Basic Processing requirements

• The building design and construction of processing area should follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) requirements • Processor/s should have a training on GMPs and personal hygiene

cost and ProfitaBility estimates (Based on 2010 Prices)


Particulars net sales (Php) cost of goods manufactured/sold (Php) gross margin (Php) net operating income (Php) roi (%)

year 1 60,800.00 354,252.00

year 2 474,624.00 340,114.67

year 3 488,862.72 358,722.41

year 4 503,528.60 378,796.69

year 5 518,634.46 99,064.48

Pastillas de leche is a favorite sweet delicacy among Filipinos and is traditionally made from buffalo’s milk and sugar. It is soft, with smooth texture and creamy rich taste. Natural flavors such as pandan, lemongrass, jackfruit, squash, carrots, horse radish, peanuts, and cookies and cream may be added. It is made by continuously cooking the mixture of milk and sugar until it thickened. The mass of pastillas are then cooled and formed into bite-sized pieces before they are individually packed in paper and cellophane sheets.

106,548.00 82,816.80 23

134,509.33 109,472.91 30

130,140.31 103,726.89 29

124,731.91 96,865.75 27

119,569.98 90,171.19 25

Brief descriPtion

• A technology handed down through generations

imPortance of tHe tecHnology

• Initially, home-made by farmers rearing carabaos, the pastillas de leche was then developed into small-scale industry, such as in San Miguel, Bulacan • Can be a source of livelihood in areas with vast supply of carabao’s milk • Use only good quality milk

conditional factors in tecHnology aPPlication
• Use only low to medium heat when cooking

• Relatively short shelf life if kept at room temperature. For longer shelf life, keep refrigerated.


About the Philippine Carabao Center:
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• Hygiene and sanitation during processing greatly affect shelf life