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NINE Of The Most Powerful SECRETS The Wealthy Will Use To Buy Endless Real Estate In 2012

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The NAKED Investor Strategy Outline Planting The Seeds For Total Domination! Find Your CORE & Visualize Your Takeover! 5 8

No investor has ever created true success without first having a well planned out vision.! 8

Big BLING Comes When You Buy, NOT When You Sell! 14
What is the CMA method?! What is the Income Approach?! What is the Replacement Cost approach?! 15 15 16

Dominating In Freezing Conditions!


Take advantage of the winter blues by turning vacant homes into HEAPS of cash.! 18

Take Control Of Undervalued Rentals!
Property Description:!


Double Up With Double Lots!
Benefits of this Double Lot! 20 year vision...!

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Breakthrough Report Uncovers THE SECRET SAUCE...!
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First things first...! HIGHLIGHTS of Refinancing...!

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Create a Presence!


What do you mean, create a presence? Online? In my community? Where?! 34 Why is this so important?! Where do I start?! 34 35

What if I have never purchased anything before and they ask me what I have purchased?! 35 How do I create a presence?! 36

DON’T DO IT ALONE...! Get a Mentor!
Who else can you turn to????! Mentors have been there and done that.! Well networked...! A long-term relationship you can trust...!

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Big Bucks In Big Buildings!
How To Tackle The Apartment Building World...!




THIS One EXCLUSIVE tip can save you THOUSANDS every single year and help you keep more of your money.! 43 The Rich Set Up CORPORATIONS! 43

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Planting The Seeds For Total Domination
The key to making all this work is to BE PREPARED. Massive success with Real Estate Investing takes careful planning. Sure you can sort of “wing it” and do ok, but you will never have the kind of real, sustainable success we’ve all read about and wanted for a long time. If you just take a little time to plan your attack, you will make MUCH more money. Plus, it is way easier when you have a plan of action and a mentor to help you implement it.

The Naked Investor Special Report will help you Unlock NINE of the Secret Strategies that the rich are using in 2012 to capitalize and grow their bottom line.
For the last 8 years we have been on a mission to discover the secrets that the ultra rich use to buy property. We have attended seminars, had coaches and mentors, read many books and applied what we have been taught and even implemented many of our own strategies in the real world. Over the course of those 8 years we have spent in excess of a $100,000 learning what the rich do and how they do it. That investment has come back to us many many times. Now let’s make sure we are clear on something here, we didn’t just read books and take course then tell others how to do something. We don’t teach or coach on anything, unless we have actually done it and had success doing it. We are very active real estate investors and have a number of great mentors on our team. Over the years we have taken time off from investing to do all sorts of things we love doing because this industry allows you to do that. However, in December 2010 one of our mentors inspired us to come back and make a massive impact in this industry, so we started again on a part time basis. We wanted to prove a point... we wanted to prove that you don’t need “full time” hours to do this business and have success at it. We want everyone out there who doesn’t have full time hours available for real estate investing to know they too can create a great success story in a very short period of time. You will want to make sure you are watching for the limited time release of our highly anticipated “The SOLUTION” program that we have never before made public. It is a live 8 week program that only accepts 50 applicants and we along with our mentors will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to create a full time “lifestyle” income in

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one year. It is a high impact results oriented program that works. So stay tuned for “The SOLUTION”. So following what one of our mentors encourage us to do and only using part time hours, we were able to add an additional $500,000 to our net worth, an additional $4,700 to our monthly cash flow and over $80,000 in our pocket between December 15th, 2010 and September 2011. We were able to do this using NONE of our own money and we did it all with only a few hours a week. The NINE Secret Strategies contained within this report are all strategies that the super rich are using to help add to their bottom line in 2012. These are strategies we used and applied last year and they dramatically increased our business. One of the biggest reasons we did this with NONE of our own money was to show you that you don’t need to have lots of money to make money. So already, that excuse is worthless so don’t even try to use it. It doesn’t matter if you have never purchased property before in your life, if you own one rental property or if you have already been purchasing properties for a while. Everyone will learn some great tips and secrets for growing their real estate portfolio in this Special Report. Before we get into this Special Report we need to understand a few things. This report is being prepared for you during the month of January 2012 and we really need to be real with what is going to happen this year in the North American economy. Where 2011 is now in the past, we will look back and learn from it but we will not spend anytime on it reminiscing it. It is over and done with. I am sure you will agree with us when we say that each and everyone of us needs to be totally focused on the future if we are planning to really go out and create a new solution for our lives. So let’s briefly take a look at what is in store for us economically in 2012... In America... People have been lead to believe that foreclosures are on the decline... well I will have to be the one who tells you that is not true. What was actually ahppening is that banks were overwhelmed with default notices so they are really behind on the foreclosure process. Banks (the ones that have not gone bankrupt) are just now ramping up to serve millions more foreclosure notices in 2012. Right now the regular housing inventory (not including foreclosures, short sales, etc) is down. Foreclosures are up and there is currently a lack of investors. Many people are afraid to invest. There are a number of very large investors who buy a large percentage of properties. However, we all tend to forget that the masses are more powerful than any individual.

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Let’s look at an example... Say large investment company #1 has budgeted to buy 10,000 properties this year. To most people, that sounds like a lot. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is not. Think about this... if we taught 1000 people to each buy 10 homes this year, that would equal the same number. There would easily be 10,000 people just in Phoenix Arizona who could easily go out and buy 10 properties during 2012. That would give them a total purchase of 100,000 properties. Now compare the two. Who has more power when it comes to improving and changing the economy... the individual does.

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The First Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Find Your CORE & Visualize Your Takeover
No investor has ever created true success without first having a well planned out vision.
Because we’ve heard things like this before, we know that you’re thinking or feeling at least one of the following things after reading the title to this section... 1. I have seen the movie “The Secret” and I know all that stuff... & it doesn’t work. 2. Only crazy “cult” people make dream boards and stuff like that. 3. I don’t need to do that because I know what I want. 4. I am too cool for that and I care too much about what others think. 5. What does this have to do with real estate investing? 6. I am going to skip this section and read stuff on real estate. 7. I am not going to drink your kool-aid dude. Anyone who really wants to become a successful real estate investor must treat it like a business. We must understand that real estate investing is a business and can produce massive results when done properly and give you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. However, we must all understand that it requires dedication, work and investment. There is no such thing as “free” money. There is such thing as “easy” money... when you love what you do things just happen and it doesn’t feel like work. A good rule of thumb would be that... No one should ever open a business without first having a plan of action and a vision of what they see it doing. If done properly it can create more wealth for you than you ever thought possible...we know this, first hand :) Imagine for a minute.... You love the woods, but you are by no means a “woodsman” or “woodswoman” but you love being out in the woods. How would it feel if you were dropped in the middle of a mountainous forest, 200 miles from civilization in any direction and all you had was a half filled water bottle, shoes (not sneakers), no pants (that is right, NO pants) and a tshirt? I am sure you would agree with us and say, “that would suck.”

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Well, that is how most people start investing in real estate and then wonder why it didn’t work. It is not that real estate investing didn’t work, it is just that most people are ill prepared for what to expect and how to deal with it when shit happens. Now imagine for a minute this was the situation... You get dropped off in the same remote location, except this time you have the following tools... Map & GPS Compass Knife Survival Kit Survival Training Hunting Skills A Rifle & ammo Rope All Weather Apparel Satellite Phone Hiking Boots Water & Water Tablets And to top it off as the icing on the cake just to ensure you have a enjoyably and successful experience, we are going to throw in... Bear Grylls as your guide (aka Mentor) How much easier would your experience be? It would be a night and day difference. Given the choice, I am sure you would agree with me and take the second option which gives you a 99.9% chance of success where the first option gives you a 99.9% chance of failure. Which one is the logical choice. Let’s say you were being dropped off out in the wilderness and as they were dropping you off they offered you the choice of option number two for $10,000. Would you take it? If you are anything like us and survival is important to you, then you would do it even if you had to figure out where the money was going to come from. Many people are finally realizing that survival and success go hand in hand. The people who are willing to fight for survival are willing to fight for success. Being broke doesn’t make you a bad person, but it puts you at risk. We all have the choice of being successful, we all have the resources to become successful, but it is up to each one of us to use them. Ok, so how does being broke put you at risk. Well, think about this... Imagine your wife driving your kids home on a four lane highway in your old Piece Of Shit Car (POSC) and it decides to break down on the highway. It is supper time traffic and everyone is speeding by only inches from your POSC. You have no options but to sit on the side of the road and hope that you don’t get hit and killed. Driving a POSC is

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a choice. I share this story with you because we lived it and it was a turning point in our life. Now I NEVER worry about my wife and kids when she is out because we always have new cars that are big and safe. If that didn’t relate to you then how about this one... Imagine one of your family members get sick with a serious disease like Cancer. Now imagine the cost that is associated with it. Most people don’t have insurance and many insurance companies have little “gotcha’s” hidden in their policies. Also you only have the ONE option of traditional medical care. Most people lose their job or business when this happens, their health decreases very quickly and they tend to get other illnesses. They end up losing everything and begging for help. It is no way to live. We hear these stories everyday. Why not make the decision to be successful and never have to worry about this. If someone close to you gets sick, you can send them to the best treatment facility there is because money will not be an option. They will keep their house, they will have support people, they will eat descent food, they will feel comfortable and secure. We know this because we experienced this as well. The difference is, when it happened we were prepared financially and everything worked out ok. If we didn’t choose to live a rich life, my mom would have lost everything. So we encourage you to do whatever it take and choose to be rich.

For those of you who treat your real estate investing business as real business (even in the part time hours you contribute to it), then you will have a much higher rate of success and you will come up with your solution much quicker. Many of our students have discovered their CORE values very quickly while working with one of our mentors and thus went on to have very quick, lasting success. They have chosen to find the solution and live a rich life. At this stage we are not going to get you to go and build a full business plan. I know we wouldn’t want to do that. For most people it is a very scary task trying to create a full on business plan. In all seriousness, unless you have your BBA or MBA it is tough making a business plan. Also, you don’t need to have BBA or MBA or any degree or even a high school diploma to have success in real estate. What we are going to ask you to do though is create your “CORE” Story with us. For those of you who are ready to really take your real estate investing business to another level and discover your solution, then you will want to make sure you get in touch with one of our mentors and begin working toward your CORE desire.

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When you Create Your CORE story, you need to be very specific. This will not work if you write... “I want to own 4 properties in the next year”. If you even get to the point of owning 4 properties, they will probably be four properties that give you stress, headaches, lose money, have problems, are in the wrong community or part of town, etc. So we want to ensure that you are laser focused on what you want to achieve at this current moment in real estate and have a VERY SPECIFIC vision of what that is. You know what, when we first started out in this business we had tenants we hated and gave us nothing but trouble. We had properties that stressed us out. We lost money on certain deals. We were not happy. This was all because we were attracting shit into our lives because we were not clear on what our CORE values were. We are not going to ask you to make a vision board, but something a little different... We want you to create your CORE story. What you want deep down in your core. This is not things like shinny watches, fancy cars, etc. This is the life you want and living that life will bring you the things. We have had many “shiny things” in our life and none of them made us happy. Yes, they were cool and fun, but they didn’t make us happy. That is why doing this exercise is important. Now we are only showing you a version of this philosophy. What we are showing you here is specific to buying real estate. We have written a book called “Destiny” that is a downloadable workbook you can print off and really discover what you want to achieve in your life. It is a must have step by step guide that walks you through properly setting and attaining goals, creating your CORE story and discovering what your TRULY want in life. The book has recently been revised and updated with tons more great content and tools for you to use. We have been called “crazy” and “nuts” for only requiring you to invest $29.97 in order to receive all this great content. We typically sell this book for $59.97, but we are giving you a discount for taking the time to read this Special Report. We have people downloading this book every single day because of the great value it creates in many areas of their lives. You can access it here right now.... There is about 7 years of experience that has gone into the writing of this book and about $100,000 of education on our behalf. After you work through it I am sure you will agree that is one of the best $29.97 investments you have ever made. We actually offer a FULL 100% refund if you are not happy with it... and you get to keep it and burn it. To date, we have never had anyone request a refund. However, I am sure some people have burned it when they didn’t get their results on account of not working their plan. The book will help you build your CORE story and your plan and it is up to you to live it. Many people find it helpful to have a mentor guide them and help them achieve results much quicker. Make sure to grab your copy right now Right Here. Now, here is an example of what we would write if we wanted to own 4 properties in the next year (I am going to assume today is January 1st 2012). This will give you an idea of how specific we want you to make this. This would be just one part of creating your CORE story.

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To give you an idea... my CORE story is 4 pages long and I read it every single day. When I read it, I feel and believe that I have already accomplished all of the great things I talk about in it. It is 1000% more powerful than a “vision” board. This example below is a short example of what a real estate investing specific excerpt would look like...

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

“Between today, January 1st, 2012 and December 31st, 2012 we, Josh and Margaux are going to purchase 4 rental properties in Fredericton NB. These properties will be executive style rentals and will be located in the downtown core of the city or on the hill. Each property will consist of at lease 8 units and we are going to use OPM (other peoples money) to purchase them at a discounted rate. If there are no executive style 8 units available, we will find land that can be developed into the 8 unit executive rentals that we want. All of our tenants will be great and the rents we charge will be higher than normal because of the style of accommodations we provide. Each building will be in good shape and will have a positive cash flow of at least $2,000 per month. Of the 4 properties we purchase, we will be able to refinance at lease two of them and pull out an additional $25,000 - $50,000 + which we will not have to pay tax on (because it is not considered income, it is tax deferred until we sell the property,”

Do you see what we mean by specific? :) An even BETTER way to write this would be IN THE PRESENT and PAST. So, you can pretend it’s already one year later and tell what you have done: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! “It is now December 31st, 2012. We, Josh and Margaux have purchased 3 rental properties and one piece of land in Fredericton NB. The 3 properties are executive style rentals and are located in the downtown core of the city and on the hill. Each property consists of at lease 8 units and we have to used OPM (other peoples money) to purchase them at a discounted rate. We are developing the land that we into an 8 unit executive rental. All of our tenants are great and the rents we charge are higher than normal because of the style and quality of accommodations we provide. Each building is in good shape and has a positive cash flow of at least $2,000 per month. Of the 3 properties we purchased, we were able to refinance two of them and pull out an additional $25,000 - $50,000 + which we did not have to pay tax on (because it is not considered income, it is tax deferred until we sell the property).”

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Do you see how much different that approach sounds from the first one? Now that is just one part of this process. The “Destiny” book that you can download here has a great section on how to properly create a CORE story and really build your plan. Having this map can really help you cut down the time it takes to really achieve your dreams. This valuable resource will act as road map to help you get laser focused on what you want and how you are going to achieve it. Make sure that as soon as you download your copy of our Destiny ebook, you print it off and fill it out. Without a clear vision of where you want to go, you will not get there. As soon as you download your ebook come back and finish this program. We promise you that every single successful real estate investor in 2012 will know what their CORE Story is and how their real estate investments will be their solution and make it a reality.

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The Second Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Big BLING Comes When You Buy, NOT When You Sell
So many people believe that they make money when they sell a home. That is not true. A great real estate investor makes money when they BUY a property, not when they sell it. One of the first things an investor needs to learn is how to properly evaluate a property to come up with its current value and make an appropriate offer. It’s incredibly surprising to us how so many investors don’t know how to evaluate a property to determine if it is a good investment or not. This is one of the biggest reasons you see people get discouraged so quickly when they begin investing in real estate. Many people depend on real estate agents to give tell them what a property is worth and what is a good deal. We have to remember real estate agents are in the business of SELLING HOMES FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE POSSIBLE because their income is based on commission. Don’t EVER go by what they tell you, learn how to do this for yourself. You always need to make your own decisions. You can listen to other people but make sure that the people you are listening to have what you want and your best interests at heart. The old saying “free advice is free for a reason” is very true. You get what you pay for. This is why it is so important for investors to have mentors to help guide them. We as a community need to stop looking at this as an expense or a cost. A good mentor is worth their weight in gold. They will help you identify problems and issues and help you select the absolute best property for you with the highest return.

There are FOUR primary ways for determining the value of a property. 1.CMA 2. Income Approach 3. Replacement Cost Approach

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What is the CMA method? CMA stands for “Corporate Market Analysis” and is based on what similar properties in similar areas have sold for in the past 3 to 5 months and what they are currently selling for. We don’t use any date that is older than that because it is no longer current. You will find this to be the most common method of evaluating a property that falls in the single family market. We typically don’t use this very often especially if we are planning to hold onto a property. Also it’s hard to know the true story behind the exact selling price. Maybe one house sold for $50,000 more than another house because the purchaser was going to have the seller finish the basement or maybe it was $30,000 less because there was a water problem and the seller just wanted to get rid of the property. It is just not very accurate. Quick example: You are looking at a home priced for $225,000 and you do a CMA and discover that home in that neighborhood are selling between $240,000 and $265,000. So right away it might be a home that is worth looking at. There is nothing better than buying the cheapest house in a nice neighborhood. On the other hand if you are looking at house that is priced at $397,000 and you do a CMA and see that the homes in the area have sold and are sell between $265,000 and $335,000, you now know that it os one of the most expensive homes in the area and probably not a good choice for what you are looking for. What is the Income Approach? The Income Approach method allows us to put a value on the income generated by the property. This is the method we use most often when evaluating an income property. If it makes money we take a serious look. So if a property doesn’t make money each month most people just stop looking and discard it. However there are many properties that are way under utilized and under rented for many reasons, so we make sure to cover every single angle when looking at a property. You can pick up some great deals from time to time when they are under rented, ugly or not being used to the best of their ability. To make lots of money in this industry (in a relatively short period of time) you need to work every angle to see what you can come up with. Get out of your box and become creative! Quick Example: You are looking at buying a home that costs $250,000. The main level has 3 bedrooms and , after doing some research, you discover it can be rented for $1,400. The basement is finished with a rental suite. The basement rental

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suite is a 3 bedroom and is rented for $1,150 / month. This gives you a total rental income of $2,550 / month. Let’s assume that we have calculated the property taxes, insurance, vacancies, advertising, management, repairs and maintenance at $900 / month. So that leaves us with $1,650 / month ( $2,550 - $900) to cover the mortgage. So with your 20% down, you will be left with a $200,000 mortgage and lets be conservative and use 4% as our interest rate over 30 years. Your monthly payments would be: $960 / month. This would leave you with a positive cash flow of $690 / month. So this would be a good investment based on that. What is the Replacement Cost approach? This is very simple to figure out. This would be what it would cost today to buy the land and build the same size home today. We want to give you an example of a property we purchased this year using this exact approach. CASE STUDY: 770 Hanwell Road 1200 sq ft 1 bedroom 2 bathroom with a loft. Backs onto city park and has oversized lot Original List Price: $195,000.00 Assessment: $191,000.00 CMA: $215,000.00 - $230,000.00 (similar sized homes in neighborhood) Income Approach: $150,000.00 max offer in it’s current state Replacement cost: $250.000.00 First thing we did was evaluate what were our options with this property and here is what we came up with... 1. Buy and rent 2. buy and wholesale 3. buy and renovate and sell 4. buy renovate and rent 5. buy and build an addition and rent both (because it had an oversized lot) So we knew that $150,000.00 was all that we were willing to pay for this property based on our formula and making money when we buy. Sure you could make money buying it higher but, we like to keep our margins as high as possible.

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So, when we went to make the offer on the property it had been on the market for quite sometime and and had a really bad layout. You really really needed to have some vision of how to make this home practical. This property was listed through MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with an agent. So we got our agent to put in an offer for us. He suggested that if we could pick it up for $150,000.00 that would be a crazy deal. We thought, yes, that would be ok. We took into account that it was winter and it had been sitting for a long time. I just have to tell you something about Margaux right now, she is the BEST when it comes to getting properties for amazing prices. She knows how to negotiate for the best returns possible and maximize every home. So we told our agent that we want to put in an offer for $120,000.00 with no conditions and closing when the seller wants to close. We were told it will never happen, that is an insult, why don’t you raise it just a little. We said no. That is our offer, just put it in. Later that day we had an accepted offer for $120,000.00. There is a little moral here... never listen to what anyone else wants you to offer. This is your business NOT theirs. This is your money NOT theirs. This is what you do NOT what they do. You are an investor, they are an agent. Very few real estate agents know anything about investing. We don’t say this to knock them, we just say this to protect you. We have lots of friends who are real estate agents and investors and this would not offend them because they feel the same way. So we just purchased a home worth over $200,000.00 for $120,000.00. Do you think we made money we bought this house? Yes. Here is what we did with the property... We resold the property for $150,000.00 to another investor. This was easy to do because the house was well worth $150,000.00 and you were still making money when you bought it at that price. We then wrote up a contract where we would take care of renovating the property into a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom to make it more practical and then we would sell it and split the profit 50 / 50. Once the renovation was completed we refinanced the home and pulled out all of our renovation money. We now have made money on the initial sale, renovated it and got all of our money back and are listing it for sale with NONE of our money into it. The average sale price for this style home in this neighborhood is about $240,000.00. So we will list it for $224,750.00 and have a quick sale. Do you think we made money with this deal? Did we make it buying it or selling it? So remember, you always make money when you BUY a property, not when you sell it.

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The Third Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Dominating In Freezing Conditions
Take advantage of the winter blues by turning vacant homes into HEAPS of cash.
Why would anyone want to live in a cold winter climate by choice? We know, you like to ski, snowshoe, dogsled, snowmobile, etc. Well did you know you can live in California and do those things? We are just kidding. We actually grew up in New Brunswick Canada and we know all about the cold and harsh winters. We actually spoiled ourselves by living down south for the last number of years and we found it really hard to adjust being back here for a winter. We were trying to figure out what could make it worth our time to be here suffering during these crazy cold months. We thought and we thought, then we started thinking... anyone with a vacant home would probably REALLY REALLY like to sell it. They would be paying big heat bills for an empty house. So we started looking for some vacant homes and guess what, we found a bunch! We discovered that the winter is a great time to get some unbelievable deals on property. The best part is we put early spring close dates on them so the people still carried them through most of the cold months. They were just happy they had accepted offers and that the home has been sold. It was a light at the end of the tunnel. This is a great method to make money when you buy a property and make the cold winter months more enjoyable.

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Here are a few examples of some of the properties we were able to purchase last winter: Converted Single family home Market Value: $225,000.00 List Price: $195,000.00 Purchase Price: $140,000.00 Renovation: $18,000.00 Current Value: $248,000.00 Cash Flow: $975.00 Minihome Market Value: $40,000.00 List Price: $30,000.00 Purchase Price: $20,000.00 Renovation: $7,000.00 Sale Price: $56,900.00 Duplex Market Value: $199,000.00 List Price: $179,000 Purchase Price: $130,000 Renovation: $14,000.00 Current Value: $209,000.00 Cash Flow: $950 / month Converted Single Family Home Market Value: $210,000.00 List Price: $191,000.00 Purchase Price: 161,000.00 Renovation: $40,000.00 Current Value: $265,000.00 Sale Price: $256,900.00

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That will give you a few examples of properties that we were able to purchase during the winter that were vacant and the sellers were motivated. As you can see, we made money on each one of them the day we purchased it. All of the original list prices were already well below value and we still saved more money because they were so motivated to sell their property. We are excited for this winter because part of our vision is to purchase twice as many as last winter. As you noticed, part of that strategy is making fairly low offers with very flexible terms. Typically when we offer that low we are very open to close dates and we don’t list any conditions on our purchase and sale other then financing. So make sure that while others are hibernating during the cold winter months that you are out putting in offers on vacant properties. Also, if you see a home that has net been shoveled out make sure you find out who owns it and if they are interested in selling it. You never know what they might say.

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The Fourth Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Take Control Of Undervalued Rentals
For everyone who is looking to buy rental properties there are thousands of dollars to be made in the undervalued rental market and you can save thousands of dollars on properties by purchasing undervalued rentals. There are many landlords who don’t keep up with the times and their rents are way too low. They are absent and don’t have a property management company manage their property. They just don’t care because they don’t have a mortgage any longer. They don’t know any different. Typically these are owner who purchased the property 30 years ago for $20,000 and now it is worth $350,000 and they just have no clue about being a landlord. They are afraid that if they raise their rent they will not get new tenants. Most of them have had the same tenants for the last 20 years. Isn’t true that when people become comfortable they don’t want to change. It works and it is easy. This allows for massive opportunity for you to not only purchase a property lower than market price, but it allows you to do a couple minor upgrades and raise the rent. We have heard it time and time again that people are afraid to buy a negative cash flow property or under rented property. Many people seem to pass up buying a property when the rents are low because they look at it as a negative cash flow property. For people who really want to make make massive income in this industry we need to ALWAYS be on the look out for the property that no one else is looking at. We need to get out of the box that society puts us in and become creative and maximize every avenue we have. If you don’t have an avenue, CREATE ONE. This industry is not for the weak. One of my mentoring students was evaluating a property that was WAY under rented. They were not getting a crazy deal on the property, but it was a fair price. They didn’t act on buying the property because they were so afraid that after they kicked the tenants out and raised the rents, they wouldn’t rent it. So their loss was my gain.

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We do not convince anyone to do anything. All we can do is show them the numbers and let them make their own educated decision. We ended up buying that property and now we have a great monthly positive cash flow from it. After seeing that they began acting on our advice and now own a number of great properties. Alway remember, if you miss a deal, there will be another one. Let us give you an example of one we recently purchased.

Property Description:
Up and down duplex in the heart of our downtown. Walking distance to everything (university, grocery, market, downtown, mall, medical clinic, restaurants, banks, etc) The upper unit is a 4 bedroom and the lower unit is a 2 bedroom. Both have one bathroom and a dated kitchen. Home was offered for sale for over a year and no one would buy it because it was an undervalued rental. The upper 4 bedroom unit was rented for $600 everything included. The lower 2 bedroom was rented $600 everything included. So total revenue was $1,200 / month. The expenses on the property at their current asking price were about $1,900 / month (that includes mortgage,etc). You would have to be crazy to buy it right? Wrong. We put in a low, but fair offer and it got accepted. They were asking $190,000 and we ended up purchasing for $135,000. We gave all the tenants their notice and they moved out within 30 days of the close date. We took the next 2 weeks and updated the kitchens and bathrooms and painted the inside of the home. We advertised the next two weeks and here were our new rents... Upper 4 bedroom we rented for $1,495 NOTHING included. Lower 2 bedroom we rented for $895 NOTHING included. Our TOTAL expenses on that property including mortgage are $1,250 which leaves us at the end of the day a POSITIVE cash flow of $1,140 / month. Not bad for a negative cash flow property. We just had to get creative and take a little calculated risk.
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What is that? Yes, we did have to spend some money in order to replace the kitchens and update the bathrooms, however we have a formula (that you will hear about later) on how we buy property and NEVER have any of our own money tied up in it. So the moment the renovations were completed we refinanced the property and got all of our money back (the down payment, renovation cost, legal costs, etc), so we ended up owning this property for NOTHING and it puts over $1,000 / month in our pocket. Most people are not willing to put in this extra effort and that is why very few people own duplexes that cash flow over $1,000 / month. Every single one of our duplexes cash flow between $900 and $1200 / month. It is hard to find 4 units that cash flow like that. So what did we talk about earlier... you make money when you BUY the property, not when you sell.

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The Fifth Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Double Up With Double Lots
This is a strategy very very few people look for, Again, you need to be creative in order to make things like this work. You need to work with the city on subdividing the property. So relationships are very important in this industry. Get to know your planning and development department so that when you find a property like this or a piece of land that you want to subdivide you will already have the relationships in place. We promise you it will make things MUCH easier. I guess before we even get into this we should share with you what a Double Lot is so that we are all on the same page. I remember the first time I heard that term I was a little confused. A double lot would be a home that is sitting on a piece of land that is large enough to be subdivided in two or even three or four lots. Thus having two lots (or more). One with the existing house and one where you could potentially build another home or just sell off the land. Now, a couple things to keep in mind. IMPORTANT Before you EVER make an offer on what you may think is a “double lot” property check with the building and planning department in your city to make sure it will fit the requirements of setback, easements, zoning regulations, variances, etc. You don’t want to buy something based on “you think you can” do something with it or because areal estate agent said you could do something. You need to know upfront before you EVER make an offer that you have at least 2 options (exit strategies) with the property. We like to have a minimum of 3 options when we purchase property. Make sure you check out the article on Exit Strategies. Check out this example: We purchased a very rare property in the spring of this year. It is actually a triple lot and backs onto a 300 acre park that city owns. Not only does it back onto this park, but there is also a stream that runs along the property line. There are only about 100 homes in the entire city that back onto this park and when they come up for sale, they sell fast.

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We purchased this property for a number of different reasons. The fair market value for a home on the this park in the city is between $275,000 and $375,000. That would be for your typical single family home with an average size lot. The original asking price was over $300,000 (which was fair for the property and we would have paid it, but why not get it cheaper if you can), but we did some research to try and understand why the individual was selling. We discover what he owed on the property and this allowed us us to better negotiate with him on it. This property actually sold 3 years earlier for $235,000 and we missed it then. We discover that the owner needed to sell it because he had already committed to a new commercial lease and needed to lower his expenses. We also discovered that he owed just over $260,000. So our initial offer was for $235,000 the price which he purchased it for 3 years ago. We ended up purchasing the property for $265,000, which was a significance savings over what it was worth and what he was asking. So our plan for the property was simple... 1. Subdivide original home onto a regular sized lot and Renovate the home because it was very dated. This would add tremendous value to the home. Purchased the entire property for $265,000. Did $55,000 in Renovations. New total $320,000. Reappraised the home on the smaller lot for $390,000. The house alone just gave us $70,000 in equity. 2. Subdivide and keep the lot on the back of the property and build a beautiful executive rental that will cash flow over $1,200 / month. PLUS we will have another $60$70,000 in equity from this property. 3. After the first lot has been subdivided and home finished and rented. Then work on subdividing the second lot closet to the house and do the same thing. Again, having the $1,200 / month cash flow and $60-$70,000 in instant equity. 4. When this project is completed we will have over $200,000 in equity and $2,400 / month in POSITIVE cash flow.

Benefits of this Double Lot
If you wanted to sell the lots you could do a quick sale of $75,000 for each for them. Cash in pocket. Not a bad return. So you buy a house for $265,000 (which is a fair price) and you subdivide and sell the lots at $75,000 each and put $$125,000 in your pocket (after all your expenses have been paid). Not a bad little deal for not doing much more than 15-20 hours of work. If you decided to build you already have equity in the land so the bank will not require any additional funds in order to build the properties you want to build. You end up with 2 assets worth over $375,000 each, $2,400 / month in Cash Flow and over $200,000 in equity.

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It doesn’t matter which scenario you choose, you win! So, do you think we made money when we purchased this property? Was it a good investment? The icing on the cake is, we kept the original house as our primary home. The renovation included a granny suite which added an additional $1,000 / month. If we decided to rent the main house as well it would generate another $700 / month in positive monthly cash flow which would bring up the total monthly revenue to $3,900 / month.

20 year vision...
So in 20 years, based on current economic growth rates for this community we would have over $2,500,000 in assets (all paid for) and minimum $3,900 / month cash flow (and that would be if rents never change and we always had a full mortgage). Now imagine in 20 years pulling out $2,000,000 (80% of the $2.5 million) of CASH from your properties tax free (actually tax deferred). On top of the $744,000 you have made in monthly cash flow.

20 Year Grand Total From ONE Deal: $2,700,000.00

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Remember, this is all from a property we purchased with $0 of our own money. So we ask you again, did we make money when we bought this? Heck yes! This is going to be a CASH KING for people in 2012. There are so many properties in so many cities right now that are sitting on double, triple and quad lots just waiting for you to come along and snatch them up. Always remember, they are not making anymore land and if you have land in the city it will always always always go up!

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The SixthSecret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Breakthrough Report Uncovers THE SECRET SAUCE...
Every professional real estate investor has their own opinion about the refinancing process. Some love it and do it... Some love it and don’t do it. One thing we have never heard from a professional real estate investor is that they don’t love having the option available to them. Weather you use it or not is a personal choice. Before we even get into this we need to let you know that this is a great resource to have available to you but it ONLY works when property is purchased properly. One thing you may want to do before you even purchase the property (especially if it is in your name) is ask the lending institution or mortgage broker that you are using if you will be able to refinance the property once the renovation work is completed. Will you still qualify for the new mortgage amount. Also, many lending institution DO NOT like lending money to do “flips”. It is not in their best interest because it carries a high amount of risk and very little interest to be earned for them. We don’t do a lot of flips, but when we do them, we always approach them as if we are going to be renovating with the intention of keeping it as a rental. This is also ONE of our criteria for purchasing a property. If we can’t rent it as a break-even or cash flow we will not buy it. We always cover ALL of our bases before we purchase a property.

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First things first...
Before you even purchase the property you need to do a proper evaluation of it to ensure that... 1. You can afford it 2. You will / or your JV partner will re-qualify for the refinance mortgage amount 3. You know what needs to be done to the property 4. You ONLY do what needs to be done to the property 5. You get a few quotes for the work and NOT just one 6. You look at where you can save money 7. You know that paint can go a long ways 8. You know if your market is strong enough to sell your property fast 9. You know that you can rent it if you have to 10. You understand all your carrying costs 11. You buy it cheap enough so that you can sell it cheaper than comparable homes for FAST returns 12. You don’t listen to real estate agents when it come to making offers 13. You understand that most “deals” agents have are NOT deals at all 14. You have done your property analysis on the home and surround area That list will get you started for now. When it comes to the refinancing of the property you really want to ensure that what ever amount of money you put into the property, you will get back. The easiest way to go over all of this with you is to show you an example that outlines how easy this is and what it can do for you. Parkside House Details: Single Family Close to all amenities Accross street from park Corner lot 3 level split Very dated
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3 bedroom 1.5 bath unfinished basement over growth of trees on yard Car port All Carpet flooring List Price: $195,000 Agent suggest offer: $175,000 Average home value in neighborhood: $235,000 - $250,000 Our Offer: $100,000 Our Max Price: $150,000 Purchase Price: $145,000 (after re-offering it 5 times) We purchased the property for $145,000 in February during a month of snowstorms. The property was an estate sale and the children were not plowing the driveway or taking care of the property. This explained why no one was looking at it. This property was being purchased with the intention of renting it. We spent $25,000 on a total renovation for this property and included the following... We replaced everything except for the windows because they were in great shape. We turned this into a two unit property. We built a 1 bedroom apartment in the basement with full bathroom and kitchen. The upper level of the home became a 4 bedroom 1.5 bath home. We rented the upstairs and downstairs the first week we were renovating. Here are all the details of this transaction and how the refinance went... Purchased on February 1st and Refinanced by March 15th Purchased for ! ! Down Payment (borrowed) Mortgage Amount ! ! ! Renovation ! ! Carrying Costs ! ! Had an appraisal Appraisal Value ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $145,000 $29,000 $116,000 $25,000 $3,000 $239,000 $191,200 $116,000 $33,000 $26,000 $3,000

Received 80% ! ! ! ! Paid Out Existing Mortgage ! ! ! Paid Back Down Payment + Interest Paid Back Renovation Money (credit card) Paid Back Carrying Costs ! ! !

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Balance Positive Cash House was rented for $1750 / month $850 / month Total Rental Income of: Total Expenses: Total Monthly Cash Flow: $2,600 $1,650 $950


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HIGHLIGHTS of Refinancing...
You don’t need any money to do it You don’t need lots of experience to do it You end up with a FREE house when done correctly You end up with tax deferred CASH in your pocket (in this case $12,800) You End up with FREE Equity (in this case $48,000 of equity) You have a POSITIVE rental property (in this case $950 / month) etc, etc.... You can see how this option will allow people to really buy property and start putting large amounts of cash into their pocket without ever having to flip the property. Not only will you put month in your pocket from the refinance, but you now have positive monthly cash flow and an asset which is building up your real estate portfolio. We see people all the time go out and try to do this with NO help and sometimes it works and other times they fall flat on their face and lose much money. How much better would it be to enlist the help of a mentor with a deal like this? What would you say the value of a mentor would be if they helped you put together a deal like this one? Would you agree that it would be worth $12,000 to have the knowledge to be able to do this over and over and over and over agin? I am sure you would agree with us that it is worth ten times that. Imagine you made no money after the refinance and just ended up with a FREE house and positive monthly cash flow. How worth it would that be? Well let us put this into perspective for you.... Most amateur real estate investors invest their own money into real estate and don’t refinance and never get their money back for YEARS! Most of these amateur real estate investors buy property at very high rates from real estate agents and most of their properties have low rents which give them low if any return. Many amateurs buy property in markets where the real estate market is very slow and does not have a good expected growth curve. An annual average of 3-5% sucks. Many investors are investing money in these markets because they don’t know any better. They don’t have a mentor teaching them where to invest. They just think they are being smart by investing in real estate.

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Well it is not smart to invest in real estate if you HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING or you are listening to someone who SELL’S houses for a living. If you want to invest in real estate then you should be listening to someone who BUYS houses for a living and spends every day evaluating markets and tracking trends. When mistakes are made in real estate they are VERY costly mistakes which can bankrupt people and place families in very difficult situations. This is not an industry that anyone should ever attempt without having a mentor to guide and teach them. Just like a good accountant makes you money, a good real estate investing mentor makes you money.

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The Seventh Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Create a Presence
What do you mean, create a presence? Online? In my community? Where?
Those are really great questions and YES to all of them. You want to ensure that people think of you when they think about property investors, someone to buy their house or other property, someone to invest money with to buy a property, someone to partner with, someone to refer to others, etc. You always want to be fresh on their minds. There are many ways to create a presence, the important thing is that you create one where ever you go. If you are not very social, then either become social or find another way to enable people to discover you. The truth is, if you want to become very successful in this business, then you need to socialize a little bit.

Why is this so important?
It is only important if you want to make money with real estate investing. If you want to find the BEST deals on properties in your community or other communities then you want to be the person that is contacted before a real estate agent. We want to be very clear about something right now. That is once a property hits the open real estate market it is usually priced way to high to make it even worth looking and all the “fly by night” investors will se it and offer way to much based on what a real estate agent told them to offer. You want to be know as the “go to” person when people want to move their property fast. You don’t always have to buy it, but why not make something off every property that comes your way. There are so many options available to us to capitalize on real estate transactions without ever having to be signing the purchase and sale agreement. No one, and I mean NO ONE wants to list their property for sale. They do it because they don’t know of any other option. No one wants to be constantly cleaning their home, leaving so it can be shown, waiting in anticipation of getting an offer, paying huge real estate fees, the stress, the headaches, the waiting, the unknown, the sign in front of their house, the questions, the invasion of privacy. Our homes are our private space and when they are listed publicly for sale we lose that privacy.
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So help out the millions of people who want to sell their house FAST. Many of these people will be willing to sell their property for the right price, to just let go and move on. However, if they don’t know you exist, they are not going to call you.

Where do I start?
This is a very common question. First we would suggest getting out in your local community to events, seminars, chamber meeting and other high profile events. You want to make sure that you are networking with home owners and people with disposable income. You want to make sure you let people know that you are a real estate investor and let them know what you are looking for. Let them know you can help and to call you first if they are thinking of selling their property or know anyone who is looking to sell. Get to know some lawyers at specific firms that deal specifically with estate sales. Why have an estate sale even go to the real estate agents. Why not make this easy on all parties and families by letting people know you buy estate properties with no stress on them. You want to make this easy and simple for the sellers. You want them to feel comfortable and you want them to trust you.

What if I have never purchased anything before and they ask me what I have purchased?
Great question. First thing we would say is that if you are seriously doing this business and you don’t have a mentor yet, then get one. Someone who is teaching you how to dominate your local market and evaluate properties. Someone who has done this many times and can help guide you down the right path. It is very easy to lose a lot of money very quickly in this business if you don’t know what you are doing or are not 150% sure about a deal before you buy it. We always have 3 exit strategies when we buy a property and we still have mentors who guide and help us. So when this question comes up, because it will and you will want to answer with the following (so long as it is true, and it should be if you are going to be a real estate investor). “You know what, I am actually just getting started with property investment, but I have an amazing mentor who has done many many deals over the last 10 years, and they are holding my hand and guiding me through this process to ensure all parties have a great and successful experience during the process. I am so lucky to have partnered with someone who is teaching me how to successfully become a real estate investor”.
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How do I create a presence?
This is one of the most common questions and also one of the easiest ones to answer. Here are a few places you can start... Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube As a matter of fact, just social media in general.... Social Media is one of the most powerful resources we have available to us today. Learn how to use it. If you are unsure, there are programs available and we also have mentors who can teach you. Well worth it. Get out and network in your local community. Get to know builders, developers, real estate agents, brokers, bankers, insurance agents, appraisers, inspectors... anyone who would know anything about real estate. Get to know people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because they are going to be looking to sell their old dated homes cheap and fast. They will be ready to unload some apartments they own. Present yourself as a professional no matter if you have purchased one property, 100 properties or NO properties. If you are new at this, then get a mentor. This will make your life easier and save you so much money.

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The Eighth Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

DON’T DO IT ALONE... Get a Mentor
There are many people in all of our lives who can provide us with a steady flow of information, news, opportunities and developments. There are also many people who want to “advise” us on many areas of our life because they fell entitled due to age, career choice, title, ego, etc. But ONLY a Mentor can truly share tried tested and true wisdom and knowledge with you on a continual basis. For a long time early on in our career we didn’t know what a mentor was exactly. We though they were just anyone who was advising you, but we were very wrong. You never want to take FREE advice, Free advice is the most expensive advice anyone can ever accept. We learnt that a Mentor is someone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you do in a specific field or industry and they serve you as a trusted confidant over an extended period of time. Typically no one would ever have a mentor for less than 12 months. We have had many mentors in our life for the last 8 years. We can’t remember a time when we didn’t have at least one. Mentors help all of us to develop our skills in real estate investing, relationships, business development, etc. The Mentor always has your interest at heart and wants nothing more than to ensure you receive the greats benefit.

Who else can you turn to????
In the wonderful world of real estate investing, there is no boss you can turn to for advice or direction. You many not even have any employees at this point either. You are alone. Now this doesn’t have to stay this way. If you are alone, that is your choice. We all have free will and make our own choices. Many times they are not in our best interest because they are clouded with many variables. You don’t have to be alone, nor should you be alone. No one should ever be alone when tiy cab enlist the guidance and support of a good, reliable, experienced expert who can share a wealth of knowledge with you.

Mentors have been there and done that.

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There is no excuse to make a mistake if someone else has already made it. We need to be smart and proactive so that we can learn from others costly mistakes. On the other hand we need to also learn from others successes. Why change something that works so well. When it comes to real estate investing there are strategies that work and others that do not work. Why even try the ones that don’t work. We need to learn to let our ego’s go and be humble so that we can learn and achieve the success we deserve. Let’s allow mentors to help us learn from their lessons and experience.

Well networked...
Typically your Mentor is well networked and can make connections and introduce you to many experienced business professionals, networks and other senior decision-makers than you currently have in your database. They are typically willing to open their database to you over any casual acquaintance because they know you are committed to becoming and achieving more.

A long-term relationship you can trust...
The beauty of having a mentor is that they become the foundation for your business. They have no ulterior motive, they are not planning to sell you on some opportunity, They are there to help you. As your relationship with your mentor grows, so does the trust as they become more familiar with you and your real estate investing needs. The benefits to having a mentor are many, and the is no risk associated with having one. There is absolutely nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain by partnering with one today. You look at the greatest entrepreneurs and investors of all time and they have all had mentors in their life. Make sure to learn about our mentorship program today and discover what it takes to qualify to work with one of our highly trained executive mentors.

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The Ninth Secret Strategy that we must all be aware of in order to maximize our real estate investing career & create our new Solution is...

Big Bucks In Big Buildings
How To Tackle The Apartment Building World...
We see it time and time again, real estate investor feel that need to follow a natural progressing. First you buy a condo or townhouse, then you buy a detached house, then a duplex, then a fourplex, then a sixplex, etc. By the time most people make it to the point of buying of building an apartment complex, it is too late. They are either as old as the hills or just worn out. Now I understand that we must all do what our financial situation allows us to do... however, there are ways of jumping into the apartment world even if you don’t have a lot of income or money in the bank. Now, just like investing in signle family homes or condos, you will need to have the right team in place. Your team is your lifeline when it comes to investing in anything! When you begin investing in larger building such as apartment buildings, you will want to create a new team for it. A team that has experience with these projects and understands what you are doing and how to handle the different aspects of apartment buildings. If you are a beginning investor or novice investor or even an expert investor, we need to always remember that investing in apartment buildings is very different than investing in regular residential rentals. It would like going from skiing to snowboarding. There are lots of similarities, but also many difference that need to be learned.

So your power team would would include the following professionals... Accountant Lawyer Appraiser Mortgage Broker Inspector Realtor Property-Manager Construction company that deals in commercial

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Before you even get started you will want to make sure that you are looking in the right area. Below is a small checklist that you can use to help you determine if it is a good area or not. Key Area Checklist

✴ Is the area attracting baby boomers ✴ Is the areas average income increasing ✴ Is the areas population growing faster than the provincial average ✴ Does the area have more than one major employer ✴ Is the area in the RBC affordability index hot zone (25%-39%) ✴ Will the are benefit from an economic or real estate ripple effect (or suffer from one) ✴ Has the political leadership created an environment that is conducive for economic

✴ Is the economic
development office progressive and helpful

✴ Is the areas infrastructure
being built or developed to handle growth

✴ Are there any major
transportation improvements in the works

✴ Are the economic problems
of an area only temporary and easy to fix
Source: Don Campbell

No matter what you are looking at purchasing, you need to ensure that you have all your funds together so that when the time comes to apply, you are ready to take action and be taken seriously by the lenders. One very important thing to remember is that when you are buying apartment building or investment properties, you need to have a minimum 20% downpayment available. That would mean if you were purchasing a $2 million building you would need $400,000 as your downpayment.
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If you don’t have the cash in hand you can look at the following options as another way of funding it. 1. you can use a line of credit. Currently interest rates are at an all time low so it makes it possible to use a line of credit as your downpayment money. Just make sure that the return will cover your interest charges. 2. you can do a JV partnership with one or more people where you could give them 50% of the deal for putting in the funds. Remember if you can access the funds on your own then do it without a partner. Partners are great when you need them, but if you can do it solo, then do it. You will discover that investors (JV partners) are much more apt to invest into a multiunit project because the risk is spread much thinner due to the high number of rentals. If you have a duplex and one half is empty you are losing big money. If you have a 48 unit apartment building and you have 4 empty units, you are still making big money. There is a huge difference. You expenses are also much lower because you only need one property manager, one tax bill, one landscaper, etc. One of the biggest steps when you are ready to buy a building is getting it approved through he bank. Banks are quick to approve homes, but they are quick to pick apart every single detail about a multiunit property. They want to know that they are going to have their loan paid down. They need to know about the roof, boiler, furnace, windows, siding, fixtures, wiring, plumbing, foundation, everything! They are putting up lots of money so they need assurance. So the solution from your end is to make sure you have all this information in advance when you go in to see them and apply to buy the building. If it can affect the building, they banks want to see proof it is ok. Banks look at the value differently than they do a home. They use a CAP rate to figure out what the building is worth. Here is a quick example of what I mean here... If you owned an apartment building worth $1 million and you had a net-operating income of $100,000 and your market cap rate was 10% you could easily increase the value of your property by increasing your net-operating income. If you brought you net-operating income up to $150,000 (through lowering expenses and raising rents) then you could raise the value of your property to $1.5 million and pull some equity. It is a pretty sweet deal... imagine what you could do with an EXTRA $300,00 - $400,000 in liquid CASH that is tax deferred until you sell the property... it is endless!!! A resource that you will find very valuable during your search for a building the CMHC website. They list vacancy rates and average rents on there so you can do your

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homework in advance. Another great step is to talk with the cities economic development officer and find out what is really going on and what will be going on. Try to also discover what is driving the communities rental market. Is it a university, huge corporation, call centre, government, military, what is it? What is happening for job creating? What is attracting renters to the city? Remember, you are not interested in home buyers, you are interested in renters. So select your target demographic. Are you renting to seniors, students, professionals, low-income, etc. This will largely determine what area you buy or build our building. So once you have your target market selected you can then select your neighborhood. Building in a lower class neighborhood are going to be less expensive and get lower rents. Buildings in a higher income neighborhood will get much higher rents. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which neighborhood you choose, just know your demographics and what is happening. It is important to partner up with a full time commercial or multiunit specialist (real estate agent) who can help guide you through the process and show you what is available and what may be coming available. These individuals usually know who would be willing to sell that may not have their property listed yet. It doesn’t matter how good a real estate specialist is, you always always always want to do your own research and homework. Know your market and know your areas. When it comes down to buying the property, there is no set formula for finding the perfect purchase price for a multiunit. There are just too many variables. Two very common and well used strategies are the cost per square foot strategy and the price per door strategy. This is where you come up with what each door is worth to you or what each unit is worth per square foot. The multiunit investing strategy is a major cash cow if you take the time to understand it and really learn how to maximize profits from it. Take your time and always find the deal that is right for you.

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THIS One EXCLUSIVE tip can save you THOUSANDS every single year and help you keep more of your money.
The Rich Set Up CORPORATIONS The Poor lose money What do we mean... Corporations can save you thousands of money in tax. Corporations can protect you from lawsuits Corporations show you are a professional and not an amateur Corporations 1. Earn Money 2. Spend Money 3. Pay Taxes Individuals 1. Earn Income 2. Pay Lots of Taxes 3. Spend Much Less Money Part of having a solid financial strategy we always recommend to people to own your own corporation. Make sure to speak with an account about this to learn all the details about owning a corporation.

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We want to personally thank you for taking the time to download this ebook and learn from it. We know how valuable time and we hope that you truly found value in this book. I am sure you will agree that as long as you get one little nugget of valuable information it makes the time and effort worth it. Make sure to spend some more time with us on our blog... because we would love to get to know you better and learn what we can do to help assist you in your real estate investing business. As you move through life make sure to enjoy what you have right in-front of you and never lose sight about what is the most important thing to you. The day we discovered our CORE story is the day everything changed and we became truly happy. If you have not pick up a copy of our ebook “Destiny”, we highly encourage you to pick one up. It is a game changer. You can access it at... Go out and embrace life! Josh & Margaux

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