Part 4 Questions 20-25 Exam tip

Look at six sentences for this part. Look carefully at the verbs in you will hear a conversation between a girl, Alice, and a boy, Sam, the statement (e.g. d, about a play this school is doing called Romero and Juliet. Agrees, persuades) because Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. They are all very important if it is correct, put a tick (O) in the box under A for YES. If it is not correct, in helping you choose the put a tick (O) in the box under B for NO answer.

20. - They are going to have the practice outdoors today


21. - Sam has decided he no longer wants to be Romeo.

22. - Alice agrees with Miss Hayes about Sam·s voice.

23. - Sam agrees that Alice should speak to Miss Hayes about the problem.

24.-Alice persuades Sam to take a smaller part in the play.

25.-Someone is needed to produce the scenery.

You do a task The examiner asks you to talk to you partner. Part 3 Responding to photographs: describing situation and settings. Give you opinion about something and explain what you prefer. and listen to Exam tip what the/she says. Candidate A: Look at photograph 3A on page 169 Candidate B: Look at photograph 3B on page 172 Think about your photograph for a few seconds: Tell your partner about these things: .PAPER 3 Speaking Test (10-12 minutes) Part 1 General conversation: saying who you are. You are going to travel by coach together for a whole Tell each other about sports you enjoy doing or day. don·t just say ¶Yes ¶or ¶NO· explain why The examiner gives you both a picture. saying think is necessary part 4 what you Exam tip General conversation about the photographs: about likes. Think about what you need. spelling. What do you we need? What would be interesting to do? . Ask your partner questions to find out some information about each other. . There are pictures of some watching (now or in the past). Use these ideas: Ask and answer questions like these: - Say if you like football or volleyball. please? Exam tip! Don·t worry if you don· know the name of something describe it instead. . Look at page 164. Ask each other at least four of these questions: y y y y y y What·s your name? How long have you been studying English? Where do you study? How many students are there in your class? How many hours a week do you have English? Can you spell your teacher·s surname for me. you together. Say what other sports you like. . dislikes and preferences Speak to you partner. giving personal information. things you might take for the journey. If you agree or disagree. . what kind of place it if What sport the people are playing Why they are doing it y Whether they are enjoying it Part 2 Simulated situation: exchanging opinions. Decide together what you will take. Exam tip! Remember to try to add some extra information when you answer Take turns to be the examiner. Would that be too big /noisy? . not the examiner. Say if you enjoy sports competitions and Say if you prefer watching sport or doing it and why .

.TEST 4 PAPER 1 Reading and Writing Test (1 hour 30 minutes) Reading Part 1 Question 1-5 Look at the text in each question. B or C on your answer sheet. of course) can lock her bicycle. keys outside (looked. B You are given some gloves if you buy a coat today. Answer: 0 1 Polly-I phoned the bike shop A Polly can leave her bicycle for repair even when the the about getting yours mended. they·re closed. . When you buy a coat today C We have gloves to match the coast we sell . A You can get a discount on a coat if you buy some gloves today. Example: To From John Nell John should A contact Nell after phoning the cinema B ring Nell after arriving at the cinema C go to the cinema to check when the films Starts What Mark the Can you call the cinema from home and Check film time before leaving? Let me Know what time should get there. put your keys in their letter box. If shop is closed. A B C C Polly·s bicycle will be left outside when it is repaired 2 Choose a pair of gloves FREE repair shops . does it say? correct letter A. leave your bike B Polly should leave herand so that the repair shops .

Jan is sixteen and she loves shopping for clothes and reading stories about. Paul is nineteen and is very keen on sport. book would be most suitable for the following people. PHOTOCOPYING Serve yourself Count number of copies Pay assistant at till on way out A Clive borrowed Mark´s Walkman. On the Decide which For questions 6-10. but does like reading about the lives of sporting heroes of the past. Part 2 Questions 6-10 The people bellow all want to buy book. . C Mark wants to use Clive´s Walkman on a journey. Susan is eighteen and enjoys good writing . A Do you photocopying and pay for it when you leave. He doesn´t enjoy fiction much.She would like something which offers information as well as entertainment. B Put your money in the photocopier before you start to use it. mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet. B Clive¶s Brother will return the Walkman to Mark.ANY LOST PROPERTY LEFT HERE AFTER TWO WEEKS IS SOLD A We give lost property away if it is not collected after two weeks. To Mark From Clive You left your CD Walkman in my car. People and things in the news. B We will look after you property for two weeks if you pay a fee. My brother will bring it to your house Tomorrow. She´s interesting in history and plans to travel round Europe this summer. C Tell an assistant how many photocopies you need. opposite page there are descriptions of eight books. She wants to read some entertaining light fiction. C We keep things people have lost for a maximum of two weeks.

13. . 12. 19. ± Ruby Hotels are the cheapest. ± The third day spent in the car. An island off the south coast of Australia the text on the opposite page to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. ± The most attractive scenery you on the second day is by Russell Falls. 18. 17. correct. 16. 20.There are several buses every day on most routes. mark B on your answer sheet. . mark A on your answer sheet. ± Taz Hotel tickets can only be used in Taz Hotels. 15. 14. ± There are good views of Cradle Mountain from the edges of Dove lake. correct. . Read If it is I if it is not 11.There are few traffic jams in Tasmania. ± There is a limit on the number of hotel tickets you can buy.Part 3 Questions 11-20 Look at the sentences bellow about a holiday in Tasmania. ± it is essential to reserve accommodation in advance. ± The trip finished where it started.

Sonia is twenty-four and works for an international airline. Getting There by Will Jenkins This is the first part of the autobiography of the international gymnastics star. With electronics and computer in the studio and the concerts. occasionally sad. There are not many pictures. . Goal Posts by Simon Brown A very well-written and fast-moving adventure story set in an imagined world of international football starts. E. It´s written by a former model and gives away many of the modern fashion world´s secrets. but lots detailed notes. The fashion House by Julia Davis This amusing novel is just right for reading on holiday. B. There are lively descriptions of some of the great cities and their inhabitants. past and present. -Trains and boats and planes by Rachel Bryant Sometimes funny. This entertaining novel shows us the wonderful silk dresses. as well as the joys. whose interests include travel and sport. and Emmaline´s sparkling eyes in a well-imagine world of palaces and gardens. what is the future for the human musician? This book is by one of the top performers of computer pop music. It´s small size makes it easy for the travel to pack and the organization of the information makes it quick and easy to use. and he discusses the way it will probably develop in the future. especially if they contain descriptions of beautiful houses. Future pop by terry Orpen The pop music industry has change enormously in the past few years. He writes his own story well. The matches are well described. It reveals the lives and loves of the designers. sometimes exciting. on and off the pitch. F. as well as the problems of the players as they fight for their careers. She enjoys love Stories of the past. H. models and customers of a famous fashion house. The beauty by Sophie Harper The love Emmaline Barton was an America girl who came to Europe in the nineteenth century and won the hearts. hiding none of the difficulties that he had to face.Michael is twenty-there. written by a history teacher It will be a very useful book for anyone who needs to design clothes for the theatre or who is interesting in the everyday lives of people in the past. A great read for sports fans. of young men in every great city. European Hotels and Guesthouses by Andrew Peters A very clear and helpful book which lists accommodation in most main European cities. and he brings to life the heartaches. a computer expert. What people wore by Annabel Stoneman An extremely interesting history of clothes. with brief descriptions and. G. clothes and parties. D. hiding sportsmen and women who really want to find success. the beautiful rooms. this beautiful written little book describes the adventures of a group of American students who spent a year working and studying in Europe. a good price guide. He has to go abroad for work and wants a novel to read on his journey with plenty of action and excitement. C. Recommended new Books A.

What Jack Parrish said in an interview? How to get a job in jack Parrish´s Company. His manner is polite. But some people in the computer world are getting nervous ± and they are right. because he says his name is Jack Parrish! ¶ But of course it was.Part 4 Questions 21-25 Read the text and questions below. It won´t be long before someone in another company picks up the phone to hear that quiet voice saying that he´s the new boss. How Jack Parrish runs his bussiness. I think he´s trying to be funny. a waiter approached him. What the writer thinks Jack Parrish will do next. he found the great man was not yet there. The journalist was late. After fifteen minutes. He phone his office B. Friends say that he hasn´t changed at all. He interviews a woman in the restaurant. B. but fortunately. Two year ago. C. He talked to a man at the next table. For each question. 22 How did the journalist pass the time while he was waiting? A. his voice is quiet and his clothes are clearly not expensive. C or D on your answer sheet. 21 Someone could find out from this text A. The businessman There is a story going rounds at the moment about a well-known journalist who went to interview Jack Parrish at a smart New York restaurant. no one had heard of him. the journalist noticed a colleague from his paper and stopped to chat to her. He hasn´t even moved out of his parent¶s house. D. µThere´s some young man at the door who says he´s supposed to be having lunch with you. . C. On the way to his table. The twenty-four-year-old is becoming famous for the fact that he doesn´t look like the owner of the one of the world´s most successful computer companies. when he arrived. mark the correct letter A. when he started his own company. B. He talked do another journalist. D. So what does he do with his money? It´s all used for bussiness.

it should not be too difficult to arrange things as Day 1: Arrive Hobart airport you go.See Tasmania! Rich in old-world charm and with magnificent National Parks. Tasmania is well covered by a good road network. There is no maximum or minimum number of hotel tickets you can buy. with Ruby being the most basic and Diamond representing the highest quality. Light traffic and wonderful views make driving these roads a pleasure. Taz Hotels are divided into simple Colour categories. and we will give you your money back on unused tickets. Though the bus System is reliable. . then we will find other reasonably priced accommodation for you in exchange for you Taz tickets. if you prefer. less a small administrative charge. We recommend that you buy a mixture of tickets. If you travel to an area where Taz have no hotels. Each hotel ticket is paid for in advance and is for one night¶s accommodation. There is a variety of places to stay. The Taz Hotel Pass offers the visitor a simple and convenient way to stay anywhere in Australia. on many routes services may only run once daily. as w cannot give you your money back if you use a higher-value ticket when staying at a lower-value hotel. and Here is the route for our holiday in although booking is strongly advised. So hire a car and see this beautiful and interesting island at your own speed. Particularly at peak holiday times. We sell you a set of Taz Hotel Pass vouchers and Tasmania is yours. Tasmania.

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