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Part II Anaphora of the Faithful Chapter 1 1 2 Kiss of Peace Celebration of the Sosaffa

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Chapter II 1 2 Sarsum Corda - Tersanctus Institution - Anamnesis Epiclesis - Consecration

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Post Communion Appendices

Appendix 1. Prayers before and after Communion 82 2. Prayer for Burkso 83

(QURBANAKRAMAM) (The chancel Remains Veiled) (Everyone entering the Church, shall make the sign of the cross and say) In reverence, will I enter Thy house, and offer my vows to Thee. PREFATORY PRAYERS + In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, one true God: Glory be to Him; and may His grace and mercy be upon us for ever. *Amen. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, by whose glory, the heaven and the earth are filled; *Hosanna in the Highest. Blessed is He, who has come, and is to come, in the name of the Lord God: Glory be to Him in the Highest.

*Trisagion, (In the metre of Men Abo) Holy art Thou, O God, Holy art Thou, Almighty, Holy art Thou, Immortal, + Crucified for us, Have mercy on us.

(Recites Thrice)

+ Makes the Sign of the Cross * Amen = So be it. * Hosanna = Praise * Kauma = A prayer said at one standing. * Trisagion = Thrice Holy.


Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Lord, have mercy upon us, Lord, be kind and have mercy, Lord, accept Thou our office. And our entreaties; Have Mercy on us. Glory be to Thee, O God, Glory be to Thee, O Creator, Glory be to Thee, O King, Christ, who dost pity, Sinners Thy servants. *Barekmor. LORDíS PRAYER

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name: Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread: and forgive us our debts and sins, as we also have forgiven our debtors. Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from the evil one. For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. HAIL MARY Hail Mary, full of grace, our Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, our Lord Jesus Christ. O Virgin Saint Mary, O Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at all times, and at the hour of our death. Amen. ENTRANCE INTO THE CHANCEL (The chancel is unveiled) (Prayers For The Priest) (The priest, while entering the Chancel for offering the Holy Qurbana, asks leave of the Congregation thus) (Of Bishops, by kissing their hands, and of Priests, by giving the hands of peace, and saying)
* Barekmor = Bless me O Lord.

(Tune:. Amen. Thou art my God. (Of people. I will glorify Thee. he shall say) Barekmor. and before Thy throne have I worshipped. and accept your oblation. and grant me leave. (While Lighting the Candles he shall sing) For the North Side. and be pleased with your offering.. and my elders etc. who gives joy to my childness.. (And they shall reply) 31 May the Lord hear your prayers. (When kissing the hands of Bishops or Priests. Zalav Alai.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Barekmor Al Shubíkono. O heavenly king. 1 will give thanks to Thee. Bless me.. Pray for me. (Proceeding to the altar and bowing before it he says) Into Thy house have I entered O God. even to the corners of Thy Sanctuary. my brethren. the deacon shall say) Into the Sanctuary of God I come.. forgive me all the sins that I have committed against Thee. Bless my Lord. O Lord..Nuhírok Hosenan) (Velivu Nirangorisho) . our assemblies with chains.. even to the God.. and make us also partake with you. my Lord.. Thou art my God. (Going round the altar and kissing its corners he says) Bind Thou. (The Chancel will then be veiled) (Prayers For The Deacons) (While entering the chancel. by opening out his hands and bowing to them and saying) Ahai Vu Rabonai..

Grant us cleanness in our hearts Deeds of righteousness to do. (While putting on the surplice. in the tabernacle of the righteous. saying: ìBarekmor. pure.Oororo . them that rise up against me. who dwellest in the lightMansions. holy. the first among Prophets. . and bring under my subjection. O Lord God.he says): Clothe me.Hasíyo Kadiso) (Velivin Thattil Vasickum) Thou. Barekmor. (Tune:. now and always. Keep us from all hateful thoughts. (The reader reads the lessons for the day from the Old Testament. For the South Side. the Fatherís light divine.32 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana By Thy light we see the light. below the chancel. and ends each lesson. the Holy Spirit through David did sing. grant us that by pure and upright lives. lighten us with Thy bright light thou. î ) Reader:The lesson from the (first) book of Moses. with an incorruptible surplice. by standing on the northern side. (While wearing the stole .before the Old Testament Lessons) The song of glory and salvation. by the power of the Holy Spirit. O Father. dost give the light To Thy creatures all.Koothino.he says) Gird me with power in battle. for ever. Son and Holy Spirit. all the days of our lives. Amen. True Light. we be guided in true faith. full of light. Jesus. From all passions vile. OLD TESTAMENT LESSONS (Soomoro-versicle . Thou.

and His mercy be upon us for ever. the glorious prophet. The lesson from the book of Job. Glory be to the Lord of the prophet. Glory be to the Lord of the Prophet. The lesson from the book of the righteous Ruth. and His mercy be upon us for ever. and His mercy be upon us for ever. and His mercy be upon us for ever. and His mercy be upon us for ever. Barekmor.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana People:Reader:People:Reader:People:Reader:People:Reader:People:Reader:People:Reader:People:Reader:People:- 33 Glory be to the Lord of the Prophets. and His mercy be upon us for ever. the wise among the wise. The lesson from the book of Isaiah. Barekmor. Barekmor. Barekmor. . the king and the prophet. and His mercy be upon us for ever. The lesson from the (first) book of the kings. Glory be to the Lord of kings. The lesson from the Proverbs of Solomon. The lesson from the book of the Prophet (Name of the prophet) Barekmor. Glory be to the Lord of the righteous. Barekmor. Glory be to the Lord of the Psalmist. Barekmor. arid His mercy be upon us for ever. The lesson from the Psalms of David. Glory be to the Lord of the wise. the just. Glory be to the Lord of the just.

appeasing Thee Graciousness evoke Favour us. .Halleluiah) . 4. in love God of all compassion Thou. Jesus. As was Zachariahís set In the sacred shrine. Glory to Thy gracious love.Halleluiah Choir:-1. Like the plea of Phinehas Staying from the people death. 5. And Hear My Plea . As Thou didst answer Jona. May our incense favour Thee As was Aaronís sweet. Let My Cry Come Unto Thee . Great One. seated there in state On Thy lofty throne.34 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana HYMN BEFORE THE PUBLIC CELEBRATION OF THE HOLY QURBANA (Tune:. Answer us who call on Thee. Thou redeemedst those from wrath Ninevites who called on Thee. Plenteous are Thy gifts indeed Givín to all the world. Sweet become. May the incense sent by us To Thy Name so pure. O Lord.Anin Moryo Vashma Zloos . And our office like that plea Of the Ninevites. May our incense favour Thee As was Aaronís sweet.Halleluiah. 2. 3. Lord and God.Karthave Prarthana Kettarul Answer Lord. Who wert pleased as babe to rock In the blessed lap.

All possessions spurned. I bore Suckled Him with milk. 9. Mary told the Jews. 35 7.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Grant Thy peace. 10. Grant Thy peace. Martyrs shunned this passing world.Of Apostles too who preached. Holy martyrs clothed with powír From the strength of God. With thee is the Lord . Nazírethís maid. am sound. From the flaming glory bright Flew the angel swift Unto Mary. 8. He incarnate was of her Losing not the Virginís seal. let dwell Thy calm In all quarters of the world. So did God come down and dwell In the Virginís womb.from thee Comes the Saviour of the world. I do keep my seal. As the Lord did will. They who loved Thee much. Saying unto her. Lord. a Babe. Came and stood forth in the fight With the kings unjust. let dwell Thy calm In all quarters of the world. By the pleas of prophets. . 11. As the fire enflamed the bush Yet did not it burn. What ye say of me is wrong. Nor unchaste am 1. They did break the ranks of foes And received the victorís crown. 6. Gospel truth to all.

and implore. . Jesus. Grant us cleanness in our hearts Deeds of righteousness to do. 14. who didst receive the lamb Blameless Abel brought. he shall find. Abramís sacrifice. Loved they death for Jesusí sake Solemnly their feasts are held. 15. To one knocking at the door Openeth the Lord. 16. Martyrs. True Light. full of light. dost give the light To Thy creatures all. Lighten us with Thy gay light. pure. ye sinners. Left their kith and kin. seeing Jesus hang On the cross for them. Seek forgiveness here. the Fatherís light divine. Thou.ced side there flowed Blood and water both Heartened. 12. From all passions vile. 13. Keep us from all hateful thoughts. they said each to each. Who the gift of Noah took. brethren too. Come. Thou.36 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Left their parents. He that seeketh. Thou who dwellest in the light Mansions holy. He that asketh doth receive. See our fast and hear our prayír. God. Answer by Thy grace our pleas. weíll die now for the Lord. ìCome.î By Thy light we see the light. From his lan .

.. places incense and censing the altar recites this ìEkbaî) Mariam Deelethok. Word and Fatherís Son Though Immortal Thou dost be In Thy nature true. supplicants for us: Have mercy on us.. Thou descendedst by Thy grace. 37 PUBLIC CELEBRATION OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST PART I (The Chancel is unveiled) (The priest. glorious. Lord.. Thou incarnate wast of her..Of Mor Severios) Bazloor Eno Deelethok Vadíkulíhoon Kadeeshaik.Anthem . May They be to Thee....Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 17. Thy holy body they took And Thy living blood... Bringing life salvation free For our fallen human race..... chaste and pure.. Sole begotten. John who baptised Thee. standing below the altar-step... (Response) (Maniso .. Holy Virgin blest Mary. May they stand on Thy right side On that day Thy grace shall dawn. (In the metre of Mor Balai) Mary who bore Thee. grant good remembrance to All the faithful dead. Lord and king... NINNE PRASAVICHA MATHAVINTEYUM Choir:By Thy Motherís Earnest Prayírs By Thy Saintís Entreaties: I adore Thee. heavenly One.

. They proclaimed . Worshipped equal praised the same. + Crucified for us. TRISAGION Priest:People:- Holy art Thou. Thou wast crucified for us. Have mercy on us. Holy art Thou. Chosen. Thou didst trample death by death. Ending this our death. sent by God. Holy Trinity.38 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Mother of our God. they went to evíry place. Immortal. FROM THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES (OR) THE CATHOLIC EPISTLES (Hymn before the Lesson) Tune:. Kurielaison. Holy art Thou. Christ. Thou art One of Persons three.shíleehegí Bayo (Bhuvilashesham) Priest:ChoirThose Apostles. the Gospel grace. have mercy upon us. Gentiles heard from them the news. With the Father. Man becoming nor with change. Almighty. (Repeats Thrice) *Kurielaison. Kurielaison. + Makes the sign of the Cross * ‘Kurielaison = O Lord. Through all the world. THE NEW TESTAMENT LESSONS 1. and the Holy Ghost. Have Thou mercy on us all.the kingdom. who art our Lord and God. O God.

Habibai Barekmor). the Lordís Apostle. Reader:The lesson from The Acts of The Holy Apostles *Habibai. Reader:People:- * Habibai = My beloved. and His mercy be upon us. . Paul. (N)* Habibai.Thoobaic Etho (Poulose shíleeho) Priest:Choir:Paul The Blessed Saint. Blest is he who first and last Trusts Godís truth and holds it fast. Doctrines all diverse arise. 39 People:- Glory be to the Lord of the Apostles. FROM THE PAULINE EPISTLE (Hymn before the Lesson) Tune:. Shooting up with many lies. for ever. to the (N)* + *Ahai Barekmor. The Reader ends the lesson saying. For the faithful bliss. Barekmor.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Heavíns rule . (The lesson for the day is read. * Ahai = My brethren. 2. Glory be to the Lord of the Apostle and His mercy be upon us for ever. Be he man or angel bright. the Apostle. The lesson from the Epistle of St. * Name of the Epistle. Cursíd be he in Churchís sight.of freedom. Barekmor (Or) The General Epistle Of St. said If one come to preach to you Other doctrine than we knew. by standing on the northern side of the chancel-steps below the chancel.

. by standing on the Chancel . Priest:People:Priest:People:- Priest:People:- (The priest reads the lesson for the day from the Holy Gospel and ends it by saying) + Peace (concord) Be To You All. and listen to the Proclamation of the living words of God. and enter the courts of the Lord. who has come and is to come. 3. let us give heed.40 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (The lesson for the day is read.. (Hymn Before The Gospel Is Sung. Of The Dispensation Of Our Lord. and His mercy be upon us all. * Halleluiah . We believe and confess... At The Time. for ever... FROM THE HOLY GOSPEL People:*Halleluiah. in the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.Praise be to the Lord. Offer Him sacrifices of praise. Halleluiah. before His holy altar. + Peace Be To You All. May the Lord God make us worthy. + Makes the sign of the cross. saying Ahai Barekmor).. Blessed is He. and worship the Lord. that is read to us.. by standing at the southern side of the Chancel . The deacon censes the Holy Gospel. The Reader ends the lesson.. at the northern side.step below the Chancel.. Praise be to Him. who sent Him for our salvation. Halleluiah. With thy spirit. The Holy Evangelion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. and says the following exhortation). If There Is Any For The Day) (The priest places incense. ..step below the Chancel.+... Deacon:With calmness and reverence and with sober minds. carry clean gifts.

working when He comes To His Vine . Godís Mother. Tune:.Him from morn till eve. the Holy Paraclete Plaits them victorís crowns Halleluiah . And the Son Serves them Lo. Who bore torments and distress.lions He serves them all They who worked with . Tune:. Their entreaties be for us.Aloho Dabí AdíEde Priest:Choir:O Lord Christ.Thoobaihun Lí Abde Thobe (Yajamanan Varumanderath) Priest:Choir:Blessed are those servants good Whom their Lord shall find Wakeful. who by Thy feast Gladdened those of earth and heavín Here to Thee We offer now . (OR) 41 2.Thoobaic Etho (Níbeeyanmarum) Priest:Choir:Remember We Those prophets and apostles Who preached the Christ to Gentiles.setting on their heads.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana HYMN AFTER THE GOSPEL (One of the following hymns or any other hymn prescribed for the occasion) 1. Tune:. Those crowned ones just and righteous. God the Father makes them sit. At all times a strong fortress.yard good Girding up His . Those faithful departed ones. saintly heroes. Those martyrs and confessors. (OR) 3.

. *(Promion) Amen. have mercy on us * Promion = Preface ** when a bishop or Patriarch or Catholicos is celebrating . Lord. Filled with Thee are all the heavíns. Those below call Thee Blessed: Highest is the Fatherís cry. Let us all pray and beseech the Lordís mercy and compassion. (Places incense) Barekmor: In the presence of the merciful Lord. Nízale Kulan. incense is placed by the hand of this reverend priest **(Most Revered holy Father or Most Exalted holy Father).42 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Praise divine... humbly crying. have mercy upon us and help us..... ìThou art my beloved Sonî ENTRANCE TO THE HOLY QURBANA Deacon:People:Priest:- *Stoumen Kalos. O merciful Lord. *Kurielaison... Make us worthy to offer up praise and thanks ≠ giving. holy art Thou. People:Priest:Priest:People:Priest:Deacon:- * Stoumen Kalos = Stand we well * Kurielaison = Lord. Thesí Buhí Tho Vu Thoudiso. holy.. and before this aweinspiring and sacred Eucharist. Those on high call Thee Holy. and before these holy.. divine and heavenly mysteries. All the earth Thy glory speaks.. Holy. let us all pray and beseech of the Lord mercy and compassion. and in front of His propitiating altar.

.. who art the absolver. Amen...... Amen... Amen.... May the Lord accept your ministration....+Is The Holy Father. purifier.. MíHasíyono Hokil..+Is The Holy Son.. *Hoosoyo. have mercy upon us and help us.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana People:Priest:O merciful Lord.. Let us all stand well and respond to the prayer of the reverend priest **(Most Revered holy Father (Or) Most Exalted Holy Father).. Amen. Holy.. * Hoosoyo = A prayer of propitiation * SED’RO ... Men Aloho Níkabel.Order (a prefortory prayer which comes in order after the Preface) ** when a bishop or Patriarch or Catholicos is celebrating . BLESSING OF THE CENSOR Priest:People:- (The Priest sets on incense and blesses the Censor saying) Priest:People:Priest:People:Priest:People:Deacon:Holy... the celebrant and the congregation) People:Priest:People:- Amen......... and help us by your prayers. Amen.. THE NICENE CREED Attend we to divine wisdom. Holy.+Is The Living And Holy Spirit. Moríyo Níkabel Thesímesíthok. May we receive of God remission of debts..... *Sedíro 43 (The Deacon censes the altar.. O Thou.

44 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana We believe In One True God. who proceeds from the Father. And in the One Lord Jesus Christ. the life-giving Lord of all. Maker of heaven and earth. And in the one living Holy Spirit. And Was Buried: And the third day rose again according to His will: and ascended into heaven. If * One Substance + Makes the sign of the Cross . and shall come again in His great glory to judge both the quick and the dead: whose kingdom shall have no end. Priest:Deacon:- People:- Amen. + And Was Incarnate Of The Holy Virgin Mary. begotten. Catholic. and returns to the Chancel. and by whom all things were made: + Who For Us Men. and of all things visible and invisible. Holy. (While the creed is being recited. the Only begotten Son of God. Came Down From Heaven. Very God of very God. Mother Of God. Light of Light. begotten of the Father before all worlds. And Became Man: + And Was Crucified For Us In The Days Of Pontius Pilate. And suffered. and who with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified: who spoke by the prophets and the Apostles: And in the One. The Father Almighty. being of the *same substance with the Father. By The Holy Ghost. and sat on the right hand of the Father. And For Our Salvation. and Apostolic Church: And we acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins: and look for the resurrection of the dead: And the new life in the world to come. not made. And Died. the deacon gets down from the Chancel and censes the congregation.

have no fear. íTis the time for mercy too. Mercy here is full and free.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 45 the priest has not finished his private prayers by this time. come and see. Come. There the pure Qurban to raise For whoeíer communicates.Mor Ephrem) . our earnest plea. the time of prayír is here. Grant forgiveness as we bow. Cry as one His grace to tell. until the priest shall finish his prayers) HO EDONO (Tune:. Lord. Lord. . Give the kiss of peace divine. Good art Thou-though frail we be. Let us now be reconciled To each heavínly Fatherís child. Mounting stairs which heavínward tend. So.Yachickendum Samayamitha Come. before Godís throne of grace Find compassion on His face. íTis the time to ask anew. Come for pardon. Deacon:People:Stoumen Kalos. Hearts sincere in love combine. Stand we all and sing we well. Answer. the deacon waits on the Chancel-step. beloved. and the choir sings the following. See the holy priest ascend. have mercy on us now. Kurielaison.

. let us now bow our heads before the merciful Lord. give peace to one another. Barekmor. Let us in the love of our Lord and our God. all the days of our lives. make us worthy of this peace. (The First Inclination) Let us bow our heads before the merciful Lord. Peace be to you all. everyone to his neighbour. our Lord and our God. ( When there is no Kiss of Peace) FOR MAUNDY THURSDAY & HOLY SATURDAY Priest:People:Deacon:People:(Prayer instead of the prayer for the Kiss of Peace) Amen.46 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana PART II ANAPHORA OF THE FAITHFUL (The Eucharistic Office) Chapter 1 (The Kiss Of Peace) ON ORDINARY DAYS (When there is Kiss of Peace) (Prayer before the Kiss of Peace) Amen. O Lord God. And with Thy spirit. (We bow our heads) before Thee. (Deacon gives the hands of peace) (The First Inclination) Priest:People:Priest:People:Deacon:- (The Deacon receives the Kiss of peace from the Priest) People:- Deacon:- After this holy and divine peace being given. by the holy and divine kiss.

. sacrifice and thanksgiving. * Anaphora = Qurbana . on behalf of us all. Meet it is and right to do so. let us stand with sober minds. (First Benediction) Hoobo + + +... Chapter II SARSUM CORDA (Lift ye up) People:- Priest:People:- Priest:People:Priest:People:- Up above where Christ sits.. With Thy spirit. Lord of all things. (our minds and our intellect and our hearts) Let us praise the Lord with reverence. let us stand in comeliness.Priest:People:Deacon:(Prayer of Inclination) Amen.. (This *Anaphora is) mercy. and look upon this awe-inspiring and holy Anaphora that is set before us by the hands of this revered priest (OR Most Revered Holy Father OR Most Exalted Holy Father). for he offers the living sacrifice to God the Father.. let us all. especially in the fear of God.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Priest:People. CELEBRATION OF THE SOSAFFA 47 Barekmor..Anaphora Veil) Amen.. With the Lord God are they.. Let us now stand well.. my brethren. May the love of God the Father + + + Amen. (Prayer of the Sosaffa . in calm and peace... let us stand in holiness. peace. stand in love and true faith. let us stand in awe...

We commemorate Thy death.. Blessed is He who has come. We praise Thee.. and await Thy second Coming.. at the end of which the priest raises aloft his hands saying) Labook Kad Omoro. Lord God Almighty. Have mercy upon us O God. and we beseech Thee. O Lord.. O Good one. O Lord God. (Prayer aloud.... Priest:- People:- ... Hosanna in the highest. May Thy blessings be upon us all.. (Blesses the Cup) Barek + + Vu Kades +.48 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (Prays silently with waving of hands) TERSANCTUS (Thrice Holy) Priest:- Priest:People:- (Prays aloud with hands outstretched) Holy. Holy..... (Priest prays silently with waving of hands) INSTITUTION Priest:People:Priest:People:- (Blesses the bread) Barek + + Vu Kades + . ANAMNESIS (SACRIFICIAL MEMORIAL) Priest:People:- (Words of commemoration) This do ye in my memorial.. Amen. we worship thee. Amen.... and is to come in the name of the Lord God. have compassion and mercy upon us. and confess Thy resurrection. Father Almighty. we bless Thee.. Holy. Glory be to Him in the highest.. Adamo Dose No. by whose glory the heaven and the earth are filled.

... and how aweful this time... Anin Moriyo..+ + +. (Aloud)........... hallowing it: Stand ye still in reverence and pray.....+ + +. wherein the living Holy spirit comes down fluttering from the most elevated heights of heaven....... (Prayer aloud) Amen ... (Consecrates the wine) May the Holy Spirit....... and broods upon this Eucharist that is set... People:Priest:- People:- Kurielaison....... Kurielaison.... People:Priest:People:- Amen... Peace be with us and good-will be to us all.. Kurielaison. answer me.. How solemn is this occasion... O Lord. People:Priest:- Amen.. rny beloved.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana EPICLESIS (Invocation of the Holy Spirit) (The Priest prays silently with the waving of hands) Deacon:- 49 Barekmor..... CONSECRATION Priest:- (Consecrates the bread) May the Holy Spirit..

Our Father Mar Ignasius. Lord God Almighty. (Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. Barekmor. and for the unity and prosperity of all her faithful members. . People:Priest:People:Deacon:- 2. for all the spiritual Fathers. our holy and revered and blessed Patriarches. Again we call to remembrance. Our father Mar *(N). on behalf of all those who are fallen in all kinds of hard trials and taken refuge in Thee. the faithful and true Christians. Let us pray and beseech the Lord our God at this great and solemn and sacred moment. and Our Father Mar Baselios. that they may soon be delivered and visited by Thee. truly faithful.50 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Chapter III DIPTYCHS (The great intercession) 1. along with all the other orthodox bishops and spiritual Fathers. We pray Thee. and on behalf of this congregation preserved by God. O Lord. our rulers. humble and feeble though we be. Let us beseech the Lord. and our Bishop. who have bidden us and earnestly requested us. who are appointed over us. FOR THE LIVING SPIRITUAL FATHERS (Hierarchy) Deacon:- Barekmor. that they may continue in virtue: Let us beseech the Lord. Kurielaison. to remember them on this occasion and at this time. this day and in this life to shepherd and govern the holy churches of God in the four quarters of the earth. and Our Father Mar Gregorios. who are being upheld by God. FOR THE LIVING FAITHFUL BRETHREN * Name of the Bishop of the Diocese or the Bishop who is present. all our brethren.

ever virgin and blissful. Mary the Mother of God. Kurielaison. Kurielaison. that they may continue in virtue. Again we remember all the faithful and truly Christian rulers. the blessed St. Peter and St. FOR THE MOTHER OF GOD AND THE SAINTS People:Priest:People:- . and extolled of all the generations of the earth. and the exalted St. May their prayers be to us a refuge. and the illustrious Saint Stephen. and the first of the martyrs. chief of the Deacons. Again we commemorate her.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana People:Priest:People:Deacon:Kurielaison (Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. the Martyrs and the Confessors. People:Priest:People:Deacon:- 4. who is worthy of being called blessed. the churches and the monasteris of God in the four quarters of the earth. Let us beseech the Lord for the whole Christian community. the Preachers and the Evangelists. holy. chief among the Apostles. FOR THE LIVING FAITHFUL SECULAR RULERS Barekmor. John the Baptist. the clergy and the faithful people. Let us remember at the same time. glorious and blessed. both men and women. Let us beseech the Lord. Barekmor. Paul. (Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. the whole company of the saints. who have established and confirmed in the true faith. (Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. Along with her let us remember also the Prophets and the Apostles. the forerunner of his master. 51 3.

Clement. and that in Ephesus. and mentionable especially by name. the upholder of the Orthodox faith. We remember also our Patriarch St. holy and ecumenical. Gregorius. who preached all the time that Mary was undoubtedly the God . who expounded the doctrine of the incarnation of God the Word. Dioscorus. and Ignasius. and Mor Simeon the *Stylite.bearer. the meadow abounding in blossom. who have before us fallen asleep in holiness and taken repose in the abode of the saints. and who maintained and delivered and entrusted to us the one apostolic and uncorrupt faith. the pillar and the doctor of the Holy Church of God as a whole. and Ivanius. Athanasius. and those before them. Antimus. People- * Stylite = Pillar Saint. and our illustrious and divine holy Fathers and Doctors. Baselius. Severus.52 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 5. our Lord Jesus Christ. We also acknowledge those three synods. Kurielaison. and after them. the first Archbishop of Jerusalem. Let us beseech the Lord. that exalted and veritable tower of knowledge. who participated in them. the chief among mourners. St. the crown of the Syrians. and Mor Ephrem and Mor Jacob and Mor Isaac and Mor Baleus and Mor Bar Soumas. Timothius. sacred. Julius. and Mor Abahai the elect one. the eloquent mouth. that in Constantinople. Again we remember those. Dionysius. namely that in Nicea.hold to us. and with them. Cyril. James. the venerable St. May their prayers be a strong . Philoxenos. FOR THE DEPARTED SPIRITUAL FATHERS AND DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH Deacon:- Barekmor. who have kept and handed down and entrusted to us the one genuine and undefiled faith. . and our venerable and holy Father Mor Jacob Baradaeus. declaring and showing clearly that He became incarnate. apostle and martyr.

Kurielaison. and grant remission and forgiveness for all offences. those who before us have fallen asleep. knowingly and unknowingly. our God. 6. the Lord of both the spirits and of all the flesh. and are at rest. and from all places and regions... People:Priest:People:- Priest:People:- Priest:People:Priest:- . FOR ALL THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED 53 Again we remember all the faithful departed ones. and shall be.. to attain to His heavenly kingdom. willingly and unwillingly. for all generations. from generation to generation. Amen. and make both us and them. As it was. who have passed away in love and in the true faith.. O God the Father.. (Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. who has received to Himself their spirits and their souls. Comfort us O God. account them worthy of the remission of debts. which both we and they have committed against Thee. Let us pary and beseech Christ. Kurielaison. Let us cry aloud and say three times . (Second Benediction) Nehívoon + + + . and for ever and ever. Kurielaison. (Prays silently and then loudly and ends his prayer saying) DíMethoolose Oph Lan Valíhoon. and have attained to Thee. from this holy sanctuary...Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Priest:People:Deacon:(Prays silently and then loudly) Amen. Peace be to you all. that He may according to His abundant mercies. and from this church.Kurielaison. and from this place. And to Thy spirit. and the forgiveness of sins.. and is.

Mor Ephrem (Anpudayone Nin Vathil.. 3. . When chastizing us. who doth know our deeds. and commixtion... 4. we pray. Open to us mercyís door. Knocking at Thy door. consignation.. Lord.. Hear our prayír. Count not Thou our evil deeds. + + + . (The Chancel is veiled) (Fraction. Kindly hear as we implore.. Thine abundant mercy grant... Seraphim of fiery line Saw Isaiah in the shrine.. Grant our needs. Hearken. 2. O God. we say. mercy grant.54 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana May the grace of Jesus Christ. Kind one.) 1. for good art Thou. the exalted God and our Saviour. though great eínow Mercy grant..) 1.. Consignation And Commixtion) (While the Priest is performing the Fraction. the choir sings the following Catholic Hymn or some other Hymn prescribed for the occasion) CATHOLIC HYMN (Bítharívo Deelok Hanono) Tune:... ANOTHER HYMN (SropedíNooro) Tune:.Mor Ephrem (Sraphikale Kandeshaya.. Do not Thou deny our pleasNeedy are Thy devotees.. Spare us from Thy wrathful rod. gracius Lord. Hearken as we call to Thee In ourselves so frail are We..

by Thy mercy. the Deacon shall say one or more of the following litanies. That we may be true Christians. Kurielaison. Holy. That there be peace to the churches. Enable us. Barekmor.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Each six-wing-ed. Grant us O Lord. CATHOLIC LITANY (A general supplication) 55 3. my brethren. and goodly preservation to their priests. thou Holy art Thou. holy. always let us pray to the Lord. all our boast. That we and our departed ones. and prosperous times to their members. let us beseech the Lord. Lord of hosts Praise to Thee be. as required) Deacon:People:Deacon:Let us beseech the Lord. Covered each with two his feet Lest they burn in holy heat. by Thy grace. always. (When the Priest has finished the commixtion. Covered each with two his face Lest he see that Holy Grace. 2. Grant us peace O Lord. and our community as a whole be saved from unquenchable fire. who please God by good deeds. by Thy mercy. that by His mercy we be accounted worthy of the angel of peace and concord. Two-wingíd flying they a vow. O Lord. and undying People:Deacon:- People:Deacon:- People:Deacon:- . and by virtuous and pure lives. mercy and compassion. and welfare to the monasteries. My brethren. my brethren. Ever serving God alone. always let us beseech the Lord. round the throne. holy.

My brethren. return to those who are afar. You accursed. satisfaction to those in privation. That we may deserve to hear that gladdening voice that says to those on the right Come and enter. by Thy grace. and bitter wailing. and bestow O Lord. and to us forgiveness of debts and sins. .56 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana worms. Concord and love to those that are at strife. blessed of my Father. and goodly preservation to those that are near. ìDepart from me. and there be cessation of wars.î my brethren. and inherit the fire that consumes the wicked. by Thy mercy and compassion. always let us beseech the Lord. That we may be delivered from that bitter and fatal voice. comfort to the afflicted. High exaltation to the priesthood. always let us beesech the Lord. O Lord. ressembling to the dispersed. discovery to the lost. Grant O Lord. People:Deacon:- Save us. by Thy cross. reign in the kingdoms of the earth. our master. Enable us. and inherit the kingdom prepared for you. People:Deacon:- People:Deacon:- People:- Grant us. May Thy peace O Lord. composure to the oppressed. consolation to the wailing. and them that do iniquity. O Lord. sustenance and sufficiency to the poor. that utters to those on the left. by Thy grace. O Lord. complete forgiveness to sinners. from before the foundation of the world. by Thy cross. Save us. my brethren. encouragement and assistance to the widows. from hard treatments. and respectability to the deacons. and from the unending gnashing of teeth. liberation to the bound. by Thy grace and abundant mercy: Complete healing to the sick. always let us beseech the Lord. repose to the dead. O Lord.

.. Peace be to you all. May their prayers be to us a stronghold. and worship His Only begotten Son. the power and the glory. for ever and ever.. and we continue to supplicate Him for our sake. O Good One. Mother of God and to all the Saints and to the faithful departed. but deliver us from the evil one. at the end of which he says) Our Father who art in heaven. and committing our lives into the hands of the all . our departed ones and for one another. and have mercy upon us. Thy kingdom come. Amen. Priest:People:Priest:- .Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Deacon:- 57 My brethren. (Prayer aloud) Amen.compassionate Lord. that there may be good remembrance to Saint Mary.. Lead us not into temptation. and for the sake of our parents and our brethren. and glorify His living Holy Spirit. our God. be compassionate to us. Give us this day our daily bread. Thy will be done on earth. Amen... as it is in heaven. for our leaders and teachers. Let us give thanks to God the Father. let us continuously beseech the Lord. we have asked. let us pray for mercy.. and forgive us our debts and sins. Chapter IV (The Chancel is unveiled) LORDíS PRAYER People:Deacon:- Peoples:- Priest:People:- (Prayers aloud.. Hallowed be Thy name. the Lord of all things. as we also have forgiven our debtors. Abundant mercy and compassion from Christ. For Thine is the kingdom.

One God for ever and ever. People:- Amen. (We bow our heads) before Thee. for the holy and the undefiled.. and have mercy upon us.- Amen.. save the One holy Father. (Prayer aloud) Amen. and to the living Holy Spirit. and lifting up the chalice celebrates it saying) Glory be to the Father.. our Lord and our God. ELEVATION OF THE HOLY MYSTERIES (Incense is placed) Deacon:Peoples:Priest:People:Priest:- Barekmor..58 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana And to Thy spirit.. (Sets the paten down.. (Lifts up and celebrates the paten saying) Holy mysteries. People:Deacon:People:Priest:People:Priest:People:Priest:- People. . And to thy spirit... Amen.. The grace and mercy of the holy Trinity + + + .... let us again bow our heads before the merciful Lord.. and the One Holy spirit.... Lord. (Second Inclination) Before receiving these holy mysteries that are offered.. be compassionate to us. Let us look on with awe and trembling.. None is holy. (Third Benediction) Thehíve + + + . the One holy son.. Peace be to you all. and to the Son..

Amen. * Men’ Olam . and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Taught they us the truth to see.... Amen..Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Priest:People... With us is the One living Holy Spirit...... Children of our God to be..... * Moriyo Rahemelain..) ChoirIn Oblations And In Prayírs Mention we our blest forebears....Hymn * Shub’ho Labo. Ekbo .. * Kolo . With us is the One Holy Son.As it was from the beginning and shall be for ever and ever.foot or Stanza.: Lord have mercy upon us and help us. 59 (The priest descends from the altar step and performs the offices of the communion of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. *Moriyo Rahemelainoovadarain. .. Amen. = Glory be to the Father....A verse of Psalm.Men Abo (Deyva Suthanmar Ayiduvan..... and the commemoration of the departed clergy and the faithful) COMMUNION OF SAINTS (General Hymn) Tune:... * Kukilion ... With the righteous and the just Praising God in perfect trust.Priest:People:Priest:Peoples:With us is the One Holy Father.. Christís atonement be their stay In Godís realm of endless day.... Amen.

.. Barekmor.* Ekbo* (Kareb bovoosohílofain) (Bhakthar Pukazhcha) Priest:People.....* Men olam..60 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 1. Halleluiah vu halleluiah.. Kolo* (Hav Rish Malakeí) (Manna Makalkayi) Deacon:People:- Priest:Choir:- Peace the bright archangel brought. Glorious queen at .- Priest:Choir:- Thou whose praise the church doth sing Intercession for us bring. Unto Him. The King desires thy . Hailing Mary fair.Thy right now..... COMMUNION OF THE MOTHER OF GOD (Incense is placed) BUS MALKO Kukilion* (Bus Malko Bíshubího Komas) (Ninnal Sthuthiyodu) Priest:- See the royal daughter stand.. Favoured is thy blessed lot Thou the Lord shalt bear. That He may not mercy shun. Thine only Son. Stoumen kalos Kurielaison. Priest:- . Shubího labo.. Barekmor. Choir:- Thy fatherís folk and home leave thou Halleluiah vu Halleluiah.. Shubího Labo...

(OR) (LoThesílen O Kadistho) (Nirtheedaruthe Parishudhe) Priest:Choir:Cease not.. Moriyo Rahemelainoovadarain.Fragrance sweet of smell Through the air doth swellFor Virgin Mary. Take from us and from our path Punishments and rods of wrath.our account.. Dukíronodí Mariam (Mariammin Smaranam.Shubího Labo...Blessing for us be. God of all the world... Godís Mother holy. the captain and the Lord. Ekbo Priest:Choir:(basíleebokí Moranesu) (Moranesu Kurishum Nin) By Thy cross. Unto Him thine only Son That He may not mercy shun. Priest:.ST. Choir:.. May her prayírs for us Be a fortress thus. thou of grace a fount From thy prayírs on . MARY (ALTERNATE KOLOS) 1.) Priest:. 61 .Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Choir:Like a ship did Mary bearLaud and honour beHim.. O Jesus Lord. By Thy Motherís praying word.Maryís memory Choir:. Barekmor. BUSMALKO .

.... Barekmor Priest:.62 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Moriyo Rahemelain.Chosen Virgin best. ..Praise be to the Son of God By choice who sprung. martyrs blest.. Moríuo Rahemelain. Godís Mother blest Who didst root out all Earthís great curse ...) Priest:... (Sweekaranam Nedi.. Choir:.....Shubího Labo.Who heard Godís call And all children of the Church In times of yore.. 2... Barekmor Priest:.And apostles.Shubího Labo. Pray thy Son right well That peace and calm may dwell In the Church of God And throughout earthís sod. Choir:.. Mariam Yoldas Aloho (Deyvathin Matha Mariam) Priest:....the fall.. Choir:. ChoirHighest praise to Him.. Bísooltho DesíGabíyas. 3.O Thou...... Good remembrance may there be For ever more..Unto the Mother of God And Prophets all... Who left the cherubim And the serphís bloom For the Virginís womb. Taking flesh from her The judgement to deterSaving all with breath From Satanic death..

Keep we here thy memory. Barekmor Shubího Labo. Choir:- Priest:People:- Ekbo (Dukí ronokí O Mor Thoma) (Orupolingum) Priest:Choir:O St.) 63 The righteous shall prosper like palm trees. II. Kolo... Halleluiah. Thy entreaties be our aid...... too... (Níbiye Kadise) (Nibi Shleehanmare) Priest:O Ye kingdom sons. COMMUNION OF OTHER SAINTS (Incense is placed) SADICO Kukilion:Priest:(Sadico Akí Dekílo) (Neethingan Pana pole. Kurielaison.. Mení olam. her memíry great For prayír to Thee. as in heavín. Stoumen kalos... Yea..Lebanon. Thomas. By His birth He saved our race From falsity...... Made He.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana From the womb of Mary blestThe Virgin young. Halleluiah.and pleasing. Hear us as we honour thee. And thrive like the cedars of . In age they shall thrive and be flourishing. growing both fattened . Deacon:People:- .

May thy Lord His peace bestow. That from anger we be sparedThat from scourges we be hid. Barekmor. By the church that keeps thy feast.. Pray to Him whose will ye did.. Thoobo Lanbiye (Bhagíyam Nibiyarkum) Priest:.(Saints) ALTERNATE KOLOS 1.. Moríyo Rahemelain. SADICO .. And to the martyrs At resurrection. Making it for ever flow. May your prayírs for us Refuge give and fortify. Barekmor Shubího Labo. Servants of our God Most High.. Ekbo (A pees Aman Kadise) (Parishudhanmare Ningal) Plead for us..64 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Prophets and apostles bright Pray that we may neíer Sink in the deep sea of sin. ye holy Saints. Holy martyrs blest...Bliss to the prophets. . named art thou. (OR) (Etho dí Saihas Dukronok) (Mar Thoma Salguna Nidhiye) Choir- Priest:Choir:- Priest:Choir- Priest:Choir:- O Mor Thoma.... ChoirAnd the apostles.

. Prayed with fasting. Glory be to Christ On (Mor Thomaís) feast of joy. ChoirPraise we the Father . .) Priest:.Behold the time of prayer... Pray thou for us. O chosen one Choir:.. chose thee.Hail.. And fluttered to Heights.... who gave thee honored memíry Praise we the Holy Spirit. Ho Edono Lazlooso (Prarthanayin Samaya Mithallo. Priest:.. that we get mercy. And Praise the Son. they hearken humbly to thy praises.grant thy blessing. Moríyo Rahemelain.. Behold. Priest: ChoirShubího Labo. Stretch forth thy hand like Moses .Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Priest:. Suffered torments great. who gave forth succor.Lead thou thy flock as always thou didst lead it.. vigils kept.. 3..... (Mor Thoma). By their death took wings. 65 2.Shubího Labo.. Cleansing all demoniacs. Shlom Lok O Gabíyo (Lokarkupakaram. fulfilled Godís justice..He. A treasure great..) Priest:.....Thou on earth a merchant wast.. ChoirThose martyrs who longed For seeing the Christ. Barekmor.of the life eternal... Who worked for truth. Healing all the sick. Moríyo Rahemelain... Godís promise held . Barekmor... who didst crown thee. (O Mor Thoma) Choir:.Shubího Labo.

Kohínaik Nelbíshoon (Charthum Neethiye.... Priest:- ........ Halleluiah vu Halleluiah The face of Thine a-nointed heed.. Ekbo... Men Olam... Kohíne Dabí Hoobe Dí Moran (Nirmala Madhbíhayil) Priest:Choir:Blest be priests whose love for Christ Markíd their sacred altarís task.... Leading them to courts of joy... Shubího Labo..... Tread the courts of paradise And with angels eíer abide Stoumen Kalos Kurielaison Deacon:People:- Kolo..... THE DEPARTED CLERGY (Incense is placed) Kukilion.. Regíle Dadírak Bes Kudíso (Shuchiyodu Shudhya) Choir:- Priest:People:- Priest:Choir:- May those feet that cleanly trod. Thy servant true. Moríyo Rahemelain. Shub ho Labo. COMMEMORATION OF THE DEAD 1.) Priest:- In righteousness Thy priests be clothed Halleluiah vu Halleluiah Thy righteous ones in-glorious garb.66 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Let mercy be ours always by thy pleading. For Davidís sake.... Keeping pure Thy holy place.. Watching angles haste to come.

And beheld him beautifulHis creatorís image there When the earth-born moved and passed Through the trees of Paradise.the Lord of clergy chief.of priests .Rested He and looked on him. On the holy altar there. Lord ... forget them notPriests of Thine who served Thee right. .. closely placed.. Grant them pleasantness of face On Thy advent day sublime.....After God had Adam made. Pray pardon..Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Choir:- 67 Son of God.those priests Thy mysteries who served KOHENE (Priests) (ALTERNATE KOLOS) 1. Moríyo Rahemelain. Ekbo Cleelegí Deelin Varseefin (Mudikal Mudanjotti Thakidum) Priest:Choir:- Crowns are plaited. (OR) Mísheeho Deesaik (Acharyesa) Priest:Choir:- O Christ. Angels wondíring gazed..When the priesthood passed on down. Gabíle Aloho Lodom (Deyvam Srittichadathe) Priest:. Seeing man exalted thus.. Choir:.Shubího Labo.. who art .. Crowns will thus be set on heads Of those priests whoíve served Thee well... Choir:. Priest:.

.. Priest:. absolve their debts......... . Moríyo Rahemelain..ìPraise to Thee. Those our dead absolv-ed by Thy living blood and body.. Passed Skar-yah it on to John.Halleluiah. 2..pardon all their faults. Thy blood Lord.. They sent forth by Him Passed it on throughout the world.Lord.O Lord. O Lord. Absolve The Clergy . Moses passed it to Skar-yah. . John did pass it to our Lord. Sifting out the good and bad... Christ ordained apostles twelve.î Barekmor....Lord. when sitting on Thy throne. Mení Olam Vadamolí Olam... Choir:.. Aaron too. On Thy right.. O Lord.. Grant them faces the chancel Thy blood and precious bodyfor pardon of sins Thy body .. Thou..In Jerusalem above.Shubího Labo..Those priests and deacons faithfulthey who served Thee In Churches and in abbeys here in their life time Whose very hands did offer .68 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Moses got it. remember Thou in love.. Priest:. May they proclaim beside Thee. Choir:. AthíMoríyo HaselíKohnaik (Mochanam Acharyarkekuka) Priest:.

are both the worlds. FOR THE DEPARTED FAITHFUL (SECULARIANS) (Incense is placed) Kukilion.voice to peter To Simon chief apostle.halleluiahSo doth the Lord love those who ... Mení Olam.. loosing too.. Stoumen Kalos Kurielaison.. They who served and died in hope Trusting in Thy mercy.. yea. If thou wilt pray for sinnersëtwill be answered sure...bout the priesthood true I make thee steward of myhouse.halleluiah He springs up like the herbs that .... take thou Those keys of earth and heavín binding..... Barekmor.grow in fields. 69 H....fear His name.. If thou wilt-loose. Ekbo. then I shall bind.. Abdaic Dashkeb Al Sabí Rok (Sharanathale) Priest:Choir:- Priest:People. O Lord. Akí Damí Rahem (Makkalilappan) Priest:ChoirAs doth a father his children love . Thine. May Thy living voice them raise From their graves to paradise. If thou wilt-bind. Lord....... Thraihuní Olme Deelok Mor (Nadha Thavakam) ... The days of man are but as grass . I also loose. Shubího Labo..Service Book of the Holy Qurbana ChoirHow sweet indeed was Jesusí .- Deacon:People:Priest:- Kolo. Moríyo Rahemelain.

(OR) Bar Aloho Dabí Mouthe Ahee Meessoosan..Comes the Prince of life Choir:. (Thanmaranathal) Priest:Choir- Son of God who by Thy death Quickíneth mortal men. Shubího Labo. Moríyo Rahemelain..70 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Here and there Thy Powír extends. O their graves take rest. Keep the living by Thy cross... By Thy grace absolve the dead. Thee who sent. Aneede ... Praise the Father.. Raising those who .. Praise we Thee who giveth life To those lying in the tombs.. From their graves theyíll rise .. Praise the Holy Spirit too. Give us life that from the dust We may cry aloud.. Ekbo. MulkonoDí Kabel Menok (Maramathinuyare) Choir- Priest:Choir- Priest:Choir- May departed ones receive Who confessed the Trinity What was promised to the thief Paradise with Thee.. O Lord.. Praise to Thee.(Departed) (ALTERNATE KOLOS) Malko Mí Nahí mono (Uyarekunnon) Priest:..From His glorious throne above.

. (The chancel is veiled and the priest and those inside the chancel communicate from the Body and the Blood) . Choir: Borne aloft in state upon .giveth life to all. Priest:...Praised be Jesusí words In His Gospel givín to us.. they wait Thee.flesh and drink my blood Them I will not leave Bound in hell . Barekmor. May be raised up from their graves yea.. Lo. Moríyo Rahemelain..Grant. pray for me. Comes the prince who giveth life to the dead ones.. 71 COMMUNION OF THE HOLY MYSTERIES (Priest asking leave says) Priest:Barekmor al Shubíkono Bless my Lord and grant me leave. O Saviour.. Anide Daskal Pagírok Porookan (Rakshakane Nin Gathrathe) Priest:. Righteous ones the trumpet hearing . 2... incorrupt... They proceed in glorious stoles to His presence. the chalice of salvation.. My brethren and my beloved......of His angels..for them died Giving all the .Shubího Labo.clouds of glory...... who ate Thy flesh.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana With them our departed ones...everlasting life.Shubího Labo.. Clothed in glory full and bright....Who drank Thy blood. Barekmor.. Those who eat my . Priest:.. Praising Him who . Moríyo Rahemelain. Choir:. Choir:. that the dead..

Pardon may we all receiveBy the steadfast faith we bring. kin. May they stand at Thy right hand When thou judgest evíry sin. To the martyrs crowns of praise. Halleluiah Glory be to God on high. Halleluiah. approach in awe. Ours the mercy. Who exalteth feasts for us Thy Motherís. Saintsí and deceased. At Thine altar Lord. receive. communicate. thanks to Thee. holy thou. Christ our Lord and God and King. Halleluiah Say we all with voice as one. Halleluiah Holy. Halleluiah (When the communion is over the Deacon says) (Nasíek Vu Neemar) . Come in faith. regard Our departed parents. Here immortal life await. To His Mother honour be. Here absolve your debts and sins. Blessed Saviour. Thou didst save us by Thy cross. Awe .inspring Lord high placed. Halleluiah Come.72 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (A hymn which can be sung during communion) Bamídabíronoosodí Malko (Míssiha Rajavam Nadhan) Choir:- Full redemption hast Thou made. holy. Thine the praise. the God of grace. Grace and mercy to the dead. Halleluiah Hosts celestial stand around With us in this holy placeí Laud the Body and the Blood Of the Son.

Lord.. Halleluiah. give good remembrance to All the holy Fathers. She who bore Thee while a maid Help us by her prayírs for us.. Amen Extend O Lord. Halleluiah. just and righteous ones Help us by their Prayírs for us.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Deacon:People. Martyrs...... give good remembrance to Mary. are the Father.. Lord. Amen May the grace of our great God.. Halleluiah. Lord. on us be grace. PROCESSION OF THE HOLY MYSTERIES (Incense is placed) Priest:People:Priest:People:Priest:People:- From Thy Propitiating altar. and have mercy. Answer Lord. THE FOLLOWING HYMN Moran Esraham Alain (Nadha Krupa Cheytheedaname) ChoirLord. . holy Virgin pure... give good remembrance to Prophets and Apostles true.. ANOTHER HYMN BedíMor DukíRono Thobo (Undakatte Nallorma) Choir:Lord. be kind and have mercy. To Him be praise.. Amen. Saints. have mercy upon us.... Halleluiah. Praise to Thee. for generations and generations...Cry we aloud and say. from the beginning. Thy invisible right hand. Son and Holy Ghost. (SíGeedí Vamshabah) 73 Praised and adored..

Aboon Mor Baselius Aboon Mor (Name of the bishop of the diocese) Help us by their prayírs for us. Lord.. Halleluiah. when Thou dostí reign.Bedí Mor Dukí rono Thobo (Bhuvake Namikkum) Choir:All the world adoreth Theeí Evíry tongue Thy name extole. For Thou art the quickener of the dead. (OR) (The following Hymn) (Lokí Thebí Rookí Thes Good) TUNE:... . give good remembrance to Our Departed Parents. To His Mother honour be. Write their names. give good remembrance to Aboon Mor Ignasius... Lord. Lord God. Halleluiah. and the sincere hope of those in the graves. (Sthuthi Deyvathinnuyarathil) Glory be to God on high. Priest:People:- Praise to Thee.. Orthodox Help us by their prayírs for us. There Thy book of life within. our Lord and our God. The universe shall kneel down and worship Thee and every tongue shall praise Thy name. Halleluiah. Lordí give good remembrance to Great Mor Thoma. Halleluiah. Grace and mercy to the dead.74 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana To the Doctors. Kin. Halleluiah. we praise Thee all the more. We praise Thee and thank Thee for Thy grace towards us.. Here on earth and up in heavín Help us by his prayírs for us. glorious saint. To the martyrs crowns of praise.

(The third Inclination) 75 After having received these holy mysteries. Barekmor. Hope for those the grave enfolds. And to Thy spirit. Halleluiah All the more we praise thee. appease Thee. which have been administered. (Prayer) Amen. (We bow our heads) before Thee. May it gladden angels high. Peace be to you all. Our departed ones absolve. Lord.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana To the dead Thou givest life. Thank Thee for Thy grace on us. our Lord and our God. . Lord. let us again bow our heads before the merciful Lord.GIVING Priest:Peoples:Priest:People:Deacon:(Prayer) Amen. (Hoothoma) HYMN Kurbono Dí Koreb Kohíno (Kaazhcha Ithil) People:Priest:People:Deacon:Priest:- Choir:- May this offered Eucharist By the Priest. Halleluiah CHAPTER V THANKS .

And of all Thy Saints. ye blessed ones. . Thy Blood and Body taken... What we drank in faith..Give them to Drink. and Thy Life blood. Amen. and those who are near. and for pardon.. And with us. our dead. But for debts absolving. And for standing on Thy right Halleluiah .76 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (OR) Basíloos Yolethok (Mathavu Yachikkum) (Tune: Mor Baleus) Choir:- By Thy Motherís plea.with clear faces... Amen. 2. Those who are distant. Thy sweet voice to hear. DISMISSAL Seloon bashlomo. a frail and sinful servant. Amen.. (OR) (Habílan vasívo lan) (Tune:. May the Lord accept your oblation and help us by your prayers. May Thy Body eaten here. From The Valley Of Delight . O Lord. Priest:People:Priest:People:Priest:People:1.. Lord. Possess the kingdom. And I.. absolve our sins. Lord. Depart in Peace.. Come.Mor Baleus) Choir:- Make us worthy.

.and consoled them..for our spirits Saving us from flames of hell Halleluiah .. Praise the Son of God.......... Mingled He His precious blood.. the cup of life... 5.. 77 4. Waxing strong He went and brake ..Service Book of the Holy Qurbana May they bridge and passage be . For these open hands outstretched....that yoke of death From the necks of those who died Halleluiah . our redeemer On the cross on Calvary. Priest:Choir:3..the law absolved Ruben who did sin...En Mose Yab haye Líkubel) (Paathakanam Rubelinu Jeevan Mosa) Priest:≠ People:- Choir. Hearing sighs of all the dead... who in . (Ethro) O Lord. Be they not shrunk at judgementís hour on that day When the blazing flames consume Halleluiah . ... Shubího Labo.. may this oblation...through absolving. Moriyo rahemalain.but outstretched be.. which took from Thee Such a pledge of life divine.. Amen (Ekbo) (Tune:.the upper room Brake His body for His friends.. Barekmor.- If by the blood of beasts .. Adamís children to redeem Halleluiah . MeníOlam vadamol bestowing.

.the faithful dead For whom a living sacri-fice was made. O Lord.. Priest:People:Priest:People:- Our Father Who Art in Heaven..shall be absolved . And dwelling in . And brooding in . The Lord is with Thee.. Answer Lord.sterís symbols true And call the Ho . the faith . O Lord.. And they . Barekmor. and have mercy Praise to Thee.sion now He comes. . 2. Hallowed be Thy Name. their ma ..and deacons too Lord did set.He makes it Blood. High Priests and priests .78 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Much more . POST COMMUNION (The Chancel is veiled) (The celebrant consumes the sacred elements left over) Choir:(Sings the following Hymns) (Tune:.. Kurielaison. As them He chose .. Let Body true. Lord be kind and have mercy. Kurielaison.without compul ..adorn with ha-lleluiah Ghost with faith to come to them.the bread He makes . Lord have mercy.. Hail Mary. Full of Grace. upon us.the mingled cup .thly fruits.. Priests offer ear . Kurielaison.ful cry aloud . Praise to Thee. ever our hope.. Praise to Thee.His church .) 1.Mor Yakkoob) Reeshai Kohíne (Melpattakkar Pattakkarodu..Halleluiah.

to jealousy. perfu-ming all the world.the altar set. we hail-thee. Those mysteries . . Celestials if . So witnesseth . where nails-affixed the hands-of Christ the son.and Wine upon . thou whose bind-ing here on earth Is bound by God-in heavínís height .doth stand to serve.dispensed upon . That One as Bread .Halleluiah. So those who eat .Isaiah too . For those in need . bearing ho-ly incense lightning are .ry an .enflamed by Him.perchance be moved .the angels fire. where Zi . come thou-in peace by Ho-ly Ghost sustained.the sons of men. 9.gather round it .the altar silk the priest .e .could envy well .their hands in state Here clad as one . The body of .. For Adamís sons .dispersing . O priest. Where Adamís chil . There once was I-saac freed from bonds . 6. Disbursing life-to all.filled with awe great. The Basílomo Kohíno (Thannejamanan) O priest.the Son are for .dren raise Him on . The secrets of . the boun-ty of thy hand.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (HAV Dí NOORONE) (Agnimayanmar Are Nokki.) 3.som deep concealed.on fixed the cross . O priest.who them perceived. There grew the erst-while tree that firm-ly held the Ram. As angels clad . see Alike the che . 5.the table. Who bearest in-thy tongue the keys-of heavínís crucify. 79 The One on whom .the altar see. ìCelestial Powírs . Those cherubim . 8. Behold.them have their fa . O priest.he bringeth forth ..of sacrifice.the Son upon . we hail-thee.within Godís bo . 7.rubís chariot see . who bea-reth mysteries-come thou in peace. 4. Behold.gels trembling gaze. Incensing forth-its smoke.ces made as bright.

life-giving king who art Since. evermore.. quench thou my thirst-by blood and wa-ter shed from thee. (Bar Aloho dí Badí Beehooso) (Than Belial Paapikale. Thou-whose side was rent-on Calvary. my evíry debt By Thy mercyís sponge.Mor Ephrem) (Kaphar Moríyo bespoogo) (Ente kadangalashesham) Choir:1. Make me equal with the just And the righteous who Thee love. Clear.that doctor good-remembrance be. In the heavínly kingdom blest. O Lord. To God be praise-and grace to you-and pardon mine. Grace to you upon that day. whose loo-sing here below Is loosed by hea-venís Lord on high-Kurielaison. come thou-in peace. Lord. I served Thy sacraments. 3. O Good one. I pray. There for ever.80 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 10. humble me.) 11. Christ. Now and always. All the sins I did to Thee By Thy kindness me absolve. O priest. Mercy from the righteous judge Be to sinful. O son of God-who sinners saved-by sacrifice. May I serve Thee ever. (When the priest cleans the holy vessels) (Hymn:. serving Thee. 2. .Tune . 4.. And to St. James . Thy offíring shall-my passions quell-my pains dispel. Endless praise unto the Lord.

..nor our judgementbe for us here 81 Deacon:- . Hymen:.......... have mercy upon us and help us....... Messiah...) O merciful Lord... (ThesíBuhítho.......... mercy show..Moran Yesu Míssiho Tune:. Amen... O Lord jesus. Mercy show....... Lord...... Amen...Am ssohíde Choir:1......Service Book of the Holy Qurbana 5...) (Let us all pray..) Make us worthy to offer up praise..... Not for vengeance .. (Sedíro) O Thou quickener of the dead.. Show me mercy who am dullFor this priest and deacon too Whoíve raised this Qurban to Thee Stoumen Kalos Kurielaison (Office For The Dead) Priest:People:Priest:(Nízale Kulan... (Promion) Priest:People:Priest:People:Priest:People:Unto Him be glory who by His death.. Amen. May we receive of God.....

and for the blessed resurrection from the place of the dead. make me worthy. for ever. PRAYERS BEFORE RECEIVING HOLY COMMUNION (Change the number of the italicized words as required) Make me worthy O Lord. with all those who have pleased Thy good will. and by the drink of Thy living chalice my passions may be quenched. my lust may be lulled. and the forgiveness of sins. Amen. and for a joyful face before Thy awe-inspring throne. 2. but for remission of debts. Amen. Amen.î O Lord. . my Lord and my God. and the forgiveness of my sins. that my body may be hallowed by Thy holy body. for ever. and by Thee. thy exalted and holy mouth has promised and said ìWhoso eats my Body and drinks my Blood and believes in me. to receive Thee with holiness. (Another) O Lord God. and the remission of sins. my Lord and my God. and I will raise him up on the last day. shall abide in me. for ever. that by the food of Thy holy Body. Amen. for ever. my Lord and my God. and my soul made bright by Thy propitiating Blood. (Another) Make me worthy O Lord God.82 Service Book of the Holy Qurbana Appendix 1 1. May they not become to me for judgement or vengeance or condemnation or indictment. and I in him. May they be to me for the remission of my debts. I have eaten Thy holy Body and drunk thy propitiating Blood. PRAYERS AFTER RECEIVING HOLY COMMUNION (Change the number of the italicized words as required) O Lord. my Lord and my God. I may become worthy of the absolution of debts. to receive thy holy body and drink thy propitiating Blood that I may inherit thy heavenly Kingdom.

But by becoming worthy of the fellowship with Thy Holy spirit. I will offer up praise and thanks giving to Thee. Forgive my sins and those of my departed ones. Amen. Amen. from the beginning of the world. with good things upon good things. (Another) O Jesus Christ. and of Thy Father. PRAYER FOR RECEIVING THE BURKSO (Blessed Bread) Increase me. Son and Holy Spirit for ever. O Lord. O Lord. now and at all times. our Lord. and to Thy only begotten Son. confirm me in Thy love and fill me with reverence to Thee. adorable and lifegiving. 3. con-substantial with Thee. and with blessings upon blessings from Thee. let me not be condemned by the reception of Thy holy mysteries. and to Thy Spirit all-holy. by which I have been enabled to participate in Thy heavenly table.Service Book of the Holy Qurbana (Another) 83 Lord. . let me find portion and inheritance with all the righteous ones. for ever. and God the Father who begat Thee. O Father. who by Thy will. that continuously I may praise Thee. now and always for ever. I thank thee for Thy abundant mercy. offered Thyself as sacrifice for our sake. Establish me in Thy faith and adorn me with unblameable life. good. and made us to eat Thy holy Body and drink Thy sanctifying Blood. and Thy Holy Spirit. Amen. and Thy Holy Spirit.