is this merely a metaphysical wish on behalf of the ancient priests or is it your contention that it has some basis in fact? . you will be able to paralyze nerves. shatter bones.impact. and rightly so. We are so much the victims of abstraction that with the Earth in flames we can b arely rouse ourselves to wander across the room and look at the thermostat. (Niall Hunter-Editor. sit in a field and just go. no matter how logical the argument is.25 days today. It's a very interesting defence mechanism. then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now. This hardly qualifies Swine Flu)." (Bill Hicks) 10And saith unto him. It means an epidemic over a wide area. or any expression of opinion.Jung) . (Unknown) It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral c ourage so rare. or a global epidemic. at the time of Zep Tepi." (R everend Lovejoy. set fires. (Some unknown atheist) The word 'pandemic' strikes fear into many. n or was any item of news. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct. (Terrence McKenna) You propose that. and manifested forth his glory. I w as raised Southern Baptist is to take massive amounts of mushrooms. (Carl G. Through sound and motion. is the work of Satan by the very fact that it makes you question a belief. suffocate an enem y or burst his organs.11Th is beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee. "Sh ow me. (St John 2:10(King James Version. and his d isciples believed on him. On the sixth day God created man. man returned the favour. The Simpson s) "Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date.

It makes sense from an Egyptian perspective that the explosion of a planet brought chaos into a perfect universe (of Heaven and Earth) and thus extended the year by five days. He also m ay be . and resto re perfect order. this involved eliminating the five days of imperfection and restor ing the imagined perfect year of 360 days .(Alan. Symbolically. undo the act of creation. F. The whole point of Egyptian religion was to go back in time. Hence the legend of Nut givi ng birth to her five children of chaos. Readers are reminded that '5' was the number of the Egyptian Duat. Alford being interviewed about his exploding planet theory.(Alford) .I am fairly certain that this was 'a metaphysical wish' as you put it.

world stops turning Ashes where their bodies burning No more war pi gs of the power Hand of God has struck the hour Day of Judgement. but leave them the power to c reate money. except as figures in a computer p rogram. and with a flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it back again. professor of Near Eastern archaeology and anthropology at the Un iversity of Arizona).but this 'depos it'. Howe ver. director of the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv Univer sity. (Israel Finkelstein. spreads his wings Oh. that it is inconceivable that they would not record any version of an event as momentous as the Biblical Exodus. too. God is calling Underneath the war pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins Satan. We should at least expect some self-serving or biased accounts of this extraordinary event. But if you wish to remain the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery." "I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking. It does not exist. right here. albeit biased. but there is absolutely no reference to any exodus of Hebrew slaves in the voluminous Egyptian writings.'" The ancient Egyptians were suc h compulsive chroniclers. for this world would be a happier and better world to live in.Former Director of the Bank of England) You go to a bank to borrow 'money'. Lord yeah! (Black Sabbath War-Pigs) Until they become conscious they will never rebel. In fact. about early Israelites in Egypt: Neithe r in monumental inscriptions on walls of temples. laughing. wait a mi nute. Here it is.s book 1984) Ill show you politics in America. Or you think you do. and his colleague Neal Silberman. take away from them the power to create money. (Bill Hicks) Now in darkness. there's one guy holding out both puppets!" All governments are lying cocksuckers. We have no clue." "Hey. if Jesus were alive today. and until after they have reb elled they cannot become conscious. in their book The Bible Unearthed:) The bankers own the earth. "I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs. nor in papyri. let them continue to create money. (William Dever. (Josiah Stamp. and all the great fortunes like mine will disapp ear and they ought to disappear. much less to an 'Exodus. not even a single word. the 'money' is merely figures typed into your computer account. nor in tomb inscriptions. (From George Orwell. is only figures on a .unknowingly describing a time of when the earth suddenly expanded). Take it away from them. Christians go around with crosses around their necks. The banks are allowed to 'lend' at least ten times what they have on deposit . (Bill Hicks) Where Did They Come From? "No Egyptian text ever found contains a single referen ce to 'Hebrews' or 'Israelites' in Egypt. don t you think the last thing he would want to see is a fucking cross.

Monatomic Gold is provi ng to be quite literally a unique "gift from the gods" that we are rediscovering in this time o f spiritual need. I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow m orning". seeming ly. (Henry Ford) SO WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH ALL OUR GOLD? Monatomic Gold is a truly exotic substance. There is no 'money'. it is now re-emerging in modern times. (David Icke. for if they did. space and time". just as mankind needs it. Monatomic gold has been used throughout history to heal. Ancient texts have shown that the Pharaohs were fed "shew-bread" containing Monatomic Go ld as they were .screen. it's all an illusion. Highly-valued by ancient cultures fo r it's "mystical properties" and "magical powers". 2005) "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking syste m and monetary system. encourage spi ritual growth and enlightenment and even affect "gravity.

who the s pice has mutated over 4000 years. The spice expands consciousness. heightened awareness and incre ased life span it was reputed to deliver. The planet is Arrakis (Iraq). use the orange spice gas (gold) .uk. It was considered too important to be given to "ordinary" hu mans. The spice exists on only one planet in the entire universe. Nothing was moved or disturbed in the invisible interim. travel to any part of the universe without moving.considered worthy of the spiritual enlightenment. and made the children of Israel drink of it. (Exodus 32:20) . that it is the year 10191. That is. The Sumerians (Ancient Iraq) recorded that the gods. dry planet with vast deserts (wai t for it). because it had not been there. and burnt it in the fire. I forgot to tell you . and strawed it upon the water. (Crop farmer David Hudson) And [Moses] took the calf which they had made. (Evolution Super-food the vital link http://www. so see what you think) A beginning (start of a new cycle of precession) is a very delicate time. A few selected humans were chosen to rule the rest as the "representatives" of the gods and were fed monatomic gold (also call ed Starfire) which made them more intelligent and able to rule the workers. and the substance returned to precisely the same position and sh ape as last seen. but that it was literally transported into an alternative parallel plane--a fift h dimension of space-time. The sp ice is vital to space travel. also known as Dune. and gro und it to powder. A desolate. which gives them the ability to fold space. came down fro m heaven (moon) and (genetically) seeded mankind (to mine gold for them). The spice extends life. But this did not happen.monatomicgold. so that it would be positioned differently when it returned to a visible state. yes. In short. In this time. or the Annunaki as they called them. my father. The known universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam (Saddam) the Fourth. (From the prophetic Movie and book Dune ) What was being said here was not simply that the substance could be moved out of perceptual vision.co. Oh. Hidden away within the rocks of these deserts are a people known as the Fremen (free-men). w ho have long held a prophecy that a man would come. the most precious substance in the universe is the spice M elange (high spin monatomic gold). (oh!) who would lead them to true fre edom. Ancient "priestly scientists" were well-aware of the enhancements monatomic elements made to the h uman body and DNA as well as helping transcend the spirit to a higher state of evolution. The proof of this was ascertained by attempting to disturb and scoop the substan ce with spatulas while it was invisible. it was not invisible: it had actually altered its physical state and had transposed int o another dimension. Know t hen. Now read th is below. I have reinterpreted it. The Spacing Guild and its navigators (Sumerian Annuniki gods). a messiah.

(J. it is accepted as self-evident. (Arthur Schopenhauer 19th century philosopher) Greetings: This is the Secretary of War at the State Department of the United States We have a problem. The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstro us he cannot believe it exists.I don't know where bin Laden is. and third. It's not our priority. it is ridiculed. First. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important.Edgar Hoover) All truth passes through three stages. The companies want something done about this sluggish world economic situation Profits have been running a little thin lately and we need to stimulate some growth Now we know there's an alarmingly high number of young people roaming ." (George W Bush). second it is viole ntly opposed.

hand 'em some speed. they wouldn't even know what it looked like So how 'bout it? Look-War is money. Just start up a draft. draft as many of those people as you can. (Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round (Dead Kennedys) The difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is that in a democracy the . it's just like Vietnam. skin on fire The Soviets seem up for it: The Kremlin's been itching for the real thing for years. We knew you'd agree The companies will be very pleased. so whadya say?!? OH! ER! That's excellent. We just want to cut down on some of this excess population Now look. We've got our college kids so interested in beer they don't even care if we star t manufacturing germ bombs again. Afghanistan's no fun So whadya say? We don't even have to win this war. We all agree the time has come for the big one. Take every loafer on welfare right off our computer rolls Now don't worry about demonstrations-just pump up your drug supply. have a serious get-togetherAnd start another war The President? He loves the idea! All those missiles streaming overhead to and fro Napalm People running down the road. We had everybody so busy with LSD they never got too strong. the more the economy will prosper We can get rid of practically everybody on your dole queue if we plan this right . We'll call up every last youngster we can get our hands on. So many people have hooked themselves on heroin and amphetamines since we took o ver. The Kremlin had their fingers on the button just like we did for that one Now just think for a minute-We can make this war so big-so BIG The more people we kill in this war. It doesn't look like they'll ever get a job It's about time we did something constructive with these people We've got thousands of 'em here too. The arms manufacturers tell me unless we get our bomb factories up to full production the whole economy is going to collapse The Soviets are in the same boat. give 'em an hour or two to learn how to use an automatic rifle and send 'em on their way Libya? El Salvador? How 'bout Northern Ireland? Or a "moderately repressive regime" in South America? We'll just cook up a good Soviet threat story in the Middle East-we need that oil We had Libya all ready to go and Colonel Khadafy's hit squad didn't even show up. Hell. Put a nuclear stockpile in their back yard. I tell ya That man is unreliable. They're crawling all over The companies think it's time we all sit down. Kept the war functi oning just fine It's easy.around in your country with nothing to do but stir up trouble for the police and damage private property.

or by assuming power.leaders are elected by the masses. A dictator comes to power by seizing the office through force. through a fixed election (Adolf Hitler) . be ing appointed by an elite. for example.

" (George Orwell's book 1984) They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security. I thought about the fame. Bush. 2 minutes to midnight) Now look at the dates on these next 3 quotes We found the weapons of mass destruction. (Iron Maiden." (Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Goethe) "There ought to be limits to freedom." (George . (George W. Member of Skull and Bones) These automatic. (Al Gore. D. about just being the gre atest. they really have no place in our society . They're against the United Nations resolutions.. deserve neith er liberty or security . History shows that all conquerors who have allowed the subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. (John Kerry. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country or some savoir like Jesus. May 31. they're wrong. they're wrong.C. Indeed. Father was in the Nazi ss) I don't believe that assault rifles ought to be sold in America . (George W." I didn't think about money. (Benjamin Franklin) None are more hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free . unavoidable condition of survival. makes the handing-o ver of all power to a small caste seem the natural. we found them. But for those who say we haven't found the banned manuf acturing devices or banned weapons. 2003) You remember when Colin Powell stood up in front of the world. mobile labs to build biological weapons.. Bush) The body bags and little rags of children torn in two And the jellied brains of th ose who remain put the finger right on you As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun. Washington. semi-automatic handguns and assault weapons.They're illegal. May 30. 2003) . But for those who say we haven't fo und the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons. and therefore in danger. Part of the Rothschild Jewish banking family) "The consciousness of being at war. that they most lik ely were used for weather balloons)).W. Lied about Global Warming) It makes no sense for assault weapons to be around our society ... ((the labs were later judged to not contain any such weapons." (George W. Bush. remarks to reporters. We found them. We found biological laboratories And we 'll find more weapons as time goes on. Bush. and we've so far discovered two And we'll find more weapons as time goes on. and he said Iraq has got laboratories. I would go s o far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the ove rthrow of any sovereignty." (Adolf Hitler. Member of Skull and Bones) The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject rac es to possess arms.


you know. who was paying suiciders to kill innocent life. in some of the forward dispersal sites. August 21st. The terrorists attacked us and killed 3.. as you say. Obedience is not enough. Believe me. everything was just fine until w e arrived [in Iraq] and you know. press interview.000 of our citizens before we started th e freedom agenda in the Middle East. a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. BUSH: Nothing. It just doesn t hold water. how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is inflicting pain and humiliation.. Power is not a means. How does one man assert his power over another .nest theory. I ve heard this theory about. If you want a picture of the future. Gen. 1st Marine Expeditionary Force. it is an end. who had relations with Zarqawi. They were QUESTION: What did Iraqi have to do with that? BUSH: What did Iraq have to do with what? QUESTION: The attacks upon the World Trade Centre." (George Orwell s book 1984) The under-class is growing. .. We've been to virtually every ammunition supply point between the Kuwaiti border and Baghdad. Human rights are non-existent In the ir-repressive society We are their unwitting accomplices Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness We have been lulled into a trance They have made us indifferent We are focused only on our own gain They are safe as long as they are not discovered . Unless he is suf fering. imagine a boot stamping on a human face--for ever. . but they're simply not there. 12/5/05. the stir-up-the-hornet s. James Conway. You know. Iraq was a Iraq the lesso n of September the 11th is: Take threats before they fully materialize. . A world of fear and treachery and torment.. May 30. How do you square all of that? BUSH: I square it because imagine a world in which you had Saddam Hussein. .. By making him suffer.. .) The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. it's not for lack o f trying. . 2003) QUESTION: A lot of the consequences you mentioned for pulling out seem like mayb e they never would have been there if we hadn t gone in.it remains a surprise to me now . 2006) "The Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper!" (George W. who h ad the capacity to make a weapon of mass destruction. (Lt.that we have no t uncovered weapons.Except for it s part of and nobody s ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack.It was a surprise to me then . Bush. as far as I m concerned. (John Amato on Monday. a world of trampling and being trampled upon. We know that no one ever sei zes power with the intention of relinquishing it.

Keep us selfish Keep us sedated Fluorocarbons have increased Earth is being acclimatised They are turning our atmosphere Into their atmosphere Maybe they've always been with us Those things out there .That is their method of survival Keep us asleep.

Grand Master of World Freemasonry) American Freemasonry and related power elites are responsible for a number of mu rders and provocations to war which happened along or close to the northern 33rd degree of latitude. IN FACT. whether real or promulgated.org) IF this were a dictatorship. Major financial centers north of the 33rd Parallel include London. OUR DESTINY IS TO RULE OVER THE INFERIOR RACES. (Duke of Brunswick. also known as the 33rd Parallel. as an Order." (George W. COMPARED TO OUR RACE. and Switze rland. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an o utside threat from beyond. profoundly versed in science.C.N. have come under the power of some very evil occult Order. (From the movie." (Henry Kissinger. WE ARE DIVINE GODS ON THIS PLANET.Maybe they love it Seeing us hate each other Watching us kill each other off Feeding on our own cold hearts Well I've got news for them There's going to be hell to pay And I ain't Daddy's little boy no more. their methods being black magic. the 33rd Parallel. Chicago." Did Hitler or Stalin say this? NO! So Maybe it was Pol Pot. just south of the 33rd degree of lat itude. ER! WELL! NO! . that threatened our very existence. WE ARE AS DIFFERENT FROM THE INFERIOR RACES AS THEY ARE FROM INSECTS. They Live ) Today. both occult and otherwise. The United States "Nightmare on Elm Street1704-1662 B. When presented with this scenario. OTHER RACES ARE CONSIDERED AS HUMAN EXCREMENT. 1991). it would be a heck of a lot easier. Texas. Kennedy was shot wh ile riding in the back of a limousine on Elm Street in Dallas. America would be outraged if U. though not infallible. after the nature of the Illuminati. . I have been convinced that we. hypnotism. OTHER RACES ARE BEASTS AND ANIMALS. troops entered Los Angeles to restore o rder. that is to sa y. New York. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. France. Bilderberger Conference in Evians. and powerful suggestion. Just as long as I'm the dictator. Bush) OUR RACE IS THE MASTER RACE.hidden mysteries. The one thing every man fears i s the unknown. if not by that Order itself. individual rights will be willingly relinquished f or the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government. AND SERVE US AS OUR SLAVES. OUR EARTHLY KINGDOM WILL BE RULED BY OUR LEADER WITH A ROD OF IRON (nuclear weapons). electro-magnetic power. Most of the world's wealth is stored north of the 33rd Par allel. CATTLE AT BEST. (www. We are convinced that the Order is being controlled by some Sun Order. THE MASSES WILL LICK OUR FEET. Most of this planet's six billion people live south of the 33rd Parallel.


" (George Orwell s book 1984) Imagine all the people living life in peace. I hope someday you'll join us. but I'm n ot the only one. Look what they've done to my dream. And a dark rain falls.EXAMPLE AND WORKING TOWARDS PEACE AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM IN THE WORLD FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH! AH! AND RELAX! I had a dream. would have no need to conspire. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning.. father.Children of the Grave) "It was curious to think that the sky was the same for everybody. Surely sooner o r later it must occur to them to do it? (George Orwell 1984) So you children of the world. 'Who controls the past' ra n the Party slogan. From the movie Dune ) "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed if all records told th e same tale then the lie passed into history and became truth. in Eurasia or Eastasia as well as here. and yet almost exactly the same people who had never learned to think but were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world. hundreds or thousands of millions of people just like this. A glimpse of hope and unity. A dream of sweet illusion. One vision) "But the proles. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. And in my heart it shows. all over the world. (Black Sabbath. (Queen. the sleeper has awakened"! (Paul Atreides. listen to what I say If you want a better place to live in spread the word today Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave Or all you children of today are Children of the Grave. (John Lennon) "Father. You may say I'm a dreamer.' (George Orwell s book 1984) . When I was young.. And visions of one sweet union. and the world will live as one . But a cold wind blows. people ignorant of one anothe r's existence. And the people under the sky were also very much the same everywhere. held apart by walls of hatred and lies. 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. if only they could somehow become conscious of their own streng th.

that the original excitement about exploring consciousness and mental illness generated by the discovery of L. And the ride goes up and down and rou nd and round. 'Hey don't worr . for a while. Who controls the money controls the World (Henry Kissinger) I will have Arrakis back for myself! He who controls the Spice (gold) controls the universe. and they come back to us. (Evil Baron Harkonnen . crime.D was first introduced was like the excitement in the physics community when the atom was sm ashed and everyone thought well now we ll understand mental illness.S. and so am I. the mysteries disappear and life stands explaine d. I'm a schizophrenic. (MichaelTsarion) Why is it when we talk to God we're said to be praying. Who controls the energy can control whole continents. or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered. and they begin to question: Is this real. delinquency.From the prophetic Movie Dune ) I think it s a great tragedy of 20th century science. The excitement in psychology when L. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud and its fun . but we are also the police fo rce of it . Some people have been on the ride for a long time. (BillyConnolly) When we remember we are all mad. (Mark Twain) The world is like a ride at an amusement park. and that was so terrifying that al l the promise for mental illness and creativity studies was sacrificed to institutional paranoia about th e fact that drugs might actually cause people to WAKE UP! to some of the abuses and scams that were being run by late modernism and capita lism.D gave way to establishment paranoia and repression of drug using populations. and perversity .But instead the government lost its nerve cause it saw that these substances had the potential for deprogramming people to institutional values."Who controls the food supply controls the people. schizophrenia and memory etc . but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic? (Lily Tomlin) Roses are red. (David Icke) Mans schizophrenic nature has given rise to schizophrenic societies infested with injustice. you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The spice must flow. (Terrence McKenna) I believe that the human race has developed a form of collective schizophrenia in which we are not only the slaves to this imposed thought behaviour. Violets are blue.S. And when you choose to go on it. they say.

because it's just a ride. because this is just a ride .. Shut him up.y.. But we always kill those go od guys who try and tell us that. kill those people. But it doesn't matter.. Look at my furrows of worry. We have a lot invested in this ride..' And we .' It's just a ride. . This just has to be real. don't be afraid ever. 'Shu t him up. Ha ha. you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. Look at my big bank account and my family.

And we can change it anytime we want. stand before the holy of holies. Through self. What one thinks continu ally. forever. 1961 February 26. right now. Here's what we can do to change the world. soul forces. and when you rip away the veil. and reborn again? (Iron Maiden/The clairvoyant) "As iron sharpens iron. which it would pay for many times over. buy guns. close yourself off. He will only understand that through himself." (Homer Simpson) The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself. through their own blood cells. in peace. (Book of Proverbs) Rise up like lions after slumber In unvanquishable number Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in your sleep had fallen on you Ye are many -and they are few (Percy Bysshe Shelly) A ship is safe in harbour. (Unknown Atheist) The body is the house of God. (Mark Twain) There's time to live and time to die When it's time to meet the maker There's time t o live but isn't it strange That as soon as you're born you're dying . right now. but that s not what ships are for (John A Shedd) . Take all that money we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the p oor of the world. No effort. is and should be the great study for the human family. and we cou ld explore space. what one cherishes in their heart and mind they make a part of the pulsation of their heart. subliminal. and build in their own physical. no work. So one man sharpens another". no job. they become. I searched for myself and found only G od.and it's me . together." (Owen Rowley) "I've always wondered if there was a god. (Edgar Cayce's perspective: The Sleeping Prophet. man will understand his Maker when he understands hi s relationship to his Maker. to a better ride. there's nothing there but a mirror. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. fight your way through the demons. between fear and love. The Power Of Now ) I searched for God and found only myself. no savings and money.) You find God the moment you realize that you don t need to seek God ." (Proverb from Ancient Egyptian temple) That's the problem with religion: you beat your way past the clerics. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors. It's only a choice. not one human being excluded. both inner and outer. psychic. (Bill Hicks December 16. that which his spirit and soul must feed upon. "Man know thyself. (Eckhart Tolle. And now I know there is -. A choice. 1994) The study of subconscious. That is why it is said.


How can this be 7 Thus in actuality we do not have war between Arabs and Jews. About drugs. people flock to churches and admire the God who ordered t he raping. At that point there is only one God and that God is God. who I fuck. But I want you to save the righteous people and two of every kind of living thing on the ea rth. I am commanding you to build an Ark. my God is going to take it back. What business is it of yours what I do. Therefore. kill all the men. But Zipporah took a flint knife. The amazing thing is that to this very day. about pornography and smokin g and everything else. It has never stopped and in all honesty it never will until the war Gods are killed. That's what ha ppened and that's what s happening. In a flash of lightning. The Lord speaks to Noa h and says: "In one year I am going to make it rain and cover the whole earth with water until all i s destroyed. Noah took the plans and agreed to build the Ark. buy. see.All it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing (Edmund Burke) EARTH SLEEPER IS RAISING DIMENSION HER POWERS COMMANDING ATTENTION GREAT WONDERS TOO MANY TO MENTION E. Jehovah and Allah. looting. "At a lodging place on the way. think. Bible) Eh? Wha? Each of us has the power to bring fulfilment to our lives by transforming our nat ures.T s ARE NOT MY INVENTION. Cut off her son's foreskin and touched Moses feet with it . That G od is love. about alcohol. If your God is going to take land away from me. God delivered the speci fications for an Ark. we have confrontation between the two war Gods. "Remembe r. pillage. read. The Lord met Moses and was about to kill him. what I take into my body as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet? (Bill Hicks) "It is the year 2003 and Noah lives in the United States. keep the virgins for yourself and on and on. (A Nubian) Here is my final point. When enough of us reach that level the world will be overwhelmed with an unimaginable infusion of light ." Exactly one year later. say. a . The logic is so simpl e. loot. (Yehuda Berg The power of Kabbalah ) The Old Testament is filled with admonitions from the God Jehovah to break down the walls of the city. "You must complete the Ark and bring everything aboard in one year. and pillaging. Fearful and trembling. So how do we kill the war Gods? In meditation when we rise above thought we rise ab ove the influences of the war Gods. That God is peace. (Exodus 4:24." said the Lord.

I had to hire an engi neering firm and redraw the plans. astronomer. "The government already has . claiming I was violating zoning ordinances by building the Ark in my front yard. I really don't think I can finish the Ark for another 5 or 6 years!" Noah wailed. I had to negotiate a settlement with the National Labour Union. The Lord saw Noah sitting in his front yard weeping. "Noah. saying that since G od is flooding the earth. (Galileo-Italian physicist. I h ad to get a permit for construction and your plans did not comply with the codes. A rainbow arched across the sky. I had problems getting enough wood for the Ark. and philosopher) Let (us) make man in (our) image. They object ed to me only taking two of each kind aboard. Then my neighbour objected. the Fish and Wildlife Service won't let me catch any owls. no owls. Just when I got the suit dismissed. They didn't take very kindly to the idea that they had no jurisdiction over the condu ct of the Creator of the universe. Forest Se rvice that I needed the wood to save the owls. "I did my best. the sun began to shine and t he seas began to calm. Right now. I just got a notice from the state that I owe some kind of user tax and failed to register the Ark as a recreational water craft. the EPA notified me that I could not complete the Ark without filing an environmental impact statement on your propos ed flood. The carpenters formed a union and went out on strike. because the re was a ban on cutting trees to protect the Spotted Owl. so I had to get a varian ce from the city planning commission. unbelieving people aboard! The IRS has seized all my assets. You mean you ar e not going to destroy the earth. I am trying to resolve a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that I am practicing discrimination by not taking godless . However.fierce storm cloud covered the earth and all the seas of the earth went into a t umult. and not how the Heavens go." Finally the A CLU got the courts to issue an injunction against further construction of the Ark. Noah looked up hopefully. Lord?" "No. The sky began to clear. ." said the Lord sadly. First. Now I have 16 carpenters on the Ark. after (our) likeness. therefore unconstitutional. claiming that I'm building the Ark in preparation to flee the country to avoid paying taxes. but still no owls. Then I got into a fight with OSHA over whether or not the Ark needed a fire sprinkler system and floatation devices. "GOD Scriptures are intended to teach us how to go to Heaven.S. "Where is the Ark?" "Lord please forgive me!" cried Noah. I sent them a globe. Then the Army Corps of Engineers demanded a map of the proposed new fl ood plain. So. I finally convinced the U. but there were big problems. W hen I started rounding up the other animals. mathematician. I got sued by an animal rights group." He shouted. it is a religious event.

Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened. (Michael Tsarion) FRODO: I can t do this. Sam. It s all wrong. ) The way we have been living is not life. Mr. Even darkness must pass. Frodo. Full of darkness and danger t hey were. But I think. this shadow. They kept going. A new day will come. Folk in tho se stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn t. SAM: I know. And it s worth fighting for. Frodo. please save me Superman!" (Homer Simpson) .(Genesis Bible. (Lord Of The Rings) I'm normally not a praying man. It s lik e in the great stories. i t s only a passing thing. Mr. Those were the stories that stayed with you. FRODO: What are we holding on to. But in the end. Frodo. Because they were holdi ng on to something. The ones that really mattered. But we are. Mr. Even if you w ere too small to understand why. That meant something. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. I know now. By rights we shouldn t even be here. but if you're up there. I do understand. And sometimes you didn t want to know the end. Sam? SAM: That there s some good in this world.


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