December 1, 2011 | Vol. 26, No. 45

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Pulp prices fall again but bottom may be near
The bottom of the pulp market in Europe remains elusive as prices continued to tumble in November for both softwood and hardwood. Fibria, the world’s biggest producer of bleached eucalyptus kraft (BEK) pulp, however, is attempting to reverse the months-long trend with a surprise price increase announcement for December deliveries in Europe. Ongoing weakness in demand for paper and rising concerns about the overall economy gave buyers additional ammunition to further knock down prices on both the long- and short-fiber sides in November. Market participants reported prices for northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp of $850860/tonne and BEK prices of $650670/tonne as the month wound down. Buyers were also supported by the most recent statistics from the Pulp and Paper Council (PPPC), released last week, which showed an increase in market pulp producer inventories of two days in October, to 39 days of stock. Total shipments were down by nearly 17% last month, to 3.203 million tonnes. Shipments to western Europe alone were down slightly month on month in October, at 1.093 million tonnes (No. 44, p.4). Fibria announces hike: The continued declines mean delayed hopes of reaching a bottom in terms of pricing, with everyone in the market now turning their attention to December. That attention was firmly grabbed when Fibria began informing customers on November 28 that it would seek a price increase for December BEK deliveries to $730/tonne. While buyers roundly dismissed the move, sellers welcomed it, primarily as a way to put a floor in the market and signal an impending reverse in the recent downward trend. “‘What planet are they on?’ is an initial response that comes to mind,” said one large buyer reacting to the Fibria news. “They felt the pain of not getting their volumes this past summer [when they attempted price hikes], and that will happen again with this,” he added. ››› continued on page 5

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Norske Skog recommends Follum closure
Norske Skog’s corporate management has recommended to the board of directors that production be stopped at its 290,000 tonne/yr Follum mill, in Norway, no later than March 31 next year. This comes one week after news that the firm has received a bid for the mill from an interested buyer. The recommendation will be addressed during a meeting of the board of directors on December 7. The following day, Norske Skog’s corporate assembly will vote on the decision made by the board of directors, a vote which is final. “It is with regret towards all employees, suppliers and the local community that we recommend closing Norske Skog Follum. Norske Skog sells less paper than before since many are replacing paper with electronic media. Therefore, we unfortunately no longer need as many paper mills,” said CEO Sven Ombudstvedt. The Follum mill, located in Hønefoss, some 60 km northwest of Oslo, has a capacity of some 145,000 tonnes/ yr of improved newsprint and book paper as well as some 145,000 tonnes/yr of machine-finished coated (MFC) paper on two PMs. It employs 356 people. The mill is the company’s smallest paper plant in Norway and has the highest production cost per tonne of paper, the firm stated. Norske Skog has investigated alternatives for continued production, but the management said it had not found any solution that is justifiable for Norske Skog. Viken Skog’s bid still on the table: However, the Follum plant has attracted an interested buyer. On November 1, the Norwegian forest owner cooperative Viken Skog, which is Norske Skog’s largest owner with a 5.74% stake, placed a NOK 280 million ($48 million) cash bid on the mill (No. 44, p.8). In response, Norske Skog said the bid was far too low compared to its own calculations, according to Ragnhild Borchgrevink, CEO of Viken ››› continued on page 7

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540 510 .375 295 .735 695 .05 . Actual transaction prices may vary.110 120 .800 780 .210 505 .700 650 .790 570 .1.820 720 .com/pricewatch.250 -17 -16 -16 -1 -2 -10 -10 -14 -1 0 5 4 -29 -24 -26 -30 -17 1: Comparison of November 2011 prices with those of November 2010 uses the midpoint of price ranges.830 670 . 5: White-top testliner prices are for uncoated board with a brightness of ISO≥70.655 585 .625 670 .590 600 .735 690 .405 385 .575 745 .435 400 . subscribe to the Global Price History Database: www.620 620 .715 820 .880 780 .risi.170 230 . Prices are generally best estimates of prices before regular volume and contract discounts and are composite prices as opposed to median or average prices.405 470 510 1. Recovered paper prices are free delivered.80 90 . Inc.150 135 . 3: Semi-chemical fluting prices reflect levels for domestic.690 830 .690 640 .620 620 .725 680 .685 100 . 2 © 2011 RISI.125 190 .425 350 .800 585 .830 740 .110 120 .120 105 .565 535 . unless otherwise noted.375 490 .055 . To use your free online price analysis tools.735 695 .155 220 .620 585 .590 600 .185 650 .720 770 .PRICE WATCH 2011: ITALY Prices in Euro/tonne.130 150 .385 365 .550 585 .590 565 . See notes and disclaimer below. All rights reserved.555 520 .500 1. customer's warehouse. Paper and board prices are free delivered.520 1.130 140 .810 770 .160 160 .655 700 .risi.630 595 .720 615 .620 585 .355 470 .820 November 2010 420 .790 580 .625 565 .185 620 .620 620 .660 100 . For over 20 years of historical prices. 4: Recycled fluting prices reflect Italian qualities at the lower end of the range and other European qualities toward the top end. 2011 .mixed P&B (sorted) 1.395 320 .640 395 .055 .550 720 .240 580 .05 .185 650 .790 770 .newspapers 3.760 810 .720 760 .640 610 .1. Nordic and other European qualities.690 660 .620 585 .530 495 .01 . 6: Recovered paper nomenclature comes from the list of standard European qualities developed by CEPI and BIR. log in at www.620 620 .620 585 . PPI EUROPE/December 1.white woodfree letters 175-g+ 150-g 125-g 140-g+ 127-g 140-g 140-g 105-g 140-g 270-g+ 300-g+ 320-g+ 480 . 2: Unbleached kraftliner prices reflect levels for European qualities.11 .725 680 .840 675 . RISI does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information.055 .850 720 . DISCLAIMER: While the information contained in the price table has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.old corrugated containers 1.02 .590 565 .685 70 .715 830 .870 770 .655 700 .655 585 .com/pricehistory.735 690 .890 790 .720 615 .650 730 .sorted graphic paper for deinking 2.450 565 .100 110 .850 730 .550 585 .860 % change 2011/20101 22 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 5 6 5 -2 -3 -2 -1 -6 -5 White-top kraftliner Semi-chemical fluting3 Recycled containerboard Testliner 2 Testliner 3 Fluting4 White-top testliner5 Cartonboard Coated duplex (GC2) White-lined chipboard (GD2) White-lined chipboard (GD3) RECOVERED PAPER6 1.1. GRAPHIC PAPER Newsprint Uncoated mechanical SC rotogravure reels SC rotogravure reels SC rotogravure reels SC offset reels SC offset reels SC offset reels Coated mechanical Rotogravure reels Offset reels LWC rotogravure reels LWC offset reels Uncoated woodfree A4 copier (B grade) A4 copier (C grade) Offset reels Offset sheets Coated woodfree Reels Sheets PACKAGING P&B Virgin fiber containerboard Unbleached kraftliner2 Basis weight (g/m2) 45-g 60-g 56-g 52-g 60-g 56-g 52-g 80-g 70-g 60-g 60-g 80-g 80-g 80-g 70-g+ 100-g 100-g November 2011 515 .640 410 .820 October 2011 515 .690 590 .625 375 .

while buyers are aiming for stable or decreasing prices (No. price quotes from Italian contacts were below October levels. p. 520 Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Apr 2010 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 Oct 2010 Dec 2010 Feb 2011 Apr 2011 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2011 LWC ROTOGRAVURE REELS 60 G 740 700 660 620 France Italy Germany UK Growing pressure on UWF prices: Uncoated woodfree (UWF) paper suppliers have abandoned plans to raise prices in Europe. although some have softened their demands slightly. Despite this. overcapacity and decreasing pulp prices are cited as reasons. market players reported low demand and high pressure on prices in November. most market insiders concurred that they were expecting even higher pressure on prices and more price cuts in the final month of the year. on the other hand.” one producer said. p. stating that the general financial uncertainty is likely to decrease European paper demand even further.1).OFFSET SHEETS 900 CWF prices start inching down: Following unsuccessful price increase attempts in the eurozone since September. while buyers have their eyes set on stability (No. 580 Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Apr 2010 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 Oct 2010 Dec 2010 Feb 2011 Apr 2011 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2011 UNCOATED WOODFREE 80 G . prices for coated woodfree (CWF) paper have started weakening (No.3). Buyers argue that mills’ costs for recovered paper (RCP) have decreased lately and point out that demand for newsprint is shrinking in Europe. but most of them emphasized that contract prices remained unchanged in November. 43. 44. say they have not been forced to pay more and that their prices are set to remain unchanged until the end of the year.1). Toward the end of the month. 640 SC OFFSET REELS 56 G 610 580 550 France Italy Germany UK Mechanical market in early 2012 talks: The status quo still reigns on the mechanical paper market as buyers and sellers are sizing each other up for more serious talks on next year’s pricing. price decreases of Euro 10-15/tonne. despite October figures from Cepiprint showing a decrease in total European deliveries of supercalendered (SC) paper and coated mechanical reels compared to the same period last year. it has been clear that producers are looking for price increases of varying degrees. 2011 850 800 750 France Italy Germany UK 700 Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Apr 2010 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 Oct 2010 Dec 2010 Feb 2011 Apr 2011 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2011 Prices (euro/tonne) are based on average monthly values. Many suppliers say they are well booked.GRAPHIC PAPER FOCUS: NOVEMBER Next year’s newsprint prices uncertain: Discussions regarding newsprint prices for 2012 continued to advance at a slow pace in November. Several buyers. Since October. at least in some markets. In the UK. All rights reserved. In the eurozone. The development was attributed to weak demand during the usual slow season for this sector and to the low prices offered by foreign industry players. PPI EUROPE/December 1. p. however. The information was confirmed by several market players. Manufacturers are looking to boost prices by 6-8% next year. many sellers say they are keeping their prices firm. 3 . p. In the major eurozone markets. Looking ahead. or sometimes more. 39. 40. Still.OFFSET REELS 850 800 750 700 France Italy Germany UK 650 600 Dec 2009 Feb 2010 Apr 2010 Jun 2010 Aug 2010 Oct 2010 Dec 2010 Feb 2011 Apr 2011 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2011 COATED WOODFREE 100-115 G . however. After UWF levels remained unchanged in October despite several price hike announcements (No. Overcapacity remains an issue as well. Weak demand. Neither party has given up its stance so far. Many buyers are rather confident that any price increase early next year will be rather small.1). © 2011 RISI. producers now hope price levels will stabilize at current levels. Several contacts reported that producers from the Iberian Peninsula in particular were selling at very low prices. “There are several spot prices for big tonnages out there. sellers argue that their margins are too narrow and that the recent RCP price dip does not make up for the RCP cost increases seen in the past years. several sellers say they have implemented an increase of £15-30/tonne and that they are maintaining it. have been reported. Inc. with a few doubting there will be one at all.

The Russian pulp and paper giant said the investment. UK.850 113. Ilim.” Stefan Kaiser. We never got the chance to speak to him and discuss the proposal in more detail. PPI EUROPE/December 1.628 197. The unit is scheduled to start up in Q3 2012.792 57. Earlier they claimed they did not have adequate access to documents related to negotiations held by M-real on the mill’s possible sale (No.342 1. “The potential investor remained only a phantom for us. Ilim Group mulls FBB production in Russia Ilim Group is considering installing a coated folding boxboard (FBB) machine at its Koryazhma mill in the Arkhangelsk region in western Russia.” said Paul Herbert.850 9.286 18. The unions’ public accountant is currently examining them and has already requested that M-real send additional documents which he says are missing. Ilim’s CEO. was considering options for the mill.592 62.007 1. the mill announced that a potential Russian investor associated with Myllykoski Continental’s former financial manager. Switzerland.814 207. The concept was not really sustainable.807 8.364 Alizay mill unions drop motion against M-real Union representatives have withdrawn the motion they filed with the Evreux district court against the mill’s owner. which could be run slower and with added fourdriniers could manufacture high-quality cartonboard.787 206. 4 © 2011 RISI.” Herbert said. though.000 tonnes/yr PM start-up in 2014. the negotiations have been very constructive so far and we are confident that we will come to an agreement. Source: Europulp. UPM said.668 Oct 2008 606. 2011 STOCKS OF WOODPULP AT EUROPEAN PORTS Year 2008 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Year 2009 Year 20010 Year 2011 Note: Stocks include the Netherlands.951 273. p. In the meantime. Maybe it wasn’t a serious intention.531 95. failed to lead to a serious takeover offer.3 million tonnes of capacity across Europe.950 149. The Albbruck mill produces some 320. Hartmut Wurster. according to Lardeur. “Because of the difficulties in the European [publication paper] industry. Günter Kraus.160 11.530 360. however.240 Sept 2011 722. This. He added.942 89.UPM makes final decision to shut Albbruck mill UPM will permanently close its lightweight coated (LWC) paper mill in Albbruck in southwestern Germany in January. M-real declined to comment on the matter. could see a 250. “We have made a proposal for the social plan and we are discussing it with the [workers’] council. will consider both converting a second-hand paper machine to make FBB or purchasing a new unit.219 24. UPM is continuing negotiations with employee representatives regarding the closure.625 22. tried to find ways to avoid the closure.726 78.227 330.548 10. there are some good machines on the [second-hand] market.460. supported by regional authorities. All rights reserved.347. STOCKS OF WOODPULP AT EUROPEAN PORTS (TONNES) Country Netherlands/ Belgium France UK Germany Switzerland Italy Spain TOTAL Source: Europulp. According to Stefan Kaiser.755 100. 43. M-real. which is aimed at replacing FBB imports with locally produced cartonboard. . Inc.439 Oct 2009 256.130 30. Italy and Spain. In the last four months we’ve heard of three top-class machines that are being closed down. Belgium. No investor for Albbruck: Since September. they decided to withdraw the complaint after M-real sent some of the requested documents. Ilim said it is looking for a technologically advanced machine used for coated paper production with a width of 6-7 m. after UPM announced its intention to close the Albbruck facility as part of its plan to slash about 1. trade union representatives and the workers’ council. there is no local producer of FBB.924 986.889 31. Oct 2011 595.” said UPM’s executive vice president of technology. some of the Albbruck employees have already started to look for new jobs. According to CFE-CGC union representative Eric Lardeur. but this didn’t happen.638 1. Even though the positions of the two parties are naturally quite different. UPM was unable to estimate how many of the plant’s 557 employees will be able to find a new position at UPM’s other sites. is final. At the same time.000 tonnes/yr of lightweight coated (LWC) paper on three machines. The decision on the plant. Ilim will seek board approval of the project after the feasibility study is completed.3). The firm plans to start the installation of the FBB machine once it has finished its ongoing project to bring online the woodfree paper machine PM 7. that it will not be easy to find alternative employment in the area. which is currently doing a feasibility study for the project.621 746. France. “[Over the past month] UPM wanted to talk to the investor.615 51. It is entirely imported.059 135.932 34.219 Oct 2010 399. the mayor of Albbruck told PPI Europe. The group added that a new pre-engineered cartonboard PM could also be viable option. Germany. the mill’s workers’ council.815 361.919 65.333 28.” Wurster said.527. which follows a series of roundtable meetings with regional officials. Last month.714 330. adding that UPM intends to support all affected employees and will try to relocate workers to the firm’s other production units and/or to other companies in the area. “Production of high-quality FBB is our next strategic focus because the demand is clearly growing sustainably in Russia.

700 $680 . and then they can say if the $730/tonne is not reached in December. Losing some tonnes at this point won’t really matter.060 $720 .00 842.670 487 . but the mood is changing now.860 $810 . they admitted that it would probably slow price erosion in December.50 860.670 $800 . 44.650 $620 .risi. PPI EUROPE/December 1.62 November 22 874.00 854.com/methodology. acknowledged the difficulties of going that route.830 $640 .000 $1. which has a capacity of some 425.550 October 2011 $900 .680 10 contracts were traded in the period November 23 .” said one buyer. and then they can maybe push that through by simply saying no to counter-proposals. noting that while the full increase may very well not be achieved. there might be room for another $50/tonne reduction. Several other BEK producers said they would carefully analyze Fibria’s move before deciding how to proceed themselves. Södra is not planning any further downtime at any of its facilities at the moment. Limited downtime so far: Sweden’s Södra announced market-related downtime at two of its facilities – its 100. 2011 © 2011 RISI. CME GROUP NBSK PULP FUTURES ($) December 2011 January 2012 February 2012 March 2012 April 2012 October 2012 December 2012 Dec 1 865. but history doesn’t always repeat itself. it’s for January.1.” one producer said with just one day left to go before the end of the month.00 875.19 November 22 673.” said one seller. Bleached softwood kraft NBSK Southern pine Bleached hardwood kraft Birch Eucalyptus (euros) Eucalyptus (dollars) Northern mixed Southern mixed Other BCTMP (Aspen) Fluff Spot NBSK Eucalyptus (dollars) November 2011 $850 .risi. 5 .720 478 .820 $990 .” he said.1.com/pricehistory DISCLAIMER: While the information contained in the price table has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. but in general it seems like a good idea. FOEX INDICES PIX NBSK Benchmark ($) November 29 869. Another. even buyers who were dismissive of the Fibria play admitted that it would likely have some effect on pricing. We’ve still got work to do for November.000 tonne/ yr bleached chemithermomechanical pulp (CTMP) Folla mill in central Norway and an extended maintenance shut at its Mörrum mill in southern Sweden. depending on market activity. it would likely put a brake on the successive declines of recent months.50 PRICE WATCH: MARKET PULP For specifications and details on how RISI determines prices.” said one producer.00 842. subscribe to the Global Price History Database: www.92 PIX NBSK Benchmark (Euro) November 29 657.508 $710 .” he added.com/pricewatch. they have nothing to lose – December business will be lousy anyway. For over 20 years of historical prices. p. Prices may also be subject to rebates.December 1.00 863.040 .” he said. to European ports. said another seller. “When November is wrapped up. To use your free online price analysis tools.720 $690 .000 tonnes (No. pricing is likely to erode further in December. “Paper and board demand continues to be weak in Europe and we’re expecting prices of $820-830/tonne for NBSK in December.00 843. Inc. 1: Comparison of 2011 and 2010 prices uses the midpoint of the price ranges. While rejecting the idea that it would amount to a turnaround in general pricing dynamics. Another suggested that the increase announcement was a clear signal the price declines were finished.640 $610 .750 $570 . Total Open Interest for the complex stands at 402 contracts. “We’re still digesting this news.50 852. depending on the customer. “We were hoping to reach $600/tonne in December [for eucalyptus] but I think $620/tonne is a more likely level now.502 $650 . All prices are generally best estimates of prices before regular volume and contract discounts and are composite prices as opposed to median or average prices.000 tonnes/yr of bleached softwood kraft (BSK) pulp and bleached hardwood kraft (BHK) pulp. I think the majority of low prices have been seen and we’re in for a couple of months of struggling along at these low levels until things pick up again. either: On the long fiber side.00 852. CIF. has also announced plans to take several weeks of downtime to make repairs following an explosion at the facility on October 31 which killed one worker and injured two.42 PIX BHKP Benchmark (Euro) November 29 502. Canada.640 $970 . All rights reserved. “Maybe they won’t get the full amount they’re after. who also said they were looking closely at Fibria’s strategy.740 $520 .00 868.50 843.00080.880 $710 . see www.820 $650 . Most players continue to believe that despite downtime announcements by some pulp mills in both Europe and the USA. “We’ll wait and finish our November negotiations and get a better handle on the fundamentals. Actual transaction prices may vary. risi.960 $910 . The downtime there is expected to remove some 40.920 $ 870 665 $ 870 $ 860 $ 850 % change 2011/2010¹ -10 -11 -23 -14 -23 -24 -25 -22 -8 -11 -19 $640 . however. it also remains unclear how far off a bottom to the market is. “My gut feeling is that while we’re not there [at the bottom] yet.50 Nov 23 880. The negative trend is over.610 $770 .BEK pulp producers mull december strategy in light of Fibria price hike ››› continued from page 1 BEK producers mull strategy: Sellers. “To be honest. which the firm said would result in production curtailment of approximately 22.670 $630 . RISI does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information.980 $710 .” he added. The Terrace Bay NBSK pulp mill in Ontario. 3). we’ll deal with December.000 tonnes of pulp from the market.” he added. it would not be so easy to justify such a price.46 PIX BHKP Benchmark ($) November 29 665. “Basically. log in at www. we’re close.690 November 2010 $950 . Prices are subject to discounts. “Looking back historically.00 850.920 $860 . No bottom on softwood.83 November 22 496. were generally receptive to the move.04 Market pulp prices are per tonne.36 November 22 644. Still.

the firm generated a negative EBIT of Euro 66 million. Capvis added that it did not receive Manroland’s updated financial figures before mid-November. all sites are concentrating on maintaining production and continuing the business relations with their customers. Sales shrank from Euro 2. Manroland’s earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). Germany’s IG Metall trade union has demanded state aid for the country’s ailing printing machinery sector. labels and foils for the pharmaceutical industry. The firm’s order intake declined from Euro 1. who made international headlines this summer when a Boeing 737 airplane controlled by Thailand’s crown prince was seized by German authorities as part of a long-running dispute in which he demanded more than Euro 30 million that the Thai government owed to a now insolvent German construction firm. 2011 6 . has reportedly been approached by several parties interested in taking over part or all of Manroland. p. Schneider is seeking a DIP loan to be able to order materials and pay suppliers.Printing giant Manroland files for insolvency Manroland. and in the segment for sheet-fed presses. the BM’s capacity will rise from 150. Manroland posted an order intake of Euro 520 million. due for completion in spring 2012. Manroland aims to restructure key units as debtor in possession. intensive competition in the face of declining orders has led to even greater pressure on prices and therefore to declining […] margins. A new 80 MW biomass power plant adjacent to the Kyro mill is also scheduled to begin operating in autumn 2012. sales of Euro 435 million and an operating loss of Euro 25 million.000 tonnes/year.” Capvis said. light weight and sustainability.” Manroland said. According to Capvis. As a result of the revamp. Jürgen Kerner. Allianz and MAN.” it added. Therefore. Schneider’s main focus at the moment is to secure business operations. which traded under Nampak Healthcare before its acquisition by Platinum Equity last April (No. The program also includes the rebuild of its Äänekoski board machine. according to senior VP and head of M-real consumer packaging. I very much hope that those involved are interested in a quick solution to help the company and its employees. the project had to be abandoned. The startup took place as scheduled on November 21. M-real restarted its Simpele mill in Finland.000 tonnes/ yr to 935. PPI EUROPE/December 1. bringing online an additional 80. Geiwitz & Partner was appointed as provisional insolvency administrator while lawyer Frank Kebekus is acting as general representative for the restructuring process. It employs 70 people.” Joukio said.000 of them in Germany. on November 25 after the negotiations with a potential investor – later revealed to be the Swiss private equity firm Capvis – failed in the home stretch. the dryer and the coating section. which stood at Euro 118 million and Euro 125 million in 2006 and 2007. “The increased capacity will allow us to offer our customers better service. According to Manroland. leaflets. it had been in talks with Manroland since September. Meanwhile. Manroland’s provisional insolvency administrator is looking for a new investor. Contego Packaging.5 billion) in 2006 to Euro 976 million last year. “The increase in the size of leaflets is in response to legislative demands for the inclusion of additional information on leaflets and the requirement to increase font sizes to aid legibility. The Newmarket plant produces over 400 million patient information leaflets for pharmaceutical companies per year. 16. customers are finding it far more difficult to obtain financing in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The upgrade is part of M-real’s investment program. the decision to file for insolvency was triggered by another dramatic downturn in incoming orders. “The initiated insolvency procedure affords the opportunity to step up the restructuring process and guide the company through this difficult phase. Now. After showing initial signs of recovery from the beginning of the fiscal year and well into the summer. M-real boosts FBB output with Kyro mill revamp M-real has completed the rebuild of its Kyro mill in Finland.000 tonnes/yr of FBB capacity in June. To this end. “The talks over [the loan] have been initiated. “Only if Manroland can continue its production without major curtailments will the search for a wealthy investor be promising. “The market size is now only at 50% of the level before the beginning of the crisis in 2008. “Although there is still great interest in Manroland’s printing systems.” he stated. Manroland’s business activities continue to run as normal. due to their purity. Last year. The Swiss private equity firm wanted to take a share in the printing giant and continue both the web and sheetfed offset printing businesses.000 tonnes/yr to 190. However. © 2011 RISI. For the first six months of fiscal 2011. All rights reserved.” he said. “As the results were considerably weaker and the required restructuring costs significantly higher than expected. UK. southern Germany. Schneider.” the company said. the market took another downturn. which will raise its total folding boxboard capacity by 150. to offer financial support in order to help safeguard jobs.” Moreover. The upgrade concerned BM1’s press section. and the machine is expected to reach full capacity during the first half of 2012. is a leading pan-European supplier of high quality cartons. 5. The printing giant has seen its business deteriorate considerably over the past five years. the salaries of Manroland’s employees are covered by the insolvency allowance for a period of three months during the preliminary insolvency proceedings. which began in mid-July and accelerated recently.” the firm said in a statement. has gone bust. At the same time. turned into a loss of Euro 88 million in 2009. Mika Joukio. The new line enables larger sheet sizes to be folded into patient information leaflets and aims to handle demand for larger format leaflets. Employees whose schedules were cut back to part time will now be reemployed full-time with the beginning of the proceedings.9 billion ($2. p. However. The value of the order was not disclosed. talks broke down amid what Capvis called “differing ideas about the company’s future. particularly in the USA and western Europe. the necessary know-how and an excellent team.000 tonnes/yr of folding boxboard in a basis weight range of 200 g/m² to 370 g/m² (No. Inc. respectively.500 people. one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printing machinery. has called on politicians to intervene and for Manroland’s owners. The firm employs some 6.7). Total investment in the consumer packaging business will exceed Euro 100 million in 2011-2012.1 billion to Euro 942 million. Financial auditor and tax consultant Werner Schneider of Schneider. deputy chairman of Manroland and IG Metall representative. 24. Despite all the disappointment over the path that now has to be taken. the insolvency procedure as debtor in possession offers plenty of prospects because the company has compelling products. The firm filed a petition to initiate insolvency proceedings with the district court of Augsburg. with shorter lead times on orders and greater availability (…) We believe demand for our fresh forest fibre products will continue to increase.4). Currently. Contego invests in new folding line at Newmarket Contego Packaging has installed a new Herzog + Heymann M7 Folder at its Newmarket plant. According to him.

000 tonnes this year.000 tonne/yr PM 1.1 million on November 3. The 150. Norske Skog has estimated the move will generate synergy effects of more than NOK 200 million and that the closure would cost around NOK 50 million. it will also most likely be closed. A sale would have brought the company much-needed capital and saved jobs. The firm attributed its problems to paper prices being too low in relation to costs of major raw materials. 7 . stating that Follum does not compete with Norske Skog’s products and that continued operations there will not harm Norske Skog’s markets. after having been stopped for several days for market-related downtime. “for the time being. We need fewer competitors and less paper in the market. Manufacturing at the Avezzano factory was resumed the evening before the accident took place. Norske Skog and Viken Skog will discuss the issue further until the Norske Skog board meeting. p.” he said. Norske Skog is discussing the possible sale of two of its Dutch paper operations – the 265. p. Skogn.00030. on one machine at the plant.5). In addition. A spokesperson at the stock exchange said it was routine to check trades taking place before announcements that have an effect on a company’s share value. Fatal accident at Burgo’s Avezzano coated woodfree paper mill in Italy A 50-year-old worker died in an accident at Burgo’s Avezzano coated woodfree (CWF) paper plant in central Italy at 6:30 AM on November 28. both in Norway. And at the mill. Norske Skog’s vice president of communications. The company now has a headcount of 70 people.3).and bluecollar employees redundant at its Raon L’Etape mill in the northeast of France. Burgo was obliged to take some marketrelated downtime at its Italian fine paper mills in November. according to Dybevig. Papeteries des Chatelles makes uncoated woodfree paper. Inc. Mangel expects similar results this year. 42. The firm sought creditor protection following a difficult time in 2010. Mangel said the company expects to produce some 35. as a result of the staff cuts. In Norway. 27. Ombudstvedt. according to manager Jean Mangel. Norske Skog’s management also recommended to the board of directors that it maintain full operations at the 600. which asked Norske Skog to show social responsibility. which it describes as “an attractive offer. All rights reserved.Copy paper producer Papeteries des Chatelles cuts jobs at Raon L’Etape Papeteries des Chatelles. the cooperative remains interested in buying the facility at the same price.” A takeover of the factory will secure industry jobs and offer significant possibilities for further development of the Norwegian wood refining industry. According to a company spokesperson. p. the Raon L’Etape mill returned to normal operating levels again in November. Papeteries des Chatelles was placed in receivership in early July and was granted a six-month observation period. Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske called representatives of Norske Skog to a meeting yesterday in order to discuss the closure. Carsten Dybevig. The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions considered the move “incomprehensible. However. similar to last year. “We do not need more competition and more paper in the market. Unions take aim at management recommendation to close Follum mill ››› continued from page 1 Skog. currently in receivership.” Elsewhere.000 tonnes next year. No one else was injured and all production at the factory was halted for 24 hours. In 2010. 2011 Criticism from unions: The Follum closure announcement has caused quite a stir in Norwegian media. “This is short-term thinking. 42. PPI EUROPE/December 1.000 tonne/yr PM 2 was slated to restart on November 29. The company could still take additional downtime at some facilities during the last 10 days of the year. which was made a few days before the firm announced it was in talks to sell its Parenco mill. considered statements on Follum not being a competitor to the firm’s other mills misguided. which took place at the site’s 120. Mangel said the firm was moving forward well with this process and that it aims to ask for a prolongation of its observation period by another six months.9). both Follum’s PMs can produce paper that is in direct competition with that made at our factories in Skogn and Halden within the course of hours. a closure of the mill would cost at least NOK 200 million. He doubted that the synergy effects would be so high and added that.” according to president Roar Flåthen. “A number of our PMs are producing or can produce these or similar paper grades. Last week. has made 19 white. Saugbrugs to stay online: Norske Skog has been reviewing its asset base in Europe in order to adjust its least competitive capacity (No. including some NOK 25 million for the sale of the factory.000 shares in Norske Skog for almost NOK 1. of which most is copy paper. she concluded. argued that continued operation of the mill with another owner would make the situation considerably more difficult for the firm’s other mills in the country.000 tonne/yr Parenco publication paper mill in Renkum and the recovered paper business of its Reparco Group – with an unnamed buyer (No. ued appreciation of the Norwegian krone this year has added an extra burden to the facilities there. according to the representative. while it was financing the launch of a new up-market product and revitalizing the Chatelles brand (No. Stock exchange investigation finalized: The Oslo stock exchange has examined Ombudstvedt’s purchase of 300. Following some downtime in September and October due to falling demand for its products. Borchgrevink disagreed.” he stated.000-37. Unless a deal is reached with a buyer who wants to operate the mill making different products. Norske Skog declined to comment on these figures. the contin© 2011 RISI. The stock exchange was satisfied with the answers provided by Norske Skog and saw no reason to continue the investigation. Papeteries des Chatelles generated a turnover of Euro 29 million ($38 million). Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the accident. but probably only some 25. an employee representative criticized the financial calculations behind the proposal. according to union calculations.000 tonne/yr supercalendered paper factory in Halden. according to Borchgrevink.000 tonne/yr newsprint mill in Skogn and the Saugbrugs 555.” he said. during which its saw its costs for pulp. Borchgrevink said. transport and energy rise. however.

which will have to be developed and available by 2030.” she stated. otherwise it loses its purchase right. PMs and equipment as well as the existing inventories. The uncoated machine-glazed (MG) paper producer was declared bankrupt on September 23 due to financial problems stemming from high costs for raw materials and energy and the strengthening of the Norwegian krone against the euro (No.” Wiker said in a statement. based on investment patterns and available and emerging technologies. But Mensink also pointed out that the industry. 2008. 43. The event attendees were reminded that there is no time to lose. acting as trustee in charge of finding a new owner for the factory.10). while the following 20 years should be focused on investment and getting the innovation out into the industry. Most of the firm’s approximately 140 employees have been let go. Attorney Håvard Wiker. “This roadmap is the start of a debate. which was placed in liquidation in March (No. ending hopes of restarting production there. there is no longer any prospect for restarting the business with new owners.4). financial and resource constraints that lie ahead and the policy framework that will be needed to tackle them. has two months to consider whether to appeal the decision. and that the newest machines today will be the oldest then. CEPI deputy director general Marko Mensink stressed the importance of breakthrough technologies in addressing the heat demand in PMs and in chemical pulping. The trustees will thus try to sell the property. Inc. which bought Hunsfos Fabrikker from Switzerland’s Cham Paper Group in December 2008 (No. The firm Gutemberg Turckheim. In a video link-up at CEPI’s annual meeting.000 tonnes/yr of high grade specialty uncoated MG paper on three machines at its mill in Vennesla. The roadmap explores the technical. Nexus plans to sell the machine to a company in Bangladesh. Cahn added. It also consulted internal and external experts. Gutemberg Turckheim owns the premises and buildings of Papeteries de Turckheim. p. the first two decades should be used for research and demonstration. as pulp and paper mills are replacing the oil used in lime kilns with natural gas and natural gas with tall oil. modeling an overall industrial carbon dioxide reduction of 80% by 2050. according to CEPI. including boilers and PMs. CEPI used the event to launch its 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon bio-economy – an initiative addressing the European Commission (EC) competitive low-carbon economy roadmap.” speakers noted. Belgium. © 2011 RISI. European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard praised the industry for being the first energy-intensive one to follow up on the EC’s call to produce sector-specific roadmaps to complement the EC’s vision presented in March this year. and will instead focus on selling off the machinery and property.4). but added it was realistic to assume that this might need quite some time. will look different in 2050. In short it presents a vision that your industry will be part of the solution. “The board of trustees has now received final feedback from those who have most recently been interested and.” stated CEPI Director General Teresa Presas. according to Hans Magnus Andresen. She added: “It is not an action plan. 2011 8 . However. p. He added that the change in fuel usage has already started. p.Court authorizes sale of Turckheim newsprint PM to Canadian firm The appellate court of Colmar approved the sale of Papeteries de Turckheim’s 80. Uncertainties in modeling the economy are too great to simply translate a 2050 modeled future into an action plan. which was also interested in the machine. to achieve an 80% reduction. At least one Chinese and one German delegation featured among those interested in the company. However. while at the same time addressing its challenges. 46. Organized by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).4). “Most importantly. It is. The firm harbored plans to restart paper production at the site and has argued that the machine is part of the buildings as it is fixed to the ground (No. According to Cahn. A few of these thoroughly examined the possibilities for continued operations. one big focus of the three-day event was the forest fiber industry’s future and role in a low-carbon society. 12. on November 15-17. CEPI launches its 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon bio-economy The 13th European Paper Week brought together more than 330 pulp and paper industry players as well as representatives from related organizations and European institutions in Brussels. p. He reckoned that on the road to 2050. He said he was not aware of any deadline for the sale of the assets. suppliers and representatives from the value chain. 39.10). according to the company’s attorney Thierry Cahn.” Breakthrough technology key: In order to reach the ambitious goal. however. It aims to contribute to the discussion on the future policies of the European Commission and member states. All rights reserved. a judge recently authorized the court-appointed inspector to sell the machine – a decision confirmed by the appellate court last week. your roadmap presents a vision of a thriving European bioeconomic sector that reaps the opportunities that the low carbon economy will bring. based on this. CEPI started to work on its roadmap in January. The factory used to produce approximately 49. Nexus has not made public its plans for the machine.000 tonne/yr newsprint PM to the Canadian firm Nexus on November 25 (No. In a presentation of the roadmap. referring to the typical 20-year investment cycle for capital-intensive industries. The Canadian firm now has eight months to pay for and remove the PM from the site. p. a holistic exploration [of] the future of our sector. southern Norway. Hopes fade as no buyer emerges for Norway’s bankrupt Hunsfos Fabrikker The board of trustees has decided to stop the search for a buyer of Hunsfos Fabrikker. among others. it’s an industry pathway. announced that the board of trustees had been in touch with several interested parties. CEPI added. 36. “[The year] 2050 is two paper machines away. gathering a group of company and association representatives to develop it. managing director at the German industrial holding company Bavaria Industriekapital. PPI EUROPE/December 1. breakthrough technology is needed. advanced technology will be key. It will be possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050 given the right circumstances.

11).000 tonnes through a one-week shutdown at Rouen.000 tonnes in December and January across its mills in Hungary and Austria in response to seasonally lower activity at corrugated plants in Europe. 100% of Spain’s pulp mills have PEFC and/or FSC certified chains of custody. According to the HSE investigation. The HSE found that IMCO had failed to ensure the health. will start up in Q2 2013. trading as Moulded Paper. p. at present.8 MW. IMCO has since gone into liquidation.55 m and speed of 650 m/min.571. especially following any major changes. By the end of 2011.720) over the fatal crushing of a worker under heavy machinery at its Pontllanfraith molded pulp packaging site. Hamburger said. This will improve the energy efficiency at the mill and Papierfabrik Scheufelen expects to recover the investment cost in less than one year. The capacity of the 44. CPM signed up the Czech supplier Papcel to do the PM upgrade aimed at switching the former office paper unit to containerboard production. the cabinet had been propped up against a wall and left unsecured by machinery removal men who had visited the factory months earlier.5%. Scheufelen replaces heat exchanger on CWF PM Papierfabrik Scheufelen is replacing the heat exchanger on PM 5 at its mill in Lenningen. exhaust heat is used to heat the process water. not to mention the environmental impact of transport. Some 70% stemmed from local plantations. 2011 The new heat exchanger is based on a two-stage principle: In the air-air section.000 tonnes/yr.000 tonnes/ yr. the firm said. Finland’s EV Group is supervising the project. offer some 4. The existing single-stage exhaust air heat exchanger on the hood drier is being replaced by a more effective two-stage airair and air-water heat exchanger. improving the sustainable management of Spain’s wood plantations and their certification is necessary to raise the consumption of domestic wood. This will have a total thermal output of 2. The association added that sourcing more wood in Spain could create up to 8. The value of the order is Euro 30 million ($42 million).000 ha of eucalyptus and 71. p. 36. there is hardly any certified domestic wood available on the market.Aspapel seeks more local wood for Spanish industry In line with its strategic plan for 20122014 (No. safety and welfare of its employees.000 ($1 million) investment.3 million m2 in 2005 to the present 1. Europac revealed plans to take market-related downtime at the end of December at its 250. Hamburger’s total curtailed output will amount to 25% of its capacity. the Spanish P&P industry used a total of 5.” it said.8 million tonnes of wood last year. The deficit in Spanish wood supplies […] causes excessive costs and endangers the competitiveness of the sector. electronics. Last week. A half-tonne metal electrical control cabinet fell on 60-year-old Gareth Young as he was trying to remove the sheet steel from the disused cabinet for re-use. In its absence. The worker was crushed underneath (No. PPI EUROPE/December 1.000 tonne/yr bisulfate pulp line at the Sukhonskiy mill by 2015. the Spanish association of pulp and paper (P&P) manufacturers Aspapel has called for more domestic wood for the sector. In November.000 new jobs in rural areas. The unit. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) brought the case against the company based on an accident that occurred on August 4.8 million m2. The upgrade of the existing PM 1 is aimed at raising the unit’s trim width to 2. adding that it expects to see stable margin results due to reduced costs and stable containerboard prices. and medical applications. On the pulp side.000 tonne/yr PM 1 is expected to double. while the remaining wood was imported from pine and eucalyptus plantations in Portugal. next year. in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The plant manufactured molded pulp packaging products for food. southern Germany.360 indirect jobs. “The wood for the Spanish P&P sector is cultivated in 288. “At present. The move is also aimed at reducing the purchase of recovered fiber and other raw materials as well as avoiding the risk of building high inventories at its mills.” HSE inspector. According to the association.9).an unspecified mill in Canada. Hungarian mills Hamburger Containerboard has announced plans to curtail its recycled containerboard output by 35. CPM plans to build a 105. PM 3 will be able to manufacture some 162. and the judge also awarded costs of £36. which has an ambitious plan to become third largest containerboard producer in Russia by 2018. exhaust heat warms the newly introduced external air. according to the HSE. in a Euro 750. at its Lenningen mill. PM 3. however. At its Poligrafkarton mill in Balakhna. This will boost Sukhonskiy’s total recycled containerboard capacity to 256. including the implementation phase at the factory at the end of the year. Inc. 2009. which is very low against a European average of 30%. Papierfabrik Scheufelen can churn out some 300.5 m and increasing its speed. It will have a trim width of 4.000 tonnes/yr of coated woodfree (CWF) paper on two machines.000 over fatality The UK’s Cardiff Crown Court has fined IMCO.120 direct and 12. Hamburger to cut output at Austrian. CPM. wood imports for the pulp and paper industry increased by 40%. 2009. 32.000 ($7. The major parts of the plantations belong to small forest owners and.” the association said. © 2011 RISI. Moulded Paper fined £5. adding that. “In the past five years. 9 .” the association said. All rights reserved. PMs 5 and 6. rising from 1. the firm plans to revamp the existing pulp mill over 2013 to start production of soda semichemical pulp. This fatality shows the importance of carrying out thorough risk assessments of the working environment. and in the air-water heat exchanger. the Spanish firm curtailed production by some 5. the firm was found guilty of breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Trevor Hay. £5. said. Following the rebuild. the producer said.000 ha of radiata pine plantations. which has been delivered to the site from its previous location .000 tonne/yr recycled containerboard Rouen mill in France. will also increase RCCM capacity at its Polotnyano-Zavodskaya Paper Mill in the Kaluga region.” Aspapel said in a statement. “It is a priority to expand the certified national forest area that currently amounts to 7. CPM advances with RCCM project in Russia Russia’s Consolidated Paper Mills (CPM) is forging ahead with its investment in a recycled containerboard machine at its Sukhonskiy plant in the Vologda region. Uruguay and Argentina. According to Aspapel. It warned that the certification scheme might not succeed if the industry’s current commitment is burdened by the lack of an administrative framework that promotes certification.

All rights reserved...... email info@risi....... a third stage would entail the construction of a large-scale pilot plant.0736 Daniela Wortmann.. central Sweden... Persson added....271. email rpoos@risi. The firm attributes the need to reduce the headcount to a low use of capacity combined with a challenging market situation... according to Iggesund. Avenue Louise....... After finalizing the feasibility study in February...536....8525 (U....2. Inc... 326. 326.. Of these.2....... including some working in Inkeroinen and Imatra.. 32..2...2. Pulp & Paper Information Todd Petracek ...com...... The oil could be used in several applications.. Vice President. which was started on November 1.. “We believe this table will better reflect the realities and peculiarities of the Brazilian market.. PM 4 will be stopped for two weeks starting from the beginning of January.... Hamburger said..0756 Anne Grimbert... some 19 will be made redundant... according to the company. Some 90 people currently work at the Strömsbruk plant..Iggesund Paperboard to axe 20 jobs at Strömsbruk Holmen’s Iggesund Paperboard has begun statutory negotiations to cut 20 jobs at its Strömsbruk converting plant in Sweden. The investment is aimed at reducing the mill’s energy costs and improving the PM’s runnability. The firm aims to achieve the job cuts via early retirement as well as transfers to its Iggesund mill where possible. News Editor (mechanical papers... at the latest. and is designed to provide greater transparency within Brazil’s boxboard market while also giving readers a better way to compare prices of boxboard grades with those of other countries....5626. pilot studies will be carried out at Nordic Paper’s 130.536.... Published 48 times per year on a weekly basis.....risi..0767 Editorial office RISI. Executives Mike Coffey ............... tel 32.. If feasible.. Avenue Louise. Pulp & Paper News.... The new service will replace prices reported by the Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA)..... Senior News Editor (recovered paper.. of which 22 tonnes could be converted into oil.... or mail to PPI EUROPE. Energy Square vice president Magnus Persson explained... with a combined coating capacity of approximately 45....0737 Irina Van den Neste.. a subscription service that delivers market news and price reports on the Latin American pulp and paper industry.........com........0748 (Belgium) or 866. resulting in a decision to close the unit (No. coated woodfrees). Due to the rebuild.... The future annual production capacity will depend on the outcome of the job reduction negotiations... web www.. Box 22. Box 22.. Reproduction in any form whatsoever is forbidden without express permission of the copyright owner... is being led by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and will be carried out over four months... Copyright 2011 by RISI.... fax 32.... 32....... 2011 ..........risi.. sack kraft) .. President and Chief Executive Officer Matt Graves ....com.......com.. All rights reserved.0763 Eva Nyman... Belgium. visit www...... The firm has signed up Andritz to fit the unit with a PrimeCoat film press.............. Associate News Editor (cartonboard.risi. ssachoff@risi.......2.....” said Mercante...537..... Inc.. the actors involved will apply to continue the process by performing tests at the Bäckhammars Bruk mill.com/cs (online customer service).....S. Most of the unit’s responsibilities will be outsourced.. Editorial Staff Steven Sachoff. The study..... This can be compared to a 1-ha rape cultivation.000 tonne/yr recycled containerboard PM 4 at its Pitten mill in Austria.... It has two production lines for plastic extrusion coating and lamination and one line for glue lamination. uncoated woodfrees) ........000 ($110.6040...2. It is financed by a SEK 750. such as motor oil or fuel.536.. For information on pricing and availability.... PPI EUROPE/December 1.2.. oil will be extracted and the remainder could be used for making biogas and pellets......000) grant from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.. p.0735...... 10 © 2011 RISI........ PPI Latin America editor Renata Mercante explained that the editorial team has been working on developing its own price watch table for more than a year..... fax 32...537.... Operations at the facility will be stopped by the end of April next year... Advertising PPI EUROPE accepts advertising.. Editor (market pulp) . Markets & Prices Stora Enso decides to close Kotka service unit Stora Enso has wrapped up discussions with employee representatives at its financial administration service unit in Kotka........2.......com....agrimbert@risi.. Senior Vice President... ivandenneste@risi............... The facility is used for the additional finishing of paperboard products from both the Iggesund and Workington mills. dwortmann@risi... B-1050 Brussels.... a company spokesperson said......... Nordic Paper in biofuel project at Bäckhammar Sweden’s Energy Square and Nordic Paper are teaming up with several partners in order to carry out a feasibility study on how microalgae could be used to make biofuel using pulp and paper mill by-products..........000 tonne/yr unbleached kraft paper mill Bäckhammars Bruk in Kristinehamn.536.. As Brazil is one of the leading exporters of boxboard in Latin America.. News Editor (containerboard) . 32. SP has calculated that a 1-ha algae cultivation could generate 66 tonnes of biomass...2.536.. Vinnova.....).....536.... which will last for up to two years... From the algae.com/catalog (new subscriptions) or www... Finally.538....... Hamburger set to upgrade PM 4 at Pitten mill Hamburger Containerboard plans to upgrade its 300.. which will only produce 1 tonne of oil. These tests..... 36. 32...5626.......... for example.... B-1050 Brussels. It plans to reduce the annual production capacity to a level adapted to current market conditions.com....... The talks concerned 22 employees in total. contact Remy Poos at +32.. southern Finland..com...... through a global competence center. The idea is for algae to use nutrients in the mill’s waste waters and fix carbon dioxide in its flue gas effluents......com Subscriptions and customer service Call 32. will look into what type of reactor is necessary and how to dewater the algae........ 32....2..5).... RISI launches Brazilian boxboard price coverage RISI will begin covering pricing for the Brazilian boxboard market via its PPI Latin America publication.... Belgium..... which will be directed to the algae cultivation...000 tonnes/yr of paperboard...536........ Some of the work will be handled online..... enyman@risi.....

Visit www.Cover.com/orderlpd to order your copy today! .indd 4 Whether you need to know the latest details on your competition.risi.indd 4 The Americas | Traveler’s Edition 4/4/2011 11:39:34 AM 337 have changed 4/6/2011 8:19:07 AM Covering North. Make sure you have the most up-to-date global pulp & paper mill information with the 2011 Lockwood-Post Directory. Central and South America company name LPD Americas 2011 .Cover. the 2011 Lockwood-Post Directories put all the key mill information you need right at your fingertips to help you remain up-to-date and competitive in the marketplace. obtain contact information for sales calls or quickly identify mills producing particular products in a given region.Your information is only as good as your source. 2011 In the past year… 2011 Global Edition 50 mills have closed 13 have idled 55 have opened 204 have changed ownership LPD Global 2011 .