Education in Lithuania Lithuania Education plays a very important role in the development of the country.

The highly educated population of Lithuania have attended special schools other than completing basic education and higher education. The age group from 15 to 39 have completed basic education. From 40 onwards the level of education drops. The literacy rate of Lithuania is 99.6%. Lithuania Education ensures that the schools take Lithuanian as the medium of training. The education system is divided into three parts such as primary, secondary and higher education. Adult education was added to it. The philosophy of education as well as teaching process was highly ideologized and politicized. Higher education is provided in renowned universities like Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University etc. There are a number of stream students can choose such as science, engineering, humanities, technical studies etc. Education of Lithuania has contributed a lot in the progress of this country. General secondary education is provided at triple level, twelve-year general education schools. One or more levels are comprised of primary school (1st to 4th forms) (age 6/7 to 10/11); lower secondary school (5th to 10th forms) (age 10/11 to 16/17); and secondary school (11th to 12th forms) (age 16/17 to 18/19). Other types of general education schools include gymnasiums and international baccalaureate schools. Gymnasiums usually have forms 1st to 4th consisting of pupils in their 9th to 12th school years. Lithuanian gymnasiums specialize in the Humanities, Practical Arts and Fine Arts. Secondary education ends in talking one compulsory and 3 optional examination. Successful students are awarded a school-leaving certificate that gives access to higher education. Those who complete secondary education but do not take the Maturity examinations are awarded the Secondary School Graduation Certificate. Pupils can stay at school for 12 years, but some of them leave school having finished at the 10th form. In trade schools and vocational junior colleges pupils can get both secondary education and the qualifications. Individuals who have secondary school graduation documents can pursue higher education. There are 15 state schools of higher education in our country: 7 universities, 6 academies and 2 institutes, as well as 3 clerical seminaries. University level first stage is Basic studies. Basic studies last for 3-4 years. University level second stage is specialized or Master's studies which last for 1-2 years. University level third stage: Residency, Art post-graduate course, Doctoral studies and last for 3-5 years. In Lithuania children go to school 5 days a week. There is no school on Saturdays and Sundays. The school year begins in September and ends in the middle of June. The school year is divided into 3 terms or 2 semesters. In the curriculum of all school included basic subjects such as Lithuanian, Mathematics, History, Science, Computer studies and modern foreign languages. Religious education is provided for all pupils, but parents can choose either to send their children to classes of religion or ethics. A little bit about LMTA The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a state-supported conservatory that trains students in music, theatre, and multimedia arts. As of January 2005 there were 1,167 students at the Academy, taught by a staff of 274. Its rector in 2007, Professor Eduardas Gabnys, has served in that capacity since 2005. The Academy's headquarters are located on Gediminas Avenue. The Academy awards the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Music, BA in Theatre, BA in Multimedia Arts, Master of Arts in Music, MA in Theatre, MA in Multimedia Arts, Ph.D. in Humanities for students of musicology, ethnomusicology, theatre theory and history, and a 2-year

participating in national and international orchestras. and an international competition for singers and pianists-accompanists. Competitions and international events sponsored by the Academy include the International Jascha Heifetz Violin Competition. performances. composers and directors. The Academy strives to "develop international cooperation and integration into the European and global academic community. among others.postgraduate Art Licentiate degree for music performers. and to ensure highquality standards in higher education in the arts." Its students and professors perform in over 400 concerts per year. competitions. K. Čiurlionis Piano and Organ Competition and hosts national auditions for participation in the European Union Youth Orchestra. the International Holland Music Sessions. international concerts. and festivals. It co-sponsors the International M. and numerous other scholarship auditions. Universities in Lithuania Largest Vilnius University· Mykolas Romeris University· Vilnius Gediminas Technical universities University· Kaunas University of Technology Public institutions General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania· Lithuanian University of Health Sciences· Klaipėda University· Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education· Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre· Aleksandras Stulginskis University· Šiauliai University· Vilnius Academy of Art· Vilnius Pedagogical University· Vytautas Magnus University Academy of Business and Management· ISM University of Management and Economics· LCC International University· Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary· European Humanities University· Vilnius University International Business School· Vilnius Academy of Business Law· Vilnius St. Joseph Seminary Private institutions . the International Choir and Orchestra Academy in Stuttgart. to support and facilitate student and teacher exchange.