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COM FINAL YEAR 4 . constant guidance.It is my proud privilege to express my deep gratitude to DR. I express my sincere thanks to all the Dealers and customers of ONIDA who have provided me with valuable information towards the completion of this project and part of their precious time they spent for me. N. DHAL for his unstinted support. Last but not the least. I express my indebtedness for all those who have directly or indirectly influenced in completing this project. encouragement and profound personal involvement at every stage of this project. BALASORE MOHAMMED IMDAD Place: Date: NO-05C52064 ROLL MA RKETING-(H) B. inspiration.

MOHAMMED IMDAD a bonafide student of has completed this project report on “BRAND PREFERENCE AND MARKET POSITON OF ONIDA COLOUR TV” is a part of the course curriculum of under my supervision and Guidance. Dr N.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. DHAL (DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE) 5 .

Findings and Suggestions Conclusion & Bibliography 6 .5 Introduction Objective of the study Scope of the study Methodology Limitations of the study 2.Vision.2 Product Profile 4.2 1.3 1.1 Company Histroy.1 1. Data Analysis and Interpretation 5. Company Profile 2.4 1.Mission 2. CONCEPTUAL & THEORY 3.CONTENTS CHAPTER 1-About the Topics 1.


was considered a luxury. because of this conventional role. brand loyalty and also. The noteworthy changes taking place in the market scenario are: 1. However it is not so now. Numerous other changes are adding to the turbulence in the marketing environment. From buyers needs to buyers wants-As incomes are improving. This is because competition in all sectors has increased manifold after 1985 especially after 1991. so is turning to a new strategy. Recently. Continuing today’s strategy is risky. Market research is the best way of collecting Market Information. marketers are increasing the use of branding. Market information ranges as far and wide as the changes and factors that directly or indirectly affects the marketing process. It is important tool to study buyer behaviour changes in consumer life-styles and consumption patterns. In fact. This is a new role and decidedly different from the conventional one where it is used for just studying buyer behaviour or for conducting feasibility studies. Success in such a dynamic environment will therefore depend upon meticulous planning backed by real-time market information. From price to non-price competition-with many players in a particular category. marketing research until the mid1980s. buyers are becoming more selective in their choice of goods.Introduction: The Marketing environment is changing at an accelerating rate. and tomorrow will be different from today. Marketing research is a key to the evolution of successful marketing strategies and programmes. Marketing Research is being used to help create and enhance brand equity. today is not like yesterday. etc. product differentiation. Research is also used to study competition and analyze the competitor product’s positioning and how to gain competitive advantage. 2. From local to national to global marketing-Companies are expanding their geographical coverage with leaps and bounds. which only multinational like Lever and Procter & Gamble and their like could effort. 8 . advertising and sales promotion. 3. forecast market changes. Leaders who must plot the future of their companies are challenged to find a path that makes sense.

Rather.Following liberalization and decontrol. and they don’t have the answer to several questions. Realizing the contribution that marketing research makes. the arena has now shifted to their boardroom. More specifically. more and more companies are now turning towards it. they don’t have the answer to one single question: “How to gain and retain competitive advantage?” This is where marketing research plays an important role. -------******------ 9 . most firms today find that the government no more takes strategy decision for them.

They are depicted as below:- Primary Objective The primary objective of the study is to find out the Consumers satisfaction level of ONIDA colour TV compared to it’s competitors and to know the brand preference of ONIDA colour TV in the Orissa market and suggest ways in case of findings any difficulties inherent in the present system of ONIDA colour TV Secondary Objective Apart from the primary objective.Objective of the Study: The objective of the study comprises of both primary and secondary objectives. there are a host of other areas too that were considered as the secondary objectives.  To know the factors that mostly influence the brand awareness for ONIDA colour TV compared to its competitors also the reverse. 10 .  To measure the brand awareness and the market position of ONIDA colour TV in the Orissa market  To know about the factors which influence the brand preference of ONIDA color TV  To get the customer’s feedback for further improvement of ONIDA color TV.They are as follows: To find out the preference of the consumers towards ONIDA color TV with comparison to its competitors.  To know the attitude of the dealers of ONIDA colour TV.

So the research is empirical in nature. The study can be seen as a tool for understanding the attitudes of the dealers and consumers towards ONIDA color TV and in other hand help can be taken for future expansion. it is difficult to reach each and every customer. which was administered to the respondent by means of face-to-face interview. In Survey by Interview method. A. Research Design: As the present study is based on the color TV market in Orissa. A marketing research provides vital information about the dealers. Data Collection Method For collection of data two types of sources has been used. dealer and retailers in the market. At last to some of the dealers and consumers some cross questions were asked by the telephone. In the survey the consumers. 1. 676customers have been taken to forecast the required information for the present and the future. In the survey by Telephonic Interview method. the dealers are questioned.4 Methodology Marketing Research is the only weapon in the hands of Marketing Professionals to exist on this era of cutthroat competition. the data collected were by means of a schedule. to extract the right 11 . In the questionnaire survey method. all the questions included are of close-ended questions with multiple-choice answers. The questionnaires were administered keeping in the mind the specific objectives of the study. For this reasons a sample size of 50 Dealers. 1) Method of Primary Data: To obtain data directly from the market of BALASORE the following methods has been used. consumers and their attitude in the market place. B. i) ii) iii) Survey by questionnaire method Survey by interview method Survey by Telephonic Interview method.Scope of the Study The study has touched each and every fact of coastal Orissa market with reference to the color TV industry.

help of some magazines.The study would have been made more elaborately if adequate resources were at from them regarding the product they are currently or in past using. Statistical Tools Used: For data Analysis and Interpretation. Due to shortage of time it is not possible to reach each and every dealer of color TV industry. Hence the project can be used for a limited period. textbooks. 3. the information extracted is variable in nature. hence reliability on them is not fruitful. and other required data sheets from the company were used C. Some of the quantitative data are approximate in nature. Limitations of the Study Some of the limitations of the study are presented below: 1. Some of the data are secondary in nature. 6. 5. The product Information sheet. statistical tools like average and percentage were used. the company and so on. 2. 4. and the Internet site were used. 12 . 2) Method of collecting Secondary Data: For the collection of secondary data. As some of the shopkeepers are rude in nature it is not possible to extract the required information from them. And to present them Graphs (Pie and Bar) were used. As it is a live project.

Superior products and the combination of a distinctive voice. a cutting-edge advertising strategy.L. Onida started assembling television sets at their factory in Andheri. Mumbai.G. Onida has strengthened its reputation for the intelligent and pioneering application of technologies Onida Today Onida today enjoys a strong equity among consumers making it one of the 13 .Mirchandani and Mr. and purposeful marketing ensured that Onida became a household name. Over the years. In 1982. Vijay Mansukhani in 1981 in Mumbai.ONIDA CHAPTER-II Company History Onida was started by Mr.

Member  Mr. The company enjoyed a market capitalization of Rs.Mirchandani. passion through empowerment.leading brands in India. Member  Mr. within the framework of law. prestigious company through synergistic business investment. The Network Onida has a network of 33 branch offices.L. Member Vision and Mission Vision To build a brand around substance. Corporate Philosophy Commitment to society/nation We respect the society and the environment to which we belong and will contribute to its progress and welfare. Passion for quality 14 . Productivity. Member  Mr. Manoj Maheswari.46 Cr. Mission To benefit society at large through Innovation. and in nothing but the truth in which we base every action.Mirchandani. as on 31st March 2005.L. Member & Co-promoter  Mr. G. Vimal Bhandari. differentiation through innovation. 208 Customer Relation Centers and 41 depots spread across India. MIRC Electronics shares are listed on the National and Mumbai Stock Exchanges. Our constant endeavor to introduce products of substance that offer the very best in technology and the finest design have made Onida a leading player in the electronics and entertainment business today. washing machines. The transition of Onida from a family-owned business to a professionally managed company has largely been made possible by the vision of the Chairman & Managing Director.MIRC Electronics  Mr. cost through economies of scale and world class systems and procedures that bring in delight of stakeholders. To become a leader in our chosen field and become a globally recognized. Plasma & LCD televisions and home theatre systems. Onida has also introduced state-of-the-art multi-media presentation products. Board of Directors:  Mr. always striving for excellence. and to generate sustained surpluses. Quality.G. Chairman cum Managing director . Vijay Mansukhani. To communicate simple truths that customers understand. For offices. Harsha Mariwala. DVDs.301. Human Development and Growth. Onida has recently made a foray in other household appliances including airconditioners. Mr. Ranjan Kapoor.

that are the best in class. associates. Profile Series 2001 : AV Max award for best CTV. Speaker plant commences its operation 1990 : Tuner plant commences operation 1991 : Akasaka.our greatest assets We value good people.Commenced project to expand CTV capacity to 1 million 2002 : Completed plant expansion project to increase capacity from 600K CTVs to 1. modest and humble. Harmony and co-operation Alone we are weak. Praise and encourage freely. Strive for continuous improvement (KAIZEN) Seek and find in every action a way to do things better. always better. was established 1982 : CTV production started at Nand Bhavan. Fairness We stand for truth. always. the first complete Home Theatre package : Launch of 'Igo'. Japan for CTV 1985 : Established in-house R&D wing 1987 : Moved to our own factory building "ONIDA HOUSE" Iwai. Gratitude Always repay the kindness of our customers. As the world moves forward. Increasingly seek out ways and means to constantly move forward. It is our responsibility to create actively and constantly an environment that supports them to grow and flourish. community. Launched Onida Black. Work together as a family in mutual trust and responsibility. flat CTV range. nation and friends worldwide with gratitude. : Launched 'KY Theatre' with circle surround sound. Multimedia projectors launched . People . Mumbai 1983 : Technical collaboration with JVC. Be cordial. PCB plant commences its operation New CTV manufacturing plant at Vasai commences 1992 : Crossed 1 million CTV sales 1994 : Moved to a fully automated Plant of 600K CTV per 1995 : ISO 9001 certification obtained from BVQI 1998 : Award for excellence in electronics by ministry of IT 1999 : First in India to develop Internet enabled CTV 2000 : Launched the KY Thunder. Innovation Progress by adjusting to ever-changing environment around us. Courtesan Humility Respect the right of others.the economy brand : Launched VCD player 2003 : Launched world's first LCD remote 'i-Control' : Launched Air-conditioners 15 . no man can win respect no matter how capable he may be.Strive to create products with substance. we must keep-in-step. MILESTONE: 1981 : MIRC Electronics Pvt. fairness and justice in all our business and individual dealing without this spirit. Give our customer better value-for-money. Never compromise on quality.. Ltd. Together we are strong.2 million CTV's per year. Growth Growth is vital.

(MRP Rs 29990/-) Special features Component Input Bottom Speaker System Multi lingual on-screen display – Hindi and English Custom-built Designer Stand i-Control LCD Remote Headphone 16 . All quality norms followed are continuously upgraded taking into account changing customer needs. The above processes have lowered quality problems and helped improve customer satisfaction ABOUT THE PRODUCTS: TELEVISION MODELS: 29 POISON 3500. Due emphasis is given to prevention driven activities through feedback obtained from all over. The TQM movement being practiced has enabled process innovation. We believe that a satisfied Onida consumer is one who takes pride in ownership of our products and always recommends Onida. Our rigorous practices and procedures aim at maintaining the highest quality standards at all times. Plasma TV & DVD Players : Launched Fully Automatic front loading Washing Machines : A MIRC product is getting sold every 27 seconds : Operations started in Russia 2004 : Launch of the 'Oxygen Series' CTV : Crossed Sale of 250.000 CTV's in October month : Launch of Microwave Owens : Mr. Quality Policy The company is committed to quality and strives for a continuous improvement through innovation and human development to give the customer better value for money always. Product reliability tests are performed with total compliance to international quality assurance standards.Gulu Mirchandani.: Launched Rear Projection TV. CMD awarded 'Man of Electronics for the year' by CETMA 2005 : Launch of 'POISON' range of CTV's Quality Assurance Superior quality is the cornerstone of every Onida product.

Zap! 17 . Treble.Unique 3-colour tone Double wave design Sound 3500 W PMPO 5 Band Graphic Equaliser Multi Surround Sound KY Hi-Fi System Music Code SSM – 5 modes 29 OXYGEN THUNDER :(MRP Rs.Treble. Volume lock NSTC play back Child Safe DVD component input 21 OXYGEN THUNDER (MRP Rs.21.990/-) FEATURES:  1200 watts PMPO  KY Bass Blaster              STEREO Playback Multi Sorround sound Modes Bass.Balance  Music mode  Digital Eye.balance Music Mode Tilt Corrections 200 Channels 4 user logins DVMC Digital eye.14990/-) FEATURES: 1200 watt PMPO  KY Bass Blaster  4 User logins  200 channels  Stereo Play Back  Multi Sorround Modes  Bass.

990/-) FEATURES:  300 Watts PMPO  DVD Component In  4 Speakers  200 Channels  4 User Favourites  Digital eye  Multi surround Modes  Child Safe  ZAP! / Timer return 15 OXYGEN ( MRP Rs.10.21 OXYGEN 500 FEATURES:  500 Watt PMPO  DVD Component In         In-Built woofer 200 Channels 4 user favorite Digital eye Multi Surround Modes Music Mode KY Inside ZAP! / Timer return 21 OXYGEN 300 (MRP RS.7200/-) FEATURES:  200 Watts PMPO  DVD Component In  4 Speakers  200 Channels  4 User Favourites  Digital eye  Multi surround Modes  Child Safe  ZAP! / Timer return 20 OXYGEN (MRP Rs7690/-) FEATURES:  200 Watts PMPO  DVD Component In  Automatic gain control 18 .

12990/-) Features: 600 Watt PMPO  External Woofer  DVD Component In       200 Channels Digital Eye Music mode 4 User favourites KY inside ZAP ! /Timer return 21 BLACK 300 (MRP Rs.Balance  Music mode  Digital Eye.990/-) FEATURES:  300 watt PMPO  200 channels  Surround Modes  Bass.         Stereo Play back Music Mode Half mute 200 Channels 4 User Favourites Digital eye Multi surround Modes Child Safe ZAP ! 21BLACK 600 (MRP Rs. Zap  Auto Volume Leveler  Component input & Two tone color  Child safe 21 BLACK 250 (MRP Rs. 9490/-) FEATURES: 250 Watts PMPO  DVD Component In  4 user favourites 19 .9.Treble.

990/-) FEATURES:  1200 Watts PMPO  KY Bass Blaster 20 . 990/-) Features: 200 Watts PMPO  250 channels  Stereo Playback  4 user favourites    Digital Eye Music mode 4 User favourites  Games  Calendar   ZAP! Child safe 29 KY THUNDER ( MRP Rs.        200 Channels Channel Scheduler Digital Eye Music mode 4 User favourites KY inside ZAP! /Timer return Child safe 21 black duo (MRP Rs.990/-) FEATURES: 1200 Watts PMPO  KY Bass Blaster  6 speaker System  3 Band graphic equalizer  199 Programme selector  Diginet  Digital Eye  Games  4 User Logins 21 KY THUNDER ( MRP Rs 11.18.8.

5.16490/-) FEATURES: 400 Watts PMPO  Multiple surround sound  Stereo Playback  3 Band graphic equalizer  200 Programme selector  Diginet  Digital Eye  Games 20 MARVEL (MRP Rs7. 490/-) FEATURES:  200 Watt PMPO  200 Programme Selector  Music mode 21 .        Multiple surround sound 3 Band graphic equalizer 200 Programme selector Component Video Input Diginet Digital Eye Games 4 User Logins 14 XS DLX (MRP Rs. 590/-) FEATURES: 250 Programme selector  60 PMPO  Music Mode  Zoom  Child Safe  Calender  Message  Games  Phone directory  4 User Logins 29 MARVEL (MRP Rs.

forever. Needless to say. transforming any room into a private theatre or futuristic workstation.    Channel scheduler Channel Delete Diginet Digital Eye 20 XS DLX (MRP Rs. most models can be used both as a television as well as a High Definition Resolution computer monitor. it will also have the attention of your audience. 20 Poison LCD. Plasma Display Panels The Plasma Display Panels from Onida will change the way people look at pictures. 990/-) Features: 250 Programme selector  120 PMPO  Music Mode  Zap !  Child Safe  Calender  Message  Games  Phone directory  4 User Logins OTHER PRODUCTS -Poison LCD Packed with features like advanced image scaling with automatic image optimising software. Whether they see it in a hotel room.26 Poison LCD & 40 Poison LCD. The various models available are 32 Poison LCD. providing 60000 viewing hours and can be connected to home theatre systems. 50 Poison Plasma DVD Players 22 . What’s more. The various models are 42 Poison Plasma. mall or any public area.6. will keep them glued to the screen. living room. if you plan to use it as a large screen presentation device in conferences. giving a perfect acoustic experience. the stunning Onida `Poison LCD` is the future of televisions. The `Poison LCD` offers durability. these slim wonders with Super Sharpened Enhanced Image (SSEI) clarity.

they are certainly the best in their category. Quadra flow ( 4 way air flow ) for uniform air distribution. Turbo cool for faster cooling. Lowest energy consumption for lower electricity bills. With the Lens Mechanism and disc Reading Algorithm working in tandem. Large condenser coil for greater cooling efficiency.DFX 8300. centre and woofer) to the AV receiver for the ultimate theatre surround experience while playing Dolby Digital discs. get an Onida DVD Player and enjoy the uninterrupted show. DVDs get scratched. 6) Cassette ACs 28000 BTU scroll processor (The highest in its class). Evaporator with hydrophilic fins to prevent corrosion. The Onida DVD Players come with Progressive scan feature. LCD remote for ease of operation.DFX 7100. Encased triple bend evaporator with hydrophillic fins. Lowest energy consumption for lower electricity bills. The benefits of Progressive scan are flicker free images with high clarity as it scans 60 frames per second as compared to normal scanning of 30 frames per second.DFX 8520. Triple filtration process for clean and fresh air. due to bad handling. Largest outdoor condenser coil for highest cooling efficiency. ACs Most ACs fail to deliver when needed the most . it ensures continuous playback of scratched discs without long skips and mosaic patterns. 1)Power Trendy High rated Rotary compressor for cooling under adverse conditions. clearer and flicker free image. Lowest energy consumption for lower electricity bills. Large condenser coil for greater cooling efficiency. Double expansion for robust cooling. Triple point refrigerant injection for efficient cooling. So go ahead. The new range of Onida Flat ACs come with a highrated efficient rotary compressor that enables them to offer powerful cooling even at higher temperatures. 4) Power Grill High rated Rotary compressor for cooling under adverse conditions.Often. But Onida’s in-built Superior Scratch Error Correction Technology with increased intelligence for super accurate reading of scratched–discs restores and plays disc with ease. Coupled with low maintenance. 2) Power Flat High rated Rotary compressor for cooling under adverse conditions. leading to loss of audio and video information.DFX 8080. Triple point refrigerant injection for efficient cooling. Energy save mode for lower the peak of summers. Highest energy efficiency for lower operational expenses. the Onida DVD Players will help provide sharper. Advanced full function display for superior aesthetics and independent operation. rear left and right. Lowest energy consumption for lower electricity bills. Triple filtration process for clean and fresh air. Turbo cool for faster cooling. So if your display supports progressive scan. And there’s more You can directly connect separate channel outputs (front left and right. The various models are DFX 8130. High suction drain pump for 23 . 5) Power Trendy Window High rated Rotary compressor for cooling under adverse conditions. Decorative Flat glass panel for enhanced aesthetics. Lowest energy consumption for lower electricity bills. 3) Deco Glass High rated Rotary compressor for cooling under adverse conditions.

ease of condensed water drainage. Corded & cordless remote control for ease of operation. Four point refrigerant injection for greater cooling efficiency. HP/LP switch provided for compressor protection.

Washing Machines
Prior to the advent of washing machines and high-tech detergents, which promised to rid clothes of every imaginable stain, there was water. It was the only resource available and it did a great job with dirty laundry. It loosened dirt with its inherent liquid form. The sheer force of water would scare away even the toughest of stains. Water was the scrubbing, washing and rinsing agent. all rolled into one. It is this enormous power and potential of water that Onida exploits with its washing machines. All seven of its ultra models harness the power of water to give you the perfect wash. These machines have extremely powerful motors that increase water turbulance. This forces out all the dirt while washing and all the soap while rinsing. In fact, the turbulence makes for a very thorough wash and reduces the amount of harmful detergents that have to be used normally. So what you`re left with are impeccably clean clothes and the secrets of how to keep them that way. The various models available are: TUMBLE-50, HYDROSMART-70,HYDROFUZZY-70, HYDROFALL 65 HYDROFALL 70, HYDROPOWER 60, 6.5 Kg LILIPUT

Microwave Oven
Onida, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge technology, is an integral part of millions of households in India. Onida now extends its promise of high quality and technological expertise to the kitchen, with the launch of international-quality microwave ovens. Onida microwave ovens are technologically better than your regular microwave oven, very easy to use and designed with just one thing in mind You. To help you prepare the finest recipes, they come with a host of features. The various models available are 25 CTS 12,25 CTS 22, 25 GIT 12, 21 GTP 13, 20 STP 21

Presentation Products
Onida offers a wide range of stylishly crafted presentation devices, each of which has been customised to suit a particular type of application - be it for the home or office. Combining the finest in projection, magnification and visual display technology, these systems ranging from portable multimedia projectors and compact desktop visualisers to Plasma Display panels and giant video walls will ensure that every screening or presentation will keep the audience engrossed. And leave them with memories of a superlative visual experience. 1) Multimedia Projectors Onida is the only company in India which has the widest range of projectors that use the most contemporary technologies. This is due to the co-branding arrangements with Infocus Corporation USA, world leaders in LCD & DLP projectors. 2) Plasma Display Panels For highest levels of resolution, brightness and contrast, the Plasma Displays from Onida add that extra edge to business presentations. Distortion free, wide angle viewing can be enjoyed in office environments or can also be used for video conferencing and public displays as well. Not to mention home theatre applications. 3) Visual Presenters For projecting 3D objects to printed matter, transparencies and 35 mm slides, the Visual Presenter is the most versatile presentation equipment to have.


With connectivity to monitors as well as multimedia projectors, ideas and images can be communicated on a large screen in a wide range of environments like class rooms, conference halls, image capturing and video conferencing.

CUSTOMER CARE :Onida has 184 customer relation centres all over India . It has 7 customer relation offices in Orissa at Anugul, Balasore,Berhampur, BALASORE,,Cuttack,Jeypore, Sampbal Pur, Puri, & Rourkela.
Adonis Customer Relation Centre Adonis Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Main Branch) 10, Satya Nagar BALASORE - 751 007 Telephone- (0674) 2514 939 / 2506304 (Dir) 3099315 -





Literature Study
What is Marketing ? Definitions of Marketing. There are many definitions of marketing. The better definitions are focused upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs. Marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others - Kotler. Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably - T he Chartered Institute of Marketing. The CIM definition (in common with Barwell's definition of the marketing concept) looks not only at identifying customer needs, but also satisfying them (short-term) and anticipating them in the future (long-term retention).
The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price - Adcock et al.

This is a snappy and realistic definition that uses McCarthy's Four Ps. Marketing is essentially about marshalling the resources of an organization so that they meet the changing needs of the customer on whom the organization depends - Palmer. This is a more recent and very realistic definition that looks at matching capabilities with needs. Marketing is the process whereby society, to supply its consumption needs, evolves distributive systems composed of participants, who, interacting under constraints - technical (economic) and ethical (social) -


This customer focused philosophy is known as the 'marketing concept'. These are: Customer orientation. Now that we have been introduced to some definitions of marketing and the marketing concept. especially in the corporate sector. Drucker. that is. 3. the focal point of all business activities. as public sector organizations and not 27 . Marketing focuses on the satisfaction of customer needs. anticipating and satisfying customer needs and desires. from the customer's point of view. It is founded on the belief that profitable sales and satisfactory returns on investment can only be achieved by identifying. The marketing concept is a philosophy. wants and requirements. remember the important elements contained as follows: 1. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of the final result. Marketing is not only much broader than selling. It is driven by senior managers. Jobber. 4.create the transactions or flows which resolve market separations and result in exchange and consumption. Bartles. Barwell The achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customer needs better than the competition. Implementation of the marketing concept [in the 1990's] requires attention to three basic elements of the marketing concept. and the satisfaction of his or her needs. Future needs have to be identified and anticipated. 2. not a system of marketing or an organizational structure. There is normally a focus upon profitability. The philosophy of marketing needs to be owned by everyone from within the organization. Long-range customer and societal welfare. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise. The marketing concept is a philosophy. it is not a specialized activity at all It encompasses the entire business. However. The Philosophy Marketing and the Marketing Concept. passionate about delighting their customers. An organization to implement a customer orientation. It makes the customer.

this need not always be the case. Benefits: Attribute must be translated into functional and emotional benefits 3. 4. set prices or select a business location. Introduction to Market Research Good instincts and intuition certainly play important roles in business. BRAND A Brand is a name. This information provides you with the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions. launch a new product or service. trade mark logo or other symbols. term. protect. develop an advertising campaign. Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about the customers you want to reach. Personality: A brand can project a certain personality. called your target market. fine tune your existing products and services. According to the Aakers. Brand conveys essentially seller’s promises to deliver a specific set of features benefits and services given to the customer. Besides these brand also signifies more other things as : 1. The distinctive skill of professional marketers is their ability to create. sign or design or combination of all these. objective data. 2. More recent definitions recognize the influence of marketing upon society. It can be name.for-profit organizations adopt the concept of marketing. symbol. you need sound. Culture: It may represent certain culture. Market research can help you create a business plan. 6. The best brand convey warranty and quality. 28 . 5. Branding is the art of cornerstone of marketing. 5. Values: The brands also say something’s about the producer values. Attributes: A brand brings certain attributes to mind. expand into new markets. Brand identifies the seller or maker. User: The brand suggest the kind of consumers to buy or uses the product. If you want to minimize risk and improve your chances of success. That's where market research comes in. maintain and enhance the brands. But gut feelings about your customers' needs and preferences aren’t enough. It is given for identifying the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and differentiate them from their competitors.

and even General Motors. albeit with differing levels of success. rather than just a catchy advertising campaign. if potential customers do not know about a company. Disney brings to them the total brand experience through their specialty stores located worldwide. affiliate marketing. Customer is satisfied and would incur costs by changing brands 4. Brand Experience Defined The process of exposing consumers to the various attributes associated with a particular brand. online PR. Brand Awareness Defined The act of creating public awareness of a specific brand in order to maximize its recognition. Beyond this there are with a high degree of brand acceptability. According to Aaker customer attitude can be distinguished into five categories towards his or her brand form lowest to highest. Therefore. Most of the buyers are known about brands. Quite simply. they will not purchase from it. Customer values the brand and sees it as a friend. Customer will change brand especially for price reasons. one of the preeminent goals of any business should be to build brand awareness. and email/newsletter advertising. albeit in as costeffective manner as possible. While there are brands for which buyers have a high degree of brand awareness. Online brand awareness strategies are used frequently. etc. For those who cannot travel to a Disney theme park. General Motors 29 . 2. No reason to change the brand. No brand loyalty. Successful examples include Disney. This trust must be achieved through credibility. Starbucks transformed the mere activity of drinking coffee into a total lifestyle experience. a successful brand experience creates an environment in which the consumer will be surrounded by the positive elements attached to the brand. This is why it is necessary to build brand awareness strategies out by instilling trust among consumers. 3. Customer is satisfied. Starbucks. Promotional marketing involving a one-to-one component is proving increasingly effective at building trust and acquiring new customers. successful brand awareness strategies should define a company's uniqueness and set it apart from competitors. as well as traditional advertising methods. 1. sponsorships. After it there are brand which enjoys high degree of brand preference. At the end there are brands which command high degree brand loyalty.Brand Equity: Brand varies in the amount of power and value in the market place. Consumers tend to make purchasing decisions based on peer recommendations and direct experience. These online brand awareness strategies can include the use of advertising including banners.

and consistent activities. and informative manner. Once the research has been defined and conducted. integrated brand marketing programs are designed to increase market share in an ever-changing and demanding environment by keeping the brand ahead of competition. Factors in brand development & marketing should include how consumers perceive the brand and what it means to them. A major part of the brand development process consists of defining the benefits. but today's consumer has access to information and the opportunity to make more choices than ever before. unique. compelling. and how the brand is positioned to competitors within the marketplace. the brand development process consists of creating advertising and marketing campaigns that portray a message to potential and existing clients in an attractive. Integrated brand marketing is more significant in today’s arena because the competition is greater. Integrated brand marketing consists of determining the needs and wants of potential customers. based in Germany. as well as the technology to assist in the dissemination of information surrounding brands. Finding out how consumers categorize brands is critical in establishing an effective. The overall brand experience represents a way to bring the consumer to the brand and establish a close relationship. Brand Development Defined Establishing an effective strategy to ensure brand success. and extending the brand across seemingly unrelated products and services. A successful brand marketing strategy is an essential function of any successful business that has a goal of long-term success. successfully positioning the brand above competitors. the average consumer expects more. 30 . developing a sound brand marketing strategy to meet those needs and wants. Brand Marketing Defined Creating and implementing strategically sound programs. including adding a new communications channel to reach the consumer. integrated brand marketing strategy. adding a service element to the product that extends a stronger offer. the company then conducts a comparison analysis of the brand and its competitors. The long-term brand development process now requires innovative.not only manufactures automobiles . Brand development & marketing has been around for centuries. has opened the doors to Europe's first automotive theme park. what the potential positives and negatives of the brand consist of. The successful brand experience can operate on multiple levels. and executing a plan that incorporates the brand marketing strategy focused around the specific brand being marketed. A strong brand marketing strategy necessitates researching the market position of the brand. which should make up the foundation of the advertising and marketing efforts.

and who its main competitors are. A brand of electric 31 . A consumer may be presented with six brands of one product and only consider three out of the six as a purchasing choice. opportunities for which the brand is best suited. An active problem is one which the consumer is aware of and an inactive problem is one which he or she is not aware of. but this is unfortunately an area where a number of companies fail to deliver the goods Problems can be classified into active and inactive problems. In realizing the benefits of brand positioning. The consumer may have encountered a negative experience with a specific brand and may never consider purchasing it again.Neighbours envy Early campaignsof Colgate Bad breath as a social barrier After-sales service is an area which offers wide scope for marketers to leave a lasting impression on consumers. “Branding turned into a game of being seen for the sake of being seen. the brand’s target audience. comparing the results with competitive brands. it is important to understand that not all brands are competitors.” Examples of brands which are attempting to create awareness on ‘actual state’ of consumers Brand Unit Trust Communication on 'desired state' 'Cars can be bought on instalments. brand positioning is determined by defining the brand’s benefits to the consumer. It brought out the fact that different kinds of fires require different gases. without giving consumers a reason to buy. This is an inactive problem. Ceasefire.Brand Positioning Defined Identifying where a specific brand is placed within the marketplace and its relationship to competitive brands. created awareness about problems associated with different kinds of fire. To achieve the benefits of brand positioning. not children's education' was the theme emphasising that an installment plan cannot cover certain important expenditures Onida COLOR TV(poison series ) You will die for it Onida color TV Owner’s Pride. it is necessary to research in-depth the market position (or lack thereof) of the brand. the mini fire extinguisher brand. or there may be a brand that simply does not stand out to the consumer and it is passed up. Brand maps and forms are created to profile the brand positioning.

may want to store it to be used on a later occasion—so Close-up has introduced sachets with a cap. ‘Product analysis’ is a technique which could be used by marketers to identify the ‘problem recognition’ aspects concerning consumers. the ‘desired state’ in terms of fuel economy should be significantly higher in a four-stroke scooter for the consumer to consider the new offering. he may attach very little importance to buying a car. Another example is readymade wear brands which offer different kinds of fits from which consumers can choose. Similarly. Park Avenue entered readymade wear much before other brands.shaver could create awareness about the negative aspects of conventional blade-based shaving and activate a ‘problem’ that is inactive for many men. As individuals go through family life-cycle stages. toothpastes (like shampoos). 2. Norfloxacin is a brand which offers a built-in mechanism with which consumers can easily break the nozzle. It is essentialto have a ‘pioneering lead’ to cater to changing ‘desired states’. The magnitude of discrepancy between the desired and actual stats: A new dimension to scooter brands is the introduction of the four-stroke scooter. especially given the fact that the updated version of the product will cost a few thousands more than conventional scooters. the states keep changing and this is one of the reasons why marketers offer an updated productline to hold on to loyal buyers. While the consumer may be interested in several product categories. finding a dropper which could be used or just making a puncture on the container from where the medicine can flow. When consumers were very much aware of the increasing costs of petrol. Consumers’ priority and nature of recognised problems How consumers respond to the strategies of ‘actual’ and ‘desired’ states would depend on two important factors: 1. Actual and desired states are dynamic Marketers should note that the ‘states’ regarding needs are not static. The consumer durables could make use of this aspect by creating ‘an immediacy of purchase’ around specific products. But given the ‘priority hierarchy’ in the mind of the onsumer. are now being offered in sachets. Hero Honda convinced them of its superior offering. The relative importance of the problem: A consumer owning a two-wheeler may like to own a car which may be his ‘desired state’ of satisfying a ‘transport’ need. the process of using medicinal drops for the eyes and ears has often posed problems for consumers in terms of breaking the nozzle of the container. differing earning capacities and lifestyles. The magnitude aspect becomes important when brands offer new benefits to gain an edge over competing brands. The entry of Raymonds into readymades (Park Avenue) and updated models of Maruti are examples of catering to changing ‘desired states’ apart from competing with new brands. he may prioritise television as a priority buying item. The microwave oven is one category which has been around for almost a decade. For example. LML Vespa marched ahead of Bajaj to cater to the changing ‘desired states’ of consumers. In the Indian context. after having used the paste. An active problem involves convincing consumers about the superior nature of the brand. consumers. If fuel consumption is a vital evaluation criterion of a prospective consumer (maybe even in the replacement market). It involves researching how consumers purchase or use a product. and this approach may be very applicable to it (though the benefits of the product may not be sufficient to create an impending desire to own it). 32 . generic competition (where the purchasing power of consumers competes for a number of categories) is an important aspect. However.

Examples of product categories where brands could create awareness on actual states Brand Communication on'desired state' l Air-purifier Ill-effects of polluted air l Home Computers Importance of computers in future for children l Cooking ranges Timeliness.As brand differentiation becomes a difficult proposition to achieve over a period of time. brands will be forced to concentrate on exploring consumer needs. simultaneous cooking CHAPTER-IV 33 .

BRANDS LG SAMSUNG VIDEOCON ONIDA BPL PHILIPS SONY SANSUI AKAI OTHERS TOTAL NO OF CUSTOMERS 102 85 49 133 40 57 32 33 20 56 607 % OF CUSTOME RS 17% 14% 8% 23% 7% 9% 5% 5% 3% 9% 100% TABLE-1 NO OF COLOR TVS OF DIFFERENT BRANDS 140 133 102 85 49 57 40 32 33 20 56 NO OF CUSTOMERS 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 LG SA M SU VI N G DE O C O N O NI DA I BRANDS 34 AK AI O TH ER S PH SA N SU IL IP S SO NY BP L .

6% have BPL. 5.Total no.FIELD SURVEY NOTE:.14.1% have AKAI and the rest 9. 21.9% have ONIDA color television followed by 16.7% LG . 8. of respondents surveyed = 676 No of respondents having color TV = 607 It is found from Table-1 that out of the total respondents having color TVs.8% have SONY . 6. AWARENESS SOURCES 35 .2% Philips .0% Samsung 9.1% have Videocon . only 3.0% have SANSUI.SOURCES NO OF RESPONSE S % OF RESPONSE S TV A D S 388 64% N E W RS PF AR PI EES D M A G A ZE H O A R D IN G D E A L E R S N IN S 192 32 % 213 35 % 10 2% 12 2% 29 5% 3% 5% 5% 9% 17% 14% 9% 7% 8% 23% LG SAMSUNG VIDEOCON ONIDA BPL PHILIPS SONY SANSUI AKAI OTHERS SOURCE:.6% have other brands of color TVs. 5.

FIELD SURVEY Note:-It was found from the survey conducted that about 64% of the total responses got aware of the brand from TV advertisements whereas 32% from Ads on News paper and 35% from their friends or relatives.TABLE-2 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 S AD TV %OF RESPONSES 64 32 35 Series1 5 2 PE R 2 N EW SOURCE:. FR IE N D S M AG AZ IN E H O RD IN G S D EA LE R S S PA SOURCES 36 .

most of them (100/133) have chosen the brand because of its quality by ranking it 1. Rank 3. where as Price as rank 4. 37 .e.So it is obvious from the above table that most of the ONIDA color TV customers prefer the brand by the chronological order i. followed by the Brand name as Rank 2.FIELD SURVEY Note : Total no of respondents found having Onida color TV = 133 From the Table-3 It is very much clear that out of the 133 nos of Onida color TV customers. FACTORS QUALITY BRAND NAME TECHNOLOGY PRICE AFTER SALES SERVICES WARRANTY DESIGN FREE GIFT/ OFFER INSTALLMEN T RANK1 100 21 4 6 1 1 0 0 0 RANK2 22 62 22 26 0 0 0 0 0 RANK 3 2 27 62 34 6 2 0 0 0 RANK 4 1 19 39 49 11 14 0 0 0 TABLE-3 FACTORS CONSIDERED MOST SOURCE:. technology and Price as Rank 1. Technology as Rank 3.So it was found that most of the Color TV customers get aware of a particular brand of color TV from TV advertisement followed by from friends and relatives .and from ads on news paper. Brand name . Quality.. Rank 4 respectively. Rank 2.

e.TABLE-4 CUSTOMER’S SATISFECTION LEVEL:HIGHLY MOD. 60% says that they are highly satisfied of the TV. FINDINGS:-So it is very much clear that the overall satisfaction level of ONIDA color TV customers is very good. whereas 35 (26%)of them are moderately satisfied .Total no.FIELD SURVEY NOTE:. LEAST SATISFIED SATISFIED SATISFIED No OF CUSTOMERS 79 35 No OF CUSTOMERS 12% 2% DIS SATISFIED 16 HIGHLY SATSFIED 3 MOD. only 16 (12%)of them said that they are least satisfied of the TV and only 3 (2%)of them are dissatisfied. SATISFIED LEAST SATISFIED DIS SATISFIED HIGHLY SATSFIED 26% 60% SOURCE:. of Onida color TV customers Found =133 From the above table it is found that out of 133 ONIDA TV customers 79 i. TABLE-5 SUUGESTION FOR IMPROVEMENT OF ONIDA COLOR TV 38 .


80 70 % OF RESPONSES 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 R M O 72.1 32.8.5 8. TABLE-6 FUTURE BUYERS OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OF COLOR TV IN NEAR FUTURE BPL BRANDS SAMSUNG SONY AKAI LG PROVISIONNO 19 27.5 AD V T/ O FF ER LO W PR TE IC C E H N O LO G Y PR A.3 1.2% of the total respondents suggest for more advertisement for the improvement of Onida color TV followed by 33.5 2 2.10.1% suggests for improvement in after sales service. 72.5 ONIDA 17 24.1 10.1% suggest fopr employment of free gift/offer .3 24.3% of the respondents suugests for arrangement of some sponsorship programs for the publicity of the company and the product.9 0 0 40 .32. C T V AR SP IE TY O N SO R SH IP D ES IG N Series1 E FR EE G IF SUGGESTIONS INTERPRETATION:From Table No-5 it is found that maximum nos of respondents i.6 0 0 Nos 18 % 26.2 33.3 2.e.24.S U .3% of the respondents suggest for reduction in price .1 8 11.3% of the respondents suugests for more variety of products with a wide range of price and only 2.3 1 1.6 0 0 3 4.5 PHILIPS SANSUI VIDEOCON OTHERS 1 1. O S D .5% suggests for improvement in technology or introducing unique technology.

6% ) persons for Samsung .IL IP S S U L G ID M S U N E S O P H S A O T H S A S G ET N U G S IO S NOTE:Total No. TABLE-7 RECCOMENDATION TO OTHERS TO PURCHASE COLOR TV BRANDS TOTAL No No OF % OF OF RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS CUSTOMERS LG 101 89 88.4 SANSUI 30 23 76.8 (11.0 SONY 35 32 91. rest 19 (27. 2 for Sansui 1 each for Sony and others.4 VIDEOCON 49 37 75.5%) didn’t show any interest in buying any brands of color TV in near future.1%) of them showed interest to buy LG color tv followed by 17 (24.6%) showed their interest in ONIDA color TV.5 ONIDA 133 110 82.18 (26.7 AKAI 19 10 52.6 41 .1 SAMSUNG 85 76 89.0 PHILIPS 56 42 75. among those persons who do not have a color TV.7 BPL 40 24 60. of persons having no color TV=69 No of persons showed interest in buying color TV in near future No of persons who didn’t show any intention to buy any color TV N O P R O O V N N IS IO A N Y R 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 18 % OF RESPONSES 17 19 8 3 1 G S s1 erie 2 I 1 S N =50 =19 In the survey .3 for Philips color TV.

4 75 60 82. Very few are moderately satisfied and only 2 each are dis-satisfied with either price or technology. design and Brand name.e. So the brand preference of Onida color TV customers is quite satisfactory.5 89.Price. OF 3 24 16 20 16 12 42 CUSTOMERS 42 . TABLE-9 LENGTH OF TIME THAT ONIDA COLOR TV CUSTOMERS ARE ENJOYING THEIR TV: TIME SPAN LESS 1 YR 2YRS 3 YRS 4 YRS 5 YRS BEYOND THAN 5 YRS 1 YR NO.1 40 60 80 % OF RECOMMENDATIONS 100 TABLE:-8 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF ONIDA COLOR TV CUSTOMERS ON FACTORS SATISFIED MODERATELY SATISFIED 6 34 27 12 12 14 DISSATISFIED 0 2 2 0 0 0 TOTAL 133 133 133 133 133 133 QUALITY 127 TECHNOLOGY 97 PRICE 104 AFTER SALES 121 SERVICE DESIGN 121 BRAND NAME 179 DIFFERENT FACTORS:- NOTE:No.7 91.Technology. of Onida color TV customers in the study=133 From the Table-8 .After sales service.AKAI SANSUI SONY BRANDS PHILIPS BPL ONIDA VIDEOCON SAMSUNG LG 0 20 52. it is clear that most of the customers are fully satisfied with all factors i.4 88. Quality.7 75.6 76.

NO OF CUSTOMERS 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 <1 Y R 1Y R 2 YS R 3 YS R 4 YS R 5 Y S R >5 Y R Series1 TIM SPA E N <1 YR 1 YR 2 YRS 3 YRS 4 YRS 5 YRS > 5 YR NOTE:From the above stated table no-9 and charts it is clearly understood that maximum no of customers i.e. 16 each have their Onida sets for the last 2 and 4 years . 43 . whereas 24 customers are enjoying their TV s for the last 1 year .20 customers are enjoying their Color TV sets for the last 3 years . 42 out of total 133 have their Onida color TV sets since more than 5 years .

TABLE-10: WHETTHER THERE IS ANY TECHNICAL PROBLEM OR NOT? YES=9 NO=124 TOTAL=133 YES 7% NO 93% YES NO TABLE-11.6% 10.5% 31.So it is clear that the percentage of buying Onida Color Tv for the past 3 to 4 years is good but the percentage of buying ONIDA color Tv set was at Top beyond 5 years.3% 44 .3% 9.2 RANK OF THE TECHNOLOGY OF ONIDA COLOR TV AS PERCEIVED BY OTHERS RANK-1 RANK-2 RANK-3 RANK-4 RANK-5 CAN’T SAY 11.6% 9.8% 35.3% 7% 9% 12% RANK-1 20% RANK-2 27% RANK-3 25% RANK-4 RANK-5 CAN’T SAY TABLE-11.8% 27.1 RANK OF THE QUALITY OF ONIDA COLOR TV AS PERCEIVED BY OTHERS RANK-1 RANK-2 RANK-3 RANK-4 RANK-5 CAN’T SAY 11.6% 25% 19.5% 1.7% 6.

3% CAN’T SAY 43.4 RANK OF THE ADVERTISEMENT OF ONIDA COLOR TV AS PERCEIVED BY OTHERS RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 CAN’T SAY % OF 2.3% 21.8% 19.8% 31.8% 2.RANK-1 1% 9% 12% RANK-2 RANK-3 RANK-4 RANK-5 CAN’T SAY 35% 32% 11% TABLE-11.2% 3% 13% Rank1 Rank 2 43% 16% Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 CAN’T SAY 1% 1% 3% 20% TABLE-11.8% 7.3 RANK OF THE AFTER SALES SERVICE OF ONIDA COLOR TV AS PERCEIVED BY OTHERS RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 % OF 2.6% 11.6% 1.6% RESPONSE 13.6% 11.2% 15.9%% 1.8% 11.1% RESPONSE 45 .3% 1.


Technology of Onida color TV by ranking it 2 or 3. the rank of Onida color TV is 4 or 5 when the factors like price or advertisement or after sales service are taken in to consideration.0-5yrs respectively. So overall the customers of other color TVs have very good perception on Onida color TV for its Quality. Brand name .40% having experience in this business for 10-15yrs. But at the same time according to some of the customers of other brands of color TVs.6 it is found that most of the customers of other brands of color TVs have a very good image regarding the quality. Only factor that dissatisfies is the Price and lack of publicity. 26%.1 to 11. 47 . DEALERS/RETAILERSANALYSIS Table-1 DEALER OR RETAILER IN % EX PER C O T E D IEN E F H EALER O R AILER IN C LO R T R ET O U V BU ESS SIN 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 40 26 16 18 0--5 5--10 YEAR O EX S F PER C IEN E 10--15 A BOV 15 E Source: Field Survey Note : Total no of dealers/retailers visited is 50 It is found from the above chart that out of the total 50 number of dealer/retailers surveyed only 18% are having more than 15 yrs of experience in colour TV business followed by 16%.Findings: 18% dealers /retailers have more than 15yrs of experience in this business.RANK 1 5% 5% 5% 9% 9% RANK 2 RANK 3 RANK 4 RANK 5 RANK6 CAN'T SAY 19% 48% SOURCE:-Field Survey INTERPTRETATION:From the above shown tables from Table No-11.510yrs. Technology and Brand name.

4%. Findings:. BPL 8%.videocon 18%. Philips and Videocon are the highest selling brand in 20%.Table 2: DIFFERENT BRANDS AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SHOWROOMS NO OF DEALER OR RETAILER 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 LG 48 39 42 23 31 24 22 9 11 4 3 Source: Field survey Total number of dealers/retailers visited is 50 It found from the above chart that out of total showroom visited.8%. TCL 22%.Onida is the highest selling brand in 8% of TV showroom.12%.SVL 44%. Sansui. LG is available in 96% showroom followed by Onida 84% .Onida TV is present in 84% showroom. Onida. Findings:.Samsung 78%. N G O N ID SA A N S PH UI IL IP S SO N Y VI D SVL EO CO N TC L BP L AK AI SA M SU BRAND NAME 48 . Table 3:Highest selling brand of colour TV in different showroom 60% 40% % of showroom 20% 0% brand name LG Samsung Onida Sansui Philips Videocon Source: field survey Number of showroom visited =50 It is found from the above chart that LG is the highest selling brand in 54% of outlets followed by Samsung.Akai 6% respecticely.Philips 62%. Sansui 46%.2% of showroom respectively.

(1) Rank-1 indicates top priority (2) Rank-6 indicates low priority From the above table we find that . After sale service: Rank-5 and Warranty :Rank -6 respectively are the factors responsible for attracting the customers for a particular brand of colour TV. of showrooms 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 12 10 9 6 4 1 0-50 50-100 100-200 200-300 300-500 ABOVE 500 Range of selling SOURCE:-Field Survey Note:.After sale service and Warranty respectively(in chronological order of ranking) are the factors affecting the selling of a particular brand of Colour TV.4.Total no of show rooms visited =50 49 . TABLE -5 APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALE OF ONIDA COLOR TV PER ANNUM QUANTITY 0-50 50-100 12 100-200 9 200-300 6 300-500 4 ABOVE 500 1 NO.Field Survey Note:.Promotional activity. OF 10 SHOWROOMS 14 No.3 . Technology .followed by Price : Rank-2.the quality factor got Rank-1 .TABLE -4 REASONS RESPONSIBLE FOR ATTRACTING THE CUSTOMERS FOR A PARTICULAR BRAND OF COLOR TV REASONS RANK-1 RANK-2 RANK-3 RANK-4 RANK-5 RANK-6 Quality 25 12 8 5 0 0 Price 10 18 7 2 1 12 Promotional 5 5 19 9 9 3 activity Technology 7 11 5 21 6 0 After sales 3 4 3 5 26 9 service Warranty 0 0 3 3 7 37 Source:. Technology: Rank.Price. Promotional activity : Rank. Findings:.Quality.

14 Kandy DLX are present in 90% . 33% among them are selling in the range 0-50 pieces per annum followed by 31%.5% and 5% of outlets respectively FINDINGS:-21 Black150 is present in maximum no of outlets.FIELD SURVEY No of show rooms visited=50 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealers/ retailers of ONIDA color TV 21 Black 150 is present in the 98% of the show rooms followed by 21 Black-200 . 21 Oxygen 500.12%.19%.38%.It is found from the above chart that out of total dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV .Maximum no of dealer/ retailer of ONIDA color TV are selling in the range 0-50 pieces per annum.14%. 76%.24%. Findings:.14 XS DLX .7%. 20 XS DLX .64%. Black 300. TABLE-7 HIGHEST SELLING MODEL OF ONIDA COLOR TV IN DIFFERENT OUTLETS MODEL OXYGEN 300 BLACK 150 XS DLX FREQUENCY 3 35 4 50 . 20 Marvel. 21 Black 500. 21 Oxygen 300. 29 Oxygen Thunder.29%. TABLE-6 :DIFFERENT MODELS OF ONIDA COLOR TV AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT OUTLETS MODEL FREQUENCY (NO OF SHOPS) 29 OXYGEN THUNDER 7 21 OXYGEN 500 10 21 OXYGEN 300 27 21 BLACK THUNDER 3 21 BLACK 500 16 21 BLACK 300 29 21 BLACK 200 38 21 BLACK 150 41 21 MARVEL 3 21 KY THUNDER 2 20 OXYGEN 12 20 CS DLX 2 20 XS DLX 26 20 MARVEL 8 15 OXYGEN 8 14 XS DLX 32 14 CANDY DLX 2 14 TVE GOLD 0 SOURCE:. 21 KY Thunder .300-500 and above 500 respectively.62%. 7% and 3% of them are selling in the range 50-100. 20 Oxygen. 100-200.20%.7%. 200300.69%. 21 Black Thunder.17%. 21 Marvel . 15 Oxygen .

Chart. REASONS PRICE DESIGN QUALITY TECHNOLOGY NO OF 33 RESPONSES EMBED TECHNOLOGY 2 1 14 Excel.NO OF SHOW SURVEYED=42 ROOMS OF ONIDA COLOR TELEVISION 51 . 21 BLACK150 is highest selling model in 83% outlets followed by 14 XS DLX and OXYGEN 300 in 10% and 7% of outlets respectively. TABLE-8 REASON BEHIND THE SELLING OF A PARTICULAR MODEL OF ONIDA COLOR TV. of Respondents SOURCES:-FIELD SURVEY NOTE:.M X U S L IN M D L A IM M E L G O E OY E 30 XGN 0 B A K1 0 LC 5 1% 0 7 % X DX S L 8% 3 SOURCE:.FIELD SURVEY TOTAL NO OF SHOW ROOMS =42 It is found from the above table that out of various models of ONIDA color TV. FINDINGS:.8 2 \s Factors QUALITY 14 DESIGN 1 c PRICE 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 33 35 No.21 BLACK-150 is the highest selling model of ONIDA color TV.

FIELD SURVEY NOTE: . TABLE-9 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER ON THE TECHNOLOGY OF ONIDA COLOR TV LEVEL OF Highly Satisfied Moderately DisSATISFACTION satisfied Satisfied satisfied NO OF 2 30 9 1 DEALER/RETAILER 2% 21% 5% 72% Highly satisfied Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Dis-satisfied SOURCE:.5% are satisfied on the technology followed by 21. OF 0 DEALER/RETAILER 21 16 5 52 .technology and design FINDINGS:.highly satisfied.No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 71.5% . TABLE-10 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER ON THE PRICE OF ONIDA COLOR TV LEVEL OF Highly Satisfied Moderately DisSATISFACTION satisfied Satisfied satisfied NO.Price is the important factor affecting the selling of ONIDA color TV. and dis-satisfied respectively FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the technology of ONIDA color TV.The price factor is one of the major reasons behind the sale of ONIDA color TV as responded by many as shown above followed by quality .5% and 2% are moderately satisfied .

FIELD SURVEY NOTE: .No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 50% are satisfied on the PRICE followed by 38%. 53 . OF 0 DEALER/RETAILER ON THE Satisfied 6 Moderately Satisfied 16 Dissatisfied 20 1% 4 4% 8 3% 8 S tisfie a d M d ra ly o e te S tisfie a d D is-sa tisfie d SOURCE:.12% and 0% are moderately satisfied . dis-satisfied and highly satisfied respectively. TABLE-11 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY OF ONIDA COLOR TV.Dissatisfied 12% Satisfied 50% Satisfied Moderately Satisfied 38% Moderately Satisfied Dis-satis fied SOURCE:.14% and 0% are moderately satisfied .No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 48% are Dis satisfied on the Promotional activity of ONIDA followed by 38%. LEVEL OF Highly SATISFACTION satisfied NO. FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the price of ONIDA color TV.FIELD SURVEY NOTE: . satisfied and highly satisfied respectively.

TABLE-13 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER ON THE M.FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are Dis-satisfied on the promotional activity of ONIDA color TV. TABLE-12 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER ON THE AFTER SALES SERVICE OF ONIDA COLOR TV LEVEL OF Highly Satisfied Moderately DisSATISFACTION satisfied Satisfied satisfied NO OF 3 22 12 5 DEALER/RETAILER 12% 7% Highly satisfied Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Dis-satisfied 29% 52% SOURCE:. 12% and 7% are moderately satisfied .FIELD SURVEY NOTE: .P. LEVEL OF Highly Satisfied Moderately DisSATISFACTION satisfied Satisfied satisfied NO OF 2 32 6 2 DEALER/RETAILER 5% 5% Highly satisfied Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Dis-satisfied 14% 76% SOURCE:.Dis-satisfied and highly satisfied respectively.No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 52% are satisfied on the After sales service of ONIDA followed by 29%.FIELD SURVEY 54 . FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the After sales service of ONIDA color TV.ON ONIDA COLOR TV.R.

FIELD SURVEY NOTE: .No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 76% are satisfied on the MRP of ONIDA followed by 14%. SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER OF ONIDA COLOR TV ON ITS CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION.NOTE: .No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 74% are satisfied on the MRP of ONIDA followed by 7%. TABLE 15 SATISFACTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER OF ONIDA COLOR TV ON THE AVAILABALITY OF PRODUCT. TABLE 14.asie iss t f d Nv w o ie 7 % 7 % 7 % 5 % SOURCE:.5% and 5% are moderately satisfied .Dis-satisfied and moderately satisfied respectively. H ig h ly s a tia f ie d satisfied SA T ISFE C T IO N LE V E L 6 3 2 Moderately Dissatisfied Satisfied 3 1 N O O F D E A L E R / R E T A IL E R 55 . SATISFECTION LEVEL NO OF DEALER/ RETAILER Highly satiafied 3 satisfied Moderately Dissatisfied Satisfied 31 2 3 No view 3 7% 4 Hh st f d ig ly asie St f d asie Md r t l s t f d o eae asie y D .7% and 5% are highly satisfied .Dis-satisfied and highly satisfied respectively. FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the MRP of ONIDA color TV. FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the channel of distribution of ONIDA color TV.

Highly satisfied Moderately Dissatisfied satiafied SATISFECTION Satisfied LEVEL 1 32 7 1 NO OF DEALERS 7% 9 H h s tisfie ig ly a d S tis d a fie M d ra lysa fie o e te tis d D a is-s tisfie d 2 % 2 % 1% 7 56 . FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied distribution of ONIDA color TV. on the channel of TABLE 16 SATISFECTION LEVEL OF DEALER / RETAILER OF ONIDA COLOR TV ON THE CREDIT FACILITY PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY.7% and 2% are highly satisfied moderately satisfied and Dis-satisfied respectively.No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 77% are satisfied on the MRP of ONIDA followed by 14%.FIELD SURVEY NOTE: .77% H lysatisfied igh S atisfied M oderately satisfie d D is-satisfied 1 4% 2% 7 % SOURCE:.

quick after sale service.2% and 2% are moderately satisfied. of suggestions are given ion important of more promotional activity followed by to decrease in price. FINDINGS:-Maximum no of Dealer/ retailer are satisfied on the credit facility provided by the company. change in marketing policy.FIELD SURVEY 28 8 8 6 3 8 It found above table that maximum no. Highly satisfied and Dis satisfied respectively. SUGGESTIONS FREQUENCY More promotional activity Decrease in price Change in marketing policy Free gift or offer Quality improvement Quick after sale service SOURCE: . 57 . of suggestions for the improvement of market share of onida colour tv is more promotional activity is required. free gift or offer and quality improvement respectivily for the improvement in market share of onida colour TV.No of dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV visited =42 It is found from the above table that out of 42 Dealer/retailer of ONIDA color TV 79% are satisfied on the MRP of ONIDA followed by 17%. Finding:-Maximum no. TABLE 17 SUGGESTIONS GIVEN BY DEALER OR RETAILER FOR IMPROVE MENT IN THE MARKRT SHARE OF ONIDA COLOUR TV.SOURCE:.FIELD SURVEY NOTE: .

CHAPTER-V FINDINGS: 1) Most of the people get aware of a particular brand of color TV from TV advertisements which is the most vital media of communication of a brand to the people followed by ads on News papers and friends or relatives as per our study . 58 .

technology and Brand image of Onida color TV and would have bought ONIDA if the price were a little lower. 7) So far as quality is concerned. Price and Warranty in their chronological order respectively. Latest Technology. latest technology and brand image. According to those they are getting the true value of the price they have paid to buy it due to its technology. Brand Image.So it is very much clear from the study as made by us that ONIDA bears a good brand reputation for its latest technology. How ever these customers have dissatisfaction on either the remote or color adjustment . These customers were influenced by the quality. So it is very much clear from the study that ONIDA has a very good brand image in the mind of customers for its high quality. we found that about 24. Only 1% of the total ONIDA 59 . 8) Again it was also found that most of the ONIDA color TV customers are highly satisfied with the technology of ONIDA color TV which contributes about 73% of the total customers of ONIDA color TV followed by 26% are moderately satisfied with technology and only just 1% of total ONIDA color TV customers are dissatisfied on the technology of the TV which is almost negligible. 9) It was also found from our study that about 90% of the total ONIDA color TV customers have a very good impression on the Brand name of ONIDA and only 10% remarks that this brand is of average class.12% are least satisfied and only 2% are dissatisfied.2) Most of the ONIDA color TV customers have bought the TV by getting influenced by the factors Quality. 5) In the survey among those who have no color TV t present as conducted by us . most of the ONIDA color TV customers are highly satisfied which contributes about 96% and only 4% are moderately satisfied. 11) About 78% of the ONIDA color TV customers were found to be satisfied of the price what they have paid for the TV. But no one was found to have any complaint or doubt against the quality of ONIDA color TV . 3) It was found that the overall satisfaction level of ONIDA color TV customers is very good with near about 60%of the total customers are highly satisfied whereas 26% of the total customers of ONIDA color TV are moderately satisfied . 4) The reason behind the level of least satisfaction or dissatisfaction was found to be of either high price or poor after sales service. Rest 9% are moderately satisfied with the after sales service of ONIDA color TV which is due to the late response to their complaints. Whereas 21% are slightly disappointed d of the price because according to them the price is slightly higher. 6) It was also found from the study that some of the customers go for other brands because of high price of ONIDA color TV as compared to other brands of color TV. quality and brand name.6% are interested to buy a ONIDA color TV set in near future because of its good quality. According to those the after sales service needs to be quicker as far as possible. 10) Similarly 91% of the total ONIDA color TV customers are found to be satisfied with the after sales service of Onida color TV.

16) Some of the dealers also said that used to deal with ONIDA color TV sets but due to lack of publicity . price. 12) The survey also show that 94% of the total ONIDA color TV customers have no technical problem yet with their TV set whereas the rest 6% are somehow have some technical problem with the TV set which is either in the functional problem in their remote controllers or some problem in picture clarity. 17) In 54% of the total shops studied by us. technology. 15) From the study on dealers or retailers it was found that 84% of the total dealers /retailers deals with ONIDA color TVs which is less as compared to LG which is available in almost 96% shops/outlets. 76% are satisfied with the MRP of ONIDA color TV whereas about 76% are satisfied on the distribution channel of ONIDA color TV. followed by Samsung with 89% and LG with 88% recommendation. 18) According to the dealers / retailers the customers are attracted to a particular brand of color TV by its quality. However Sony stand 1st in the list so far as rate of recommendation is concerned with92% of recommendations. Samsung or Akai. 21) Maximum numbers of dealers /retailers suggest for more promotional activity by ONIDA followed by reduction in price. after sales service taken in chronological order of ranking. LG is the highest selling brand followed by SAMSUNG in about 20% shops where as in only 8% of the shops have highest selling of ONIDA color TV. advertisement. change in marketing policy and 60 . For the improvement of selling or market share. So according to the ONIDA color TV customers. So ONIDA ranks 4th in the list. ONIDA is technically a very good brand in the industry. 20) It was also found from the above study that about 52% of the total dealers /retailers are satisfied with the after sales service of ONIDA color TV and 50% are satisfied with the pricing of ONIDA color TV. 19) About 48% of the dealers / retailers suggest that there is lack of promotional activity which affects badly on the selling of ONIDA color TV. 13) It was found that about 83% of total ONIDA color TV customers have recommended either to their friends or to their relatives or to others to buy ONIDA color TV which shows a strong brand loyalty towards ONIDA and also this shows the satisfaction level of ONIDA color TV customers . 14) It was also found that most of the customers are about 73% suggest for more advertisements in order to improve market share of ONIDA color TV whereas 33% suggest for reduction in price or employment of more attractive gift/offer or any other promotional activity.38% dealers/ retailers are moderately satisfied with the promotional activity of ONIDA. high price and low demand they don’t now deal with ONIDA any more.color TV is completely dissatisfied of the price according to whom the price is really very high as compared to other TV brand like LG.

22) According to most of the dealers /retailers ONIDA bears a very good brand image. and reputation for its superb quality in the buyer’s mind but some of the customers go for other brand because of its high price for the lower and middle class family which they are unable to afford though they have a strong wish to buy ONIDA color TV 61 .quick after sales service for the improvement sales of ONIDA color television in market.

4) Another important area on which the company has to pay more attentions is Publicity of the products. 5) The company may arrange some road shows through mobile vans and install display hording at different crowded place to increase the publicity and awareness of the brand. attractive offers with various models of color TV will certainly create a difference in the selling volume of the color television as this will put a great impact on customer’s mind and they will certainly show a great interest in buying ONIDA color TV.They are also satisfied with the quality technology but some of the customers are dissatisfied or least satisfied on the after sales service of the produ8ct which may be due to lack of prompt & quick service . 6) Different types of promotional activities may be adopted such as arrangement of sponsorship programs of different local festivals. Sometimes although having a good brand reputation and image often the companies can’t achieve their target. So it should be taken care properly that the company must maintain a sound and healthy relationship with all the dealers or retailers. cricket matches etc. So the company should consider the price so that customers of different category might go for ONIDA color TV instead of other brands. of customers are satisfied with ONIDA color TV .SUGGESTIONS: 1) Maximum no. It should come up aggressively to maintain the brand image and keep the customers delighted. It is also found that free gifts. This may be done by frequently arranging meetings with the intermediaries to detect the problems and minimize it easily. to increase the brand awareness and the publicity of the product. 3) Prompt services should be taken care of for the newly purchased customers as well as for the existing customers so as to keep them satisfied and delighted. sports. As the study shows that maximum numbers of customers get aware of a particular brand of color TV basically from the advertisements on TV followed by news papers. So it is suggested that the company should increase its budget for the advertisement or publicity which will definitely help the company to reach at different parts of the country through frequent advertisements on TV as well as in Local and National news papers. This step will definitely help in increasing the market share of the brand. 62 . So the company may attempt for these type of promotional activities to draw more attention of the customers towards the brand. 7) Dealers. 2) Price is an important factor which affects the performance of selling a particular brand in the market. low skilled service personnel or else. competitions. One of the main reasons for this is lack of interest of dealers or retailers to sell the product at their counters and sell other brands. retailers or any other intermediaries play an important role for the selling of a particular brand or model.

urban areas with a moderate price and models to attract the customers. free gifts. regular research and development activities to stay in the market for long time and compete with others. competitions should be employed to increase the interest level of the intermediaries which will help the company to earn a good brand image and market share as well. 63 . 9) To reach each and every place .8) Attractive prizes. Also training programs should be arranged for the sales personnel. all level of customers the company should pay more focus on rural areas . sub-urbans. 10) The company should keep in mind and open up its eyes on its major competitor’s strategy inventions.

I am to conclude that. As the sample is concerned. it is a random and small size . so it is difficult to tell about the exact position of ONIDA colour TV in ORISSA market. I have gained a lot of knowledge about Onida colour TV and its competitors in the Orissa market.CONCLUSION AND BIBLIOGRAPHY CONCLUSION: After successful completion of the project work. 64 . still the awareness level and brand image of ONIDA colour TV is good compared to that of other brands in the market.

I able to complete attitude. but despite of all above difficulties and problems . this project is really a good learning experience for me as well as for my future career. Tata McGraw Hill 65 .  Saxena Rajan.patience. adoptability to new circumstances and positive BIBILIOGRAPHY Reference Text Books  Kotler Philip . I had to face a lots of problems while dealing with the customers and dealers.Marketing Management.ability to learn. In fact.During this project work. Marketing Management. some did not responded. Prentice Hall of India  Ramaswamy & Namakumari. McMillan & Co. some denied. this project work successful in time because of my self confident. Marketing Management. because some of them are rigid in nature.