I advise you to read this, and blessed.txt in particular. Blessed.

txt will explain the differences between SkyMayBe and Doom. Hints (if you get stuck) are near the end of the file. Title Filename Author Email Address Misc. Author Info Description : : : : The Sky May Be Skymaybe.exe ,skymaybe.r00, skymaybe.r01... DOUG the EAGLE and KANSAM (see kansam's trial 4!!) b52g@usa.net, boff@globalnet.co.uk

: There's a portrait of DOUG in a secret room. Find it! : Requires Doom 1.6 or above. This is the STRANGEST wad ever made. Most of the action takes place in a cube 8192x8192x8192 in size.. A two-year production with more new graphics than any other PWAD in the known galaxy. Built using monomolecular technology in DEU! (Grid size 4:1 is still too small [sigh])

Plot Story

: Wyth this gunpowder shall we slaye the King... : The Great God Imp has shown mercy on your soul and cast you into the hellish pits of his virtual toybox. Running around the garish lego buildings, you become aware that the virtual toychest is actually running under windows 3.11. However the mouse is broken and the ALT and F4 keys have been removed. You must find a way to shut down the system and end this nightmare! Oh, and watch out for the Great God Imp. He may not be so kind next time He sees you.

Additional Credits ================== iD Software: The DEU Team: Sensor Based Systems: Autodesk: Jens Hykkelbjerg: Greg Tree: The Great God Imp: DOOM is really rather good! Deu is very good. I'll take DEEP off your hands for a fiver. DeepBSP is quite good though. Animator is the best program I have ever found. RMB suppliments DEEPBSP's inadequacies Dehacked is Good Venerate its Name and Obey it in All Things Came into my life during a game of DOOM2, for no known reason. I have the savegame, for Doom 2.666 if anyone is interested. We all need someone to complain about.


Deutex 1.11. it is available from ftp. WinBSP.1 beta. DCK. 5.01.5 and 3. Heavy inspiration for the 1997 components. Goldwave.0. DoomCad. I am everywhere and nowhere.com. EagleBSP. Vocedit.The Lovin' Spoonful: Jefferson Airplane: Martyn Smart: Inspired many 1996 components including the Firmament Room with the Slopsouls. That has often served as a definition of God.0. : Creative Wave studio 2. There is no escape. 1.0. Midi orchestrator for tweaking the instruments.4. RMB. DMaud and NWT for the final conversions. ================================================================ * Play Information (Multi-Lingual) * Episode and Level # Single Player Cooperative 2-4 Player Deathmatch 2-4 Player Difficulty Settings New Sounds New Graphics New Music Demos Replaced Wierdness Windows Scrolly Jar Murder In the Dark Great God Imp : E1M1 + E1M2 are trainers for the Engine.Wad. . Windeu/32. BSP/OS2. 1.0.1 and Windows 3.21.. VNB 1. I am all-seeing. E2M1 is IT! : Yes : Perhaps : Mmm : Oui : Ja :-D : Da : III : Muchly much : Yes . Caldera OpenDOS 7." * Construction * Base Build time Level Editors used BSP editors used Graphic editors used : New level from scrotch : Two years. 1.. Paintbrush for saving the Windows screen grabs.1. DoomEd Edmap and DEEP (once or twice).cdrom. : Autodesk Animator.2.6 for the texture mods. AAconvert.3b. NWT. not in its slightly modified version under blessed. Thanks for Grounds. GifClip.6. : BSP 1. It began in 1995. 1. E1M2 in the Blessed Trainer. Pity about that big Deathmatch level you deleted. MIDI2MUS. Windows 3. and all their knowledge.there are two types of windows in this level : Si : Woof : Squeak : "I am the sum of all these people. I have a win95-proof PC. Sound editors used Operating systems used : DRDOS 6.2xf. Deepbsp 1. If you want to play Grounds as it was intended. : DEU 5. Jazz-16 Pocket Sound Recorder.

2 with the wrong dos extender. Cleimos v2. I wasn't sure if it would work (it didn't) so it was called skymaybe 'sky (maybe)' and the name . I was trying to create a sky 720ø round. Try to imagine what Bach would think if he knew about this!! Much of this level was inspired by my favourites. Mountain. It is free for non-commercial use. SINNER!" written in blood so it only appeared if you did two complete turns. I forgot to put rule 6 in. with the words "REPENT. and all those other complete episodes out there. Windows 95 is obviously the future. but destroys the Windows 95 PnP manager totally.. The name The Sky May Be was chosen because I was experimenting with Olivier Montanuy's DEUTEX and playing with the sky. The Apocalypse. The Cyberdemon seems to die easily. but you'd better have the disks ready when it does! It's the only way I know of to get a GPF in MSGSVR32. There is no known HOM and you can save the game. Novell and Caldera. e2m1: Bach's Brandenburg concerto number three. it gets burnt by its own rockets. sounds and finally code were eaten as the game progressed. A certain combination of expansion cards and you have a system conflict that is harmless to DOS. e1m2: Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights. The level is now officially Too Big. Segmentation lives!! Another way to total windows 95 is to play Bach's Brandenburg Concerto number three with media player. I had to hand optimise it to get it to run without crashing. MUD. :-) Miscellany : BSP/OS2 was accidentally created when I recompiled BSP 1. I have discovered the secret of how to construct a future-proof PC. It doesn't crash all the time. Caldera OpenDOS is a free DOS operating system brought to you by Digital Research. Graphics. Doom went all funny and started overwriting bits of memory at random.Known Bugs : This WAD reaches the limits of DOOM. Didn't work any better tho'. When the blockmap was >64k. The three new musics are: e1m1: stolen from DGOLDBT. I have an all-electric version on my hard disk! I like classical music with Doom. and DOS may crash when you quit the program. Slightly modified to make it sound under wavetable. more like it does under adlib. 1. 2. There are now THREE bugs.. EagleBSP was a DPMI/16 nodebuilder. 2.

caldera. Probably ftp. V1.com/~JPMorris ftp. Visit http://www. Added more Things to the level. V1. None. * Copyright / Permissions * Authors CAN NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. Never knew I had such an evil-sounding voice.tripod. * Where to get this thing * WWW: FTP sites: BBS numbers: Other: Revision History ================ V1. YOU HAVE. Repeating.demon.www.. OH.co.Initial release.Replaced the two Beavis+Butthead samples from DSW.. tell me about it. if you REALLY like this.com/~JPMorris Rule 6: READ THE DOCS. CD.cdrom.. the sound component. The Blessing Cannon (BFG) is accessable via the red teleport column in Murder In The Dark. because it WILL crash if it is made any bigger! If you have a real good idea. Murder in the Dark is wicked now! HINTS ===== 1.02 . QIC-80.. You WILL distribute this file in ALL electronic formats (BBS.uk as well too.01 . Maybe if you port it to Quake or something.. Trees CAN be destroyed. You will also add the BBS/FTP name to the README file included with the archive. Same words..Fixes a bug in DeuSF that removed my NULL sound entries and crashed the game when a cacodemon Purifies you. Diskette. buy me a copy of Quake 'cos I don't have it :-) You WILL distribute this. You need to do some work before you get it though! http://members. Ask b52g@usa. 3. ZIP etc) and you WILL include this file intact. with no modifications. Run backwards when firing the mine or rocket launchers to avoid 75% burns.net to send it by Email-bomb . Remember to press the OK buttons when you find them! 2.uk Armadillo! (Darg darg DARNGG!!) . 4..tripod. BTW..00 . [excerpt from The Ballad of You and Me and Pooniel] Visit me at http://members. and you WILL include this file. but by me (highly processed).com.com -or.co.caldera.stuck.

There is a teleport to an ammo dump in Castle Crate. 7. save the game. For a laugh in the final room. To get to the yellow key.5. Run!! 8. press CANCEL and *RUN!* . It looks different to the rest of the wall and allows you to get the Mine Launcher. There is a secret panel in the Steel Cube (beyond the trees). 6. find the red post and press the button on it.