I am from Seattle, Washington. Seattle is a city in the United States.

It is near the border of Canada in the northwest corner of the USA. I live in a town called Olympia which is on the Puget Sound. I live in a house in a street in the countryside. The street is called "Bear Street" and the house is old - more than 100 years old! I am an English teacher at a school in the center of the town. I like books and taking photographs. I usually have lunch at school. I usually go home by car. We have all kinds of food in Olympia. I like Italian food very much. Sometimes, I go to an Italian restaurant in Seattle. The restaurant is called "Luigi's". Italian food is great! Here are the rules for when to use "A, An or The": a = indefinite article (not a specific object, one of a number of the same objects) with consonants She has a dog. I work in a factory. • an = indefinite article (not a specific object, one of a number of the same objects) with vowels (a,e,i,o,u) Can I have an apple? She is an English teacher. • the = definite article (a specific object that both the person speaking and the listener know) The car over there is fast. The teacher is very good, isn't he? • The first time you speak of something use "a or an", the next time you repeat that object use "the". I live in a house. The house is quite old and has four bedrooms. I ate in a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was very good. • DO NOT use an article with countries, states, counties or provinces, lakes and mountains except when the country is a collection of states such as "The United States". He lives in Washington near Mount Rainier. They live in northern British Columbia. • Use an article with bodies of water, oceans and seas My country borders on the Pacific Ocean • DO NOT use an article when you are speaking about things in general I like Russian tea. She likes reading books. • DO NOT use an article when you are speaking about meals, places, and transport He has breakfast at home. I go to university. He comes to work by taxi. Check your knowledge of 'a', 'an' or 'the' with this definite and indefinite article review quiz More Beginning Level Resources • Basic English Conversations - ESL Beginning Level Dialogues • Resources for Teaching Beginning English Grammar • Basic English - Essential Lessons for Beginning English Learners More Beginning Level Grammar • Guide to Expressions of Quantity • Guide to Present Tenses • Beginner English Grammar Review Quiz English Learning Resources • Starting a Conversation - Top Ten Questions • English for the Food Service Industry • Word of the Day Related Articles • "A, An, The" definite and indefinite articles in English - Beginning Guide ...

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Exercise Complete the sentences with a suitable article.
1. I bought pants and a shirt. þÿ þÿ pair of

2. I saw week. þÿ


car crash last

3. They are staying downtown. þÿ


4. I think unfriendly. þÿ


man is very

5. I don't like




6. That is between you and the boss.




7. drink it!


water is dirty. Don't

8. rising. þÿ


price of gas keeps

9. John moved to Francisco. þÿ



10. Celine is þÿ



11. happened to me yesterday. þÿ 12. My friend doesn't eat þÿ red meat.


amazing thing

Exercise Complete the sentences with a suitable article.
1. Albert Einstein was famous scientist. þÿ 2. Einstein was born in
þÿ þÿ


Germany in 1879.

3. Einstein won Prize in Physics in 1921.



4. Einstein left his country and lived in

þÿ þÿ

States until he died in 1955.

5. Einstein is known for his theory of þÿ þÿ relativity.

þÿ 6. who discovered X-rays in 1895, was named Wilhelm Roentgen. þÿ

German physicist,

7. Roentgen won 1901 Nobel Prize. þÿ 8. Mandela was born in þÿ þÿ South Africa.


þÿ 9. Mandela was President elected in South Africa after Apartheid was revoked. þÿ 10. Mandela was imprisoned for


nearly 30 years for his anti-apartheid activities.

11. Mother Teresa was

þÿ þÿ

Roman Catholic nun.

12. Mother Teresa became famous for her hard work with



Mother Teresa lived in þÿ þÿ 15. Robert and Jessica went to ___ party last night. þÿ 14. India. EXERCISE 2 (Elementary / Pre-Intermediate) a. 1.13. She was of order of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity. Can you tell me how to get to ___ cinema from here? þÿ 3. þÿ . Mother Teresa received þÿ Calcutta. the. zero Click the answer button to see the correct answer. þÿ 2. þÿ founder her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. an. ___ college is closed today.

___ apple a day keeps ___ doctor away. I recommend you try ___ tomato soup at this restaurant.4. Gregory is one of ___ strangest people I know. I can't believe I failed ___ yesterday's test! þÿ 10. þÿ 9. Do you have ___ dictionary that I can borrow? þÿ EXERCISE 3 (Elementary / Pre-Intermediate) . þÿ 7. ___ beer is good for you. þÿ 6. þÿ 5. Would you like to see ___ film? þÿ 8.

The Severn is ___ river. Pandas and ___ tigers are both endangered animals. Magda is wearing ___ blue dress with red shoes þÿ 4.Click the answer button to see the correct answer. Bornholm is ___ island in the Baltic Sea. There were many dogs in the park. þÿ 7. þÿ . 1. ___ owl is __ bird. þÿ 3. þÿ 5. þÿ 2. One dog was ___ Dalmatian. þÿ 6. Christmas comes once ___ year.

þÿ 9. This is ___ easy question. May I have your ___ phone number? þÿ . Tom took ___ umbrella as it was raining heavilly. þÿ 2. Jane went to the shop to buy ___ bread. Stephen could you speak ___ little louder.8. Hania broke ___ glass when she was washing-up. 1. þÿ 10. þÿ 3. þÿ EXERCISE 4 (Elementary / Pre-Intermediate) Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

4. What is ___ name of the next station? þÿ 8. Is there ___ cash machine near here? þÿ EXERCISE 5 (Elementary) Click the answer button to see the answer. I went to ___ sea during my summer holiday. þÿ 5. May I ask you ___ question? þÿ 6. Astrid is ___ best teacher in our school. My girlfriend has ___ my car today. I have never seen ___ UFO. þÿ 7. . þÿ 10. þÿ 9.

She's ___ hairdresser. a. a. a b. Sean Connery is ___ actor. That's Sandra. Simon is ____ engineer. a b. an þÿ 4. an þÿ 6. She's _____ doctor.1. This is Joanna. a. a. Mr. John is ____ electrician. an þÿ 5. an þÿ 2. a . a b. Sańko is ___ teacher. a. a. a b. an þÿ 3. a b.

b. book which is on the table. Kate Winslet is ____ actress. a. a b. an þÿ 1. an þÿ 8. That's Mark. a b. an þÿ 9. an þÿ 10. She's ___ housewife. I'm ____ student. Isn't his father doctor? . I've got 2. a b. a. Give me þÿ good news for you. þÿ þÿ 3. This is Shirley. a. please. a b. He's ___ police officer. a. an þÿ 7.

She was dressed _______________ pink. of in at 2. I'm so angry _______________ you! about to with 5. I've read lots of 9. with . þÿ 10. Could you put these plates on table please! Choose the best preposition to use in each of the sentences: 1. at for on 3. I am eating 7. good taste in clothes. I'm not capable ________________ that type of behavior. Do you think we'll have 6.4. John showed þÿ great courage in that event. þÿ 5. nice garden! þÿ 8. He shows þÿ books about it. I'm so angry ________________ this! about with to 4. Smoking is bad ________________ you. What þÿ þÿ good weather for our holiday? apple.

in with for 7. We're not associated _______________ that company. Are you afraid ________________ him? of to on 9. George is married _______________ a German woman. to at . along in with Choose the best preposition to use in each of the sentences: 1. This restaurant is famous _______________ its mussels. Don't be cruel ________________ him. to with by 8. I'm so proud _______________ you! with of to 10.in on 6.

but it's always crowded _______________ tourists. Rome is beautiful.for 2. You might hear that someone is "good in tennis". I'm ashamed ________________ what I did. at to for 3. for with about 5. I'm furious ( = very angry) with him ________________ doing this! for around at 4. This is not really grammatically correct . with of in 9. among with by 8. Who is responsible _______________ this mess? for about in 7. on . She's not worried _______________ her test.the correct way is to say that someone is "good ________________ tennis" with on at 6. I'm not being cruel! I'm always nice ________________ him. I'm not really interested _______________ this kind of music.

= She is 9. in. þÿ the navy. þÿ 10. There was a fire top of things. with of off Fill in the blanks with either on. Didn't I see you þÿ þÿ Julie's party? weekends. but 2. þÿ 6. There are lots of handsome men 5. but 8. þÿ times you behave like you weren't. especially night. He put the empty glasses þÿ þÿ time we became friends. 1. once! the counter. þÿ one of the empty apartments.of in 10. I know you're my friend. Her test was full _______________ mistakes. þÿ 4. She has everything under control. I usually don't work 7. I have very bad vision. I didn't like Tom when I met him. Do it right away! = Do it 3. ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: Prepositions of time | level: Beginner . or at.

since for from 3. I am going there ________ three weeks. We had our party ________ 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM. since for from 2. I have been sick ________ Sunday. I will be ready ________ 30 minutes. They have been sick ________ three days. since for in 7. since in . I've been studying French ________ 1998. from for since 4. for from since 5. since for from 6.1.I have not seen him ________ the summer.

in . She slept ________ one hour.for 8. using the correct preposition of time: 1. in for since ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: Prepositions of time 2 | level: Intermediate Answer each question. I have not eaten ________ this morning. Q: How long do you plan to stay in Los Angeles? A: I plan to stay in Los Angeles ________ one week. since in for 10. Q: When will you be in Toronto? A: I'll be in Toronto ________ three days. for in from 2. for in since 9. My sister will be here ________ two hours.

Q: Do you go back to work tomorrow? A: No. since for from 5. Q: Do you get off work at 7:00 PM? A: No. for until from 6. on at in 7. at . Q: How long is your break? A: I have to be back at work ________ 30 minutes. I go back to work ________ Tuesday. Q: How long has Mary been sick? A: Mary has been sick ________ Monday. Q: When will you be able to meet me? A: I'll be able to meet you ________ 8:00 PM. I don't get off work ________ 8:00 PM. Q: What are the store hours? A: The store is open ________ 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. from for since 4.from for 3. at on in 8.

through b. Q: When are you coming back to Texas? A: I'm coming back ________ the summer. by þÿ 4. in b. by þÿ 2. in at on Need help with phrasal verbs? Check out our phrasal verbs section and learn them! 1. in b. The police let the thief slip _____ their fingers at the last moment. a.in on 9. Maria has never fit _____ with the crowd. Q: Have you been on vacation for three weeks? A: No. I've been on vacation ________ last Friday. She has always been a rebel. Hey. on b. would you like to come _____ next Thursday? a. a. through b. a. on þÿ . a. over þÿ 3. in þÿ 6. across b. We passed _____ your house the other day. a. You should put _____ that red dress that I like so much. in þÿ 5. on since from 10. I was out very late last night and didn't get _____ until 4 AM.

down þÿ 3. out þÿ 2. off þÿ 6. a. I'll drop ____ your cds on the way to my girlfriend's house. about þÿ 11. in b. cross _____ the wrong answer and write the correct one. a. off b. out þÿ 5. a.7. You've made quite a mess. come _____! We've been expecting you. on b. Come _____. a. on þÿ . on þÿ 4. You can count _____ me. The old factory burned _____ last week. She fainted. so he asked her _____. out Need help with phrasal verbs? Check out our phrasal verbs section and learn them! 1. a. on b. over þÿ 9. I hardly ever eat at home anymore. a. I will always be your friend. a. out b. I always eat _____. on b. Kids love to hang _____ in the mall. to b. through b. a. Could you please turn _____ that light? It's way too bright. but then she came _____ about 5 minutes later. through b. John really wanted to go on a date with Victoria. over b. a. You should clean it _____. up þÿ 8. If you make a mistake. in þÿ 10. in b. a. a.

up þÿ 8. If you try to juggle two girls at the same time. get) all that money? up with up to along 2. you might end _____ alone. through b. up to up with on to . around b. I'm pretty sure he was coming ________ me ( = flirting with me) last night. a. but in the end it fell _____. a. along b. Here is the application. Please fill it _____ and return it to me. I found _____ that he had a criminal past. on b. I thought my plan was brilliant.7. by þÿ 9. How am I going to come ________ ( = find. He came ________ ( = inherited) a lot of money when his grandfather died. out þÿ 11. a. a. a. out þÿ Back to list of exercises Choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences: 1. My neighbors and I don't get _____. about b. on into down 3. out þÿ 10.

) into down with up with 7. You have to come ________ ( = think of) a better excuse than that. through with up with around to 10. to off over 8. He came ________ me ( = attacked me) with a knife. My favorite singer is coming ________ ( = releasing) a new CD next month. out with out to up with 5. She came ________ ( = regained consciousness) about half an hour after she passed out. by to at 6.4. by chance) some old magazines while I was cleaning my room. He came ________ as ( = made the impression of being) arrogant. up with across over 9. ( = I think I'm getting sick. on up off . I think I'm coming ________ something. I came ________ ( = found.

I'm going ________ camping this weekend. NO PREPOSITION to at 5. I saw Sarah on the street ________ yesterday. NO PREPOSITION on in . Choose the most natural-sounding response: 1. I saw her ________ the fourth of July. NO PREPOSITION to at 4. NO PREPOSITION to at 2. I saw her ________ last week. I've been ________ work for the past two hours. I have to go ________ work in about ten minutes.Choose whether or not each of the following sentences requires a preposition. NO PREPOSITION on in 6. I am going ________ home in about half an hour. NO PREPOSITION on in 7. NO PREPOSITION to at 3.

I saw her ________ the mall in Glendale. NO PREPOSITION at to Choose whether or not each of the following sentences requires a preposition. Choose the most natural-sounding response: 1. Is Mary going to the movies ________ today? NO PREPOSITION on 2. NO PREPOSITION at to 9. Did she speak to her boss ________ last week? on NO PREPOSITION 3. NO PREPOSITION at to 10. We are planning to go ________ swimming this afternoon. Do you live ________ Canada? in NO PREPOSITION 6. Do you like ________ Australia? in . We usually eat fish ________ Thursdays. I'll see you ________ five minutes.8. in NO PREPOSITION 5. We are planning to go ________ Santa Monica beach this afternoon. NO PREPOSITION on 4.

Jimmy went ________ bed. I stood ________ ( = substituted. I will graduate ________ next year. to NO PREPOSITION 8. on in up 4. I'm not going to stand ________ ( = tolerate) this! on on for 3. You have to learn how to stand ________ yourself. He really stands ________ ( = is different from) from the other students. NO PREPOSITION in Choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences: 1. took his place) for the class president while he was away. We're driving ________ the mall. NO PREPOSITION to 10. on out up 2. ( = defend yourself) up for on for .NO PREPOSITION 7. She is going ________ dancing. to NO PREPOSITION 9.

etc. He is the only candidate that stands ________ ( = supports) animal rights. Please stand ________ ( = wait) while we fix the problem. The workers were brave enough to stand ________ the boss. ( = watched the proceedings closely) over up for by 8. I can't believe he stood me ________.) up under down 6. She always stands ________ ( = remains loyal to) her friends. ( = didn't show up for a meeting. ( = to confront him without fear) in on up with up to 7. by out up 9. The plane took ________ ( = departed) at 7:00 AM. The other judges stood ________ the proceedings. over out by Choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences: 1. date. against for over 10. on off .in on 5.

in 2. = He is really similar to his father. After Bill was fired. out . = I'll accept your offer. They took ________ ( = saw) a play while they were in New York. They will have to take ________ ( = compete against) another opponent. = I will speak to the boss about it. about on up 7. He really takes ________ his father. I have to take ________. after on up 6. on up away 4. He took ________ ( = started) smoking after his accident. John took ________ ( = assumed) his position. I'll take you ________ on your offer. over out up 9. on away in 3. on up after 5. ( = leave) off over on 8. I'll take it ________ with the boss.

on away in Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each of the following sentences: 1. You can't ________ ( = avoid) taking this test. Fiona ________ the bus. get by get around get on 3.up over 10. but I can't ________ to her. Fiona ________ the car and drove away. We took ________ ( = adopted. I've tried to make her realize that she's wrong. ( = boarded the bus) got up got in got on 5. brought home) several kittens while we were living in Mexico. Have all the passengers ________ ( = disembarked) the train yet? gotten off gotten out gotten away 4. got on got up got in . ( = convince her) get across get over get on 2.

What are you ________? = What are you trying to say? getting to getting at getting in 8. The workers ________ ( = supported. We didn't ________ ( = arrive) until 3:00 AM last night. saw) your brother at the mall last night. ( = haven't had a chance to do that yet) gotten up gotten around to gotten around 9. got behind got back got at 7. We ran ________ ( = met. He ran ________ without paying the bill. fled) up . ( = escaped) got by got away got through Choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences: 1. They ________.6. I haven't ________ doing that yet. get around get up get in 10. ( = escaped. began to support) Larry in his quest to obtain more benefits. into in onto 2.

( = He explained his idea to his boss) into by through 7. up off out 4. up off out 9. I'm going to run ________ ( = make) some photocopies. . up on off 5. for at over 8.off down 3. The senator has plans to run ________ ( = try to become) President. ( = We have no more milk) out into out of 6. Let's run ________ ( = quickly review) this week's releases. We've run ________ milk. He ran his idea ________ the boss. Peter ran ________ the door. They ran ________ ( = accumulated) quite a tab at the bar last night.

up through behind 10. = I would really like to eat some fries. off on in 2. up with for 6. My alarm clock went ________ ( = started to ring) at 7:00 AM. Go ________. = Continue. We ran ________ ( = encountered) a lot of resistance. = It's hard to continue doing things as I did them before. Go ________! = Leave! on up away 4. on up away 3. . It's hard to go ________ things as usual. They went ________ ( = They pursued) the contract. I could really go ________ some fries. onto through up against Choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences: 1. away after along 5.

about along around 7. a little þÿ 2. many þÿ 3. Let's go ________ ( = review) your notes. = Mike and Tina are a couple (boyfriend + girlfriend). a. out over under 10. along out over 9. much b. Mike and Tina are going ________. a. Many business are going ________ ( = failing/going bankrupt). Prices went ________ ( = increased) last year. He has a good job and makes a large _____ of money. Kids today spend so _____ time on the internet! a. 1. up out over 8. out off on ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: COUNT or NON-COUNT NOUN? | level: Intermediate/ Advanced Click on Answer to see the correct response. amount . a few b. I went to the tourist office to get _____ information.

number þÿ 4. 1. furniture b. He brought up a lot of interesting _____ during the lecture. so many b. Hurry up! I don't have _____ time! a. a. a few þÿ 9. point b. some b. points þÿ 3. a. Mary always tells me that she wants to have _____ children. there was a lot of _____. After the party. a little b. a. a þÿ Back to list of exercises ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: COUNT or NON-COUNT NOUN? 2 | level: Intermediate Click on Answer to see the correct response. a little b. furnitures þÿ 2. so much þÿ 8. a. a. much b. garbage . a. I have to buy a lot of _____ for my new apartment.b. I only know _____ people in this city. a. a. There are _____ things that I want to say to you. much b. I would like _____ time to think about this. many þÿ 5. a few þÿ 6. I would like _____ banana. many þÿ 7.

He has one of the most expensive _____ on the market. essay b. fruit b. traffics þÿ Back to list of exercises ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: COUNT or NON-COUNT NOUN? 3 | level: Beginner Click on Answer to see the correct response. I have to cut my _____ today. hairs þÿ 10. Thank you so much for all the _____! a. computers þÿ 9. What kind of _____ do you want to talk about? a. 1. thing b. I can't stand the _____ in this city.b. hair b. a. computer b. a. There are so many different type of _____ in the world. things þÿ 2. Your _____ are due on September 15th. people b. I went to the market and bought a lot of _____. peoples þÿ 8. a. applause b. fruits þÿ 7. garbages þÿ 4. milk . a. a. applauses þÿ 5. a. essays þÿ 6. What kind of _____ would you like me to buy? a. traffic b.

P1: What did you buy? P2: I bought some _____. cheeses þÿ 4. experiences þÿ 6. I ate many kinds of _____ yesterday. The library is a place you can borrow books. Do you know the reason 2. Do you know all the _____ of the world? a. anger b. I have to buy some apples and some _____. a. capitals þÿ 7. oranges þÿ 9. or where: 1. a. a. The day þÿ þÿ she is so upset? you saw me I was feeling sick. . informations þÿ 5. milks þÿ 3. a. Do you have some _____ for me? a. þÿ 3. angers þÿ 8. rices þÿ 10. when. a. I had many horrifying _____ during my travels in Haiti. a. orange b. cheese b. capital b. experience b.b. luggage b. rice b. He had a lot of _____ in him. information b. I left my _____ at the airport. luggages þÿ Back to list of exercises Complete each relative clause with why.

If both who or thatcan be used. The computer 10.000. That's the jacket 3. The airport 7. This is the reason 6. þÿ þÿ 9. is being built will be the largest in the country. won the race. Was that the time 10. The school þÿ þÿ I study English is not far from your house. The dinner þÿ I want to buy costs $1. That's the girl 4. use this site will learn English very quickly. The place þÿ þÿ þÿ we used to live. That is the house 5. 9. which. your mother prepared was delicious. you guys went to France together? I keep my t-shirts. write who or that: 1. That is the drawer þÿ Complete each relative clause with who or that. sang that song is very beautiful. þÿ they moved away. People þÿ lives in the house next door. The woman 8. The students þÿ stole my purse! I want to buy. þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 5. do well on the exam will be allowed to leave early. They never told us the reason 8. I never call her. 7.4. or whose? 1 | level:Intermediate . We saw the cat 6. þÿ ENGLISH GRAMMAR ONLINE TEST topic: RELATIVE PRONOUNS Who. we went yesterday is just around the corner. That's the man 2.

In this particular exercise.. it is also to possible to use "that" instead of "which" (although in this exercise please only use "which"). The key 7.Complete each sentence with who. The man 8. The other students 10. That's the building 3. The rug þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 9. 2. 1. The teacher þÿ ENGLISH GRAMMAR ONLINE TEST topic: ADJECTIVE CLAUSES/NOUN CLAUSES That or what? 1 | level: Intermediate/Advanced Complete each sentence with what or that. þÿ are in my class are younger than I am. Who (or what) is that?.. what is used for noun clauses and that is used for relative adjective clauses: . That's the man þÿ þÿ wallet I found. That's the woman 5. That's the house 6. which. CD I bought. opens the basement door is very small. helped me cross the street. I want to buy is very expensive. That's the singer 4. I told you about. my parents used to live in. or whose (Choose the best. most grammatically correct option). asked me the time was very handsome. car was stolen was very upset. Remember.

The coffee þÿ þÿ you made is very strong. P1: Do you believe þÿ 5. þÿ you plan to do. I think he was telling the truth. þÿ þÿ he said is not important. I don't know ________________. where was his wallet where his wallet was 2. þÿ you do. You have to let me know 9. you told in class. Many of the people þÿ þÿ 8. I couldn't tell him ________________. he watches. We loved the story ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: NOUN CLAUSES 1 | level: Intermediate Complete each sentence with a properly formed noun clause: 1. The book 3. saw that movie were disappointed. 10.1. Tom's parents care about 7. I'm not responsible for 4. how many children he has how many chidren does he have . I'm reading is very interesting. The world needs more people 6. þÿ help animals. where was I where I was 3. he told us? P2: Yes. John asked me ________________. 2.

________________ is not important. what our children say what do our children say 7. What did she say What she said 6. I wonder if ________________ from Germany. Is it true ________________ about you? what did he say what he said 8. I'm not going to tell you ________________. what should you do what you should do 9. The teacher told us ________________ our finished exams. where we should leave where should we leave ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: NOUN CLAUSES 3 | level: Intermediate Choose whether each sentence requires THAT or WHAT to complete the noun clause: 1. _______________ he said is not important. is he he is 10. ________________ was sad. How close we are How close are we 5. That What .4. We are not responsible for ________________.

what that ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: NOUN CLAUSES 5 Identifying noun clauses | level: Advanced . that what 9. What That 3. what that 8. It's too bad ________________ you can't go. They know ________________ he said to her.that's not _______________ I'm looking for. That What 6. that what 7. that what 5. _______________ my brother does on his own time is not your business. _______________ she passed her exam didn't surprise us.2. I noticed _______________ she was upset. what that 10. How many people know _______________ I'm talking about? what that 4. They knew _______________ he did this. I'm sorry . She didn't think ________________ her mother would find out.

how upset are you how upset you are 3. Does your brother know if ________________ sell his car? will he he will 8.Choose the proper response to complete each of the following sentences. What _______________? did he see he saw 10. Do you know _______________ his book? where he put where did he put 2. _______________? How upset are you How upset you are 4. I can understand _______________ . Can you tell me _______________? where my keys are where are my keys 6. . I can't hear ________________ ? what are you saying what you are saying 5. He told the police what ________________? did he see he saw 9. Where _______________? my keys are are my keys 7. They can see how disappointed _______________. keeping in mind that some of the sentences below have noun clauses and some do not: 1.

am I I am .