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Marlo Young The perfect job would be a one that I could appreciate. It would be a job that creates excitement and enthusiasm while focusing on its employees. The atmosphere would allow me to use my skills and challenge my abilities to be creative while learning new things. Also, I would feel good about what I can give and even better about what I am receiving, this contributes to the ideal job. Most importantly the perfect job would create energy and a strong will to be and do my best.

Joanne Engel
When one thinks of the word job , describing it as perfect seems to some people as an oxymoron. To many, a job is something they have to do to earn money so they can do the things they want to do. Other people think a job is a conduit to whatever will make them happy , such as fame, fortune or power. Having been a SAHM for most of my adult life, I didn t think about a job , much less consider the fact that what I was doing was a job . It was my life. I wore many hats in the execution of my job. I was a secretary to my self-employed husband, a nanny for my children, a chauffeur, a PTA officer, a writer for the PTA newsletter, and had lots of other job descriptions . Now I am looking at other possibilities. I still consider it a continuation of my perfect job , that is, being the best I can be at whatever I am at the moment. May Astom My perfect job would allow me to enhance my unique talents and abilities and put them to good use. I would be able to balance my home life with my work life. This would make me happy, and therefore be my perfect job.

Wendy Bingaman My perfect job has a variety of tasks that utilize my unique talents of organizational skills, data entry, administrative and attention to details. I enjoy working with Lifebushido because it allows me the opportunity to expand and increase my talents while venturing out to learn new things and explore experiences I would not otherwise obtain.

Wendy Bingaman 2012
Health - physical, mental e.g. I will workout 3 times per week for 30 minutes. 1. I will lose 10 lbs. by watching caloric intake. 2. I will do stretching exercises 3-4 times per week. 3. I will remain positive even on difficult days. Relationships family, friends, community, e.g. I will call my parents once a week. 1. I will talk with my parents at least 4 times a week. 2. I will make a difference in someone's life through Gift Giving of donation blessings, "thinking of you" care packages or Random Acts of Kindness. Finances money/things, house, non-business, e.g. I will refinance our mortgage by 7/31/2006. 1. I will contribute money into savings every 2 weeks. Business business, career, work, e.g. I will get a raise of 15% by 6/30/2006. 1. I will network with others by actively participating in groups, organizations and associations. 2. I will learn a new program feature monthly. 3. I will be an active participant on the NADF Board. Personal personal such as fun, spiritual, etc., e.g. I will go camping 3 times. 1. I will try one new recipe monthly

May Astom 2012
Health - physical, mental 1. I will minimize eating junk foods and fatty foods. 2. I will sleep early everyday. 3. I will do jogging early morning everyday for 30mins. Relationships family, friends, community, 1. I will visit my parents during Saturdays or Sundays. 2. I will organize a family vacation out of town or out of country twice a year. 3. I will organize a reunion with my friends once a year. Finances money/things, house, non-business 1. I will put $300 every month in my savings account. 2. I will save money to build a new house for my family by 01/31/2015. 3. I will enroll my child in an educational plan by 04/30/2012. Business business, career, work 1. I will put up a rice dealer business. 2. I will apply to team leader post by 05/302012. 3. I will maximixe my working hours with lifebushido to 35 hours per week. Personal personal such as fun, spiritual1. I will watch movie every weekends. 2. I will attend mass every Sunday. 3. I will shop new clothes once a month.

Joanne Engel 2012
Health - physical, mental 1. I will enter into and persevere in a regimen of exercise that will increase my energy, stamina and mobility. 2. I will try to eat in a healthier manner, with an increase in veggies, fruits, etc.

Relationships family, friends, community 1. I will try to make contact with my siblings (especially those who are ill) more frequently at least once a month. Finances money/things, house, non-business 1. I will increase my finances through LB. Business business, career, work 1. I will try to increase my work hours to 20-30 per week. 2. I will try to be more efficient and accurate in my work. 3. I will improve my participation in group (or Triangle) activities. Personal personal such as fun, spiritual 1. I will try to concentrate better when I am praying

Marlo Young 2012
Health - physical, mental 1. I will keep up with my morning exercise. 2. I will create time and have a focus hour at least once a week. 3. I will make sure I have balance my daily activities. Relationships - family, friends, community, 1. I will Create a Family Video to send to mom in Chicago. 2. I will connect my mom at least once a week. 3. I will be open to do more outdoor activities with my husband. Finances - money/things, house, non-business 1. I will have increased finances this year. 2. I will not be overloaded by bills. 3. I will save money to purchase a vehicle this year. Business - business, career, work 1. I will have time out moments to focus on better achievements. 2. I will advance in my business achievements. 3. I will increase my knowledge base for more organization. Personal - personal such as fun, spiritual 1. I will keep contact with my grand children and my Triangle Team. 2. I will go on special outings this year to relax and have fun. 3. I will encourage myself and others.

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