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General Specifications
GS 01C25E01-01E

Model EJX430A Gauge Pressure Transmitter

The high performance gauge pressure transmitter model EJX430A features single crystal silicon resonant sensor and is suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure. The EJX430A outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure. It also features quick response, remote setup and monitoring via BRAIN or HART communications, and self-diagnostics. The EJX series, in its standard configuration, is certified by TÜV as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.

Measurement Span/Range

MPa 0.0175 to 3.5 – 0.1 to 3.5 0.08 to 16 – 0.1 to 16

psi (/D1) 2.5 to 500 –15 to 500 12 to 2300 –14.7 to 2300

bar(/D3) 0.175 to 35 –1 to 35 0.8 to 160 –1 to 160

kgf/cm2(/D4) 0.175 to 35 –1 to 35 0.8 to 160 –1 to 160


Span Range Span Range

Mounting Position Effects Rotation in diaphragm plane has no effect. Tilting up to 90 degree will cause zero shift up to 0.4 kPa (1.6 inH2O) which can be corrected by the zero adjustment. Response Time (All capsules) 95 ms When software damping is set to zero and including dead time of 45 ms (nominal)

Zero-based calibrated span, linear output, wetted parts material code ‘S’ and silicone oil, unless otherwise mentioned. Specification Conformance EJX series ensures specification conformance to at least 3 . Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span (includes the effects of terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)
Measurement span Reference accuracy X X X URL (upper range limit) span span A 0.04% of Span (0.005 0.0035 URL/Span)% of Span 0.35 MPa (50 psi) 3.5 MPa (500 psi) 1.6 MPa (230 psi) 16 MPa (2300 psi)

Output Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications, linear or square root programmable. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal. Output range: 3.6 mA to 21.6 mA Output limits conform to NAMUR NE43 can be preset by option C2 or C3. Failure Alarm Output status at CPU failure and hardware error; Up-scale: 110%, 21.6 mA DC or more (standard) Down-scale: 5%, 3.2 mA DC or less
Note: Applicable for Output signal code D and E


Ambient Temperature Effects per 28˚C (50˚F) Change (0.04% of Span + 0.009% of URL) Stability (All normal operating condition) 0.1% of URL per 10 years Power Supply Effects 0.005% per Volt (from 21.6 to 32 V DC, 350 )

Damping Time Constant (1st order) Amplifier’s damping time constant is adjustable from 0.00 to 100.00 seconds by software and added to response time.
Note: For BRAIN protocol type, when the software damping is set to less than 0.5 s, communication may occasionally be unavailble during the operation, especially while output changes dynamically. The default setting of damping ensures stable communication.

Vibration Effects Less than 0.1% of URL when tested per the requirements of IEC60770-1 field or pipeline with high vibration level (10-60 Hz, 0.21 mm peak to peak displacement/60-2000 Hz 3g)

Update Period Pressure: 45 ms

Yokogawa Electric Corporation 2-9-32 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-8750 Japan Phone: 81-422-52-5690 Fax.: 81-422-52-2018

GS 01C25E01-01E ©Copyright Feb. 2004 1st Edition Feb. 2004

Copyright © 2004. configuration error.5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe. process alarm for pressure or capsule temperature.01% incremental resolution of span. hardware failure. Type B.<<Contents>> <<Index>> Zero Adjustment Limits Zero can be fully elevated or suppressed.6 Power supply voltage E (V DC) 42 F02E.0244 Digital Communication range BRAIN and HART NORMAL OPERATING CONDITION (Optional features or approval codes may affect limits. 10.5 0. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb. 2004-00 .5 16.. 6-digit Unit Display and Bar graph. IEC 61508: 2000.38) 1(0. 27. within the lower and upper range limits of the capsule. 10.14) -40 (-40) 0 (32) 40 (104) 80 (176) 120 (248) F01E. BRAIN and HART Load (Output signal code D and E) 0 to 1290 for operation 250 to 600 for digital communication All Rights Reserved.000 psi) Self Diagnostics CPU failure.2 10.) With 24 V DC supply. 600 R= External load resistance 250 R( ) E-10.7(0. See also “Factory Settings” .6 V DC for digital communications. Characterizer User-configurable 10-segment signal characterizer for 4 to 20 mA output. The indicator is configurable to display one or up to three of the following variables periodically. SIL 2 (single use) Minimum Pressure Limit See graph below 100(14.5 to 42 V DC for general use and flameproof type.EPS Figure 2. Pressure in %. Working Pressure and Process Temperature Supply & Load Requirements (Optional features or approval codes may affect electrical requirements.5 MPa (500 psi) 16 MPa (2300 psi) Supply Voltage 10. See graph below. Scaled pressure. Re-range can be done locally using the digital indicator with rangesetting switch.5) Working pressure kPa abs (psia) Applicable range 10(1. Burst Pressure Limits 69 MPa (10. Part1 to Part 7 Functional Safety of Electrical/electronic/programmable electronic related systems. Relationship Between Power Supply Voltage and External Load Resistance Working Pressure Limits (Silicone oil) Maximum Pressure Limits Capsule A B Pressure 3. nonincendive or non-sparking type. Measured pressure.4) Atmospheric pressure 2 2. External Zero Adjustment External Zero is continuously adjustable with 0. up to a 550 load can be used.EPS Process temperature C ( F) Figure 1. SIL Certification All the EJX series transmitters are certified by RWTÜV Systems GmbH in compliance with the following standards. Minimum voltage limited at 16. type n. Integral Indicator (LCD display) 5-digit Numerical Display.5 to 32 V DC for lightning protector (Option code /A).) Ambient Temperature Limits 40 to 85˚C ( 40 to 185˚F) 30 to 80˚C ( 22 to 176˚F) with LCD display Process Temperature Limits 40 to 120˚C ( 40 to 248˚F) Ambient Humidity Limits 0 to 100% RH Maximum Over Pressure Capsule A B Pressure 16 MPa (2300 psi) 25 MPa (3600 psi) 25.

and Vent/Drain Plug Refer to “MODEL AND SUFFIX CODE. Teflon. DuPont de Nemours & Co.) BRAIN Communication Distance Up to 2 km (1.000) C C) 3 Fill Fluid Silicone. Communication distance varies depending on type of cable used. 8 and 9] 2. HART. Where: L = length in meters or feet R = resistance in (including barrier resistance) C = cable capacitance in pF/m or pF/ft Cf = maximum shunt capacitance of receiving devices in pF/m or pF/ft EMC Conformity Standards EN 61326. 3.6BG 3.7 lb) without integral indicator. HART Communication Distance Up to 1.3/2. Communication distance varies depending on type of cable used.6 kg(5.22 F or less Load Inductance 3.I. JIS C0920 Cover O-rings Buna-N Name plate and tag 304 SST All Rights Reserved.5 km (1 mile) when using multiple twisted pair cables. Trademark of Haynes International Inc. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb. Load Capacitance 0. PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Wetted Parts Materials Diaphragm.” < Related Instruments> Power Distributor: Refer to GS 01B04T01-02E or GS 01B04T02-00E BRAIN TERMINAL: Refer to GS 01C00A11-00E < Reference > 1. 2.<<Contents>> <<Index>> Communication Requirements (Approval codes may affect electrical requirements. 2004-00 . Hastelloy. Trademark of the HART Communication Foundation. AS/NZS 2064 . Process Connector.” Process Connector Gasket PTFE Teflon Fluorinated rubber for Option code /N2 and /N3 Non-wetted Parts Materials Bolting ASTM-B7M carbon steel.9 or its equivalent) Degrees of Protection IP67. Fluorinated oil (option) Weight [Installation code 7. Use the following formula to determine cable length for specific applications: 65 L= (R 106 (Cf + 10. or ASTM grade 660 stainless steel Housing Low copper cast aluminum alloy with polyurethane. mounting bracket.4 kHz. and process connector. Connections Refer to “MODEL AND SUFFIX CODE. 316 SST(ISO A4-70) stainless steel. Cover Flange. mint-green paint (Munsell 5. Trademark of E.25 miles) when using CEV polyethylene-insulated PVC-sheathed cables. Capsule Gasket. 27.3 mH or less Input Impedance of communicating device 10 k or more at 2. Other company names and product names used in this material are registered tradmarks or trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright © 2004. NEMA4X.

left side high pressure. two electrical connections without blind plugs M20 female.0175 to 3. one electrical connection without blind plugs 1/2 NPT female. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb. flat type (for horizontal piping) 304 SST 2-inch pipe mounting.EPS Description Measurement span (capsule) S ··················· Wetted parts material Process connections 0 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1·················· 2·················· 3· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 4· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 5· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Bolts and nuts material J················ G················ C················ -7 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · -8 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · -9 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1············ 0··········· 2··········· 4··········· 5··········· 7··········· 9··········· D········ E········ N········ B ····· D ····· N ····· Installation Amplifier housing Electrical connection Integral indicator Mounting bracket The “ ” marks indicate the most typical selection for each specification. All Rights Reserved. Please refer to NACE standards for details.5 MPa (2. two electrical connections and a blind plug Digital indicator Digital indicator with the range setting switch None 304 SST 2-inch pipe mounting. The ‘#’marks indicate the construction materials conform to NACE material recommendations per MR01-75.08 to 16 MPa (12 to 2300 psi) Refer to "Wetted Parts Material" Table below. Copyright © 2004. For the use of 316 SST material. Table. there may be certain limitations for pressure and temperature. two electrical connections and a blind plug 1/2 NPT female. without process connector (Rc1/4 female on the cover flanges) with Rc1/4 female process connector with Rc1/2 female process connector with 1/4 NPT female process connector with 1/2 NPT female process connector without process connector (1/4 NPT female on the cover flanges) ASTM-B7M carbon steel 316SST(ISO A4-70) stainless steel ASTM grade 660 stainless steel Vertical piping. 27. Wetted Parts Materials Wetted parts material code S Cover flange and process connector ASTM CF-8M*1 Capsule Hastelloy C-276 (Diaphragm) 316L SST (Others) Capsule gasket Teflon-coated 316L SST Drain/Vent plug 316 SST M04E.EPS # *1: Cast version of 316 SST.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 4 MODEL AND SUFFIX CODES Model EJX430A Output Signal Suffix Codes ························· -D · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · -E · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · A····················· B····················· Gauge pressure transmitter 4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication (BRAIN protocol) 4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication (HART protocol) 0. two electrical connections without blind plugs G1/2 female. two electrical connections and a blind plug M20 female. Equivalent to SCS14A. and process connection downside Horizontal piping and right side high pressure Horizontal piping and left side high pressure Cast alluminum alloy G1/2 female.5 to 500 psi) 0. 2004-00 . L type (for vertical piping) None T04E.

27. F and G in Hazardous locations. and Class III. Tp:100 C). F & G and Class III. Li=0 H Combined FF1 and FS1 *1 CENELEC ATEX (KEMA) Flameproof Approval *1 II 2G. Temp. Ci=6 nF. –50 to 80 C (–57 to 176 F). in Hazardous Locations Enclosure: "NEMA 4X". T6 Amb. Li=0 H [Groups C. 1D EEx ia IIC T4 Amb. Class II. T100°C (Tamb: –40 to 60 C. Division 1. Pmax=1 W. Imax=200 mA. E. 120 C (248 F). C. Li=0 mH CSA Explosionproof Approval *1 CSA Intrinsically safe Approval *1 Combined CF1 and CS1 *1 T05E. Division 1. Ci=10 nF. for dust-proof : T80°C (Tamb: –40 to 40 C.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 5 OPTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS (For Explosion Protected type) Item Description FM Explosionproof Approval *1 Explosionproof for Class I. E. Groups E. Tp:100 C). Division 2. Temp. T120°C (Tamb: –40 to 60 C. Group IIC. T100°C (Tamb: –40 to 60 C.1D EExd IIC T4. process Temp. surface Temp.9 W. surface Temp. 7.: –40 to 60 C (–40 to 140 F) FM Intrinsically safe Approval *1 Intrinsically Safe for Class I. Zone 2.: –50 to 60 C (–50 to 140 F) Ui=30 V DC. Groups A. T5. Class: T4. Class II. 85 C (185 F) Max. Class I. F and G] Vmax=30 V. AEx ia IIC Nonincendive for Class I. Tp:80 C). –50 to 70°C (–57 to 158°F) Max. Temp. indoors and outdoors (NEMA 4X) Temperature class: T6 Amb. in Hazardous Locations. Imax=225 mA. D. (Tamb) for gas-proof : T4 . Tp:120 C) CENELEC ATEX (KEMA) Intrinsically safe Approval *1 II 1G. Class I. B.(Tp): T4. Pi=0. Tp:120 C) Combined KF2. Temp. B. *1: Applicable for Electrical connection code 2. T120°C (Tamb: –40 to 80 C. –50 to 75°C (–57 to 167°F). Groups F & G. 2. All Rights Reserved. Division 1. and 9. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb. Groups A. D. T5. F and G] Vmax=30 V. T6. Division 1. T6. Li=0 mH Max. B. Ci=6 nF. Groups B. Tp:80 C). C & D. for dust-proof : T85°C (Tamb: –40 to 60 C. Groups E. Amb. Division. Amb.: –60 to 60 C (–75 to 140 F) Intrinsically Safe Apparatus Parameters [Groups A.(Tp) for gas-proof :120 C Electrical data : Ui=30 V. Temp. C & D.(Tamb) for gas-proof: –50 to 60 C (–57 to 140 F) Maximum Process Temp. C and D Dust-ignitionproof for Class II/III. Ci=6 nF. Zone 0. Pmax=1 W. 100 C (212 F). T5. Copyright © 2004.EPS Code FF1 Factory Mutual (FM) FS1 FU1 KF2 CENELEC ATEX KS2 KU2 Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Contact Yokogawa represenative for the codes indicated as ‘ ’. 2004-00 . Ii=200 mA. 4. Division 1. KS2 and Type n *1 Type n: II 3G EEx nL IIC T4. Temp. Division 1.

and Mounting bracket code N. Process connection code 3. 9 to 32 V DC for Fieldbus communication type. 3. Applicable for Capsule code B. Material traceability certification. Operating temperature 20 to 80 C ( 4 to 176 F) Degrease cleansing treatment and dehydrating treatment Degrease cleansing treatment and dehydrating treatment with fluorinated oilfilled capsule. and K6).5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe type. Process connector *10 Software damping. Applicable for vertical impulse piping type (Installation code 7) and Wetted parts material code S. Pure nitrogen gas is used for oil-prohibited use (Option code K1. Failure alarm up-scale : Output status at CPU failure and hardware error is 110%.1B. Installation code 9. Total length when combining with option code K1. Applicable for Process connections code 1. Applicable for Process connections code 0 and 5. per EN 10204 3. diaphragm. Also see ‘Ordering Information’. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb. Munsell 7. IEC 61000-4-5 Degrease cleansing treatment Oil-prohibited use*2 Degrease cleansing treatment and with fluorinated oilfilled capsule. K2. based on IEC61518 with female thread on both sides of cover flange. Body option*6 N1 and Process connection. K5. The unit of MWP (Max. and Material certificate for cover flange. 2004-00 . 21. Process connection faces on the other side of zero adjustment screw. working pressure) on the name plate of a housing is the same unit as specified by Option code D1.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 6 OPTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Item Color change Coating change Lightning protector Amplifier cover only Amplifier cover and terminal cover.5 R4/14 Anti-corrosion coating*1 Transmitter power supply voltage: 10. Applicable for Capsule code A. 3.2mA DC or less. Message Software damping Material Certificate Pressure test/ Leak test Certificate *8 Test Pressure: 3. 2.5 MPa(500 psi)*11 Test Pressure: 16 MPa(2300 psi)*12 *1: *2: *3: *4: *5: *6: *7: *8: *9: *10: *11: *12: *13: Not applicable with Color change option. 4. Repeating 1000 A ( 1 40 s ) 100 times Applicable Standards: IEC 61000-4-4. Operating temperature 20 to 80 C ( 4 to 176 F) Fluorinated oil filled in capsule P calibration (psi unit) Calibration units*3 bar calibration (bar unit) M calibration Long vent*4 Output limits and failure operation*5 (kgf/cm2 unit) (See Table for Span and Range Limits. and K6: 130 mm. Failure alarm down-scale : Output status at CPU failure and hardware error is 5%.6 mA or more. Material: 316 SST. and 5.5 to 32 V DC ( 10. Descriptor. and 4. All Rights Reserved. Applicable for Output signal code D and E. 27.5 mA Without drain and vent plugs Failure alarm down-scale : Output status at CPU failure and hardware error is 5%. K5. Applicable for Wetted parts material code S. Applicable for Wetted parts material code S.) Allowable current: Max. with blind kidney flanges on back N2. NAMUR NE43 Compliant Output signal limits : 3.2mA DC or less. Copyright © 2004.EPS Oil-prohibited use with dehydrating treatment*2 Capsule fill fluid Total length: 119 mm (standard: 34 mm). and D4. 6000 A ( 1 40 s ). K2. D3. capsule body.8mA to 20.) Description Code P PR X2 A Painting K1 K2 K5 K6 K3 D1 D3 D4 U1 C1 C2 C3 N1 N2 N3 N4 CA CB M01 M11 Nitrogen(N2) Retention time: one minute Gas*13 T01 T12 T06E. The hardware error indicates faulty amplifier or capsule. 3. and blind kidney flange Stainless steel tag plate Data Configuration at factory*7 304 SST stainless steel tag plate wired onto transmitter Data configuration for HART communication type Data configuration for BRAIN communication type Cover flange *9 Cover flange.

60.47) 39 (1. refer to the notes below. High pressure side is on the right side.5 mm) * 1: * 2: When Installation code ‘8’ is selected.06) 47 (1.e.64) Integral indicator (optional) Conduit connection Process connector (Optional) Ground terminal Zero adjustment High pressure side 27 (1. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E ø69 (2.74) . high and low pressure side on above figure are reversed.13) 138(5. add 15mm(0. All Rights Reserved.03) 148(5. (i.61) ø77(3.33) 12 (0.23) 246(9. K2. 27.72) 129(5.61) Process connector (Optional) Drain plug High pressure side Low pressure side 115 (4.5 mm) Vent/drain plug Open to atmosphere ø10(0.) When optional code K1.83) 179(7.72) 95(3.39) 52 (2.08) Mounting bracket (L-type. Optional) Vent/drain plugs 110(4.06) Low pressure side F03E.50) 67(2.32)*2 27(1.43)*2 Feb.59inch) to the value in the figure.D.54) 54 (2. 60. External indicator Conduit connection (optional) 223(9. optional) 2-inch pipe (O.) External indicator Conduit connection (optional) 89(3.05) 129 (5.47) 39 (1.74) ø77(3.05) Electrical connection for code 5 and 9.82) 67 (2. Copyright © 2004.EPS 54 (2.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 7 DIMENSIONS Model EJX430A Vertical Impulse Piping Type ( INSTALLATION CODE '7') Unit : mm (approx. K5 or K6 is specified. 124(4.D.82) 179(7.53) 59(2.64) Conduit connection Integral Indicator (optional) 110 (4.08) Open to atmosphere ø5(0.20) F04E.EPS Horizontal Impulse Piping Type (INSTALLATION CODE '9') (For CODE '8'.17) 97 (3.69) 97 (3. 2004-00 41 (1.05) 6 (0.13) 2-inch pipe (O.85) Mounting bracket (Flat-type.54) 95(3.inch) 6 (0.03) ø69(2.88) 41 (1.33) Zero adjustment 12 (0.23) Ground terminal Vent plug Electrical connection for code 5 and 9.

inHg. 2004-00 . (Only one unit can be specified) Display Setting Designated value specified in order. ftH2O(68˚F) or psi. Tag Number (if required). Model. When reverse range is designated. inH2O. For HART communication type.) Connection hook SUPPLY + – + CHECK – Power supply and output terminal External indicator(ammeter) terminal*1 Ground terminal SUP PLY K CHEC M ALAR PULS E *1: CHECK + When using an external indicator or a check meter. The specified letters will be written in the amplifier memory and engraved on the tag plate. The unit display consists of 6-digit. ftH2O. specify LRV as greater than URV. ‘Factory Settings’ when shipped. Calibration Range mmAq. inH2O(68˚F).00 to 100.EPS *1: To specify these items at factroy. mbar. SUPPLY + SUPPLY - F05E. hPa. suffix codes. mmWG. bar. gf/cm2. Following are configurable items and setting range. [/CA: For HART communication type] 1) Descriptor(upto 16 characters) 2) Message (upto 30 characters) 3) Software damping (0. kPa.’ 3. and option codes 2. /CA or /CB option is required. specify software tag (up to 8 letters) to be written on the amplifier memory and Tag number(upto 16 letters) to be engraved on the tag plate seperately.) T07E. Pa.00 sec) [/CB: For BRAIN communication type] 1) Software damping (0. the internal resistance must be 10 or less. 4. Yokogawa Electric Corporation GS 01C25E01-01E Feb.00 to 100. mmHg. Calibration range and units: 1) Calibration range can be specified with range value specifications up to 5 digits (excluding any decimal point) for low or high range limits within the range of -32000 to 32000. Copyright © 2004. Other factory configurations (if required) Specifying option code /CA or /CB will allow further configuration at factory. 5.<<Contents>> <<Index>> 8 ● Terminal Wiring CHECK METER Connection hook*1 ● Terminal Configuration Communication Terminals(BT200 etc.00 sec) < Factory Setting > Tag Number Software Damping *1 As specified in order ‘2 seconds’ or as specified in order Calibration Range Lower Range Value As specified in order Calibration Range As specified in order Upper Range Value Selected from mmH2O. therefore. the first 6 characters will be displayed on the unit display. 27. Display scale and units (for transmitters equipped with integral indicator only) Specify either 0 to 100 % or engineering unit scale and ‘Range and Unit’ for engineering units scale: Scale range can be specified with range limit specifications up to 5 digits (excluding any decimal point) for low or high range limits within the range of -32000 to 32000. (% or user scaled value. All Rights Reserved. if the specified unit is longer than 7 characters excluding ‘/’. Units MPa.EPS CHECK - < Ordering Information > Specify the following when ordering 1. For BRAIN communication type. mmH2O(68˚F). specify upto 16 letters. 2) Specify only one unit from the table. kgf/cm2.