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Here are some real results that our customers have achieved with our solutions*: Improved supply chain visibility. versus a cross-industry average of 92 percent • Decreased freight expenses between 7-13 percent • Reduced average cost-per-load reduction as high as 18 percent • Decreased freight cost measured as cost-per-thousand-square-feet up to 13 percent • Improved on-time and in-full rates from 82 percent to above 90 percent • Increased the average weight of customer shipments by 30 percent • Reduced production freeze periods from eight weeks to less than a week • Supported 300 percent increase in volume of new product offerings Enhanced productivity and efficiency • Features easy to understand views that peg impacts of upstream and downstream demand • Simplifies exception handling with actionable alerts • Increases planners’ control with advanced modeling capabilities that allow the regrouping of product families and commodity codes without impacting the base ERP system • Provides true calendar representation including recognizing weekends and holidays • Helps to ensure high responsiveness to customer changes by enabling completion of planning production schedules in a matter of hours versus days • Supports flexible what-if scenarios to allow for projections and simulations * Represents actual results realized by JDA customers .5 percent. oil and chemical and technology to achieve significant leaps in ROI and sustainable long-term benefits. Fast. JDA has helped the world’s leading manufacturers focused on consumer goods.Why do 83 of the top 100 consumer good manufacturers rely on JDA solutions along with their ERP system to optimize their global supply chains? Real Results. life sciences. inventory levels and profits • Improved forecast accuracy ranging from 20-50 percent • Reduced inventory levels ranging from 17-50 percent • Decreased days of supply by more than 25 percent • Realized immediate saving of $20 million in the first six months • Delivered turns that were 33 percent better than the industry average • Increased customer service levels by as much as 15 percent • Maintained a service level average of 97. telecommunications.

lean initiatives to remove waste and the 24-hour requirements of managing complex global networks are all intensifying their urgency to do more. integrate data and standardize business processes across finance. with regard to our transportation options in achieving results on-demand.F.F. production. “JDA’s Transportation Planning software has allowed C. We are able to quickly assess which options not only meet our customers’ needs.” Robby Greenwood. While ERP systems have enabled companies to do many things well. pressures to cut costs. but also provide C. Sauer Company . More and more business leaders are recognizing these limitations — and they don’t have time to wait. Sauer to execute ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons. these systems were never intended to do all things well. History has proven that it can take significant time for companies to realize a tangible return from their ERP investment. procurement. These massive systems have enabled thousands of companies to execute transactions. Heightened consumer expectations. Director of Transportation Planning.F. specialized and flexible software solutions working in concert with ERP. While ERP can certainly take a company half the way there. The C. Sauer with the greatest operational efficiencies and cost savings. sales and logistics. ensuring a strong finish requires innovative.Challenge: Gaining More Competitive Advantage with Your ERP Implementation For more than two decades business leaders have invested millions of dollars and countless resources to run their companies more efficiently with ERP.

modular design.30% 10% 30% By supporting precision merchandising practices. demand-shaping decisions to optimize profits and revenues • Discontinue non-performers more quickly and replace with market trending products • Develop targeted. for your JDA solution compared to major ERP vendors on older technologies Improvement Area Revenue Lift (Order/Line Fill Rate Increase) Finished Good Inventory Reductions Work-in-Process Inventory Reductions Raw Materials Inventory Reductions Supply Chain Planning Cost Reduction Reduced Obsolescence Drive Profits with a Synchronized View of Consumer-Centric Demand Now you can seamlessly integrate your ERP system with JDA’s planning.30% 25% . JDA Supply & Demand Chain Solutions Savings Ranges 10% -15% 45% . You can drive more precise forecasting and lower your inventory costs for a positive impact to your company’s bottom line. analysis and optimization capabilities required to solve your complex supply chain challenges. Since JDA solutions offer an integrated. In addition to each JDA product integrating with one another and with your ERP and other solutions.Deep Supply Chain Optimization Solution: Achieve the Next Level of Innovation with JDA Solutions Extending the Value of Your ERP Investment For more than 20 years JDA Software has enabled thousands of retailers and manufacturers worldwide to innovate with best-of-breed solutions that are widely considered the platinum standard for supply chain optimization. JDA solutions enable you to gain more from your ERP investment. you can initially focus on the functional areas that are most critical to your success and deliver the fastest returns. JDA solutions help you to better identify your markets. our components also share the following: • Common look and feel for quick adoption and reduced enduser training • Browser-based deployment for expedited upgrades and installs • Configuration flexibility with user-defined columns. industry-leading results in accelerated timeframes. Speed-to-Value Implementation Start maximizing your ERP investment by working with JDA to align your implementation with your corporate priorities. in order to: • Respond to consumer trends and purchasing behaviors • Make collaborative. tables and processes so you can address additional requirements without code modifications • Reduced total cost of ownership. You can rely on consumer demand signals as the primary driver of your demand management practices to gain deeper insight and act fast on revenue-generating opportunities.50% 20% . With the strength of JDA your company can develop an extremely responsive supply chain that adapts to consumer demand. Need proof? Consider the results achieved by some of the more than 150 ERP customers that are seamlessly integrated with JDA solutions. JDA solutions can enable you to also realize measurable. including new hardware investment. high-impact promotional campaigns • Tailor assortments and planograms to match distinct local preferences Grow-as-You-Go Architecture Supports Modular. Proven to dramatically improve performance and visibility from raw materials to the consumer. analysis and execution software. With all the planning. . gain a clear view of what customers are buying and then execute more efficient assortments.

every day. Best-of-Breed Capabilities to Extend Your ERP Systems Requirements Demand Classification JDA Capabilities Benefits • Analyzes historical data. Supply Chain Planning Manager. As your needs grow. you are free from technology limitations. automatically • Reduced inventory levels identifies the best algorithms for forecasting each product • Increased planner throughput • Automatically tunes optimal parameter settings for each forecast and customer service • Significantly reduces the manual effort required by demand planners • Minimized obsolete items • Separates promotional and base history streams during forecasting for a statistically driven base forecast and an event-driven promotional forecast • Develops market response models based on the effects of a promotion or seasonal event • Distinguishes seasonality from promotional effects during periods of co-existence • Improves forecasting accuracy • Optimizes inventory levels • Provides better consumer insight Demand Decomposition Pricing & Promotion Optimization • Determines the expected forecast lifts (or erosion) based on the defined marketing program planned to execute an event or promotion • Suggests best promotions to achieve desired goals • Features robust exception management capabilities to identify products affected by trends and promotional lift • Improves revenue lift • Increases profitability • Ensures promotional spend accuracy • Increases marketing effectiveness . JDA solutions: • Generated over one billion forecast records at a rate of more than 66 million forecast records per hour per CPU-Core (mid-range hardware footprint) • Evaluated over 2. For example. reliability and interoperability goals. This is attributable to JDA enabling us to set safety stock levels. more memory or even new machines. which indicate when to produce at the correct times. resulting in 410 million planned and constrained replenishment records at a rate of more than 79 million supply planning elements per hour per CPU-Core (high-end hardware footprint) With JDA solutions. Your possibilities are endless! “We have successfully reduced days of supply by several million dollars even though we have since added SKUs and brands. just add more CPUs. Benchmark testing and real-world execution has proven the outstanding performance our customers can achieve every hour. and through statistical testing.” Andrew Pignatelli. Church & Dwight JDA Delivers Comprehensive. JDA has set new industry standards for helping our customers realize their scalability.1 billion supply planning elements.Scales to Process Boundless Transaction Volumes With scalability being of critical importance to any company.

through management and shipment visibility during transport. at the right time • Optimizes transportation requirements by planning full truck loads Benefits • Reduces stock outs Improves inventory turns and sell-through Ensure available inventory across the supply chain Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling • Sequences job assignments based on demand forecasts • Generates optimal manufacturing plans. promotions. work-in-progress and finished goods should flow between facilities • Supports make-to-order. including sourcing. schedules and inventory deployment plans that simultaneously address demand and supply priorities. procurement and production • Improves total network utilization Collaboration • Develops a consensus forecast by leveraging statistical forecast. and provides a secure. constraints.Requirements Allocation & Replenishment JDA Capabilities • Features advanced consumption logic that senses and responds to real-time demand signals • • Recognizes/responds to the impacts of halo. distribution strategies. constraints. and post-movement with payment and performance analysis • Increases profits • Reduces costs • Streamlines productivity • Enhances trade partner collaboration • Aligns operations with planning. and service objectives Transportation & Logistics Management • Supports the entire closed-loop transportation process – from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution • Improves pre-planning. metrics and reporting • Ensures consistent communication and more effective consensus building processes across the enterprise • Decreases out of stocks • Helps enhance customer satisfaction . discrete and process manufacturing • Creates a lean production environment • Minimizes changeovers • Improves profitable resource utilization • Improves on-time product launches Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization Policy • Generates network-wide inventory strategies and the most cost effective inventory plan to set the highest fill rates with lowest inventory levels • Addresses requirements of complex. sales input. and service objectives • Supports flow optimization. in the right stores. and the overall financial plan . cannibalization and forward buying • • Positions the right inventory in the right distribution centers. transportation plans and production schedules • Brings teams onto the same page by providing a foundation for consistent planning processes. region or DC forecasts. single web-based portal to consolidate one version of the truth • Enables share planned procurement with suppliers for forward visibility or with customers to gain insight to projected demands • Facilitates extensive vendor managed inventory and replenishment (VMI & VMR) capabilities • Determines least cost/maximum profit supply chain infrastructures considering all relevant costs. inventory policies and capacity constraints • Determines how products should be sourced and how materials. multi-echelon inventory distribution networks • Automatically sets safety stocks and reorder points for any ERP inventory system • Improves customer service and order fill rates • Frees up working capital tied to in ineffective inventory Network Design & Optimization • Determines least cost/maximum profit supply chain infrastructures considering all relevant costs. planning and optimization. sales and marketing • Improves forecast accuracy Sales & Operations • Enables seamless collaboration on time-phased data such • Reduces inventory investment Planning (S&OP) as category. resource optimization and capacity planning • Reduces operating costs in logistics.

” Brett Frankenberg. If you’re not enabled. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated . Our day-to-day environment brings us much closer to our customers than other business models in other industries.Masterfoods LL Bean Novartis (Consumer Health) OfficeMax Perdue Farms Perrigo Pfizer Phillip Morris Sanofi Aventis Sanofi-Synthelabo Sara Lee The Scott’s Company Smith & Nephew T-Mobile Tyson Foods Unilever Vodafone “JDA’s products provided clear financial and operating results while improving our capability and capacity. A lot of people talk about collaboration but we’re actually doing it and we certainly would not be as successful without the help of JDA Software. you start missing opportunities by hurting customer service levels on one end and product obsolescence on the other.Sample of Customers Extending their ERP Systems with JDA Solutions Abbott Labs Acco Brands Arnotts Biscuits Ltd. Astra Zeneca Baxter Healthcare Bayer Becton Dickinson Black & Decker BP Amoco Bristol-Myers Squib CHEP Church & Dwight Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Cordis Cott Beverages Covidien (Formerly Tyco Healthcare) Georgia-Pacific Gillette Company GlaxoSmithKline Hershey IKEA Jo-Ann Stores Johnson & Johnson Kraft Kraft . It has enabled us to take on the future. Director of Supply Chain Planning.

JDA empowers more than 6. Inc.” Jimmy Biesert. JDA’s multiple service options provide customers with flexible configurations.000 companies of all sizes to make optimal decisions that improve profitability and achieve real results in the discrete and process manufacturing. JDA is a Registered Trademark of JDA Software Group. features or specifications of any of the software described herein. Now you can be among the JDA customers reporting outstanding results and an unsurpassed experience with the following components of JDA’s Planning Optimization solutions: • Demand Classification • Demand Decomposition • Price & Promotion Optimization • Allocation & Replenishment • Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling • Inventory Policy Optimization • Network Design & Optimization • Collaboration • Transportation & Logistics Management • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) JDA® Software Group. wholesale distribution.“We have seen a sizeable number of benefits from the JDA implementation. transportation. WEB www. except as approved in JDA’s Software License Agreement with an authorized licensee.10 .12. The Supply Chain Company®. Registered Trademarks or Service Marks of the companies with which they are associated. JDA Software Group. Inc. Planners have been enthusiastic about the solution because it gives them better visibility into the sales patterns of the IKEA products and has improved their global view of the business. merchandising and pricing excellence solutions. lower total cost of ownership and 24/7 functional and technical support and expertise.com AMERICAS US +1 800 479 7382 Canada & Latin America +1 480 308 3555 EUROPE UK & Northern Europe +44 (0) 1344 354500 France & Southern Europe +33 (0)1 56 79 27 00 Singapore +65 6305 4350 Australia +61 2 8912 7900 ASIA PACIFIC Japan +81 3 4461 1000 China +86 21 2327 9400 Bangalore 4-Color +91 80 3028 8888 Mumbai +91 22 3088 7878 Copyright © 2010. IKEA About JDA Software Group. E3®. JDA shall have no warranty obligation with respect to these materials or the software described herein. Inc. Intactix® and Arthur®. JDA reserves the right at any time and without notice to change these materials or any of the functions. All rights reserved. Head of Supply Chain Planning. Inc. All other company and product names may be Trademarks. retail and services industries. Manugistics®.jda. With an integrated solutions offering that spans the entire supply chain from materials to the consumer. (NASDAQ: JDAS). 09. rapid time-to-value. The planners are happy with the new exception-based working method and we have seen marked improvement in our overall forecast accuracy between the original rollout and today.com EMAIL info@jda. JDA leverages the powerful heritage and knowledge capital of acquired market leaders including i2 Technologies®. is a leading global provider of innovative supply chain management.